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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
06/04/2023 This Prof was amazing! I needed this Prof to write a research paper for a Masters level class, and the finished product was an A after grading. All of the guidelines I provided were followed to a T and I got the finished product prior to the deadline I set. Also, this Prof was extremely responsive whenever I had any questions and was available for any revisions I needed (I didn't need any). I would highly recommend this Prof if you need solid products designed to specific requirements. I would definitely hire again!
05/31/2023 Thanks Tamas you always deliver!
05/31/2023 Excellent paper!
05/30/2023 Excellent, as always. Thank you. 
05/28/2023 My first time using this professor and they did an awesome job!! I received an 103.52/105.  I will most definitely be using you again.  Thank you so much!!! yes
05/28/2023 Amazing! Super quick turnaround and high quality work. I didn't know what to expect but this person exceeded every expectation. My only regret is not having done this sooner.
05/27/2023 EXCELLENT JOB!
05/27/2023 This professor is reliable and always does great work
05/24/2023 I needed a Research Proposal for a Masters class on intelligence and this Prof didn't let me down. The criteria was extensive and after providing the information on formatting, requirements, and specific requests, this Prof knocked it out of the park. No revisions were necessary and the grade that came back was an A. I was worried initially because the Prof's area of study was not on the topic I needed, but that didn't prevent the Prof from delivering an excelent product. If you need a project completed and want an excelent product, this is the Prof for you. I can't say enough good things. Thank you for all your hard work and I appreciate you and your time.
05/23/2023 Awesome
05/23/2023 Excellent
05/22/2023 Well done
05/17/2023 Great work. Keep it up and I will keep using.
05/17/2023 Great work, punctual and quick
05/15/2023 great work
05/11/2023 This Professor always comes through, no disappointments. yes
05/08/2023 Solid work, got me the grade I wanted after an hour of editing or so. Tamas was very communicative throughout the process and ended up sending me improved versions of the work without me asking him to. Good stuff.
05/07/2023 Amazing!
05/03/2023 Will keep coming back to this professor. Life saver. 
04/28/2023 Great
04/26/2023 Did a great job and finished before the time i put! 
04/26/2023 Always coming through. Great Job!!!!
04/22/2023 Excellent quality work!
04/18/2023 Excellent work. I would love to work with this professor again. 
04/16/2023 Well done. Always follows the directions to the "T". Thank you 
04/14/2023 Do not hesitate to choose Tamas! Kills it everytime on y projects and follows instructions to the tee! Also a very good communicator and will gladly make revisions if necessary. Don't be afraid to choose him! 10/10 service
04/12/2023 Another great job.
04/11/2023 Great work 
04/07/2023 Great work as always!
04/04/2023 Follows direction to the "T". Perfect work and delivery was faster than usual. Great work!
04/04/2023 Absolutely amazing work. For graduate students that are iffy, take the leap with this Prof. WORTH. IT. 
04/02/2023 Fantastic job. Keep it up and I will keep personally requesting. 
03/31/2023 Great Work.
03/29/2023 Always goes above and beyond!!
03/29/2023 Follow instructions and finishes on time for revisions if necessary. Usually don't need a revision cause Tamas always crushes it for me!
03/28/2023 Always follows instructions and delivers quality work the first time. 
03/26/2023 Fantastic work
03/23/2023 Delivered exactly what was asked of him. Stellar result and helped me out of a bind. Thanks!
03/16/2023 professional 
done timely manner
love the paper 
03/15/2023 Super quick and got assignment well befor erequested due date!
03/08/2023 YOU CAN TRUST THIS PROFESSOR!!! He will get you an A every time and nothing less.  He is worth the money. 
03/08/2023 This professor is worth every penny!!!! He is punctual and ALWAYS comes through for me with my assignments. My grades have always been an A with this professor. He responds quickly and with him, I do not have to worry if an assignment will be completed on time.  I will continue to use this professor throughout my program. THANK YOU SO MUCH PROFESSOR, YOU ROCK!!!
03/03/2023 Talk about an being flexible this is your person. Absolutely amazing work

