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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
03/20/2024 Great paper
03/05/2024 Got  a good grade.
03/05/2024 Perfectly excecuted.
03/05/2024 Timely
03/05/2024 Timely
03/05/2024 provided what I askeed for.
03/04/2024 Thank you for a great paper..highly recommend
02/05/2024 Great paper. I received 100/100
12/04/2023 Very happy with the quality and timeliness of the paper.

Thank you.
07/23/2023 Perfect work!
07/23/2023 Outstanding
06/20/2023 Really great work always on time
06/03/2023 Great work will hire again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05/28/2023 Great service. He replies very fast, do revisions for free when asked and always deliver work on time. 
05/26/2023 Very well written, very fast got my paper before the due date
05/20/2023 Awesome work done. Very pleased
05/20/2023 Very fast and accurate. follow the exact requirements, and easy to communicate with.
05/15/2023 Nice work and immediate , understood the required and worked exactly on it. got full mark !
05/15/2023 Decent work. Highly recommend 
05/15/2023 Great.
05/15/2023 Always on time. THANK YOU
05/15/2023 Amazing work. I am happy I selected his bid
05/15/2023 Thank you for the great paper
05/10/2023 Well done on the work produced, was very happy with the working out, it was clear and thought through I have also gotten a good mark.
05/10/2023 The assignment is yet to be graded. However, I see the paper is well structured. I will update the feedback later

Thank you. I will be waiting for a positive feedback
05/10/2023 Nice work and immediate. Thank you
05/07/2023 Will use again. It was great working with the professor

Thank you. I would love to work with you again
05/07/2023 Excellent as always. Thank you
05/07/2023 GREAT. He did my paper within 3 hours and I still obtained a passing grade

Thank you. I would love to work with you again
05/07/2023 A++++. The professor did an amazing job. I highly recommend
05/07/2023 Great effort. Thank you
05/06/2023 I truly appreciate everything. I will continue using this professor
05/06/2023 Keep up with the GREAT work.
05/05/2023 Thanks for helping

You're much welcome. I will be happy to work with you again
05/05/2023 The work was excellent, quick turn around.

Thank you for the tip
05/05/2023 Well done on the work, I'm happy with the end product
05/05/2023 Great work. Thank you
05/05/2023 Gave this professor a week to complete and he did not meet the deadline. Had to scramble to complete myself. 
Take a look through the reviews this is not the first time, but I thought with a string of good reviews recently it was worth the chance. 
I was wrong. 

Hi, after carefully analysis it was discovered a new file with new instructions was uploaded after the writer had uploaded the completed paper. The professor had to write the paper again from scratch and since the paper was 14 pages, the prof needed an extra 1 hour to complete the second paper.
04/24/2023 Thank you. This professor is amazing, he only took 4 hours to complete my paper. I still scored 98%

Thank you for a positive feedback and also for the $50 tip.
04/24/2023 Outstanding outcome, highly recommend this professors. Always exceeds my expectations
04/19/2023 Good Job with this paper. I believe I will get a great grade on it. Thank you for you help on this.
04/19/2023 Well written!
04/17/2023 Very satisfied with their services, never dissapointed. I always get my work on time

Thank you for always trusting me with your papers.
04/17/2023 Thank you


04/16/2023 Overall, very satisfied with their services, never get disappointed. i got my work always on time. Will continue to use their services in future. Will defiantly recommend to other.


