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Dr. Math

We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
07/10/2019 There’s no way this paper would receive a passing grade from any professor at any accredited college/university.
It’s terribly incoherent and apparent from the first sentence: ”Business field is one of the dynamic areas and most people starting small to medium size business rely on speculations and scientific methods which sometimes does not result according to the predictions.”
01/14/2019 II recieved an "A" for the assignment and that's all that matters ! Thanx
12/17/2018 Professor completed ahead of time with professional language and layout. I only wish every Professor on this site was this good.
12/17/2018 WONDERFUL. Really exceeded expectations. 100% satisfied.
12/16/2018 Delivered early and well written. Thank You!
12/16/2018 Received a 98%
12/09/2018 Perfect. =)
12/06/2018 Exceeded expectations and with great work!
12/03/2018 Made the project look so easy, she is the best in this, I can assure you quality worth every penny paid once you assign her your project.
12/03/2018 Got straight As in all the three projects she handled, I cant thank you enough prof.
12/02/2018 There were some details that could have been better proofread and question # 3 was misread.
Could have easily been an A with a little bit more attention to detail, but over all a passing score.
80% out of 100
12/02/2018 Dude killed my paper, had it on time, and was very easy to communicate with. 10/10 will use again.
11/26/2018 That project was WOW!!
Thank you so much Dr. Math
11/26/2018 This is the best prof on this site, her time management skills are out of this world!!!
11/26/2018 alright 
11/25/2018 Outstanding work. Everything was to my expectations. 
11/23/2018 Professor did a very good job. Met all the requirements and paper needed very little corrections. Very happy with the result.
11/18/2018 Super helpful, responsive, and went above and beyond to be available in case of questions. First experience and went outstanding! Looking forward to working with again!
11/18/2018 Super helpful, responsive, and went above and beyond to be available in case of questions. First experience and went outstanding! Looking forward to working with again!
11/18/2018 Did great on my paper! Plagiarism free and on time! Honestly would recommend Professor Math to anyone!
11/16/2018 This is the best professor in thi site! Thank you so much
11/16/2018 Wonderful deliverable, always my- go - to professor
11/13/2018 Very professional, fast and really good work. Thank you for your help. 
11/08/2018 Nice job, thanks

11/01/2018 great work and fast delivery.
10/31/2018 Great job and 100% free of plagarism.
highly recomended

10/28/2018 He left me in AWEEE. He blew my project out of the water. An HRT assignment done beyond 5 stars. PICK THIS PERSON ALWAYS Thanks Proff Math. 
10/25/2018 Wonderful! Thanks for your help that was within short notice! Will come again for your services!
10/25/2018 Great paper, meets the requirements. Thank you.
10/23/2018 Had the paper to me on short notice and I got an A. Could not ask for anything more than that. Dr. Math does a great job!
10/23/2018 Overall good job as the solution was exactly what I asked for! I will definitely consider using this professor again!
10/22/2018 Great job!!! Thank you so much, I appreicate your help! 
10/21/2018 I love her because she always delivers quality, I had alot of time to go through the paper before turning in.
Thanks so much Dr. Math
10/21/2018 .
10/18/2018 Pretty sure my professor is gonna know I did not write this paper, it was too good! Thanks for saving my butt :) 
10/17/2018 Great work!
10/16/2018 Excellent deliverable from Dr. Math 
I highly recommend her!
10/16/2018 .
10/16/2018 yse
10/15/2018 I love working with this prof because of her time management, she delivered way beforehand, had alot of time to review my paper!
10/14/2018 gives good work just thought a little more updating would have made it better. but the paper was done before the given due date 
10/13/2018 Great paper highly recommend 
10/10/2018 Perfect!
10/10/2018 ,
10/10/2018 That was excellent!
10/04/2018 Thank you very much 
10/04/2018 Good Work.
09/30/2018 I highly recommend this professor, she's never let me down even when there's limited. She always delivers quality!
09/29/2018 Got As in the four projects you handled, can't thank you enough!
09/29/2018 Good turnaround time, excellent deliverable
Thank you so much prof!

