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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
07/19/2024 He completed my Doctoral level Dissertation lit review (2 pages single spaced) in about three and a half days, delivering on time. He was communicative during the process, checking in to let me know how he was doing without me needing to ask. No changes needed to be made, no plagiarism, and reads like it was written by a human (not AI). Everything was relevant to the assignment, he thoroughly covered each topic, and heeven popped in a couple of useful graphs. I have zero complaints. I will absolutely he using his services again. Thank you!!

I am delighted hear this, besides the fact that you acknowledge the typo (2 pages single-spaced ought to have been 25 pages single-spaced). I will paste your message here so that my esteemed clients can see!: "I caught the typo in your review as I clicked to post it.. It says 2 pages but should obviously say 25. I'm so sorry! I am trying to see if there's a way to alter it, but you have my full blessing to reply that I let you know that I accidentally made a typo and it was 25 pages."
07/13/2024 always on time
07/10/2024 simply the best. favorite professor on the site! goes above and beyond with any and all assignments!!! 
07/10/2024 100000 stars!! best ever. never gotten less than an A. do yourself a favor and choose Tamas! you won't regret it!! 
07/10/2024 the best!! cannot say enough AMAZING things! only 100s achieved!! 
07/10/2024 very thorough, well written paper. followed all directions and asked clarifying questions to achieve high scoring grades. will always use Tamas!! 
07/10/2024 best professor. you cannot go wrong with the work provided!! the only mistake is NOT choosing Tamas!! 
07/10/2024 extremely helpful, detailed orientated and proficient. constant communication. will never use another professor. best of the best!!! 
07/10/2024 best professor. no project is too big or too small. helpful in so many ways!! 
07/10/2024 very detailed orientated & precise! will continue to use!! 
07/10/2024 very thorough, well written paper provided. detailed orientated and follow the rubric to a T for a tough project. Finished in a timely manner and received a perfect score.
Best professor the site has to offer !! 
07/10/2024 best professor on the site - wouldn't think of using anyone else. best of the best!! 10000 stars 
07/10/2024 amazing work, very thorough. will use professor again! 100 stars 
07/10/2024 best professor. very thorough and competent! wouldn't choose anyone else 
07/05/2024 Thank you so much! I had to do a presentation in front of subject matter experts but didn't have time to put one together. They all said they really liked it. THANK YOU!! I wouldn't hesitate to ask you for help again.
07/03/2024 This guy is the best!
06/24/2024 Amazing job as always!
06/23/2024 Does amazing work in a extremely timely manner.
06/19/2024 Always does an amazing job and is very reliable. 
06/18/2024 A+
06/15/2024 Timely, coordinated, and communicated well. A+++++ Professor! 
06/11/2024 This guy is the absolute best!
06/10/2024 good work!
06/10/2024 best professor on the site. no project is a problem. was able to complete a last minute power point project and performed to a T with excellence. 
06/10/2024 very thorough, very complete professor. goes above and beyond to make sure every detail is perfect. timely return of project. perfect scores 
06/10/2024 the best professor!! have only gotten A's on all assignments, in all subjects. Wont use anyone else. Goes above and beyond 
06/06/2024 The best!
06/05/2024 best professor. never a problem! willing to do any assignment, always fulfills all tasks of the assignments to achieve highest grade. 
06/05/2024 best professor. does any and all assignments, regardless of content and size, and always gets an A. would never choose anyone else, and you shouldnt either!!
06/05/2024 the best!! any complex assignment done with ease! Always an A on every assignment!!
06/05/2024 best professor ! willing to do any and all assignments, no matter how big or small!! a million stars!!!
06/05/2024 complex, multi part online project - but done with complete ease by Tamas! best professor on the site. perfect score by the professor. 
you can't go wrong with her!!
06/05/2024 best professor on the site willing to take any and all assignments with the greatest of ease !! 
06/05/2024 TamasWrites is the best - a tough paper, but feedback from professor was impressive; a lot of other students flagged for plagirsm, but not here! always clean, fresh original material, and perfect score! 
06/04/2024 amazing work. communication is great.
05/27/2024 This guy is the best! He always does a great job and comes through on time. Highly recommend. 
05/26/2024 Great work!
05/20/2024 This investigative report turned out phenomenal. I tweaked a few things but it was mainly to "dumb" it down but could not be happier with the outcome. Thank you!
05/17/2024 TamasWrites deserves unlimited stars!! best professor!! willing to go above and beyond for satisifcation !! 
05/17/2024 TamasWrites is by far the best!! nothing is too challenging!! nothing is too big or too small!! best ever!! will never use another professor!! 
05/17/2024 TamasWrites is by far the best professor offered. Never have a problem, always willing to do every / any assignment without fail. Always have gotten A's on any assignment. You won't be sorry for choosing TamasWrites!!! 
05/17/2024 best professor in the world!! always attentive to detail and does whatever you need! will ONLY use this professor!! 
05/17/2024 TamasWrites is by far the best, most responsive professor!! only A's given by this professor!! 
05/17/2024 TamasWrites the best professor ever!! always goes the extra mile! best work! always willing to fix any errors. Timely delivery, accurate and follows all directions!! you're making a mistake if you don't choose her! 
05/17/2024 TamasWrites is the best!! only get As with her high quality work!! 
05/17/2024 TamasWrites is hands down the best professor on the site. Always helpful, always in constant communication. Always get the best grades!
05/11/2024 Excellent work... The paper was done 3 days ahead of the due date and the paper meant all the requirement that was requested down to every detail.yes
05/08/2024 great job! thank you!
05/04/2024 Perfect product! TamasWrites knocked it out of the ballpark. On topic, met every criteria, used recent and relevant sources, deivered on time! Thank you so much! 
05/01/2024 Great writers, who take the time to generate great ideas. The writer also takes time to express an idea in the best way possible to meet the assigment requirement.
05/01/2024 A good writer who pays attention to things like headers, consistent formatting, grammatical errors, varying content lengths, and writing in the language their audience likes.
Thanks you