04/16/2023 The work produced was very perfect  
04/16/2023 Very helpful
04/15/2023 Great communication and always available for any question
04/15/2023 Thank you
04/15/2023 The paper was beyond my expectations and it was completed with a short deadline
04/15/2023 Great work. He provided  a perfect paper
04/15/2023 Timely and follow all the instructions provided. He's the best
04/15/2023 Thourough analysis. I received a perfect grade
04/12/2023 Thank you
04/12/2023 Thank you for a well drafted paper that met my expectations
04/11/2023 Excellent. I received 100%
04/11/2023 Thank you for quick response. 
04/07/2023 Was sloppy, thrown together, a plethora of poor grammar and spelling, was first time trying him/her, always a low bid and I guess you get what you pay for. never again. I had to spend an hour correcting the grammar alone.
03/07/2023 I have always received a good grade from this professor. The timing and quality of help have always met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner. Thank you for your excellent services
Great work. 
03/06/2023 Thanks for being so awesome!!!
03/06/2023 Great work. Recommend 
03/06/2023 I'm so thankful for what you have done so far and am looking forwarding to working with you on an ogoing basis. 
03/06/2023 Well done and timely. Thank you
03/06/2023 Excellent as always!!!!Always provide more than you pay for
03/06/2023 Great work. I will use this professor over and over again
03/05/2023 LIFESAVER!!!!! completed 6 pages within 5 hours and scored 98%
03/05/2023 I got my paper in less than 6 hours. THE BEST 
03/05/2023 He delivered the work in time and all the instructions were followed. Recommend to others
03/05/2023 Thank you
03/05/2023 Your services has been great, very professional and beyond my expectations
03/01/2023 Excellent!!!! I highly recommend 
03/01/2023 The work was well structured and with correct referencing. It has 0 % plagiarized. 

03/01/2023 Thank you, The paper was quickly delivered 
07/17/2022 Thanks!
06/01/2022 Quick response, definitely knows what he was talking about.
05/24/2022 Thank you!
04/01/2022 Perfect and timely delivery!
12/02/2021 I got a D on this assignment!!
12/02/2021 This professor did an amazing job on my project. The paper was finished well before suggested and great quality work. I will work with them again for future papers
11/14/2021 If I could rate him with zero stars I would. No matter how desperate you are PLEASE do NOT use this professor. He is unreliable, hard to reach and completely useless when it comes to maths. All math problems were wrong. I got an F grade. People are complaining about him posting projects late and they are SO right. He posted mine 3 mins before my exam's deadline while he knew the exact timeline I needed the problem sets back. Waste of moeny and time. Avoid this professor at all costs and I cannot stress this enough. Read all his reviews before even thinking of choosing his bid. This guy's work is by far the most disappointing on this website. Save yourself some money and time and go for someone else. Disgusting! 
11/08/2021 My favorite professor on here. Has been a huge help in a course I am struggling with. Always meets deadlines and every assignment they've helped with I've received a 100 on. I have used them repeatedly and always go to them with new assignments first.
11/02/2021 I did not get the assigment in time and I got zero for the midterm paper. 
10/26/2021 Fantastic work with econ assignments! Way ahead of deadline and super helpful. Thanks so much!!
10/24/2021 Following is the comment from the faculty "A1 & A2 are too brief . If it is an essay type question carrying 25 marks, it should have enough contents to weigh against the scoring
10/09/2021 Amazing work and very quick at responding with any of my queries. Really has put the stress out of my project. Highly recommend this professor.
10/05/2021 Fast and on time however the calculations were wrong and so was the amino acid used ( Had to be letters of my name but add E at the end ONLY if non ionisable side chain ) So basically 50 % of it was incorrect and a graph was supposed to be drawn on graph paper but it was not. Overall sloppy ( sorry ) and i got 52% grade out of %100. I appreciate not having to do it myself but i assumed the person accepting this was great at this types of calculations.
09/14/2021 Thank you so. Then turn around on this assignment was extremely quick. All necessary components were addressed and formatted correctly. Has taken the stress of this assessment. Thank you again.! 
07/21/2021 Ty
06/26/2021 Wonder work ! 
06/22/2021 great job! got it to me on time and it is wonderfully done. thank you!
05/25/2021 great job
05/25/2021 Great job 
05/24/2021 He was not able to finish my homework on time and there were some errors on APA format
05/23/2021 Pretty decent paper. But missing the absract part and the plagiarism scan thing was not accurate. It said there was only a 16% similarity, but it was actually 24%. C's GET DEGREES BABBYYYYY. Thank you for doing my paper so i could enjoy my family vacation
05/22/2021 Failed my paper
05/16/2021 Just great, would recommend 
05/16/2021 Did not follow instructions. Had to revise and adjust many paragraphs and sentences before turning in. Without giving myself time I would've received a bad grade.
05/13/2021 Got called out for plagarism by my professor. I cannot believe I actually paid money for such a horrible service! DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! 
05/06/2021 Great work and on time
05/06/2021 late submittal. 
05/06/2021 NIce work!!
05/03/2021 Failed my research paper. I received a 50% using this professor. NEVER using this site again. I am so dissappointed.
05/03/2021 Extremely well done, on time, and happy to help with revisions.
05/01/2021 Great Paper, APA 7th edition does not require abstract anymore.
04/30/2021 Exactly what I needed to not stress out. Quality and on time.  
04/29/2021 Exactly what i asked for and got it to me before the deadline.
04/27/2021 Professor responded promtply to my messages but result was far below my expectations. He has under his profile that he is well educated in this particular topic and most of the essay didn't make sense until I told him how to do it. I had to basically re do it myself, otherwise would've failed my paper.