09/28/2018 That was pure quality, would always work with you prof.
09/27/2018 Excellent paper
09/27/2018 Perfect. Received exactly what I wanted.
09/26/2018 Fantastic!! Well done
09/26/2018 Very excited with her work. Highly recommend. 
09/24/2018 Excellent piece there, thank you Dr. Math!
09/24/2018 I have used so many profs here but I think this is one of the best around,
got value for every penny spent!
09/24/2018 The wording was horrible, it didn't make sense, my oritinal was much better than anything she added. Basically, she just used more words to rewrite what I wrote.  I wasn't looking for word count, I was looking for the paper to be edited well and perhaps have content added that would make sense.  Complete waste of time and money
09/22/2018 The paper was delivered almost 12hrs before, got enough time and scored straight A.
Thank you so much Dr. Math
09/17/2018 Excellent!
09/12/2018 Did the assignment in a short period of time. Reasonable bid price. Got a 75 on the essay (1000 words)
09/10/2018 Wonderful deliverable, I'll definitely use you again
09/09/2018 didnt do 2nd half response for my classmate 
09/08/2018 Exceptional, 
09/08/2018 Thank you so much Dr. Math for the wonderful job, got As in all the papers
Thank you once again
09/07/2018 Received an 80
08/12/2018 Excellent job!
08/12/2018 awesome
08/08/2018 Good paper.
08/06/2018 great job!!!
08/03/2018 I received my paper 8hrs before time and it was perfect, 
08/03/2018 I think this is on of the best profs I've worked with, 
08/01/2018 Paper was okay.  Didn't quite hit all the points but received a passing scores of an 85.  
07/30/2018 Free of errors! Still waiting on a grade!
07/28/2018 Great Job! Thank you so much. 
07/14/2018 Thank you. 
07/05/2018 Finished on time and looks great!
07/05/2018 Great Job!
07/01/2018 Great work!  On time and well written.
06/24/2018 Great paper.  Well written and completed on time!
06/21/2018 Well done.  Right on time.
06/06/2018 .
06/06/2018 I'll always seek for your services, that was a wonderful essay thank you so much Dr. Math
06/06/2018 Didnt follow instructions clearly - had to redo several things
06/05/2018 Thank you so much for helping me edit and kick start the rest of my paper!
06/02/2018 Fantastic results! 
05/29/2018 I'm always greatful!
05/29/2018 This is the best prof I have worked with so far,
05/28/2018 Only scored 50/100, not recommended for master's level. 
05/27/2018 I hate writing papers and i procrastinated so bad and my friend told me about this site. I said what i needed and got a single spaced 6 page paper that helped me get a B. Ofcourse i had to proof read and revise some parts but it helped me get the bulk of the paper. Thanks
05/27/2018 always great at completing my requests on time and completes requirements.
05/27/2018 Dr. Math did an exceptional job. I’ve never had to use Unemployed Professors before and I was hesitant because I felt a little guilty. But I was in the middle of a true emergency that I just couldn’t work around and I have it a shot. Not only did she meet my expectations, she made it completely painless. Thank you very, very much.
05/24/2018 Pretty good essay 
05/18/2018 Stellar research paper, 
05/15/2018 Dr. Math exceeded my expectations as a skeptical first time customer. She produced great work and even got the project to me early! I will def consider using her again!
05/07/2018 ,
05/07/2018 Thank you for the good work,
05/07/2018 Wrote an excellent paper on time except it did not meet the full required number of pages 5/10 since this service is pay-by-page :) There were also formatting errors. 
05/07/2018 Received a 100% for this assignment!!!   She followed instructions precisley
05/07/2018 starbucks is not a small retailer, i dont think you understood the assignment.
05/07/2018 DId a bit more than what was asked and was satisfactory
05/05/2018 Thank you Dr for the wonderful job, I will always seek for your services!
05/04/2018 Received a B- on the essay. 
05/03/2018 Quick turn around and great paper!
04/30/2018 Wonderful,
04/30/2018 Very detailed and professional. Paper is of the expected quality. Thank you
04/29/2018 A+. Will use again
04/27/2018 If I had submitted the content as I had received it, I would have received an F. The writing had multiple simple grammatical errors and it was plainly obvious that sentences were reduced in quality just to increase word count. It took upwards of six hours to re-write the entire thing, instead of the ten it would have taken starting at 0. So, there's points for that I guess.
04/27/2018 Awesome!!
04/25/2018 ,
04/25/2018 Wonderful writting skills,
