PROFESSOR REVIEWS FOR: reillysolutions

Date Comment Rating
11/22/2018 If you need something business related done, this is the professor. Consistent excellence in all assignments collaborated on. 
11/21/2018 Awesome per usual
11/21/2018 Structure, content and grammar is on point. Will use again
11/21/2018 Looks amazing. Thank you
11/20/2018 As usual, she did well! Would recommend to a friend....
11/20/2018 Awesome job and completed it before it was due!
11/20/2018 ************

Had to give 11. 10 aint enough. Super excited. 
11/20/2018 Fantastic. Content mastery at its best. an A paper. Highly recommend
11/20/2018 Been using this service for quite a while. However, this professor has proved to be reliable, consistent, and very responsive. Will always go with reillysolutions. 

11/20/2018 Great Job!!
11/19/2018 Great Job!!

11/19/2018 Love her work!
11/19/2018 Absolutely perfect. Will use again
11/18/2018 Great! Quick and very quality 
11/17/2018 She has written for me more than 35 projects in business management. Has averaged a score of 94%. She has literally passed me through college. Thank you so much

Have you ever read someone's work, and you think to yourself, "F*ck, I wish I could write like that"? I seriously nearly wanted to cry due to the excellence of the paper. My paper was a review on Tribal Leadership (management). reillysolutions, I am so sad that one day I may not be able to contact you on account of you leaving, or this site shutting down, or something else all together because plain and simple - I can count on your work getting my through the remainder of my...umm, needs to hire someone to write my paper.
11/16/2018 All the 10 stars. 
11/15/2018 Another excellent paper from her. Thanks a lot
11/15/2018 Good one.

Please check out the other project I just posted. 
11/14/2018 Yes, she deserves full stars. Totally exceeded my expectations and I am very satisfied with the work I received. Will use her services again. 
11/14/2018 Wow!!! Exactly what I expected. Thank you
11/13/2018 100% amazing as always 
exceeded expectations in text and timing
11/13/2018 Great Job!!
11/13/2018 Will use again. 
11/13/2018 Whoa!!! Another A for me. Thanks a million
11/12/2018 Excellent paper. Thank you
11/12/2018   perfection at its best. thanks professor
11/11/2018 She continues to deliver spectacular work.
11/11/2018 Great job!!!


Amazing job as always. Papers are always perfect. Have used this professor many times, I refer her to all my friends also. She’s one of the only ones I trust here. Love this woman!

Great work in a timely manner!
11/08/2018 Great Job!!
11/08/2018 I always admire your work. Keep it up
11/07/2018 Did a great job, one of the highest in the class!
11/07/2018 Fantastic!!
11/06/2018 Thank you, so much!
11/06/2018 Came back pretty fast, and got an A so outstanded with the paper.


11/06/2018 Got an A so happy.

- Justaboy1997
11/06/2018 Thank you reillysolutions. Will post another project by Friday.
11/06/2018 Did an excellent job. Deserves more than 10 stars
11/05/2018 Looks great, will use again.
11/05/2018 Yeeeees!!! Super-excited. Received 68/70. 

Thank you prof reillysolutions
11/05/2018 amazing job. they have done 2 so far and i will be back for more
11/05/2018 Perfect job. Well done. Will use again
11/03/2018 A+ would recommended 
11/03/2018 Excellent.
11/03/2018 I received a D for my paper which i had to rewrite myself, the writer didnt read or follow instructions so disappointed
11/02/2018 Boom!!! She delivered my paper that was due November 9th. Thank you so much
11/01/2018 Good delivery as usual. Thank you
11/01/2018 She indeed deserves 10 stars. First time selecting her and delivered my paper before the deadline I gave. Paper is perfect.

Will use again.
11/01/2018 122/125. 10 star. 
11/01/2018 Outstanding. :)
11/01/2018 Thank you so much, will be back
10/31/2018 More projects on the way Reilly
10/31/2018 I always appreciate your hard work. 
10/31/2018 You did an excellent work prof. Keep it up.
10/31/2018 My professor feedback in summary;

You started well in your introduction giving a summary of the points to be discussed. I like the coherence in your paragraphs though you need to work on paragraph transition. Your conclusion is perfect and APA referencing looks good. Turnitin report shows the paper is under 15% as per the university guidelines.
Overall, the paper looks great. Awarded 97/100.

