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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
10/05/2021 The professor herlped me out majorly when i was in a jam after forgetting an assingment was due. Capt saved my life by working to a really tight deadline, getting me my assignment in about 6 hours! The wordcount was short, and the essay question wasnt fully answered, but hey - i couldnt have done better in 6 hours! Referencing was a bit funny, and no citation for images
09/27/2021 YES! Completed my assignment well before due date and completed assignment approprately! Thank you so much!!
06/21/2018 Good paper, well written. Asked for 8 pages, really got 7.5 but that is mostly on brand for me. Would recommend possibly asking for a page over required # just in case.  Prof was easy to communicate with, responded quickly, etc. Would use this writer again if I find myself in a pinch again. Thanks, Cap! 
05/15/2018 Couldn't have asked for more. On time and 100% score given on the assignment.
04/21/2018 Thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Nice perspective. Thank you for all your work. 
04/21/2018 Fantastic and thought provoking work. Thanks!
04/09/2018 Wonderful work
04/06/2018 Did an amazing job, so greatful :) 
Awesome work will use again!

03/29/2018 did well
03/28/2018 Got an A & turned it in early. Did use source from Wiki but i guess my fault for not specifying that although you would think for any paper nonetheless a college paper that its kind of not allowed to use Wiki as a source but still did great!
03/26/2018 This Professor wrote an absolutely amazing paper!! It was very well-written, and the information and analysis within the paper were top-notch. Would definitely recommend.  
03/16/2018 Subject Matter Expert in religious studies! I highly recommend! 
03/10/2018 Professional, Prompt & Produces QUALITY work everytime! 
03/02/2018 6 stars forthe 60% grade recieved
01/25/2018 Absolutely incredible work
Really thorough, thoughtful and well put together
01/21/2018 He is a flippin genius
01/13/2018 Good job. Needed a bit of revision on the citations, but Cap was on the ball and got it done well ahead of the deadline.
11/21/2017 Bless you Captain! Great paper and outlined everything that is in my Professors rubric. Definitly will recommend you and I'll see ya in the future!!! Can't wait to turn this baby in
10/11/2017 I thought this paper was done extremely well and unbelievably fast!  Would recommend and will be using again.
09/22/2017 Wrote an amazing paper for my most recent class. Very reasonable, and extremly responsive to messages. Will be calling Capt. to come to the rescue for any future papers I am having issues or no time to complete.
08/06/2017 Cap did a wonderful job on my history paper. Come to him if you have any history related essay writings or any sory of history course work for that matter. 

?Thank You!
08/01/2017 Got it done in a short time frame!
07/29/2017 Great essay and finished it before the required time. First time using this site and it turned out great thanks to captainsinfonia
07/10/2017 The paper was very well written and on time. Thank you.
He did an absolute amazing job on my history assignment. On point and very thorough with the work he presented. He deserves to do every history course related task, PERIOD!
07/03/2017 Captainsinfonia did an amazing job on my history essay writing assignments. He closely followed the guidelines I set out for him and was more than willing to make revisions if needed upon my request. He is your guy to complete your history related assignments.
06/30/2017 Turned around a fantastic paper in record time.  
06/26/2017 Returning customer and extremely happy with the product. Highly recommended! 
06/21/2017 A little wordy (per professional feedback) but overall quality work.
06/18/2017 Produced and excellent product that was exactly as requested. Highly recommended! 
06/17/2017 Um, I love this professor. I don't think I will ever utilize another. He got me an A a couple weeks ago and I guarantee when this paper gets graded it will be another A. Thank God for this site and this prof in particular. Thanks so much!!!!!!
06/14/2017 Great job on the assignment and it was done early! It showed analysis and thoughtful insight. I will definitely use Captainsinfonia again!
06/09/2017 Great work!
06/06/2017 Quality work provided a day ahead of schedule.
06/03/2017 Absolutley excellent work! Took into account the specific nature of the need and executed the paper flawlessly. Will use again.
05/29/2017 Excellent work. Followed directions as exactly as given and produced quality work.
05/29/2017 Outstanding. Quality.
Early submission and he followed the order to the letter and in detail. Very communicative and excellent product, thank you!!
05/15/2017 He went ABOVE AND BEYOND My expectation! Even turned it in 2 days before the due date. Didn't have to correct anything on it. THANK YOU! 
05/10/2017 Thank you so much! It was well worth the money and the comunictation was great!
05/03/2017 On time and one point! A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ professor for your job.

-A happy student
05/01/2017 Did an amazing job within the allotted time with an amazing price tag! Would highly recomment to anyone needing a quick essay.
04/30/2017 Good paper, good sources, good price, and was very quick. would use again and reccomend 
04/30/2017 Great content and sources, delivered in a very timely manner, and excellent communication. Will definitely use again. 
04/25/2017 Great work!
04/19/2017 Writes a well detailed essay 
04/18/2017 High quality. Did what I asked for in the time frame. Recommended. 
04/11/2017 Amazing professor! Quick and easy got it done within a day and i was very satisfied with the result. 
04/05/2017 Once again captaininsinfonia has delivered a work of art. His time is worth much more than he charges, and never fails to impress me. A++++++++++++++++++++++
04/03/2017 Great communication and even greater content produced. captainsinfonia has exceeded every expectation I had going into this. Would definitely NOT hesitate to work with him again! 11/10
03/30/2017 I recived an A+ on an extrememly difficult exegetical paper. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this professor! 
03/27/2017 Great job! Followed the guidelines and even handed it earlier than I asked! Highly recommend. 
03/14/2017 Good work and was fast, I recommend.
03/13/2017 Got it done fast. It accomplished exactly what I was looking for at this time.

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