03/03/2023 It was given 100 out 100 point. The professor enjoyed it that much. 
03/02/2023 Alway high quality. Thank you
02/23/2023 Tamas is the way to go! Delivered quicker than due date and followed the assignement, perfectly!
02/18/2023 Simply one of the best. Guaranteed. If this professor bids your project, accept bid without hesitation. The quality of this professors work if above and beyond what you would expect. 
02/17/2023 You cant spell best without Tamas... Well. You can. But, you know what I mean. 
02/16/2023 Excellent.
02/08/2023 Excellent work, got an A on the paper.
02/08/2023 Excellent work and completed before the deadline.
02/07/2023 Great professor that is thorough with every assignment. Willing to make edits to ensure perfect A+ papers!
02/06/2023 Received an A
02/04/2023 No mistakes, read and confirmed topic of paper before starting the assignment. Got an A. :)
02/04/2023 Always receive an A when using this professor. Reads prompt thoroughly and gets the assignment done well before due date. 
02/03/2023 love him/he/ they whatever this person identifies with. They are the best!
02/03/2023 trust this guy with my life 
02/02/2023 Perfect every time! Always happy to revise things as needed. A+ for every assignment 
02/01/2023 THE BEST. Period
02/01/2023 Perfect. Every single time
01/29/2023 Stop looking and use Tamas. 
01/28/2023 Very well written research proposal, all the instructions were followed precisely.
highly recommended.
thanks a lot.
01/26/2023 Simply the best. 
01/26/2023 Never enough great things to say
01/26/2023 I have never once been let down by Tamas
01/26/2023 Don't settle. This is the Prof for the job. 
01/26/2023 Tamas is the best. Period
01/23/2023 Great job
01/17/2023 Great work. Even finishes the work days before due date. 
01/17/2023 Simply the best
01/17/2023 Perfect. Every single time
01/17/2023 I run out of good things to say. 
01/16/2023 Amazing work! Thank you so much!
01/13/2023 Well researched, well written for the most part, and he was easy to work with. 
01/11/2023 I've been using Tamas for an entire year now. I'll never work with another prof! 11 out of 10 stars. 
01/05/2023 Always does an impeccable job and delivers on time!
01/03/2023 The professor is professional and responds to messages promptly. His writing is gramatically correct and adheres to the assignment directions. I enjoyed working with him on my project and apprecited his commitment to the project.

Hello buddy, I had to reply this:). I remember you were super nervous and weren't sure if this was real. I triple assured you, and am happy that you came back to testify. I am glad you were happy with the work too. That is what I do and more:). Thank you!
01/02/2023 Amazing professor I have used multiple times! Early always and good work thank you, even if the deadline was given less than a day. 
12/30/2022 Professor is very communicative and thorough. Made sure to verify topic before completing assignment. I am more than happy to use this professor again for future assignments. The paper was also error free and I didn't have to add anyting. 
12/20/2022 went above and beyond! 
12/16/2022 Excellent work and fast.
12/12/2022 Another amazing job. Professor reached put and updated things on his own. Great work.
12/11/2022 Best professor !! Never fails to impress me with such great work!!
12/11/2022 Can tend to run on with sentences but still delivers solid work
12/11/2022 Great work
12/08/2022 Overall, good paper with a timely return on your investment. 
12/07/2022 Amazing and got an A, was super nice and paient with me. reasured me when needed and would 100% hire again!
12/05/2022 Great work!!!
12/04/2022 Didn't follow instructions. I failed. Was unwilling to make amendments to the solution without very specific direction. 

Hello, I would appreciate it if just told the truth that I revised the paper using the sample you sent as a guide. Also, the first version of the paper did not meet your requirements because you did not state that I was supposed to write in first person "I" like in the sample you sent as a guide for revision. Remember that in academic writing, we always avoid using first person (I, we, us) unless explicitly instructed, hence the reason I did not in the first version. I wrote follow up messages requesting if you received the revised file and if everything was okay, but you did not respond; I can send a screenshot from the messaging board. Nevertheless, sorry for the outcome; next time make sure to provide detailed instructions to avoid confusion. Am sad :(
11/30/2022 TamasWrites has completed dozens of projects for me, never late, many times solution is given earlier than when needed.  Grades have averaged A.  Never have I scored lower than a B.  My strongest possible recommendation is for TamasWrites.

TamasWrites did a great job on my paper. Overll incredible work and easy to work with. Could not be happier. 

