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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
08/09/2021 If you want a solid statistics assignment in lightning turnaround then you should definitely go with this prof!
07/17/2021 He comes through.
06/20/2021 Best professor on this website, does great lab reports and always on time and guaranteed A+
06/12/2021 Best professor hands down, always gets you an "A" and always does outstanding work!
05/29/2021 Kinda slow to respond but don't worry ! 
 Do I recommend him ? Yes ! 
he got 35 out of 40 on my A&P bio 100 mid term 

I love you ??! 

05/29/2021 Kinda slow to respond but don't worry ! 
 Do I recommend him ? Yes ! 
he got 35 out of 40 on my A&P bio 100 mid term 

I love you ??! 

03/30/2021 A+ thank you !
03/30/2021 Well done with my chemistry lab quizzes!
03/30/2021 Well done! Look forward to working with you again.
03/10/2021 Well done on Chem lab reports
02/28/2021 I love this professor. His works are meticulous and delivered on time, always exceed my expectations. Reasonable price too!
02/23/2021 Well done on my psych paper
02/20/2021 Did an excellent job finishing my lab report ... knew exactly what he was doing. And did it in a very timely manner(less than 24 hours) 
02/19/2021 Recieved my paper on time and had no similarities on plagerism report!!
02/10/2021 I had a multiple choice exam , with just 15 questions and failed 6 of these questions. Would not reommend 
12/22/2020 Did general chemistry exams for me. Did a nice job.
12/16/2020 :)
12/12/2020 Spectacular work! 
12/10/2020 Did physics quizzes for me. Thanks! Got 100% on majority of them!
12/07/2020 Did my physics lab reports! Great job'
11/05/2020 An A for my physics lab report :)
11/05/2020 Got an A for my physics lab report. JMWalters knows exactly what he's doing and is very knowledgeable in the subject!
10/13/2020 ??
10/13/2020 excellent work! 
09/21/2020 Got a 84%
08/31/2020 thorough and on time
11/04/2019 Delivered on time and ABove expectations! awesome job
08/13/2019 The only 100% I received from the professor, JMWALTERS helped me with the paper!!! 
08/10/2019 Thank you so much - the assignment was done ahead of time and delivered with accurate answers, I have compared mine to another student's one.
Professor has awesome communication too.

Something I'd recommend people is the currency for the website is US $ and they run Easern Standard Time. It caught me off guard cos I was with NZ $ and time.

Your New Zealand student.

07/22/2019 well written and original
05/31/2019 great job
05/26/2019 Great job and easy to work with! Got an A on my final and communication was smooth
05/08/2019 Excelent work, fast and great communication.
04/11/2019 On time. Excellent. Writing was extremely detailed and professional. This professor knows what needs to get done and does it and goes above and beyond. Thank you.
04/01/2019 JMWalters put together a quality research paper, which is phenomenal with his engineering background that he has is able to also write as well. JM is the professor to go to if you'e running low on time and cant finish three projects and a paper in one weekend. Appreciate you, brother!
03/31/2019 went above and beyond. thank you
03/15/2019 Product was delivered on time. APA formatting, sentence structure and fundamental spelling needed more work than I would have expected. Had the submittal date not been moved forward by the instructor I would have asked for a more polished document. In all fairness, however, the paper was well written, tables were nicely put together and clear to follow, the tonality and flow is appropriate to the material. The research and subsequent references are totally acceptable. This was my first experience with this process; I think a bit more communication/clarification on my end would have provided a different outcome. All in all, I’m satisfied with the experience. I struggled with a 9, I think 8.5 is more appropriate.
02/17/2019 Great experience, very professional  !
12/24/2018 got an A, thanks!
12/04/2018 The outline provided seemed rushed or done lazily. I spent a lot of time correcting grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes. Did not include a references page and all of the references were obtained through Google searches. It was completed on time and was the cheapest option.
11/16/2018 Easy to work with. Got 100 percent on my paper.
11/04/2018 I am very happy with my proffesor and the service provide. Everything was provided on time by deadline. I received a passing grade which was the highest grade I could achieve given the circumstances. My first essay was returned by my teacher so the highest grade achievable with the rewrite was a 70. This sucks with my school but what can we do. I read it and had it read by a few people and everyone agreed it was very well written. I would use this writer in the future! 
10/29/2018 Horrible experience, complete waste of money. I got 1/5 questions correct on my aquatic chemistry assignment and i had to make a change to the answer i got from him for the one i got right.
10/21/2018 On time and excellent service provided.
10/05/2018 You can never go wrong with a person with Okabe Rintaro as their picture
10/03/2018 Did a great job on a tough assignment. Thank you!
Community college level.
09/16/2018 he did it again with the clutch save. I got another assignment coming soon
09/12/2018 Help me out for my last assignment for that class. It even helped my GPA bump up to a 2.00. (my sophomore year of college was the cause of it dropping rip lol) I just had no time because of worl and school and me getting home was too packed together. Only thing is I hope its not as expensive when I actually give a professor time to work on an essay.

