Date Comment Rating
01/21/2020 Excellent!
01/19/2020 Very well written paper! Covered all the points required.
12/19/2019 The essay i received from the professor sounds like a sophomore in undergraduate wrote it and it doesn't meet the graduate level of writing.

Names of seminal art figures are wrong ( Jason Pollock intead of Jasckson Pollock), important ideas/theories in art history are assigned to the wrong individual (to say that William de Kooning coined the term abstract expressionism is soooo incorrect, it was Clement Greenberg who wrote and championed the term abstract painting and abstract expressionism.

The professor also overly uses transition like "firstly, secondly, thirdly" through out the entire essay! This over use is something a freshman in undergrad is warned and adviced to avoid in a college writing class.

overall, the essay sounds/reads so moronic. I was so embarrased to pass this as my writing that I ended up not submitting it to my real professor.

12/04/2019 Got a A thank you so much!
12/02/2019 Kathy was great! She promptly answered my questions and completed it just in time. She was very quick and pleasant to work with. 
11/29/2019 This project was finished rather quickly, and after submitting, was rated by my college as flawless. No revisions needed.
11/12/2019 The paper seemed rush and there were some inaccuracies so I asked to revise. The revisions took a lot of time but the end result looked better. Submitting my essay late because of this though :(
11/12/2019 awesome work. got an A
11/09/2019 I hate to write this, but I gave Kathy another chance to redeem herself, and she didn't. I am a full-time student, so spending $100+ on a mediocre assignment was painful.
Some of the articles used were not primary research, and upon further inspection, the few journals that were of good use were not appropriately reviewed. Kathy only summarized the abstract and did not even read the actual study. The citation journals were not abbreviated accordingly, and no official date was mentioned in the paper.
11/08/2019 Could communicate after taking the project. 
11/07/2019 Got a 0 on my paper for plagiarism, and automatically got a F in the class. Thanks.... for nothing
10/30/2019 She turned in my assignment incomplete, i release the payment by accident. She told me to check out the asignment and to let her know if i needed any revisions. Now, she doesnt answer back. I would not recomment this professor at all

This is a very hysterical and impatient client who writes 10 messages in 10 minutes and immediately they are answered he wrote this to the writer "thabnk you. now it looks better. sorry for the inconvenient" An apology after a 1-star rating... Completely not recommended!!!
10/22/2019 Amazing thank you so much!
10/19/2019 Pretty thorough but I don't know how much so as I havent recieved a grade yet 
APA format followed through
10/15/2019 The best assignment i have ever submitted. Would pick kathy everytime if i could because shes worth it
10/13/2019 Professor did not follow project instructions and submitted the assignment 2 days past deadline. In my project description, I requested a literature review matrix be completed. I provided a template. This essential component of the project was not completed at all professor submitted an empty template. I provided the professor with journal articles to be referenced in the project. None of these were used. Waste of money, waste of time, project has to be redone in its entirety. If the professor did not understand the assignment, they could have asked for clarification or declined the project.
10/13/2019 Great help, edited until i was happy with the material
10/09/2019 Amazing work, finished early and wrote an excellent essay. Would recommend and use her services again.
10/06/2019 Good work in such a short amount of time. Very helpful and worked with me throughout the entire process and supplied suggestions along the way. If you like quality, you will like Ms. Kathy. 
09/29/2019 Great Job Kathy!  Thank you so much for taking the time to complete my essay in a timely manner.  Hope to work with you again soon!
09/26/2019 Recieve the paper quicker than I anticipated and very knowledgable on the subject of business. I Received a B+ on my 15 page internship paper 
09/25/2019 great paper
09/23/2019 Excellent work 
09/04/2019 Essay is exactly what I needed. Not to formal and very direct and to the point. Little mix up on completion of essay but was very quick to sort the trouble out
09/02/2019 Great Job
08/27/2019 Life Saver!!  Thanks for everything
08/26/2019 Very good report in a very short period of time. Thank you!
08/15/2019 very timely and well done! Would definitely consider working with her again!
08/14/2019 Thank you!
08/13/2019 I found that Kathy was very sweet. However, the assignment was done incorrectly, the required information was missing, I was unable to hand in the assignment on time due to the missing information and I received a very high plagiarism report. Unfortunately, I will no longer use this site and will definitely not refer any of my peers to the site. Thank you for trying to help me with the assignment but I failed and am extremely disappointed with the work that I received!!! 
08/12/2019 great work on the essay.. got 100%
08/11/2019 Finished my last-minute assignment before requested time! Super reliable and 10/10 recommend! 
08/02/2019 Nice work, thanks.
07/30/2019 Work completed in a timely fashion.  Edit was needed, but completed quickly and to my satisfaction.  
07/27/2019 finishes on time very good work
07/25/2019 Grea job, made proper corrections after I had reviewed the draft work. Finished the paper in the requested time. 
07/23/2019 I would not reccomend. 
07/21/2019 Great writer, came through in the clutch. Definitely recommend Kathy!!! 
07/14/2019 Great job on completing the essay. Make sure you tell your professor the time requirement and include specifics for the APA scholarly sources especially if your paper requires them to be less than 5 years old.  Otherwise, great service. 
07/14/2019 Wonderful. thank you!
07/13/2019 Met the timely deadline with a great project.  Will Use again
07/13/2019 Very well written.  I will use again
07/12/2019 Thanks
07/09/2019 Great work from Kathy! Answered my questions as well as it was my first time on the site. 
07/06/2019 Kathy was an absolute pleasure to work with! She delivered a flawless piece of work, on time, and without any additional guidance needed from me. I will ABSOLUTELY be requesting Kathy for my future projects!
07/01/2019 I was nervous to trust this site, but both projects have come out better than I imagined!

