Date Comment Rating
10/20/2020 Great communication, better grade!
10/14/2020 Outsanding job on the paper
10/13/2020 Delivered a day ahead of time, and when I had an editing/revision request, his pricing was completely fair and reasonable, with a quick delivery time. Will reconmmend to anyone!
10/12/2020 If you're looking for quality, ProfCrisis is your man.
10/10/2020 Answers any questions, will do any edits and always does fantastic work. You cannot go wrong with picking this Professor. 

10/04/2020 Incredible work!!
10/04/2020 Awesome job!
09/27/2020 Absolutely outstanding work!! 
09/19/2020 I am delighted with this professors' work, delivered an extremely well-written paper whilst remaining in contact throughout the process. Was also kind enough to advise me on how the site works and what to be mindful of when selecting a professor. I would definitely use their services again!!
09/19/2020 Great work!! 
09/15/2020 Excellent analysis with quick turnaround - best Prof on the site!
08/31/2020 Great work!! Would use every time.
08/25/2020 Very exceptional services
08/20/2020 Amazing as usual! You won't regret if you get a chance to accept one of this profs bids!
08/18/2020 Thank you for all your help!!
08/14/2020 His pricing may be on the high side, but he sure does justify it with his excellent service!
08/09/2020 Very pleased ?? 
08/07/2020 Great communicator! Got everything done on time, great essay!!
07/30/2020 Outstanding job as per usual! 
07/27/2020 Thank you for your excellent work!
07/27/2020 Great work ! Thank you
07/25/2020 Very impressed with the quality of paper. Very communicative, definitely will use again! 
07/22/2020 Truly fantastic. Was kind enough to advise me on how to navigate the site and how to detect fraudulent bids. Solid paper and would love to work with again.
07/19/2020 Thank you for your excellent work.
07/19/2020 Great paper - thank you!
07/17/2020 You guys....TRUST ME ON THIS. He is THE. BEST. professor on here. Clear communication. Creatively written. Had it done well before the deadline. You can tell he actually cares about his work. Outstanding job!
07/13/2020 As usual, ProfCrisis goes above and beyond with his service and performance. The essay has gotten an A on a course notorious around my university for being one of the hardest 1st year course offered, and I am blown away at how the professor can provide a superior service time and time. While his pricing may be pricier than others in this website, he backs it with a top-notch service and communication, and in the quality of the papers. If you want a paper that's guaranteed to be excellent, I highly recommend choosing this professor!
07/12/2020 Thank you for a great paper!
07/12/2020 Great paper! Thanks again for your work

I received 100% on the most recent paper he wrote for me. He was very patient with me throughout the process and kept me informed. The true testament to his abilities; I have chosen to work with him again because the paper he wrote was fantastic. I couldn’t have asked for a better essay!

07/12/2020 Amazing job! Followed instructions in a timly manner.
07/07/2020 Great work and on time. 
06/30/2020 Could not be better. Hit the nail on exactly what I needed. Even if the price is a little bit more than others I reccomend him. Substantially better work. Pick this professor PLEASE, you will not regret it.
06/29/2020 I got accepted into my major because of him. I truly wouldn't be able to pursue my career choice if it weren't for him!
06/14/2020 Always a pleasure!
06/08/2020 Got a perfect mark on the assignment!
05/23/2020 Godly. There is no other description for a professor who can take nothing and make it into gold <3
05/09/2020 Always a go to
05/02/2020 As per usual, this professor goes beyond expectation! The best in the business!
04/28/2020 Absolutely phenomenal work! I am very pleased with the work PC has placed into my assignment and I could not be happier!
04/04/2020 Really happy with every aspect of the service. The project I ask for was delivered to a standard above what I was expecting. Followed the details set out and made sure they had all the needed information before starting.  I've not had a mark yet but I can safely say that you will recieve excellent marks. I recieved feedback from one tutor who was very impressed. An added bonus besides the excellent work is the curteous and timely communication. All in all very happy and would highly reccommend, really saved my bacon at a very stressful time! 
03/02/2020 Professor Crisis has once again delivered; he will not let you down.
03/01/2020 As per usual, excellent work. Always goes above and beyond to make sure his work is the best it can be. Always in contact and easily reachable if needed. This is the prof you want/need. 
02/27/2020 Great response time and very impressive paper
02/18/2020 Exceded expectations. Will be using him again. 
02/17/2020 HOLY COW!!!! What an amazing paper! DEFINITELY going to be using ProfCrisis for other essays!
02/09/2020 Absolutely can't go wrong with this Professor! 

