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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
06/25/2022 Delivered high quality papers before the deadline. Has written 2 papers so far for me (nursing) and received a 97 & 100. Completely reliable and amendable to changes / directions.
Will use again and again! highly recommend! 
06/25/2022 A+
06/23/2022 great work!!
06/21/2022 Fast and efficient
06/21/2022 Great work. Will absolutely use again. 
06/21/2022 Great work.
06/19/2022 Extraordinary is an under statement. I have and will continue to only work with this Prof. I request him for every single submission and every project is always an A. 
06/14/2022 well done!! did exactly what i requested! would definetly use again! 
06/14/2022 EXCELLENT paper and done in time. went back and edited to meet criteria. received high grade 
highly recommend ! 
06/14/2022 great work
06/14/2022 great work
06/14/2022 great work
06/08/2022 Very helful with paper and other project. Responded quickly to questions and solution.
06/08/2022 Awesome job.
06/05/2022 There arent enough good things I can say about this Prof. 
06/05/2022 Excellent work as always!!
06/02/2022 Amazing quality work again and again! Thank you so much! 
05/29/2022 Amazing quality work!!! Will definitely choose again!!
05/29/2022 Great work!!!
05/29/2022 Great work!!!
05/26/2022 amazing as usual
05/23/2022 Wrote me a paper giving me exactly what was requested. Nothing more nothing less. Few grammatical errors but nothing that couldn't be fixed. Also received the paper multiple days before the deadline. Would recommend. 
05/20/2022 Amazing paper!!! A+
05/20/2022 I recieved a 195/200 for my management essay. My professor was amazed. You are a life saver!
05/18/2022 Extremely accurate work and elegantly written! 10/10 highly recommended
05/18/2022 10/10 Highly recommend! Work was absolutely amazing and delivered on time. Submitted the assignment as is and passed first time!
05/16/2022 Another great paper!!!! A+
05/16/2022 A+ paper!!!! 
05/15/2022 He did a great job, and was very responsive
05/12/2022 TamasWrites is the best, always on time and always thorough work! 
05/12/2022 Amazing work !! 
05/12/2022 Amazing work !! 
05/11/2022 Kills it! This professor can write and hes quick!
05/09/2022 Amazing work!! Follows instructions thoroughly and precisely. 
05/09/2022 Some of the sources were old and some not dated. But I got a 97.5% Every topic was covered and the APA citation was correct. Thank you for your expertise.
05/06/2022 Never enough good things to say about this Prof. Perfect every time. 
05/06/2022 As always, TamasWrites did an amazing job! I won't go to any one else!
05/05/2022 Always above and beyond! My savior!
05/05/2022 quick and well done
05/04/2022 Super fast and perfect!
05/03/2022 10/10
05/02/2022 Awesome! 
04/30/2022 First time using this professor and I'm impressed! Will request their services again when I'm in a crunch and needing an excellent product!
04/29/2022 Amazing work as always
04/28/2022 Easy to work with! Completed the assignment way before due date. If you need to communicate he will reply to messages quickly. 
04/27/2022 Great work and went the direction i wanted it to go
04/25/2022 good as always, completed work in a high quality manner.
04/25/2022 Awesome as always!
04/24/2022 Thanks very much :) life saver 
04/24/2022 Quick and efficient work
04/21/2022 As always, a wonderful paper, on time, and great/easy communication!
04/21/2022 perfect as always. this guy is amazing at what he does! best professor on here.
04/20/2022 perfectly done. this man is a miracle worker and lifesaver! best professor I have worked with on this site. 
04/20/2022 excellent work as always and a huge help. super understanding and reliable.
04/19/2022 Literally nobody better on this site. 
04/17/2022 This professor is EXCELLENT! 
He is always ahead of the dealines. He has great communication, and the papers he delivers are amazing! I recommend this professor 100%

I'd like to correct my previous rating. I clicked 9 stars instead of 10 last time, by mistake!  
He definitely deserves 10 stars! 
04/16/2022 Once again, a very well-written & timely project! I highly recommend this prof
04/16/2022 10/10, The professor was very accommodating in my specification of the topic and produced a great essay with all instructions understood and produced. Very professional professor.
04/15/2022 Always high-quality papers, communincation is fast and he will fix anything needed! Such a great service, I will always use this writer!
04/14/2022 very well done and they got it to me ahead of the deadline, complete, even though it was on a bit of a time crunch. really appreciated.
04/14/2022 always does revisions and is very understanding. reliable and punctual.
04/14/2022 followed all istructions to a T and delivered on time. 10/10/
04/14/2022 excellent, high quality work, and a very reliable, responsive professor.
