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09/14/2019 Such a great writer, always amazing work. I am so glad I found you on this website! You are an absolute lifesaver for me. You have no idea how much I appreciate you and all of your talent and hard work.
09/14/2019 ALWAYS the best - the only professor I use.
09/14/2019 I got an A last week! Can't wait to see how we did this week - thanks so much for all of your had work - you are so amazing!
09/14/2019 A+++++++
09/14/2019 Best writer on this site!
09/14/2019 Amazing writer, great work - always the best grades!
09/14/2019 I cannot even begin to tell you how great this work is! Thanks so much for all of your hard work - you are so talented!
09/14/2019 Great job - thanks for always giving me amazing work!
09/14/2019 Absolute BEST professor on this site - I always get A's on the work completed
09/14/2019 ALWAYS amazing work!
09/12/2019 wonderful and amazing prof!! Did an excellent job, got an A+ on my research paper.

Prof was timely, efficient, fast, and responsive!!! Definitely one of the best professors on here!

Would love to work with this prof again in the future!
09/10/2019 Professor did an outstanding job and delivered an outstanding project, will use again. 
09/08/2019 WOW!!!
09/08/2019 Such amazing work - ALWAYS!
09/08/2019 I passed the assignment so no complaints
09/08/2019 Exceptional work! I woudln't know what to do without you all.
09/06/2019 AMAZING work. Thanks so much - I am always so so amazed at how great all of your work is. 
09/06/2019 BEST professor on this site! Amazing work, fantastic papers, PERFECT A+ GRADES!
09/06/2019 Fantastic work! Wow! I am so impressed!!!
09/05/2019 Perfect speech sent back on time. Kept in contact.
09/04/2019 OMG, I cannot believe how aboslutely AMAZING this paper is! Thank you so much! Wow...just, wow! I am totally blown away.
09/03/2019 Wonderful paper. It was completed early and was extremely well done! Thank you!
09/01/2019 Responsive. Effiecient. Prompt. Accomodating. Fast.
Very good work!!! would love to work with this professor again.
08/27/2019 Thank you so much for an amazing paper. Not only did I receive an A, I got a 100. I was so happy, I kept checking my grade and comment he made. My professor thought my paper was top notch, amazing, and convincing for the topic I was assigned. I will be using this service my all my papers till I graduate.
08/21/2019 Excellent work, delivered early so that I could ask for revisions (didn't need any).
08/16/2019 Comprehensive*
08/16/2019 Amazing comprehansive skills
08/13/2019 THank you
08/12/2019 Got a 100% THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!
08/11/2019 Thank you for everything. Great work and delivered before the deadline!
08/11/2019 long time fan, first time user. 
very impressed with the quality of the assessemnt and the time frame.
will definitely be reccommending.

