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This professor was prompt, however he/she used lots of filler words on my essay. I had to correct run-on sentences as well. While I am thankful that I got to spend time with my daughter, instead of writing another useless essay (I have had to write one every week for the past 8 months), I should have written the paper myself.
01/16/2019 great work and timely
01/13/2019 Amazing work! You definitly lived up to your reviews. Thank you so much for your help. Would love to work with you again in the future.
01/12/2019 Excellent work on research projects
01/11/2019 BEST professor on this site! Always amazing, well-written work that obtains A's in my classes!!!
01/10/2019 Outstanding work.
Great communication.

01/07/2019 Excellent writeup of a complex topic! The professor was aware of the urgency of my paper and communicated effectively. Thank you very much and I’m definitely coming back to collaborate on other projects!
12/29/2018 Best ever! Thanks so much for always providing amazing and well written papers!
12/29/2018 Best writer ever! Always amazing work!
12/29/2018 Great work - AGAIN!
12/29/2018 Best Professor on this site!!!
12/29/2018 Great professor! I am super pleased with the essay he wrote! very thoughtful and did what I wanted on point! very thoughtful how he included a french phrase in the essay, since my essay is about a study abroad scholarship essay to france!
12/20/2018 All in all, a great essay on my precise topic.  Came in right on time.  Required very little editing.  I definately recommend this professor.  Thank you professor.
12/19/2018 great job as usual!
12/18/2018 This professor did a great job. Assignment was done to my specifications and delivered ahead of time. And they edited where I requested edits. I received my grade and I I got an A. Would highly recommend working with this professor!
12/18/2018 Always great work! Thanks so much for helping me through all of this!
12/18/2018 GREAT work!
12/18/2018 AMAZING work by this professor!
12/18/2018 Great job! Thanks for alwasy giving me such great work!
12/18/2018 Always getting the best work done!
12/18/2018 Best work fro mthe best professor!
12/18/2018 Always the best work from the best professor on this site!
12/18/2018 Great job, as always.
12/18/2018 Great work! Amazing professor!
12/18/2018 Great work!
12/17/2018 Helped me out so much! Wasn’t able to get this done in time myself and he/she produced a far better paper than I could have ever done myself. Highly recommended
12/17/2018 Amazing work, always kept me updated. 
12/13/2018 Great work, very timely on all projects!
12/12/2018 Thank you! All expectations were meet. I'am very well pleased. Thank you again. 
12/11/2018 Absolutely the BEST writer on this entire site!!!! I have never once gotten a bad assignment! A++++++++++++++
12/11/2018 Was a great paper and sounded super professional but not "too professional" for highschool :). Would have him do another paper again. Was also on time!
12/09/2018 Solid paper recieved a 4.0 on it. Would use again. Very good and fast communication as well which is helpful. 
12/08/2018 Exceeded expectations! 
Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12/07/2018 ?? 
Great work done in an extrmely timely manner, look forward to seeing what grade I recieve,
12/05/2018 Awesome work, thank you so much!
12/05/2018 This guy does an amazing job!!! Finished before deadline and paper came out GREAT!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!
12/05/2018 The absoultey BEST professor and work on this website!
12/04/2018 I wil ALWAYS use this professor!
12/04/2018 I always get A+ work from this professor!
12/03/2018 Great writer!  Delivers great work!  Thank you. 
12/03/2018 Incredibly helpful and very easy to communicate wiith. Very understanding and cares about the student. Even sent the essay early so we can revise it to my professors expectations. The paper was written exceptionally well. If you need a paper choose this professor! 
11/29/2018 Got it done in less than 24 hours! Wow!
11/28/2018 Such a great writer! I always get A's!
11/28/2018 Wonderful!
11/28/2018 Great work!
11/28/2018 I always get A's with this professor! Such great work!!!
11/28/2018 Great work!
11/28/2018 Amazing work! I am so impressed!!!
11/28/2018 This is my first time ever using this website's services and the paper cost me $100(there are promo codes, i used a $16 one so I paid $84) but it was a research paper which required at least 4 sources and has everything which I initially asked for, and then some after I gave my critique to the professor. Communicating with the professor was simple and the responses only took a few hours, and on top of that, the professor is even willing to provide further assistance even after the project has been completed and graded. However, I have not received a grade for this paper from school although I am pretty certain that I will get a B-A+. Only thing I would suggest is to say how many hours until the due date when in a convo as the time varies across the country, and give the professor a minimum of 24 hours to give you your paper before it is actually due in order to see if you have any critiques which this professor will be more than happy to assist with or fix.  Also, I posted a 4-page project and got a finished product of 6 pages, I would entrust this professor to write another one of my papers, and once again my paper was expensive($100) but I believe this was because it was a RESEARCH paper which required at least 4 sources and I only waited around 3 hours to choose a bid.
11/26/2018 Tamas always exceeds my expectations and is my most trusted professor! 
11/26/2018 Paper was given back to days before my deadline and was completed in a timely manner. I was relieved. AMAZING. 
11/25/2018 Excellent work. Really pleased with the result
11/24/2018 Tamas is amazing!! The paper was done in a timely manner with no issues. It was completed exactly as asked. Would highly recommend him and I would use him again if needed.
11/22/2018 Great job saved me big time.

