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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
11/23/2017 this dude fucked me, plagiarised a whole bunch of shit and got me a failing grade. 
11/22/2017 She did a great job with the paper- I got a 90
10/16/2017 The first go round the assignment was completely wrong. Gave two stars because he was willing to re write it but I had to go through and edit the crap out of the grammatical errors. Turned the paper in because I had to and literally got a score of ZERO. "Did not meet the minimum of proficiency". A ZERO GRADE FOR $75. SO not worth the money and so disappointed.
09/28/2017 Recieved a 100% on this project. Blazzie completed the project ahead of schedule and followed the instructions as requested. Will be using him again!
09/24/2017 awesome essay and he gave it to me a day and a half early!
09/22/2017 Would use again. Highly recommend!
Provided a quality paper thouroughly covering the topics of business logistics. 
Followed instructions.
Finished a WEEK BEFORE deadline! 
Edited accordingly as per request.
Responded to messages in timely manner.

09/21/2017 Amazing work, he answered all my questions to make sure I knew he understood what he was doing. Final results came out perfect. Glad to work with him for future assignments.
09/12/2017 Did a great job! I told blazzie that I didn't need any citations and would fill those in myself but of course, blazzie went above and beyond and cited sources anyway.  Considering he only had 5 hours to do my paper, I am very impressed.  Will be using him again and highly reccommend!!
09/06/2017 great prof. timely will be using him more often 
07/31/2017 Thank you 
Got the full score 
07/17/2017 Professor delivered a good paper! 
06/23/2017 Thank you!
06/15/2017 New guy on this site. I would say he is decent. You may need to go back and fix a couple of things on your own. Overall, good work.
06/15/2017 Well written paper. Few minor errors here and there, but it's fixable.
06/12/2017 Made my first experience on unemployed professors better than I even imagined. Went above and beyod expectations. A+++
06/12/2017 BEWARE! Asked this person to do a cost-benefit analysis project and follow a 9-step format/template with four weeks to complete it.  They threw a 32 page mess together in one week that didn't follow my directions at all, even with example projects I gave them for reference.  After getting the site admin team involved the "Prof" finally edited the project to a somewhat manageable paper but still wasn't what I would consider a project worth a passing gade.  This person claimed I gave them contradictory instructions but not once did they try to ask me any follow up questions for clearification.   DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!
06/07/2017 Thorgough and quick response time!
06/05/2017 Excellent work and deliveried on time.
06/04/2017 Giving it a 10 because it not a scam. Blazzie did a great job with the literature review, provided the references that I requested, and exceeded the number of pages. As I expected, it needs some editing, but I doubt you can get a paper that completely suits the purpose due to the limited knowlege of the professor.
05/29/2017 Great work and quick with responding to all of my questions
05/05/2017 Cited a journal of intellectual property law in a Philosophy paper. Entirely unrelated concepts, with nothing in common but a similar name. This means I have to remove that entire section of the paper and rewrite it myself. However, he did accept a last-minute project and produce it very quickly - with enough time for me to attempt to fix it. I think he could do other subjects well, but would not recommend for Phiolosophy.

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