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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
04/29/2019 Great paper! Sent me a first draft and adjusted whatever i asked! would def use again !
04/23/2019 Highest mark in the class.  94%.  Thank you.
04/21/2019 Excellen - thanks!
04/20/2019 Wonderful.  Completed FAST and my professor said it was work worthy of an A.  Thank you so much.  Best prof on here IMO
04/19/2019 Thank you so much!! Finished 2 days earlier and the plagerism report showed their was no copying -(besides quotes that were given credit). Very professional and 10/10 reccommened. 
04/17/2019 Thank you so much 
04/16/2019 came on time and well prepared essay, amazing essay
04/13/2019 Paper was delivered well before deadline which gave me ample time to edit it. & the edits i did have to make were extremely minor - basically the paper sounded a little too professional and i had to dumb it down a little to make it seem believeable that a community college freshman wrote it LOL. 
Great job no complains! 
04/11/2019 Great paper, thanks!
04/11/2019 I am disappointed that despite sending mutiple messages (that were never answered) to make sure everything was clear and understood I still got only 2 page and a half, no, actually a quater of the 3 pages I requested. I need to hand it something so I literally do not have time to fix it. However, it does make me sad and disappotinted that regardless of the circusntances this is still a service that I am paying for so I want great results. I mean, (would you go to get a hair cut and not pay? no, you still have to pay for the service). Not blaming it entirely on the writer because we are all not perfect yet, I'm still pissed. 

Anyway, I have learned my lesson and will stick to my regular politicsman and palce my orders ahead of time with him.

***Also, I even provided an $25 because the paper was an hour late, my messages were not being answered and I freaked out. I figured it had to do with money
The first version of this assignment was poorly written, unedited, and sounded like a middle school wrote it. The second version, after I asked for it to be revised and edited, was barely any better. This two page paper received a grade of 60. If you are not familiar with an area of study or have taken on so many other assignments that you can devote the proper time to doing a quality assignment you shouldn't be wasting people's time or money by bidding on a project.
04/06/2019 My paper was exceptionally well written and I received it in a timely manner. No complaints here
04/03/2019 Amazing!! Exactly what I asked for!!   Will definitely come back to this professor!!
04/03/2019 Wrote a really good paper and turned it in on time 
04/02/2019 My project was very well written and completed by the deadline! 
04/02/2019 Very well put together
03/31/2019 Really great writing and within the time I asked. It was APA style and well put together, the only issue I had was I needed three pages and for two and a half so I had to go back through and add some more to it.
03/28/2019 Grade is still pending but I am anticipating a high grade due the wonderful work of this professor!
03/27/2019 super dissapointed. my first paper by this prof was so great so I was suprised at this one. this one was late. did not follow rubric or instructions. I spent a lot of money and had to change most of it. 
03/24/2019 Very good
03/21/2019 I paid for a paper and it wasnt writen in essay form.
They basically just filled out a rubric.
There was a lot of repetition and an alarming amount of grammer mistakes.
It was hard to read and I could tell she had never taken an accounting class. 
DO NOT waste your money if your subject is accounting or if you want a well written paper. 
03/20/2019 This professor doesn’t follow what you tell him to do. Waste of money 
03/19/2019 Done before deadline
03/19/2019 very well written
03/18/2019 Awesome 
03/17/2019 Awesome work! Delivered before the due time!
03/14/2019 Great job. Minor corrections needed only. It was a tough topic too. Thank you!
03/14/2019 great paper for a great price!! thank you!
03/12/2019 Great paper. My project was kind of last minute but this professor came through! Followed the guidelines and requirements I provided!
03/10/2019 Great!!!!!!A++++++ 
03/10/2019 Fantastic work
03/10/2019 Great work I highly appreciate it
03/07/2019 Mostly fluff. It was decetn enough to turn in but my professor will be disappointed. 
03/07/2019 Fast replies and helpful through the process. 
03/06/2019 Amazing standard, very well written as I had asked it to be
03/04/2019 Good work
03/03/2019 100% right answers great turnaround and communication. Solution file was formatted same way as the file I submitted which was a huge timesaved for me as well and appreciated. 
03/01/2019 I posted a documentary analysis with less than 24 hours turn around. This professor was patient with me while I fumbled around learning how to add funds to the project! She also delievered an amazing analysis EARLY and met every expectation of mine. She used the provided Sociology textbook and used two required academic sources, grammar and spelling was on point and used the format I requested. I extremely appreciate the quick turnaround. 