11/22/2018 Tamas remains my favorite professor! The work is always outstanding, early, and complete. Tamas goes the extra mile and is always professional. 
11/21/2018 This professor does great work. I got 100% on my exam thanks to them. I would highly recommend using them.
11/20/2018 Great work!
11/20/2018 Thank you so much for all of your amazing and wonderful work!
11/20/2018 Such an amazing job! This professor has been my absolute greatest assest in obtaining my degree!
11/20/2018 Best prof on this site hands down, from communication to reassurance. The quality of the work is impeccable. Favourite prof on this site hands down.
11/19/2018 I have used this professor several times and I have been pleased with each and every assignment they have done. They have all be completed on time and Tamaswrites is more than willing to change things according to the preference of my instructor. I have not used another professor this entire semester, nor do I plan on it!
11/19/2018 Superb.
11/19/2018 This writer is prompted with their responses and did very well with following the instructions this writer made the process much easier than expected 
11/18/2018 Started the project and did a terrible job on the first attempt - just giving me a chronology of events and not actually answering the question. went back and told the professor that this is unacceptable and that they should focus on the question and not give me a chronology of events. the second piece was done and once again even though it was done well and read well - it still wasn't up to the standard that i would expect from a qualified professor, i was expecting a first class and what i got was a 2.1. not overly happy with the grade and the professor's effort.
11/18/2018 Although well written and well read, it was still not up to 1st class honours standard and i could see that from reading through it myself.
I didn't receive the grade that i would have hoped a qualified professor would get for the work which was extremely dissapointing. 
11/17/2018 Great well written paper delivered before deadline. Simply put he exceeded every metric that could be used to assess his skill level!
11/17/2018 Tamas did it AGAIN!! Beyond amazing work. I had a huge literature review due in less than a week and Tamas as always delivered A grade material I ended up getting a 125/130 on my paper which is ~96%. For a professor that is a tough grader Tamas blew away my expectations for the feedback I received. Seriously if you need a paper done look no further than Tamas I've never been disappointed.
11/16/2018 Work is above expectations.  No punctuation, spelling, or grammar errors.  This prof is an excellent writer and researcher.  Highly recommended.
11/16/2018 The professor did a great job and on time. Highly recommended.
11/14/2018 i didn't want to comment until I turned in my paper officially turned it in to "Turnitin" and only got a 1% similiarity index! Yay! I was so nervous about plagarism and this paper was clearly 100% original. He did a great job! It  was not an easy topic and he turned it in to me beautifully done and way ahead of schedule! Will def use again!!!!
11/13/2018 Great to work with, very happy with results 
11/10/2018 Exactly what I was looking for. Better effort than most profs on this website.
11/10/2018 Great work!  Grammar, punctuation, and format are superb.  This prof is an excellent writer and research skills are above expectations. 
11/09/2018 Three thumbs up
11/07/2018 This writer is AMAZING. I always recieve all A's when I turn in a paper from this writer! Thanks so much for all of your hard work - I look forward to working with you again!
11/01/2018 I got an A on my paper thanks to this professor! Not only did the professor follow all my notes on how to write the paper, they also completed it quickly. I would use this professor again without a doubt!

