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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
07/01/2018 Without Abbie Abominable's help, I certainly would have failed my Neurobiology class. Thank you so much!
07/01/2018 Thank you AbbieAbominable....I got a 97 on my Physics final exam!!!!
07/01/2018 Best professor ever! She worked extra on all my papers and gave me extra sources and even an extra page and didn't charge me.
07/01/2018 OMG  Abbie Abominable is the best....I received not only high grades on all my projects this past semester, but got a perfect 100 on the final exam!
05/25/2018 Was accused of plagarism and was given a failing grade with the work i was given by this professor and almost got in big trouble. I clicked 1 star by accident and don't know how to make it none.
05/20/2018 85/85
05/14/2018 I failed despite giving all information and assignment handouts...
05/09/2018 A+
05/07/2018 50 out of 50!!! 
05/07/2018 .......
05/07/2018 ......
05/07/2018 i had to add graphics and make this power point more interesting.. yet i received an A
05/07/2018 received an 80% on this assisngment.. Asked her to revise after the teacher made comments and she refused... She did well on other assignments.
05/06/2018 DO NOT USE. she plagarized basically the whole apper and did not adress the question asked AT ALL.  Wrote an entire paper on something completely different. cheers to these people who like to scam money from students.....
05/05/2018 Excellent paper as always 
05/03/2018 A+
05/03/2018 60 out of 60
05/03/2018 Went above expectations.
05/01/2018 Great response rate
04/28/2018 60 out of 60! A+
04/28/2018 Great discussion post!
04/27/2018 Responds very fast. Missed a few points from instructions but was quickly and efficiently resolved. 
04/27/2018 No need to doubt her work. You'll be amazed with it and if not, you can get it to your satisfaction. Always a pleasure.
04/27/2018 No need to doubt her work. You'll be amazed with it and if not, you can get it to your satisfaction. Always a pleasure.
04/22/2018 40 out of 40
04/22/2018 Nice!
04/22/2018 Perfect Paper!
04/20/2018 Looks great!
04/20/2018 Awesome!
04/20/2018 This professor is AMAZINGGGGGG! Sent my information and BAM done and done with accuracy. I am very impressed with this paper. Thank You So much!
04/19/2018 A+
04/18/2018 Great paper, fast edits, and was accepted without issue
04/17/2018 Thank you Abbie. You are so nice and helpful and I got an A.
04/17/2018 She worked mypaper in an hour and did not overcharge. She's fair and I will def go back to her again
04/17/2018 Great work!! Thank you so much Abbie Abominable for saving my(&^&%
04/17/2018 Excellent paper...Received a 96!
04/17/2018 No one else will get you the grade you need on your paper! I don't know what other people's problems are unless they are trying to scam the company to  get their money back and have a free paper, but I have used Abbie for every one of my papers over the past year and have never got below a 90. Abbie gets it done and gets it done right!
04/17/2018 Abbie is great! She revised my paper at no charge and did not make me feel dumb at all. She actually helped my own writting. Abbie is the best professor here!
04/17/2018 Great paper....she turned a mess of my paper into something that was cohesive and coherent! Thank God cuz I was able to pass my history class! 
04/17/2018 Another great paper!
04/17/2018 So, first paper arrived to me as a rough draft with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Was a page and a half too short, didn't have enough sources. I don't think she even read my message. After that, a revision was requested and I received no confirmation on my request. Communication was poor from there. Final draft was submitted with only hours to spare for my deadline, still had spelling and grammatical errors. Page count and sources were corrected but they did a poor job of adding the additional information, turning the paper into an incoherent mess that I had to spend more time correcting. I would not use "Abbieabominable" again.   
04/17/2018 Gave her a 10 page history paper with only 2 days to spare and she knocked it out of the ball park!!! Great work!
04/17/2018 Ab did a power point for me and didnt charge extra for lecture notes. My professor said it was the best power point she has seen! Thank you Abbie Abominable!~
04/17/2018 Got an A! and this was a really hard lab!
04/17/2018 Best professor ever! She is fun to work wirth and so  smart. I have used her for papers in nursing, in psychology, in biology labs, in sociology, and even in acccounting...She is great
04/17/2018 Good communication, great research, excellent a 99.
04/17/2018 Best essay writer on this site. Abbie has the knowledge that will push your paper to be better than you would expect. If you tell her 5 citations, she will not only put in good ones, but will add extras to round out the paper. I will never use another prof but Abbie
04/17/2018 Great job!
04/17/2018 Abbie is the best prof. She wroked really hard to get this paper for me even when I kept asking for chages. She never complained once and kept making the changes and was really nice.
04/16/2018 Very good job although the it was pass due luckily there wasn't a penalty
04/16/2018 Love love love Abbie. She works with you and will add extras. I have used her for my last 5 papers and got an A on all of them. She communicates well and happily will makk last minute changes if you need. Look n =o futher,, Abbie is the professor for you!
04/16/2018 Thank god for Abbie, I had a last minute essay and she did not overcharge me. She had surgery and even took her laptop to the hospital and finished for me before going into surgery.
04/16/2018 Abbie is great. She went out her way to finish my project even though she had surgery. She even went above and beyond and found extra sources. She is simply the best!
04/16/2018 I will never do this again. Please save your money. It was turned into me late, and nothing I mentioned was included in the essay. I am doing the whole thing over, starting from nothing. She cited the same article over 4 times.. I am so embarrassed I did this, and now am out 100 bucks. I am serious, suck it up, go to your school's writing center and get help that way. It is free, honorable, and doesn't invlove any of this crap. This site should take off dollar amounts if the essay is turned in late, but it won't happen. Don't do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Giving three stars because she said she had emergency surgery yesterday and couldn't get the paper in to me on time, so the human in me feels bad she is hurt, but the realist tells me she put off the paper untill today and B.S'd me. 
04/14/2018 Fantastic!!
04/11/2018 I cant say engouh about Abbies work, she really does a greawt job 
04/11/2018 This is the best professor yet! Did my bio labs adn got me two 98, a 96, and a 95. She knows her stuff.
04/11/2018 Thank you for getting me an A++
04/11/2018 Easy to work with, I have used Abbie for my last 6 papers, received an A on everyone, they all passed Turn it in and she went out of her way to be sure the draft was really great. 
04/11/2018 She is the best! You cannot go wrong with Abbie....she will work and work til she gets your paper exactly the way you want it! 
04/11/2018 Abbie Abominable is amazing. She worked the essay exactly as I wanted. Her work is great and she communicates so well!!
04/11/2018 This isn't a professor for sure, its likely a high school student
I found the paper she had written on coursehero, a website that you pay to get past essays and work.
She claimed it was a 'mistake', that she used it for a source for my assignment, BUT
She changed the author, references, and the format in order to fit my assignment. I am very sure that's what she did for everyone else as well.
So it was outright blatant lies. 
It was hardly paraphrased as well, it was so blatant. 
I am extremely disappointed, this website used to be legit but at least they are offering to give me a refund.