Will definitely recommend to friends and use this professor again! Thank you so much!
02/28/2019 Fnished the paper on time with little need for revisions on his part. 10/10 paper
02/26/2019 Did not use required sources. 
02/24/2019 Utterly blown away by my paper. awesome job, seriously. Could not have done it any better!!
02/22/2019 Well done
02/17/2019 Good work - thanks!
02/16/2019 Great paper delivered before deadline! :))
02/15/2019 awesome job
02/11/2019 Execellent work!! you get the work done in a timely fashion.
02/07/2019 Great work - thank you
02/03/2019 The best out there.
02/02/2019 Excellent work, timely delivery.  Thanks!
02/01/2019 Loved it. huge help.
The prof replied incredibly quick and included all my guidelines. 
01/28/2019 Great work.  thank you
01/20/2019 Poor attempt at meeting the 3 page requirement. 
Ended up having to write a page of content.

01/06/2019 Superb work! Absoulutely loved working with professor. Did everything I requested for and more. I wish I had a professor like this in real life. Most importantly, article is written so well that I don't even have to edit it. She/he did the job on time, very puntual. Loved working with her/him.  Cheers :)
12/20/2018 Quality paper delivered on time! Thank you!
12/14/2018 Excellent work, and was also done before the due date 
12/14/2018 Absolute joy to work with! Timely and professional. Really got me out of a jam and did an excellent job! Wouldn't have managed to stay sane without your help! 
12/13/2018 Great job, very sophisticated paper.
12/13/2018 Exactly what I was looking for and sent to me before the expected time. Thank you so much!
12/11/2018 Thank you so much for your work! 

This was a large paper and it was done perfectly.

12/11/2018 Revised paper without any hesitation
12/10/2018 PhilDoc is very responsive and very good at what she does. I will not know the score of this paper for about another week, however after reading a few times I did not find any grammatical errors or jumbled sentences. There was nothing crazy or sentences that did not make sense just to meet the required  page count. I do not foresee anything less than an A from this paper. I will definitely be back for her expertise next semester!
12/10/2018 This assignment was more then just a paper. I need financial statements made. She was able to get all this done by deadline and I got an A.
12/09/2018 Great. Gave it to me ahead of time 
12/09/2018 I let the professor know what I needed, and they were able to accommodate my request. The work they provided was excellent, and I will use their service again. 
12/09/2018 The quality of the work presented by this professor was exceptional. The professor managed to eloquently portray the argument throughout the research paper and provide examples that support their argument. I received top grades in all of the drafts and expecting the same for the final research paper. I will use this professor again in the future. 
Paper was done but the format was not completly followed. Also the reference page was wrong so I had to recreate it.
12/08/2018 Paper came out great.  I would have rated a 10, but part of the project was not included so I had to complete that. 
12/07/2018 Awsome work!
12/07/2018 The professor accepted my project 48 hours before the due date and managed to deliver it on time. I got a 95% grade on the report/case study. Thank you!!
12/05/2018 The topic being wrong was my fault it should have been a different outline but I apparentlty gave the NASA one
12/05/2018 You wrote the paper on the entirely wrong topic and turned it in late. Total waste, now I might failt the class unless I can beg for an extention and finish my other 10 page paper I've been writing in time. Jesus christ. 
12/03/2018 She always does a great job!
12/03/2018 Quick turnaround on a PPT from a paper. Tasteful design selection and a good summary.
12/02/2018 ??
12/01/2018 amazing work again :) 
12/01/2018 She is the best, had a lot of anxiety over a term paper. And she delivered 100%
11/29/2018 Great work! Much appreciated!
11/28/2018 Great paper. Structure and layout was perfect. Appreciate the timliness and thoroughness on the topic!
11/27/2018 I'm satisfied with the work and it was completed in an exceptional time!
11/25/2018 I was happy with this professor’s work!
11/25/2018 Awesome! Thanks so much!!
11/23/2018 If I could give a rating of 100 out of 10 I definitely would. This teacher not only is the best, but she is a blessing. I don't have enough words to thank you enough for your work and your help. THE best of THE best. 
11/22/2018 1.Responds quickly to student’s messages
2.Professional work 
3.Takes into consideration how the student wants to layout the assignment 
4.I am super pleased. You guys should give this professor a raise! 
11/21/2018 great
11/21/2018 great
11/19/2018 Thanks so much for making time to help me out!
11/19/2018 Phildoc saved me! She responded back in a timely fashion and was very understanding and open to reccomendations. Thank you! 
11/19/2018 Completed before the due date.
11/18/2018 Came through with most of my requests, but I still had to edit a few things. The paper was okay, but it could've been better. The caveat is that it was done in such a short time, so I'm giving the benefit of the doubt here. There was a little hitch with the final request, but I managed to tweak things on my own because my paper would've been late if I waited for the edit from this professor.

