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    My career kicked off in back in 1998 when I earned my bachelor's degree in education from the University of Manitoba. After receiving my well-deserved under-graduate, I then proceeded to teach grade 12 English courses at James Fowler High School which I did with a lot of passion. After a year at James Fowler High, I moved to Vincent Massey Collegiate where I continued to deploy my skills in teaching English at grades 10, 11 and 12. Ever since, I have immensely advanced my teaching skills by developing new teaching methods to suit different learning abilities and mentoring teachers within the field to embrace diverse teaching approach, especially among early learners. The experience I gained from teaching during the years that followed my graduation inspired me to start working on my Master’s of Education in the field of curriculum, teaching and learning in the year 2002 at the University of Manitoba.

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    I am an accomplished researcher in Education with groundbreaking dissertations from recognised institutions of higher learning. My passion and thirst for the pursuit of knowledge and achievement of an unparalleled breakthrough in the world of academia are unquenched. My tunnel vision focus is on gender issues and the philosophy of Feminism. In addition to research, I have many years of experience teaching and developing gender-centred curriculums in public educational environments. I started as a member of Alberta Teachers' Association and slowly but diligently moved up the Academic ladder to become one of the most respected researchers and gender dynamics educators in the University of Manitoba, Canada
    Experienced copy editor skilled in technical documentation, document creation, life cycle procedural documentation, proposal editing and coordination, and document control. Strong media and communication professional. Well versed in Chicago, AMA, AP, and APA styles. Bilingual with Spanish.


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