TamasWrites has to be one of the best writers here.  He/she writes beautifully and the work is always on time or even early. A+++++++

10/29/2018 Superb.  Thank you!
10/29/2018 TamasWrites is always my go-to professor that has always gotten me full credit for every assignment. This paper is another example of outstanding work. With TamasWrites covering these time consuming and stressful papers, I'm free to actually study and learn. Since starting this approach, I have time to write full credit discussion postings and haven't missed a single quiz or test question. 
10/28/2018 best prof on website, great for absolutely anything. really cares for you. 10 on 10 service.
10/24/2018 Great work!!! 
10/24/2018 Great work!!! 
10/24/2018 Great work!!! 
10/22/2018 I've said it before, but I cannot say it enough, this is now my favorite go-to professor. Every project has been completed early, has all required content, no errors and an "A" grade. The professor also has had outstanding communication and is very responsive to requests or edits. Tamas is awesome!
10/22/2018 This professor is seriously your best choice. I've used many professors, and this is now my favorite go-to professor. Every project has been completed early, has all required content, no errors and an "A" grade. The professor also has had outstanding communication and is very responsive to requests or edits. 
10/22/2018 Ive used many professors, and this is now my favorite go-to professor. Every project has been completed early, has all required content, no errors and an "A" grade. The professor also has had outstanding communication and is very responsive to requests or edits. 
10/21/2018 Thank you very much! Exceeded expectations.
10/21/2018 Bravo! Another "A"!
10/21/2018 Perfect, as usual. Thank you!
10/20/2018 Awesome work provided by this professor!!!  I love the work!!!

10/19/2018 Thank you!!!
10/18/2018 exceeded my expectations and was able to hand in the assingement early therefore i could proofread it !
10/16/2018 Overall a great professor with pleasant communication and fast turnaround. I personally thought the article was near perfect. I expected a 93-97, however my professor decided it wasn't worthy of an A. I received an 87, which is good, considering my professor is an asshole. I recommend Tamas. Thanks again for your help!
10/16/2018 Excellent case study!
Thank you very much
10/16/2018 great result
10/15/2018 Masters level paper was well-written and exceeded the minimum page/word count that I requested. I was really impressed with how he outlined what the paper would accomplish, then provided points and the research to support it. Thank you!
10/11/2018 Outstanding work as always...will come and visit again.
10/09/2018 Beyond expectations...
10/09/2018 On time and well written.
10/07/2018 This professor does excellent work and is extremely professional. 
10/05/2018 Timely and nicely done.
10/05/2018 Excellent job!
10/04/2018 Tamaswrites is the BEST! Anything I need gets done in a timely and organized manor. I will be using this writer from now on! 
10/03/2018 4th time using this professor and I've had great essays for all my projects and have received A's on all. 
10/03/2018 Always love using this professor I received another A for this project.
10/01/2018 Awesome work and help 
10/01/2018 Great work
10/01/2018 Good.
09/28/2018 Great work.
09/27/2018 Wonderful job! Couldnt ask for any better!!
09/26/2018 Awesome job gave work fast
09/26/2018 You are amazing! I am in absolute awe of how great a writer you are! Thanks so much for all of your amazing work! I always get A's when you write! And I always get delivery of papers way before the due date.
Great writer - THE greatest! Thanks again - cannot wait to work with you again soon!
09/21/2018 Great work as always
09/21/2018 Wrote an A paper. Highly recommend.
09/19/2018 Exceeding expectations, per usual. Thank you for the "A"!
09/19/2018 An "A"! Thank you.
09/19/2018 Nice work, another "A" paper. Honestly, I could not ask for more.
09/19/2018 Lovely work, as usual. Thank you.
09/18/2018 They did a very good job writing my essay, Thank you.
09/18/2018 They did a very good job writing my essay, Thank you.
09/16/2018 Great work and research for an odd project! Thanks so much for all of your hard work! I am super impressed!
09/16/2018 I am sooooo impressed by the quickness of this project! I will not know thegrade for awhile so I guess we will see how that plays out but in terms of timeliness and following the project untructions this guy gets 10 stars from me!!
09/14/2018 Great work! Met all the requirements of the paper! Quick turnaround and very communitative! Would for sure use again! 
09/13/2018 I received an A on my paper.  Great work!!!
09/12/2018 Best professor on this site; ALL of my papers turn out amazing - I will definetely use again! Thanks so much for all of your amazing work.
09/11/2018 Great work! Thank you!! 
09/07/2018 Excellent as always!
09/07/2018 Great job.
09/06/2018 Great paper with a very quick turnaround!
09/04/2018 Well done!!!!!!!!!!!
09/03/2018 Great work
08/31/2018 You did a great job writing my paper.  I finally received my score on today.  I received a score of 242 out of 250.  I look forward to using you again.  Thank you so much!!!
08/29/2018 WOW! I cannot get over just how AMAZING this paper is! You are such a great writer - I will be requesting you for ALL of my papers from now on!
08/24/2018 This is the first time using this site - saved my ass.

