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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
11/10/2019 You did an excellent job!!! I received an A+ on the paper.
10/24/2019 Thank you so much for another grade A paper. 
10/19/2019 beautiful work!
10/17/2019 Great job!
10/15/2019 Everything was done ahead of time and instructions were followed to a tee. Definitely recommend this professor!
10/07/2019 I had to ask for a review to add more because the research paper was very surfacy. No real research was done, just a copy/paste of the site references I gave. I have to go over some of it again and add to it myself. Seemed very rushed and the sentence construction is somewhat laughable: "The use of people as an interpretive tool is effective in that they explain in detail and can be asked questions. This means that if a tourist has questions that need clarification, they can be clarified."
Ok cheers for that explanation, in case my prof was too dumb to understand... Don't understand the high ratings, to be honest, this is average, at best. If I had paid $60 for it it would have been acceptable, but not $100.
10/06/2019 The absolute best work I have received on here thus far. No need to send it back for reviews. I will definitely be using this prof again in the future.
10/06/2019 Well written paper. Initally did not address basis of paper, however, she edited the paper very fast and fixed the problems. 
10/03/2019 Thank you so much for such great work. I received an A for my paper. You are amazing!
10/01/2019 Excellent work
09/29/2019 Excllent work as alwayw!
09/27/2019 Loved my paper! It was everything I aksed for and more! 100% reccomend this proffessor to write your papers!!
09/27/2019 Quick and good. Second time I used this prof.
09/27/2019 Not well written at all
09/25/2019 What a legend. Saved me tons of work. Posting my next project now
09/24/2019 Great work as always!
09/23/2019 Great writing but did not meet the requirements set forth
09/23/2019 63.70 out of 70
09/18/2019 Thakyou soo much for your help professor! Your work is impecable!
09/17/2019 Great Work
09/16/2019 Excellent job!
09/16/2019 Great work!
08/19/2019 Great job!
08/18/2019 Excellent work!
08/12/2019 Excellent work!
08/05/2019 ProfPetty did a great job on my paper. I got an A-! Thank you so much
08/01/2019 Great Job and delivered early
07/31/2019 Gave me the assignment on time and got 95%, thank you so much. 
07/21/2019 Excelent work and before due date!! Would use again! Thanks
07/21/2019 Excellent work - thank you.
07/16/2019 Great prof to work with - I had to ask for a small revision prior to submitting and they completeing the work successfully! I received an A on my paper so very much appreciate thier work! 

Excellent expeirence and would highly recomend to others! 
07/07/2019 Good paper.
07/03/2019 Best Professor ever
07/03/2019 Profpetty consistantly provides insightful papers and fantastic results!  My courseload is heavy and this professor always comes through in a bind, with very little needed in terms of revisions.  Profpetty is my go-to when it comes to picking someone from Unemployed Professors.
06/30/2019 thanks!
06/28/2019 Great job!!

06/26/2019 I've never gotten anything below an A with this professor.
06/26/2019 The best!
06/26/2019 I always use this professor, they never let me down.
06/26/2019 Awesome job
06/26/2019 Worth every penny
06/26/2019 Couldn't ask for a better professor!
06/26/2019 Great
06/26/2019 Awesome writer and always on time.
06/26/2019 Always gets me an A!
06/26/2019 Best professor out there!
06/26/2019 Great job!
06/23/2019 Did a great job. Paper was completed on time and fulfilled the requirements. 
06/20/2019 Amazing job, thank you so much!
06/19/2019 Great paper! Very impressed 
06/18/2019 Great job!!
06/16/2019 Responded quickly to my message, recieved paper morning of the due date and it exceeded expectations for sure.
06/14/2019 Hey profpetty, you changed your name from reillysolutions?? What happened?? Am glad that I have found you here again. The projects that you did for me last semester went through with high marks. I have one semester remaining with three courses. Will let you know when I post the projects. 