I have used three others in the past and he takes the cake. 

Quality work,  with contact/updates. Easy to reach and really works with you and what need for your paper/assignment. 

Thank you again ProfCrisis

12/05/2019 Received an 84% 
12/03/2019 Prof Crisis was awesome! He was very thorough and on time! I was very pleased!
11/27/2019 Extended and revised a draft for me; received an A.
11/27/2019 Received an A on my literature paper. I highly recommend Professor Crisis.
11/27/2019 Received an A on a 10 page history paper. 
11/16/2019 This is the guy you want to use
11/16/2019 Use this professor, will not regret it.
11/16/2019 Awesome job, got a 100 on the paper. I have used him 3 times and I have gotten two 100s and 1 99. His fee is worth it without a doubt. He cares about the work he does and always wants to help and improve the project as much as possible. If you want the A, speak with this professor. Thank you for your amazing work
11/11/2019 Recevied an A, execellent work once again.
10/30/2019 A+ Best professor on this site. Always gets me a good grade without fail. A++
10/18/2019 Excellent work, 100% on the paper. Stop looking at the reviews and select ProfCrisis
10/18/2019 Money well spent, Professor Chris is the real deal.
10/18/2019 BOOM, "A" paper...
10/18/2019 Absolutely the best professor. 100% on my paper.
10/18/2019 Fantastic work. Another "A" paper.
10/16/2019 Great work once again.
10/15/2019 Only professor Worth your time on this site. Honestly a saving grace, got an A on the first assignment I received. Giving him all of my future english and literature assignments.
10/15/2019 Great writing, my last 2 essays with him were both As. This is your guy!
10/02/2019 Excellent work once again. Thank you.
09/25/2019 Definitely the best on this site.
09/23/2019 I am extremely happy with the final product I received. This Prof's attention to detail and desire to produce a quality product is exceptional. He is also extremely communicative so you are never in the dark, which is something I really liked. I highly recommend him  
09/20/2019 Great work ! Hope you can help me again in the future. Thanks! 
09/20/2019 This is beyond a doubt your guy; his writing is truly magnificent and shows a deep understanding of the source material.
09/17/2019 Really knows what he is doing, one of the best writers on the site!
09/15/2019 Great job on the paper! For sure an A paper! 
09/07/2019 Amazing work !!! Hope i get to work with you again. thank you!
08/27/2019 Really great, stayed in contact constantly. Would 100% recommend
08/18/2019 Another "A" paper by ProfCrisis. If you want the best work for your money, select ProfCrisis.
08/17/2019 Excellent job! Scored me 20/20 points!!! Thank you so much
08/12/2019 Another "A" paper from ProfChris.
08/09/2019 I love this professor and their work. They are the best there is available on here. You will never regret utilizing their help with high quality assignments. 
07/25/2019 Fantastic! Wrote an awesome 10+ page paper on Nursing and was a pleasure to work with! Thank you!!
07/23/2019 Communication was great and the paper was quality. Have used this professor for 4 essays I have had to do for this class, and have recieved an A on all.
07/23/2019 Great
PC is one of the highest quality professors of whom I have ever dealt. The professionalism and the work is superb. I cannot say enough great things about their work. I highly recommend them in every category for which you could rate a professional writer and academic.
Thank you for everything! I appreciate your excellent help so much!