Thank you much Reilly!!!

10/31/2018 Saved me with a last minute project. Keep her word and delivered as promised. Will use again
10/30/2018 Hi prof reilly,

I have posted three projects, one for me and the other two for my classmates. The topics are different but the rubric is similar. Please check and confirm.
Thank you
10/30/2018 Did a awesome job!!!!
10/30/2018 Had my arguementative paper completed on time. Requested for a revision (addition of a rebuttal) and it was done quickly. My paper is perfect for submission. Simply excited. Will use again. 
10/30/2018 thank you so much I really appreciet your hard work.
10/30/2018 Recommended to this professor by my friend in North Carolina. I live in Kentucky and thought time difference will be an issue withe delivery. Suprised that I received my project early before the deadline. My professor feedback is that the paper is well written and made use of the resources cohesively and consistently. Will definately refer reillysolutions to someone in need of such help. 
10/30/2018 Was found for plagiarism and received a zero and might be suspended from a paper written by this writer
10/30/2018 Another home run - 100%!! Done on time and on budget! Will continue to work with my favorite UP!
10/29/2018 You did a excellent job!!!
10/29/2018 Boom!! My paper was due on November 9th, I just received it. This is just beyond my imagination. It looks outstanding as well. Highly recommend
10/29/2018 I got a 91% on the essay, was delivered promptly and worry free! So glad this app is legit and thanks reilysolutions! 
10/29/2018 Great Job!!
10/29/2018 Fantastic job. Very excited.
10/29/2018 Another perfect and timely paper from reillysolutions. Lets keep doing it dear. Thank you
10/29/2018 You are not who you say you are.  The work is not good quality. 
10/29/2018 If you're going to agree to complete a large amount of my projects, I'd expect equal quality of work on all of them.  How do you explain your typing errors?  No capitalization at the beginning of sentences?  I'd ask for a refund but I know I wouldn't receive one. 
10/29/2018 Great work on short notice. Will probably definitely be back. Saved me with an original essay that got me an A. Was very pleased with everything about it.
10/28/2018 Perfectly tailored and customized as requested. Thumbs up to this professor
10/28/2018 I have known reillysolutions since 05/2017 when I first placed my project on this website. She has completed more than 30 projects for me mostly in political science and information technology. I have also referred about 9 of my classmates to this professor and she has delivered quality projects for them; they are VERY SATISFIED. The Ma'am is humble and very prompt in her responses. She is quick to respond to revision requests and goes beyond to deliver more than requested. I trust prof reilly and I will keep using her until I complete my courses. I as well strongly recommend without any doubt. If you have any issue or clarification, she is always available to give a feedback. 

Thank you reillysolutions for those As. 
10/27/2018 Submitted before due time.  Very well written.
not worth the money

You placed 8 projects with different titles/topics but similar structure. I delivered all papers as per the instructions and followed the rubric/structure you provided. From the reviews you have a written, I see contradiction in your statements; you say writing is okay with no grammar errors but you call the work done as mediocre? That is fine though, I always accept criticism and you have the right to do so. I concentrated again and rewrote the work as per your request. However, I am deeply disappointed that even though you seem to acknowledge the effort and I couldn't exceed your expectations, you couldn't show any respect and appreciate the effort. Nevertheless, my spirit is still intact. I wish you all the best and hoping you receive good grades for all the papers.
10/26/2018 Poorly written.  Not a good structure.  Had to list the references myself.  I did not have time to have the writer fix anything because the deadline was too close.  
10/26/2018 I chose original writing but all this writer did was copy the same body and information from another project.  Not many errors but I don't know how the writer should be allowed to copy from another project.  I don't have time to have him rewrite it.  It's too close to the deadline.
10/26/2018 Not too bad I guess.  Satisfied for the most part.  Some corrections had to be made but not really original writing.  Had a similar project and all the writer did was used the same body and replaced some key words.
10/26/2018 Used this same prof for other projects and received the same poor results.  Writing style is weak and some grammar issues.  Not the best formatting or flow.  
10/26/2018 At first it appeared to have been written by a fifth grader.  Some sentences only had 5 or six words.  Lots of grammar problems but after asking for a revision I didn't really get much improvement.  Had to fix most of it myself.
10/26/2018 Medicore at best but better than other projects this prof has worked on.  Writing style is okay.  No grammar or spelling errors.
10/25/2018 Great Job!!
10/25/2018 Absolutely perfect. Highly recommend
10/24/2018 I wish I could have your email or contact to leave you a personal gift as an appreciation. However, I have left you a handsome tip appreciating your help. Thanks again Reilly
10/24/2018 Thank you for coming through and saving me during some of the hardest moments in my life. Working in a busy environment and having a young family while pursuing my master program has been hectic and cumbersome. My wife almost divorced me!!! You worked on my projects with passion and determination and got good grades. I can't thank you enough reillysolutions. 
10/23/2018 Great job.
10/23/2018 On point and timely. Recommend a million times.
10/23/2018 Always my all time favorite professor. 

