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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
11/01/2018 Thank you so much, for a fantastic bookreview!!
10/19/2018 Reached all my recruiments and submitted it way before I asked. I couldn't ask for any more!!!

Thanks for the review! It was a pleasure, and I look forward to working with you in the future. -S
04/20/2018 Such a life saver! This was my 2nd essay done by this professor and it was just as great as the 1st one!!!!

Thank you very much! It was such a pleasure to work with you!
04/19/2018 This essay was more than I expected and the turn around time was a matter of hours! Highly recommened and I will definetly use again!

Thank you! You were an excellent client to work with! What a fun project!

Septimius did an excellent job for me. It was a remarkable read, and I certainly got an A for it. He was detail-oriented, and he listened to my requests appropriately. I definitely recommend his service.

02/27/2018 Love this man, and his quality work. If you get an offer take it!!

Hey! Thanks for the excellent review! Glad you loved my work. :)
02/27/2018 Paper was good but required me three days of editing due to some informalities here and there. The ideas and the content was good it was just written very informally. Some repetitions and seemed to really diverge from the main point at times. Achieved a B on the paper (75%) and I expected higher for what I paid for! 

Not bad but wont get you the 95% you are looking for, however it was given before the deadline and took the effort to really read the books and unserstdand the question. I understand that it might not have been an easy assignment... 
02/24/2018 He was so awesome.  He explained everything he was doing, took my feedback, and made it happen.  Ill def be working with him as much as possible.  A1.
01/24/2018 Septimus delivered a great essay on Shakespeare's hamlet. After giving my thoughts on the first draft the second draft was exactly what I was looking for and it was delivered in a timely manner. Definitely will be contacting this professor in the future. 

?Very great professor !!! He delivered paper before deadline and last minute!!! Would use again! ! 

12/05/2017 The paper is very goo d and was entertaining to read. Septimus completed the work in an hour, even though there were days until the deadline. I couldnt be happier.
12/04/2017 worked with twice now!
Both got A's on my paper! 
really great, great communication
would reccomend to anyone
11/28/2017 This is my second experience with Septimius and just as before, nothing short of amazing. Their editing/writing skill is top notch and definitely worthy of your consideration. This will not be the last time that I choose to work with Septimius, and I look forward to the next encounter.
11/28/2017 Septimius has exceeded expectations from the start. From the rapid response times to their flexibility with creating tailored work, the entire process has been outstanding. His/Her turnaround rate is phenomenal; I am truly amazed by the quality of work produced in such a short time. Anyone considering Septimius as their professor will not be disappointed. I could not have had a better experience.
10/16/2017 Great!
chose this professor based on his background of lititure and ended up really conecting over the subject
I will be using this proff again in the future 
I suggest you do the same!
06/12/2017 Best professor on this site. I've used him three times and three  I have got an "A" on the paper! Just tell him what to do and he will do it. He communicates thoroughly and quickly to answer any last minute questions. I would definitely recomend him to anyone who needs help with their essay or project.
04/28/2017 Excellent Paper!! I had him edit and revise my paper and he did an excellent job. I got an"A" on the paper and would definitely recommend him. He is a great professor and communicates throughout the whole process. 

Thanks, mate! I appreciate the awesome review. :D
04/24/2017 Awesome prof!

Outstanding creative writing skills and extremely fast delivery of assignment.

I would definitely work with Septimus again, should the opportinity present itself.
03/14/2017 ?Wonderfully written essay. Thank you for making me sound much smarter than I am. I'm sure to get great marks on this. Also, I very much appreciate that the assignment was completed far before the due date. I'll keep you mind from now on!


03/13/2017 Septimius was able to complete my assigment to her best ability and was completly on point with the essay assigment.  Septimius was responsive to my messages and was a good experience. I highly recomened this Professor.  
03/08/2017 Professionally written, exactly what I asked for. Wrote the exact requested amount of pages and did not underwrite. Made good use of the assignment sheet and had a great, simple title to the essay. 

Many thanks, Septimius
03/06/2017 While browsing Reddit I came across an AMA from this website and had to check it out. Showed up and was pleased with the outcome that was to come. The essay was literally done within one hour. Nothing but great exchanges. Short, sweet, and to the point. Will be back!

So glad you enjoyed my work! Looking forward to working with you again!
03/01/2017 Great job, I'm more than happy with my essay. 

Perfect! Thank you for the review.
02/25/2017 He edited a paper for me and was quick, thorough and put in a lot of work. He helped so much and I have no doubt I'll get an "A"

Thanks for the review!
02/24/2017 Incredibly Fast and well done!!

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