Date Comment Rating
09/27/2021 Completed project in timely manner and went above and beyond. Would definitely recommend this prof.
09/27/2021 Excellent! I got an A
09/24/2021 Great job! submitted before due date, easy to communicate with and got the job done. 
09/23/2021 Literally my go-to of all the writers I've used here.
09/22/2021 This professor is not just at the top of all professors - the standard for excellence is set right here.  Do not hesitate to chose the best, right here!!
09/22/2021 Another top rate product - if there was on option for 11 stars this professor would get it!
09/22/2021 Without a doubt THIS is the best professor to help you out of a bind! Helpful, responsive, and timely!
09/21/2021 Great. Got an A
09/21/2021 This professor went above and beyond what I had originally asked for and the final project was impeccable. I recommend this professor whole-heartedly
09/21/2021 Perfect paper. Will be using you again!
09/19/2021 Always 100%. thank you.
09/17/2021 The final deliverable, after several rounds of feedback was satisfactory. However, the proffesor did not read the student notes beforehand which resulted in delivering an essay that did not meet the requirements in the first place. We got into a prolonged round of feedback that could have been avoided. Great communication though and openness to feedaback and changes.  
09/15/2021 10/10. Once again, no complaints!
09/11/2021 Always 100% effort put forth by this professor, great work and activity comunicates throughout the job.
09/11/2021 ?? 
09/10/2021 OUTSTANDING - as usual!
09/09/2021 Like always. A well written research essay. My go-to writing for any course. I know I will be all set if I have Tamas working on my projects. Thank you. 
09/07/2021 Great work, great communication, really appreciate the effort this professor puts towards any assignment he has bid on for me
09/06/2021 I received A on paper. Good work! Completed before due date. 
09/04/2021 Great quality work and on time.
09/03/2021 Great work, Great communication, thank you for bidding on my project
09/03/2021 Wonderful job as always. I am so pleased with your work I will continue to use your services from now on! Thank you
09/01/2021 Did a fantastic job, once again!
09/01/2021 This is the prof to pick, everytime. 
08/31/2021 Exceeding expectiations. Will definitely be choosing this prof to work with again!
08/31/2021 Beyond happy with the assignment. Returned early too. 10/10 recommend.
08/29/2021 Great job
08/29/2021 Always exceeds expectations, this time was no different. Thank you.
08/24/2021 Professor went above and beyond to deliver high quality work in a timely manner! Thank you so much!!!
08/22/2021 Another OUTSTANDING paper! Delivered well before it was needed and the content hit every aspect of what was needed. Will keep returning to this professor! 
08/19/2021 Great Work and Very Responsive 
08/17/2021 Fantastic paper, thank you so much.
08/15/2021 Amazing work!
08/12/2021 This professor can really write. Did a very good job at writing a paper for organizational communication: communication strategy 
08/08/2021 Stellar work!
08/08/2021 Did great job , and worked on expedited time frame getting it finished early for me . 
08/05/2021 Paid $325 for a business research paper on crypto currency. I received 33% for my paper and failed my final. 
08/04/2021 Accounting essay scored 100%. Any subject this professor has delivered.
08/04/2021 Any writing assignment this prof knows how to dissect and write a great paper. This prof doesn't just put things together. It is thought out
08/04/2021 This professor never lets me down. Any assignment this professor comes through when i need it the most.
08/04/2021 Great job and service and she is very professional
08/02/2021 Simply amazing!!! Went above and beyond
07/31/2021 Great communication with Professor. Got my paper to me ahead of time an a 100% on the assignment. 
07/29/2021 Amazing work!
07/25/2021 Always great work - will be back!
07/25/2021 Always great work - will be back!
07/20/2021 Great product!
07/20/2021 Fast turn around. Quick response to questions. Great work. Will use again. 
07/20/2021 Grade paper as always!!!!
07/18/2021 Saved my life
07/17/2021 Well done. Will use again. 
07/16/2021 Swiftly produces great work, always exactly as expected.  Would always reccomend for this subject matter.  A++++++++.