Communication was decent, but I highly suggest that you should be thorough with your instructions to prevent timing/schedule issues because you might not be in contact right away.

I usually don't rate right away until I get the grade, but I'll do so just this time.
11/18/2018 Very Good!! Saved me so much time!
11/17/2018 She did an amazing job.  Great work!  Very happy with the results.
11/17/2018 She did an amazing job.  Great work!  Very happy with the results.
11/17/2018 She did an amazing job.  Great work!  Very happy with the results.
11/17/2018 She did an amazing job.  Great work!  Very happy with the results.
11/17/2018 She did an amazing job.  Great work!  Very happy with the results.
11/17/2018 She did an amazing job.  Great work!  Very happy with the results.
11/17/2018 Assignment called for 4 pages, got 3.5. Also no abstract (APA format). Some APA formatting issues I fixed. Otherwise, everything looks great.
11/15/2018 Fantastic report, summarizing the key concepts and areas I was focused on. Delivered in a timely and well structured manner
11/15/2018 great always! Thank you
11/12/2018 Excellent essay completed and done in a timely manner! Would definitely recommend and use again!
11/12/2018 High quality paper that was delivered on time. Even had it revised after paying and it was no issue at all. Highly recommend!
11/11/2018 Thank you so much for your amazing work. You were extremely diligent, timely, and provided a high-level product.  Highly recommend her services! 
11/11/2018 She really helped me through my work!
11/11/2018 Thank you so much for your help! Great paper critique. I would definitely recommend. 
11/09/2018 Perfect 
11/09/2018 Sent to me early and overall great!
11/08/2018 WOW. Assignment done on time and done very well. Haven't gotten the mark back but I read through the solution and am very impressed. Will always request this professor!
11/07/2018 will work on the paper until you are satisfied! 
11/07/2018 Very creative and quick! I highly recommend. Thank you so much!
11/07/2018 Thank you so much! This takes so much stress of me. 
11/05/2018 Quick acceptance of the project as well as quick yet efficient work! Thanks so much!!
10/30/2018 :)
10/30/2018 great always!
10/29/2018 excellent work i receive A's on my paper.
10/27/2018 Amazing job and writing style, and super great with communication :) 
10/27/2018 Great
10/24/2018 great always
10/21/2018 :)
10/15/2018 Amazing work! Completed 4 days before the deadline I set!! I think I gave like 10 days for the project.
10/15/2018 The paper was outstanding! And he got it done 2 hours before the promise date and time. Received a FAT "A" on the paper! 
10/11/2018 Gave the paper late by 5 hours
10/09/2018 Love love love my paper... It was even finished days before the deadline.  Im giving a 10/10 
10/06/2018 Really good, I loved it! Thank you so much! 
10/04/2018 Amazing paper and was completed early!
10/02/2018 Thank you for your hard work! She was very easy to work with and understood the topic! Thank you, thank you! 
10/01/2018 quick and very accurate. thz again.
09/30/2018 Always responds when i message her and quality work!
09/27/2018 Awesome thank you!
09/26/2018 Great work! I am beyond excited that I was able to have this written for me, professionaly. After reading the paper, this professor hit all the points on the assignment, Thank you! 
09/26/2018 Amazing job !
09/26/2018 Very Timely and well written
09/25/2018 so clean - always a great product.
09/22/2018 This professor returned my paper in a timely manner but the quality was very poor. It was written as if a freshman undergrad newly introduced to APA format wrote it. I had to spend almost as much time reformatting the paper and changing words as I would've spent writing the paper myself. I paid in full but I will not hire this professor again.
09/18/2018 Great! Definitely using her again for next weeks post!
09/17/2018 Thank you sooo much my Angel!
09/17/2018 Thank you sooo much my Angel!
09/12/2018 Awesome work and always on time if not early!
09/10/2018 This essay has many mistakes, spelling and grammar. It also sounds like it was written by an 80 year old. Modern day students dont call it a "rock music video". You also made me sound like a freakin villan. I know i said do what you want, but did you have to make me have a substance abuse problem as well as being goth?? And then you went after my father and suddenly he had an abuse problem as well as lung cancer. he has leukemia, Hes probably going to die. Not cool man. 
I'll be spending most of the night tonight rewriting most of this essay. I really hope all your essays arent like this. This is the first and last time i will ever pay 150 bucks for an essay. 
Rating 10 stars so as not to hurt your rep. But in reality you barely scratched 3.
09/10/2018 Excellent, ensure my assignments are complete and I have receive a A on all assignment.  thank you
09/10/2018 This professor's work is very good and is willing to cater to your needs. However, I cannot give a full ten stars due to the small, partly funny document info. They completed my assignment well above my standards but the "author" in the MS Word document's "info" tab was set to "GENIUS". A simple joke and though it was funny, my teacher checks submitted documents info for signs of such things to prove it wasn't "my work." I knew how to change it and at the very least for the people who don't know, you can just copy/paste into a new document if need be. But for the student that does not check this, this could result in suspicion around the student's work, which may snowball into something larger indirectly. Overall great work, just requires more professionalism.
09/09/2018 Fantastic work. Highly recommended. I'm an A student with high standards, and when this Professor works on my projects I know I don't have to worry about the quality of the assignment. 
09/06/2018 SO quick and always excellent content.  I have used her several times and plan on it in the future - never disappoints.

