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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
11/25/2018 Paper I was given was not even to the directions given! I contacted him more than once telling him my professor will fail me NO RESPONSE! WISH I COULD GIVE ZERO STARS
10/25/2018 Very courteous, project completed in a timely manner.
10/24/2018 88% Life saved. I really hate everything about this class. Thanks Litmaster!
10/24/2018 I recieved an 86% for this assignment. I am happy and give all stars not only for the grade, but for fast responses and peace of mind.
10/19/2018 Was writen well, but, was not what I asked for.
10/18/2018 I like the way the paper is organized and it was delivered before I expected it. There were some surprising errors in tense and odd sentence structure, but I expected to rewrite some of it any way to make it sound more like my "voice", so it didn't matter in the end. Saved me a ton of time and my sanity, and was worth every penny.
10/18/2018 I had a short notice requirement and he completed it ahead of schedule and produced an excellent product!  Would definetly use again :)
10/17/2018 Fantastic Essay and on time
10/15/2018 Two thumbs up
10/15/2018 very good in doing the assignments before the deadline. Also, writes very well descriptive essays. 
10/14/2018 The only things I had to fix myself was misspellings, and margins for the references. Other then that everything came out perfect, it was finished on time with no plagiarism, and it met all the requirements that I had listed for the paper. This was a research paper on Economics. Highly recommended person to use
10/14/2018 Outstanding Job
10/13/2018 On time delivery - excellent work ! Very Collaborative.
10/12/2018 10/10
10/12/2018 10/10 
10/11/2018 Excellent job! Thank you so much
10/08/2018 The professor did an excellent job! Will keep you posted on grade! Thank you again for your time and effort! 
10/08/2018 Very well written essay. Short a few words but sent it to me in time to fix. 
10/08/2018 well written
10/07/2018 Good work, thanks again. 10/10
10/06/2018 Ended up failing the quiz. Most answers were wrong and some were not even complete. Instructions were not followed. Worst experience I've had on this site.
10/02/2018 Well done. Not bad. Got it done on time 
10/01/2018 Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
10/01/2018 Very well written essay ! The author worked very collaboratively and delivered a solid product.
10/01/2018 Nicely done !
10/01/2018 Excellent paper and met the deadline.
09/30/2018 Did great work, delivered it early and was super helpful. 10/10 reccommend. 
09/30/2018 Great essay! Finished it really fast too. :)
09/29/2018 Couldn't write a college admissions essay and was late
09/29/2018 Did not deliver and doesn't know how to write a college essay
09/24/2018 Well writen paper but I needed to go through and make some corrections. Great quality considering the amount of time the professor had to complete the project.
09/23/2018 great!
09/20/2018 Thank you! The case study came out great.
09/20/2018 Amazing writer for nursing projects! Such great work - thanks so much!!! I cannot wait to work with you again!
09/19/2018 Horrible. Had to rewrite. RETHINK!!!
09/19/2018 Plagerized paper
09/19/2018 Plagerized paper
09/19/2018 Plagerized 50% of the paper, misspellings - ended up doing myself.
09/19/2018 Plagerized 50% of the paper, misspellings - ended up doing myself.
09/19/2018 Promptly done, answered questions completly, will use again!
09/19/2018 Very fast and good work!!!
09/19/2018 This professor really saved me when I waited until the last minute! So appreciated!
09/18/2018 10/10 - fantastic work!
09/17/2018 10/10
09/16/2018 The paper was done before the due date and well written. 
09/12/2018 10/10
09/09/2018 Very good paper.
09/09/2018 10/10
09/06/2018 i allowed an extention on the deadline, the professor went over the already extended deadline 30 minutes over the 30 minutes they initially said they'd need. and they didnt provide the paper in full with sources. i said the formatting could be either MLA or APA and they just numbered out the questions and wrote answers even though i had put that i needed and essay. overall i was not satisfied and dont believe it was worth the money. 
09/05/2018 good
09/04/2018 10/10
09/04/2018 Great stuff, and well before the date set 
09/04/2018 Well-written work and was completed in a prompt manner. Couldn't be more satisfied with it!
08/28/2018 Went above and beyond! Great work!