Thank you for being such an amazing person. 
06/14/2019 First, it was her reception/response, so polite and welcoming
Accepted her bid and delivered the project 8 hours before my due date. Next, my instructor gave me my first A in her class!!! Finally, I make a humble request that you take all my projects in my five courses this semester. Please!
06/12/2019 Great Job!! More assignment to come
06/11/2019 Excellent!! 
06/11/2019 Looks pretty and ready to hand in. 

06/10/2019 Blown away with the paper I received. Very detailed and precise on the topic. Will definitely use again.
06/10/2019 Great Work! Thank you! Got me out of a bind. 
06/09/2019 great essay
06/07/2019 Profpetty is quite possibly the best I've ever come across. They have handled every assignment, discussion board post, and excrutiating research paper I've thrown at them with ease. The content is very techinical, well thought out, and expertly written. I will never allow anyone else to do my assignments as long as Profpetty is around!
06/06/2019 Absolutely amazing. Highly recommend
06/06/2019 Thank you. More projects come up for you
06/05/2019 It was a good paper. I got an 89 on it. More qualitative analysis was needed.
06/05/2019 Timely and perfect. 

Thank you for your quick response
06/05/2019 Great Thanks
06/05/2019 You are the best unemployed professor!!
06/04/2019 Exceeded my expectations, and I recieved an A on both assignmnets. 
06/04/2019 Highly recommend
06/04/2019 Thank you
06/03/2019 My professor feedback in summary;
You started well in your introduction giving a summary of the points to be discussed. I like the coherence in your paragraphs though you need to work on paragraph transition. Your conclusion is perfect and APA referencing looks good. Turnitin report shows the paper is under 15% as per the university guidelines.
Overall, the paper looks great. Awarded 97/100.
Thank you much!!!
06/03/2019 Trust this professor with your IT/Computer science projects. Love you petty
06/03/2019 My fourth project with this professor. Very professional. 
Great job!!
06/01/2019 10/10
06/01/2019 Thank you.
05/31/2019 Completely thinks outside of the box. I'm very pleased with the quality of writing, and if I ever have another essay that needs writing I'll definitely come back.
05/30/2019 Using her for two years now. Thank you Maa'm
05/30/2019 The best in this service. Highly recommend
05/29/2019 Excellent Work!
05/27/2019 perfect
05/27/2019 excellent
05/26/2019 Perfect
05/25/2019 Thank you!
05/24/2019 Two day notice to complete and still perfect!
05/24/2019 Great essay, With plenty of time to spare.  Best decision I made all semester
05/24/2019 really good essay!! 

05/23/2019 solid
05/23/2019 Great work - thanks
05/22/2019 Amazing job.

Will use again
05/22/2019 Great. Thanks
05/21/2019 10/10
05/21/2019 Absolutely the best. Will use again
05/18/2019 Amazing. Fast and quality work. 

Thank you so much
05/18/2019 Well written. Highly recommend
05/17/2019 comments from marker:
- only a couple of sentences in the introduction were useful

- did not adhere to the required structure
- key sections missing
- you need to review how the structure of lab reports, not good enough

29% similarity report

05/16/2019 Great work!!
04/29/2019 Great work!
04/29/2019 I enjoyed reading this and it has saved me much time in my busy finals schedule, thank you.
04/27/2019 Amazing work!
04/26/2019 Great Job!! See u next month
04/25/2019 My man!!  Got a 70/75 on the annotatted bibliography and a 125/125 on the research paper!!  I hope you learned a little something about Nathaniel Bacon while you were nailing my paper! Thank you!
04/21/2019 Great job! Thank you 
04/21/2019 Did excellent work! Was done before deadline time
04/10/2019 Great work and super early! Got an A on the paper.
04/09/2019 Good Paper
04/08/2019 Great job!!

