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legal services, development consulting, conference organising, PR, journalism


I have studied and worked in six countries and speak six languages. My perspective is not US- or Eurocentric, it's just mine. Chances are I would have a unique and informed view on any question of politics, history, social science or political economy be it global or regional. My other main fields are literature and political philosophy. English, French, German, Russian literature, anglo-saxon or oriental political thinking - you name it. My academic interests are organized crime and political corruption. Why Star Wars? I grew up with it. Profile pic credit: 7hz on


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06/01/2013 An A is very difficult to attain for this particular class but Luke managed to deliver work that got me an A. She is dedicated and the communication is great between us. Of course, you gotta do your part to make sure that she knows what to expect.
04/09/2013 Wrote my essay on time and very quick on the edit.
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