Date Comment Rating
05/24/2020 Struggles to use active voice in APA style writing which takes some time to edit on my end. Plagerism free with accurate citations. APA format was correct including headings and sub headings. Done under time asked for fair price. The missing stars are solely for the passive voice issues. 
05/20/2020 Wizard.
05/20/2020 thank you so much
05/19/2020 Always GREAT
05/19/2020 had low expectations considering the name, but truth be told this paper was quality
05/18/2020 Will recommend to anyone that needs the service and will definitely use again. 
05/18/2020 Second time I have had the pleasure of working with Grace. She is quick and does great work. Thanks!
05/17/2020 It was a well paper but not completed in time. 
05/16/2020 GREAT!!!!
05/15/2020 great Job!! Perfect paper
05/15/2020 Quick turnaround and followed directions. Thank you so much! Will definitely use this professor again.
05/14/2020 Perfect PowerPoint Presentation!
05/12/2020 Thank you so much always GREAT.
05/11/2020 Paper is very well written.  Had the paper to me almost 48 hours before the deadline to review and make changes as needed.  Highly recommend Grace.  
05/10/2020 The paper was finished before time and was more pages thsn requested which was bonus for me. Great work
05/08/2020 woohoo
05/08/2020 Awesome work . Even fixed a few things I wanted before the due date !
05/07/2020 Going to remain my professor of choice! Thanks!
05/05/2020 Thank you
05/04/2020 Perfect. Exactly what i needed. 

Subject:U.S. Consitutional Law 
05/01/2020 Fantastic work, Grace delivers on time and with substance, thank you!
05/01/2020 Another 100 grade, Grace delivers again!
05/01/2020 100 grade for this work, thank you!
05/01/2020 'A' paper, great work and on time couldn't be more pleased, thank you!!
04/30/2020 I was in a jam with this paper and Grace definitely stepped in and provided something great to work from. Thank you!
04/29/2020 Great work
04/29/2020 Excellent 
04/28/2020 Honestly, I could not ask for better work.  More than satisfied and would definitely use this professor for future projects. ??
04/27/2020 Great stuff!
04/27/2020 Grace was thorough and swift.
04/27/2020 Great job always comes through. I will definitley use you again if need be.
Thanks again. No grade yet but will let you know.
04/26/2020 Delivered on time.  Great literature review. 
04/25/2020 Completed super early, followed instructions perfectly and done well!
04/24/2020 Whoooo! Good stuff! I love it. This professor hit all the required points and came out with a spectacular essay! I would definitely choose her again!
04/23/2020 Great
04/23/2020 Great
04/23/2020 Great
04/23/2020 Great
04/23/2020 Great
04/23/2020 Great
04/23/2020 Great
04/23/2020 Great
04/23/2020 Great
04/23/2020 Great
04/23/2020 Great
04/21/2020 Thank you so much
04/17/2020 Great work!  And received it ahead of time!!!!  Thank you!
04/16/2020 Grace worked on two parts of the project I had for my class. Both papers were very well written and followed the directions I had wrote. Very pleased with her work. 

04/11/2020 Excellent work 
04/10/2020 The best I've ever seen! Amazing work. Loved it!
04/09/2020 Incredible work!! Very thorough and well written. Couldn't have asked for a better job.
04/09/2020 SO happy with the turn out! Friendly polite and finished early and revised the work
04/07/2020 Thank you.
04/07/2020 Profeessor did not let me down. Came through for me with what i needed and did more than I could have done with weeks of time. 
04/06/2020 Great work!!
04/06/2020 Second time using Grace, another stellar job that got another A
04/06/2020 Fantastic job, completed on time and got an A
04/04/2020 Great tutor, always willing to go over the paper and add any suggestions and comments students may have. I was very satisfy with my paper.
04/03/2020 Quick, original work, formatting was great, and very well written!
04/03/2020 Good job
03/31/2020 Amazing work Grace! You really went above and beyond to check off every single thing in the criteria, with no grammar errors and everything I asked for. I will definitely be recommending this to my friends and will use your services again next time as well!

Thank you!

