PROFESSOR REVIEWS FOR: Professor-perspicacious

Date Comment Rating
10/16/2020 The essay was delivered on time and meet all the instructions.
The quality of the work was outstanding, and i was really impressed.
Essay was marked A-, which is about 1 million % better mark than i would have gotten.
Thank you so much for your help!
10/13/2020 Amazing timely, well written, quick and efficently. Was in constant contact with me. Answered all my crazy Questions. I dont know my grade yet but my guess A+
10/11/2020 Thank you very much! 
10/11/2020 Another perfect paper. 
10/08/2020 great work
10/08/2020 great work
10/06/2020 Would work with again. Very willing to make revisions as needed. 
10/02/2020 Just perfection on all aspects. Thank you prof for your very valuable help. You writing skills, critical thinking and professionalism are truly appreciated. You won't be disappointed with his work, def try him out.
09/26/2020 Outstanding work, The best professor in this website.
09/21/2020 This Professor was a great communicator, got an A+ on my Nursing paper and he even got it to me a day early. I would highly recommend!
09/17/2020 Wow. FLAWLESS!
09/13/2020 Finished ahead of the deadline with a perfect paper. 
09/12/2020 Out standing work, I got an A+ in my paper. Definetly worth the money.
09/11/2020 Very nice. 
09/08/2020 Excellent midterm paper! I would definitely recommend this professor to anyone!
09/04/2020 great work
08/31/2020 Thank you!! Sent me my essay before the deadline, beyond thankful. Stay safe! 
08/29/2020 great work
08/29/2020 great work
08/27/2020 great work
08/27/2020 great work
08/22/2020 Prof was great and got project done on time. Excellent with communication.
08/13/2020 On time, perfectly written and needed no revisions. Passed my class! 
08/11/2020 Honestly the best professor on this site, follows instructions to the letter. They take the time and care to give you a great paper, well argued, well sourced and well written. 
08/05/2020 FLAWLESS!! Love this professor's writing style. A++
07/30/2020 An amazing paper by the professor, detailed and exaclty followed the instructions! I even requested a few tweaks and they were adressed quickly and efficiently! I would highly recommend for a history paper!
07/27/2020 Thank you for an excellent paper
07/25/2020 By far the best essay I've ever received on here. On time and required no editing before I submitted. Would 100% use again. Thanks man
06/23/2020 Thank you!
06/22/2020 It's been great working with this professor!
06/20/2020 Great paper. Made it sound personal to myself and my program. Highly recommend! 
06/09/2020 I got 74% on a passage analysis I paid $120 for. I could tell it was rather rushed and left to the last minute. It was just done to get it done. I won't select this professor again. If you want your moneys worth only pick among Diamond profs. They take the time to look over rubrics and spend more time on assignments 

