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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
09/22/2022 Great!
09/22/2022 Outstanding work once again. Thank you so much for all your help & hard work! 
09/21/2022 Excellent
09/18/2022 Excellent
09/18/2022 I highly recommend this professor!
09/18/2022 Best professor on this website
09/18/2022 The best
09/18/2022 Great!
09/18/2022 Great. Best on here. Will continue to work with as long as the work remains stellar. 
09/18/2022 great lit review
09/17/2022 Would highly recommend!!
09/17/2022 Very well done paper and worked with me on all the requirements. Would highly recommend!!
09/15/2022 Excellent paper and timely. Thank you!
09/10/2022 Thank you so much for the hard work and great quality! Definitely looking for ward to working with you in the future! 
09/09/2022 Very thorough, received an A. 
09/07/2022 Fast, superb work and fair.
09/07/2022 Great work. Clear, concise and follows the directions.
08/31/2022 The quality of ProfCrisis writng is way better than other professors' writing on this website.
08/31/2022 Great work!
08/31/2022 If you want high quality work, pick this professor.
08/31/2022 Stellar work, stellar response time and punctual. 

ProfCrisis is the best compare to other "professors" on this website. Quality over Quantity

08/24/2022 Great.
08/17/2022 If you are seeking an A, then you should hire this user. If you want a paper that will have absolutely no citation deficiencies and one that follows course rubric/cues, then you should hire this user. If not, it’s a gamble. Very few “profs” are as qualified, gifted, and reliable as Crisis. yesyesyesyesyes

08/17/2022 Written elegantly and follows all the course modules meticulously. All of the work was perfectly cited using course material.  

08/17/2022 Amazing work produced in a series of assignments spanning a couple of months (4 assignments in total). I am very greateful for his services. Totally worth it. All As

I can guarantee two things: 1. He does not cut corners when it comes to writing papers. 2. If bids on your paper, it means you’ll likely get an A if you accept his bid.yesyes

06/06/2022 Helped me with my 3rd year business course despite the fact the materials were fragmented and all over the place. He provided an excellent analysis with no errors. Excellent!
05/29/2022 Provided a meticulously crafted paper that will certainly fetch a grade of no lower than 95%. 
What else is there to say? 
05/24/2022 I received an assignment that was so well written, that I had to double check the work in order to ensure it wasn't over my prof's head. Wow amazing work. blush
05/17/2022 Worth every penny
05/17/2022 Perfect!
05/05/2022 I can't emphasize enough the type of work this prof does. Always produces work that is elegantly crafted and written. Amazing!enlightened
04/20/2022 Academic Writing for Leadership Courses 

I asked this prof to do a set of journal reflections for me (academic writing with multiple APA citations). He did not disappoint. They are written cogently, clearly, and articulated at a very high level. I strongly recommend working with him. The work he has helped me complete has mainly come back with A and A+ grades ranging from the high 80s to high 90s (mainly the latter). As someone who takes their grades very seriously, I can tell without any doubt or hesitation, your work under PC's watch is in good hands. 