03/29/2020 Grace did an amazing job with little time and a massive amount of reading needed to accomplish the task, and she crushed it!!!  I hit a complete mental block and couldnt get anything on paper.  I had a 12-14 page research paper with mandatory 20+ resources due on Sunday, and on Friday night realized I needed help.  Grace gave a great pitch so I selected her and wow was it worht it! I will absolutely look to Grace for future needs!!!
03/28/2020 Did an awesome job on a Patho Assignment, Best one I've gotten for Unemployed Professors so far. Would love to work with her again!
03/27/2020 First time using this service, I was very nervous. Rest easy with Grace doing your paper, work was done on time and amzing quality, thank you!
03/26/2020 I had to repost my assignment after a previous prof gave me a horrible essay, so I was already losing faith in this website. Luckily grace delivered a winderful essay in a timely manner and was accessbile to communicate with during the whole process which made me feel like they really cared about my assignment. 
03/26/2020 Very nicely written.  Followed the instructions completely and throughly.  I will defintely be using Grace again. 
03/23/2020 Excellent
Thank you
03/22/2020 Fast turn around time and an A! Thanks! 
03/21/2020 Excellent work! 
03/21/2020 Thank you!
03/21/2020 Outstanding work; was quick to provide revisions and completed the project early.  
03/19/2020 Meet expectations. Ahead of deadline
03/18/2020 This paper was very well written and the writer was easy to work with. She revised when I asked and followed all the instructions I asked of her. She exceeded my expectations. 
03/17/2020 2hrs late
03/17/2020 Received a 100% for my grade. Thank you so much 
03/16/2020 Great work! recieved an extra 25 points on the paper!
03/12/2020 Grace did a fantastic job writing the paper. Followed all of the directions for the paper (which were very particular and somewhat confusing). Will absolutely be using Grace for future papers. 
03/08/2020 Got an A
03/08/2020 Reliable and responsive. Thank you grace
03/08/2020 Will use again, I was happy that all the instructions were followed and had no problem with turnitin 
03/08/2020 Thank you
03/08/2020 10/10 work and also delivered on time
03/08/2020 Grace is simply the best if you want quality and coherent work. Thank you!!
03/08/2020 Delivered exactly what I had asked for. Highly recommended 
03/08/2020 Brilliant work, thank you 
03/07/2020 The paper was essentially copied and pasted from legal documents, very little original writing. At least it was cited correctly. 

03/06/2020 Thank you!
03/06/2020 A great paper on american politics! Delivered exactly what i needed. Thank you so much 
03/06/2020 Grace is the best! Will use again
03/06/2020 Awesome work!
03/06/2020 The information and research was great. Saved my grade. Thanks so much.
03/06/2020 Thank you good job. Very Satisfied. 
03/05/2020 Thank you, it's always great working with you.
03/05/2020 Very nice essay and straight foward
03/03/2020 Great to work with and helped quickly with a modification - final paper grade of a 91, thank you!!!
03/03/2020 Project completed two days early. I have not recieved the feedback from the professor yet, but I really feel good about it. A+ paper.. 
03/03/2020 BLOWNNN AWAYYYY!!! Thank you so much professor Grace.
03/03/2020 Truly amazing work! I would recommend to anyone!!!!!
03/03/2020 Another great essay from grace. Thank you for being reliable. 
03/03/2020 Grace clearly took her time to write up the essay, no grammar or plagiarism issues. Thank you
03/02/2020 Very quick turnaround and was happy and quick to make edits.  Will use again for sure!
03/01/2020 You made my life so essay! Thank you very much
03/01/2020 My essay required an in depth analysis and that's exactly what I got. 
03/01/2020 I requested for a draft and suprisingly got it in no time. Thank you for all your effort 
03/01/2020 Thank you
03/01/2020 You are the best!
03/01/2020 Superb writing and delivered on time. I will recommend if you are aiming a distinction grade 
03/01/2020 Will definelty use again. Thank you
03/01/2020 The paper was excellent. Would definately recommend grace if you do not have time to write a paper. 
02/29/2020 No plagiarism dedected in turnitin. Overall good work.thanks grace
02/29/2020 Excellent work! Thanks 
02/29/2020 Thank you so much! 
02/29/2020 Well researched paper, impeccably written and referenced. My Uni Prof is a pain with unbelivable expectations. Have no doubt grace's quality will exceed his expectations! 
02/29/2020 Great work and delivered on time! 10/10
02/29/2020 I like your concise approach to writing short essays. You are the best! Thank you!!
02/29/2020 A++. The grammer and choice of words clearly show the writer understood what was required. Thank you very much.
02/29/2020 Value to the penny! I will definately recommend if want a flawless paper. 
02/29/2020 Will definately use the prof again. Very very Impressed 
02/28/2020 Grace is the best!
02/27/2020 I used Grace twice for important papers and delivered amazing results! both papers received a low percentage on plagiarism(turnitin). Good communication that’s for sure. I recommend you give this a professor a try and be very specific on what you want. These professors in general are not mind readers on what you want done.

02/24/2020 Very Professinal. Request for revise was done in timely fasion.
02/24/2020 Very good
02/23/2020 A day before it was due and I received a 90%
02/23/2020 It was sent a few hours late, but it was well written and easy to read and understand. Will recommend. 
02/22/2020 The assignment was half assed. Didnt follow intructions. I got more references than I did in the paper. I had to redo the entire paper. Waste of money and the 3 professors for the price of one? Yeah okay. I dont think even one professor even looked at this work. Never using again. 
02/19/2020 Great work. Done well before the deadline.
02/18/2020 Easy and fast
02/17/2020 This essay got me 52/100

Very disappointed

I am just checking on my order history and I can locate this project under my profile. This might be a system error. Please try to locate the professor who completed the assignment, he/she can help you revise the order and improve on the grade.
02/16/2020 Thanks for the A!
02/15/2020 Extremely well done. The paper received a 100%. THANK YOU GRACE!
02/15/2020 Professor Grace wrote me a personal statement for me to send to my masters program. The PS is super genuine and from the heart.  I feel confident in sending this to the admissions office!

