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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
06/11/2019 She is GREAAT!! I got my paper early, and it was SO well written i got 100% on the essay!! Thank you so much!!
03/12/2019 Do not use her
03/12/2019 AVOID!!!! 

03/12/2019 Terrible professor unprofessional and will not work with you.  DO NOT USE KATEB!!!   I got a failing grade on paper, when I reached out to her, she said she would work with me on a future project free of charge as my professor did not allow for a redo. 

I gave KATEB a new project to work on, she told me she couldn't, refused to try and did not refund me my money. 

I would give zero stars if I could. Do not trust KateB with your projects!!!!!! 
02/26/2019 Amazing work!
02/04/2019 Got a 94 on the paper.  Thank you!
01/09/2019 She work really hard on my essay and she did a good job.
12/28/2018 Not good at all. Not even a thorough revision could correct the lack of quality. I asked for and paid for PhD level and what I got was about freshman level undergraduate work. Additionally, there were spelling and grammatical errors throughout. Analysis was non-existent (even for a lit. review) and I strongly suspect the professor (or, as they maintain, professors in the plural...) are a writing mill out of Asia. Do not book this professor. "Professor" they are not.
12/17/2018 She wrote great academic paper in which there is a detailed and profound analysis. The overall content is well thought out and pertinent to the assigned subject. 
12/14/2018 paper was the minimum of what i needed and i had to add a few things in but not too bad. only real complaint is that a few hours before the deadline i had set the proffesor messaged me asking how much more time they can get to complete it. 
12/09/2018 I was pretty disappointed with the solution I received and ended up changing roughly 90% of the assignment. The professor was punctual in providing me with the assignment before the deadline, and they did reach the requested word count, but only because the content was incredibly repetitive throughout the entire assignment. Definitely feel I was robbed of my money, not impressed at all with this solution. 
12/07/2018 Kate was wonderful. I had a last minute revision to do on the paper and without hesitation she jumped in and did exactly what I asked. She delivered the paper ahead of the deadline and touched the topics I requested.
12/06/2018 Finished the paper early and it was great. She followed all the guidelines and even wrote more than I paid for. Overall great paper 
12/05/2018 Fantastic work! I would use this professor again. 
12/03/2018 Wrote two pages extra and completed the assignment 4 days before it was due!!
12/03/2018 Ahead of deadline but no proper citation!
11/30/2018 Absolutely Terrible. Do not ever buy from this professor if you want an A on your paper. I got a B- on the paper I submitted and the professor was very hard to follow. DO NOT USE EVER. 
11/27/2018 Didn’t do whole work.
11/26/2018 does the job, which is what we are all here for