05/01/2024 The writer was superb in terms of online essay. I received my project ahead of schedule and had time to evaluate it,  fantastic job.
04/28/2024 "This professor don't miss"

04/28/2024 At this point I think I've had Tamas write 20 essays or maybe even more for me! He always goes above and beyond, it's an absolute rarity that he scores less than 100% on any of the writings! If you don't use Tamas, you're missing out big time! He's worked with me for last minute projects and has managed to get them done in time. He is absolutely a rockstar!
04/27/2024 Great job. 
04/24/2024 Great analysis of an aviation accident. Proper paper formatting and references. Highly recommend. 
04/24/2024 Great work
04/17/2024 As always great work and on time delivery.Thanks a lot .
04/15/2024 i can't say enough good things !!  the best professor ever!! i wouldn't pick anyone else!! 
04/15/2024 the best, most helpful professor. always there to help and take on any task!! always get A's on assignments!! 
04/15/2024 the best professor on the site! Constant A's on every assignment!!! 
04/13/2024 Excellent job as always. 
04/10/2024 Third time working with Tamas and as usually amazing job! Communicated effectively if there are any questions. Produced awesome work!
04/08/2024 blown away with  how amazing the work is. received an A on this class for for my masters degree, that i had minimal faith in passing. Tamas helped so much! best professor!! 
04/06/2024 Delivered a perfect project! Thank you so Much! I would definitely use this professor again! 
04/05/2024 Can't go wrong with this professor. 
04/03/2024 Completed my paper well in advance of the deadline. I requested some minor adjusted from the first draft and he did them quickly and effeciently. Netted me a sweet A+ on my paper, highly recommend!
04/03/2024 Thank you for the good work
03/29/2024 This is the second time I have worked with this professor and as expected did an amazing job!
03/27/2024 the best professor on the site. this was a power point poster needed to be made on EBP for nursing and she nailed it. the course professor was thoroughly impressed with the information supplied and work done! 1000+ stars for Tamas!!! 
03/27/2024 best professor on the site. there were a few issues, and the professor of the course gave us a chance to fix / redo. Tamas edited/corrected per the instructions that evening, quickly and proficently, resulting in a perfect 100 on the assignment. She is always willing and happily able to quickly correct any and all mistakes to get the best grade possible!! she is THE BEST
03/25/2024 Best on the site.
03/24/2024 Graet Job. Thanks again. 

TamasWrites never disapoints. I'm always so impressed with my solutions. 

03/21/2024 Great work as always.
03/19/2024 Great communicator and did such an amazing job with the assignment. Already working with them again on another assignment for this class!
03/19/2024 Amazing work 
03/19/2024 You saved me!
03/18/2024 He was great! I gave him the outline for what I needed and he delivered. I will use him again!

