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01/16/2021 thank you 
01/16/2021 great job 
01/10/2021 They deserve all of the stars. This was my first time using this service so I was very anxious about deadlines but they kept in touch the entire time and delivered an incredible paper. Professional, patient and awesome. I will be contacting them again should I need help with another paper :) 
01/10/2021 I decided to go with this professor becuase in the bid I could tell he read my project throughly to include the attachments, so I knew he knew exactly what he was getting himself into and was confident he could take it on.  Then I loved that he went the extra mile to ask my questions about link and para from my text book that the rubric referenced to ensure he covered all required items in the project.  And to top it all off he delivered the paper early!
01/10/2021 Great!
01/07/2021 fantastic work. i was vary detailed on my instruction and they were followed to the T. 
01/07/2021 Great Paper!! and on time delivery
01/05/2021 Second time working with this professor and he has not let me down! A work!
01/05/2021 Professor finished my paper two days after I posted my project, my professor did grade one of the APA in text citations wrong. But overall had a score of 94/100, quite pleased!
01/05/2021 Great essay!
01/04/2021 Outstanding grade on the essay! Will utilize again!
01/04/2021 Great job!! 
01/03/2021 Great job
01/01/2021 On time with paper and excellent work!! 
12/29/2020 Great job
12/24/2020 Thank you! great job
12/23/2020 Always a great job thank you 
12/23/2020 Always a great job thank you 
12/23/2020 Awesome! Thank you
12/23/2020 Great job!
12/23/2020 Great job! 
12/20/2020 great op-ed!
12/19/2020 Perfect(:
12/19/2020 I am very satisfied with the immaculate results. Thank you! Highly recommend!
12/16/2020 Thank you!
12/16/2020 His work is consistently high quality. Makes edits quickly and with no hassle. I only trust Tamas. 
12/16/2020 His work is consistently high quality. Makes edits quickly and with no hassle. I only trust Tamas. 
12/15/2020 It's always a pleasure to work with this professor. Very professional always on time and awesome quality work. Highly recommend. Thank you for all your help! 
12/14/2020 I think he did a great job. Hopefully my professor thinks the same thing.
12/14/2020 the best!
12/14/2020 perfect, every time
12/14/2020 Great!!!
12/13/2020 Thank you so so much! I hope to be able to use you again in the future. 
12/12/2020 Excellent content every time. Barely ever  had to ask for edits 
12/09/2020 This is my first time using this site and its actually NOT a haox!! thank the lord cause i did this for a finals paper.  He did my research paper for a science class and knocked it out of the park! i cant thank him enough.
12/07/2020 Always on time and great paper!
12/07/2020 Great Work! 
12/06/2020 Thank you so much 
12/06/2020 Thank you so much 
12/01/2020 Always quality work! Great!
12/01/2020 100% would recommend 
11/30/2020 Awesome! 
11/28/2020 TamasWrites is an outstanding professor and provides excellent projects every. single. time. 
11/27/2020 First time user of the site, it didnt disappoint. I had a very short paper but I did not know where to startand I am awful at writing. I enjoy the research part but this is material I have already learned and I feel confident about so I decided to come here for help. My initial paper required at least 2 references and that's what I asked for but suprise, surprise! i ended up with 6 references. I did a couple of adjusments and my work has been submitted on time. I dont know yet the grade I will get but I ran my paper with and and I was told it was great! I enjoyed reading it, I feel that it will be getting a good grade. I have recommended this site to some of my classmates! I will keep on recommending my professor and this site! Thank you!!!
11/22/2020 #1 Professor and superb quality of paper.  Execellent work !!  Thank you very much for your effort.
11/19/2020 Amazing!
11/17/2020 To be honest there was an initial mix up. However, that being said, the quality of the work was excellent. The communication with TamasWrites was timely and transparent, and this Professor went out of their way to work with me. I will absolutely be using their services again!
11/15/2020 good work
11/14/2020 top notch. worth it every time. 
11/14/2020 Best option for a paper. A every time with minimal corrections needed. 
11/14/2020 .
11/12/2020 Always does an amazing job! So appreciative of having someone like you help, always great results and very dedicated. If you want to Ace your projects as highly suggest to use this professor. Thanks again  
11/10/2020 Excellent work
11/10/2020 Simply amazing! Highly recommend! 
11/09/2020 best work ever
11/04/2020 This prof exceeded my expectation. He followed the structure of the project.