08/01/2018 Excellent work!
07/18/2018 Superb work on my science related paper assignment.
07/02/2018 perffect! I got an A :) 
06/25/2018 excellent work and was completed before deadline
06/06/2018 This professor kept me updated throughout every step and took extra time to go over my class materials before taking the exam to get an A! 
05/30/2018 This is my first time using Unemployed Professors; I must say I'm impressed! The paper was based on my (very rough) outline and met all requirements. Content is excellent and paper was delivered hours before I requested it. Amazing job!
05/29/2018 Great professor. Recently this website has been hit or miss with some of my papers seemlingly being written either by someone with english as a second language or they look like they were written last minute. With JMWalters you do not have to worry about either of these problems. He followed instructions perfectly, and made sure the paper met all the requirments. I ended up getting a 39/40 on a paper where supposedly half the class got below a 30/40. If you need a good, thorough paper written with no strings attached, JM is your guy
05/11/2018 Did great job on my project
05/01/2018 I used this service for the first time for two separate research papers this semester. The first one I got back was from another professor on this site and was overly wordy and poorly written. You could just tell that he was more concerned about hitting the page count than writing a quality paper.  I was expecting a similar outcome from this one but was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the paper!  It was straight to the point, well written, and most importantly did not contain a ton of filler like my other paper. Also, his writing style actually reads like a college student could have written it.  On my other paper from a different professor, it was obvious that it was written by a pretentious asshole.

My only complaint was that the in-text citations weren't in APA style. This was no big deal though as it didn't take too much time to edit them.

Bottom line, if I ever find myself in a position where I need to use this service again I will probably request this guy!
04/29/2018 Awesome
04/20/2018 Perfect!Thank you!
04/19/2018 This guy is too good would work with him again! got 100/100.
04/19/2018 You are amazing thank you! 
04/02/2018 Thanks
03/30/2018 Did a very good job and was responsive to concerns for a good price will do projects in future! Thanks JM!
03/02/2018 Amazing Professor!
02/22/2018 Did an okay job with my biology paper, probably worth like a B-
01/20/2018 BEST PROFESSOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have gone to him for every single philosophy assignment and he has gotten me a 95+!!! He also took time out of his day to call my boyfriend and help him with his online test. HES SOOOOO GOOOD
01/12/2018 Very timely work. Good quality. Thank you for your help. 
11/19/2017 Work was amazing! And turned in well before the due date, AND included suggestions!! 
09/30/2017 Work delivered on time. Great communication. I am so happy with the work! Thank you!
09/18/2017 Did a wonderful job on my biology course assignment. I would not hesitate to ask him for his services. Thanks!
09/15/2017 Great work thx!!
08/31/2017 Thank you for another great paper!
08/15/2017 Paper was well written and completed hours in advance so I was able to look over it and submit it on time.  I would highly recommend this professor!! 
04/29/2017 Excellent work! Sources were cited properly and the essay had a good format. Would definitely highly reccomend. 
04/17/2017 He wrote a great research paper. Lots of great research and ideas.
thanks so much!
04/08/2017 Completed the project to-a-T. Knows what they are talking about. Was very efficient and gave enough time to review. 
03/30/2017 The professor did an overall great job but made a couple grammatical errors and typos here and there. All of the points and ideas made were superb throughout the paper however. The professor also incorrectly cited a source which I had to clear up.

This professor knows how to write for a good cost and I highly recommend this professor.
03/11/2017 Everything was perfect. Very pleased customer.
Thank you again!  
03/10/2017 Everything was perfect

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