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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
12/06/2017 I've used unemployed professors a couple of times now and honestly this was the worst work by far. I had to rewrite most of the essay. I found an article online that was almost identical, I'm not sure if this would have been deteced by turnitin as plagiarism but I am glad I took the time to rewrite it. She didn't follow instructions to use two specific sources that were attached. It appeared as though the writer was English as a second language, misusing simple pronouns and sentence structure that wasn't quite right.
I must admit that I was very dissatisfied with my paper. I gave it to her 3 weeks before it was due. I didn't receive it before the due date then to top it off I made a 70. All I asked for was an outline and a thesis statement. Use at your own risk. But at the same time, you get what you pay for.
11/21/2017 Overall, I am happy and content with the paper because I received a 135/150 (which is good for me).

That being said, points to be takem into consideration: 

1) There were many grammar issues and a few spelling mistakes (but nothing a quick spell check and rewording sentences/sentence structures couldn't fix). 
2) The format I asked for (APA) was a bit off and the references used were insufficiant (I bullshat and added a couple things to make up some references). 
3) Reworking the paper was a bit time consuming, but overall worth it if you don't want to do the work yourself. 

In the end, I'd do it again if I got desperate and needed to get something done last minute (which was my case for this paper in question).


11/09/2017 Received a 43/50. Was very broad in the main point of the project, which is why I received an 86. Luckily, this was only for a rough draft (although, I did not mention that in the actual project description). Probably would not work with her again. If this had been for a final draft, I definitely would have gotten a low C.
11/05/2017 I appreciate the effort! I'm going to have to do a lot of tweaking and editing, but overall, paying $50 to shave off several hours of boring research is money well spent, I suppose. The document was provided on time and was in APA format. Just know, if you chose this professor, you will have to account for time spent proofreading and rewriting a large portion of the document, so plan accordingly! Additionally, I was very disappointed that I was only given this professor as an option when I submitted my proposal. I likely will not use Unemployed Professors again.
10/29/2017 Thanks for the help, esspecially the timely service. 

10/23/2017 One day rush deadline and I am quite satisfied with the content.  Looking forward to working with you in the future.  10/10 would recommend.  
10/18/2017 Great detailed assignment! On time!
10/18/2017 On time, overall great paper. 
10/18/2017 I wasn't happy with my paper but it's fine
10/18/2017 Thank youu so much! Excellent
10/17/2017 Great job overall given an extremely short deadline! 
10/15/2017 The paper was good it just didn't have the footnotes that I needed for each evidence.
10/11/2017 Excellent work! Thank you! 
10/09/2017 thank you 
10/08/2017 thank you
10/03/2017 thank you very much and for my friend 
10/03/2017 thank you very much 
10/02/2017 The written outline was great, although it was missing some in text citations where paraphrasing or statistics were used. However, the accompanying powerpoint was literally just the outline pasted into slides and did not adhear to project guidelines provided at all.
09/30/2017 You turned it in before the deadline I appreciate that. Thanks for writing a great nursing paper! I would definitely use you again. 
09/27/2017 Few grammatical and spelling errors here and there, but this paper that was written is excellent! Would definitely use Professor Pedagogue again!
09/27/2017 The quality of my paper is exactly what I expected. The readings were completed and my paper was submitted to me on time. I would most definitely use this prof again, I am so happy with the final product.
09/24/2017 With short time, she did an amazing job. Submitted on time. 

09/23/2017 great work
09/21/2017 This professor deserved what I gave her. She did a great job. Minor mistakes here and there grammar wise. I would definitely recommend her!
06/19/2017 This professor helped me last minute and followed guidelines exactly and was even able to get everything done before my deadline.  I strongly recommend using Pedagogue to help with your assignments.
06/17/2017 True to your name, Prof Pedagogue is a good  writer who has knowledge on various fields

I will recommend anybody, anyday to use her services

06/17/2017 I will always love your work. My friend is very happy with what you did.

05/30/2017 Pedagogue wrote me a 2500 word essay that hit the word count and had the right amount of refferences. It was obvious though that english wasnt her first language as some of it was phrased weirdly so i had to do my own proof reading and touching up. This was expected though as most of the other reviews had mentioned the same thing so i wasnt surprised. The essay was quite good for the price and overall i am very happy with it as a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It was a performing arts essay analysing a play (final year of bachelor degree) for anyone that wants to know.

Thanks for the essay :D
05/25/2017 Thank you so much!
05/24/2017 When LUCK meets OPPORTUNITY

I had the OPPORTUNITY of accessing this website and the LUCK of chosing Prof Pedagogue.

This is one of the best writers in this website and I will refer anybody to her

Thanks ones more
05/24/2017 God sent me an ANGEL in Pedagogue

The last paper she wrote, I got an A and I know that this one too I will get an A

I will make sure that all my friends get you as their designated writer.

