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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
10/22/2019 Awesome work. Had specific instructions that were followed perfectly. Topic was on point and very thorough. Very well done!
10/12/2019 Did a great job on a reaserch paper that was wrather long. Amazing work :) 
09/18/2019 really good work!! completed assignment early also!
09/16/2019 WOW! Did get it to may like an hr late but I do always give myself a buffer. The work is 100000000% worth waiting for. They did not make it wordy and got straight to the point. Followed directions to a t
09/13/2019 Excellent job ??
09/10/2019 Provided a great product!
09/08/2019 My paper was well written and delivered on time. I checked forplagiarism and the paper had 0% and I got an A. Ihighly recommend this professor.
06/21/2019 Great Job!
06/21/2019 Very helpful
05/09/2019 If you are reading this an considering using a different professor then that's your first mistake. This professor is top notch and thier writing speaks for itself. Reading through my paper it even sounded like me. I can only give 10 stars but if I could give more I absolutely would.
12/19/2018 Great Professor, Definately Recommend them and looking forward to working with them again.
12/19/2018 Great Professor, Definately Recommend them and looking forward to working with them again.
12/19/2018 Great Professor, Definately Recommend them and looking forward to working with them again.
12/12/2018 First experience on this website couldn't have been made better thanks to Peemster. Thank you!!!
12/11/2018 Used sources and followed everything exactly as instructed. Paper is incredible
12/04/2018 Timely and took all of my thoughts into consideration. Thanks ! 
11/24/2018 Good job
11/08/2018 I could not be happier.  The assignment was done extremely well and on time.  This professor is great to work with and deserves every star.  very satisfied.
05/14/2018 Great paper once again! One of the better writers in this group. Would defintley recommend him.
05/11/2018 Wow I am pleasantly surprised.  Great communication with this Professor.  The project was completed within the timeline with plenty of time for editing.  The work was really high quality.  This Professor really knows how to write a quality paper.  Followed directions to a T.  This saved me so much time to manage all my other responsibilities.  I HIGHLY recommend this professor.  THANK YOU
05/07/2018 Great work! The professor is one of the best on this site. Will use him or her again in the future. Thank you for your help. 
05/03/2018 Great Paper. Would definitley use him again!
05/03/2018 good
04/27/2018 You went above and beyond! Thank you for your impecible work. It was on time, clear and intelligently written and gave me plenty to work with. A life saver for sure. 
04/23/2018 Absolutely perfect
04/23/2018 You are an actual god.
03/21/2018 Delivered early. Wrote a high quality paper. Good communicator. 
03/04/2018 Peemster delivered quality work well ahead of the due date!!!!
Fast to communicate with and gives detailed responses instead of one word replies. 
I was honestly so scared to go with because there isn't anywhere you can really go online to read positive reviews because people just assume you are either fake or part of the company.
ANYWHO - Peemster quelled all my concerns and I look forward to using him/her again in the future. !!!

03/01/2018 Second time useing this professor and I will be sticking to him! His work can not be compared to others! He really knows his stuff and gets you the paper before the deadline to see if any changes need to be mad(FYI NO CHANGES EVER NEED TO BE MADE)! I'm a groupie for life

The essay was AMAZING! I usually get work with some grammatical errors that I have to fix BUT this time nothing. It was delivered way before the deadline and communication was great! He went above and beyond. I would totally pay more BUT starving student. If you are wondering who to pick … PICK HIM, don’t hesitate. Reasonable price for the work completed

02/19/2018 Couldn't have asked for anything better. Thanks so much!
01/26/2018 Prof was helpful and submitted a well-written paper before the deadline. He even helped with some requested edits for no addional charge.
01/08/2018 Great essay, timely, easy to communicate with
05/04/2017 Absolute relief working with this professor and this website overall. I was a little hesitant at first because I didn't know what to expect. I am only an undergrad student and I trusted that this professor could write me a bomb essay but I was nervous that it wouldn't sound like me, but guess what? It does sound like my writing (huge relief). I think what helped is that I sent him a copy of my writing for that class just so he can see that I don't write so glamorous and my professor gave me an A minus. With this paper I think I will get a perfec A! (Fingers crossed). 
04/26/2017 Great 
04/09/2017 Delivered high quality project. 
04/04/2017 This professor is AMAZING! Will always be requesting for him/her! 
04/04/2017 "A" paper and he completed it overnight. Will definitely employ again!
03/30/2017 Amazing, follows up with you, very thorough and completes project on time. Would use professor again, highly recommended
He did an amazing job! i made the intructions very clear for himand he did exactly what i needed!
03/21/2017 Great job 
12/16/2016 Amazing work thank you!
12/10/2016 First timer on this website since I barely discovered it 4 weeks before completing my undergrad. Did my homework on this website/reviews before comitting to paying my money towards someone I did not know. But this professor did a great job on the assignment provided, the professor was on top of his work with touching base with myself on questions and suggestions. Very, very responsive and quick. He/She gave above & beyond on the paper, very knowledgeable with the research, even with the poorly descriptive guidelines for the paper given by my professor. You won't regret choosing the Peemster. (p.s. --have not received a grade on the paper as I have not turned it in yet, wanted to really check out the paper just in case it was a scam and I was left to do it myself, but it looks like a great grade.)
12/03/2016 The paper was on POINT - Far better than my knowledge base on the subject. Thanks for a job well done!
12/02/2016 Overall it was a better paper than I could of done, however I really expected an A from a person that had alot of experiencing writing.  Got a B.
12/01/2016 Amazing job. The professor really pays attention to detail and gives 110% effort. Definitely top notch. 
11/30/2016 I procrastinated by a long shot and peemster came through with plenty of time before the deadline and I got an A+ and let me aware of progress the entire time! I am very impressed!
11/20/2016 Beautiful essay completed right on time. I will be back
11/15/2016 Every paper was well-written and delivered early than expected.
11/10/2016 Great professor! Directly requested his services again from being so satisfied with his writing before.
11/10/2016 Best profesor I've come across to work with. Very willing to help, and addresses any questions in the prompt, which is all I can really ask for with a good paper.
11/09/2016 Great proof reading! Peemster was quick and has amazing attention to detail.
10/24/2016 Amazing. Exceeded my expectations, and delivered extensive work on a weekend deadline. Constructed /revised my essay far better than I ever could have writen it myself. Im in love with this ghost writer, and will only bring future work to him. He was a delight to have back and forth corespendance with.  Very professional and trustworthy (given the context /platform).

Thank you Peemster!
06/12/2016 Wrote an excellent, lengthy paper in a short amount of time. Ended up getting an A on the paper. Highly recommended, thank you!
05/07/2016 As his first project, he didn't disapoint. Completed in a timely matter, followed all paper guidlines and finished a 4 page anaylitical paper within 24 hours. Finished paper needed little to no editing on my end, just some tweaks to make it consistent with my writing style. Highly recommend Peemster for your next project.
05/06/2016 Great writter.

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