07/01/2019 You are fantastic! I appreciate your excellent communicate and the effort you put into this assignment. You did an amazing job on the research map.
Excellent professor. Best on the site! Thank you so much for doing more than I would have imagined or asked of anyone. You are the best.
07/01/2019 Goes above and beyond! Will use again! :) 
07/01/2019 Fantastic, as always.
My professor's comment about this work was "I only have a couple of comments to make on your excellent post." This professor is difficult to please so the compliment is a high one. If you want compliments like this,  then you will want to use PC, too.
06/19/2019 Got a 100/100 on my paper, was very easy to work with an accomodating. Above and beyond.
06/16/2019 Great!
06/15/2019 This professor does excellent work. It was my first try using them on a Ph.D. level course assignment. I am here to tell you that professor knows how to legitimately write without all the added fluff and fillers you get from some of them. I highly recommend them and will use them again in the future.
06/08/2019 Excellent work as always 
05/23/2019 exceeded all expectations.
05/18/2019 excellent
03/05/2019 Excellent work as always.
03/03/2019 Thank you so much! You are great and very professional. 
02/20/2019 THE BEST ALWAYS!
02/06/2019 Prof. Crisis has completed more than twenty projects (Grad school coursework) for me in the last eight months, and each project's grade has been an A. His writing is impeccable. Highly recommend Prof. Crisis! 
01/04/2019 Thanks for the "A" paper.
01/04/2019 A+ paper. 
01/04/2019 Great paper, fantastic communicator.
01/04/2019 Fantastic work!
12/13/2018 Amazing as always! 
12/12/2018 Never fails to deliver exemplary projects in a timely manner while being flexible with project requirements.  Even goes above and beyond with the amount of detail put into the projects. 
12/07/2018 amazing as always
11/21/2018 Always exceeds expectations, fast communication, work always completed ahead of time!
11/13/2018 ProfCrisis is THE MAN. (Okay, to be fair it is 2018, I shouldn't be assuming gender.) Male, female, or Apache helicopter, ProfCrisis does superb work and is a professional of the highest order whose work is worth every penny. Thank you ProfCrisis!
11/08/2018 Simply the best!!
11/01/2018 absolutely amazing!!! 
11/01/2018 A pleasure to work with, yet again. Incomparably good work to boot.
10/27/2018 Very professional and helpful as always! thank you
10/26/2018 Fantastic work, very impressed and pleased with the result
10/25/2018 Unparalleled! A genius. 
10/17/2018 Fantastic work! Will be using for more projects, on time and very thorough! A+ 
10/16/2018 I always select ProfCrisis for all my assignments! I have never been dissapointed. All of the assignments have been beyond my expactations! 
10/16/2018 great job thanks for the work and being on time.
10/12/2018 The best!
10/05/2018 Absolute gentleman, communication was above and beyond, recieved an A+ on the work which I am very grateful. Looking forward to working with Prof Crisis again
10/04/2018 Awesome Essay, paper was on time. Great job thank you.
10/02/2018 Amazing!!!! 

Prof Crisis was so patient and listened to my every request, and even suggested ideas that would be more suitable for my coursework. He was a month ahead of schedule, saving me a lot of trouble from my teacher, considering the coursework was a few months overdue.

He spoke through adding revisions with me for when I recieved feedback from my teacher. (even after i'd paid him) Furthermore, he's extremely accomodating - not to mention considerate of the fact that my project was set by a UK exam board, and he is an American Proffessor.

I will definetely use him again and would recommend him 100%. 

Not surpised he has such a good track record on the site. 
10/01/2018 Amazing Professor ... always does great work !
10/01/2018 Amazing Professor 
09/27/2018 This prof exceeded my expectations! Very quick to respond to messages. Great writing, on time and had all of the requirements. Thank you!!
09/27/2018 By FAR the best professor on this site. Exceptional work, so accomodating. No point in using anyone else 
09/22/2018 PC does such an amzing job!  If its something he can handle then its totally worth every penny for the perfect work that is done!.
09/21/2018 Prof did an exceptional job on my project.  Sent over a link to a photo album that had nearly 60 pictures of book pages needed for the project. Prof didn't blink an eye and created a great essay ahead of schedule. 
09/19/2018 Awesome person took his time to make sure I got the right material in a timely manner.  Thanks again. 
09/19/2018 Awesome guy took his time to make sure sure I had the right materials for the Essay. Thanks again for the help

Prof. Crisis has completed a lot of assignments for me and they have always exceeded my expectations!
I always received the assignments on time and sometimes early!
I am so happy with the services that I will continue to use Prof. Crisis for ALL future projects!!! So freaking good! 

