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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
07/16/2024 Amazing as always. Great communication and top-quality work.
06/21/2024 I have used ProfCrisis several times and he always exceeds my expectations. It is not AI generated, no direct quotes are used and he always delivers top notch work. He goes the extra mile with paying close attention to the assignment details and references. I have nothing but great things to say - he communicates throughout the project, keeping me informed. I have used him for a discussion post that I received a 95% on, and a research paper. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
06/20/2024 This prof is the most reliable and most capable professor on this platform. I have worked with many but this prof always amazes me. 
06/14/2024 Great
06/05/2024 Great work. Thanks!
05/30/2024 Although I am aware that I did not give you much to write about, the sentence structure is awkward. I paid a high price, but I expect a better essay and free revision. In fact, I have to make a new order for revision. I gave the identical information to a different tutor as well, and he produced a better essay and offered me a free revision. 

The customer asked for a free rewrite using entirely new information and newly stated preferences. The review's description of the transaction is completely inaccurate, but I hope it made the customer feel better.
05/19/2024 great help! 

ProfCrisis was amazing to work with. I will continue to keep them in mind for all future projects. They were able to provide a 1500-word essay on such short notice. They communicate effectively during the process and ensure you are satisfied with your final results! I recommend them! 

05/07/2024 Awesome work!
05/06/2024 This professor is very involved and has excellent writing abilities.
04/26/2024 Did an excellence job with my project
04/21/2024 A lifesaver. Top-quality work. I'll definitely be back!!
04/21/2024 A hidden gem. Not a single negative review, and now I know why. Thanks a bunch Professor.
03/15/2024 Very impressed. recieved an A
03/15/2024 Did a great job and was very accommodating
02/29/2024 Completed my paper the exact way it needed to be done and was very good at communicating and keeping in touch about the project.
02/25/2024 paper was on time and just what i asked for!
02/17/2024 Many thanks to you... It was simply fun working with you. The communication and work really were A++++++! Highly recommend you to anyone. Once again many thanks!
02/07/2024 Literally my favorite professor on this entire site. Their work is basically flawless, and my projects have been completed with haste yet the quality does not suffer.
02/03/2024 Excellent, but, nothing new for this prof. Had to deal with last minute contingencies and came through.   Even went so far as to inform me of the errors my very picky instructor made in the assignment page!
02/01/2024 Absolutely amazing work. Very quick to deliver but the quality remains immaculate. A friendly, helpful professional that I would recommend and will most definitely use again.
01/10/2024 Prof Crisis is the best
01/08/2024 BEST PROF in this site hands down. Excellent work and services. 
01/05/2024 THE TOP Professor on this site. Another exceptional work. amazing writer and really tailors your materials to your narrative and goals. My number one go to on this site! 
01/05/2024 THE TOP Professor on this site. Exceptional work every time. Wonderful writer and super accomodating. 
12/21/2023 Great
12/21/2023 Thank you so much! This professor was fantastic. He delivered high quality work and took his time. He was thoughtful and diligent.
12/17/2023 Incredible work! Highly recommend! 
12/13/2023 10/10
12/13/2023 Awesome
12/13/2023 I recommend this professor!
12/13/2023 Great work
12/13/2023 Best writer
12/13/2023 Thank you
12/10/2023 amazing work everytime!!
12/04/2023 Quick response, and great communication! Awlays gives great work! 
12/04/2023 Great writing and communication! Responds quickly and gives quality work!
12/02/2023 Great work done on time, paper is perfedt for my project. He understood the directions very well.
11/19/2023 Does Incredible work! always completed early or on time and is easy to get ahold of. Highly recommend! 
11/14/2023 Does great work every single time! Definitely my go to professor!!
11/06/2023 Amazing work every time!! Highly recommend! 
11/05/2023 The best professor on this website.
11/05/2023 Great 
11/05/2023 Top work
11/01/2023 No issues and on time. Thanks again!
10/26/2023 Thank you
10/15/2023 Amazing work! completed well in advance. Also is great at communicating and helping with ideas.
10/15/2023 Perfect essay, done very quickly!
10/10/2023 PC delivers excellent results every time, taking the quality of their output seriously. PC delivers papers that are intelectually nuanced and yet still consice. Highly reccomended!
10/08/2023 Great Work!! Highly recommend! 
09/28/2023 Right on time and with an A 
09/20/2023 I received a 100%! Will use him again for future assignments! 
09/17/2023 Awsome
09/17/2023 Awsome
09/16/2023 Professor was really great kept in touch about everything asked relevant questions and delivered quality work. Will use again if I have a need. 
09/13/2023 Always the best
09/05/2023 great paper