04/13/2022 I selfishly don't want to give 10 stars because I want to be the only one who has access to this prof. But he is absolutely incredible. Will never let you down. The one nd only prof I ever work with. 
04/10/2022 Subjects are on point! Well-written paper! Definitely use this prof again! Definitely recommended!
04/10/2022 You did awesome work for me, thank you so much for your help!!

04/10/2022 Gave it 3 attempts to do a revision. I would just stick to Nerdyprof and GarKGee instead. Giving him a 7 because of the effort he put in, but all three revisions were rejected by my professor. Also, in the assignment details, it was stated to use any ethical theory to support an argument except for utilitarianism. Yet he still used utilitarianism. Tamas seems like a great guy but the assignment seemed rushed and kept getting rejected by my professor. 
04/09/2022 This professor was extremely accomodating to my needs as a student. They did a terrific job and made free edits for me if I needed. Efficient in their work as well. I would absolutely work with them again and suggest them as a professor!
04/04/2022 Amazing work and completed before deadline
04/03/2022 Pleased to use again
04/03/2022 He has done it again! I am so appreciative. I had so many other assignments due, online zoom meetings and blogging for this computer class for my minor/concentration class that I am taking with a major in BSN; which is my passion. TamasWrites is definitely the go to person for all of your writing projects. I am pleased with the outcome once again!
04/02/2022 As always, knocked it out of the park!! THE BEST
04/02/2022 Great.
04/01/2022 Great job!
03/31/2022 Always fantastic work!!!
03/31/2022 Amazing work! Thank you
03/30/2022 Literally. That's all I have to say. Literally. THIS MAN HAS SAVED ME SO MANY TIMES. DUDE. I'm not even kidding. If you're new to this site or just looking, reach out to my boy Tamas. Dude literally is next level. Seriously he puts more energy into this class I'm taking than me at this point LOL. Mad MAD respect Tamas. You're the mVP 10/10
03/30/2022 Outstanding work!!
03/28/2022 The best professor I have worked with! I keep going back to Tamas because this professor is always on time (and before due date too!), and the communication is excellent! Thank you!!!
03/27/2022 They wrote an outstanding paper! And finish before the due date.
03/26/2022 Awesome job! GREAT WORK and finished the assignment in a timely manner. Very pleased with the outcome. Will definitely use this professor again.
03/26/2022 There's just so much to say. Tamas is unique. I've been using him for about.. two semesters now, prior to that I was on my own.. However, these last two semesters (I'm graduating in May) have been a breeze. I mean truly, for two semesters I have literally only received A's.. I mean.. My GPA and myself as a student.. If I were to apply to grad school (which I am planning on) just look marvelous. It's one extra bonus of having met Tamas. Not only has he helped me graduate, he's helped pave my future. You strive for excellence which is unmistakable with your quality of work and finesse. With much appreciation for all your hard work, I just want to say on behalf of myself and all the students that you have helped along the way, thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. 10/10
03/22/2022 Second time using this professor. On time with very clear instructions/solutions!!
03/22/2022 Thank you.
03/22/2022 I absolutely love this professor. He completed an essay for me and did a revision/edit free of charge with purchase of the original essay. I received an A+ on the essay and I couldn't be happier. The professor is kind, courteous, knowledgeable, and a great communicator. I will certainly use him again. Thank you for your hard work.
03/19/2022 amazing work delivers before due date and goes above and beyond your expectations thank you.
03/19/2022 Impressive work, he was willing to re-write the paper to incorporate my comments. Very coooperative and I'll definitely want to work with him again.
03/18/2022 Amazing job with my essay it passed the first time ! I will be working with this professor again ??
03/17/2022 great work!
03/15/2022 ????
03/12/2022 This is the only professor you should use on this site!!!amazing work
03/08/2022 The best on here! Always provides a great paper!
03/08/2022 Did exactly what was required! Can only recommend.
03/07/2022 Once again received an A!! Amazing professor !!
03/04/2022 Thank you a million times for providing quality work and following instructions for each paper!
03/04/2022 if you want an A on your papers... This is the professor to choose!!
03/03/2022 absolutely incredible , great work, nice guy, helped a lot and got back super super quick! Thank you so so much!!! :)
03/02/2022 Tamas is an exceptionally brilliant person. I was new to this website when I just randomly came across him for one of my assignments. Since then, well, they have been my number one go-to. I literally must have received an A for every assignment, I am just shocked at myself because I never thought I was super into favoritism but I'm literally compelled every time to only use him even for the most mundane assignments just because I like to see what his take on it would be. If you're new to this platform like I was, I hope this message finds you! HIGHLLLLY RECOMMEND!