I don't rush any of my assignments, and I followed the rubric exactly-my ratings overwhelmingly reflect that. It's impossible to tell how a professor will grade, but I did not deserve a 4 star rating from this student.
06/04/2020 Edits were on point to a previous assignment. Great job!
06/04/2020 Outstanding job!
06/03/2020  perfect and on time! Thank you! 
05/28/2020 Oustanding work on the Article Critique!
05/23/2020 10/10 Professor worked with my short timeframe and delivered an exceptionally well crafted essay. Thank you!
05/12/2020 Thank you so much!! I got a 95!
05/09/2020 Love the essay! My teacher was astonished with the great work. Got full credit!
05/03/2020 good to go! quality work
05/03/2020 got an A - good quality on time
05/03/2020 perfect paper got a 95
05/03/2020 on time great quality
05/03/2020 awesome work on time 
04/17/2020 Went off topic a bit but overall solid work
04/16/2020 Excellent, responsive, and quality paper. Will work with this professor, again.
04/04/2020 Superb
04/03/2020 Essay got a 100%! Well written and the clarifying questions I had were answered quickly.
03/29/2020 Always great and on time. Wonderful job. 
03/29/2020 Amazing!!!!
03/28/2020 Thank YOU for helping during this diffucult time!
03/28/2020 You are lucky to have this professor bid on your assignment. The writing is excellent, the requirements are fulfilled perfectly, and (unlike some profs on this service) the citations are all done excellently and in good faith. One of my best experiences on this platform to date.
03/08/2020 Amazing work!!! 
03/01/2020 Created an excellent paper! Highly recommend!
02/26/2020 Extremely well done. I ended up getting a 95%. Thank you.
02/25/2020 Thank you so much for your work and help!
02/23/2020 I was very pleased by the outcome of my paper. It was very well written and truly objective which I was great. Strongly suggest using this professor.
02/17/2020 incredible work
02/10/2020 A = 10
02/09/2020 WOW! Before the last minute dead line and right on point. Thank you!
02/04/2020 Thank you!
02/04/2020 Thank you so much for your work!
02/02/2020 Amazing work, never late, never any plagiarism and will always go above and beyond what's asked for. Highly recommend this professor! 
01/30/2020 Always amazing, on time and quality work. 
12/20/2019 AMAZING!!!!! I wish i could give more stars . 10/10 . My essay was done exactly to the directions, delivered a day early , and was truly a master piece. I recieved my grade today and it recieved a 100% . My teacher was truly amazed and said the essay was so perfect it brought him to tears. 
12/12/2019 Awesome:)
12/08/2019 Grade A professional with excellent communication skills.  Thank you very much for all of your help!
12/08/2019 Reccomend
12/01/2019 Truly amazing work, I'd recommend to anyone!!!!!
11/30/2019 Great stuff!
11/29/2019 Great! Would use again!
11/24/2019 Awesome job, thank you so much and I'll recommend you anytime.
11/23/2019 2/2 on excellent papers from this professors.  Thank you very much for always being on time and providing excellent pieces of work.
11/23/2019 Received a 97% out of 100% on this paper, thank you very much.
11/11/2019 Hands down the best writer on this site.
11/11/2019 Great work and on time.
11/01/2019 PERFECT PAPER!!!
10/31/2019 Super great work!
10/30/2019 You did an awesome job.  I received an A+ on the paper.
10/29/2019 Excellent work
10/28/2019 Great job! 
10/27/2019 This professor is fantastic. Exceeded expectations and really helped me out.
10/17/2019 99.5 on paper! Followed instructions! I went through and made it sound like mine. Delivered before deadline. Thanks again!
10/10/2019 Fantastic paper. Followed instructions to a T. Wayyy better than anything I could have written.
10/08/2019 Great, timely work. Quick edits if needed.
10/06/2019 Perfection
09/24/2019 Excellent
09/24/2019 Perfection
09/22/2019 Excellent
09/19/2019 Excellent work, right on time 
09/15/2019 Excellent job. Absolutely perfect.
09/08/2019 My paper was well written and delivered on time. I checked for plagiarism and the paper had 0% and I got an A. I highly recommend this professor.
09/08/2019 My paper was well written and delivered on time. I checked for plagarism and the paper had 0% and I got an A. I higly reccommend this professor.
09/03/2019 Works hard and delivers.
09/01/2019 Wowzers!!!! I’m a person who likes perfection and have yet to find people whom are above and beyond ... till now! Totally exceeded my expectation. We did have some miscommunication but he fixed it. Also, you better write EXACTLY what you want as he follows it to a T. This professor seems to be a stickler for that. They are great 
08/26/2019 Excellent
08/23/2019 Got an A
08/18/2019 Great and thorough work.
Thank you
08/17/2019 Good piece. Received a 93%
Everything I asked for and more. Received earlier than expected. Will use proffessor again in the future.
08/14/2019 Prof was given a very specific assignment that needed the personal voice and experience of the writer to come through, and they simply nailed it!
08/12/2019 Got an A and a very timely paper- Thanks
08/12/2019 Cant complain I got a B on my assignment!
08/09/2019 A big shout-out to this professor! He/she helped me with a few projects throughout the past few months - always excellent, always well writen and always on time, if not early.