It was wonderful working with you. I look forward to working with you in future without hesitation. All the best!
06/30/2019 Excellent paper, delightful to work with.

Amazing. Delighted to work with you too. Let's do this again!
06/29/2019 Excellent work !

Thanks, come back for more!
06/27/2019 Great job! Truly appreciate the time you invested in this assignment!

Thanks a lot for entrusting me your work. Feel free to reach out again.
06/26/2019 The project was turned in 2 hours late, never got a draft to verfy if everything was ok. Asked for 8 pages and got 7. The content was very good. Wont use this service again. 

Thanks a lot.Sorry for the technical hitch and I hope to work with you.
06/26/2019 The paper content was very good for what was required.  There were a few minor APA tweaks but I corrected those in a matter of minutes.  Well worth it and I highly recommend this Professor.

Always a pleasure. Let's do this again.
06/15/2019 I went with her because she assured me she would give her all and she was slightly more expensive so I thought ok she must be serious. The grammar was terrible, had to go back and reconstruct some of the sentences since some didn't even make sense. Way too pricey for what I got. Very disappointed. 
Now yo be fair she did inquire if changes needed to be made but I had to submit so didn't have time. She's very responsive in that sense which was appreciated. 

I am glad you entrusted me with your work, I hope I had had the opportunity to make the required amends. always feel free to ask for amends and you'll have them before handing in the paper.
06/12/2019 Do not hire this professor. He had the worst grammar I could imagine. Whole project had to be rewritten. Directions were minimally followed. Hire at own risk. 

Hi, thanks for the feedback. I always deliver as per the instructions. Hope to work with you again.
06/12/2019 awesome thanks!

Thanks a lot for entrusting me your work. Let's do this again soon!
06/12/2019 awesome thanks!