thank you so much !!
02/14/2020 Passed the class!
02/14/2020 Excellent work, thank you!  The project was not only completed in a timely fashion, but with professionalism and attention to detail.  The work contained exactly what was needed, and then some.  Again, thanks.  
02/13/2020 Great as always!
02/12/2020 Thank you so much!
02/11/2020 She did an amazing job with my assignment and got it to me 3 days before the due date! Will be using her again. 
02/10/2020 Grace did an exceptional job on the paper I asked her to do. She got it to me days early and now I have time to eddit and make some adjustments. I am positive that this papaer is "A" quality. Grace, thank you and I really appreicate the help. I am sure I will be knocking at your door in the future.  Thank you!
02/07/2020 Love working with Grace!!
02/07/2020 she is the BEST!!!!
02/07/2020 Grace did a phenomenal job, I gave clear instructions on what needed to done and she did excatly. This essay was a for Science class which I won't get into detail but well worth it. I got A+ on my midterm due to her, I will be using her for my final if she's up for it!
02/07/2020 Good job
02/06/2020 Speedy and great work. Excellent communication. Definitely would recommend and use again ! 
02/06/2020 Paper was great and on time 
02/04/2020 I just had two pages two write, but I didn't have time to do it myself. I posted my project a little over 24 h to due time, and even though I didn't notice the time difference and had to inform Grace that my project was due about 10h earlier in her time zone, she still handed it to me many hours before it was due. I had to rewrite some of the words and sentences, as English is not my native language and it would be suspicious if I started using too difficult (for me) sentences. This is my first time using Unemployed Professors, but not my last!
02/03/2020 On time and good product.
01/31/2020 very good job on my assignement. Thank you!
01/30/2020 The BEST hands down
01/30/2020 Awesome work! Thank you for your prompt timing on this project and addressing all the points of the assignment. This was my first time to use unemployed professors, and I will be back. It truly helps me feel more confident in completing this course.

01/30/2020 Amazing paper. I got a perfet score for it. Grace was able to follow the instructions extremely well.
01/28/2020 Great job
01/28/2020 You are GREAT
01/28/2020 Thank you so much, got it done within acouple hours <333
01/28/2020 Exactly what I asked for. Thank you so much! I will definitely use Grace if needed again in the future. ***********
01/26/2020 Wonderful paper and even got a perfect score on it. Grace was able to follow the instructions perfetly and turned in the assignment before it was due. 
01/26/2020 Very good! She got it to me way before the deadline
01/25/2020 I totally recommend it because she complete the project before 24hrs and did an amazing job! Super happy and thank you again Grace
01/20/2020 Great writing tone and right on time
01/17/2020 Thank you so much!
01/16/2020 Sent me the finished essay a day early and it wasn't bad. There were some issues like misspellings and grammar mistakes, but the worst was that several of the paragraphs were repeating the same things in different ways. Luckily there was enough words there for me to edit and trim it down. But the essay was definitely serviceable enough that I don't regret having them do it. Oh, and if any of the "professors" read this fuck gods sake fix all the damn typos on your profile pages, you all look like you can barely form a sentence let alone write college essays.
01/10/2020 Very on it and does great work!
01/08/2020 Grace produced a first draft within the first 24 hours of accepting the project. Communication was also good, with timely replies to request in changes in the project. Content of the project is at an exceptional level, second time using grace for last minute project. 
12/14/2019 My go to professor and never dissapoints
12/14/2019 Used this professor multiple times and will continue to do so.
11/20/2019 excellent work
11/18/2019 Great work I couldn't ask for someone better
11/12/2019 awesome job! 10/10 would recommend this professor. 
11/12/2019 Great professor 
11/09/2019 Great
11/09/2019 Great
11/09/2019 Above and beyond what was asked for
11/09/2019 Above and beyond what was asked for
11/09/2019 Above and beyond what was asked for
11/09/2019 Above and beyond what was asked for
11/09/2019 Above and beyond what was asked for
11/09/2019 Above and beyond what was asked for
11/09/2019 Above and beyond what was asked for
11/09/2019 Above and beyond what was asked for
11/09/2019 Above and beyond what was asked for
11/09/2019 Above and beyond what was asked for
11/09/2019 Above and beyond what was asked for
11/09/2019 Above and beyond what was asked for
11/09/2019 Above and beyond what was asked for
11/09/2019 Above and beyond what was asked for
11/09/2019 Above and beyond what was asked for
11/09/2019 Above and beyond what was asked for
11/04/2019 Economics research paper was done exactly to specifications and one week before the deadline!  I definetly recommend this professor and I will be using her again!!

11/03/2019 Very well done
11/03/2019 Sufficient work with minimal errors. Completed before the deadline.
11/02/2019 The paper was exactly what was needed for my class. The professor was quick and provided a well written paper with citations. I would definitely use her again!
11/01/2019 Great
11/01/2019 Great
11/01/2019 Great
11/01/2019 Great
11/01/2019 Great
11/01/2019 Great
11/01/2019 Great