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07/15/2019 I have not submitted my project but it was well written and she finished the project quickly. Grace is also very responsive whenever I had a question or concern, I do recommend her and will work with her in the future. 
07/14/2019 Very Nicely done?  Will Use again
07/14/2019 Essay was pure excellence and delivered to me in perfect time. Thank you SO much
07/12/2019 Love it!! Great work!!
07/11/2019 Paper was exactly what I needed. Delivered fast, good communication.
07/11/2019 excellent work
07/09/2019 Very flexible prof.  High quality work
07/09/2019 Very nicely done.  Will use again
07/06/2019 DId well. I asked for a literary review, which she did but for a different topic then given. It worked out though still got a 90 on the project. Would use again with more intent on being specfic about instructions.
07/05/2019 The best!
07/05/2019 The best!
07/05/2019 The best!
07/05/2019 The best!
07/05/2019 The best!
07/05/2019 The best!
07/05/2019 Life saver
07/05/2019 Life saver
07/05/2019 Life saver
07/05/2019 Life saver
07/05/2019 Life saver
07/05/2019 Life saver
07/03/2019 Paper is not exactly what was requested but can be adapted with a little time and effort. Still good stuff though
07/02/2019 Grace did an amazing job and she did it within a few days! Awesome essay!
07/01/2019 fast. complete. exactly what i needed done!
06/29/2019 delivered late. sources didnt have links. ran it through grammerly after, there was a lot of grammer mistakes.  also wasnt very clear.  will update after grade is posted.  
06/29/2019 Nicely done
06/29/2019 Great job  will use again
06/29/2019 Very well  Written
06/29/2019 Great job
06/29/2019 Very well laid out
06/28/2019 Paper was well written but delivery was not in the expected schedule mentioned during the solication for bidding. I would use Grace again but will look elsewhere when tighter deadlines approach.
06/26/2019 She is the best. I will continue use her for my project assignments
06/26/2019 Would fail without her
06/26/2019 Would fail without her
06/26/2019 Would fail without her
06/26/2019 Would fail without her
06/26/2019 Would fail without her
06/26/2019 Would fail without her
06/25/2019 Very happy with her work.
06/25/2019 Very happy with her work.
06/25/2019 Very happy with her work.
06/25/2019 Very happy with her work.
06/25/2019 Very happy with her work.
06/25/2019 Very happy with her work.
06/23/2019 Grace is the one to go too. she did a wonderful job on my project. Thanks again Grace!!
06/22/2019 Great , I loved your work
06/21/2019 Yes!
06/21/2019 This professor deserves my degree at this point
06/21/2019 My go to professor
06/21/2019 Awesome
06/21/2019 Excellent
06/21/2019 Wow, couldnt hope for better
06/20/2019 Great work
06/20/2019 Great
06/20/2019 Awesome
06/20/2019 Awesome
06/20/2019 Awesome
06/20/2019 nice work!
06/18/2019 amazing
06/16/2019 so happy to have found grace
06/15/2019 Very nicely done
06/15/2019 This person did not understand what was proposed, copied from the internet. Did not answer my message
06/14/2019 I chose her because she has a background in the subjects I need help with. I have never gotten below an A with her help.
06/14/2019 Definitly the best professor I have worked with
06/14/2019 Can always count on her for great work.
06/14/2019 She is always my first choice professor.
06/14/2019 Great Work
06/14/2019 Always does great work. Completes it well before the deadline.
06/11/2019 Paper was late. Use a different proffessor 

The customer issued 2 deadlines: 5 P.M and later changed to 23:00. I decided to go with the 23:00 deadline, to give me enough time to deliver a quality paper. I am sure what I delivered will fetch him an A+ at the end of the day.
06/10/2019 Superb! 
06/10/2019 A+
06/10/2019 everything is good, no mistake, no problems.
06/10/2019 Excellent work and retured on time.
06/08/2019 Thank you for your top quality services!  I intend to use this service in the future.  I'm very pleased with the finished product!
06/08/2019 Excellent. Thank you!!!!
06/08/2019 Amazing! thank you! very well organized, on time and followed my instructions. Will be using this proffesor again! 
06/07/2019 This professor really knocked the essay out of the park. Met all of my requirements and time hack.
06/07/2019 10/10. Work was done in a timely manner and the instructor was easy to communicate with. 
06/07/2019 Very happy with my paper. Exactly what I was looking for. thank you! 
06/06/2019 Thank you so much! My essay had everything and more. 
06/02/2019 this professor kept in otuch during the entire assignment waiting period - which mind you was only 2 full days notice on my end. thanks so much for keeping me in the loop, asking questions for clarification and completing the assignment with the best grade in mind!
05/31/2019 Thanks!  You're great!
05/23/2019 This paper far exceeded my expectations I’m very happy 
05/23/2019 Hes good
05/23/2019 Very happy with service. Work was delivered on time!! 