Now I have less than 24 hours to write my paper after I gave her a full week to do it. Utterly disappointed.
04/11/2018 Exceeded expectations , waiting for the grade now :)
04/11/2018 Outstanding work!! 
04/09/2018 Awesome!!
04/09/2018 I got a 10 out of 10
04/03/2018 Great work! 
04/03/2018 Great work! 
04/03/2018 Very good. Exactly what I asked for.
04/02/2018 Look no further! You have found the one. Abbie is AWESOME! 
04/02/2018 I'd give 11 stars if I could. 
04/02/2018 I am exceptionally please with her work. She is friendly, always chipper, and works hard to get the paper exactly the way you want it. If someone else has a complaint about Abbie, they can't be please....she goes OUT OF HER WAY TO HELP YOU! I had 2 very confusing and difficult papers and Abbie spent the time to go over and over with me, revising as my professor made crazy changes midway through the papers. Abbie is patient and caring and best of all understands the stress of being a student.
04/02/2018 Absolutely amazing! I’ve used this professor several times. Very easy to get into contact, very nice too! They always get my papers done early so I can review them. And their writing is just next level. I sometimes have to go back and use dumber language haha. 10/10 would recommend, I will only have this professor do my papers, even if it is a little more expensive, I know that I will get an amazing paper and grade!
04/01/2018 Absoultely best paper every! Every time I use you, you give me the best paper ever!  You always give me great work and I will keep using you !
04/01/2018 Best prof on this site! She actually cares about you and that she gets your paper right!!!
04/01/2018 She is amazing! Her work is ALWAYS on time and if she has to rework anything you don't like, she is happy to do so and never charges you. I have used her for over 10 papers and ALL have been A's.
04/01/2018 If i pay over $200 for a paper, I expect the stated requiremnts to be met, and on time. Both expectations were not met. The paper was revised about 3 times, and submitted late.
04/01/2018 Excellent, high quality work with a good understanding of the topics they write about!
03/31/2018 Perfect!! 
03/30/2018 Always on time!! 
03/30/2018 Excellent Discussion Post!!
03/30/2018 it sounds good let see if professor likes it lol thank you!!!
He is awesome he did a lot of revision, since my prof is gaving us a hard time and he diligently fixed it even if he is sick. highly recommended him to anyone that has a super picky prof. Like I got a C for just a missing coma that kind of prof.
03/28/2018 50 out of 50!!
03/23/2018 WOW is all I can say! This is the second time I have used this professor and both times he has exceeded my expectations! He did a powerpoint presentation for me and I'll be shocked if I don't make a 100 on it. 
03/23/2018 The assignment looks great!
03/23/2018 my guy/girl  thank you
03/20/2018 Great Work.
03/19/2018 This was a somewhat colabrative effort and I appreiacate her band-width on this project! She is the best to work with. I have NO complaints, and look forward to working with her again.
03/19/2018 A+
03/19/2018 50/50 A+
03/18/2018 95/100 The professor is a tough grader, but he couldn't find any errors.
03/18/2018 25 out of 25
03/17/2018 10 out of 10
03/17/2018 ????
03/14/2018 Awesome paper on such short notice!
03/14/2018 Unbelievalbe - seriously!
03/13/2018 Handed in way before deadline, and written to the exact specifications of the assignment. Couldn't be more happy with this Professor's work!
03/13/2018 I cant say enough good things about this professor. She took my project that was due tonight and turned it around quick. I uploaded it through turnitin and came back with 0% (less the works cited). She is the best professor on this site and works hard to make sure we are happy with the work she does. I recommend abbieabominable and will keep using her over and over. 
03/12/2018 I was not very impressed, but the professor finished on time.
03/11/2018 Helped me out in every way and replied right away to all my questions.
03/09/2018 Absolutely amazing writer! She always goes above and beyond when it comes to work requested. I have used this professor numerous times and she consistently has more sources and pages that were requested because she ensures the job is done right. She never charges for the extra work. Definitely recommend everytime.
03/08/2018 This professor is the best. I gave her a complex project that I had trouble understanding and came up with a great paper. I got a 99 on it and she even got it to me early! I would recommend Abbie Abominable to anyone who want great work, great communication, and a caring professor to work their assignmetns.
03/07/2018 I have used abbie multiple times, she has always gone the extra mile to help me !