Grade received: 97%
03/11/2022 Absolutely perfect work by the professor.
03/11/2022 There's a very good reason why this prof has a 99.7% rating on this website, while many on this website can barely crack 95%. His work is top-notch, and profcrisis always responds in a prompt manner to answer your questions and comments. Yes, he does charge a premium compared to other profs on this website, but it is worth every penny! I've used his services for over five years, and I've had zero complaints on his work. He's that good.
03/06/2022 I can’t agree more with the previous reviews. The quality of the writing is something to envy - it’s phenomenal. This professor has done quite a few essays on my behalf and has rewritten a few others after I received the results from the first essays they had written... Unfortunately, I will not be able to write a review for each assignment as I didn’t realize the “rate the professor” button expires. As a summary though, the professor has been extremely responsive; there has been no plagiarism, with Turnitin scores usually under 3% and less than 1% per source; and I have received A’s on every paper submitted. Selfishly, I wish I could write a bad review so less people would send in assignment requests but that wouldn’t be right. While this professor comes with a higher price tag, it’s worth every penny. If ProfCrisis bids on your project, you should choose them.
02/17/2022 Excellent work from the prof, received an A+ from the professor!
02/01/2022 Excellent as usual, 10/10!
12/30/2021 94% on a notoriously difficult final exam. There's nothing much I can complain about ProfCrisis' work! 10/10 as always
11/25/2021 As always, this professor goes above and beyond what is required in order to make sure it is a perfect paper. If you want an A on your paper, choose ProfCrisis! 10 out of 10 rating
11/24/2021 10/10
11/19/2021 Perfect essay as always. Answers all your questions and suggestions in a prompy manner. Worth every single penny,
11/05/2021 excellent as always
10/02/2021 This professor gets the job done fast and effectively! Just in case the rating glitches again, my rating is 10 out of 10 stars. 
09/29/2021 Always delivers the best. Love the work that is done. I had 2 other assignments ProfCrisis did and received a A on both. Thank you so much.
09/25/2021 Amazing work. Professor was impressed. 
09/22/2021 Professor is very prompt with responses, and the quality of his work is top notch.
09/14/2021 This guy was awesome and worth the price tag. Gave him 8hrs to write an entire External White Paper of 1600words or more and he got me a 100%
09/09/2021 Icredible work! So thankful!!
09/03/2021 Once again I can count on ProfCrisis to deliver the highest quality work. He is the best!
08/03/2021 Awesome professor. Really professional, wrote me a fantastic essay that I am positive will get an A. Followed all the guidelines, went above the required word count, and made an essay I couldn't dream of writing myself. You get what you pay for, and this guy (?) is worth the extra money. Most of the other 'professors' on here are scams and barely speak English. Rest assured that if you use this guy, you will not be disappointed. Will 10/10 use again and recommend him to my friends. 
08/01/2021 Well written, on time and followed instructions well. Would recommend!
07/28/2021 What can I say, other than this guy delivers? He is extremely patient and follows instructions perfectly. I have worked with him on several occasions for assignments, revisions of previous assignments, and editing/proofreading. Shocking how he has not yet been put on the highest tier of users, but I suspect this post will not age well, as at some point soon he will be placed there. 
07/28/2021 This guy writes flawless papers. After working with this user for more than a year, I can say that he is probably one of the best writers here. If you want a turn key and worry free expereince, you are advised to work with him. 
06/10/2021 Another 100, the best prof you can hire on this website, no doubt!
05/28/2021 Great work as always. Followed prompts carefully and with a degree of care. Thanks PC. Would highly advise working with this prof. 
05/15/2021 I've used the professor's service for almost four years now, and he proves again and again why he's the highest rated plat+ professor in the website. He always follows up on your questions and comments promptly, and I have never had a single project from him where it was graded anything below a 87. Are you really going to gamble your future away just to save 50 bucks for one essay? If you go for any other professors on this website, THERES A GOOD CHANCE YOU'RE GOING TO GET BURNED. This man is worth every single penny that you pay for, and you won't go back to any other professors on this website afterwards.
04/27/2021 My Clutch professor, Helped me knock out 4 projects in 2.5 weeks and perfection every time!!!! 
04/23/2021 Open and effective communicator, meticulous at writing academic papers and tying in material from the text. If you receive a score of less than A either your prof didn’t read the paper, or the academic level was above his/her head. One of the people I trust with my academic work.

04/22/2021 My go to Professor!! At times is more pricey, but SO WORTH THE MONEY!!!! 3 Assingments, 3 100% grades!! 
04/20/2021 Assingment number 2 this term and my 2nd 100!!!! Well worth the higher fees!!!!
04/19/2021 Great Communication and excellent commitment to detail, Perfect 100 out the gate!!!!! 
My go to, has my complete confidence, while other professors baulk at the feedback and revisions, Cris has never let me down, even with my harshest Professor, got me a 95 off rip, and that was a miracle. Well worth the $$$$ spent...
Always worth for 10 stars!!!!!!!
03/25/2021 Organizational Psychology Papers 
He nailed every assignment for me for this course. While the prof gave no material feedback (probably because his writing was better than the prof's), received As on all of my assignments. Will without a doubt work with him again.  
03/25/2021 Proofread and revised several of my essays. Gave me feedback when I was uncertain of my errors/mistakes and ensured that my writing met all facets of the course rubric. Thanks again!
03/25/2021 English Writing Assignments 

Always comes through and communicates every step of the way. If you choose this user, you can rest assured that work will be done the type of academic rigor that your state school expects. I've been working with this user now for nearly a year, and my only regret is not having worked with him/her sooner. Absolutely worth your time and money. You get what you paid for (yes, even on this site). 
03/03/2021 perfect 100% as usual.... what else can I say about this professor other than if you want perfection, this is who you choose......