Needed an essay written for my end of module assignment on my 1st year of a Psychology degree. It was on Eye Health. I found the subject boring and irrelevant and to be honest, just couldn't be bothered to write it.

Got the paper back well in advance and it was well written and plagiarism free!

Submitted it all to my tutor and now I'm done until February.

Excellent service - will most likely use again because I'm lazy af.
08/23/2018 Great
08/23/2018 This Professor is awesome Punctual, Always met all necessary requirements! And then some great job professor.
08/23/2018 This Professor is awesome Punctual, Always met all necessary requirements! And then some great job professor.
08/21/2018 Great work!
08/15/2018 Responsive and great turnaround.
08/13/2018 I received an A on my paper, so I rate Tamas 10 stars.

More detailed review: Tamas was one of the few who did not excessively overbid on my project, like some other professors. So, that instantly told me he would be fair and honest. Moreover, his writing was appropriately written for the level I requested. He responded within 24 hrs to my inquiries, and was willing to add a TOC with no hesitation. If you are feeling lazy, and want someone to do ALL the work, hire him. If you are needing a starting point, and don't know where to begin, hire him! The only thing I had to do was tailor the paper to my personal writing style, which I didn't mind. 
08/12/2018 Thank you for another "A" paper!
08/12/2018 "A" paper, great job!  Thank you.
08/08/2018 AMAZING!! I had a paper due in about 2 weeks and Tamas finished it way before the deadline. After I reviewed it I asked for revisions about 3 times as my professor is extremely picky and will dock points for any little mistake. Everything was to be in APA format, perfect reference page, running head, Times New Roman, 12 pt, page numbers, etc... After the revisions I submitted my paper and I just received the grade today. I got a 99/100!!! He is amazing DO NOT HESITATE to use Tamas. Wonderful with communicating via the inbox. Literally will use him again for future papers, very happy!
08/08/2018 The paper included all of the criteria, was written very professionally and was delivered a week before the deadline. Will definitely use this prof again!!
08/08/2018 Exactly what I needed.
08/07/2018 Excellent work! Delivery on time! Thank you so much!
As always, great job and always on time !
07/25/2018 AMAZING work! So far above and beyond what I expected on such a short deadline - and file sent HOURS before it was actually due! I will use this wonderful writer again for sure! Thanks so much!!!
07/23/2018 A day before my assignment was due i posted on here and he finished my paper within 24 hours and did a great job! Super quick responses and i would defintely use him again! 
07/23/2018 Outstanding, impressive paper. I am truly astonished. A happy returning camper is an understatement. Looking forward to working with you again.
07/22/2018 Amazing Professor!  Goes the extra mile to ensure success!
07/20/2018 Quick turnaround time and solid work.
07/20/2018 This professor did a great job on the two papers I've given them both have been A's.
07/16/2018 Awesome paper, completed in no time !
07/09/2018 I received the paper early and there were no corrections that needed made. This has never happened and I have been using this site for a long time! If this were not my last semester as a student, I would most certainly use this professor again.
07/08/2018 Wonderful job, thank you for bailing me out! "A" paper :)
07/08/2018 Great stuff! Had a very short deadline (granted it was a short project) and got it back to me early.
07/04/2018 Overall a good job.

Am glad for your positive feedback.
07/04/2018 I recieved an A on the paper and it was completed before the date that I asked for. Thank you very much!

Sure! Nothing less than an A from Tamas. Thank you.
07/01/2018 This is AMAZING work! I will request this professor from now on! Wow!

