BA Philosophy and BS Mathematics
Minors: History and English
MA History & Philosophy of Science
MA Philosophy

Past Employment

I was a golf caddie for seventeen summers, which helped pay my way through college and too many years of graduate school. I've been a college instructor and for more than a decade worked for newspapers as a writer. On the side, I provide technial and politcal advice to nonprofits and politicians.



Thank you for taking a look at my profile. The most important thing you need to know about me is that I am a Renaissance Man ... I like beer and mixed drinks!

I also like the arts, humanities and sciences, especially the places that they meet. I'm a Phi Beta Kappa with enough sense to know that a bunch of blowhards is not a fun group to hang with.

I'm a professional writer and journalist. I also provide campaign advice and communications support to political candidates and non-profits.

I write for you because it allows me to continue to hone my knowledge and skills in diverse areas. My boredom is your gain.  No topic is too obscure, but mostly you'll catch my eye if it has to do with philosophy, science, history, computers, politics, legal issues, pop culture or literature.

I'm here to help you. The product that I deliver needs to be not only good but also written to your specifications. If you need five pages with eight sources, it's my job to deliver five pages with eight sources. I'm a professional, and my rates reflect that. I want you to be happy so that you come back and recommend me to your friends. Whenever possible, I'll deliver early and work with you to tweak things to where you need them.

Bring me your homework. I get to do something interesting and earn a few bucks; you get a good grade. Everyone wins.


Date Comment Rating
04/24/2014 Excellent! I received an A on the paper.
04/24/2014 I got a B- on this paper. 81%. Thank you for helping me with this. I was expecting a better grade, but I'm glad I at least got a B I guess. My teacher said that the tv show and politics were explained, but not pulled together correctly. Overall though, I am happy with it. My teacher is just an ass.
04/12/2014 Great person to work with! Communicates frequently, listens and responds accordingly. I definitely recommend PhiBetaKrappa!
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