Thank you again for all your help!!
08/09/2019 Thank you!
08/05/2019 Project completed early.  Haven't received the grade back from professor yet, but I feel really good about it.  Paper was exactly as it was requested!!!
07/21/2019 He is the best and does an excellent job every time! I will use him in the future!
07/19/2019 Thank you for another excellent paper! 
07/19/2019 Thank You!
07/18/2019 The best!
07/14/2019 Great work! Very fast and well written.
07/11/2019 Excellent!
07/04/2019 Great!
06/30/2019 Thank you so much for your work!
06/29/2019 Amazing work! Would definitely use this prof. again!
06/29/2019 Wow, Not only coming through, but the story is a great read as well! Thank you!
06/28/2019 Excellent!
06/26/2019 Great work, thank you!
06/21/2019 Thank you so much for your work!
06/12/2019 Excellent!
05/30/2019 Great job!
05/19/2019 The best and will always come through at the end!!
05/14/2019 Project delivered on time, well written and within specifications (length, sources, etc)
I needed to do a little editing for typos and formatting, but this has saved me many hours of work.  Would use again. 
05/13/2019 Amazing as alweays
05/08/2019 Got it done on time and followed the prompt. Rarely had to make any changes at all. If you need an English paper written he's a solid option.
05/05/2019 Fantastic paper. Professor continues to complete high quality projects.
05/04/2019 Once again an astonishing paper. Two completely different topics and still incredibly written. 
05/02/2019 Well written, and before schedule.  You can not ask for much more than that.
05/01/2019 This professor is amazing. I read the essay, and I cannot stop imagine how this essay gonna make me look smart.
04/28/2019 completed earlier than deadline and very well written.
04/27/2019 amazing essay
04/22/2019 Always great
04/22/2019 On point 100%
04/10/2019 The paper was outstanding. Very well written. 
04/09/2019 great job, got an A 
04/08/2019 I have never read such a beautiful paper. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
04/05/2019 OUTSTANDING job. This professor went ABOVE and BEYOND my expectaions! Met all the criteira that was asked and more. HIGHLY RECOMMED!
03/27/2019 As always effective and timely
03/21/2019 Great
03/13/2019 Received an A+ on this extremely well written paper.
03/12/2019 My paper was turned into me even before the time i put as a deadline and did everything i asked for. Did a great job overall, highly recommend!
03/03/2019 Excellent work. Thanks!
03/03/2019 Always spot on and early.
03/01/2019 Did exactly what I asked for! Got it done hours before the deadline and responded when I messaged them! I don’t know what the bad reviews requested but they did exactly what was asked for! 
03/01/2019 Excellent essay! Met all of my requirements. Thank you!
02/25/2019 Very precise and what I needed.
02/24/2019 Amazing writer! I had tried a couple of others and this one is BY FAR the best one. I did not have to spend hours tweaking this proffesor's work like I have others.
02/18/2019 Always on point. I will forever give this Professor right or first refusal. Quality. Excellent communication. Responsive. Good work! Meets you where you need to be at.
02/17/2019 Amazing. Real deal 
02/15/2019 Absolutely amazing writer!  My # 1 choice....always!  
02/13/2019 Great essay, finished ahead of time too!
02/06/2019 I really need this paper done in a timely and professional manor. This professor not only delievered this, but went above and beyond. 10/10 would use again!
02/05/2019 Fast responses! Great work overall!
Thank you!!! I highly recommend :)
02/05/2019 A+. Great writing. Followed all instructions 
02/02/2019 Excellent paper, followed instructions, in before the deadline. Will hire this professor again! Thanks.
01/31/2019 life saver, and the paper was excellent. couldn't ask for better.  thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
01/30/2019 very good paper. this guy writes really well, hire him!
01/07/2019 Awesome professor
01/06/2019 Awesome work!
12/21/2018 The work was excellent.  I requested a lot of material and it was spot on.  It was completed too close to the deadline (day of).  I had to submit it 4 hours late, but I should have issued the deadline a day earlier to give myself time for editing so I will take responsibility for that.  I thank this professor very sincerely for being the only one to bid within my budget.  I would highly recommend.  Thank you very much.
12/16/2018 Highly skilled, clear communicator, transparent, offers drafts, excellent analyses, and a wonderful person that executes the task faithfully. I've relied on his services more than once and can safely say he/she does a remarkable job.
12/12/2018 The best professor! B+/As are common. I have never gotten less than a B+ and it was once. All the other times it was As (3 other times).
12/12/2018 Very good history paper!
12/12/2018 Wrote a great paper on a complicated subject! Really helped me during finals week.
12/09/2018 Solid. Responsive and thorough. 
12/05/2018 Great work
12/05/2018 On time. Well-written. Messaged back in a timely manner. Only concern is that my professor won't believe I 'm capable of such a flawless paper. Would use again for sure. 
12/04/2018 Very well written paper. Followed all guidelines. Met all requirements and expectations. Very responsive to concerns/messages. WORTH THE MONEY. 
12/02/2018 Every time does an amazing job. thank you so much. <3
12/02/2018 Went above and beyond what I put down for the project and made what looks like a really solid paper 
11/30/2018 Managed to save my butt by writing an eloquent 5 page paper within 24 hours. Would highly reccomend!

