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Dr. Gabby

We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
02/02/2018 Amazing work, got an A on my work.
01/21/2018 Dr. Gabby is the best!
01/21/2018 A+
01/11/2018 Good!!!
01/05/2018 Perfect, thank you very much !!!!!!!
12/29/2017 Dr G does it again. 4th paper I have had completed by this prof and it is exceptional! Use with confidence!
12/21/2017 Please kick this scam artist off of this site. I am facing serious, serious penalties for what he/she did to me. 

This is the message my prof sent me 
"The term paper you have submitted is enitely plagiarized. Copied and pasted, changing one word in each sentence, from these essays I found online: 



12/21/2017 Wow. He plagiarized my whole paper! The entire thing! And put fake citations! I am in so much trouble now and have no idea how to explain this and will probably not get into grad school. DO NOT USE THIS SCAM ARTIST, use someone else 100%

12/19/2017 Amazing prof, always does great work and provides a very detailed paper. Always worth the money and can't go wrong with Dr Gabby!
12/18/2017 100% Perfect, thank you very much 
12/14/2017 I got my feedback today and I was among the best students in our course.
I got 98% which I have never gotten before.
Would use again and again.
She never disapoints among all Professors 
12/14/2017 Dr Gabby goes beyond and does the expected.

If I were to rate, 10 would note be enough.

Though I took time before I viewed the solution file, the happiness is great.

Highly recommendable and always there to save me .