thank you 
08/09/2019 Well i must say i was only expecting a B, but i was so surprised at the level of writing this Psychology case study was done. I received an 98 on it. I will definitely be using the services of this professor again 
08/04/2019 Amazin! On time and great quality!
08/03/2019 As always, thank you! 
07/30/2019 He truly came through for me.. Thanks 
07/25/2019 Excellent work! Minor grammatical changes needed, but content was great and earned an A
07/25/2019 Exceeds expectations every time! Great work and great grades. 
07/22/2019  Geart work and on time! Thanks
07/21/2019 Awesome job! Project was completed early and was very well written. 
07/21/2019 Did good work, on time.
07/21/2019 Excellent work.  Thanks.
07/19/2019 Professor did an awesome job, we had a slight communication breakdown but his work more than made up for it. I highly reccomend this professor. On time and price was worth it. . 
07/19/2019 thorough. communicated well. excellent work!
07/16/2019 As class work. Thanks TW
07/12/2019 Requested that a graduate level admission essay be written. Essay was riddled with grammatical errors and nonsensical sentences. I requested that these errors be corrected (should not have had to do that). I ended up rewriting the paper. Will not be using this Professor again. 
07/11/2019 Fantastic job as always would highly reccomend to anyone looking for a great grade.
07/07/2019 Minor grammatical errors, but overal excellent paper!
07/06/2019 Great paper, very thorough! 
07/03/2019 Deserves 12 stars. I was in a real pinch (my fault) and needed a research paper on a very tight deadline. This writer got it done on time and WELL. Admittedly, I was not optimistic given how tight the deadline was, and I was resigned to taking whatever was possible. Instead, I got a high-quality paper that I'm certain will receive an A. I am over the moon. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
06/27/2019 AMAZING WORK!! I would highly recommend this professor!! He delivered the paper as requested with all the details as I originally specified!! I received an A on my paper & got to enjoy my summer!  Look forward to working with you again in the future!  Thanks a million!! 
06/25/2019 Does a great job, 10 stars as always.
06/25/2019 Fantastic job as always, highly reccomend this professor for any project. Never had a problem in any past assignments given to them.
06/21/2019 Another great paper
06/21/2019 As always A+ paper
06/21/2019 Did an awesome job on my paper 
06/17/2019 Wrote me a great essay and turned it in early! Thank you so much!
06/11/2019 Amazing work as always!
06/09/2019 Submitted before dealine, thank you !
06/05/2019 Great paper, thanks!
06/05/2019 always the best
06/02/2019 Fantastic work as always!
05/31/2019 hands down the best ! thank you for your amazing work that has been making my life so much easier ! 
05/31/2019 hands down the best ! thank you for your amazing work that has been making my life so much easier ! 
05/31/2019 hands down the best ! thank you for your amazing work that has been making my life so much easier ! 
05/31/2019 hands down the best ! thank you for your amazing work that has been making my life so much easier ! 
05/31/2019 Excellent paper
05/26/2019 Awesome!  Just as described.
05/26/2019 I was in my final class prior to getting my degree and was too drained to do my final. They were good in communication responses, provided me my papers hours before due so that I could check it and got an A! I was so worried I wouldn’t pass this class but this prof. came through! I was able to relax in the last week of class. 

Thank you!
05/22/2019 As always this guy comes through and with great original thought. I have had to do some minor editing and I decided to expand on a few of his ideas so I put in a bit of extra work but that was my own choice. 
Overall I would highly recommened!
05/20/2019 THE BEST!
05/20/2019 Awesome job. Definitely will be having you do some work for me in the future.
05/19/2019 Awesome work. 
05/19/2019 THANK YOU
05/19/2019 THANK YOU
05/18/2019 As always, very pleased!!!!!!  
05/16/2019 assignment was delivered to be before the expected due date . all my assignments have exceeded my expectations EVEN my course professor was impressed with my assisngment ! thank you so much for all your hard work in helping me succeed!  
05/16/2019 assignment was delivered to be before the expected due date . all my assignments have exceeded my expectations and always with great communication ! thank you so much for all your hard work in helping me succeed! 
05/16/2019 assignment was delivered to be before the expected due date . all my assignments have exceeded my expectations and always willing to help with any edits and revisions that need to be made ! thank you so much for all your hard work in helping me succeed! 
05/16/2019 assignment was delivered to be before the expected due date . all my assignments have exceeded my expectations! thank you so much for all your hard work in helping me succeed! 
05/16/2019 Did what I asked in a quick and timely manner. Much is appreciated!!
05/16/2019 Thanks for the great work!
05/14/2019 As always, exceeded my expectations!! A+  !!  

05/14/2019 Great service
05/11/2019 INCREDIBLE!!!!
05/11/2019 First time using this service and definitely will use again. Quick replies when I had questions. Very nice and professional. Couldn’t have asked for anything better. 
05/10/2019 Exceeded expectations and on time!!! 
05/09/2019 C material. Even when given instructions. 

