B.A. East Asian History (Honors)
B.A. Analytical Philosophy
M. Litt Philosophy
Ph.D. Blatherskiting on Demand

Areas of specialty: Philosophy, ethics, bioethics, philosophy of math, logic, rhetoric, philosophy of science, history (East Asian, U.S., European), Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism/Daoism, disability studies, assistive technology

Areas of interest: English literature, communication, anthropology, religious studies, law/philosophy of law

I also edit/review academic essays/dissertations/papers across all disciplines.

If I bid on your project, and your project's area is not listed here, I will explain why/how I can write your essay/assignment. I will not bid on your project unless I am familiar with the topic.

Past Employment

University of (British University); University of (U.S. University)

I have taught/tutored History, Analytical Philosophy, Eastern Philosophy, English Literature, Art History, and other disciplines. I am familiar with Education essays/thesis/dissertations. I am familiar with Nursing essays/thesis/dissertations. I also review and edit academic works: undergraduate essays on through PhD dissertations.

I have edited dissertations and theses across disciplines for over ten years.


Please note: My bidding starts at $25 a page, double-spaced, standard font and font size. (I'm happy to format the project any way you wish.) Rush jobs are more. Please understand that what constitutes a rush job is twofold: the due date plus the size of the essay/assignment.

Things to keep in mind:

1. Include the actual assignment instructions. It is easy to miss things if you rely on memory, so give me the actual assignment instructions. I cannot accept assignment instruction changes 3 days prior to the project due date.
2. Please allow me time to respond. I need to sleep and eat, too!
3. All times are in EST unless otherwise noted. However, I am not in that time zone, so do not panic if I don't respond to a 9am EST question for a few hours.

I have been writing/editing essays across disciplines for over 10 years. Let me help you with your next assignment!

I am interested in just about everyting; consequently, my areas of interest/specialty keep expanding. My hobbies are surfing, traveling, watching movies (anime!!), reading (manga!!), and generally lazing around discussing Wittgenstein. Writing your project lets me do this.


Date Comment Rating
07/20/2018 Awesome
07/11/2018 Awesome and always on time!!!!
04/26/2018 He wrote an excellent paper and was able to argue his points very well. I would definitely use this guy again. 
05/08/2017 Episteme surpassed my expectations. She made sure I was happy with the paper and gave me guidance for my writing anxiety. I highly recommend her.
05/04/2017 Quality work, clear communication.
12/19/2016 Thank you
12/19/2016 Thanks
11/19/2016 Thank you for an awesome job!
05/23/2016 .
04/09/2016 I received my edited paper back very quickly and it is exactly what I was looking for! The professor also provided a page of detailed, helpful notes with advice for future writing. I would highly recommend this writer!
03/22/2016 Episteme is an amazing professor to work with and did a fantastic job on this project. Her writing style is clear,concise and intelligent. Will work with her again in the future.
03/07/2016 Once again a very timely and wonderful job in execution and showed up early for our communications to make sure that we were able to get things done. This was a very well written assignment. Working together was a blessing.
03/01/2016 Another outstanding job. Both educational in helping me learn how to improve my academic writing and a greatly improved assignment. I'm very happy with everything and how professional and timely everything was accomplished.
02/16/2016 The assignment was done with outstanding talent and research. It was written was mastery and a strong background in understanding how to write clearly and in a convincing manner. There was an obvious mastery over writing skills and understanding of how to write legal papers and it'd be my pleasure to do future projects together.
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