I will use again and agian

Thank you.
12/13/2017 Extremelly well written and covered all the questions just like I required.
I made a mistake in my deadline calculation and the paper was more urgent than I thought.
The professor went out of his way to esnure that I met my deadline despite my mistake.
Not only did the paper cover all the topic well but also wrote a reaction exactly the way i wanted.
Dr Gabby you are the Best
12/10/2017 She did a good job of compiling sources and summarizing them. However, I had to go through her work line by line because some phrases were directly copied from the sources and I am afraid of plagiarizing. Some wording was also written in awkward English. Make sure you give yourself time to go over their work before your own deadlines are due! 
12/09/2017 If you want to fail, use Dr. Gabby.
12/07/2017 Good work. Followed all directions and delivered on time :)
12/06/2017 Terrible work. I got charged with plagiarism and failed the paper.
12/04/2017 A few minor mistakes, but overall better than what I would have writen. Good sources.
12/04/2017 Once again Dr. Gabby does the best! Perfect assignment after 1 revision. As always, would definitely recommend!
12/04/2017 Good. But it still has some small mistakes.
12/01/2017 Amazing!!!
11/30/2017 This was my first time using this site and I thought I'd choose whoever had the best rating but don't be fooled. I was expecting more, I got a C on this assignment which was in all honesty quite simple considering it was an analysis of youtube videos. I genuinely wish I had done it myself but didnt have the time which is why I did this. My professor's commentary was that it was too general/vague and needed to dig deeper into the examples. The three stars are for fulling the assignment in a timely manner which I appreciate. I don't appreciate getting a C on an assignment for a class that I have, or I guess had, an A in. Won't be wasting my money again.
11/30/2017 Loved the work, looked very believeable (;
11/29/2017 She took a while to edit, but she completed the project within the timeline and we had back and forth about word count and page number. this site was counting words and I asked for specific numbers of pages, also I paid by the pages, so i was expecting more pages, not less but she worked with me. Site should stop using counting words in this instance, at least. Thank U Dr. Gabby
11/29/2017 I am not one to enjoy bashing another person, but given the amount I paid for this paper I believe it is warranted. The final product of what this professor provided me was utter garbage. Do not use this professor or anyone else on this site unless you are satisfied with absolute mediocrity. The only reason I am giving 5 stars is because they were willing to go back afterwards and help fix some errors. Though, even then, if I were to hand in what they gave me I would likely receive barely a passing grade. Extremely disappointed. 
11/28/2017 Paper was outstanding adn fulfilled all the requirements. It was also delivered on time. Would definitely reccomend and will definitely be using agaian!
11/27/2017 Amazing professor. Completed assignment exactly as it was outlined in the rubric and I passed upon first submission. I highly highly recommend and will definitely be using again in the future!
11/27/2017 The turn around time was quick. The professor was in contact with me frequently. However, i was dissapointed with the finished product, some ideas did not make sense and he kept calling the main idea "Restoration" instead of "Reformation". I recieved a C on this paper and was expecting at least a B. 
11/26/2017 Super helpful! Did a great job and finished super early!!!! 10/10 would use again!
11/22/2017 Well written and on time. I just added a few minor edits. I'm very happy, Thank You!
11/22/2017 Well written, with no typos or editing needed. Project was on time and high quality. 
11/20/2017 very nice
11/19/2017 Terrible Essay, Highly do not reccommend. I was cheated on pages asked for 4 given three. Complete trash definintly not a doctor. 
11/17/2017 My essay was well written found a couple of mistakes at first but she didn't hesitate to fix it and did great!
11/16/2017 $50 and got 68 on my paper! 
11/15/2017 The assignment was completed on with all the requirements. However, there were a lot of gramatical errors 
11/15/2017 Many thanks once again. Exceptional work professor! Enjoy your spoils. 
11/15/2017 100 % Perfect and a big A !!!! Thank you very much !!!!!!!!
11/13/2017 All A’s from every assignment. 
11/13/2017 10/10, amazing work.
11/12/2017 This is an amazing essay. Absolutely exceeds expectations. Although, it may be a little hard to believe that this is coming from a high schooler so I did leave one star from full but thank you so much for the hard work. 
11/01/2017 Fantastic work. Eloquently brought the qualitative facts and concepts in the book work with challenging and sensible arguments. Included the pre-approved sources as well.
10/31/2017 SOOOOO good!
10/31/2017 Quite a few grammatical errors had to be corrected upon receiving the final product. Timeliness was great, though.
10/28/2017 This professor delivered my memo in a timely manner. I have used Dr. Gabby twice so far and have never been dissapointed. Will definitely use again!
10/22/2017 Completed it very early way ahead of the dealine and met all of the requirements needed. Fantastic Job.
10/20/2017 She is FANTASTIC!
10/18/2017 Awesome!
10/15/2017 Finished it before the deadline and  did an excellent job.
10/14/2017 Clearly not a native English speaker. Had to rewrite basically every sentence. Lots of filler nonsense. Sticking to my preferred writer on the site from here on out.
10/13/2017 Excellent. Dr. Gabby followed all of the instructions, and was very quick to finish the project.
10/13/2017 Amazing work! Turned in early!
10/09/2017 exelent timing, bery good done. loved it.
10/07/2017 Horrible elementary level writing. Avoid at all costs. Poor sentance structure, use of words. better to do it yourself...
10/05/2017 Very simple and fast worker. Thank you so much!
10/05/2017 yas
10/04/2017 Looked it over. Exactly what the rubric asled for. Minor spelling and gramatical errors. But other than that $100 well spent. saved me a bunch of time and the professor turned this in to me 1 day after I submitted it! awesome turn around time consideringit wasnt due until October 9th!! Will definitely be using again! Now I cant wait to see what I got on the paper =)
10/02/2017 Fantastic essay
10/01/2017 Like one gramatical error which isnt even that big a deal because it was a simple fix. I appreciate the work done in a super small time frame. I didnt even give this professor a full day and the Case was solid. I would be surprised if I dont get a good grade. Thanks!
10/01/2017 Very Good
09/29/2017 Thank you for getting this done quickly!! ??
09/23/2017 This professor exceeded my expectations! I can't wait to use this professor again!
08/31/2017 A+ and delivered early!  Thank you so much!
08/31/2017 A+ and on time!  Thank you!
07/28/2017 I got a 50/50 on my Mini Case Paper!! A++

07/17/2017 Excellent and timely delivery of quality work as my grade reflected.
07/07/2017 The subject matter of this paper wasn't at 100%. I made the fatal error of NOT proofreading this paper before submitting it to my professor. Besides the pounctuation and grammatical errors which were a no-brainer to fix, there were errors with facts (facts being the, oh I don't know, most important part of a paper). Also, when naming the perpetrators of a specific case, he messed up on a bunch of them, AND he only used their last names??? All in all, it was like an 85% ok paper when it comes down to brass tax. The errors made it sounds like I defiunitely didn't write it, because I wouldn't mess up on the simplest of these things.
07/02/2017 **
06/23/2017 Did an awesome job on my writing assignment. Would definitely come back again for his services in the future.
06/16/2017 Paper was plagiarized and professor found out. Be careful using DR. Gabby or you run the risk of getting caught for plagiarism
06/12/2017 Very weak grammar and sentence formation. Difficulty following detailed instructions. 
06/11/2017 Qucik turnaround, but extremelt poor quality.
The initial paper quality was in fact so poor that I strongly believe it would have received a failing grade. Having pointed this out to Gabby, she did take the time to re-write the paper. However, the final result was still subpar.
I will leave you with an excerpt of the closing argument from the orginal paper, as i believe it speaks strongly to the quality of work recieved:

"Therefore, during the analyzing of these objects, it is important to ensure that there is analyzing their importance in the history of the Greek. Besides, during the addressing of the objects, there is the indication that they were established for importance. It is indicative that all the objects were categorized with the time they were produced and the time, the styles that were used in their establishment. Therefore, these objects remain comparable and at the same time, different, and it is importance to ensure that there is the realization of their importance in the history of Greek."
06/09/2017 Completed the project quickly but it was kind of odd, some odd grammar, sounded like someone who wasn't very good at english. 
06/05/2017 Amazing! Great paper! Completed in one day, very reasonable price! 
06/05/2017 Completed way ahead of schedule and exceeded the word count.
06/05/2017 Great paper with extra quotes and submitted before the deadline! I will definitely be using Dr. Gabby again!!!
06/04/2017 Helpful and quick
05/30/2017 Thank you so much!  Dr. Gabby wrote an A+ essay and completed it a day ahead of schedule.  Will definitely use again!
05/25/2017 Did more than I asked which is OK, but must have been going too quickly because she confused mAcro economics with mIcro economics
05/17/2017 I used Dr. Gabby for my 400 level writing intesive class about the history of medicine. My professor said that the paper was "very well organized and that I must have spent a lot of time on it." I did however miss some points because my sources were "outdside sources" and I did not use any material from the book or digital archieves. This is not Gabby's fault since she did not have access to the book. I did give her the link to the digital archieves though and she choose not to use any. I gave her a week to finish this paper and she finished it in a day. Very speedy and quality work. Overall, I think it was a great paper and would select her again. 
05/16/2017 I highly recommend Dr. Gabby. The paper was submitted 12 hours early. It was full length (8 pages). It was in proper format with all required citations. The paper was free of grammatical errors. Dr. Gabby stuck with the thesis and the price was reasonable. I was initially anxious about using this service and my experience with Dr. Gabby was easy and everything I imagined. Thank you!
05/16/2017 It was consistent and well written, although it did fall short of quotes from the novel. 
05/15/2017 The paper was well done, done fast, and needed almost no revision. 10/10 would recommend.
05/13/2017 Within the context of the fact that he was only given one day to write a 5 page thesis, his work is quite impressive. However, said unfavorable circumstances to work in did not allow him to let his potential shine. Recieved 85% with the main area of critique being that only one side of the argument was presented throughly. The other side was slightly touched upon, but pros and cons of each were never really analzyed. The paper was also quite general in it's approach, never really getting into any specifics within the context of each religion. In spite of all of us, I still highly reccomend Gabby for flying colors in every other aspect. Perhaps if he was given more time the paper could've gone more in depth of the specifc issues at hand. Thanks again for your help during the time crunch.
05/02/2017 Very well done paper. I recieved more pages than I asked for, which is awesome. A+ work. Speedy revisions. 10/10 will use again. 
05/02/2017 Outstanding job!
05/02/2017 Dr. Gabby is great! Amazing paper and was very prompt returning my messages! Would 10/10 recommend!
04/29/2017 She had about 24 hours to write a 10 page research paper and did a fantastic job!  After reading it over, I made a few tiny tweaks, but the paper was pretty much perfect otherwise.  I highly recommend Dr. Gabby!
04/26/2017 originally the prof messed it up but even if this prof messes up the first time they will do WHATEVER you ask them to do to complete your work precisely how you want it. got SEVEN (7) revisions all under a 2 hour period. highly impressive! if you don't pick this prof as the person to write your essay you are simply FOOLISH !!!! also very fair with pricing :)
04/21/2017 Very good job, and quick as well. ????

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