not only great arguments but excellent use of sourcework and histrography.
11/25/2018 horrible.
11/24/2018 Excellent! On time, and got an A!
11/24/2018 She's the
11/22/2018 Well written assignment
11/22/2018 This was the worst personal statement i have ever read
11/20/2018 Honestly, I was extremely disappointed in the work that was produced. I gave the professor very specific instructions on the essay, but the essay that was delivered was nothing related to what I had instructed. Save your money and accept another bid because you will be disappointed. 
11/18/2018 Was a generally good paper. Wrote to the correct max words, but did not address the counter-argument. A couple grammatical errors.
11/18/2018 Got the paper done extremely fast and turned in a paper that was beyond expectations. Great job!!!!
11/16/2018 Fantastic!!
11/15/2018 Completed project on short notice with excellent results. The paper is well thought out and written with what one can only describe as lots of practice and experience. Great job! Would recommend
11/15/2018 She finished the paper very quickly. There were a lot of spelling and other little mistakes. She said she fixed the mistakes, I did not receive the copy that she said was fixed. Overall it was a great paper and worth spending $100 to have someone write it for me. 
I'm thrilled with Kate! My paper is exactly what I needed and arrived earlier than i expected. superb work - as with any original work, it's wise to take the paper and personalize it a bit just to make it your own - I'm extremely happy with the results.. Hope to hire her again in the future!
11/14/2018 She followed the guildelines perfectly, very attentive to her nbox and made changes where I asked her too. highly recommend
11/10/2018 Absolutely amazing job. I required a PPT presentation with speaker notes. She hit every point on the grading rubric I provided. Would reccommend highly!
11/09/2018 Excellent paper and very quick delivery time, A+
11/07/2018 Came in ahead of time and with a dank paper. Thank you for saving my grade. 
11/06/2018 Fantastic piece of work, highly recommend this prof!
11/05/2018 Was not expecting such a great paper as I did not give much time. Despite the short term notice this paper was dank sawce 420 definetly going to recomend.
11/04/2018 Had some errors in paper, and looked like it was put together in a rush
10/30/2018 Awesome work
10/29/2018 Awesome work. Thanks so much!
10/29/2018 Got the Assignment after the due date and time plus it was about the wrong topic.
10/28/2018 Great communication and turnaround time. Quality work!
10/21/2018 Poorly written. Pretty much just took the information I gave and changed the order of the words. I ended up rewriting almost the entire thing myself.
10/20/2018 Fantastic work, completed the project three days before the deadline
10/12/2018 Kate B is definitely someone you should use!
10/12/2018 KateB did really well on my project and finished it in a timely manner.
10/07/2018 This professor wrote an amazing paper in half the time that was requested.
10/04/2018 Thank you so much!
05/22/2018 This professor plagiarized 99% of my report, resulting in a zero for my assignment as well as a handful of problems with my academic institution. I would never use them again.

Sorry, my turnitin saved the document and it all turned plagiarized.
05/20/2018 The 2 stars are because at least the professor wrote something. There was no effort to follow the instructions, and the quality was high school level. I'm re-writing basically the entire paper right now. I feel like I wasted my money entirely, because the time I needed to spend on a different assignment is now being used for this. It was a 2-page paper with a 4-day deadline... I figured that would be sifficient for an assignment to be written at college level, and actually answer the questions in the instructions. 

I was so back tracked on other finals that I had forgot to write one for one of my classes. Kate had messaged me asking if she could do it. I had accpeted and wrote a 8 page paper in less then24 hrs. I apploud her and will consider her in the future. Thanks!!!!

05/15/2018 Second time receiving KateB’s help for a 7 page essay that was due in less than 15 hours. She made the deadline and produced a quality paper. Best writer on this site!
05/13/2018 Excellent job, Professor! 
05/04/2018 She definately put a lot of work into the 70 page paper I asked her to help with.  There was a significant amount of statistical data to wade through and she competently completed it in the time frame I requested (which was terribly short for a project of this type).  I was genuinely impressed even though I was terrified I might not get it in time given the size and timeframe (2 weeks).  KateB helped me in a pinch when I needed someone to help while I cleared some other issues off my plate!
05/03/2018 Done in a timely manor, but did not cover the full page requirenment. Overall pleased with the paper. Thank you for your hard work.
05/03/2018 Done in a timely manor, but did not cover the full page requirenment. Overall i was very pleased with the outcome of the paper. Thank you for your hard work.
05/03/2018 Done in a timely manor, but did not cover the full page requirenment. Overall i was very pleased with the outcome of the paper. Thank you for your hard work.
05/03/2018 Done in a timely manor, but did not cover the full page requirenment. Overall i was very pleased with the outcome of the paper. Thank you for your hard work.
04/29/2018 Great achieved 70% for this mock research for a dissertation
04/28/2018 Excellent to work with. The final product was spot on and delivered it a few days early.
04/27/2018 Great communication and awesome writing skills.
04/25/2018 Above and beyond expectations.  The paper was even finished ahead of schedule.
04/20/2018 Delivered the paper way before the due time and the work was excellent.  Thanks!
04/18/2018 Bad grammar and extremely poorly written.
04/18/2018 I am suprisingly shocked, I just posted this assignment two days ago and already received the finished work by this amazingly, talented professor. I couldn't have been more happy with finished critique! I would definitely use this professor again :)
04/17/2018 Paper was better than expected...
04/17/2018 The paper was sent to me late and the professor did not respond to messages. Ended up getting a C on the paper. From what I could tell it was original content and the parameters of the paper were followed. Besides the grade, missed deadline, and lack of communication it was fantastic...