04/08/2019 Great job!!
04/02/2019 Went over and above the assignement! 10/10 will for sure use again!
Great job as usual
03/28/2019 Amazing. Exceeded expectations. I was wary to use this site, as it is a very steep price. But I had way too much work piled up this week and desperately needed this essay to be done. I just read over the essay, it is beautifully written and covered all of my requirements. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
03/27/2019 Absolutely solid writer and extremely punctual.
02/22/2019 Professor returned a paper that while looked nice, didn't meet any of the guidelines in the rubric.  Submitted the feedback and requested revision to be ghosted.
02/22/2019 Professor returned a paper that while looked nice, didn't meet any of the guidelines in the rubric.  Submitted the feedback and requested revision to be ghosted.
02/17/2019 Excellent job!! Will be sending couple more assignments
02/13/2019 Finished almost 24 hours before the order deadline, and exceeded my expectations on the assignment. Highly recommend Prof Pat's services. 
Great Job!!
02/04/2019 Great Job!!
01/31/2019 Great Job!! I have another project waiting for your response.
01/28/2019 Great Job!!

01/14/2019 Most importanly, got an A!  Project was returned in a timely manner. Thanks again
01/14/2019 Most importanly, got an A!  Project was returned in a timely manner. Thanks again
01/14/2019 Project was nearly 12 hours late. I’ve used this professor previously without issue, not sure what happened this time.  Paper was completed nicely, just cost me points due to it being late.  
01/13/2019 I came here for an English II paper, and it was a total dumpsterfire.  

First off, I provided the full course rubric with a deadline of 4-5 weeks.  The professor waited until the evening of the due date to request a few more days to finish it.  I did get it a few days later and skimmed over it, correcting various grammar errors and changing the wording here and there.  I honestly got the impression that an ESL or exchange student hat written it.  After submitting it online, it was quickly returned for revision.  The professor hadn't used enough sources, which was something that was specifically mentioned in the rubric I provided.  At this point, I had nothing to show for my money but a failing paper. 

Next, I argued with the site admin for a bit.  They insisted that all corrections have to be requested prior to the project going to completed status.  Since there is no working paper, and the project shifts to complete as soon as the professor sends it, such a thing is physically impossible.  After emailing back and forth for a bit, the professor agreed to revise the paper and get me an updated version in a few days.  It took 3-4 weeks and a couple unanswered emails to get the final copy.  Additionally, I took it upon myself to correct the citations at the direction of the course instructor.  This professor technically filled out everything, but the credibility section for each source roughly said "this is a scholarly and peer reviewed article published in 20xx."  I should have insisted that they fix that as well, but that probably would have made the final copy take 3 months instead of 2.

Bottom line, the professor was 3 days late in spite of having 5 weeks to do it.  Not only was the paper in bad shape, but it failed a specific, ironclad requirement, which ended up taking right around 2 months to get fixed.  3 stars due
01/08/2019 The best ever
01/03/2019 Please check out my new project
01/03/2019 Happy New year. Scored 97/100. Thank you
12/30/2018 Love her work! She does all of my papers!
Love her work. She does all of my papers!!
12/30/2018 Thanks
12/30/2018 Well done. 
12/28/2018 A++
12/15/2018 Understanding job, saved me a lot of time I didn't have.  I highly recommend and I will use again.  
12/13/2018 AMAZING
12/13/2018 Very happy
12/13/2018 Quality - A
Deadlines - A
Communication - A

overall an A plus professor. Will use again
12/12/2018 Great job! See you next month
12/12/2018 Great job!!
12/12/2018 Excellent!! Will use again
12/12/2018 A++
12/11/2018 Just posted another criminology project, please check it out and bid. The previous project received A-. Very impressive. 

Awaiting your bid. Thank you
12/11/2018 Very grateful for the good work you did. 94/100 is just beyond my expectations. Will use again
12/10/2018 I can't believe at how many positive reviews there are. I gave this professor a very simple Psychology essay to write. The essay was filled with grammatical errors and was very superficial in detail. Overall, it seemed like it was written by a high-school student. I don't know if this professor sold her account given her credentials seem to be very impressive but there is no way that someone even with a bachelors degree would have produced something like that. I ended up with a high 60 and a bunch of comments from my professor destroying my paper. I don't know how this professor got these other reviews but if you want this person to work on a project with high detail, do not pick this one.
12/10/2018 Excellent job!!!