Hello etzcandw, I am always happy to assist you. However, as I stated the last time we spoke, and to all my students who will read this, please ensure that you see the last star of the rating scale. For example, you told me that you rated 10/10 while on my end here, it shows 9/10 again. Kindly make sure that you can see all the 10 stars when rating. Thank you so much!
07/14/2021 Amazing job!!
07/14/2021 A+ work all the time
07/10/2021 The quality and rate at which the project was completed are awesome.  Great job would definitely reccomend this professor.
07/10/2021 Did a great job, will use again in the future.
07/09/2021 Hand's down the best writer I've used on any site ever. I do not have to make edits, wonder where references were used, or reformat the APA citations. Instructions are always followed and references always used. Amazing writer!!
07/09/2021 Amazing work, as always. Was a little late, thus this was not a full star experience, but the writing was impeccable and he followed the instructions to a T.
07/08/2021 Great writing!
07/07/2021 Fantastic Job follows directions and is so professional. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I will always be using this professor to help complete my assignments 
07/01/2021 Great paper, and way before deadline!
06/30/2021 great work
06/26/2021 Always love using her! writes great papers with little to no mistakes!! THANK YOU
06/20/2021 Excellent!!
06/20/2021 Great professor and my research paper was exactly what I needed!

06/19/2021 He's a very reliable professor! Contents are always on point! Projects are always on time!
06/19/2021 Outstanding product. Adside from a few gramattical errors, and general sentence structure items that were more related to the topic than the paper itself - I would absolutely use this professor again.
06/18/2021 Great work, done on time and excellent content!
06/16/2021 Great job!
06/15/2021 Well written, professional content 
06/11/2021 Excellent work, done before deadline!
06/11/2021 Very well-written paper! Always on time! Also, very communicative which is a plus! I highly recommend this professor!
06/11/2021 Great job on my paper thank you so much
06/10/2021 By far the best professor on here. He thoroughly reads the assignment instructions and delivers. I always get a good grade whenever I use them. As all the time
06/09/2021 was a pretty well written work on time and followed the basic brief provided. 
06/04/2021 Great work, follows the rubric and instructions. Communicates effectively!
06/03/2021 Thank you!!
06/03/2021 Was nervous about using a different professor but I received an A and was extremly happy with how the essay was. thank you! would recommend.
06/01/2021 Great work, exceeded expectations.
05/29/2021 Very accomodating & stellar writing skills! I'm highly recommending him!
05/22/2021 I received a A+ on my Acient Mysteries paper. No errors. I received great feedback from my professor. Thank you!
05/21/2021 They wrote 1700 words for an assignment which was meant to be a maximum of 1000 words. 
05/21/2021 100/100
05/20/2021 Fantastic work. I couldn't have done it better myself.
05/19/2021 Nice! Thanks
05/17/2021 A beautifully written and well researched essay, delivered before the deadline. One of the best professors I’ve encountered on this site, if they bid for your project do not hesitate to choose them. Highly recommended!

05/14/2021 Writing was perfect, flows really well and follows all the instructions, thank you for saving me! 10 stars!
05/14/2021 This professor has never let me down. This professor gives their best work. And returns it before it is due!!!! All A's so far so i'm very pleased! 
05/09/2021 They helped me with a political science research paper and it was surprisingly really good work !!! :-) one of the best profs I've used on here
05/04/2021 great paper, very little editing needed
05/04/2021 Went above and beyond! Thank you!
05/03/2021 incredible work! 
05/03/2021 Thank you!!!
05/03/2021 Just provide the instructions and this prof will deliver the best paper!
05/03/2021 Quality work!!!
05/03/2021 The best prof!
05/03/2021 I'm surprised this prof doesn't have 100% on ratings
05/03/2021 Would choose this prof for every single project 
05/03/2021 One of the best profs on here! 
05/02/2021 If you're lacking time, and need a well done paper. I will support this professor, amazing grade, amazing work. Thank you! 
05/01/2021 She was fast and easy and did everything asked of her
04/30/2021 I have nothing but good cooments about the completed projects. Highly reccomend trusting this professor to deliver :) thank you again 
04/29/2021 Use this professor!!!
04/27/2021 Highly reccomend, always comes through with amazing work. Thank you!!!!
04/26/2021 Perfection, Thank you!!!