The customer intended to give a 10/10 rating but selected a 5 star rating by mistake when submitting the review.
05/15/2019 Answered all my questions and followed the instructions??
05/14/2019 Amazing essay
04/27/2019 Always does great work
04/24/2019 Have used her many times and she always does great work and is very responsive.
04/24/2019 Will definitly use her again
04/24/2019 Great Work
04/24/2019 She completed this well before the assigned deadline
04/24/2019 She is my go to professor
04/24/2019 Great Work
04/23/2019 Got 92%.  Boom.
04/22/2019 i loved the paper and it was done in the time i asked
04/22/2019 the prefessor did the paper really fast and it looks legit. i am exited to read it !! it really saved  me time 
04/21/2019 Great work - thanks!
04/07/2019 My essay got a 100
04/03/2019 There was a misunderstanding on the original project. Grace was able to get the project to me very early and well written.
03/29/2019 Got a C with a great deal of writing errors.
03/27/2019 Was a little late with the paper but the writing was great, she also made corrections to the paper after she had handed in the final copy. I got an A+ on my assignment :))
03/25/2019 Great work and came in, in a timely manner 
03/21/2019 Did great work, and was extremely fast. Really satisfied! 
03/21/2019 Grace did a great job on my paper and finished it in a timely manner 
03/19/2019 Awesome paper and received it way before the date I needed it. 
03/14/2019 Great Paper. Wasn't entirely 6 pages but was good enough. You're a life saver though!
03/10/2019 good paper
03/09/2019 Thorough paper, will use again
03/07/2019 EXCEDED MY PAPERS EXCPECTATIONS!!! A+++++++++++
03/07/2019 Grace completed my paper in an extremely timely manner! Very high quality work! Great job!
03/07/2019 Amazing job on my technology implementation paper!!!
03/06/2019 Outstanding !
03/06/2019 Great Final Product
03/03/2019 The professor stated they would have multiple professors look at the work prior to completing yet I received a B- leading me to believe no one else looked at the paper.  The paper was due by noon and was not completed until 7pm and when I reached out for an update I had to use the VIP option before receiving an answer. I supplied the rubric for the professor to use and there sections that I received zero credit for since they were not touched on at all. Would 100% not use again. 
03/01/2019 Amazing work, completed before the deadline and to the highest standard.
02/26/2019 Great work!
02/22/2019 Well done
02/22/2019 Well done
02/22/2019 Well done
02/22/2019 Well done
02/22/2019 Well done
02/17/2019 Thank you for making my life easier. 
02/15/2019 ??
02/14/2019 Amazing work! I loved how quick and professionally I received my paper! This was my first time using unemployed professors and the experience was amazing! I will be reaching out again in the future!!
02/12/2019 Delivered just in time with only a couple minor edits in APA format I needed to fix. 

9/10 would recommend. 
02/06/2019 Grace did an amazing job and went above and beyond on the amount of work she did.
02/02/2019 Nicely done.  Required an hour or so of formatting and tidying up, but overall the content was there and the prof did a great job with some fairly loosely defined parameters.  Would definitely use again.
01/23/2019 Awesome job. 
I asked for an engineering field resume, with very basic information given, and she researched and added material on the field that I never included. She finished well before my set deadline and, when I changed what I wanted was quick to make those changes.
01/13/2019 She not only exceeded the number of pages required, but completed it a day early. Great paper.
01/10/2019 Quick turnaround and passed Turnitin!
01/09/2019 Grace produced a banger of an essay, but the project was delivered past the due date and time. However, because of the intensity of the project, the efforts of the professor is recognised just from the quality of the essay. Great job! Maybe frequent updates would be better next time!
01/02/2019 Submitted before the time and covered the topic well. Second time using the professor 