It even seems like the work was outsourced to someone unackwoledged in the subject.

2 stars for his fast response, but not recommended.
04/27/2021 This professor is great.
04/22/2021 Come to expect nothing but the best!
04/22/2021 Amazing work! I highly reccommend!
04/22/2021 70% similarity on turnitin
04/21/2021 On time and what I asked for.
04/18/2021 Finished everything on time, great experience and great service. Would recommend him to anyone. ??

Thanks Professor! 
04/17/2021 Great way to go!
04/11/2021  The professor never completed the paper which left me in a total bind. No communication on what happened or why. Really disappointed because they had done awesome work in the past for me.
04/11/2021 Paper was suppose to be 3 whole pages but had to ask for it to be longer.  Also had to ask to cite examples again even though it was stated in the instructions. Was on time though!
04/08/2021 Got what I asked for. Good job.
04/07/2021 great
03/25/2021 Done well. Got more than expected!
03/20/2021 Great communication throughout the project. Prompt with replies and delivered the project on time. Satisfied Masters Degree student here.
03/17/2021 Great job! revised as needed!
03/06/2021 Once again, the very best. 
03/06/2021 Fantastic Job!
03/03/2021 He has done several projects for me and has earned me an A every single time!  I highly recommend him!  He also gets things turned in on time.  If you have anything to tweak he will do it promptly!
03/01/2021 thank you for the quality work
02/28/2021 Love this professor, has always helped when I needed help. Will continue to coming back!
02/24/2021 Another great paper! Thank you
02/21/2021 Has not been graded yet, but i think it is really good probably get an A
02/18/2021 Thank you so much!!!
02/11/2021 Great job, thank you so much
02/11/2021 Met all criteria, was able to make revisions as requested. Good job overall!
02/05/2021 Quality..
02/04/2021 great work
01/20/2021 Great work!
12/28/2020 Awesome 
12/19/2020 Thanks
12/15/2020 Great work.
12/10/2020 Awesome! and a huge help!
12/09/2020 Really great paper
12/08/2020 This professor came to my rescue after two others that shot me down, I had less than 24 hours to get it done and not only did he complete it he got it in before the 24 hours. Definitely choosing  again.
12/04/2020 Great job!
11/15/2020 The ease of communication was great from start to finish.  The final outcome was better than expected, as this was my first time using this site.  I would recommend and use this professor for future projects.  
11/13/2020 pretty bad tbh 
11/07/2020 Beyond AMAZING!
11/07/2020 Beyond AMAZING!
10/14/2020 Did a thorough job and was written very well!
10/06/2020 Professor didn't follow instructions and had to rewrite the whole paper. Then what he provided still didn't follow the instructions. 
I will have to rewrite the paper. 
I am very dissaointed and unhappy but don't have the time to have him redo it as it is now past the due date of the paper.
10/03/2020 Thank you for your work.
10/03/2020 Thank you for your work.  I appreciate it!
09/15/2020 Great work, very pleased
08/18/2020 Outstanding work. 
08/15/2020 Great paper and done early! Perfect APA format and great citations.   
08/03/2020 Thank you so much!
The paper was on time, professional and well written. 
I really appreciate that there was no drama, this professor just got on with it and turned out some great work.