Sorry for that, next time give more time.
04/17/2018 Wow, very impressive! I am happy that I chose you. There were a few grammatical/spelling errors, but overall, it was well done! Thank you.
04/16/2018 Terribly dissappointed with this research paper. Nearly two weeks were given to complete the assignment, and while she completed it much ahead of time, it was a complete disaster. I felt as though it was a rush job, that literally had grammatical errors in nearly every sentence. I spent an entire day going over it and making sense of paper, while deleting lots of useless rambling. 

I had chosen this professor in hopes that she would write a great paper given that I noticed she did not have many ongoing projects, and reached out to me about completing my project. I should've got a clue something didn't add up as just from initial messaging with her, it was clear that English is not her primary language. Again, I basically re-wrote the entire thing; I was going to fail had I not done so. Consider another professor if you have a major term paper, in my experience this Political Science research paper was just plain bad. 
04/16/2018 Awesome and easy to work with. Finished ahead of time.
04/15/2018 Fantastic as usual
04/14/2018 Good stuff
04/14/2018 Fantastic!
04/14/2018 Amazing work as always
04/11/2018 amazing! did exactly what was needed, and the essay sounds perfect! would reccomend !
04/10/2018 First time using the service and Kate was awesome. She was able to get me a 15 page paper in less than a week and it's everything I needed. 
04/08/2018 Great work on really short notice!!
04/03/2018 Excellent work!!! Delivered exactly what was asked. Thanks for the continuous feedback.
04/01/2018 Great Paper! Thank you for the work. 
03/28/2018 Awesome...thanks
03/19/2018 very good paper
03/15/2018 :)! 
03/13/2018 Great job! 
03/11/2018 Great work 

03/08/2018 I asked for a 8-10 page paper, not including a bibliography or a title page. I received an 8 page paper INCLUDING a title page and a bibliography. Nonetheless, what content is actually there is written well.

