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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
11/11/2019 He's a smart professor. You will enjoy working with him. He helped me a lot with his ideas. Highly recommended
07/06/2019 Professor MostlyHarmless was fast and delievered as promised. Followed directions exactly. 
05/15/2019 You are amazing! Thank you soo much for your help! Wonderful job!
05/13/2019 This is great thanks

Glad you liked it. Why the low mark if nothing was wrong?
04/30/2019 Excellent communication, project done well in advance of deadline. Saved me a good week of pulling my hair out :)
02/22/2019 very easy to work with! Edited my website content so it flows better and provided feedback as to why some content needed clarification
07/28/2018 Was extremely satisfied. Thank you.
05/21/2018 greattt!
05/01/2018 Thank you so much!

I really appreciate your level of communication in regards to the assignments requirements and ensuring they were met.

05/01/2018 Thank you so much!

I really appreciate your level of communication in regards to the assignments requirements and ensuring they were met.

04/25/2018 Got it on time and in really great fashion.  Super happy with it!
04/22/2018 Absolutely brilliant.
04/08/2018 Thanks MostlyHarmless. Helped me out big time with a math test and got a 99% ! saved the day , thanks again.
03/12/2018 Thank you!
03/05/2018 Could not believe the detail that went into this piece of work. Excellent communication and was there to answer any questions I had after he had been paid. Thank you!
03/05/2018 Always on hand for any queries I have and takes extra care in delivering a carefully written assignment. Will definitely use again. Thank you!
02/04/2018 This professor is great. Very quick to respond to all messages and complete projects, and really helped me to get a good grade in my finance class.  Highly recommended!
12/23/2017 Excellent professor who has incredible knowledge in his field of study
12/04/2017 What an absolute professional! Took great care with my work and communication was amazing. Standard of work was outstanding and took every care in assuring it was rightly suited to what was needed for the assignment requirements. Mostlyharmless is a caring professor and will take all the steps you need to make sure that you're happy with the work. He has also offered to help me with a follow up viva to the paper.

I would highly recommend this professor! 
11/11/2017 Wow! Did a really good job on my engineering assignment! Excellent service and good communication! Even exceed my expectation! Will absolutely come back again! I am really happy with the assignment! Thank you!
10/31/2017 Some wrong answers. Received 77%

77% probably deserves better feedback.
10/26/2017 Great work on my biology assignment. Thoroughly completed it towards my satisfaction.
10/15/2017 This guy was awesome in delivering the materials that I requested. 

I submitted a Research Outline to Compare/Contrast Steve Jobs and Benjamin Franklin. 

I owe my success to mostlyharmless and his saavy skills. 

10/10/2017 Mostly Harmless edited my research proposal on short notice and made it great!
He's the best. not only in the writing but also in the patient and nice response. he really helps me in the writing and research. 
The best one I knew of this website!
10/06/2017 Dr. MH is a very caring person and wants to help everyone 
Also he knows what he do!
I really recommend him.
09/28/2017 Did a bomb-ass job on a senior year college physics paper. Everything was on time and according to requirements. Highly recommend!
09/22/2017 Always a good job from MH, professional quality. Had some issues with time management but he overcame it and still delivered a considerable quality!
08/20/2017 Prof MH is the best ! he/she came through with a last minute AB project (24 hours ) and also edited my paper !! Price is reasonable and very helpful--truy! thanks again MH!!. I will recommend everyone to select this prof always!!
08/20/2017 Did awesome work on short notice!
08/10/2017 Delivered an excellent product at short notice. Highly recommended. 
08/09/2017 You were na big help. On time and accurate.
07/20/2017 Received a 77% mark for the essay provided. Professor was very professional and eager to review any materials I had on the subject. While the final work wasn't what I expected, it was a great essay and checked all the boxes for the assigment's requirements. Would definitely work this professor with again.
05/31/2017 Absolutely fantastic. Gave updates to me every step of the way. Could not have asked for a better and more professional professor to handle this job.
05/11/2017 Mostlyharmless is by far my favorite professor that I've used to date. I always make sure he's aware if I put in for a project because I know that he will always deliver a quality project on time. Sometimes he isn't always the cheapest, but the one thing I can say is you get what you pay for. He is so good that whenever he puts in a bid for a project, anyone else doesn't stand a chance. I know that I can count on him to get me the max points for my paper with minimal corrections. You have to give this guy a chance, especially if it is a technology related paper. He really knows his stuff!
04/15/2017 Great work and on a short notice! Definitely recommend this professor.
04/14/2017 Went flawlessly, would absolutely recommend.  
04/11/2017 Perfect formatting, great paper, will work with again!
04/09/2017 This professor knows his stuff! Not only did I have him write several technical papers for me in IT management, but I also asked him to do it on a short notice. Had it been any other professor I would have had to worry about whether they knew the content well enough to write a concise research paper. Not this professor, due to his background he knew the subject matter extremely well and managed to get the assignment done within 24 hours. When it comes to IT especially, I wouldn't look anywhere else. If I'm being honest this is my go to professor if I ever need work in the future.
04/09/2017 This professor is the cream of the crop. I've had him write several papers for me and they have all been turned around in roughly 24 hours, partly because of the due date, partly because of sheer awesomeness on his part. Make no mistake though, even with the short amount of time that it took him to write these very technical papers, they have still been superb and recieved the maximum amount of points. 10/10 would use again in the future.
04/06/2017 The guys a beast!
03/24/2017 Did a great job with short notice! Thanks again!!
03/13/2017 This was my first time using this site, and overall I had a positive experience. MH and I had some communication problems which caused confusion, although I was very pleased that he was willing to work with me to resolve the issues. If anything, the paper he gave me may was too well written and had to be edited to sound more informal, but the APA formatting was also somewhat inconsistent. I would still highly recommend MH though, and would gladly work with him again in the future.
03/12/2017 Well done

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