02/09/2021 Amaizing as always
02/09/2021 Yet another 100..... While other professors have gotten me A's (lowest was a 93) ,,, This professor consistently goes in for the kill an 4 assignments, 4 100's...... well worth the money!!!!
02/07/2021 Outstanding job as usual.
02/06/2021 excellent!!!
02/03/2021 Yet another 100 earned by this awesome Professor... 
My GPA and I thank you!!!! 

yes, real person again..
01/25/2021 Prof is a little more expensive but it's money well spent, 2 assignnents got a 96 and a 100...
who can complain about that?
Not ME!!!!
Thanks Prof, looking forward to working with you in the future..

and yes I am a real person, not a bot... smh
01/23/2021 Got a 91 on the project, since I do not aim for a 100 on everything that was perfect for me, My professor only notes were to cite more in the paper if I wanted a higher grade.... 

12/08/2020 Amazing work even better than expected. Extremely recommended!! Just oustanding. 
12/03/2020 100% Master's prepared work. Distinguished and compelling. A+ writer with timely and great communication. Will use again, highly recommended!!! Thank you so much:)
12/03/2020 Always a pleasure
11/29/2020 Brilliant! Prices are high for good reason. Well worth it!!
11/26/2020 I've used this professor's services for almost three years now, and he proves time and time again why he's the highest rated professor on the website. He always replies to your messages as soon as possible, and the papers he produces have never gotten a grade below an A. While ProfCrisis do charge a higher price, he will prove to you why he is deserving of that price, with his exceptional service and finished products. Always doubt those $25/page bids, or learn the hard way as I've experienced with other professors on this website, as they consistantly produce subpar papers that will not be good enough! 
11/25/2020 Highly recommended very truthworthy amazing work and in constant communication with you. A very dedicated proffesor and that dedication is reflected on his work. 
11/25/2020 Amazing job! Excellent writing and very punctual! Will definitely work with this profesor again and I highly recommend him. 
11/24/2020 10/10. The only professor on this website who will communicate with you daily and the quality of work he produces is exceptional!
11/24/2020 The best professor on this website. Prices higher than the minimum bid, but there's a very good reason why he does so.
11/10/2020 Undergrad English Writing Course (essay)
I'd like to share honest feedback regarding this prof. as it was my first time working with him/her.(not a first time user on this site)
He wrote an essay as part of a longer project for which I had started. 
1)He submitted the paper nearly a week earlier than expected 
2) He wrote flawlessly and elegantly incorporated the material into the thesis
3) He knew APA formatting inside out.
4) He was extremely communicative and helpful in working with me to ensure the outcome of the paper is what I expected.
5)The paper has not yet been marked, but anything short of an A would be shocking.
I short, I highly recommend him. Everything was done correctly the first time. Got exactly what I paid for.
Undergrad English Writing Course (essay)
I'd like to share honest feedback regarding this prof. as it was my first time working with him/her.(not a first time user on this site)
He wrote an essay as part of a longer project for which I had started. 
1)He submitted the paper nearly a week earlier than expected 
2) He wrote flawlessly and elegantly incorporated the material into the thesis
3) He knew APA formatting inside out.
4) He was extremely communicative and helpful in working with me to ensure the outcome of the paper is what I expected.
5)The paper has not yet been marked, but anything short of an A would be shocking.
I short, I highly recommend him. Everything was done correctly the first time. Got exactly what I paid for.

Thank you!

10/27/2020 Great job! Communication plan was on time and well written! Thank you!
10/20/2020 Great communication, better grade!
10/14/2020 Outsanding job on the paper
10/13/2020 Delivered a day ahead of time, and when I had an editing/revision request, his pricing was completely fair and reasonable, with a quick delivery time. Will reconmmend to anyone!
10/12/2020 If you're looking for quality, ProfCrisis is your man.
10/10/2020 Answers any questions, will do any edits and always does fantastic work. You cannot go wrong with picking this Professor. 