03/18/2024 Great job once again. 10 stars. 
03/16/2024 I was extremely anxious about my task, but this writer absolutely aced it. It was perfect and delivered promptly.
03/16/2024 The writer manged my task with professionalism and completed it ahead of deadline.
03/16/2024 very intelligent write, who pay detail attention to every single word before writing and you A grade is garantee
03/11/2024 Best professor ever. always an A on every assignment. timely, perfect, assignments. would never choose anyone else!!! 
03/11/2024 Best professor ever! followed all the directions in complicated assignment! nailed it, and got a perfect score!! the best ever!!!
03/08/2024 very reliable writer and A grade is garantee
03/07/2024 Greater than what I exprected. Followed the instructions exactly.
03/04/2024 Great job as always. 
02/29/2024 best professor on this site, hands down. used multiple times for different classes and various different projects from excels, to "posters", to various types of essays / papers and powerpoints and have gotten an A every single time. Follows every direction from rubrics of the class, finishes in a timely manner and is a dream to work with. The only mistake is not choosing Tamas! 
02/29/2024 Excellent literature review writer, was able to review my original ideas, edit them, and turn it into an A plus worthy paper.  
02/27/2024 Thank you for the outstanding work! Came in my time of need and delivered exactly what i asked for. Thank you for your help.
02/23/2024 Excellent literature review. Delivered quality work before the deadline. 

02/20/2024 the BEST EVER 
02/19/2024 best professor EVER
02/18/2024 This professor is absolutely outstanding. My assignments are always delivered on time, and typically exceed the minimum requirements for references and word/page count. I highly recommend. 
02/05/2024 you do not need to pick any other professor!! you will not be sorry with Tamas!!! 
02/01/2024 Excellent paper that I actually enjoyed reading. Citations and timeliness were great. Thanks!
02/01/2024 The best. She reads and understands what is required.
01/27/2024 the best
01/24/2024 TamasWrites - thank you!
01/21/2024 best professor ever!!  A++++++++++++++
01/21/2024 100000000 million stars!!!
01/19/2024 very realiable, brilliant and honest. I  really recomment this write for your carrer achievement
01/14/2024 Just Wow! Exceeded all expectations and completed the project well before the deadline. Hihgly recommend. 
01/13/2024 Amazing work as always, thank you!
01/06/2024 always gives me A's on my assignments!! wouldnt pick any other professor!!!!
01/01/2024 Timely, excellent work. Puts in above the expected level of effort. Gave me a heads up every time a writing was going to have to be longer than I listed it for. Super pleasant. Strong communication!
12/30/2023 thanks
12/21/2023 Always on time 
12/15/2023 super reliable and timely. My go to 
12/12/2023 A++++++++++ !!!!
12/12/2023 hands down, the best professor ever!!!!
12/12/2023 simply the best ever!!!!!
12/12/2023 10000000 stars!!! A+++++ work everytime!!!