09/01/2023 Another great piece of work completed by PC! A genuinely high level of effort is placed into the work and an excellent paper is the result. Highly reccomended!
08/28/2023 Excellent work and great communication!
08/15/2023 Provided the absolute best experience I could have ever hoped for. My project was very subjective and personal in nature, and rather complex in its requirements. To accomodate, I rpovided him with the message I needed to convey, the requirements of the assigment, and information on the program. He not only took the time to read it, but it was clear that he made sure he had a full understanding of all parts of the mission before diving into it. He was prompt in his communication, precise in his execution, and he met deadlines without any issues. I literally could not be happier with the product I was presented.
08/15/2023 I am VERY happy with PC's work and would highly reccomend them!
08/09/2023 Perfectly written and I got an A! Thank you!
08/08/2023 Communicated well throughout the project, great final product
08/08/2023 Most credible writer on this platform. Impeccable writing. Always meets quality expectations. 
08/06/2023 Great job!
08/02/2023 follow instructions does a great job!
08/02/2023 exception work 
07/31/2023 extremely helpful and patient! has a sence of humor too. Delivered on time, has gone above and beyond. Reliable, and responds to concerns with in minutes.
07/31/2023 thank you
07/30/2023 Great job
07/30/2023 Outstanding job!!!!!!
07/27/2023 Great
07/27/2023 Excellent work as always. 
07/27/2023 ProfCrisis is the most caring, smart, productive and trustworthy professor on this platform. 
07/25/2023 Another excellent paper!
07/25/2023 Excellent paper, thank you!
07/23/2023 Another great job
07/22/2023 This was my first experience on this website and I feel I lucked out on my selection of Professors to hande the job. Not only did he exceed my expectations for the written work, he also helped guide me as a Newbie on the site by providing me with answers to my many questions of how the site operated. Great response time as well !!!
07/17/2023 Excellent paper!
07/17/2023 Excellent paper!
07/16/2023 Very well written, very thorough, great citations and references. Followed up with questions when directions or guidance didn't make sense to make sure we were all aligned before proceeding. Timely, great communication, and overall just a great experience - highly recommend
07/09/2023 Thoroughly fixed any issues I had and worked with me with clear communication and patience.
07/05/2023 One of the best professors on this platform. Highly recommended. 
07/04/2023 Good
06/26/2023 Great work
06/20/2023 Fantastic
06/18/2023 Stellar work.
06/08/2023 Great job ! As always 
06/07/2023 If you want a 100 on a project, this is the professor you want to choose!
06/06/2023 A+ on the paper. Great work, would use again. 
06/04/2023 Stellar
06/03/2023 awesome
05/28/2023 First rate 
05/28/2023 Thank you
05/26/2023 PC is always on time and communicates effectively throughout the process!!
05/23/2023 Great 
05/23/2023 The best professor on this website
05/16/2023 Thk you great job as usual.
05/16/2023 What a legend.. So thorough and spot on. Will definitely work with this Professor again.
05/12/2023 Stellar work as always.
05/07/2023 Went above and beyond!
04/26/2023 First-rate work, thank you.
04/24/2023 awesome great job!
04/18/2023 Much needed help and done well. 
04/18/2023 Good work and on time 
03/30/2023 Fantastic Professor! Thank you so much for your help.
03/29/2023 I've been a customer of this professor for over five years, and I can assure you with upmost confidence of his ability to complete the projects in a timely manner with all the instructions provided being met. He is the best professor you can request in this site, hands down.
03/29/2023 Perfect
03/25/2023 The best professor
03/21/2023 Awesome !!!
03/15/2023 Great work as always!
03/15/2023 Awesome job!!!
03/08/2023 Top notch work
03/01/2023 Great Job as always 
02/27/2023 great work and great communication 
02/27/2023 Fantastic as always. Worth it.
02/19/2023 Superb work as always, thank you!
02/19/2023 Great work
02/19/2023 The best professor on the website. I have only ever recieved A's with this professor. Highly recommend 
02/12/2023 Great work as always.
02/11/2023 Prof Crisis is the best on this website hands down! I selfishly don't even want to leave a review because I want make sure he has time to do all my work! He has helped me in a bind. I am a working profesisonal in grad school and having that extra helping hand is a god send. His APA knowedge is impeccably and is writing is superb! 10/10. super responsive! never had any issues!
02/08/2023 Great work
02/08/2023 This professor is by far one of the best professors on this website. Guaranteed A if you choose him. 
02/04/2023 Good work
01/31/2023 awesome job .
01/31/2023 Fantastic as usual! This is the only professor I use on this site and i've used them numerous times. Their work always exceeds my expectations and gets me the grade I desire. Communicative through-out the process and delivers on time. Worth every penny. 
01/29/2023 Great work
01/27/2023 There are a lot of options on this site but only one right one. If you want it done right the first time, choose this prof. 
01/18/2023 Excellent work. Great communicator and a prolific writer. 
