I have obtained a Doctorate in Natural Health, Masters Degree in Higher Education, Bachelors Degree in Health Sciences and I am currently in dissertation phase to complete my 2nd Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

Past Employment

I have been a University Professor for the past 7 years. I have taught at colleges in Virginia and Florida.


Hello All......I'm Dr. Doolittle. I specialize in subjects pertaining to the social sciences, health sciences, history, english, well, practically I specialize in ALL subjects!!! I currently teach at a University and provide freelance services to student's who may be a little overwhelmed with life and need a boost in their grade or grade point average


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03/18/2016 Utilized all of my sources. Great paper. 
03/16/2016 Great job...highly recommended
02/22/2016 Right on time and excellent work. Thank you! 
02/21/2016 again great work
02/21/2016 Exactly what I asked for, perfect all around
02/17/2016 Great paper. Prompt delivery. Always a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.
02/14/2016 It came back as 74% on safe assign score, what can we do to correct this?
02/13/2016 Nailed it - a great paper in every way. I am thrilled at the quality of this project. 
12/08/2015 Paper was exactly what I needed and completely well ahead of the date it was needed.  Well done
09/23/2014 Got me my paper on time, provided what I asked for, no problems what so ever.
09/04/2014 Got an A
07/03/2014 Very detailed and more than the rubric asked for...many thanks for your time and energy, simply brilliant. 
06/17/2014 Excellent work... The topiv coverd completely and very happy with overall quielty .
05/23/2014 It was great to work with you! 
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