04/24/2018 Got an F on my proposal / annotated bibliography paper. The format was not correct. I even provided the rubric for how it is to be completed. I received a 28% out of 100%. I had to contact the professor to see what was going on with the paper and in my opinion, it was forgotten and thrown together at the last minute and delivered late without regard to the rubric and formatting.
04/21/2018 Stellar research paper!
04/19/2018 ,
04/19/2018 Essay was on time and everything looked good!
04/16/2018 great job followed all directions appropriately!!! 
04/16/2018 This professor has helped me many times with my current projects (plural!) because I am trying to work two jobs that are swing hours! UGH! 
04/16/2018 This professor has helped me many times with my current projects (plural!) because I am trying to work two jobs that are swing hours! UGH! 
04/16/2018 I love the helped I received! I am working two jobs that are swing hours and I needed help. This professor came through and I will be using them again and again!
04/16/2018 I love the helped I received! I am working two jobs that are swing hours and I needed help. This professor came through and I will be using them again and again!
04/09/2018 thank you for the work.
04/09/2018 Awesome!
04/08/2018 Got an 70 on my paper. Did not follow directions until after constant revisions messages and reminders.
04/02/2018 Th essay was very resonating very well with the three major aspects I asked for!
04/02/2018 There couldn't be a better deliverable than this!
04/02/2018 The paper was excellent in all aspects, I'd work with her again!
04/02/2018 Her writing style is phenomenal,
04/02/2018 She's the best! I recommend her
04/02/2018 Will always work with her again!
04/02/2018 Delivery way before the deadline! I highly recommend her!
04/02/2018 Excellent!
04/02/2018 Thank you Dr. Math!
04/02/2018 The professor has wonderful writing style!
04/02/2018 Got an A+, will always work with her again!
04/02/2018 The paper was wow! 
03/26/2018 Good job. Fast and well written. Thank you Dr. 
03/23/2018 This paper is awesome. Im only giving 9 stars because I got it a little late but other than that it was a great experience!!!
Thank you!
03/23/2018 Quick and accurate. Highly recommend
03/23/2018 Great job!!! Will use again
03/21/2018 On time and brilliant. This professor has a wonderful writing style too!
03/20/2018 Great!
03/19/2018 lack of depth, use of speculation, poor gammar. but was also given sources and 2 days to write.
03/18/2018 100 A+
03/16/2018 I had this professor revise work that was already done and specifically mentioned that it required articulation revisions. There was still numerous articulation issues when I received back this revision. I also needed some sections edited and corrected as well. Even with me asking for this professor to revise the work they just performed because it looked like they didn't understand the directions, it still didn't come out correct. I just decided to get it done myself as I didn't want to waste more time.
03/14/2018 There were some grammatical errors but overall it was a thorough essay.
03/14/2018 There were a some grammatical errors but overall it was a well-done essay.
03/13/2018 Didn't use any of the required content regarding my class, but rather provided a general summary of the source document. I will honesltly probably fail because of this paper
03/12/2018 I received my essay way before the deadline . She covered all that was required for this assignment ! I definitely recommend this professor ! 
03/04/2018 I had to end up writing an extra paragraph to answer the last part I needed on my essay, but other than that, the quality of the work and her writing was very good.
02/21/2018 Best of the best!! I will be using her again! 
02/18/2018 Thank you so much for your assistance!
02/16/2018 I always select her because I'm a BULL and she's a BULL. I know that she will always do a good job!
02/16/2018 93 A, on my Paper and PowerPoint Presentation. I lost the seven points because I didn't present the PPT slides in class. 
02/16/2018 My professor hasn't read my paper, but he told me that he sees an A+
02/09/2018 excellent paper. Thank you
02/05/2018 Amazing work, it was a last minute thing and it turned out perfect. Def. will work again!
01/31/2018 Exactly what I needed and turned in before due date
01/30/2018 Perfect. Thank you
01/26/2018 Good job prof...thank you
01/19/2018 Hey Dr. Math. I passed the course with a score of A. Wanted to thank you for your dedication and helping me with the projects. I will let you know when I post other projects for my new courses.

