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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
03/17/2022 Great paper! On time & well written!
03/16/2022 Absolutely awful. Allegedly has MA and PhD in politics yet doesn't write very coherently at all. A lot of typos in the messages in liaison with myself. Paper was written, yes with no "errors" and delivered on time. However, the substance of the paper, if I am to be quite frank, was absolute horse shit. Just a pathetic piece of work. I am expecting only to achieve a passing grade at best.
03/02/2022 Despite the numerous revisions this professor attempted for me, he still failed to follow the instructions and I ended up rewriting most of the paper.
12/19/2021 Excellent product! Was able to produce a high-quality paper with little lead time.!
12/19/2021 Great work, on time always. Thank you 
12/12/2021 A+ 
12/10/2021 Pick this professor everytime! The work is always fantastic!
12/04/2021 Meet the criteria for the assignment and had a good perspective and done timely thank you. 
11/30/2021 Did not complete by deadline. Errors in punctuation, grammar, and formatting. Also completely neglected/removed key components of the paper that were necessary.
11/28/2021 LIFESAVER!!!!!THANK YOU!!!
11/28/2021 Your services have been great, very professional, and above my expectations.
11/28/2021 Thank you. Recommend
11/28/2021 Great job!! Excellent service from the start to finish
11/28/2021 This professor rocks! He's very good at responding and always deliver a high end product as per the instructions provided. I don't remember getting a poor grade from a paper completed by this professor. 
11/28/2021 I reviewed solutions a bit, but it looks good.
11/28/2021 I got a good grade from the assignment. I look forward working with you again
11/28/2021 Excellent paper written in a few hours. 
11/28/2021 High performance from this professor

Thank you.


Excellent work been done by the expert, i got a geart mark ( 94%) on the assignment which will be an added value for me in the module overall mark.Thank You.


Thank you


Awesome!!!The services I receive from this site are always awesome. They always come to my rescue


Just received this assignment result. Get the good grade. The professor write the good assignment. Will still use it.


Well written!!! Recommend


Great piece of work.

Thank you Debored!!!!!

You have provided enough information and have followed the correct structure.


11/27/2021 Hi, I received a good grade passed first go, everything was fine just some minor things could have been better, but overall was good and i am happy, thank you
11/27/2021 Thank you. I will use you in the future
11/27/2021 The paper met all the requirements.
11/27/2021 Great work. I loved it 
11/26/2021 Finished late. 
11/26/2021 Did not follow instructions, and failed to revise.
11/25/2021 Good work but late on submission. 
11/25/2021 Barely any effort put into the paper. And paper was sent late.
11/25/2021 delivered on time and was a fast responder to changes i needed made. Would deffinately use again!
11/24/2021 Work met all requirements, but was pretty average. I had to go through and edit some repetition and add in some more substance. Work was completed on time and the professor was responsive and professional, Overall I am very happy, and it was a quick turn around so I understand why it wasn't amazing work. I would use this professor again and recommend them!
11/21/2021 Wonderful!
11/21/2021 Great job!
11/20/2021 Good work, I received an A (though barely). Would recommend if you want a decent grade and quick results.
11/18/2021 Great Work!
11/15/2021 understanding and knowing the subject or having research is important safety culture in aviation is not just the interaction between crew AND customer 
11/14/2021 100
11/09/2021 The professor was awesome!!! Very patient and really works with you to revise it until you are satisfied with the outcome!! I totally recommend using her if you are deciding between professors!!
11/09/2021 The professor did not start on the project unitl a couple of hours before the deadline, this resulted in me not getting the paper until nearly 5 hours after the posted deadline. I recieved a heavy grade penalty for the delay in submission. I still needed revisions made when I did recieve the paper. 

I would not recommend this professor to someone who needs 100% assurance of their projects completion on time.
11/09/2021 Great work
11/04/2021 Did a great job content wise, the grammar needs work 
11/01/2021 Work was great!
11/01/2021 Did a great job
10/28/2021 Great JOB. I got an A on the project. 
10/25/2021 Excellent job! This site never lets me down!
10/19/2021 The professor was amazing! Totally recommend if you are having a hard time to choose. She is very fast and really works with you! 

10/14/2021 Well done!
10/14/2021 The professor was very fast and very friendly! It was completed on time!
I totally recommend using this professor!
10/04/2021 Good
09/30/2021 The final product was solid. Initial work was entirely off the intended subject's mark, yet corrections were professionally handled and completed accurately. Given that the subject is not traditional, the professor had to research a new subject altogether and still produced a quality product promptly. The only reason this is not a 10-star rating is due to the initial work being completely wrong, even after I explained in detail the assignment's subject. This leads me to believe the professor did not thoroughly read to understand the assignment tips I gave but glanced over a few words and got to work. Nevertheless, as previously described, proper corrections were made, and a quality paper was promptly delivered.
09/26/2021 Great 
09/24/2021 Awesome. Recommend
09/24/2021 Thank you. I received an A (98/100). Thank you
09/24/2021 Overall the work was good. it basically capture the main idea. it was delivered on time. the relevance issue which I was concerned it was solved.



Great. Thank you for a well structed essay


The paper was amazing and finished before the deadline, even though my time I had left on it was extremely minimal.
These guys are awesome and I absolutely will use them again in the future.






Haven't received the marks yet. overall i believe the assignment is good. once the marks released will update.





This was done quickly and well done. Thank you so much for the help! All the references were there



09/24/2021 Excellent work and very professional work indeed 
I felt very satisfied as well from the deliverables

09/24/2021 Good job. I scored 100%.
09/24/2021 Thank you!!!
09/23/2021 Great
09/23/2021 I highly recommend debored to others. Thank you for an amazing job
09/23/2021 Excellent. The paper was beyond my expectations
09/23/2021 Amazing job
09/23/2021 Good job. 10/10
09/23/2021 Thank you
09/23/2021 Great paper. Well organized
09/23/2021 Awesome 
09/22/2021 I give a 7 stars because this person wasn't terrible but the day of she misread the directions and did a completely different thing from my said project but she ended up finishing it just a few minutes before my deadline. I got a decent grade.
09/20/2021 He did a great job on my paper
09/20/2021 Quick and on point.
09/18/2021 Been a long term user my advice: STAY AWAY pick another bid  
09/18/2021 On point 
09/18/2021 Great. Excellent I would use it again. 
09/15/2021 The paper was done by the deadline.  I received an 172.50/200 on the paper.  
09/14/2021 Prompt delivery. The project definitely met my expectations. I highly reccomend this professor!
09/13/2021 The assignment came out just how I wanted it. Thank you very much!
09/12/2021 Good work and on time! 
09/10/2021 Professor did an awesome. Will use again.
08/30/2021 Completed The project ahead of time frame and great quality writing!!!!
08/30/2021 Nut sure if something was missed on the rubric to make it a memo vs a paper, but still happy with the overall grade received. Thanks!
05/03/2017 Best professor on this site !
04/29/2017 Simply awesome !!!
04/22/2017 great work in no time !
04/20/2017 Great communication, offered a rough draft, implented my request. Very happy!

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