01/18/2023 Best work and worth the price. 
01/16/2023 Top tier, got my essay done ahead of time
01/15/2023 Excellent work. This prof is communicative and professional. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them. I came in as a skeptic of the process and I am leaving as a huge fan. 
01/07/2023 Great work all around.  Always meeting timelines and exceeding expectations.
12/20/2022 Awesome
12/20/2022 Excellent
12/20/2022 Great
12/20/2022 the essay was even BETTER than what i could have imagined. 
12/04/2022 This professor did a great job and was on time! 
11/30/2022 The best professor on this website. Quality over quantity compare to other professors who don't follow instructions and don't work hard on projects. 
11/18/2022 Got a 92% on a fourth year course. 10/10 would reconmmend 
11/15/2022 My first choice. Always
11/15/2022 This professor is number one for a reason. I will only use him or one other. Profcrisis is my first choice. Outstanding, professional, high quality and puncutal. 
11/12/2022 As always, incredible work and always on time! This is the professor you need to pick if you want a guaranteed A on your project
11/10/2022 Exceptional
11/10/2022 FIRST RATE
11/10/2022 Well done
11/10/2022 Awesome
11/03/2022 Awesome
11/02/2022 Thank you.
10/30/2022 If you are in a pickle, pick ProfCrisis.
10/30/2022 Excellent
10/30/2022 Great as usual
10/30/2022 The best professor on this website
10/21/2022 Such amazing and hard work. Thank you so much for the amazing grade! 
10/17/2022 Application letter for grad school. 
I provided this prof with my application to grad school with the intention to review and suggest revisions. I can say without any doubt that the suggestions have immensly improved the quality of my letter. 
In addition to this, the prof asked me personal questions, which they showed me how to add to the letter. 
I'm new to this site, but if I choose to use this site again, I'm going to 100% stick to this prof. 
Thanks a million for your help. 
10/16/2022 Another excellent paper. This was my 8th project with PC and he never fails to disappoint.
10/14/2022 Great
10/14/2022 Thank you!
10/11/2022 Great work!!
10/11/2022 Great work!!
10/10/2022 Excellent paper!
10/09/2022 Great
10/07/2022 Excellent
10/07/2022 The best professor on this website.
10/07/2022 Amazing work, as always! Thank you so much for everything!
10/06/2022 A-FLIPPING-MAZING!!! This person delivers each time a work of art! 
09/29/2022 excellent product, and even finished a day before due! A++++
09/27/2022 Directions were followed for the power point. Good work
09/27/2022 UMMMMMM I don't want to leave a review because I don't want them being over used - yes, I'm selfish! They are beyond amazing, timely, and just THE BEST! 
09/26/2022 By far the best experience I've had here. ProfCrisis not only did a superb job but the paper was delivered on time (which has been an issue with other professors). 
09/22/2022 Great!
09/22/2022 Outstanding work once again. Thank you so much for all your help & hard work! 
09/21/2022 Excellent
09/18/2022 Excellent
09/18/2022 I highly recommend this professor!
09/18/2022 Best professor on this website
09/18/2022 The best
09/18/2022 Great!
09/18/2022 Great. Best on here. Will continue to work with as long as the work remains stellar. 
09/18/2022 great lit review
09/17/2022 Would highly recommend!!
09/17/2022 Very well done paper and worked with me on all the requirements. Would highly recommend!!
09/15/2022 Excellent paper and timely. Thank you!
09/10/2022 Thank you so much for the hard work and great quality! Definitely looking for ward to working with you in the future! 
09/09/2022 Very thorough, received an A. 
09/07/2022 Fast, superb work and fair.
09/07/2022 Great work. Clear, concise and follows the directions.
08/31/2022 The quality of ProfCrisis writng is way better than other professors' writing on this website.
08/31/2022 Great work!
08/31/2022 If you want high quality work, pick this professor.
08/31/2022 Stellar work, stellar response time and punctual. 

ProfCrisis is the best compare to other "professors" on this website. Quality over Quantity

08/24/2022 Great.
08/17/2022 If you are seeking an A, then you should hire this user. If you want a paper that will have absolutely no citation deficiencies and one that follows course rubric/cues, then you should hire this user. If not, it’s a gamble. Very few “profs” are as qualified, gifted, and reliable as Crisis. yesyesyesyesyes

08/17/2022 Written elegantly and follows all the course modules meticulously. All of the work was perfectly cited using course material.  

08/17/2022 Amazing work produced in a series of assignments spanning a couple of months (4 assignments in total). I am very greateful for his services. Totally worth it. All As

I can guarantee two things: 1. He does not cut corners when it comes to writing papers. 2. If bids on your paper, it means you’ll likely get an A if you accept his bid.yesyes

06/06/2022 Helped me with my 3rd year business course despite the fact the materials were fragmented and all over the place. He provided an excellent analysis with no errors. Excellent!
05/29/2022 Provided a meticulously crafted paper that will certainly fetch a grade of no lower than 95%. 
What else is there to say? 

Make your homework go away!