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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
06/09/2018 60%
05/16/2018 The research proposal was done in a timely manner. I would highly recommend using this professor in any of your school papers. 
05/15/2018 Perfect product and on time, what else can you ask for ?
05/11/2018 Tweed is incredible as always. Highly reccomend using this professor. Great at communicating and always delivers!
05/10/2018 Awesome work! Exceeded my expectations.
Fabulous!  Choice of topics for a History Research Paper was a challenge, and short notice because of procrastinating, but he got it done on schedule, and did the research necessary to make the paper interesting and informative.
05/09/2018 Quick response, great work! Thank you!!!
05/08/2018 The paper was delivered right on time and everything was well researched and well written. Would highly recommend. 
05/08/2018 The paper was delivered right on time and everything was well researched and well written. Would highly recommend. 
05/07/2018 Completed the paper early, despite being given a very tight deadline. Was quick to respond to messages and was open to feedback. Just be sure to proofread the paper and make changes yourself, there were some minor grammatical and spelling errors. Tweed was also very accomodating in my requirements for the paper.Overall solid paper and easy to communicate with.  
05/04/2018 Great paper as always. Have used many times and will continue using!
05/04/2018 Great paper as always. Have used many times and will continue using!
05/01/2018 perfect
04/30/2018 Exceptional job! Fast turnaround and he always exceedes expectations! I highly recommend using this professor for all of your assignments! 
04/29/2018 Very diligent and did everything I asked. 
04/28/2018 Good
04/23/2018 Nice work!
04/23/2018 This professor is doing a trmendous job... very patient thus far. I'm still annoying him/her with questions.
04/23/2018 Professor completed the paper on time and it was very well put together. Highly recommend. 
04/21/2018 I made a 54 on a multiple choice assignement this professor completed for me. Thank God it wasn't writing an actual paper!
04/21/2018 Great work, provided a rough draft and was able to complete my project with enough time for me to review and add in my personal touch. 
04/20/2018 Was great, especially with such short time to complete! Thank you!!
04/19/2018 Good work but after the paper was rejected I didn't hear back about edits.  Partly my fault due to a delay in getting feedback back,

You can attest that I deliver quality papers that reflect critical thinking/ research while capturing the depth of paper's instruction and is appropriately referenced. kindly provide feedback early and provide timelines for submission of revision feedback to avoid a similar occurrence. I am available for future papers.
04/18/2018 did a great job on the paper
04/18/2018 This professor didn't follow the instructions I provided at all, and when I told them, they still didn't fix it.

I have received exemplary reviews on being great at communication while delivering top papers, effectively disputing your claims. For a fact, i revised your paper extensively but when the revisions are based on new instructions rather than original order instructions it creates a bad precedence. Effectively, it amounts to overwork. Apologies though, if the paper did not satisfy you.
04/16/2018 amazing
04/16/2018 Awesome 
04/15/2018 Good job !!!
04/15/2018 Good like always. Consitently does a great job and is great when it comes to communication. Highly reccomend!
04/10/2018 Once again great paper which was completed given the short time frame
04/09/2018 Good content, finished on time.
04/09/2018 I appreciated all the work that was put into this project, as it was on a topic that was quite difficult, and I knew that it would take a very long time.  The work was excellent, and I am happy with the outcome.
04/09/2018 Awesome work and did revisions in great timing. 
04/03/2018 Excellent work! Work was completed in a timely manner as well! 
03/31/2018 Always kept in touch to make tweaks and always asked for input to give your personal touch to the project. Mighty impressive!!
03/30/2018 Knows his stuff well, very easy to work with
03/28/2018 Great work in a timely manner.
03/26/2018 Wow, phenominal job! Thank you so much, I would absolutely use your services again!
03/22/2018 Worst guy to pick. Don’t even think about it. Trust me. He is horrible. Waste of money 

As one of the top 15 professors with 150 orders to book I apologize for not delivering on your expectations. You had set the paper deadline to match your class deadline. As such, you did not allow sufficient time for the minor revisions you requested. As a return customer, I will regret losing your frequent papers.
03/16/2018 Did a great job with my paper in a short amount of time
03/09/2018 Highly recommended. Super easy to work with. I had a small issue with his first submission but he quickly responded and fixed it. 
03/07/2018 Very Satisfied. Finished on short deadline! HIghly reccomend.
02/25/2018 Very responsive and quick, they provided multiple drafts and asked for feedback each time.  The reason i took away two stars was because their paper didn't have the workmanship i was expecting from someone on this site (these papers aren't cheap). I never asked for modifications so its not a reason not to use them for your projects. I'm sure they would be happy to make any modifications you request. A few run on senctences, some flow issues and improper formatting (all very minor fixes but fixes none the less).
02/25/2018 Great Communication skills. Its flexible to the needs. The project came out outstanding. 
02/24/2018 Excellent product here, as I was completely without a clue when I needed something in a bind.  I appreciate the turnaround.  
02/23/2018 The paper was a good start to where I needed to be but I had to do a lot of additional reading and fill in the blanks.
02/16/2018 I would give if zero if I could. Tweed failed to deliver my esssay on time, late by five hours. It was an ok essay and made the excuse that it took longer because he had to read 111 pages. I took his bid and he said he would have it done perfect and all that stuff that they say to make you believe them. He had 3 days to read 111 pages and write 2 pages out of it. I think he could have done better. Come at your own risk on here. 

