• Master of Business Administration ( M.B.A), University of Strathclyde (Ongoing until, October 2018)
• Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Strathclyde, June 2014.

Past Employment

• Lecturer, School of Business, Ceiriog Valley College, 2015 to present 
• Langside College – “Creating Value in the Business” – Armstrong World Industries (3 in 2014-15) 
• Langside College – Financial Statement Analysis portion of “Business Journalists Seminar” (Dec. 2013)


I am a part-time lecturer at Ceiriog Valley College, specializing in business. I spend my spare time helping students learn and complete their assignments. My areas of interest include;
• Accounting and Law 
• Finance 
• Management Science and Systems 
• Marketing 
• Operations Management and Strategy 
• Organization and Human Resources
I enjoy the research process involved in completing assignments and it will be a pleasure serving you!


Date Comment Rating
06/26/2017 Great Writer!
05/10/2017 89% of the paper was similar to that of one in another county so I failed due to plagurism. This guy isn't to be trusted at all!
05/08/2017 Got a 60/100.
Very disappointed. 
05/04/2017 professional and on time
05/04/2017 professional and on time. 
05/03/2017 Funwriter did a great job with my paper. This was my first time using this service, and I'm so glad I did. I would highly recommend this professor.
05/03/2017 Helped out with requests made after first draft and wrote very well.
05/02/2017 On time, was what i asked for, no complaints :)
05/02/2017 Got the assignment done, but it was essentially 4 pages of him repeating the same thing. Would not use him again.
05/02/2017 I'm completely satisfied with this professor's work. Paper is very thorough, detail and with resoning. Also appreciate the timely completion.
04/30/2017 Great paper. The writing is very natural and of excellent quality!
04/28/2017 Appreciate the quality work as well as timely delivery.
04/28/2017 Good at keeping up with communication and is polite. Project completed before deadline and met most specifications. Only improve is to focus on page requirements more than the minimum word rate. Other than that, overall great job. Would recommend 
04/26/2017 Excellent 
04/26/2017 Excellent 
04/25/2017 Well written essay completed on time with several hours to spare. All topics well researched and good sources used. Great commuication and prompt replying to any questions and concerns.
04/24/2017 Very well done, happy with the results.  Fast submission as well.  Would definitely recommend funwriter.  Thank you!
04/24/2017 great 
04/23/2017 Very good! Did everything I said and followed instructions. Would use again.
04/23/2017 Well written essay that was done in a timely manner.  
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