Sorry, Just give me a 10 star, I will check on that
03/02/2018 My project exceeded my expectations! Thank you!
03/01/2018 Needed an 8 page comparitive paper for my Political Science class that was due within 2 days. KateB assured me she would be able to complete it by the deadline, and she did! Not only did she meet the requirements, but she even wrote an extra 2 pages. Paper was very professional and written to a graduate level. There was a few minor spelling corrections that needed to be made, but overall I am extremely impressed with the language and information in my paper. Guarenteed to get an A+
02/28/2018 Does amazing work on short notice.
01/30/2018 Great essay
01/30/2018 Top top essayss
01/30/2018 Top essay written 
01/30/2018 Great essay
01/30/2018 Great essays written
12/15/2017 Very satisfied with the final product.
11/30/2017 Good Paper, Was done early some speling and gramer mistakes.
11/27/2017 Finished the paper on time, got a 73% grade
11/23/2017 Awsome paper and got it done before the due date!
11/21/2017 Once again I have recieved an excellent grade on a project that Kate has done! Will continue to hire her. 
11/19/2017 Kate did a great job on a large project that lasted several weeks and i recieved an A overall. I will be using her again for future projects. 
11/19/2017 It was okay. There were quite a few mistakes (spelling, facts, etc) that I had to correct. I eneded up having to rewrite some of it.
11/07/2017 She wrote a stellar paper within 12 hours. Talk about efficiency...
Amazing work!  Well written, received an A.  Will work with again.
10/26/2017 KateB, does exactly what you asked for. I even got my paper early from the required date. She is consistent and always on point. i bet this paper will get me an A too.
10/26/2017 KateB is so awesome! She is consistent and very well versed in lots of subjects. Thats why I only go to her with all of my projects.
10/25/2017 KateB is great! Turns in outstanding work on time and is very easy to work with!
10/25/2017 Truly one of the best online professors out there. All of the work has been superior. Nothing but A's for this guy! Thanks KateB
10/24/2017 The professor did the job I asked her to do. I spent a lot of time editing it afterwards, probably because it's a personal paper and I'm a bit of perfectionist.
10/21/2017 Excellent work and finished early. 
10/19/2017 Incredible! I had an emergency in which I had not started a 7 page paper due in 2 days. Kate delivered it to me with time to spare and it was flawless. A++ will come back to this Prof.
10/17/2017 Awesome! quick and went beyond my expectations, This was the first time I used this service and it won't be the last. I'll let you know what i get on the paper. 
10/15/2017 I thought I had marked Chicago-Footnotes but got Chicago-Author-Date, (I guess I marked the wrong box or something) and I didn´t know I wouldn´t be able to contact her directly, after pressing Pay Professor, so I´ll just change that myself. I would have to change the edition of the book I gave her to refer to, since I use another one in my native language. Otherwise the essay was too good, the teacher won´t believe I wrote it by myself. But since she sent the finished essay well before the deadline I gave her, I believe I will have time to do whatever I feel is necessary to pass it of as my own work. Remember kids, getting the first degree is just the first real step in being able to study in your field with confidence e.g philosophers generally don´t have anything of importance to say in their field until 20 years after they graduate. I recommend Kateb if you need a good essay, but she might need to work on her skills in making bad essays that still can get a passing grade. I feel like I understand the material better after reading her essay, and it was easy to read, so that´s something. 
10/15/2017 I did some editing to the final product, but she finished my job on time and for a reasonable price. Thank you!
10/15/2017 Another great paper done in timely fashion!
10/14/2017 thanks!
10/12/2017 This paper was well-written and thoroughly addressed all parts of the assignment description provided. I have no complaints and would recommend.
10/08/2017 Excellent paper, in really short time!!! i would highly recommend Kate.
10/08/2017 Fast and professional service
10/05/2017 Made a 100. Super nice and asked for clarification when she needed it, rather than just throwing something together. Would work with her again.
10/05/2017 The paper was finished beore my stated due time, which was nice. When I received it, I had to clean up quite a few grammatical errors but it looked alright. However, the paper only received an 83/100 because some key elements were not adhered to in the paper. 
10/04/2017 Got an A on my final paper and a praise from my professor. Considering I only gave her 24 hours to complete the project and she got back with me within 12 hours with a completed essay. I know who I will be looking for next time I need help. 
10/03/2017 Gave kate 24 hrs and she still blew my expectations out of the water with the quality of the project. She will get it done before its due and is so helpful with revisions and so forth.
10/01/2017 Finished a 7 page essay in less than a day. Project came out great!
09/19/2017 Great work on such short notice
06/20/2017 Went to Kate because the first paper she wrote for me in a short period of time got a good grade, thought at that point she only needed to write 6 pp. I asked her to write a 9 pg  paper in under 12 hours and she did it, but she got me a 70%. Basically, she can write well if you give her time or it's not that long. All in all I'd recommend going to her, but I'd also recommend giving her more time than I did. The one that she had 12 hours to write didn't have much analysis and was pretty lofty (I know, I shouldn't really be able to complain seeing as I am literally incapable of writing papers.
06/19/2017 Written very well and delivered ahead of time.
06/13/2017 Very sub par job for the amount of money paid, wouldnt reccommend this proffessor
06/09/2017 Kate did a solid paper under time constraints and got me a solid grade (A-). I'd recommend to be specific with her though, because her citations were a bit messed up. All in all, I recommend.
06/05/2017 fast and good quality
06/05/2017 fast and good quality
06/02/2017 Thanks you so much look out for future assignments 
06/01/2017 Thankt you thank you! Great work and very reliable!
Perfect :)  second time i went to this professor!
05/31/2017 Order was done a day in advance, had enough time to make any corrections. Was very satisfied
05/30/2017 Fast response time, little wonky on the grammar and word choice but with a final revision by a student, the project turned out great. Much appreciated.
05/26/2017 Looks great. Thank you so much! Good job!
05/18/2017 Great job. Done way before the deadline. Great communication. Plagiarism check passed. No grammatical errors. Only minor errors due to jargon. 
05/18/2017 If you want an A choose KateB, it is as simple as that. 11 Stars from me. 
  • Engaged Kate to fix a thesis proposal based on feedback
  • 2 day turnaround time
  • Quick response to messages
  • Happy with the end result
05/16/2017 Absolutely great work and done in amazing time. Very greatful for this Professor.
05/15/2017 I had a task due, with a time span of three days. I'd never used the site before so It was all new, Kate was nice, quick to reply and answered all my questions.
I eventually realised that the time zones are quite different and needed the project sooner than I thought, she quickly replied and gave me the project a little shortly after.
Very happy with the service. Quick, good communication and friendly.