Given the task of summarizing 111 pages in two days (accounting for your late bid acceptance) i was afraid to deliver a basic paper. I took on the challenge to meticulously read through the whole book for the delivery of your paper. I also added numerous in text citations that pointed to the relevancy of the paper. I apologize for the late delivery of your paper.
01/28/2018 Saved me loads of time during family crisis and delievered an A+ product!
01/28/2018 Exceeded expectation! Provided two essays within a limited time frame that were beyond what was asked for. 

Thank you!
01/25/2018 As a return client, Tweed's work continues to impress
01/25/2018 The paper was delivered before the allocated time, which is impressive. From the paper, it was clear that the proffesor had done exhaustive research on the paper topic as the paper was well structured, factual and unplagiarized.


Given the limited order pages I was impressed that the Proff delivery of punchline after punchline while not being wordy.

Clearly, A grade stuff!

Will be back again for more papers.

01/22/2018 The professor's power point presentation exceeded my expectations. He answered the order instructions precisely as I wanted. 

Although he was a bit late to deliver the power point presentation I had already factored in additional time to compensate for any potential delay.

With this presentation I am expecting an excellent grade. A sure way to start the year. 

Thanks Tweed!

12/12/2017 It was a real joy working with this prof, who's been nth but professional and efficient.

Quick responce during the price negotiation stage, writing stage, and review stage after solution has been posted. Provided me with four drafts during our one-month working relationship, about once per week, and without me prompting him to at all. Really appreciated this part of the service, as my suggestions were incorporated into the next draft.

Well-written final product with the guidelines followed and requirements met. This is probably more so because the assignment (a case study) alligns with this prof's expertise. Even accomodated one last round of edit  after I've read the final product.

Definitely would work with again! Highly recommend.
12/10/2017 The professor only completed half of the project criteria, leaving me to choose to complete myself the more challenging part of the project, or turn in work that would certainly not pass. 
12/08/2017 I ordered and paid for a PhD level paper. I received an off-topic HighSchool level paper. I provided guidelines and over 50 documents including references and tools required to build a strong paper. Unfortunately, even after five revisions and four weeks of working on this paper the 'professor' was unable to deliver anything usable or of value. 

This person wasted $270 USD and at least 6 hours of my time. 

Avoid Avoid Avoid! 
11/30/2017 Although I got 75% on this paper, I have to say that it was very well written. My teacher is a very hard grader and I actually believe that this paper was worth being in the high 80s. I would probably use this professor again. Very quick replies to my messages, followed all my recommendations, and delivered the work in time. Thank You
11/24/2017 Great job writing papers, met short suspense. 
11/22/2017 Excellent communication and product was awesome...
11/22/2017 Excellent communication and product was great..
11/22/2017 Great communication and excellent product
11/17/2017 Essay was very insightful and the professor seems very knowledgable. Although better and quicker communication, but all in all highly recommended!
11/14/2017 Asked for a 15 page paper and recieved an 11 pager.  The grammer and flow of the paper was horrendous.  I'm confident that english is not this person's primary language.  Use this service at your own risk.  Will require a complete rewrite.  Thank goodness I built time in for this worst case scenario.  $ down the drain.
09/13/2017 Outstanding work!  Very meticulous and detail oriented. Will use this professor over and over again!
08/25/2017 delivered on time and was exactly what was needed
08/18/2017 Poor quality writing littered with mistakes, typos, and grammar errors. Despite specific direction on the analysis, it was executed without regard to supplied resources outlining objectives. Had professor make revisions, which were submitted well past the original deadline and didn't offer much restitution to the craftsmanship of the work.
08/17/2017 I have to say, I am pretty impressed overall with the work that was done.  While there are a few items I plan on editing myself, the entirety of the project saved me a lot of time I didn't have to spare. Thank you!
08/09/2017 good
07/31/2017 333/350 on my final assignment.  I honestly couldn't ask for a better grade as the professor "made corrections to one of the problems" a day before the final project was due, so the errors on the assignment were not actual errors.  I even tipped $10 because I was so impressed with the APA formatting, the layout of the solutions and the early submission of my assignment.  Thank you so much!
07/25/2017 I received 80/80 on my assignment.  All formatting for APA was done perfectly and the professor had my assignment to me earlier then the given date.  I would absolutely recommend this professor to anyone in the Finance field.  Amazing work!
06/30/2017 100%
06/30/2017 100%
06/28/2017 Produced great work and kept an open line of communication with me during the process.
06/02/2017 Excellent product, short turnaround, great communication. HIGHLY recommended.
05/15/2017 Great Analysis of a company's financial statements using the material from my course!
05/09/2017 Mr. tweedsucess has done an incredible job of a Sociology Statistics project. He did everythig exactly according to my instructions. If you need someone that is proficient in STATA, he is the man.
05/09/2017 tweedsucess finished an extrememly detailed and complicated project in a miraculous amount of time! produced an excellent quality document with only minor flaws that didn't deduct from the quality of work. thanks!
05/05/2017 great job
05/04/2017 Professional paper. Direct to the point. Thanks.

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