Master of Fine Arts in English (creative writing with fiction writing focus)

Bachelor of Arts in English

Focused heavily on British, women's, and ethnic literature 

Past Employment

Composition, creative writing, and public speaking professor 

AKA Jedi master of the Freshman English essay, the rhetorical analysis, the argumentative essay, the comparative analysis, the annotated bibliography, along with any and all other such tedious, torturous assignments from those heartless professors of yours. 


I'm unemployed, I'm hungry, and sickly enough, I LOVE writing papers! It's dark and disgusting, I know. But it's my cross to bear, and hopefully, your gain. 

Likes: books, cooking, writing, feminism, trivia, wine, and telling people that my dog (Frodo) is better than their human baby. He is. 

Dislikes: babies, people who say "LOL" aloud, and sports that aren't Quidditch.


Date Comment Rating
06/11/2016 Second time using this professor-  essay was perfect and received on time!
06/09/2016 Completed assignment in less than 24 hours, very satisifed!
12/07/2015 Absolutely perfect
10/10/2015 She did a great job at writing my paper. She delivered just as she said she wouid, and had my paper finished before the deadline I gave her. She's a great writer. 
10/06/2015 Amazing. this 5 page essay was completed in a day. still going over it, but so far looks amazing
04/16/2015 Sattisfied.
04/15/2015 Here's another paper if interested, and I hope you are.

Write a  2 page report on a "cool" application of chemistry. The font size should be 12 with double spacing and cite all the references at the end of the article. I would like to know the topic you plan on working on before you write the report.

can not be on graphene !

Let me know, please!
03/25/2015 Hello are you interested in a project? I need a double space 3 page ALA with 5 citations/references international, national or local on the subject of;

gender violence
economic inequality
faith base healing
sex trafficing
maternal mortality

by april 5th

let me know
02/08/2015 Great job!  I am so appreciative!  The paper is awesome and it done in a timely manner.  I couldn't be happier.
01/26/2015 fast and efficent. well done.  Needed a 3 page paper done and she had it within an an hour and a half.
01/20/2015 I have another one are you interested or have the time?
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