This is the consequence of arguing with a professor (me) who is just the same as the one who marked your paper. We know these things since we also tutor our students and give them assignments. I clearly gave my interpretation of your paper's instructions but you differed strongly and insisted that I use your own interpretation which, AS YOU CAN SEE NOW, WAS WRONG! Just below your review is another review of a student who got an A for not doubting my judgement. Am really sorry for this, but you should have really listened to me!
05/09/2019 Got me an A on my assignment and was very responsive! Great job!
05/08/2019 Thank you for working with me and on such short notice, submitted way before deadline.
05/08/2019 Did a great job on my English paper! I was stressed about finals week and I am a terrible writer, my essay was done within a day and was written perfectly! thank you so much
05/08/2019 assignment was done in time and a little earlier in the day than expected ! 
assignment was properly written and in perfect format.  thank you so much ! 
05/08/2019 He was so good! He wrote my paper really well and got it done on time! Really awesome!!
05/06/2019 OUTSTANDING
05/05/2019 Thank you 
05/04/2019 Well done and on time 
05/04/2019 Well done and on time
Writing academic work is one thing, but to be able to nail a reflective paper is uncanningly awesome.
Great job as always.
05/03/2019 Did a great job, and finished the assignment on a fairly short deadline. THANK YOU!!!
05/02/2019 Phenomenal essay with great originality. I did have to wait a bit but becuase the essay was of such a high standard it was completly worth it! Also replies fast and was very reasuring. 
05/02/2019 Awesome work as always! From a happy repeat customer. I shall return for my next paper.
05/01/2019 Always a pleasure working with Tamaswrites!! 
05/01/2019 Always does great work !
04/30/2019 Fantastic work!
04/28/2019 he is perfect
04/28/2019 he is perfect
04/28/2019 he is perfect
04/28/2019 Satisfied customer once again!
04/26/2019 Excellent job!
04/26/2019 Excellent job! I did not receive any communication with updates on the progress of the paper - as noted in his bio - but I told myself TamasWrites was busy constructing the perfect paper to save me a TON of time. The paper is expertly written and in a writing style similar to my own. I could not be happier - thank you for doing this for me so I could focus on my grant writing class while taking care of a sick child!  You're a lifesaver!
04/24/2019 TamasWrites is very helpful! this prof provides the best service that you can get! 
04/21/2019 Quick turn around with no issues.  Thanks 
04/19/2019 Got the paper early and did a great job and kept me updated throughout the process
04/19/2019 The professor did okay. Still have to correct and add to the paper as he did not address everything expected

OMG! You must have considered the FIRST DRAFT file I sent to you and I was yet to put all the details requested by the instructions. I sent you the draft as it is my way of assuring my students that their paper is progressing well. 2 hours after that, I sent you a complete and compact file and am sure you did not check you inbox because you would have found it. Am so sorry that you reviewed the wrong file. However, you would have asked me immediately you realized that the paper was not complete and I would have informed you that it was just a draft. Too bad that you already put a negative review but am sure other students will understand my explanation. Thank you.
04/17/2019 I was missing couple things but my professor is super particular so I didnt mind .I do like that you have open communication durring the time. Overall much appeicated I got an 86 finnaly he graded it. Thank you :)
04/17/2019 Super quick and always follows instructions!!
04/16/2019 Excellent, nough said 
04/16/2019 Fantastic work once again!!!
04/16/2019 I have used this Professor for multiple project and it has been a great experience every time. Timely, accurate and ALWAYS a great paper. 
04/15/2019 incredible!
04/14/2019 The best !!!
04/14/2019 Ouststanding work! professional!
04/14/2019 One of the best professors. Always great work !
04/14/2019 Always amazing quality !!
04/13/2019 10/10! The assignment I asked for was completed above and beyond my expectations!!
04/10/2019 I got a D- .... not impressed and definitely not worth $350. 

