MD. PhD in neuroscience, BS from an Ivy League School.

Past Employment

I've taught and taken classes at about a dozen colleges, ranging from the Ivy League to the most depressing community college on earth. I've also worked as a medical and technical writer. Finally, I was a writer at an extremely popular (1 Million views a day at least) comedy site. Now medical resident.


Small volume, high quality. You will never get something generic or rambling. You will only get what I would feel comfortable turning in to one of my professors.
  • All introductory medical school classes
  • All forms of psychology, especially biological psychology and abnormal psychology
  • Cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, organic chemistry, general chemistry, non-calc physics
  • Lab reports, including graphs and figures
  • Introductory statistics using Excel and SPSS
  • Music theory and composition
  • Humor, poetry, and general fiction
I've devoted my life, wrongly, to academia. This means I know how professors think, I know how they grade, and I know what they're seeking in your work.

I have also helped someone apply to medical school, which includes writing and editing over two dozen secondaries, as well as all the extra curriculars and personal statement on the AMCAS application itself. If you are struggling to put together your AMCAS application or need some finesse applied to yet another "diversity" essay, I'm your writer.


Date Comment Rating
12/08/2017 Straightforward and awesome. Really saved me. Communication was lacking but life happens and in the end, the paper was well written and exactly what I needed. Would definitely recommend and utilize again if needed.  
11/28/2017 Nicely written paper which aligned with requirements. Communication was great throughout
11/26/2017 Did a superb job on answering my plant biology critical thinking questions. Finished the assignment within two hours after accepting my bid. I would definitely recommend Mercenary_Scholar to others.
09/16/2014 My rating varies a little. The work that I needed done was very intense and I knew that it would cost a good amount. Mercenary_Scholar did most of the work that I needed, however, it was very hard to read and understand. I attribute that to the actual work and not to MS's work on it. (It was statistics) If I would have known how much work it entailed, I would have allotted much more time to a longer deadline. The only reason MS's rating is not Outstanding is because there was a period towards the end where I did not hear anything from her. Other than that, her work speaks for itself!
06/11/2014 Mercenary Scholar may put you in some nervous moments but she never disappoints.
05/07/2014 Mercenary rocks! I would highly recommend her if you want a thoughtful and well developed research paper.
04/30/2014 Even though the grade I recieved on my paper wasn't that great, I was just glad that I had something to turn in, so I could focus on my midterms. I would still go to this unemployed professor again.
04/28/2014 Awesome job as always.
03/30/2014 I recieved a 93 and Mercenary_Scholar gave me information on problem questions to give the professor! 10/10 will want to use again for my final. I definitely recomend this "unemployed professor."
03/24/2014 I am a repeat customer of hers. I really appreciate that she makes sure that the writing is of great quality. Thank you so much!
03/11/2014 Outstanding job!!  Would definitely recommend!!
03/11/2014 Like many have mentioned, Mercenary Scholar is beyond outstanding. I will do business with her again. Thank you so much!
03/07/2014  Mercenary_Scholar goes beyond what  someone requests. I appreciate taking the extra step and will come back. Once you place a request I could notice the genuine want to help and very detailed. Thank you again!
03/04/2014 Mercenary Scholar not only writes very well, but also is courteous, helpful and down-to-earth. The work turned out great!
02/28/2014 I truly wish I could rate Mercenary_Scholar higher then outstanding. She took on a 10 page graduate level Final research paper with less then 12 hours to do it. When I double spaced it it actually came out closer to 17 pages. Thanks to her quick and professional help I got a 98% on it and got out of a very hard class. She was very helpful, professional and met the deadline I needed. I will be back in the future for help.
02/28/2014 I decided to try Unemployed Professors when one of my crazy instuctors changed a due date on us by several weeks. I already had a full schedule, and became overwhelmed at the prospect of trying to fit in an additional paper.  This particular paper was worth the majority of the grade at 100 points.  To put that into perspective, homework is 5 points, quizzes are 5 points and the midterm was 20 points. 

There were several bids from others with significant feedback but Mercenary_Scholar caught my attention with her profile.  She seemed interesting, knowledgable, more than experienced and the humor component made her very appealing. 

She was prompt. The paper was completed prior to the due date. She was very thorough by sending me drafts, and communicating throughout the process. She even changed the tone of the paper (and "dumbed it down") to better suit my voice based on samples of my work from the class.

My grade was 100%, with 10 points extra credit for early completion. 

A huge weight/burden was lifted from my shoulders, and I was able to focus on my midterm exams.  Can't put a pricetag on that... but there was a price, and it was very reasonable, especially when you consider the short notice (3 days) and the length of the paper (8 pages, 4 sources).

Mercenary_Scholar has a great brain. Pay her to use it so you don't have to use your's. 
02/25/2014 Very fast, clear and concise. Highly recommended.
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