09/05/2018 Great presentation!
Followed instructions exactly, received a 90! Thank you!
09/02/2018 Great job!!!
08/29/2018 Great work always. Thank you
08/28/2018 Super easy to work with and fast! Thank you!!!
08/27/2018 Excellent 
08/27/2018 Responsive
08/19/2018 Nice work. 
08/17/2018 great job as always
08/15/2018 Great Job
08/15/2018 great work always
08/12/2018 "A" paper, thank you!
08/10/2018 She is wonderful as always! So good at communication if you have any question or problem. Id come back to her anytime i need help 
08/07/2018 Did a great job on a short time line.  
08/07/2018 I'm beyond satisfied with the results delivered!!  The work was finished before the deadline I asked for, and all supporting documents were provided.  
08/06/2018 Albeit riddled with grammatical and punctuation errors, the quality and content of the paper was there. And although the professor technically adhered to the syllabus that I provided for the paper, she did not write about the topic I selected; she took it upon herself to write about a completely different topic without discussing it with me first. For these reasons, I canot give this professor 10 stars. However, the professor did offer to revise the paper after I messaged her about these issues. I did not take advantage of her offer to revise the paper, as I felt like that grammar, punctuation, and formatting wasn't anything I couldn't fix myself. I also managed to get approval from my professor to change my topic for the paper to match what the professor managed to deliver, so I ended up being able to use the paper she delivered to me. She definitely deserves an excellent rating for delivering on all elements of the syllabus, supplying quality content, and exceeding the number of pages as well as number of references that I requested. I appreciate that the professor cited several reputable journals articles from the last 5 years. Would recommend :) 
08/02/2018 Great work!
08/01/2018 I received a high B on this project. It was about 2 pages long, but the required reading material was about 37 pagaes. There was a very short deadline to have this completed. I am very happy with the final product and will definitly use this professor again.
07/31/2018 I really appreciate how prompt you got my paper completed.  thank you so much.
07/31/2018 Did a fantastic job on my paper! Made a 100, and was actually complemented. Highly recommend.
07/28/2018 Great Work! Thank You!!!
07/28/2018 Great work, did the job according to instructions. Now I wait for the grade. 
Awesome job and on time !
07/26/2018 She did a wonderful job on mine! I would totally come back for her 
07/26/2018 It's excellent, thanks again!
07/24/2018 Professor I really appreciate your promptness at such a late notice.  I will let you know the grade.  Once again thank you.
07/24/2018 Outstanding work again. Surpassed my expectations. 
07/24/2018 The project was outstanding, given a short period to complete it. 
07/23/2018 Exactly what I asked for. Thank you!
07/20/2018 Excellent Work!
07/19/2018 Recieved top marks
07/17/2018 She is the best! Thank you Prof
Followed directions. Finished project 3 hours before deadline, which gave me ample time to request the improvements I needed them to make. Great job.
07/12/2018 Good paper.  Had to make a few grammatical errors as it seemed english wasnt their first language.  But got it to me in time to fine tune.
07/12/2018 Great work and communication!
07/11/2018 This professor went out of their way to make sure I was pleased with the final product. Any edits needed (within reason of course) were fixed immediatley. Extremely reliable and trustworthy. No bullshit. Thank you phildoc!! 
07/10/2018 Just a tad late but I built in time for review before submittal :)  A very well written paper, an "A" in fact!  Thank you!
07/10/2018 "A" paper!  Thank you very much :)
07/02/2018 well done and on time.
07/02/2018 Thanks for your help! However, unfortunately I had to complete about 2 hours of editing and revision :( 