The references, citation and structure all done perfectly. 

Plagirasim was 1% in grammarly. 

11/03/2020 Never disappoints! Great writing!
11/02/2020 This professor does it again. This professor should be a diamond by now. 100% again on my essay. This is my go to professor and i know this professor may be busy. I can always depend on this professor to come through. Never once did i have to ask for edit of anything. Nothing but A's on all essays and research paper. I really believe this professor enjoys writing. Whatever the cost i would pay for this professor. Please don't bypass this professor.
11/01/2020 Very well written paper, Professor followed the rubric and delivered paper early enough to review.
11/01/2020 Highly recommend.
11/01/2020 Highly recommend.
10/29/2020 Fast and did what I asked.
10/29/2020 Great work everytime! Highly recommend
10/28/2020 Thanks!
10/27/2020 You know who gets 0% simulatrity on Turnitin? This professor does!!! As per the usual, I recieved an outstanding project. 
10/26/2020 Very well written and quickly completed.
10/25/2020 Always the best 
10/24/2020 THANK YOU
10/22/2020 Quick to respond, 0% plagiarism and amaingly written report. As a first timer, he decreases your anxiety and completes work that is A++++. Thank you!
10/21/2020 Thank you so much! This assignment had a bunch of elements to it, and they nailed every part of it. They even included a works cited.
10/20/2020 Amazing work. Thank you very much! (will use this professor again for sure) 
10/19/2020 This professor was amazing. She went above and beyond for the paper. The communication was great and she has the paper done quick. 
Thank you so much!
10/18/2020 Very impressed with the research skills and the use of references!! I only had to edit it alittle bit, but it was over 8 pages long so obviously I am going to critique alittle. Overall very good quality, got it to me on time, hit all the topics, research was accurate and detailed, and had references throughout the entire paper. Highly recommend for research style papers! 
10/18/2020 great service!!! well written paper! i am using it again
10/16/2020 I was sketchy about this whole process especially with a 10 page research paper due. I used this process two times and it didnt turn out that great. 
I was going through so much and this professor really went above and beyond for me. I dont know what I would do without this Prof. Thank you again for your patience and your time. I got a B+
I definitley will be using this service again
10/16/2020 EXCELLENT!
10/16/2020 Great work! Recieved good comments from professor!
10/15/2020 Excellent communication skills throughout the whole project, quick turnaround, and delivered a great quality paper!!
10/15/2020 As always, this professor excels above and beyond what is asked.  I have gotten very lucky in finding this professor.  Look no further, this professor will save your grade!!
10/13/2020 Fast communication! I'll update my rating to see if I won the scholarship but I really appreciate the work this professor has done!
10/12/2020 Very thorough. Thank you.
great job!
Great Job
10/06/2020 I have been priveleged to have this professor for the majority of my semester.  I know there are some on here that do shoddy or half assed work, for lack of a better term.  But look no further than this professor.  Trust me. Your work will be on time as well as any revisions that you need, if any, will meet and exceed your expectations.  
10/05/2020 The essay was delivered on time, and met all of the instructions given. Not only that, the essay is professional, expertly written, and has a complexity that i could never match.
Thank you so much, I am so happy and grateful to you!
10/05/2020 Great job on my paper!
10/04/2020 Great, consistent work! Definetely my Go To Professor
10/03/2020 Great work as usual! Followed Instrunctions and covered all topics. 
10/03/2020 Well-researched, very organized and detail oriented!
10/03/2020 This professor is simply the best. Every paper or any assignment has been perfect or near perfect. Nothing but A's on every assignment. I don't have to wonder if i'm getting quality work. SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!! If you want your money's worth this is simply the professor to choose. 
10/01/2020 Perfection and as always I made 100% Thanks!
10/01/2020 Great job preparing a lesson plan, I made 25/25! 
10/01/2020 Great job preparing a presentation for me, it was perfect and saved me some time this busy semester! Thank you!
09/30/2020 Paper was well written and recieved by the advised date.  Very professional and polite.  Thanks.
09/30/2020 fast and reliable 
09/29/2020 Consistently great work.  Don't use any other professor. Trust me. 
09/28/2020 Excellent paper and right on time. I look forward to working with this professor in the future!
Great job
Great job
09/27/2020 good job
09/26/2020 Great work!! Got an A!! Thank You 
09/26/2020 Professor TamaWrites is super easy to work with and always provides outstanding projects. 
09/25/2020 happy with my report and on time.
09/25/2020 Great paper, everything I wanted. The turnaround was perfect as well. Thank you!
09/23/2020 Got 100%. First for this website. A bit surprising but the content was well researched and written.
09/22/2020 Always provides outstanding work and responds qucikly to questions.
09/21/2020 Excellent and clean work!
09/19/2020 Great work!! Got an A!
09/17/2020 This professor saved my week. I was super busy with work and falling a little behind with my class workload. I submitted my project and chose him for his high reviwews. I received the paper before the requested date and it was perfect. I did not submit the rubric but he nailed all the requirements for my rubric. He provided excellent references and way more that needed. I am very please with his writting skills and profesionalism. I would definately send him work again. 