08/02/2020 The paper he initialy provided me with had nothing to do with the instructions provided. When he finally redid the paper it was 700 words short, three days late and seemed as if it was written by someone who barely spoke English. It made no sense and was filled with typoes and liguistic erros. I ended up having to just write the paper myself because he did such an awful job and was so many days late.
08/02/2020 Finished WAY before deadline. Good communication and professional. Will pick him again!
07/10/2020 Great paper, consistent professor. Thanks for always producing high quality work!
07/04/2020 Amaaaaaazing!
07/02/2020 Great time management, great work and will continue to hire in the near future. 
06/30/2020 Perfect wrk, always produce quality work!!!
06/23/2020 Great work!
06/18/2020 Although I haven't received my official grade, i'm happy with my solution.
06/16/2020 i got F grade with his solution
06/16/2020 i got F grade with his solution
06/16/2020 i got F grade with his solution
06/16/2020 i got F grade with his solution
Great work, and was turned in on time.
06/11/2020 Gets the job done everytime!
05/31/2020 Exactly what I needed.
05/30/2020 Did a fantastic job! One of my favorite writes so far. Wish I could have him everytime!
05/29/2020 This man is the truth. Perfect paper AGAIN. He is timely and exactly what you need 10/10 will use again!!!
05/26/2020 This writer is simply amazing. PhD level work. 
05/25/2020 I CANNOT BELIEVE the quality of the work.
Followed all guidelines and provided timely manner work
05/14/2020 Great Professor. Always finishes in a timely Manner. Have picked him a few times and dont regret it.
05/14/2020 Consistent communication through all the questions and edits in a timley fashion. Would highly recommend. Thanks Professor.
05/12/2020 Wrote a great paper and quickly!
05/11/2020 5/10. Professor completed the project initially on the wrong topic that they chose on their own. In my well defined instructions I spoke of the topic I had already chosen for the assignment. (minus 2 stars) Once I got the revised assignment, The paper was of length, but was missing one reference; only 4 of the 5 required references were there. (minus one star). Among the references was a reference that was outside of the 5 year time requirement and was dated in 2004 (minus half star). There was also numerous phonetical errors and mistakes in the paper and was not clearly following the instructions to speaking about Evidence Base Practice. (Minus 1.5 stars.) This is the first time working with this professor and will not be returning to him/her. 
05/10/2020 Good
05/08/2020 Timely, and beyond expectations
05/06/2020 Phenomenal timing and a fair price. Solid work. 10/10 would use again!
05/06/2020 Great work!
04/25/2020 This professor went above and beyond helping me complete my assignment in Biostatistics. He was super helpful and communicative the whole way through. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND choosing this professor for your assignments because he's extremely smart and actually cares! THANKS AGAIN!
04/23/2020 Awesome!! Life Saver!!
04/22/2020 Very detailed project. He followed almost every criteria on the rubric. When I asked for a correction, he promptly addressed it. 
04/21/2020 Great Job!
04/16/2020 A few grammer errors, but really great work. Thank you!
04/15/2020 Great to work with, always on time and accurate
04/15/2020 Great to work with, always on time and accurate
04/15/2020 Excellent Prof to work with, great work and always on time
03/30/2020 awesome job! very quick. thank you!!!
03/29/2020 Great work, Thanks again. Will defintely use this writer again!
03/29/2020 Excellent work. 
03/26/2020 Awesome working with this professor! 
03/24/2020 Thanks for your help ??

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