02/25/2022 Very timely and wonderful paper! Truly saved me with this assignment. Will definitely assign future assignments! Thank you!
02/25/2022 Used multiple times, always a step above.
02/25/2022 Used multiple times, always a step above.
02/24/2022 Tama is the MVP and GOAT. I literally recommend Tamas if you need help! I've had him help me with eeeeeeverrrythiiiing. Highly recommend! He's your go-to
02/24/2022 AMAZING PROFESSOR! can't say enough great things. Only professor I trust doing my papers!
02/21/2022 Great Work!
02/20/2022 BEST PROF. ON THIS SITE!!! Any work he does, I submit with barely making any changes. I have ordered 5 times and in all of them I got 70%+ !! Would recommend.
02/20/2022 You deserve as many stars as they offer! My prof's response to my paper was "what a beautiful philosophy paper." I sure hope you don't intend to give this profession up any time soon, I'd love to continue using you as my only writer :) THANK YOU!!
02/20/2022 literally the BEST professor on this site. Delivers high quality work every single time and always follows instructions for your assignments! highly recommend!
02/19/2022 Always enjoy your work. Thank you for bidding—100%.
02/17/2022 I got my assignment in a timely manner and it was well put together.
02/16/2022 Excellent work.
02/16/2022 Top quality.
02/15/2022 .
02/11/2022 100% thank you for bidding.
02/09/2022 Thank you for your hard work!
02/09/2022 Has been my go to professor for MANY of my papers, have always received As on them!!
02/09/2022 Always deliveries high quality work!
02/09/2022 Oh man. What can I say. I’m literally obsessed. I don’t think there’s anything that stumps this person. He gets it done, every time and then goes beyond expectations. He delivers beautifully written work while integrating powerful, fluid ideas. If you’re new to this site like I was, I went with him and never looked back. He’s 110% worth it. Highly recommend! 10/10
02/08/2022 Fast and reliable
02/07/2022 Always a pleasure to work with this professor, amazing accurate work. Thank you
02/07/2022 Always a pleasure to work with this professor, amazing accurate work. Thank you
02/07/2022 Always a pleasure to work with this professor, amazing accurate work. Thank you
02/07/2022 Always a pleasure to work with this professor, amazing accurate work. Thank you
02/07/2022 Highly recommend, trustworthy and reliable
02/07/2022 Always a pleasure to work with this professor, amazing accurate work. Thank you
02/04/2022 Project finished before deadline.
02/04/2022 Always perfect. Every single time.
02/02/2022 THE BEST!!! Completed my project in record time. THANK YOU very much. I would totally use him every time !!
01/31/2022 Excellent job completed on time!
01/30/2022 Used multiple times for technology type papers. EXCELLENT writing every time.
01/27/2022 I can always count on TamaWrites for any paper or project! Always exceeds my expectations, I will exclusively use TamasWrites now because I always receive high-quality work and quick communication! Couldn't ask for more in a writer!
01/27/2022 amazing work on time he did everything i ask with a little extra will use him again for a tight pinch great work from the intro to contex he had me hook on the paper he wrote for me
01/24/2022 This professor was AMAZING!!! I received the assignment before the due date. In addition, the professor was very easy to work with. Free edits were done within the next few minutes from when I requested some edits. I recommend using this professor for your next assignment!
01/22/2022 Great work! I have used this professor multiple times and will defiantly use them again. Great response times and love working with them
01/22/2022 Great work, as always. Easy professor to work with
01/20/2022 I have used this professor multiple times and each time I can confidently know I will get a well-written paper returned and all the guidelines followed. Thank you for your help!
01/19/2022 Dude this MAN LITERALLY IS CARRYING ME THROUGH THIS CLASS whAT I don't even know what else to say man. . For real if you need to pass your class but like want to pass it in style that is beyond your own capability. . Pshhh. . Look no further. No, bro I'm serious. Stop playing around and talk to Tamas. He's got you. He may as well teach the class honestly lol
01/19/2022 I don’t even know how to put this into words I’m that speechless! This person has to have a beautiful soul and brilliant mind that’s all I can reasonably imagine. I am beyond impressed, I am envious. The way this person is able to think so freely I just can’t even imagine. The way the words flow and move on each page .. My paper literally looks like something from Good Will Hunting over here. . I’m not even kidding! The research, the verbiage, all I can ask is, who are you Tamas?! I am OBSESSED! To the potential readers seeing this please if you haven’t already, please check out TamasWrites! 10/10 Stars ACROSS THE BOARD! Get this man some tweed!