10/04/2020 Incredible work!!
10/04/2020 Awesome job!
09/27/2020 Absolutely outstanding work!! 
09/19/2020 I am delighted with this professors' work, delivered an extremely well-written paper whilst remaining in contact throughout the process. Was also kind enough to advise me on how the site works and what to be mindful of when selecting a professor. I would definitely use their services again!!
09/19/2020 Great work!! 
09/15/2020 Excellent analysis with quick turnaround - best Prof on the site!
08/31/2020 Great work!! Would use every time.
08/25/2020 Very exceptional services
08/20/2020 Amazing as usual! You won't regret if you get a chance to accept one of this profs bids!
08/18/2020 Thank you for all your help!!
08/14/2020 His pricing may be on the high side, but he sure does justify it with his excellent service!
08/09/2020 Very pleased ?? 
08/07/2020 Great communicator! Got everything done on time, great essay!!
07/30/2020 Outstanding job as per usual! 
07/27/2020 Thank you for your excellent work!
07/27/2020 Great work ! Thank you
07/25/2020 Very impressed with the quality of paper. Very communicative, definitely will use again! 
07/22/2020 Truly fantastic. Was kind enough to advise me on how to navigate the site and how to detect fraudulent bids. Solid paper and would love to work with again.
07/19/2020 Thank you for your excellent work.
07/19/2020 Great paper - thank you!
07/17/2020 You guys....TRUST ME ON THIS. He is THE. BEST. professor on here. Clear communication. Creatively written. Had it done well before the deadline. You can tell he actually cares about his work. Outstanding job!
07/13/2020 As usual, ProfCrisis goes above and beyond with his service and performance. The essay has gotten an A on a course notorious around my university for being one of the hardest 1st year course offered, and I am blown away at how the professor can provide a superior service time and time. While his pricing may be pricier than others in this website, he backs it with a top-notch service and communication, and in the quality of the papers. If you want a paper that's guaranteed to be excellent, I highly recommend choosing this professor!
07/12/2020 Thank you for a great paper!
07/12/2020 Great paper! Thanks again for your work

I received 100% on the most recent paper he wrote for me. He was very patient with me throughout the process and kept me informed. The true testament to his abilities; I have chosen to work with him again because the paper he wrote was fantastic. I couldn’t have asked for a better essay!

07/12/2020 Amazing job! Followed instructions in a timly manner.
07/07/2020 Great work and on time. 
06/30/2020 Could not be better. Hit the nail on exactly what I needed. Even if the price is a little bit more than others I reccomend him. Substantially better work. Pick this professor PLEASE, you will not regret it.
06/29/2020 I got accepted into my major because of him. I truly wouldn't be able to pursue my career choice if it weren't for him!
06/14/2020 Always a pleasure!
06/08/2020 Got a perfect mark on the assignment!
05/23/2020 Godly. There is no other description for a professor who can take nothing and make it into gold <3
05/09/2020 Always a go to
05/02/2020 As per usual, this professor goes beyond expectation! The best in the business!
04/28/2020 Absolutely phenomenal work! I am very pleased with the work PC has placed into my assignment and I could not be happier!
04/04/2020 Really happy with every aspect of the service. The project I ask for was delivered to a standard above what I was expecting. Followed the details set out and made sure they had all the needed information before starting.  I've not had a mark yet but I can safely say that you will recieve excellent marks. I recieved feedback from one tutor who was very impressed. An added bonus besides the excellent work is the curteous and timely communication. All in all very happy and would highly reccommend, really saved my bacon at a very stressful time! 
03/02/2020 Professor Crisis has once again delivered; he will not let you down.
03/01/2020 As per usual, excellent work. Always goes above and beyond to make sure his work is the best it can be. Always in contact and easily reachable if needed. This is the prof you want/need. 
02/27/2020 Great response time and very impressive paper
02/18/2020 Exceded expectations. Will be using him again. 
02/17/2020 HOLY COW!!!! What an amazing paper! DEFINITELY going to be using ProfCrisis for other essays!
02/09/2020 Absolutely can't go wrong with this Professor! 

I have used three others in the past and he takes the cake. 

Quality work,  with contact/updates. Easy to reach and really works with you and what need for your paper/assignment. 