11/29/2022 Always exceeds expectation
11/27/2022 Great work!!!
11/22/2022 Great and unique writing for a psych final assignment. Almost no editing was required. Very coherent, well-written and laid out thoughts. Included all required points and had great attention to detail throughout. Thank you! 
11/20/2022 Great work!! 
11/20/2022 Hands down the best professor, always delivers on time and I always receive an A.
11/20/2022 I will only use this professor. Hands down the best, always delivers on time and I always receive an A.
11/17/2022 Outstanding as always!
11/15/2022 Thanks for the good paper! saved me a lot of time.
11/15/2022 Another great job and quality
11/15/2022 This professor and one other are the best on this site. I will only use them. Outstanding work and punctual. 
11/13/2022 Always exceeds expectations
11/13/2022 Very diligent. Time effective and quality work, very cooperative and flexible with content. Excellent experience 
11/13/2022 Always reliable, fast, and excellent.  You can't never go wrong with this proffessor.  
11/12/2022 Responded to my concerns, but gave me a mediocre paper. I was not happy with the results.
11/08/2022 hands. down. best. 
11/08/2022 Perfect. Every single time. 
11/06/2022 Awesomeness 
11/03/2022 Always does spectacular work and delivers on time. Thank you!!
11/03/2022 Great work!!
11/03/2022 Great work!!
11/03/2022 Great work!!
11/03/2022 Great work!!
11/03/2022 Honestly, Tamaswrites may have done too good a job. 15/15. Thanks! 
11/03/2022 Excellent Paper!
11/03/2022 4.0 GPA all thanks to this Prof!
11/03/2022 I'll use this Prof for anything outside of school as well. He's incredible. 
11/03/2022 Don't settle for for just any Prof. This is the one you want!
11/03/2022 He's not the only Prof Ive used. But he is the last! 
11/03/2022 I've never been let down once. 
11/03/2022 I've run out of compliments. He's amazing. 
11/03/2022 Take all my money. This guy is the best. 
11/03/2022 Two thumbs wayyyy up!
11/03/2022 Can I leave more than 10 stars?
11/03/2022 Literally no Prof better than this. 
11/01/2022 great work recieved before date asked
10/30/2022 I am so pleased with this professor! He is AWESOME! He finished the project in a timely manner. I will say within the allotted time that he was given in less than 36 hours to complete the task. There are no words that can express how thankful I am. With such little time I was stressing but he fulfilled the task. If needed, I will definitely use this professor again!
10/28/2022 Awesome 
10/27/2022 Responsible for the work even the workload for revision is not that so reasonable by advisor's review, but professor still be patient
10/26/2022 Just a really good essay
10/25/2022 Great job!
10/24/2022 I freaking love this guy!!!  No matter what is thrown at him he handles it with ease. Cannot recommend him anymore than this. Complete badass!!!!
10/23/2022 received a 100 on this in depth, detailed project. the professor was very much in touch and fixed anything and everything. So much thought and detail put forth. Tamaswrites is the BEST!! 
10/22/2022 Great work! 
10/21/2022 the best EVER
10/16/2022 the best professor here. honestly, you won't be disappointed by the thoroughness and HIGH quality work. A++ work every time
10/16/2022 couldnt ask for a better professor. the best of the best. A+++
10/13/2022 flawless work !! 
10/11/2022 This professor rocks. A+++++++++
10/11/2022 yes
10/11/2022 enlightened If you want to shine bright. This is the professor to choose. If you don't you will give your heart a break broken heart
10/11/2022 Sign, Sealed, Delivered...mail A great paper that is. 
10/11/2022 yes
10/11/2022 Nothing but the best.
10/11/2022 .
10/11/2022 Like Campbell's Soup this professor is mmmm.mmmmm. Good!
10/11/2022 The only professor you should use. Whether it for Business or any other assignment. This professor won't let you down
10/11/2022 Great Work! One of the only professor i use. 
10/11/2022 Always does great work. 
10/11/2022 Great work!!
10/11/2022 Great work!!
10/11/2022 Great work!!
10/11/2022 Great work!!
10/11/2022 Great work!!
10/11/2022 Great work!!
10/11/2022 To quote Tina Turner, this prof is "Simply the best"
10/10/2022 great, job as always. Thank you again! :)
10/10/2022 always get a 100 on the assignments!! best of the best!! 
10/09/2022 Tamaswrites has been a godsent this semester. The quality of work and attention to detail and deadlines is incredible. Dont use anyone else!
10/08/2022 I don't want anyone else using this professor because I want him all to myself. 
10/08/2022 A+. Every single time. 
10/08/2022 Will only ever use this professor. 
10/08/2022 Perfect. Every single time
10/07/2022 Great work!!!
10/07/2022 Great work!!!
10/07/2022 Great work!!!
10/07/2022 Great work!!!
10/07/2022 Great work!!!
10/07/2022 On time and made a 100. Will definitely use again!
10/06/2022 TamasWrites is amazing!
10/05/2022 The best of the best, always has projects done on time.  Always allows for corrections and responds right away.
10/05/2022 Great work. Follows directions for the most part. Little details missed. Will use again. 
10/02/2022 Great work!!

I appreciate your feedback for all the assignments for that week.
10/02/2022 Great work!!
10/02/2022 Great work!!
10/02/2022 Great work!!

10/02/2022 Great work!!
10/02/2022 Great work!!
10/02/2022 high quality work without any issues! delivered before the deadline, A++ work 
10/02/2022 absolute FAVORITE professor! always A+ work
10/02/2022 the best of the best of the best!! 
09/30/2022 Great as usual. 
09/28/2022 Thank you for getting back to me so quickly and with a great essasy.
09/27/2022 Very good work and fast turn aroud. Communicated clearly and quick.
09/27/2022 high quality work that delivers before the deadline and perfect.
09/27/2022 TamasWrites is amazing, never have I been disappointed. In fact, I am always highly impressed with the attention to detail and throughness! Will never use another writer on here.
09/25/2022 brilliant 
09/24/2022 Great job!
09/23/2022 I am in a pretty ridiculous writing course and Tamas has been able to deliver quality help again and again. 
09/23/2022 I am so glad I entrusted my project with this professor! Even though this project was last minute, this professor handled it with grace and professionalism. The communication was great too. Thank you so much for taking my stress away!
09/22/2022 Consistently submits projects ahead of proposed deadline. 
09/22/2022 Consistent "A" work. 
09/22/2022 One of the only professors I use. Always great work. 
09/22/2022 I had a family emergency, and even though this was a last-minute request, this professor was able to assist me effortlessly.
09/22/2022 This professor was quick to respond, and I got the help I needed enlightened
09/20/2022 Excellent, amazing work as always! My paper was due well before the date requested which was super helpful. I will only use TamasWrites!

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