12/18/2018 amazing.. got my essay super early 
12/13/2018 Paper was great and delivered early as notch
12/09/2018 Awsome, outstanding work!
12/07/2018 E
12/05/2018 Grace finished my intial draft well before my required due date. My professor gave me minor feed back 3 weeks later and Grace edited my draft within the hour. She is fantastic.
12/03/2018 Always exceeds my epectations delivering quality products ahead of schedule. Highly recommend! 
12/02/2018 Great job!
12/01/2018 Fabulous, on-time and great communicator, love the job done!
11/29/2018 Grace wrote the paper and finished it early, I am gratful for that. But I just exspected I bit higher level of quality from a professional writer. I had to correct it for punctuation and gramatical errors. I do appreciate that it did save me time, in that it only needed editing, so that's why only seven stars. I would most likely use the servive again.
11/28/2018 Excellent paper, great timing. The second time I chose this Prof. and will definitely work with again!!! Thank you
11/26/2018 AMAZING. The assignment was completed way before the expected date! 
11/25/2018 Awesome
11/23/2018 Solid effort 
11/23/2018 Great work as always, received before the needed timeframe.
11/22/2018 Though they were wiling to respond to my requests for addtions to the paper, it was for things that were mentioned in the original request, plus an introduction and conclusion paragraph, which should be a part of any good writing.  There were also some silly errors that proofreading would have caught.  Additionally, on the re-writes, the added sources were not added in alphabetical order.  All small things, but worth a note.
Overall, good research and information assimilation.
11/17/2018 She was awesome! Contact was great and I didn't have to change anything about the paper. 
11/15/2018 I got a 78 on the assignment. It was well written and delivered quickly. Thanks!!
11/13/2018 Awesome work, timely solutions.
11/06/2018 I recieved an "unsatisfactory" "rewrite needed" grade on my research propsal. Assignment submitted a day late, and communication was minimal. Missing massive amounts of citations which equals plagerism. Requesting another draft at a discounted rate. Further review pending. 
11/04/2018 Very timely and well written! Would hire again. 
11/01/2018 This is the second project I have done with Grace. She got this one to me well before my requested deadline and did a fantastic job. I plan to continue to use Grace for all of my paper needs.
10/30/2018 Super quick to complete and well written! 
10/24/2018 Great Job
10/23/2018 She took her time and really wrote a great paper. I had my sister in law read it over. She has her masters in english and is an english teacher herself. She thought it was a great paper. I would deffantly choose this professor again. She was very quick on delivery also. Thank you
10/22/2018 delievered assignment in a timley manner and covered all aspects of the assignment
10/18/2018 Good paper but was late.
10/16/2018 Great Job
10/08/2018 Great job
10/05/2018 Great service, and a wonderful person to deal with, very prompt with delivery. Recommend Grace for any assignments you may have
09/26/2018 Gr8
09/26/2018 Gr8
09/26/2018 Gr8
09/26/2018 Gr8
09/23/2018 Professor was able to work with me and the changes I made to my original bid. Accomodated me in a timely manner and was very responsive to messages. Very thankful!
09/22/2018 Very Good. Thank you
09/19/2018 Awesome job!
09/19/2018 Thank you.  Quick deadline and on point!!
09/17/2018 Just a few small gramical errors that only took a couple minutes to correct. Super professional, delivered early, exceeded the minimum and was easy to communicate with. Awesome work.
09/05/2018 For the amount of money I spent on this re-write, I expected higher quality. After receiving the paper, I had the writer revise it a few times because there were important aspects left out. This resulted in me missing my deadline. Landed a failing grade for a second time. Getting into contact with this professor was also difficult. Response time was longer than I expected for the money I spent. Would not use again.
09/04/2018 Great content overall. Some APA mistakes that needed fixed, but was willing to work and send revisions.
08/31/2018 Great Job
08/27/2018 Great Work
08/22/2018 Great Job
08/22/2018 Great Job
08/12/2018 Thank you for the "A" paper :)
08/10/2018 seem prety good overall some parts elaborated very well!
08/08/2018 Paper was excellent. Exactly what was needed. Followed all directions. 
08/07/2018 Grace is amazing! You can't go wrong when selecting her.
08/03/2018 It was delivered in a timely manner, but upon looking at it, there were a few changes i needed to make, and the references used were only used once in the paper, and i am not sure how much was from each reference. However, even though i only requested 5 pages, double the amount was written. Thank you.
08/01/2018 I will definetely be using Prof Grace again! Outstanding work!!
08/01/2018 I receievd an A on this paper. It was a 15 page case study paper. I gave this professor under 3 days to compelte the whole paper with 5 sources. The paper was finished by the required deadline. I will definitly use this professor again.
07/23/2018 Always great work!
07/22/2018 Grace professional in all areas. She kept me informed through the process by responding to my emails regularly made a comment a held to it. Paper was outstanding. Will call on you again.

07/21/2018 Very complete and timely.  Solution written as specified. 
07/20/2018 Great work! Passed with flying colors.
07/18/2018 Great assignment and delivered on time in a profesional manner
thank you, saved my butt!
07/14/2018 Very well written.  Thank you
07/12/2018 Excellent work! Exceeds my expectations! Thank you so much, and for delivering on time.
07/12/2018 A couple formatting errors that are very easy for me to correct, but other than that, extremely well written and timely! Thank you so much!
07/12/2018 Very quick and great quality paper. Would highly recommend. 
07/08/2018 Great job on the paper