09/15/2018 To put it simply: the work is superb. He produced a Masters-level piece for me and it was faultless. He’s virtually the only prof I’d trust to produce masters level work. Peerless! 
09/09/2018 Very timely and well written
09/08/2018 Absolutely amazing work!  Did not have the best resources for them to work with, but they pulled together and amazing paper.
Execellent customer service, OUTSTANDING paper! Absolutely no bad grammar or typos (which I'm a stickler for).
08/31/2018 He's great. I don't know how he did it with such short notice, but it helped tremendously! 
08/29/2018 Fantastic writer. Extremely impressed with the quality and timeliness of his work. Definitely exceeded my personal expectations. Would definitely recommend to anyone.
08/27/2018 Best bang for your buck! Comes highly reccomended.
08/23/2018 Prof Crisis is the real deal. Extremely professional, extremely polite, and one hell of a writer. Thank you Prof Crisis for being so damn amazing
08/17/2018 Completed on time, superlative essay!
08/10/2018 The essay was exactly what I wanted!  He followed the guidelines for the essay perfectly and had great communication.  I will definitely use him again
08/10/2018 Great writing, A+
07/26/2018 Awsome!! thank you.
07/16/2018 The best!! excellent work!!! Very professional! Thanks 
07/05/2018 PC is the best! 2nd to none, I hate leaving reviews but his is worth the time! 
06/29/2018 Great prof
06/18/2018 Excellent writing, done edits for me even with time constraints. 
06/13/2018 By far the best work I've received on this site. Do yourself a favor and pay a little extra for QUALITY!
Great communication, friendly, and went above and beyond what I asked for. He is willing to read whatever attachments you need included into your assignment and will find outside sources to back up the writing as well. I won't use any other writer after this. Thanks PC!
06/12/2018 Absolutely amazing work. Cannot recommend this professor enough. Submitted the project without making any changes and received an A. 
06/05/2018 Amazing work
06/03/2018 amazing
05/27/2018 extremely well written! also very happy with how the professor communicating about progress of the paper throughout the writing process.
05/27/2018 excellent
05/16/2018 Absolutely amazing!
05/15/2018 Communication was great! The paper was really well written, and my professor even emailed me saying how impressed he was with my writing style. I got a B+, however, there were no real clear guidelines on how the paper should have been written so I'm really happy with what I got. Didn't include the works cited page in the 8 pages I requested (thank god). I gave him a short period of time for completion as well, highly reccomend this prof. 
05/07/2018 I accepted the bid and in less than a day he turned around a perfect 2,000 word essay! His bids may be a little higher but its worth it for the level of quality he brings to the table. Also, PC is an exceptionally friendly and professional person to work with. He is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure your essay is turned in on time and to your specifications. I'm a senior but if I could I would definetly use him again
05/04/2018 Another amazing paper. I've received nothing but A's on anything this professor has completed for me. You will hot be dissappointed. Top notch!!!!! 
05/04/2018 Great Job! Quick work. 
05/02/2018 Absolutely nailed my paper, I gave this prof a 3 day window to read a 200+ page book and 2 outside sources relating to the book to write a 5 page paper. I gave them the prompt to the essay to know what the assignment was about, and they did exactly that with time to spare! They are worth the price, I garentee that. Saved my ass!
05/01/2018 he is the best
05/01/2018 Amazing work as always!!! 
04/29/2018 Honestly the essays was so amazing! He sent it in on time and communicated with me every step of the way. I highly recommend using him for all your assignment needs!!! 
04/19/2018 Always a pleasure 
04/18/2018 The paper was very well written and followed the instructions provided. I have had papers done with other professors on here before and this one has been the best by far. I would highly recommend ProfCrisis!
04/18/2018 Third time with ProfCrisis and I am never disappointed. Always on time, very cooperative and have gotten an A for each paper. THANK YOU!
04/16/2018 Great
04/11/2018 Very professional, timely responses and great paper! Thank You.
04/08/2018 Perfect!
04/07/2018 It was a great essay, plenty of information, and made excellent points on the topic, I paid a little bit extra for the essay but it was completely worth it!!
04/03/2018 ProfCrisis is truly a godsend. I had a project that was extremely last-minute and it was do so professionally I was amazed. It was succinct and incredibly well researched.