Yes, I was suspecting some thing like this would happen due to the distorted sequence of ideas in the paper that I first sent to you! This happened when you requested me to re-arrange the paragraphs in the main section of the paper entitled " Chronology of events leading to the American Revolution." This is was a solid chronology until you asked me to interchange paragraphs 4,5,6,& 7. This means that your professor realized that the order of events as presented was not as it is supposed to be. CHANGING THE PARAGRAPHS WAS A BAD IDEA AND I WAS TOTALLY AGAINST IT AS I TOLD YOU. This is absolutely not my fault!!!!
04/10/2019 Once again, thank you so much for your work!
04/09/2019 Great work as usual.
04/07/2019 Thank you so much for your work!!
04/06/2019 Great work as usual.
04/06/2019 10/10
04/05/2019 I can't help but admit his ability.
04/03/2019 Always a pleasure to use your service. Well written and fast! 
03/29/2019 Thoughtful, original work. Was very pleased with the result and will definitely be back!
03/29/2019 Very Timely.
03/28/2019 Good Job
03/28/2019 He did exactly the format I asked for and kept in touch with me throughout the project, even finishing early. No worries, no stress, the citation, and language are perfect.
03/27/2019 Finished ahead of deadline! Excellent work!
03/27/2019 This professor knows what their doing. 10/10 
03/22/2019 Timely
03/20/2019 Excellent work, this is exactly what I needed. Thank you!
03/17/2019 Great job, thank u!
03/15/2019 Great work! Always!
03/15/2019 A++++++
03/15/2019 Such great work!
03/15/2019 I literally cannot even begin to express the WOW factor of this paper. I mean - WOW!!! The amount of research, the quality of the writing and the professionalism of this professor is absolutely amazing. I will not use any other writer than this professor! Thank you so much for your wonderful work!!! 
03/14/2019 Just recieved my grades on this presentation and got a high mark!!

Definately recommend !!! you wont regret it! (:
03/12/2019 I an new to this site and Tama has made this experience so easy and the writing has far exceeded my expectations I would definetly selcet this Prof. No Plagerism always hits the word count, follows promt prefectly and is very responsive to comments and concerns.
03/12/2019 Timelly, good work.
03/10/2019 Perfect just what I asked for.. Great communication, Thank you so much.
03/08/2019 Excellent and timely work completed. I am unsure what the previous reviews are about. I did not edit my paper and received an A.

Please tell them again! These students make edits to the papers that I have delivered to them without my consent and when they fail, they blame it on me. If you need to make any edits, kindly ask for my professional opinion and you will never go wrong. Thank you so much cpreddit for letting them know this! Its crucial.
03/07/2019 Always the best writer on this site
03/07/2019 Great work!
03/07/2019 Straight A's on all nursing/medical papers!
03/07/2019 BEST professor on this site!
03/07/2019 A++++ work
03/07/2019 Amazing work, as always!
03/06/2019 great work
03/06/2019 solid work
03/05/2019 First time user of this kind of service. I was hesitant at first but after reading the essay, I am confident in the work that Tamaswrites provided!
03/05/2019 I just received my Research paper back that you wrote for me. I got 13.75/25 and my teacher was only impressed with the grammar and writing ability, not the actual content of the paper. Really disappointed.  

Hello, This absolutely not my fault. Remember the paragraph that you pasted from the document that you had started off before resolving to seek for help with the paper? That is the one that ruined the whole paper. The reason I left out your paragraph is that I realized that it was off-topic and it could jeopardize the whole assignment. Without the paragraph, you would have gotten nothing less that 98%. The original paper as I sent it was perfect.

This professor did an amazing good. All my issues with the paper were addressed and corrected. I would totally recommend this prof for all your papers. Keep up the great work.

