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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
01/15/2018 Formating was a little of with the style of paper but loved it !
12/22/2017 t e r r i b l e . 
12/15/2017 Very satisfied with the final product, fulfilled all the requirements. 
12/07/2017 Awesome work! Finished before the deadline. 
I had a really short deadline for my professor to meet and they were able to finish it well before the deadline. I did however have to edit quite abit of the paper because alot of it was repetative. Overall Im very happy with my first experience. I got a 42/50 with my editing but couldnt have done it without the foundation of the paper. Definitly will be using this site again in the future.
12/02/2017 I received a C- from my professor. I ended up having to re-write my entire paper. Not worth the $125 plus tip that I paid. The author had also asked for an extension but the due date was solidly in place. Citations were not formatted correctly and there were grammatical errors, and duplicate sentences. I will not be using this service again.
12/01/2017 Decent paper. On topic. A bit too much rambling and many unnecesary adjectives. Will probably be a "b" paper.
11/29/2017 I firmly believe that English is not this professor's first language. Tons of grammatical errors, and followed instructions only decently so. I've used this website three times now, and can say that I have only been satisfied with one professor's work. This professor did an okay job at expounding the required information, but definitely not an A or B paper. If I were to hand in as is, would likely receive somewhere in the high D or low C range. Then again, I guess it is what one gets for using a website like this. 
11/28/2017 Suzie2017 is amazing. I posted the paper on 11/26 around 1pm and my due date was set at 11/29 at 1am and she had the paper to me by 11/28 at 3am. Such an awesome written paper. I'm hoping for an A and I think its very likely. You can trust her to get the job done. Only thing I am changing is some big vocabulary words cause I think my professor knows I don't write or speak in such a way. Otherwise, suzie2017 is the way to go! This was a Bio-Medical Ethics Philosphy Case Study paper. 
11/28/2017 Great job! Got a 95 and it was a last minute paper. Did have to fix a few sentences and rewrite some others but overall I was very impressed.
11/27/2017 Absolutely garbage. Just completely incomprehensible. I recognize this was a fairly quick turn-around paper, but even those need some indication of the bare minimum of thought behind them. It's almost impressive how terrible this paper is, I've literally never read anything like it.

To quote:
"According to Mill, liberty is defined as the purpose for which rights of an individual in a civilized society can be denied so that other members of the community can be prevented against possible harm that could result from the occurrence of an event. On the other hand, Mill defines Freedom as the right of an individual to freely express his/her views, emotions and interests without fear of intimidation and legal threats. "

So first off, that's not what on the other hand means. But more importantly, even if you give this monstrosity of a sentence the benefit of the doubt, what it's saying is just wrong. I'm not saying I'm an expert on Mill, but his wikipedia article says  "John Stuart Mill's view on liberty, .... is that the individual ought to be free to do as he wishes unless he harms others. ". That's pretty straightforward. I'm pretty sure if I turned in their definition my professor would think I had a stroke. 

Here's another quote:
"From the article, the concept of freedom has been portrayed from the following instances: The enactment of the first amendment by the state. From the article, the first amendment allows every individual to express his/herself without interference."
The phase "from the article" is used 9 times in 5 double-spaced pages, but god it feels like more. Just repeating again and again like a mantra of mediocrity.

 Bottom line, I took a 0 instead of turning in this "unmployed professor's" paper. Would not recommend. 

11/26/2017 She did an amazing job   
11/26/2017 Good professor. Turned in early so I can see before due date and check it over. There were a couple of grammar mistakes and I had to to rewrite a paragraph though, it did not make sense or sound coherent. But other then just that part it was a solid paper. I would use this professor again, just not on a last minute paper.
11/25/2017 10/10 work again. I will only work with this professor for any future projects.

?The professor did an excellent job on my novel review. I would highy recommend working with her. She knows what she is doing and she got my work done way ahead of schedule.

11/22/2017 Wonderful analysis.
11/21/2017 Top quality papers!
11/19/2017 Absolutely horrendous. The assignment was filled with grammar errors and incorrect references. The entire paper needed to be rewritten and many sections deleted due to irrelevance. After reworking this awful submission I was left with only 2/3 of my required word count. Several points were restated over and over again to extent the word count. It literally felt like this was writeen by an ESL student in high school. I basically ended up writing this paper myself. Should have saved the money and done it alone. The only reason I am giving 2 stars is because it was turned in 2 days early, giving me time to rework this piece of garbage. 
11/17/2017 Thank you so much! this is an excellent paper! I really appreciate it!
11/15/2017 Very responsive and completed the paper I needed in record time.
11/09/2017 Great !!! finished project well before due date. Still awaiting my grade but paper was amazing!
11/08/2017 Stuck with it even though I was busy and couldn’t respond fast to her question, she still made a great paper.
11/04/2017 Exactly what I needed thank you.
11/01/2017  Great professor highly recommended, paper was amazing 
10/30/2017 Excellent!! Thank you!!
10/25/2017 Great writer, very well done. I asked for a paper that, in my opinion, was a little obscure and she delivered. Great first impression for a first time customer. Maybe a little lacking on the communication bit, but that isn't too important as long as the paper looks good. 
10/24/2017 Good work, used really big words in every sentence I had to dumb it down a bit to seem more realistic to me. Overall clear points and solid response time. 
10/24/2017 Perfect! the way I had asked and on time.
10/23/2017 Well wow, thanks so much. Quick and brilliantly written. What an absolute star, will be working with you in the future. Thank you for sharing some of your intelligence!
10/23/2017 Great, finished early
10/20/2017 Fast replies works with you. flexible. Work itself isnt a+ material maybe like a b? small grammar issues here and there but very pleasing to work with as she is flexible and responsive unlike some of the professors on this site. Give her a try shes worth it!
10/18/2017 Excellent work and very quick!
10/18/2017 Very quick turnaround, met all requirements and exceeded expectations. Suzie really goes above and beyond. Highly recommend.
10/17/2017 Hired this professor to help find sources for a RESEARCH paper. She gave me five sources that were all FICTIONAL literature. I disputed it via email, but apparently at "this time" after se completed it, there is NO REFUND. They will give me free edits and revisions by this professor, but she gave me something totally unusable and I don't want her anywhere near this paper again. What a waste of money! I give my permission to remove this review with a refund. Buyer Beware.
10/17/2017 I got an A!
10/11/2017 Amazing work, done on time 
10/10/2017 Fast and exactly what I neded!
10/09/2017 very quick and profound paper, thank you 
10/06/2017 Excellent detailed paper, worked very quickly given the time frame I provided. Thank you. A++ 

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