ProfCrisis is very friendly, and extremely prompt in replying to messages, whether it be for more specifics on the assignment or any questions you may have. Never had a better experience on this site. 

Often times on this site you'll get professors that like to re-use certain lines or restate previous ideas in different language - but not here.

The work this professor produces is pure gold and I will surely be working with them again in the future. I've found my new go-to professor. 

04/03/2018 Outstanding work, especially within a ~14 hour turnaround rate. Did exactly what I wanted and beyond. Would recommend to anyone. 
03/29/2018 Absolutley perfect!
I am a return customer and have never received anything less than an A+. The papers are always returned on time (if not early), all criteria followed, sourcing is spot on and there are no errors. I request ProfCrisis every single time. I feel like when I get my Degree, it should say his name on it as well. 
03/24/2018 Lucid prose, communicative
03/20/2018 Great Work.
03/19/2018 Suspassed my expectations by a million miles. Was extremely polite, kept me informed every step of the way, and the final product was absolutely outstanding, even in a tight timeframe. Received a 4.0 on a 39-page paper. No small feat! Best money I've ever spent. This writer is second to none.
03/18/2018 always a pleasure to work with 
03/15/2018 Great job!
03/15/2018 Great job!
03/15/2018 Great job!
03/15/2018 Great job!
03/13/2018 Excellent overall experience, would definitely recommend.
03/13/2018 Great work again, 100% on the paper.
03/13/2018 Superior work A+. Delivered ahead of the deadline and precisely what I needed.
03/13/2018 Another A+ paper from ProfCrisis. Don't waste your time looking at other professors, ProfCrisis can to it.
03/09/2018 He is the best. 
03/09/2018 Excellent Work

Thank you again!
03/07/2018 There's a reason this guy has nothing but excellent reviews. Absolutely did a phenomenal job on my paper and my professors couldn't be more impressed. Highly recommend!
03/07/2018 Fantastic presentation. I received 100% on the assignment. ProfCrisis has done several papers for me, and they have all been "A" papers. Do not worry about anything; your paper will be done right and on time. 
03/07/2018 he is absolutely the best. 
03/04/2018 The Best of the Best
03/01/2018 ProfCrisis is awesome! Needed to push my date up last minute and he was able to deliver!! Will definitely use/refer him!!
02/25/2018 This was a mastercrafted piece of work. I was absolutely blown away by how professional my (their) paper looked (almost to the point where i will probably fail because its just too GOOD for something i would do). That's beside the point. ProfCrisis did EXACTLY what i asked for, and what i asked for wasn't particularly easy... I will absoluetly request them in in the future. Thank you ProfCrisis.
02/23/2018 10/10, did the job as requires, very fast.
02/21/2018 Professor was quick, very easy to work with, and provided an outstanding paper. Will definitely use again, thank you!
02/21/2018 Amazing, provided the essay weeks before the deadline with amazing quality!
02/20/2018 Excellent and finished early!!
02/16/2018 This guy is a boss, only man for the job!
02/16/2018 Perfect work thank you so much!!!!
02/16/2018 Best Professor on the site by far!
02/16/2018 Very pleased with my Communications Presentation. Can't wait to get my grade!! Professor is awesome!
02/16/2018 Top notch writing skills!
02/12/2018 Easy to communicate, very fast response to any concerns I had and delivered my paper a day early. Will recommend this proffesor 100 percent