I had two tough projects to be done, she completed both on time and one had to be edited and she gladly re-edited multiple time till I was happy with it.


03/07/2018 Have used her before for so many assignments, i actually had to message her directly to make sure she placed a bid because she is awesome and delivers on time. 

03/06/2018 Helpful. Good communication. Good deliverable. 
03/05/2018 I continue to use this prof becasue she simply is the best!  Excellent work and quick! She finished this paper with a very short deadline and the paper was excellent! I don't care what other complainers say, this prof will go out of her way to help you and make certain your paper is done right!!!! She is willing to go above and beyond any other professor and doesn't make you feel dumb for hiring someone to do your paper. I highly recommend Professor Abbie!!!! There is no one better and she continues to exceed expectations!!! She will make corrections if you want changes with no complaints whatsoever!!! 

If you are looking for a friendly, non-condesending prof...this is your girl!!!
03/04/2018 Received a 50/100 for a homework assignment 
03/03/2018 Gave her a short deadline and she delivered with flawless results.   really appriciative of this amazing professor

You are an awesome client!!! Thank you so much for the kind words!
02/27/2018 10 out of 10!! A+

That is fabulous!!!! I am so happy that we were able to get this great grade!
02/27/2018 4 out of 4!

Woohoo! That is the best news for both of us! Thank you for sharing!
02/27/2018 Scammer!!!!!! Just copy and paste the example I gave him instead of plugging in the numbers I gave him. DIDN’T FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS AT ALL!

I am unsure what this issue; however, I went back and looked through my recent work and could find no project where I even used numbers given. Plus I am a girl. :) Abbie
02/26/2018 She is very kind and communicates well, responds to emails very quickly, however, the ENTIRE paper she wrote for my was plagiarized, which caused me to fail the class and I now have to retake it. Do not choose her to write your paper, you will regret it. 