01/18/2022 always reads the instructions fully and gives you a very detailed paper. I highly recommend this professor, used her multiple times and received all As!!
01/18/2022 by far my favorite professor on this site!
01/17/2022 Great work and communication.
01/16/2022 If you are looking for sophisticated language and university level writing/analysis, I would not recommend this professor. However, I would recommend this professor for their timeliness and good communication!
01/14/2022 Top
01/11/2022 AMAZING!!!! Helped me plan a few essays for my unseen exam and I got 80% !!!! WOULD definitely RECOMMEND :))))
01/11/2022 she's amazing!
01/10/2022 Always reliable. Great work.
01/08/2022 The deadline was met and he followed the provided guidelines by me. Overall, I think it is a quality report. Thanks to him.
01/07/2022 The paper was given before the due date, so I was actually able to edit to make it more my writing style and add citations from our specific textbook. The writing was perfect and information was perfect. I only added to it to make it more personalized based on professor's liking. Would definitely use this writer again!
01/07/2022 Amazing work!
01/05/2022 Did an amazing job on my paper!
01/01/2022 This professor is my absolute go-to when things get tough. Always on time, always provides a great service. Will keep coming back
12/31/2021 WOW just WOW!
12/30/2021 thank you!
12/30/2021 Hands down one of the best papers I have received was from this professor! Thank You!
12/29/2021 Extremely professional
12/26/2021 Excellent product delivered much faster than the given deadline. Received a 97/100 on the essay. Couldn't be more satisfied.
12/23/2021 Absolutely fantastic!! Got a 95% from a professor who is known to be tough with grades. Very impressed and would highly recommend!!
12/23/2021 Great, as usual! Got a 97.5% on the assignment! Thanks again!!!
12/22/2021 A+
12/22/2021 Never fails - this professor is top-notch!
12/21/2021 Excellent experience with a 10-page business analysis report for an MBA class. Project was received a day early and was very polished. No corrections were necessary. I received a 96% grade on the paper. I would 100% use this professor again. Thank you!
12/20/2021 nothing but good work
12/20/2021 always gotten an A with this professor
12/19/2021 Amazing job great results as expected !
12/19/2021 68/80 First time using this service, will use again in the future.
12/19/2021 Thank you for all the hard work!
12/19/2021 Always the best!
12/17/2021 Well done !!
12/13/2021 Excellent!
12/11/2021 He is an expert in Environmental studies which was my case, He did all the projects on time, written perfectly according to my preference. 
12/11/2021 The prof is very suuportive and kind! he does assignments perfectly like A+ on time. highly recommend 
12/09/2021 Always the best.
12/08/2021 he is honestly the best in every topic.
12/06/2021 Thanks again! The best!
12/06/2021 Reliable! always a pleasure and my go to professor. 
12/06/2021 Always a pleasure, very organized and detail oriented. Projects are always on time. 
12/06/2021 Awesome like always!
12/06/2021 Always a pleasure to work with this professsor. If you want good quality work look no further, you will not be disapointed. 
11/30/2021 ALWAYS athe best work - I never use any other professors on this site!
11/28/2021 Awesome! 
11/26/2021 Most definitely delivered! Well written research paper, took note of all the little details I needed to include. Will absoutely use TamasWrites again, couldn't be happier!
11/23/2021 Always simply awesome 
11/22/2021 Followed instructions for assignment and submitted before deadline. Thank you!!
Excellent as always! 
11/22/2021 very fast and reliable, top notch
11/22/2021 Great job, got an A on my paper!
11/22/2021 Absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you so much! I'm super super happy with it.
11/21/2021 If I could be married to one of these professors it would be this one. 

Always amazing!
11/21/2021 Great paper, will be using this professor again.
11/21/2021 Fantastic job!
11/20/2021 Onace again excellent product and will finish my course with an A+ 
11/18/2021 Amazing! Was in touch through-out and editted as required. His work was very good! I highly suggest him!
11/17/2021 I have received nothing by A grades during my current course, thanks to TamaraWrites's work.  Never disappoints and always on time.  Communication is also consistently excellent!
11/16/2021 Consistently perfect! 
11/15/2021 ALWAYS #1!
11/15/2021 A+ as always!
11/15/2021 Greaet work!
11/13/2021 Great
11/12/2021 Fast turnaround. Great work as always. 
11/11/2021 100% as always. Thank you. 
11/10/2021 Yet to be dissapointed by this Prof. 

You can't go wrong picking this one!

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