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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
05/10/2017 I really liked this professor as far as meeting the deadline. I had asked for a massive project with less than 48 hours until it was due. I did end up getting a midrange grade since some points were missing, and there were a few portions which were not cited correctly and taken directly drom
the text. Though this was not exactly what I had asked for, I still needed the assignment done, which it was. I would recommend this professor, but just be cautious and double check their work. 
05/07/2017 Great paper, got a 98%!
04/18/2017 4/10 because it was on time and formatted properly, but this paper is terrible. The syntax is awful, and the content looks like a 9th grader did it. Full of wordy sentences with no substance, and citing sources nearly 20 years old. After I was done making corrections, I had basically rewritten it. Second mediocre experience with this professor. There won't be a third.
04/17/2017 Really well written. The essay was clear and easy to read highlighting the crucial points
04/11/2017 Followed my directions exactly. I will continue using this professor for any future essays i need. A+
04/08/2017 Went over the deadline, but luckily I set it a day earlier than my due date. I did receive a 100 on the assignment.
04/08/2017 Don't expect a hand in ready essay
04/06/2017 The essay was okay but honestly I expected better
04/06/2017 Essay was well written, error free, and followed my requirements set for the most part. However, it missed the main requirement which was for an argumentative essay not a expository one. Hence the star deductions.
04/06/2017 He's great and gets it done fast! Much appreciated! 
04/06/2017 He didn't write a college level essay, and honestly if I didn't wait till the last minute to do this assignment I know for a fact I could do it better. He got the job done EARLY which was a huge benefit, so I could then go in and fix the mistakes, however, just know you're paying for someone to do a basic outline, NOT a well written, final draft. All of the pieces were in place, I just had to go in and fix a bunch of shit. Still, glad I did it, but word of advice to those out there; make sure you're paying a professor whose background is related to the subject your paper or project is on! 
04/04/2017 I recieved amazing work from JeanCastle. Very happy with the finished product. 
04/02/2017 This was a great paper written by JeanCastle. There was some minor mistakes and some information missing, but i informed him about the missing areas and he quickly fixed what was missing. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a fantastic paper and for a professor who responds to your messages quickly.
03/30/2017 Thank you for your quick service!
Beyond impressed and thankful for Jean Castle's Work!
03/29/2017 Wrote a great essay very fast and on time
03/28/2017 Very fast timing and wrote a great paper. Thank you!
03/28/2017 GREAT JOB!!!! 
03/28/2017 Did amazing work for me and most definitely got me an A! Can get ur work done on relatively short notice too! 
03/27/2017 Jeancastle followed the insructions for the paper to a tee. The paper itself was methodical and well thought out, and answered every question that it needed to. Jeancastle was very respectful whenever we spoke, and would definitely use his help again.
Excellant work. Quick and great communication.
03/27/2017 Great Job, Very timely. 9/10

03/27/2017 I paid $100 for a simple presentation(10 slides) and he gave me a bad powerpoint and not in time, but thank you. 
Delivered on time. Great work.
03/23/2017 Followed the instructions and it was well written. 
03/22/2017 this prof is completey a scam. he manipulated me by telling me that he is familiar with statistics. I paid fucking $75 and my assignment grade is 40% so I basically failed. avoid this thief!
03/22/2017 did what was supposed to be done efficiently.
03/20/2017 Professor JeanCastle was great with my paper. The paper was sent to me earlier than I needed. He also kept in contact throughout the process and was always quick to reply. I would recommend and use his services again if need be. 
03/20/2017 Besides a few typos here and there, project is basically perfect. Very satisfied. 
03/18/2017 Very well written and on time. Good Choice 
03/16/2017 Pretty good paper and done on time, but several grammatical/syntax errors. 
03/15/2017 Awesome work in such little time. Thank you 
03/15/2017 Awesome work in such little time. Thank you 
03/15/2017 Just as requested! Thanks
03/13/2017 I needed a small assignment done within a 2 hour return window. JeanCastle met my deadline time and the result was exactly what I asked for. Thank you JeanCastle!
03/13/2017 Asked to do an article review, he wrote the review on the wrong article. Instead of writing about the article I linked, he wrote about an article cited in the Works Cited page. Writing is also subpar. 
Currently staying up late to write it myself. Do not recommend. 
03/12/2017 Essay sounded well written. Also had it turned it in before the time allotted. I'm satisfied. 
03/10/2017 For the purposes of my assignment, JeanCastle met my expectations.  I needed a short essay within 48 hours and JeanCastle delivered.  It was well organized.  The Recommendations/Conclusions could have been more thorough, but considering the length limitation, I cannot fault JeanCastle too much. 
03/07/2017 Now that I've fully looked over the paper, honestly it isn't very well written. The writing style is good, sure. However, the content of the paper was lazily put together and not well thought out. This professor's paper would get me a C at Brown University. I am actually rewriting my own version, because I could write a better paper than this in a couple hours. Unless JeanCastle puts more time and effort into actually constructing a solid argument for his/her papers, I would not recommend this professor to any clients. 

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