TamasWrites DELIVERS. Simple as that. My go to on this site. Seriously if TamasWrites bids on your project consider yourself lucky, dont waste anymore time, and accpet it. 

04/26/2021 Great work and highly recommend
04/23/2021 Well done overall, was actually pleasantly surprised with the quality of work and turnaround time. Followed all the directions to a tee. Highly recommended and will use again.
04/19/2021 Quick turn around times on solutions, easy to communicate with. Follows Task description 
04/18/2021 excellent work!
04/17/2021 Amazing professor and writer. VEry professional, quick turnaround, and patient. A+++++!
04/17/2021 Perfect!
04/15/2021 BEST experince on the site so far!
04/15/2021 Excellent job! This paper had a lot of parts to it and TamasWrites delivered a qulity paper on time and was very communicative with me throughout the whole process. I woudl highly recommend and would use them again. 
04/14/2021 wonderful job
04/14/2021 I got it before the deadline and it was great work!
04/13/2021 Great work. I'm super happy with the result and how quickly it took. Thank you! Would definitely recommend and will use again!
04/12/2021 Produced fantastic work way ahead of schedule! No grammatical errors, and used the required source I provided as well. I've used this site multiple times over the years and this has hand's down been my best experience. Very appreciative of your work, thank you!
04/04/2021 Concise and appropriate work.  Not too much fluff and a good amount of references. Very happy with the solution. 
04/04/2021 Great work. Was able to get my work done in a timely manner even though i was distracted and unable to answer a question that they needed about the assisgnment late. 
04/04/2021 Fantastic Work
03/30/2021 Thankyou kindly for doing that in such haste!

It is very high quality and I am happy with the outcome. I realise now that the currency is USD and I am from Australia so I am already paying 200dollars rather than 150. I can still pay 20-30 dollars for the quality and haste however I can not afford an extra 50 my apologies.