Thanks ones again for the wonderful paper

05/19/2017 Was not turned in on time. Was not long enough. Do not use her. Very upset that I even had to pay her. Dont use her.
05/14/2017  I did not think that this was a paper worth turning in. I actually had to doctor it up a lot. 
05/12/2017 great job!!
05/09/2017 Amazing, professional and understanding! Definitely recommend! 
05/09/2017 Excellent job and came through in the clutch for me. 
05/06/2017 Wooow....


Good Stuff

I am an International Student and Pedagogue came through with Great command of grammar and English

Timely Delivery.

I have never used this service but I will definately refer my friends

Thanks Prof 10/10. You are God sent
05/05/2017 This assignment was due in 30 hours and I paid a for the tight dead line.

The first draft was totally unusable and clearly written by a non-native English speaker. The professor was very open to revisions but even those revisions needed to be checked for word use and sentance structure. 

I can understand a rush job but I shouldn't have to come behind the professor and check sentance structure, I'm paying for a service. 

6/10 stars. I didn't need an A I just needed it done - and that's what I got...after about 30min worth of my own corrections.
05/04/2017 Great work -- professor fulfilled the prompt on time and within the parameters of the request. Would love to work with Pedagogue again! 
05/02/2017 Pedagogue came in clutch. 30 pages in about 18 hours for a more than fair price. The information was good and the paper had a nice flow. 10/10 would recommend. Fast responses to any questions I had and a joy to work with. 
Thank you so much for your professionalism and most of all great work. Glad we connected hope to connect again with future assignments.
  • Pedagogue was a page short on the amount of pages I had asked and counted the work cited as the "last page" of content needed for the minimum requirement. 
  • numerous times tried to just make the word count by adding in extra words 
  • Didn't properly cite articles
  • Very broad and vague statements about the articles she used in the paper
Ended up making more corrections so it could fit in with the content she produced.
I was in time crunch and she came through in the clutch for me! Couldn't be more happy with her work!
04/27/2017 Thanks!
04/25/2017 Great job, satisfied customer.
04/25/2017 Paper was correct length and format, subject matter was mostly accurate. However, there were very many grammatical errors, and it was blatantly obvious that the professor did not read or look at any of the required sources. I would suggest looking for somebody else.
04/25/2017 Pedagogue surely delivered a great paper and right on time! Highly recommend!
04/25/2017 She was great!  
04/23/2017 Mediocre work. You pay for what you get, honestly. I could have written something of equal or even better quality, and I'm 20 and don't have a degree yet. Used words like "thusly" and did not have correct subject-verb agreement. Her favorite phrase must be "as well as", as it was used about 6 times throughout the two page paper. I asked for a simple but thoughtful title, but did not receive one. She just put the name of the project as my title. Ideas presented were not very thoughtful. I have not received a grade back, but I'm guessing it will be a B. 
04/23/2017 Worked very well with a very tight timeline, and released a solid paper with very few errors. I appreciate the good work!
04/20/2017 Pedagogue delivered more than I expected and many hours before the deadline. The paper needed some sprucing up in terms of grammar and sentence structure, but the ideas were portrayed very well and given the short amount of time as well as my instructions, it was more than I could have asked for. 
04/20/2017 Great work! Was totally stressed about this paper, but it came out great! Very responsive and professional, got paper to me well before the deadline. 10/10
04/18/2017 Great Work but i was left a couple pages short but nonetheless perfect 
04/12/2017 thx for the early finished essay and kindly editting! 
04/07/2017 My professor did a very excellent job
04/01/2017 A number of grammatical errors throughout. The content of the paper was certainly interesting and well-reasoned, but would have benefited from a once-over to ensure that there weren't careless mistakes that would have brought the quality down multiple marks if I hadn't caught it prior to submission. 
03/22/2017 First draft did not meet the prompt guidelines , but the final one did. Completed before deadline. It was well written and thoroughly answered the guidelines. I did not receive the grade I wanted, but that is entirely my fault for not providing enough detail.
03/21/2017 Timely and excellent work!
03/20/2017 She did an excellent job writing a very short paper when I gave her very little time. I will consider using her services in the future. I recommend.
03/20/2017 I appreciate this professor submitting my assignment to me 8 hours prior to the requested time, but the work was sub par.  I asked for 5 pages in APA format and the rubric I submitted specifically said NOT including the title and reference pages.  This professor submitted 4 pages instead of 5.  Also, the two references cited were very short and general, not really adding anything to the content, and 9+ years old.  Overall the wording was pretty basic but okay - the concepts were well explained.  The thing that really upset me however, is I contacted about the complaint and was told that the professor was emailed directly since I had already released the funds (100% my fault - total mistake as I only took a very quick glance at the submission on my phone, lesson learned).  They apparently emailed her very quickly but the professor never reached out to me to attempt to correct the mistakes.  Because of this, I had to research new resources and write a page myself.  I feel like this was money wasted, but lesson learned - do not submit funds until you get a project back that is correct and satisfactory.

I hate to leave a bad review, but I just had to, even though I made the mistake of releasing the payment prematurely.  If the professor had gotten in touch with me to rectify it would have been totally different.
Excellent submission! willing to add additional content in final hours, very amicable. Succinct content and format. THANK YOU!

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