Thank you again ProfCrisis

12/05/2019 Received an 84% 
12/03/2019 Prof Crisis was awesome! He was very thorough and on time! I was very pleased!
11/27/2019 Extended and revised a draft for me; received an A.
11/27/2019 Received an A on my literature paper. I highly recommend Professor Crisis.
11/27/2019 Received an A on a 10 page history paper. 
11/16/2019 This is the guy you want to use
11/16/2019 Use this professor, will not regret it.
11/16/2019 Awesome job, got a 100 on the paper. I have used him 3 times and I have gotten two 100s and 1 99. His fee is worth it without a doubt. He cares about the work he does and always wants to help and improve the project as much as possible. If you want the A, speak with this professor. Thank you for your amazing work
11/11/2019 Recevied an A, execellent work once again.
10/30/2019 A+ Best professor on this site. Always gets me a good grade without fail. A++
10/18/2019 Excellent work, 100% on the paper. Stop looking at the reviews and select ProfCrisis
10/18/2019 Money well spent, Professor Chris is the real deal.
10/18/2019 BOOM, "A" paper...
10/18/2019 Absolutely the best professor. 100% on my paper.
10/18/2019 Fantastic work. Another "A" paper.
10/16/2019 Great work once again.
10/15/2019 Only professor Worth your time on this site. Honestly a saving grace, got an A on the first assignment I received. Giving him all of my future english and literature assignments.
10/15/2019 Great writing, my last 2 essays with him were both As. This is your guy!
10/02/2019 Excellent work once again. Thank you.
09/25/2019 Definitely the best on this site.
09/23/2019 I am extremely happy with the final product I received. This Prof's attention to detail and desire to produce a quality product is exceptional. He is also extremely communicative so you are never in the dark, which is something I really liked. I highly recommend him  
09/20/2019 Great work ! Hope you can help me again in the future. Thanks! 
09/20/2019 This is beyond a doubt your guy; his writing is truly magnificent and shows a deep understanding of the source material.
09/17/2019 Really knows what he is doing, one of the best writers on the site!
09/15/2019 Great job on the paper! For sure an A paper! 
09/07/2019 Amazing work !!! Hope i get to work with you again. thank you!
08/27/2019 Really great, stayed in contact constantly. Would 100% recommend
08/18/2019 Another "A" paper by ProfCrisis. If you want the best work for your money, select ProfCrisis.
08/17/2019 Excellent job! Scored me 20/20 points!!! Thank you so much
08/12/2019 Another "A" paper from ProfChris.
08/09/2019 I love this professor and their work. They are the best there is available on here. You will never regret utilizing their help with high quality assignments. 
07/25/2019 Fantastic! Wrote an awesome 10+ page paper on Nursing and was a pleasure to work with! Thank you!!
07/23/2019 Communication was great and the paper was quality. Have used this professor for 4 essays I have had to do for this class, and have recieved an A on all.
07/23/2019 Great
PC is one of the highest quality professors of whom I have ever dealt. The professionalism and the work is superb. I cannot say enough great things about their work. I highly recommend them in every category for which you could rate a professional writer and academic.
Thank you for everything! I appreciate your excellent help so much!

07/01/2019 You are fantastic! I appreciate your excellent communicate and the effort you put into this assignment. You did an amazing job on the research map.
Excellent professor. Best on the site! Thank you so much for doing more than I would have imagined or asked of anyone. You are the best.
07/01/2019 Goes above and beyond! Will use again! :) 
07/01/2019 Fantastic, as always.
My professor's comment about this work was "I only have a couple of comments to make on your excellent post." This professor is difficult to please so the compliment is a high one. If you want compliments like this,  then you will want to use PC, too.
06/19/2019 Got a 100/100 on my paper, was very easy to work with an accomodating. Above and beyond.
06/16/2019 Great!
06/15/2019 This professor does excellent work. It was my first try using them on a Ph.D. level course assignment. I am here to tell you that professor knows how to legitimately write without all the added fluff and fillers you get from some of them. I highly recommend them and will use them again in the future.
06/08/2019 Excellent work as always 
05/23/2019 exceeded all expectations.
05/18/2019 excellent
03/05/2019 Excellent work as always.
03/03/2019 Thank you so much! You are great and very professional. 
02/20/2019 THE BEST ALWAYS!
02/06/2019 Prof. Crisis has completed more than twenty projects (Grad school coursework) for me in the last eight months, and each project's grade has been an A. His writing is impeccable. Highly recommend Prof. Crisis! 
01/04/2019 Thanks for the "A" paper.
01/04/2019 A+ paper. 
01/04/2019 Great paper, fantastic communicator.
01/04/2019 Fantastic work!
12/13/2018 Amazing as always! 
12/12/2018 Never fails to deliver exemplary projects in a timely manner while being flexible with project requirements.  Even goes above and beyond with the amount of detail put into the projects. 
12/07/2018 amazing as always
11/21/2018 Always exceeds expectations, fast communication, work always completed ahead of time!
11/13/2018 ProfCrisis is THE MAN. (Okay, to be fair it is 2018, I shouldn't be assuming gender.) Male, female, or Apache helicopter, ProfCrisis does superb work and is a professional of the highest order whose work is worth every penny. Thank you ProfCrisis!
11/08/2018 Simply the best!!
11/01/2018 absolutely amazing!!! 
11/01/2018 A pleasure to work with, yet again. Incomparably good work to boot.
10/27/2018 Very professional and helpful as always! thank you
10/26/2018 Fantastic work, very impressed and pleased with the result
10/25/2018 Unparalleled! A genius. 

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