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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
10/10/2017 He was two days late to the deadline... didn't answer my msg, unfortunately. If he couldn't complete the assignment on time, I understand, he can cancel this offer, I'm perfectly okay with that. But the fact, he knows the deadline time, which I posted clearly, he didn't reply to me after I said the deadline cannot be postponed, and still delivered the assignment two days late. That was 10% of mark off every day for two days with a total of 20%. Still charged so much too.
10/06/2017 Amazing.  I have used this professor several times and I've always received great reviews on the work 
09/13/2017 Horrible with deadlines and only got 52%. 
09/02/2017 Excellent job on a difficult topic which needed knowledge on the NHS system in the UK. A seven page report done with only 16 hours notice before the deadline 
i sas worried after reading some of the other reviews but rest assured, this professor is excellent!
09/01/2017 Very detailed 
I love it 
08/21/2017 Was able to do a 4000 word essay in less than 24 hours. Very well done essay, with correct referencing and proper formatting. Would Use again.
08/18/2017 There were a few mistakes in there and needed some editing but overall quite good. It was done within 24 hours though!
08/14/2017 Price was definitely steep but giving the time crunch acceptable. Some info was wrong and a few guidelines for the paper were not met but the paper was delivered to me in enough time for me to make the changes and make it my own. Most of the heavy lifting had been done for me. Overall satisfied with the product and would buy from this Prof. again so long as paper was delivered in enough time to proofread and edit.
08/10/2017 Paper was well written and thoroughly researched. 
08/08/2017 Professor responded very quickly and got the work done on time. Unfortunately, I got a C on my assignment. I have used this service before with two different professors who both communicated quickly, but also got me an A on my assignments. Communication and quality of work are what I look for, but unfortunately, only one of those aspects was exceptional. Not only was the quality not quite up to par, but after proofreading the work, I found numerous errors that I had to manually fix. If I pay 150 dollars, I expect better quality. Use at your own risk. 
08/05/2017 Excellent work!!!!
08/04/2017 Ultimately we got the job done. I say we because I had to do a lot of edits, some grammar stuff, deleting and replacing unnecessary little words (the, to, on, of...), and some sentences were just completely out of context and made no logically connections to the thesis or purpose of the assignment. Also it was my first time using this service and I didn't realize that a page is consider 255 words (or something close to that) so when I got my solution it was way shorter than I had imagined, which was frustrating. However psychprof was really generous and added some length (something I'm sure he won't get in the habit of so just be careful with the length you designate!). Just submitted it so unsure of the final grade but my guess is it will be a B or B-. Overall a good experience but be prepared to do some editing. 
08/04/2017 Excellent work! Thank you!
07/30/2017 Not worth the money, I got a D. The information and facts were incorrect.
07/30/2017 Always great.
07/28/2017 can't believe I paid 150 dollars for this hunk of shit. He tried using a source that was about 20th century Syrian History and had absolutely nothing to do with the topic.
07/26/2017 He deserves to do all your writing tasks, PERIOD.
07/25/2017 got the job done but didn't use as many pages as he said he would and didn't use a primary source
07/24/2017 He did not finish the work. Avoid at your own risk.
07/24/2017 He didn't even finish the work and he is not based in the United States according to his declaration of current time. 
07/24/2017 Responsive 
07/24/2017 Responsive 
07/23/2017 not on time, horrible spelling, not even from the usa...
07/20/2017 paper was okay, wasnt anything worth the amount i payed. only used 1 source when asked for 5. there was only 1 mla citation and the rest were not cited, no works cited page. kind of a complete waste of money
07/20/2017 paper was okay, wasnt anything worth the amount i payed. only used 1 source when asked for 5. there was only 1 mla citation and the rest were not cited, no works cited page. kind of a complete waste of money
07/17/2017 High quality turnaround while under great time pressure
07/16/2017 Thank you for your help, met the deadline on time with a quality paper. 
07/14/2017 This professor did not read the instructions to the assignment and gave me 1/5 of my project. Please read instuctions. 
07/10/2017 amazing job. easy A
07/05/2017 For the short amount of time in doing a research paper.  Psychprof met the challenge in 2 days.  Haven't received my grade yet, but in reviewing my paper, he definitely did excellent work.  I will definitely use him again, if need be.  Thank you for your hard work.
07/05/2017 Very good.  Very Nice. He was understanding and accomodating.  Would definately use again.
07/05/2017 perfect score
07/01/2017 Completed the assignment ina very timely manner. Final grade was a B-, but with the time constraints its a pretty solid grade. 
06/29/2017 Thanks again!
06/29/2017 Good work, very fast. Looks well researched and throrough. 
06/28/2017 Did a great job on my term essay. Would definitely recommend. No bullsh**. 
06/25/2017 Wow!!! I'm speechless 
06/22/2017 Great guy to work with. Does a decent job rather quickly.
06/15/2017 Thank you for redoing my cover letter after failing to provide all details. Will definately use again in the future.
Highly recommend!
06/14/2017 Incredibly thorough, prompt work. Would definitely recommend. Thank you again! 
06/12/2017 Thank youuu!!! :) 
Genuine and to the point work on my assignments. Great guy to work with. Thanks!
06/10/2017 Superb job on writing my American Government and Politics discussion question paper! Come to psychprof for your assignments.
06/07/2017 This was way more than I had hoped for.  You freaking rock.  
06/06/2017 wow amazing work will definitely work with again
06/06/2017 Project was completed well before asked due date, they did an exceptional job at the research required for the assignment and implemented it far better than expected.  In fact they understood the instructions far better than I was able to articulate them and produced an assignment worthy of far more praise than this student deserves. Fast, efficient, thourough, and overall a 10/10 experience. Would use again for absolute sure
06/05/2017 I chose the professor because he has a degree in education and the assignment was a teaching plan. I struggle with APA and my professor deducts points if APA is not perfect. I thought, who better?!  Well he used words like "learnt" in the assignment. I asked multiple times for him to correct to APA, he made changes but never were they correct for APA. Basic stuff like the first initial of the author's name. Once I saw the word "learnt", I knew that I was screwed. There was nothing that I could expect to be accurate after that. There were so many run-on sentences that were complete gibberish. Big words with no substance. He completed the assignment quickly which was good since I asked for revisions 4 times but I still had to rewrite the whole thing once I really started to read it. This was a complete waste of time and money and gave me a false sense of security. I was really looking forward to using this service too. What a disappointment. 
06/03/2017 Excellent and finished a day early!!!! Thank you!
06/03/2017 Fantastic work written. Highly graded!
05/31/2017 Good job thank you!
05/29/2017 Thank you so much!
05/25/2017 Exactly what I needed
Thank you for your understanding and great speedy work. This professor is awesome!

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