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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
03/23/2017 Impressive paper and was easy to contact. Would recommend!
03/17/2017 This Professor was very accommodating and did a great job! I highly recommend for your assignment!
03/16/2017 Use this professor! My paper was very well written and I got exactly what I was looking for. Exceeded my expectations and I got my paper right on time. Responds to messages quickly and answers any concerns. I will definitely use this professor in the future!
03/02/2017 This professor did a great job on my project and followed my guidelines perfectly. He was also quick to calm my nerves about the steadily approaching deadline and assured me that he would have it done and he did! Good stuff. :-)
03/02/2017 Crimexpert did an excellent job with this project. I asked for a revision and they were very prompt in providing the revisions. Excellent experiance overall. I plan to use crimexpert in the future. 
03/02/2017 Very helpful, and made every adjustment i requested to my paper.
03/01/2017 10/10 , writes very well and is fast with communication. 
02/27/2017 Great paper
02/26/2017 Did an excellent job writing the paper in the time frame I requested and to the specifications of the class. Would recommend to others.
02/26/2017 Everything was perfect!
02/25/2017 Great! Project was done well, and was professional. 
02/24/2017 My paper was written perfectly and provided just as I requested. This writer delivers on his promise and I will definitely use again and again!

Thanks! Crimexpert for a job well done! 
02/23/2017 Everything turned out great. Better than what i would have done and he had very great communication. This allowed me to go see my sons basketball games and take some stress off of my other midterms too. i do recommend. 
02/23/2017 Delivered on time and met the assignment requirements while being in constant communication with me.
02/23/2017 On time. Well written. Thanks
02/23/2017 The professor was great. He was very kind and helpful throughout the entire project. Always willing to accomodate to my request and conditions. He truly put in a lot of effort to earn me a great grade in article review. I could not thank him enough. 10/10 would recommend and work with him again.
02/22/2017 Delivered Exactly what I asked for. Thanks
02/17/2017 Essay came early and was very well written and original.  Great
02/17/2017 good shit man,
02/16/2017 Thank you! Great work
02/14/2017 Great work, kept in communicatin, and offered to revise anything as needed. Highly recommend him!
02/14/2017 Great writer and very understanding of prompts
02/05/2017 Great work and very helpful.
02/05/2017 At the beginning I was a little uneasy about using crimexpert since his/her expertese is in english when the help I needed was in programming. I am very happy to say crimexpert went beyond my expectations and delivered very well written code in a very fast time, also replied to mail very quickly. I would definitely recommend crimexpert.
01/27/2017 Very good job in a short time span.
01/26/2017 Loved my paper! Well written and on time, received an A+!  Thank you!
01/26/2017 On time great job
01/25/2017 I don’t think English is this guy's first language. Don't pay this guy. When he messages you with his broken English don’t suspect it will get better. That is actual capability as a writer. 
01/17/2017 Crimexpert exceeded my expectations and was incredible! More than I could have ever asked for
01/07/2017 Everything was great and on time, there were a few bits of the piece I had to redo because they didn't make much sense but it was also specific towards my life so I don't expect him to know everything about certain topics overall great expierence 
12/18/2016 Great service, especially helpful with the limited timeframe i had to give to get the paper done and submitted on time. Thankyou prof. crimexpert :)
12/16/2016 exactly what I asked for 
12/13/2016 Great Communication, easy to work with, would definitely recommend to anyone needing assistance.
12/08/2016 Awsome paper
12/08/2016 nice job
12/06/2016 Best essay I have ever read. I am eternally grateful and could not thank this professor enough. Thank you so much! The essay went beyond my expectations and followed the guidelines perfectly. Thank you. 
  • Has less than a 1% error rate on work product.
  • Accuracy is excellent.
  • Quantity of work produced is outstanding.
  • Has less than a 1% error rate on work product.
  • Accuracy is excellent.
  • Quantity of work produced is outstanding.
  • Has less than a 1% error rate on work product.
  • Accuracy is excellent.
  • Quantity of work produced is outstanding.
  • Has less than a 1% error rate on work product.
  • Accuracy is excellent.
  • Quantity of work produced is outstanding.
12/04/2016 Proffessor Crimexpert was quick and professional. 
I got a response as soon as i wrote or asked a question.  the answers were good and to the point and I would highly recommend his/her services. 

thank you Crimexpert for helping me with this paper, it saved me! :)
11/30/2016 Great job. Good communication. Thank you !
11/29/2016 Gave me exaxtly what I didn't need, was a waste of my money.  
11/29/2016 Amazing work! 
11/28/2016 First time using crimexpert but I was really satisfied with the work! I am confident that I will get a good grade!
11/28/2016 Did exactly what i needed, by the time i needed it. !! thanks so much will def use again !!! 

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