PhD: Harvard (Philosophy / Political Science). MA: Harvard (Psychology). BSc: Rice (Business Philosophy/Psychology). BA: Rice (Double Major: English Literature & Composition and European History)

Past Employment

I'm a lifelong professional scholar: I've taught both Philosophy and English at the university level. I was a research assistant to a high-profile analyst. I've been a professional writing tutor for over 15 years (mostly in English, Psych, History, and Philosophy). I've written and published numerous academic journal articles as well as a book. I was also a social science teacher at a very prestigious private school full of snobby rich kids for two years. And, finally, I protect students' sanity by providing high-quality scholarly papers that are always delivered on time.


My research and writing skills are second to none and I always meet the deadline. Don't settle for "budget" options when you can hire a PhD who delivers top-quality papers -- trust me, you will definitely get what you pay for! I may be a little more expensive than the average writer here, but at least you can rest assure that my papers will always be well written, cited with scholarly sources, formatted per the appropriate style guide, and ALWAYS delivered on time!


Date Comment Rating
04/16/2015 Got an A. Thanks!
11/16/2014 A very well written paper, I didn't have to make any formatting changes either. It was ready to go, thanks again!
09/08/2014 Very satisfied, cheap prices and brilliant writer!
08/03/2014 Thanks I really appreciated the lovely work. Fingers crossed for an outstanding grade for an outstanding paper. I will be coming back for more!
06/08/2014 Failed to deliver - The writer provided old unrelated papers (1970s paper). 
06/07/2014 Well on time, very well writen, would very much recommend!
06/01/2014 AWESOME!
05/31/2014 Thank you. 
05/26/2014 wrote a fantastic paper, on time and in fact he turned it in ahead of its due date. only one minor qualm with him is that he wasnt very good with answering messages in a timely manner, but i would reccomend, and will use him again. 
05/17/2014 Wow, what a strong paper! Thanks for the help. I will definitely coming be back here next sememster. 
05/16/2014 You really saved my life this week! You wont understand how much this small amount of work really helped. I know at times this type of work seems a but unscrupulous but I belive this resource can be extremeley positive when used coreectly. Thanks so much and please keep helping stressed out students. Excellent service. Both the professor and the Management team as well! Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!
05/09/2014 Great Job and thank you!
05/05/2014 Received a B+, I should have proof read it because there were some past and present tense grammar mistakes.
04/28/2014 Instructions were very specific and called for one topic to be addressed plus three other topics chosen from a list. He did not address the one required topic and only chose two of the topics from the list. Instructions said to have an outline by a specific due date 5-6 days before the actual project was due. He never delivered this outline and I had to do it myself. He consistently took forever to reply to my messages and even asked me to pay more money than was agreed upon so that he could buy the required book for kindle. The essay had several misspellings but was generally a good paper, and he got the final essay to me a few days before the due date. My expectations were much higher
04/28/2014 AMAZING! Delivered an A+ paper in a very short amount of time.
04/25/2014 Posted a project containing two parts. He did the first part splendidly, but the second part was poorly done: he did not follow the given instructions at all. Only replied my request for an edit with "Will take a look, thanks", and was never heard from again, not even after the deadline. I chose this prof with high hopes, as he has written another paper for me and I enjoyed working with him (he was punctual and did great work), don't know what happened this time.
04/22/2014 Took a bit long to finish the project, and the writing was mediocre and containd a few typos. 
04/17/2014 Excellent work! My essay was completed very promptly and thoroughly! Thank you, Max.
04/15/2014 Great work! Fast and easy to communicate with as well
04/15/2014 Great work! Fast and easy to communicate with as well
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