Kindest Regards
03/27/2021 Just, WOW. I am very pleased. Im not the teacher but I already graded my own paper and I get an A++
03/23/2021 Wow everything is so great, thank you for all your hard work. Thank you a million times. 
03/21/2021 Great work. Very fast turnaround.
03/20/2021 Life saver! Thank you very much! 
03/20/2021 Perfect! thank you!
03/19/2021 Exactly what I needed with extra references added as well!  Highly recommend!
03/15/2021 This professor always does great work not one assignment has been less than an A. I'm so grateful. Will always recomment this professor
03/15/2021 She was finished in a timely manner and every professional! Even messaged me and asked me if it looked good enough to my liking. 
03/14/2021 perfect writing! have used multiple times and have been very satisfied with each body of work.
03/11/2021 I did 2 assingments with this prof and he is always follwoing the instructions and so fast in editing any further editings. 
03/10/2021 Well written, properly cited, and reserached very well. Got an A on my paper! Use this professor if you can! 
03/10/2021 Well written, properly cited, and reserached very well. Got an A on my paper! Use this professor if you can! 
03/10/2021 Well written, properly cited, and reserached very well. Got an A on my paper! Use this professor if you can! 
03/08/2021 great work!!
03/07/2021 Thank you!
03/07/2021 THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!!!
03/07/2021 THE BEST OF TEH BEST!!!!!
03/07/2021 Always on point :)
03/07/2021 the best there is!
03/06/2021 Perfect!
03/04/2021 Great work!!
03/04/2021 Great work!!!
03/04/2021 Great work!!!
03/04/2021 Great work!!
03/04/2021 Great work!!!
03/04/2021 Great work!!!
03/04/2021 Great work!!
03/03/2021 amazing as usual!!
03/02/2021 Great!
03/01/2021 Good work and timely responses and work. I have used this prof twice now and it has been quality work both times. 
03/01/2021 Thank you! The best out there!
03/01/2021 Always of great help, always my go to professor. Thank you for all your help
02/28/2021 Great work!!
02/28/2021 always great work!!
02/28/2021 Always reliable and great work. used professor about 10 times or so (lol) and got an A every time. 
02/28/2021 Firstly, I was very shocked to read an incredibly RACIST example the professor included in my paper. This is a direct quote from the essay he wrote: "For example, the Chinese believe that it is morally right to kill and consume dogs as food. On the contrary, Americans believe that dogs are supposed to be treated as pets and are, in most cases, part of the family." This is so wrong on so many levels, which should be pretty obvious. In addition to this, the entire essay was full of typos, incorrectly used words, run-on sentences, and sentences that structurally made no sense and honestly sounded like gibberish. The only parts of the essay that actually made sense were pretty obviously plagiarised from the sources I provided for the assignment. I picked this professor because of all of his positive reviews, but I honestly don't know how he got them or what happened with my essay. Maybe he started it late and just rushed the whole thing? I really don't know, but the essay was definitely not passable as a college-level paper. I had to spend TWO HOURS rewriting the whole thing myself, so it was absolutely not worth the $143 I paid for it. The only thing that was accomplished was that he did meet all the criteria for the assignment, but in the loosest possible terms. I wasted a lot of time and money on this, which completely defeats the purpose of using this service in the first place. I really wish I had picked someone else. Overall, extremely poor experience as a first time user of UP.
02/24/2021 Finished in a timely manner! and my final paper was flawless! thank you so much
02/24/2021 Essay is impressive! Very impressive!
02/22/2021 Always high class!!!
02/22/2021 Very good writer. He did for me more than two assignments and always I get a good mark. 
02/22/2021 GREAT WORK!!!
02/22/2021 GREAT WORK!!!
02/22/2021 GREAT WORK!!!
02/19/2021 Comunicated well, and delivered a solid paper with plenty of time to spare. Would recommend! 
02/17/2021 Highly recmmend! The paper was exactly what I had envisioned and met/exceeded all expectations! 
02/15/2021 Amazing 
02/15/2021 Great job as usual, thank you
02/14/2021 great work
02/12/2021 Amzing!!!!
02/11/2021 always great work
02/10/2021 Thank you!!
02/09/2021 Always great work. I will always choose this professor. Never received below an A
02/08/2021 I will always choose this professor, hands down the best. The papers are always done on time or early. They follow the directions perfectly every time. I have never received below a 95. You will not regret choosing this professor.
02/08/2021 great work!!!
02/08/2021 great work!!
02/07/2021 great job
02/07/2021 awesome
02/06/2021 Both assignments ONLY received a pass, not good.
02/06/2021 great work
02/06/2021 great work
02/05/2021 Had to rewrite the entire thing. Not college level. Did not undestand the prompt or poltical science. 
02/05/2021 great work.
02/05/2021 very pleased
02/04/2021 This professor wrote a great paper. I got 100 On it. Thank you!
02/03/2021 Great Work!
01/30/2021 great work

01/30/2021 great work
01/30/2021 Project on time and completed all steps. Thanks! 
01/29/2021 Great work!!! Recieved a 100% on paper.
01/28/2021 Pretty good, even reached out for additional sources tailored to me. Ran the paper through grammarly and found very few mistakes! 
01/27/2021 great job 
01/26/2021 Highly recommend, always great work and great communication! 
01/24/2021 great work
01/24/2021 great work
01/22/2021 Yet another amazing work! Great prof to work with!
01/21/2021 Great job
01/21/2021 greak work