My apologies go out for the ramifications of this review. I want all prospective clients to know that I run every paper through Copyscape and a paid for program in Grammarly that checks for plagiarism. I also am able to use Safe Sign and Turnitin if need be.
02/25/2018 A+
02/25/2018 20 out of 20!!
02/18/2018 Best professor!!! 
02/16/2018 She is a genuine and sincere UP!
02/16/2018 She's the best! Plus she's friendly and always in a good mood. 
02/16/2018 She's been good to me! I have severe back pain/damaged discs, and it prevents me from sitting and studying effectively.
02/16/2018 A+ 10 out of 10
02/15/2018 Do not hesitate to choose this professor as your assignment-doer. She will take good care of your tasks.
02/09/2018 it was a good essay! thank you!
02/09/2018 Her writing was not the best.
02/08/2018 This professor is the best! Quick message, deep understanding of the material, and motivation!
02/06/2018 Never disappoints. Fantastic professor.
02/04/2018 Great job, Abbie was very thorough and clearly an expert in the field. Thanks a lot 
02/04/2018 Thank you.....
02/04/2018 Amazing work.... prof Abbie 
02/04/2018 This professor alwasy delievers amazing product.   Will continue to use her over and over.
02/04/2018 Delivered an A+ product in record time! 
02/03/2018 I cannot say good enough things about her. She is amazing. Will make sure everything is perfect for you. Must use!
02/01/2018 Abbie is by far the best professor on this site.  She has helped me out in several classes and I have never received a grade below an A.  She is very easy to reach and always responds in a timely manner.   Her level of detail and professionalism in every project she worked on was amazing.  I would recommend her to anyone.
01/23/2018 Dd not follow the directions given had to do some massive editing. In a time crunch and I definitely suffered from it. Smh
01/21/2018 Always on time!
01/20/2018 Love my project.
01/20/2018 I am please with the quality of work this prof delivers
01/20/2018 Thank you prof
01/20/2018 I got an A   Thank you abbie
01/18/2018 Amazing  ! Got a 93 !
01/14/2018 Abbie comes through every single time.  Amazing work!!!!
01/12/2018 Very nice, agreeable, and quality work. A+
01/11/2018 Thumbs up..... Hey everyone if you are looking for a prof to help you please choose Abbie.
01/11/2018 I am so satified with this prof work .
01/11/2018 Thank you prof I got an A
01/11/2018 You are the absolute best prof
01/07/2018 WOW. By far the best professor available on this site. Not only was the communication clear and constant, but I even ended up receiving the assignment well before the deadline. This has been my go to professor for all my assignments and I am constantly reminded why. Very professional work and always at a great price. I can't wait to deal with you again Abbie!!!
01/07/2018 Absolutely amazing work and communication. Could not recommend more!
01/06/2018 So nice and so helpful. Always answered so fast and got the work done so quickly. Went above and beyond and put my project before anything. 
100% recommend
Well delivered
12/31/2017 Extremely quick, great writer, and very nice to deal with.
12/29/2017 Awesome!
12/23/2017 She is AWSOME that's all I can say
12/21/2017 Did a very good job rewriting my application material. Would use again!
12/17/2017 prof abbie keep doing what you are doing , you are the absolute best. you are the G.O.A.T
12/17/2017 the best prof on this site
12/13/2017 Great work! Thanks again.
12/13/2017 awesome!!!!!! prof abbie
12/13/2017 i will always give this prof 10 stars, because she is reliable , she delivers the best papers.
12/12/2017 Very good job. Thank you very much.
12/12/2017 Professor Abbie is AMAZING and never fails to deliver a great product.
maintained constant contact and updates throughout the course of the project and made sure when issues arose, to keep me informed of what to expect.  WILL USE AGAIN
12/12/2017 Super duper work on my plant biology assignment !!!
12/12/2017 Super duper work!
12/08/2017 This is my favorite prof always there to help and delivers the best.
12/08/2017 the best
12/08/2017 Professor Abbie is AMAZING and never fails to deliver a great product.   maintained constant contact and updates throughout the course of the project and made sure when issues arose, to keep me informed of what to expect.  WILL USE AGAIN
12/07/2017 This project was very nice tank you very much!
12/07/2017 Favorite Prof here on Unemployed Prof. 