03/04/2019 Great job. Im not the typical student that would use a site like this, but my mother is very sick in the hospital and might not have much time left, so I decided to get help with a paper so I can spend some crucial time with her. I got my paper back right on time, and I had Tamas make some corrections for me. He did exactly what I asked and timely as well. Would recommend! 
03/03/2019 Awesome work! 
03/01/2019 I got an A+!!!!! Amazing work and more than helpful!!!! Highly recommend!!!!
02/28/2019 100/100 Great writer.
02/28/2019 As usual, paper is excellent and submitted ahead of schedule. Thanks TW
02/28/2019 The best professor. Delivered a brilliant paper on time.
02/27/2019 THE BEST !!!!!!
Professor Tamas always delivers an outstading papers and cares so much about the quality of the work he gets done.
He/she has been open to questions and goes above and beyond the instructions. The professor has done more than 1 papers for me and never dissapointed me.
Thank you SOO much. 
02/27/2019 It is always a pleasure to work with you! 
02/27/2019 Professor did not follow instructions whatsoever. I received 37% on a paper that had very clear and concise instructions. Extremely disappointed 
02/26/2019 Great work
02/25/2019 ALWAYS amazing work. I am always so impressed with the quality of work this professor provides. Top notch!
02/25/2019 Amazing work, amazing professor! Thank you so so much.
02/25/2019 Perfect work! 
02/22/2019 The professor completely threw projects timely within a short time frame. All projects were great!
02/22/2019 Excellent & timely 
02/22/2019 Awesome ???? job!
02/21/2019 Thank you, thank you, thank you. AMAZING WORK!
02/21/2019 perfect essay on time. thanks
02/18/2019 This paper was perfect. It's so difficult to release control over something that is worth 200 points of my final grade, but it was well worth it. Amazing job! Thank you!
02/18/2019 I've returned to TamasWrites because of trust and confidence. TamasWrites saved me in the clutch and I received an A+.
02/18/2019 TamasWrites did a great job. I didn't have to do a thing and received stellar accolades on my paper. A true life safer for a working student with two jobs. Definitely worth the peace of mind.
02/17/2019 2 Stars because I got it back so quickly.  I'm not sure how the professor got so many good comments.  I got a 52/90 on the Introduction portion of my paper and a 34/90 on the literature review.  I've had to rewrite the final 2 sections already.  Never again with this professor.

Hey, See what you got yourself into; I clearly told you not to make changes to the paper as I was sure what I did was 100% correct. Instead, you made your own changes and distorted the flow of the paper. Now you accuse me of failing and while I strongly rebuked your idea of making the changes that you deemed fit. If you entrust me with your paper, trust my judgment too and you will always get awesome grades like the rest of my students.

This professor is always on point and ensures open communication and follow-up even after completing your paper. I totally disagree with the 1/10 star rating/review below, and I understand that the student failed to provide course readings despite the professor's efforts to request him severally without a response until time ran out. Honestly, such failure is not the professor's, and you can clearly see that there are no other similar ratings for this professor. PLEASE IGNORE THE REVIEW/RATING: THIS PROFESSOR IS ONE OF THE BEST THE WEBSITE!!! All my papers done by this prof have been super and excellent.

02/17/2019 Timely and great work
02/17/2019 A few hours late, overall a solid paper.  I’ve used this professor a few times now and I’ve been satisfied each time.  Thanks again!
02/16/2019 Always great work
02/14/2019 I failed the paper this writer wrote for me and it was only an article summary paper. PLEASE do NOT choose this writer!!! 

FAKE REVIEW ALERT!!!! This student failed to provide the required course readings even after severally requesting him to do so and he could not respond until time was out and I had to submit the paper. He never acknowledged receipt of my messages and then blames me by spoiling my good image that I have struggled to build through providing super papers that always earn excellent results! I have no such a review and that tells you that this is just a phoney! IGNORE IT!
02/13/2019 good work
02/13/2019 timely work
02/12/2019 Excellent paper.
02/11/2019 Solid work
02/11/2019 Absolute best professor on this site; could not have gotten throug my classes without this professor. Thank you for always giving me amazing and quality work.