Professor-perspicacious's work is exactly what I was looking for! They delivered early as well.

11/25/2018 Hit all points on the grade rubric. Excellent grammar and spelling!!!! Would reccomend. 
11/21/2018 Paper sounded great, he sent me that paper early for a turn in rough draft grade. It pasted a plagiarism check 
11/20/2018 Third paper that was fantastic!!  I highly recommend this professor.  Gets the job done and communicates with you throughout the process.
11/19/2018 Fantastic 
11/16/2018 There were some minor spelling mistakes. The only plagiarised material were the sources. I would say that I was the most scared about that, but things worked out well. 
11/15/2018 Awesome work
11/11/2018 Love the format of the paper. Great results given with the time to work on it and the instructions I left.
11/10/2018 i've done a few essays with this prof and have always recieved a 90 or higher. good work and delivers hours before the deadline.
11/07/2018 Completed project ahead of deadline and produced an excellent product!
11/05/2018 I am pleased with the work that was completed. The U.P. far-exceeded my expectations! I will definitely use them again. 
11/04/2018 i only got 52% for the report. i could have gotten better if i did it myself but oh well
11/04/2018 Thank you so much for another excellent paper!!  Received a 100% score on the first paper so very confident for the second! Great communication, price and work! :) 

11/03/2018 Extremely helpful in a short deadline
11/02/2018 Super helpful
11/02/2018 Thanks again for your incredible work. 
10/26/2018 Got a C- on my paper and feedback for it was NOT good. Waste of money.

"This essay needed to focus much more intensely on the actual events of the the Controversy, rather than providing a general overview of medieval life.  Your first paragraph contained an error of fact which also skewed your argument when you stated:  "as the secular empire world became increasingly disenchanted with the Catholic Church. "    The Empire was NOT secular.  It was Gregory who wanted to change the power ratio, but what Henry want was to make religious decisions as his ancestors had done.  What the peasants wanted or needed at this point was not important to either man(and the major revolts came centuries later....).  D'Avray could provide you with a way to analyze each man's actions during th events of the Controversy.  This is what needed to be your focus.  "


10/25/2018 I got a C dude. My teacher couldn’t understand it.  Neither could I. It was confusing and just sounded like you were trying to bullshit your way through the essay.    Do you guys do refunds? 100$ for a C just ain’t worth it. Not to mention it was my midterm Essay. So it weighs so heavy. 

I always follow prompts completely, and I am always open to communication and edits. I cannot control what a teacher expects beyond what you give me. I would think 3 stars would be for a failing grade, not passing. If it didn't make sense to you, you should have communicated that to me.
10/24/2018 Excellent work and completed before the deadline. Would definitely recommend!
10/21/2018 Amazing essay I would definetly choose him again
10/19/2018 Excellent, stayed in communication through the process of completing project. Very nice and eager to work with you again
10/18/2018 Always a pleasure to work with, Persperatious is a professor who constantly delivers superb work without any trouble. 
10/14/2018 Accomodating and pleasant to work with.
10/12/2018 Very professional and on time