12/09/2018 Great paper and was on time with everything looking excellent. 
12/09/2018 DO NOT USE THIS PROFESOR!!! My entire paper was cut and copied from two pdfs and a some online articles. The only thing done correct was the abstract and layout of the paper. When I ran a plagerism check entire pages were highlighted. The professor has yet to respond to any messages and now I am stuck rewritting an entire paper. HORRIBLE
12/09/2018 You did an awesome job again.  Thank you!!
12/09/2018 Perfect work every time. I’ve been using this professor for every assignment for a while now and I have never been disappointed.  Would recommend 100%
12/08/2018 Great work!
12/08/2018 Heaven sent! Had too much on my plate nearing the end of the semester and every bit of time saving was well worth the money. Couldn't have asked for a better paper.
Great Professor! I recieved an outstanding grade and would highly consider her for any future assignments I may have!
12/07/2018 Pretty good, except there was so many gramatical errors, and the paper was written pretty poorly. I'm basically rewriting the whole thing so that sucks. Don't use her for history papers
12/07/2018 Early deadline extension request was given and finally did a great job. Very professional and polite in her communication and language. Probably she is experienced in all the facets of this game/service, you so smart mummy..

:) :)
12/07/2018 I always love your work. High quality, on time delivery and consistent communication. 
12/06/2018 great paper. however there were some minor errors such as misspelled words and incomplete sentences. 
12/06/2018 Released payment. Amazing work. Will use again
12/06/2018 I want to take this opportunity to thank you a million times for helping through the last two semesters. Meeting you in this service is the best thing ever to happen in my life for the last two years. You came through a time when my marriage was crumpling, juggling between work and family. You saved me and I had time to be with my family. You passionately worked on my papers. I remember a time I forgot to post my projects early and had to rush but you completed them within a record time. I may not be able to find you physically and offer my appreciation but just know you will be my one of my special person to celebrate this year. Thank you Reilly
12/05/2018 Awesome job! Would definitely request again

12/05/2018 Amazing work and on time!
12/05/2018 Perfect papers, always follows the prompt. Haven't gotten anything less than a 95%!
12/04/2018 Great job!!
12/04/2018 Excellent paper and completed on time thank you.
12/04/2018 Punctual and accurate. Highly recommend
12/03/2018 Lol, you're crazy miracle worker ma'am. 

Thank you
12/03/2018 You are my best. Keep up the good work
12/02/2018 She requested deadline extension which I gave. She didn't disappoint either as the final paper is outstanding and of my expected quality. Will use again
12/02/2018 Excellent!!
12/01/2018 10 star. She totally exceeded my expectations.
12/01/2018 Happy holidays. Thank you
11/30/2018 She has never failed me. See you come new year
11/30/2018 Incredibly smart, Extremely fast and accurate. She is amazing.
11/28/2018 She was so good! very responsive and agreed to all the conditions and very flexible and understanding! Thank you!
11/28/2018 Once again, thank you so much for your work! 
11/28/2018 Thanks
11/28/2018 Great job!!

11/28/2018 Amazing professor. Very responsive and quick turnaround. Highly recommend
11/27/2018 I am very happy with what I received! This professor was very helpful and responded to me promptly anytime I messaged her. The essay was also perfect, and submitted earlier than due time. I will definitely use her again!
11/27/2018 I love you ma’am
11/26/2018 phenomenal 
11/26/2018 You did an awesome job.  Received an A+ on paper.  
11/26/2018 You did an awesome job again!!!
11/26/2018 Helpful and excellent quality.

Love her! I only use her unless she is unavailable!!

11/24/2018 Excellent work!! Needed extra time to complete it but still the results were impressive. 
11/23/2018 Working on all my papers and discussion for the entire course, receiving an A is one of my most amazing experience with this service. You such an amazing person. 
11/23/2018 Well written. I appreciate
11/23/2018 Thank you
11/22/2018 If you need something business related done, this is the professor. Consistent excellence in all assignments collaborated on. 
11/21/2018 Awesome per usual

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