07/02/2018 great work always
06/30/2018 Excellent
06/29/2018 always on timw! Thank you sooo much
06/29/2018 The best!
06/29/2018 Great paper, on time, responsive, and received a 93% with no additional work/formatting on my end
06/28/2018 great job!
06/27/2018 Excellent work. Thank you so much for a well-written paper
06/25/2018 Amazing work! Finished right on time.
06/21/2018 Professor did good work on my assignment however, they did not get it to me by the time it was due. My professor took off 30 points because of this. I dont feel that what I paid was worth this. 

1.Your paper had such a tight deadline (less than 24 hours) 2. I asked for an extension, but you never replied. I assumed I had the time 3. You are so mean :( All in all, I am sorry for the inconvenience and I wish you had given me another chance to redeem your grade.
06/21/2018 This professor was very professional and very quick to make minor changes to my project. Would definitely use her again in the future! YOU ROCK!
06/20/2018 Very dissapointed in this paper. I could have looked past the fact that it was late (I posted it last minute so I was asking for a quick turn around anyways) but then it was only 6 of the rquired 7 pages long. I explained that this should be discounted by 20% becuase of the 5 points I lost due to lateness combined with the fact that it was only 85% done and the prof told me they would discount the next project by writing 2 free pages. As if I would want more shotty work to have to correct and add to. The paper was also loaded with filler phrases that were clearly there to add to the word count, again, not a huge deal but some of these were ridiculous and looked desperate. The paper needed significant revision and lenghtening, and was late. 

1. 1 page is equivalent to 225 words 2. You granted me a deadline extension (this makes you a liar) 3. I think you are a sadist :( All things considered, I am sorry for inconveniencing you. I was willing to redeem your grade for free, but you never gave me the chance.
06/20/2018 It took a few tweaks but overall the paper was near perfect! Finished before the deadline. 
06/20/2018 Helped me out on a subject that was so difficult for me to understand. Got it in early, asked if I needed edits. Wonderful communication. Very kind! Followed all my specific instructions. Created a piece that was evident of understanding the topic at hand. Very much appreciated! :)

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