08/27/2018 great job 

08/26/2018 Professor delivered an excellent product that needed very little editing before it was perfect. They also finished the project EARLY which left me plenty of time to look it over and review before submitting the assignment. Would deffinitely use this professor again.
08/26/2018 Litmaster was a pleasure to work with, the topic I asked to cover was likely not a common one and my project was delivered in 4 days from intially awarding the project. I emailed once to ask for a status update and a few hours later I had the fully polished porduct in my inbox. I was nervous at first but this has saved me a tredmendous amount of time and I would highly recommend Litmaster for anyone who is pressed for time and needs professional grade work. 10/10
08/19/2018 Met the project specifications and delivered on time.
08/17/2018 Great again. Highly reccomend!
08/12/2018 Great paper. Appreciate the help!
08/08/2018 Go it in on time and worked with me with any editing, great job.
08/08/2018 Paper was excellent. Exactly what was needed. Followed all directions. 
08/08/2018 Paper was excellent. Exactly what was needed. Followed all directions. 
08/07/2018 Delivered exactly what I needed.
07/31/2018 Quick, speedy turn around! Will def use again!
07/31/2018 Q
07/30/2018 Good work!
07/29/2018 Did good, made a B on the paper!!
07/24/2018 I got an A! Thank you!!
07/24/2018 Got the paper early! Great job! Thrilled with my second project with this professor! Really pays attention to what you request and gives you time to ask for changes if needed.  Very easy to work with. Quick to respond. 
07/22/2018 This professir was very helpful and when I had an issue (my fault) he corrected it quick and without question. Amazing!
07/22/2018 Did in a great job with short notice!  Thank you!
07/16/2018 Went above and beyond what I had expected.  Thanks!!!
07/12/2018 Thank you
07/11/2018 This professer is LEGIT and came through in the clutch! He/she turned my 5 page research paper around in about 24 hours with perfect sentence structure and almost perfect grammar. Also followed my instructions to a tee. The first draft I was sent was good enough for me to work off of and make minor changes to make it sound more like the rest of my essays I submitted earlier in the semester. Luckily this is the last class I'll ever be taking, but if not, I would definitely hire him/her again! 
07/07/2018 Great paper well before due date
07/07/2018 First time using this service. Definetly recommend.
07/05/2018 Thnak you.
07/03/2018 95/100
07/02/2018 Excellent work, thank you so much!
07/01/2018 This is for the second paper.
07/01/2018 Dude did the damn thing!!!! I got my papers on time, they were well written and well reseached. I needed two papers at the same time and he exceeded the nesisary word count for both. I got a 78 overall, but that has been my highest grade on papers in this class so far and it saved me from failing a pain in the ass summer class. Not to mention says that the lady is a bitch and grades like she has a grudge on everyone. I don't know what an A would have taken and I can't blame it on this guys writing. Job well done. I am not a robot.
06/30/2018 Great :)
06/29/2018 Excellent essay
06/29/2018 Great Job!  Very pleased.  First time I have every used anyone in my entire college career of 3 degrees (BS, MS, PHD). Cramped for time and he/she delivered earlier than requested so that i can edit as needed to personalize my style. 
06/29/2018 Received project days early. Worked quickly and wrote great work!
06/29/2018 Excellent work and was completed before deadline. 
Litmaster is great!
06/26/2018 This is my go-to prof. Always ahead of schedule. The paper is better each time.
06/26/2018 Always goes above and beyond. Very hapyy with the results.
06/26/2018 Litmaster did a great job on my paper and would recommend to anyone.
06/25/2018 excellent work and was completed before deadline
06/25/2018 excellent work and was completed before deadline
06/22/2018 11 out of 10. This guy came outta nowhere and delivered an amazing paper and days early. Will definitely use again. 
06/21/2018 He’s super fast, like a cheetah
06/19/2018 LItmaster is great! Took the time to make corrections and revise according to the instructions, even after payment which can be quite challenging for other professors. Definitely recommend working with Litmaster.
06/18/2018 Received project 2 days early, slight grammtical errors that are easily fixable. Would recommend to a friend
06/14/2018 Very efficient and followed through on every instruction provided. Thank you!
06/08/2018 great presentation and lots of information. Would use again, highly recommend.
06/08/2018 You had a very short deadline and came through, thank you. The sources you have chosen were great also.