Great Communication and fast papers thank you
12/04/2017 my fav.....she delivers only the best
12/04/2017 Excellent job!
12/01/2017 Paper was beyond expectation! 
12/01/2017 Grammar was horrible.
11/30/2017 this prof is the absolute best. I was able to acquire an A+ on one of my papers. Thanks prof abbie.
11/29/2017 AWESOME AS ALWAYS!!!
11/27/2017 I am fortunate to have Abbie bid on and complete my essay assignment. 
Abbie promptly asks and answers any, and all questions concerning the assignment that you may have. The essay was flawless and compelling to read. Even more impressive was the two-day time window she was constrained with. Delivered on time, formatted, and plagiarism-free!

While I do love writing myself and would have given the time, she absolutely saved my hide going into finals week with too much on my plate. 

11/27/2017 This women has saved my ass so many times this quarter.  It's the first time I've taken 20+ units in a quarter at uni to try and graduate early to save money, and holy shit the stress really gets to me sometimes.  I'm beyond blessed to have found her randomly on here and developed a rapport with her over the past few months.  It's a really nice feeling knowing someone cares as much (if not more) about your project as you do, and will work tirelessly to meet your needs.  There've been many occasions over the last couple months where we've frantically been trying to meet a deadline and I'd sign-off at 230 in the morning to get a couple hours of sleep, and she would wake up at 4 and continue the grind.  If you want an intelligent, dedicated, and versatile writer for your project then I would highly recommend abbie (but don't use her too often please cause I have a stressful year ahead of me and would really like if her schedule stayed open <3)
11/27/2017 awesome job, thanks for the grade A+
11/26/2017 Abbie's paper is always 100% plagiarism free. My papers alway A and A+.
11/26/2017 Abbie never fails to amaze, she always make sure the quality and quantity is there. I will always use this prof.
11/25/2017 amazing in anttomy assignment
11/23/2017 Great work! Professor always delivers on time and goes above and beyond. This professor has done 3 of my papers and I always get an A. 
11/22/2017 She is beyond helpful! She was available anytime I needed her! Second time using her and will continue to use her for anything else. 
11/22/2017 very fast in completing work
11/21/2017 Abbie was excellent throughout the whole process. Never have I come across anyone who responds to emails as fast as she does, even in my professional career. Abbie would consistently attend to any of my concerns for the paper and did a very good job following the detailed guidelines supplied to her. Even though I decided to make changes on the last day, Abbie quickly responded to my e-mail and had an updated version uploaded within 2 hours. 

I highly recommend Abbie’s services, and I’m already going to be using her for another contract next week. 
11/20/2017 61% plagiarized from another student, according to SafeSign. Either abbieabominable is plagiarizing, or she's submitting very similar documents for projects. Either way, it is unacceptable. Also some glaring APA issues I had to rectify. 
11/20/2017 I love this prof. Very professional 
11/19/2017 Awesome work, really went above and beyond what I asked for. Thank you again. 
11/19/2017 Amazing job ! Thank you so much !!!!
11/16/2017 I'm extremely impressed which says a lot with how picky I am. The quality of work is phenomenal and she went above and beyond for me multiple times while meeting my due dates. Not only that but she was extremely responsive and easy to communicate with. I would HIGHLY recommend this writer if you're looking for a stress-free option for your paper!
11/15/2017 The project was on time and followed the rubric well. There were a few needed edits and typos, but overall, an excellent near finished paper. 
11/14/2017 she helped me pass philosophy! she wrote multiple papers for me and gave me a good discount. thank you so much! you saved my summer! :) 
11/14/2017 thumbs up
11/14/2017 Prof Abbie you are an awesome professor, Well educated 100%. If there were a million stars I would give it to you.
11/14/2017 This prof is the bomb.... my project was delivere on time . I recommend her anytime.
11/14/2017 the best
11/14/2017 I received a 40% on my project & it lowered my whole grade because you didn’t complete all of the parts that were required. So i paid 100$ for nothing.
11/11/2017 As always Abbie is the best professor on this site.
11/09/2017 Received a 75/100 before corrections were made, then a 95/100. Was very friendly and willing to make corrections; didn't make me feel like she was doing me a favor by making corrections, like most professors on here. 

Make your homework go away!