Thank you so muc!
09/14/2020 great as always. 
09/14/2020 great work. 
09/14/2020 the best. 
09/14/2020 Great work and finished before the due date. 
09/14/2020 TamasWrites hands down is one of the best professor here. Excellent communication skills and very thorough when completing any projects. 
I was very impressed with the quality of work this professor delivers every time. Not only does TamasWrites provides excellend work, this professor also responds in a timely manner!! 

I wish I used this professor from the very start.
Thank you for an excellent project you provided!

09/06/2020 Grammar's great, Responsiveness is great. It was on short notice, and she still delivered well researched work and followed all instructions. Very happy and relieved lol !
09/03/2020 Thank you so much. GREAT!
09/02/2020 Great professor and with an extremely good turn around and great work. If you wan't something that is not just good but awsome you have to pick this professor. 
08/30/2020 Nothing short of amazing
08/29/2020 one word: perfection :)
08/28/2020 you will not regreat !!!
perfect his work!  totally recommended 
08/28/2020 Great work! thanks for everything u do! 
08/24/2020 This professor communicates well and responds in a timely manner. I never had an issue with TamasWrites. Professor followed directions and did well on organizing the whole project from title page to referenes page. Will definitely use this professor again. Please bid on my projects again. I have more to come!!!
Thank you for your help.
08/19/2020 Best professor EVER! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! 
08/17/2020 Always dependable, on time and great paper.
I had a lot of assignments completed by different professors, and I can say without a doubt that TamasWrites is the best professor in this website. I not only got 100% on both of the assignments, I also got incredible feedback from my professor, the latest one being:  "
08/15/2020 great work!!!
08/15/2020 Great work!
08/15/2020 Another fabulous project! Always follows the instructions and submits on time. Total life saver! 
08/08/2020 Highly reccommend!!! 
08/07/2020 Got it early to review. Good communication. Scored a 50/50.
08/07/2020 With limited instruction provided on my part, a thorough and well thought out paper was produced quickly and within my requested short time frame. Minimal adjustmetns needed- only had to switch around citations to be alphabitized re: proper MLA formatting requested. Would hire this writer again. 
08/06/2020 On time and great writing skills! Thank you!
Perfect score.Thank you!
08/04/2020 great work
08/03/2020 Superb quality work, as usual. Tamaswrites never disappoints.
08/02/2020 Excellent work. Solution provided well in advance of when requested. 
08/01/2020 My paper was delivered a few days in advance and i even asked for extra sources even though i did not mention it in the assignment detail and he delivered it once again with extra sources and i got my self an A+
07/31/2020 Good paper and on time
07/29/2020 Great work in the right time frame! thank you!
07/28/2020 As usual, wayyyyy before due date! 
Great job! 
Thank yoU!!!! 
07/27/2020 Second time using this professor and did a wonderful job. Professor was very helpful and accommodating when my paper needed revisions/edits. Will definitely use this professor again in the future.

