Large State University, Juris Doctor 
Small Liberal Arts University, Master of Public Administration  Concentration: International Policy
Small Liberal Arts University, Bachelor of Science  Major: Political Science  Minor: History

Past Employment

I have spent over a decade working as a campaign/ political aide for both state and Congressional legislators and as a political analyst for a number of non-profit organizations.  During my years trying to change the hearts and minds of people outside of the Beltway, I always held a hospitality position to help make ends meet... and in one of those unexpected paths life takes you on, for the last several years I have been managing a stereotypical DC steakhouse.  

In my previous professional career, I was essentially paid to write, with the occasional media appearance to discuss and defend my work.  I have been published in newspapers across the country, on websites for major US think tanks and have been considered an "expert" on everything from child support reform to climate change and anything you can imagine in between.  I am uniquely able to quickly and convincingly write on almost any subject.  


Hello Prospective Clients,

Growing up, my very wise and wonderful father always told me that you will never be truly satisfied with a job until you are your own boss, and as I get older I realize those words resonate with me more and more everyday.  While, I have a number of small entrepreneurial ventures that allow me to supplement my income, I am eager and excited to have become part of this website where I can do something I love and am good at, while being able to travel and create my own schedule.  

Lets work together to get me out of my 60+ hour/ week job that is sucking the life out of me and to help you lighten the load so you can have a life outside of the classroom!


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