You are very welcome.
06/21/2018 fast and dependable service. no issues encountered with working with professor.

Thank you Dan! You are welcome to use my services anytime.
06/08/2018 This review is a little late but the paper was excellent.  My only issue was that the paper was written way above the proficency I have written my past papers in the class and had to edit it to "dumb" it down a bit.  Still recieved a 98% for the assignment.  Thank you!

Perfect! My aim was to deliver a quality piece and that is what I did. Thank you so much.
06/06/2018 Great paper, thank you. 

You are most welcome!
06/05/2018 Great essay did a great job and was very responsive ended up with an A

The pleasure is all mine. Thank you.
05/29/2018 Amazing! Delivered ahead of time, did the revisions way before excepted and the speech was beyond amazing. Definitely use Tamaswrites!!

Am really glad that you are satisfied with my work.
05/29/2018 TamasWrites has done a few papers for me this week and they have been stellar!  Follows instructions perfectly, great writing, and very communicative during the process.

Great review. Thank you so much.
05/17/2018 Excellent work. Nailed the questions. The Prof has written objectively with analysis on each factors and formulated an concise conclusion. Asked the Prof to carry out some minor amendments on the referencing format though. Can't wait to get the final draft.

Feel free to reach out for my assistance anytime. Thank you.
05/15/2018 Always delivers an A+!  Thank you so much for helping me pass!

Thank you TAPIA; I got your back.
05/13/2018 Thanks!

Always welcome!
05/13/2018 Returning customer- excellent paper exceeding all expectations. 

The pleasure is all mine. Thanks a million.
05/13/2018 Excellent, thank you!

Most welcome!
05/10/2018 Pulled thru

As always; thank you.
05/08/2018 Was able to turn it around when dates had moved. Very grateful for the work.

Thank you so much caitlinhale; be sure to select Prof Tamas for your papers and, in turn, receive the best results.
05/07/2018 .......
05/07/2018 .....
05/07/2018 Received an A on this assignment.. Im so thankful

That is a guarantee from Professor Tamas. You are most welcome.
05/07/2018 assingnment turned in on time.
05/07/2018 great!!!

05/07/2018 She delivered quality work.. in a timely fashion... I really appreciate all of her hard work... I am so happy i found this website.

This is the website that will never disappoint you, especially when professor Tamas handles your paper.
05/05/2018 Thank you for your assistance!  Always quality work with this Professor!

Thank you so much.
05/05/2018 Tamaswrites didn't get my paper done in time (after having to ask my professor for an extension to give him an extra night), fell a page and a half short of the requested page count, and the quality of the writing was mediocre at best. I had to spend a fair amount of time editing after the paper was already late. I won't be using Tamaswrites again.  
04/30/2018 Perfect and so fast!

Am grateful
04/27/2018 Always on time and delivers a great product !

Thank you!
04/25/2018 DId an amazing job with very short notice!

Every minute counts! It does not matter how urgent your paper is; I got your back.

First time trying out this service and I have to say well worth it, I didn’t care how much it cost with my busy schedule, working full time and attending school full time I don’t have time to do everything, so I say if you have the money spend it on essays. Thank You for my essay I will definitely will be using Professor Writes again.

You are most welcome.
04/23/2018 Handles tough assignments with ease!  Thank you so much for my A+ paper!

Thank you so much, I really love to hear that from my students. Most welcome.
04/23/2018 Very quick and excellent service!! 11/10

Wow! This is amazing. I ensure satisfaction beyond expectations. Thank you so much.
04/18/2018 Very well done. Great work.

You are most welcome.
04/18/2018 This professor did a great job! They missed a few things in the first draft but fixed it quickly.

Thank you; I make sure everything is perfect!
Did an amazing job with a quick turn around time! Will definitely use this professor again, highly recommend.

Thank you so much for the good recommendation. Its essential that they know this. You are most welcome to select me for your upcoming papers.
04/16/2018 wonderful!!

Much appreciated.
04/16/2018 She followed the outline perfectly

Thank you.
04/16/2018 My classess were stressing me out tremendously!! I  am thankful for her!!

Cast all your assignment burdens unto me and I will assist you to your satisfaction. Thank you.