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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
08/28/2017 A+ Great Project!
04/11/2017 Excellent work, the feedback received from my professor was it was the most well thought out paper he read, minor APA formatting errors
02/23/2017 Outstanding Work. Highly recommended. Best there is.
02/10/2017 Awesome
01/21/2017 Absolutely professional, Absolutely on time, Absolutely followed instructions.  You want an "A" - HIRE THIS ONE NOW!  
01/15/2017 Exceptional work and my work was delivered before time without any revisions needed.
01/13/2017 Great Job!
Thank you. Great job. Highly recommended.
12/13/2016 good job editing my paper
12/11/2016 Amazing turnaround time! very fast and great paper
12/11/2016 Great work! I couldn't ask for a better product than the one provided by this professor. He assures me that his work was going to be great and he deliver just like he said. This is a no bull review. I decided to do this review on my own. I will recommend this professor to anyone looking to get a good grade on their paper.
12/06/2016 Communication is great and was able to complete task way before project deadline
12/01/2016 Professor Profanalyst did a good job.  However, I had to make some corrections on my work.  Thanks!
11/21/2016 Very fast response and seemed to really want to work with me to get the paper where I needed it. In a pinch totally worth it, but the paper had a decent amount of grammatical errors that I had to take time to revise and edit. Also the paper wasn't what I would call university level quality in regards to organization and just general research on the topic at hand. Considering I gave Prof 36 hours to write the paper I was decently impressed, however given more time if I had received this same paper I would have been dissapointed.
Originally c+ work, then we communicated a little bit and rearraged some things that easily brought the quality up to a B, B+. 
11/21/2016 Bruh was lit
11/20/2016 Thanks for a job well done.
11/20/2016 Thanks for a great job.
11/18/2016 Not really university level & thought the author of the book was my professor so sentences kept saying "your book" when in fact it wasnt. Most likely wont be using this service again you're better off writing your own paper and saving a $100. Does not meet the rubric expectations that i attached only good thing i could say is that it was handed in early to me 
11/13/2016 This is great thank you for writing this for me.
11/13/2016 Excellent job in writing my paper and on time too. Very generous and willing to clarify anything that may seem unclear to you. You will not regret using his services.

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