06/07/2018 The work was done ahead of schedule time and its better than expected
06/03/2018 Did exactly what was asked of them. Used all my sources. Paper was written well. Would definitely recommend!
05/25/2018 Great work!
05/21/2018 Very accomodating, worked quickly and wrote great work!
05/19/2018 done in a timely manner with a good product
05/18/2018 I recieved a 35 on this project!!!!
05/16/2018 good job, could have done a better job though
05/15/2018 Completed on time as assigned
05/11/2018 Very good sonding essay and finished ahead of shedule 
05/08/2018 did very good work, will use again in the future for more projects!!!
05/01/2018 Essay was exactly what I wanted. Would have given all stars but I got it 5 hours late. 
04/27/2018 Didn’t follow the extremely clear directions. Instead of analyzing the source material, they just provided a crude summary with virtually no original thought, and didn’t answer any of the questions posed. After editing out the nonsense I had about 50% of what I paid for. I needed it on a short timeline but this paper was just sad.
04/27/2018 Outstanding job....Great communication.  
04/16/2018 This professor surely is NOT fluent in English. The paper is barely intelligible. 
The paper was for my nursing school, but I can't use his work due to the extremely low quality. 
04/04/2018 Wow omg thank you!!! 
04/03/2018 I recieved a D on that paper
03/13/2018 very good and way ahead of schedule! 
02/12/2018 I recieved my project WEEKS before I needed it and it's EXACTLY what I asked for.  
12/02/2017 Another quality deliverable. Nothing too extreme, easy enough for the lay and educated to read.
Thank you.
12/02/2017 LitMaster is an incredible professor. The professor did an incredible job on my essay and it was done within a timely manner. I would highly recommend working with her/him.
12/01/2017 Excellent, Got the paper done ahead of schedule and the paper is perfect. Couldn't ask for a better result!
11/28/2017 Not bad of a paper, but I ordered a paper from the same author last night and it's clear it was another writer. My other paper was complete garbage and this one is alright. I wouldn't take the chance again. 
11/28/2017 Wow, really horrible, I actually erased everything he wrote and rewrote it all. I provided a 5 page outline with tons of souces and complete sentences he could have just coped and pasted. This person does not have a good grap on the English language. Please dont use him, he wrote a paper I did not ask for and wasted my money and stressed me out beyond belief. I'm not handing in a paper that is half the required pages because I couldnt complete it in time. 
11/28/2017 Made a 71 on my grade
11/24/2017 Absolutely terrible. Gave me a 60 on a paper... Terrible sentence structure, had  no idea what he was doing and spelling was atrocious.
11/19/2017 Great  job! Would choose again.
11/15/2017 This Professor is as good as it gets. I was little unsure as i have seen the maybe 2 bad reviews. But wow! What an amazing essay he gave out! Very intelligent with proper format and everything with great communication. Highly reccomend! I almost had to dumb it down to my level! haha. Thank you! Would come back again anytime. 
11/10/2017 Good paper. Delivered within time frame. Small APA oversights. Overall, will enlist this professor again. He has done 2 deliverables for me thus far with satisfactory grades received.
Friendly, communicates, delivers.

Thank you!
10/31/2017 Wonderful paper! Very professional and completed in a very short time limit. Thank you 
10/04/2017 I need it very quick and it was delivered! Saved my ass!
09/26/2017 .The information on nursing is very limited.  There did not seem to be a lot of scholarly thought in the paper as it seemed to be restating statistics for the most part.  I ended up getting a 65 on this paper which is absurd considering the criteria was clearly outlined in the assignemnt description. Horrible!!!!! Paid all this money for what ?
09/25/2017 Great Research Papel! This professor will always be in contact with you and answered you on any question plus always keep you updated about the progress of the project. No regret Thanks 
08/31/2017 Thank you for such great work.  A+ and on time!
08/25/2017 Quality was good and was very timely. would use ths prof. again. 
08/09/2017 Terrible paper, did not meet guidelines, plagerized to a unacceptable amount. Highly unrecommendable and would never use again. Didnt even get a 50% on the assignment
07/31/2017 Thank you
Got 200/240
07/31/2017 Thank you 
Got 75/120
07/28/2017 Excellent! Excellent! work on short notice. I am so very impressed No correction needed! Highly recommended. Plus she works with you to fulfill the expectations of your request. Thank you so much. The best Writer on this site. I do appreciate you and your writing skills.