thank you reillysolutions
10/21/2018 Fantastic
10/20/2018 She definately took her time and effort to ensure the paper is of the expected standard. Respond to messages promptly and willing to work with all along. The best professor I have ever worked with in this service. I highly recommend. 
10/19/2018 There were some grammatical errors. make sure you proofread your paper several times. Guidelines were followed for the most part. Did receive paper on time and did respond to messages. 
10/19/2018 Needed a 6-page research paper done for nursing school and I cannot rave enough about the quality of work this professor delivered!!! My instructor gave the paper a grade of 105! You will not regret choosing her for your homework needs!!
10/19/2018 Thank you!!!
10/19/2018 Great work, cant wait to work with you again. 
10/18/2018 very nicely done. 
10/18/2018 Sorry for the late response prof Reilly, I did receive the paper and looks great!! Will be back soon with more projects. Thank you
10/17/2018 Wrote a great consistent paper 
10/17/2018 Fantastic job. Assignment was completed on time and was very well done.
10/17/2018 Great job and on time.
10/17/2018 Saved my butt, when my daughter got sick I was not able to write this paper
10/15/2018 Absolutely amazing work. Literally a work of art 
10/15/2018 Excellent job !! Got it to me right on time and followed the directions 
10/15/2018 Polical science project due 15/10 23:59 EST

Over-excited and satisfied student. Professor Reilly kept her word. Delivered the project early before the due date. The paper is excellent with proper formatting, citation and bibliography done very well. I am confident of turning this in. I highly recommend her. 
10/14/2018 Excellent work
10/13/2018 Very well put together. 
10/12/2018 Well Written - Missing conclusion else perfect
10/11/2018 Outstanding work !!!
10/11/2018 Very good. Will be back with more papers. See you around
10/09/2018 You got me a 100 on my research paper for literture class and worte it in less than 20 hours! Thank you so much!
10/09/2018 Having her to work on my projects is the most exciting and amazing thing I found on this website. The experience was marvelous. Much appreciation to her. 
10/09/2018 Pretty essay. Thank you Ma'am
10/08/2018 Excellent work with quick turnaround!
10/08/2018 Always my best. Try her out. 
10/08/2018 Amazing professor. Followed every bit of the instruction and earned me an A. Thank you a million
10/07/2018 thank you so much.
10/05/2018 The essay meet every point.  Nicely done.
10/04/2018 Awesome product.
10/04/2018 Amazing work
10/04/2018 ON time and well written
10/04/2018 Been working with prof reilly since 7/17. Completed several of my courses with 25+ term papers and discussions. The experience and results has been outstdanding. My best..
10/03/2018 Met all the requirements. :) :) :)
10/02/2018 Amazingly done. Thank you so much for your help. For next project I'll come to you as well. Thank you
10/02/2018 Fantastic job!! Excellent choice of words, grammar and sentence structure. Her work is a proof of every bit of committment and effort she put on my paper. Made use of the resources I gave her on purpose throughout the entire. I am overwhelingly impressed. Will definately be using her. 
10/02/2018 Umm...simply outstanding. Thank you reillysolutions
10/01/2018 Amazing job. Thank you. 
10/01/2018 Perfect! Finished early, too!
10/01/2018 Nicely done
10/01/2018 Well written
09/30/2018 Always the best, never less
09/28/2018 My fourth project with prof reilly and I can't thank her enough. In my last course, her papers earned me an A!! She is very thorough and detailed. She communicates consistently and is willing to take promptu project that I gave her and delivers them within no time. Count her to with your papers. Thank you so reillysolutions
09/27/2018 Very nicely done.  Right in time.
09/27/2018 Great use of information.
09/27/2018 Very nicely written. 
09/26/2018 Absolutely amazing. Followed every detail and turn around time was very quick.
09/25/2018 No issues with the paper, very well done.
09/24/2018 Always ontime and always within the scope of the directions given. Does exceptional work with very little direction as well!
09/23/2018 Paper was well written and delivered a couple of days early to boot! Would highly reccomend!
09/23/2018 My project was marked 96.5/100. Thank you so much ma'am. 
09/23/2018 My project was marked 96.5/100. Thank you so much ma'am. 
09/20/2018 Absolutely the best. I highly recommend
09/18/2018 Prof reilly is a very thorough in her work. She has written many dicussions for me. I have always been impressed with her grasp of the subject matter and ability to complete the projects on time and with detailed knowledge of the subject. 