TamasWrites did a fabulous job on my project. This professor is super easy to work with and produces creative, quality assignements. This was my second project using TamasWrites and if the need should arise in the future I'll definnetly be calling upon thier assistance again.     

07/24/2020 First time using this professor so I started with a small project. Project was completed in a timely manner and all the details were there. Professor even went above and beyond to ensure that my project covered all the requirements. Thanks! 
07/23/2020 88/100 for Master level paper. i'll take it. 
07/18/2020 Solid A work and timely. Will use again. 
07/17/2020 Excellent work !!  Thanks for your time and effort to make this.

07/15/2020 Always on time delivery!
07/15/2020 Great work as always!
07/14/2020 Completed assignment as requested, more than satisfied with work as well as grade.
07/11/2020 Great work in a short period of time
07/08/2020 Deserve 5 stars ! Awsome professor.  Better than expected.  Appreciated the work done.  Great!!! Superb ! Highly recommended.  Thanks !!
07/06/2020 I’ve enlisted the help of this professor over and over because the quality of work is just superb! Always on time and always A+.
07/05/2020 Great job

07/03/2020 This professor has done it again. All of my assignments has all been A's. I'm amazed, i feel this professor is actually the best. This professor takes all assignments seriously, reads, ask questions if needed. I'm so grateful for this professor. 
07/02/2020 Did a very nice job! I was very pleased with my paper and it was delivered earlier than expected!
06/30/2020 Minor spelling errors, but analysis was top notch.
06/29/2020 excellent work
06/29/2020 Best prof on this website
06/29/2020 10 stars
06/29/2020 10/10
06/29/2020 10/10
06/29/2020 Excellent work A+ literally
06/29/2020 My favorite professor hands down.
06/29/2020 Excellent Timely work every time.
06/27/2020 Great Essay thank you so much 
06/25/2020 Great prof, always dependable
06/24/2020 I recieved an amazing presentation! I'm so happy with the project and the way it turned out. I recieved it an hour early and it exceeded my expectations. 
06/21/2020 Great writer and always on time
06/21/2020 Awesome!!!!
06/20/2020 Excellent product in a short amount of time.
06/19/2020 Awesome work!  Very pleased
06/18/2020 Thank you so much for your work!
06/17/2020 Always greatful 
06/17/2020 This professor did a really great job on my nursing paper! Would definitely recommend and use again!!
06/17/2020 Excellent Work & Quick turn around time!! Thank you!
06/16/2020 Always the best work!
06/14/2020 thank you so much great paper
06/13/2020 On time delivary and great writing. 
06/13/2020 Great work! Very detailed.
06/09/2020 amazing work as usual! Dr. Tamas will forever be my go to!!
06/09/2020 I just love her writing and how thoughtful she is. Thank you!!
06/08/2020 Great work as always.
06/08/2020 They did amazing! I recieved my paper on time and it was great.
06/07/2020 Great solution! I got one of the highest grades.
06/07/2020 Great paper and it was available to me in an appropriate time frame. 
06/05/2020 Ty very good paper
06/05/2020 the best of the best here!!!! :D 

06/04/2020 Was very nice about adding more to the project and did an awesome job!
06/04/2020 Very good work thank you 
06/01/2020 Excellent work! Will use again.
05/29/2020 Awesome job! 
As usual, you've outdone yourself! :D 

05/28/2020 I would highly recommend! Not only was it almost a perfect score, I received responses almost immediately and would definitely use again!
05/28/2020 Paper was amazing, was done on time (early in fact), had everything I needed, and responded promtly to any nervous messages sent. 
05/27/2020 Great paper, done on time. Would use again.
05/27/2020 Great work
05/25/2020 Tamara never disappoints, she is always on time and goes the extra mile with the quality of work.  I scored an A+, at least 95% of the time in many many many projects she has done for me.  You can’t ever go wrong choosing her.
05/22/2020 This is my favorite professor. Each assignment that has been completed were all A's. If you are looking for someone that is reliable, reads instructions, someone that gives their all this is the professor. i am forever grateful.
05/22/2020 Great essay. Would utilize again.