07/12/2017 Very good work, timely completion. Thank you very much!
07/09/2017 thank you
got the full score
07/06/2017 Thank you!
got the full score
07/05/2017 Great professor!
06/29/2017 Thank you
06/28/2017 Above and beyond what I expected.
06/26/2017 Got full score. 
Thank you 
06/18/2017 The essay was well put together and flowed nicely. He hit all the major parts that were needed, finished it earlier than I asked for and got me a A on it! Many thanks. 
06/15/2017 Great paper that included all of the guidelines that I needed. Turned it in before the deadline. Thank you!
05/29/2017 very well done.  im a stickler to giving out 10/10.  I still think he could have done better.  
05/29/2017 Not his best work.  Hes a nice person but I dont feel what he did for me was his best work.  Lots of little english language errors; mainly prepositions.  Im sure his if he had more time he would have done better, big maybe.. 
05/28/2017 Exactly what I needed, and on time.  Clear and concise work, to the point.  A case analysis that helped me.
05/27/2017 Have been only using this professor, and will continue to. Litmaster re-wrote a paper for me from scratch when I did not like it. Really cares about his customers. 
05/25/2017 I sent in some last minute Sociology essays and after reviewing litmaster's reviews, background, and history I chose him. Bid was accepted and he was given a deadline of less than two days to complete a whole mess of work. My man met the deadline with hours to spare while providing a phenominal piece of work which included expert insight and just a dash of humor to take the edge off. Litmaster is a man (or woman) who seemingly does not sleep as any messages I sent were answered in a timely manner, no matter the time. This is my first time using this site and if I have to use it again I will definetly go back to this subject matter expert.
05/25/2017 I sent in some last minute Sociology essays and after reviewing litmaster's reviews, background, and history I chose him. Bid was accepted and he was given a deadline of less than two days to complete a whole mess of work. My man met the deadline with hours to spare while providing a phenominal piece of work which included expert insight and just a dash of humor to take the edge off. Litmaster is a man (or woman) who seemingly does not sleep as any messages I sent were answered in a timely manner, no matter the time. This is my first time using this site and if I have to use it again I will definetly go back to this subject matter expert.
05/25/2017 Very knoweldgable about US History. So helpful!! Did exactly what I asked. 
05/24/2017 Very prompt and courteous. Delivers everytime.
05/22/2017 outstanding professor!
05/22/2017 Ive gotten an A twice with this profesor. Always submits much earlier than asked. 
05/22/2017 Really great writer. Very happy with finished product.  
05/15/2017 Completed assignment on time, and followed instructions!
05/12/2017 Very professional! Kept me in the loop throughout the process. I had a last minute request, and he knocked it out sans difficulty.
05/12/2017 Was very short notice, yet delivered an exceptional essay I can't stress how good the piece was I'd definately recommend.
05/09/2017 paper felt rush, no sentence structure / details, felt like the paper was done in 10 minutes. 
05/08/2017 Although there was confusion on a project I had been very specific about, Litmaster provided a thoroughly written paper and is great to work with. He was dedicated to fixing the problem, and he finished the paper that evening. Because of the confusion, the paper was three hours late, but that is understandable. Great work!
05/04/2017 I was skeptical at first, but was in a jam and had waited to the last minute. Research paper was finished by the deadline and the paper was superbly written. If I ever get in another pinch would definitely use this professors services again.
05/03/2017 Great writer and submitted early. I defiinetly reccomend you using this professor. A+++
04/30/2017 Good paper and in a timely fashion.
04/29/2017 So the end result was really good. It was a 6 page paper and I gave detialed instructions. My paper was worth a total of 130 points and this was my teachers comment after grading my paper - "You did a very nice job on the paper.  You lost 5 points for spacing and 5 points for the issues that I found in the text such as transitions that are not clear." So my ending grade was 120/130 which is an A. I did have an issue in the bengining because litmaster gave me the wrong file or just messed up... in the end litmaster fixed his mistake.  
04/27/2017 Essay was written correctly and in a timely manner. Very professional and quick to fix mistakes. 
04/26/2017 was a just a tiny bit late but got the job done

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