Thank you so much
01/19/2018 17 page paper completed in less than 48 hours. Paper met all the requirements. Thank Dr. Math. 

Highly recommend
01/10/2018 Excellent.....
01/09/2018 Dr. Math is the only professor I have been working with in this website. The experience is excellent and the papers delivered are of high quality. I highly recommend her. 
01/09/2018 Whoa!!! Scored an A+++
01/07/2018 96/
01/07/2018 Scored an A. BEST PROFESSOR I KNOW HERE
01/04/2018 Thank you Dr. Math for your effort and dedication handling the three projects. I passed the course with an A. Thank you so much
12/27/2017 Price good. Communication was ok but slow. Unfortunately  I received a 74. I guess this writer didn't feel like giving his/her all this go round. If this site doesn't teach you anything it teaches you to do the work yourself. Now my grade plummeted like my bank Account. This is the only company i know that when you get shitty service,  there is no compensation. We are stuck with low grades and less money. Any paper under an 80% should have some money returned. Im totally fucked.. thanks for nothing.

12/15/2017 Paper delivered on time and in excellent quality. Thank you so much...

12/13/2017 Thank you so much!!!
12/12/2017 Followed the extensive instructions extremely well and completed a long difficult paper with a quick turn around. Also it did not take away from the quality at all.
12/04/2017 ammmmaaazzingggg got an A
12/02/2017 This professor did a great job but they did not fill out the page count that I asked for. I asked for 8 pages of writing but instead I got 6 and a half pages of writing and a page and a half of sources. Overall she got to the point and was very knowledgeable about the topic. She found great sources and examples.
11/30/2017 Good essay. I will request this professor for future papers.
11/30/2017 The MLA citation wasn't correct but over all this professor did a good job. 
11/27/2017 This was my first time ever using an online essay writing service. Amazing job done on my IT Managment research paper. I published my assignment last minute and Dr. Math was able to give me a reasonable price as well return the completed work in a quick turnaround time. HIGHLY RECCOMEND Dr. Math if you decide to use any essay writing service.
11/17/2017 Mature and perfect professors. Paper well analysed and information professionally presented. Will always keep using. 
11/12/2017 even though at first, it wasnt what i was expecting so she redid it and it was done well.
11/08/2017 got a 90/100 due to formatting & citation errors. However, Dr Math was very helpful and made corrections when I asked, which was twice. Gave me the assignment and the corrections in a timely manner. Would use again.
11/07/2017 Great paper, done on time, with time to spare!
11/02/2017 The work was great! 
11/02/2017 Good work. Thank you Dr. Math
10/30/2017 The paper met the guidelines.  The paper was presented timely and with no mistakes.
10/24/2017 Wonderful paper. Thank you Dr. Math
10/22/2017 Smart, effective and efficient. I highly recommend her
10/22/2017 Totally exceeded my expectations.

Delivered early within a short notice and fully met the requirements. 

Thank you Dr. Math
10/16/2017 Yes, deserves a tip accordingly. Job well done!! Thank you so much
10/12/2017 I couldn't forget to rate this professor. The analysis was in-depth and detailed. The solution totally exceeded my expectations. Looking forward to work with you again. 
10/11/2017 The solution delivered was VERY well written with all the instructions followed. I highly recommend this professor.
10/09/2017 Just perfect. 
10/09/2017 Thank you for the good paper. I will definately select you again
10/04/2017 Excellent. Will post more projects for Dr. Math.

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