Amazing professor. She did my paper and it looks VERY GOOD. I will always use her. Thank you!!!

09/16/2018 Excellent work! I was a little hesistant but she was very helpful and changed things for me a few times with no hassle. There was no indication of plagerism and I received the scores I expected on both assignments. (95. 97). I would recommend and will be using again in the near future.
09/12/2018 Fantastic work! Thank you so much!
09/11/2018 She’s always on the ball and even got my last minute paper to me early!!! Bless you! 
09/11/2018 Great job
09/10/2018 Paper delivered well ahead of deadline
09/10/2018 very well written.  Met the time line.
09/09/2018 Very good discussion and delivered early. Thanks!
09/09/2018 Very professional!! Kept consistent communication and could give responses promptly whenever I needed them. Product delivered meets all the requirements and totally exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be using her.
09/09/2018 Brilliant project and communication from this professor. I liked her committment and her willingness to give free advise on my paper. She is very professional and will use her again.

Thank you professor reillysolutions
09/06/2018 Awesome work. Thank you Reilly
Thank you for your quick response.
09/03/2018 Great work, I got an A on my assignment! I recommend this professor and will use her again!
09/03/2018 Thank you
08/30/2018 Had a rush project and she did it within a short time and in good quality. She deserves a tip accordingly. Will use her again..
08/30/2018 Timely and well done. Thank you
08/29/2018 Great paper! Thanks so much for all of your amazing work!
08/29/2018 My dissertation was done to perfection. She was readily available to work on revisions and feedbacks from my professor/supervisor. As much as I thought spending $2700 was a bit high, the product was worth what I spent. I am a happy student and will use her for my Ph.D project soon. Thanks
08/28/2018 I would like to involve you in my future projects and especially at the start of the next semester.  This was my last project for this class and I was overwhelmed balancing time between work and class and that is why I decided to use this service. The paper is outstanding and this experience is unbelievable. If you will be able to handle papers for my 3 upcoming courses, I will appreciate. Please let me know. 

?Thank you so much!!!!

08/28/2018 A+!!! Thank you for the excellent work!!
08/27/2018 You haven't placed your bid on the project I just posted.

Please check and confirm if you can work on it. Thank you for week 6 assignment. 

Thank you
08/27/2018 All my expectations met. Paper was turned in pretty early for me to review. Good job
08/26/2018 I wasn't happy with the grade that I ended up getting in my World Cultures II class.  My professor gave me a 152.97 out of 200 for my paper.  
08/26/2018 Thank you!!! Will post more projects for you
08/25/2018 Great paper and submitted to me before the time I asked! Thank you so much for saving me this week. This was my first time using this and I was skeptical so ran another plagiarism report and it came back great! I went throught and added some of my own touches and I think it turned out wonderful. Thanks professor!
08/25/2018 I have reviewed the paper and looks great. She derseves 10 stars. 
08/24/2018 I wish I could take a screenshot of my professor's comments and paste here. In summary, the discussion was excellent and perfect. Will always keep using her. 

Thank you reillysolutions

08/24/2018 Very well written essay and a fast turnaround. Highly recommended!
08/24/2018 This paper was excellent. Thanks so much for all of your amazing work!