05/15/2017 amazing
05/15/2017 amazing work
05/15/2017 fast and effecient 
05/15/2017 extremely fast and professional. 
05/15/2017 This was my second time using this professor, and I was pleased as usual. Immidaitely after completing the previous project, I contacted her for another that was due in just over 48 hours. Though it took us a full day to properly communicate (which was mostly because of time differences I'm assuming) the project was completed 12 hours before the deadline. The solution was perfect; save for a two or three structural and grammar errors, but nothing major. Her rates were also resaonable and competetive as well. I was given another A becasue of this professor, and would recommend her to anyone needing to meet a tight deadline with an excellent quality solution.  
05/15/2017 highly ?recommend this professor. I provided her with this instircutons needed, and she took it from there; no uncertainty or anything. She had a 4 or 5 day window, but provided me with the solution in just under 26 hours. She was able to make a few corrections to the paper, though they were nothing serious and were only meant for cosmetic purposes. The flow, word choice, and citations were supurb as well. I endeed up with an A on the project, and was very pleased. 
05/12/2017 I love you! Marry me (heart emojis) Lol! Honestly couldnt be happier and the response time was amazing.
05/09/2017 Received a 60/100. Multiple sentences copied straight from wikipedia
05/06/2017 Paper was finished WELL before deadline! Thanks KateB!
05/06/2017 Great job with the paper overall. I originally asked for around 2500-3000 words, and KateB gave me a paper that was close to 4000 words, which was awesome. Also, she gave me the paper a day before the due date, and that was very convenient!
05/05/2017 Great paper. She was quick to get it done and met all requirements. Only a few grammer problems.
05/03/2017 KateB completed a 15 page essay in less than a day. That says everything on her dedication to her client. I was impressed with the quality of content of the essay, noting the limited time given to her. Outstanding job.
05/03/2017 Finished well before due date. Certainly appreciate that. Minor spelling/syntax fixes. Overall solid paper given the level and time frame. 
05/03/2017 Wonderful work
05/03/2017 Awesome paper and exceeded my expectations! She wasn't lying, she really is great at analytical papers! 
05/02/2017 Awesome work, I am keeping my GPA high with KateB, thank you so much for a great job on all of my papers.
05/02/2017 KateB is the so aweome, great quality work. Will definitely keep gping to her with all of papers.
05/02/2017 Another excellent job by KateB, this one got me an "A" again.
05/02/2017 Some grammatical errors and one of the paragraphs was shorter than it should have been but overall really good.
04/30/2017 KateB,
Is an awresome writer. I gave her three assignments with different due dates. I got them all back within a week! She did a great job on each of them, I am in wow and my grades reflected an "A", thank you so much KateB. Ill be sure to send you more assignments soon.
04/28/2017 very quick responses, and paper was exactly what I asked for!

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