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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
05/11/2017 Fast and Good work, Great Professor!
05/10/2017 thank you great job
05/08/2017 Unfortunately, I could not do my paper by myself (although I ultimately had to) given that I had some unfortunate events occur in my life. With that stated, I hired this professor after he guaranteed me high-quality work in a timely manner. He was timely - early, in fact - but the paper was so poorly written I do not think it would have passed at a high-school level. It included no quotes from either of the plays, Hamlet or The Merchant of Venice, and was supposed to be a literary analysis, although it looked more like the unfocused ramblings of a pseudo-intellectual who has read too many pages of a James Joyce novel.

The work, in a word, was TERRIBLE.

Avoid this professor at all costs. I lost $150 of my hard-earned money, but you do not have to. Yes, he will come in at a lower cost, but what good is that if the paper is good for nothing other than an "F" or a "D" (the sympathetic "D"). I learned my lesson and will never use him again.

Finished a couple days before deadline. All content was there and very well organized.
05/06/2017 Top notch case analysis done for me on tight timeline.  Definitely a recommendation to use.  
05/05/2017 great job
05/05/2017 Truly a lifesaver. Great paper and got it to me in a very timely manner at a great price!
05/02/2017 Great paper, was able to add in my own work. 
04/24/2017 Satisfied with the final product.

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