12/12/2023 you will only be sorry if you don't use her for your work!!!!!
12/12/2023 the best of the best!!
12/02/2023 Did a great job on assignment and did it faster then the deadline. Thank you so much.
11/29/2023 Awesome!
11/26/2023 1000000000000000000 stars !!!!!!
11/26/2023 Absoultely the highest quality work you can get, I don't have to worry about anything when using TamasWrites. Have used this writer for several assignments and I am always amazing at how great they come out. 
11/21/2023 ALWAYS the best. you're seriously making a mistake if you don't choose this professor. You won't be dissapointed!! 
11/12/2023 A++++++
11/11/2023 Always great work !!!
11/07/2023 excellent!
11/05/2023 amazing!!!!
11/01/2023 Amazing quality and fast work, thank you again!
10/31/2023 Great work!! Super professional and fast!! A+++++++++
10/26/2023 Excellent. Goes above and beyond. 
10/22/2023 Has been using this professor for years and I am so happy to have found them! It's true that you won't switch to other profs once you found TamasWrites. Thank you for sticking with me through it all.
10/14/2023 Great job!!
10/08/2023 amazing on point solution !! couldnt pick a better professer!! 
09/30/2023 Thank you.
09/28/2023 well written paper with fast delivery! Thank you so much!
09/28/2023 Excellent work as always! Thank you!
09/24/2023 Great work as always!
09/20/2023 Amazing as always!
09/15/2023 Great work and super fast!
09/15/2023 Excellent work and ahead of time . Thank you !!!
09/07/2023 Great job and amazingly fast!
09/06/2023 Great work. Will continue to be a returning customer
09/06/2023 Thank you.
09/03/2023 TamasWrites is amazing as always! I have never received a project from him that wasn't fantastic!
09/03/2023 Just the best. You won't go wrong choosing TamasWrites.
08/31/2023 Fast and communicative. Met the deadline
08/28/2023 Thank You!
08/28/2023 A fantastic professor. Very much invested and dedicated to the projeect. Also gives the project early. And the best in communicating with you. This professor will ALWAYS answer a message. Highly recommended!!
08/27/2023 Timely and quality work. Will be using again!
08/27/2023 Prof has again done a great job! Most importantly, prof is always open to revision to ensure that the assignment is up to expectation (or beyond). Thanks prof!
08/23/2023 Terrific work! Highly reccomend. Will use again!
08/17/2023 Lifesaver. Does wonderful work. I will use this professor everytime, he will not let you down.
Thank you for the great work. 
08/14/2023 Great job as allways. 
08/12/2023 Excellent paper and delivered before requested date. Thank you!!
08/12/2023 Comes through every time. Great work. 
08/10/2023 Completed my case study 
08/10/2023 Great job as always!
08/04/2023 Thank you so very muhc. Very punctual and great and easily communicateion with you. 
07/28/2023 Paper was done to perfection! Good attention to details!
07/24/2023 Hands down the best. I always get an A.
07/24/2023 Delivered before the deadline and to a high standard yet again! Thank you very much!
07/23/2023 Always great work. Never use anybody else.
07/22/2023 I've come to this professor for three jobs and they have not let me down. My most recent was an 11 page Research Paper and the final grade was 100%. Don't hesitate to choose this professor for your scholarly needs. 
07/21/2023 Provided a GREAT research paper and completed well before the due date! 
07/18/2023 Overall good product and timely.
Would use this writer again
07/16/2023 As I always, I am rating Tamas a full stars! For transparency, I received the project later than initially agreed however, the professor only got the project to me later than requested because it was hefty and they ensured I was communicated with as well as provided their own plagarisim report and went above and beyond to meet all requirements/expectations. YOU CANT GO WRONG WITH Tamas! Thank you again!
07/15/2023 Great writing piece of scientific work
07/08/2023 Perfect!
07/06/2023 Always the best!
07/03/2023 Has been great, communicates well,two big assignments, 100% on both. Was not my go to Professor but has quickly been added to that list! Does not disappoint! 
07/02/2023 Great thank you! Hopefully I can work with him again.  Great and fast work 

06/27/2023 Fast. Great work
06/27/2023 Great as usual!
06/24/2023 Great work following the assignment rules!
06/22/2023 Follows directions got me a 100% out of 100!!!!!!! 
06/22/2023 Follows directions got me a 100% out of 100!!!!!!! 
06/20/2023 Great paper as always. You are a lifesaver.
06/18/2023 Stellar work as always! Thank you!
06/15/2023 Did such a great job!! A++ work!!
06/11/2023 Great as always.
06/11/2023 This professor is AWESOME!! He does your assignment exactly how you ask, and delivers way before the deadline. I appreciate this professor and his work. 
06/10/2023 Aaaa+++++
06/07/2023 Your go-to professor for accuracy and efficiency. You will be thankful you choose him. I give him an A++++++
06/07/2023 Brilliant work 
06/07/2023 Thank you!
06/04/2023 This Prof was amazing! I needed this Prof to write a research paper for a Masters level class, and the finished product was an A after grading. All of the guidelines I provided were followed to a T and I got the finished product prior to the deadline I set. Also, this Prof was extremely responsive whenever I had any questions and was available for any revisions I needed (I didn't need any). I would highly recommend this Prof if you need solid products designed to specific requirements. I would definitely hire again!
05/31/2023 Thanks Tamas you always deliver!
05/31/2023 Excellent paper!
05/30/2023 Excellent, as always. Thank you. 
05/28/2023 My first time using this professor and they did an awesome job!! I received an 103.52/105.  I will most definitely be using you again.  Thank you so much!!! yes
05/28/2023 Amazing! Super quick turnaround and high quality work. I didn't know what to expect but this person exceeded every expectation. My only regret is not having done this sooner.
05/27/2023 EXCELLENT JOB!
05/27/2023 This professor is reliable and always does great work
05/24/2023 I needed a Research Proposal for a Masters class on intelligence and this Prof didn't let me down. The criteria was extensive and after providing the information on formatting, requirements, and specific requests, this Prof knocked it out of the park. No revisions were necessary and the grade that came back was an A. I was worried initially because the Prof's area of study was not on the topic I needed, but that didn't prevent the Prof from delivering an excelent product. If you need a project completed and want an excelent product, this is the Prof for you. I can't say enough good things. Thank you for all your hard work and I appreciate you and your time.
05/23/2023 Awesome
05/23/2023 Excellent
05/22/2023 Well done
05/17/2023 Great work. Keep it up and I will keep using.
05/17/2023 Great work, punctual and quick
05/15/2023 great work

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