Thanks a lot. I appreciate your patience and hope tp work with you again!
06/12/2019 paper was bad quality
06/09/2019 0/10. Horrible presentation. I was unable to use the solution they downloaded becasue it was not only 25 hours past the deadline, as well as elementary work. DO NOT USE THIS PROFESSOR.
06/08/2019 Excellent, thank you! 
06/08/2019 Excellent, thank you! 
06/02/2019 Thank You! 
06/02/2019 This project met all the specifications and fulfilled all the grading criteria. I would highly recommend this professor! Thank you so much for your hard work and diligence.
05/31/2019 Pretty good paper, but in their bid they said they'd have it done in 48hrs so I paid extra, but it still took them a few days.
05/27/2019 perfect
05/26/2019 Excellent
05/24/2019 Did an excellent job writing my paper.
05/23/2019 There was slight miscommunication wich was partially my fualt for forgetting to include a piece of information needed but relyed alot on the writer who could have corrected it alot sooner and esier then done, i requested too have 4 direct quotes from a given text to be included into the paper and after 3 revisions there were still 0, finally it was corrected to the minimulist standard after the 4th revision ontop of that complaint the paper was done and i recived the final draft a day after my listed due date requirment so i suggest stating it a few days before you actually need anything handed in. On the Upside the writer did go over numoreous revisions withougth argument, refusual and or disagreement, full cooporation from the writer wich is why it recives the stars it did.
05/22/2019 Amazing essay! Thank you!
05/19/2019 Great work - thanks.
05/19/2019 Great work - thank you.
05/17/2019 Did a good job however she did not meet the deadline.
05/15/2019 Kathy wrote an amazing paper!
05/15/2019 I had a last minute case analysis due in under 24 hours and Professor Kathy was a life saver. Not only did she complete my paper within the time frame, she was also quick with messages to make sure the paper was perfect and it was!
05/12/2019 Really great work! Thank you very much!!
05/09/2019 She was amazing. The paper was a little bit off at first but i emailed her and she immeiately addressed my concerns and fixed the paper and its perfect. I did have to rephrase things to sound more like my voice but thats not on her, that so my prof doesnt know i paid someone to write my paper :) 
05/09/2019 Kathy was timely and diligent in completing this assignment for me. Stayed in contact with me and sent me and exemplary assignment definitely would use her again!!!
05/09/2019 completed assignment exacly on time and followed the directions perfectly! highly reccommend. 
05/07/2019 Amazing work! 
05/04/2019 Followed directions and delivered a well written paper.
Very professional and communicates promptly. Would definitely recommend using her
04/29/2019 hapy with my work, she was done within two days and everything was very well written, a bit to well written in fact haha i had to dumb it down a little :)
04/24/2019 Multiple rewrites. Was late on deadline. Clearly does not read the instructions. I would never recommend this professor to my worst enemy and now I would also never recommend this entire site.
04/23/2019 Did not read the prompt for my paper multiple times 
04/19/2019 Had to have several fixes to the project accepted by this professor and it took an additional 13 days past the due date to receive completed. Directions were not followed and it was not in APA format. No attention to detail. I believe the professor took on a project that he/she did not understand. After all of the corrections that were done, it was above par work.
04/15/2019 great paper!
04/12/2019 Timely and basically perfect paper.  
04/11/2019 Great Job!
04/07/2019 The project I received was exactly what I asked for and the professor was easy to work with. I would definitely recommend using this professor for any future project. Great job and thank you!
04/05/2019 5 page essay in less than 2 hours. HELL YES
04/01/2019 Went above and beyond in a short (12 hour) delivery window. Will use this professor again and highly reccomend! Thank you Kathy!! :)
03/31/2019 Nice job - thanks!
03/30/2019 Very quick and was an amazing writing style
03/30/2019 actually read the sources given to insert details into the paper. thanks.
03/25/2019 Really shined on my order, showing a unique voice and well-constructed argument that really jumped out off the page.
03/24/2019 Very well written. Originality/Plagiarism score of 0%! Quick turnaround. Thank you very much, kathy!
03/21/2019 Does a great job and follows the exact directions you give this professor ! Amazing job and will definitely use this professor for future assignments 
03/20/2019 Deliver a great essay and on time,
03/18/2019 Great work and on time, Not much else needed to be said. Definitely recommend. Thank you!
01/27/2019 This was a re-write. Project was completed on time. Very well written with good content. Very strong technical writing, though quite a few "typos" (spelling and grammar) which in some ways was good because it made me go through the document in great detail to review and correct. Project has been submitted and will update review once grade is received. Much appreciative of the assist!
01/25/2019 Project was done and given to me on day of submission.  Despite clear instructions in the box one of the questions were not answered and I missed points.  If the project was done with all questions answered I would of gotten a higher grade.  Ill give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you forgot to answer all questions and misread the instructions.  However I do not plan to use you moving forward.
01/16/2019 Wonderful work. Doesn't even get mad when you check up wondering how it's coming when she's only 20 minutes away from finishing it. Would use again.
01/07/2019 Total skeptic at first but this worked. Worth it. 
12/11/2018 very happy with final product! thanks
12/10/2018 She is the BEST!!!
12/07/2018 THE BEST!
12/07/2018 HE so awesome guys. 
12/05/2018 Kathy was a great professor to communicate with and very helpful! She wrote such a great paper in a minimum amount of time! AWESOME
12/05/2018 Very happy with the paper. Would certainly recommend!
12/03/2018 Great !
12/02/2018 amazing paper, took her time to do research and make it original!
11/29/2018 Hi, I just wanted to add that I kind of have to stay how muslims arent accepted either specially after 9/11
05/02/2018 Top quality work. Highly recommend
04/11/2018 solid paper 
04/09/2018 91/100
03/21/2018 Fantastic piece!  Worth every penny.  Thank you for the gift of time during this difficult period. 
03/11/2018 ??????
03/09/2018 She did amazing! I got 100% on my compelted essay! Thanks!!!
03/02/2018 English is probably not their first language.
02/27/2018 Excellent work! She followed the assignment instructions thoroughly and even quickly addressed a concern that I had. If you’re needing work done on a business assignment, look no further than this professor! Exceeded expectations; I will gladly choose her again!
02/26/2018 great response time 
02/26/2018 Im not very happy, I got a D on my paper and have to re-write it. 
02/21/2018 Quality work completed on time with good communication. Thanks. 
02/18/2018 HORRIBLE. If you have a STEM based project then don't choose this professor! The work they gave back to me was so bad, wasted my time and money. 
02/12/2018 Great, well written paper.  Couldnt have asked for anything more perfect.
02/11/2018 Absolutely amazing.  Completed on a short timeframe with all instructions followed.
02/09/2018 Great job done by Kathy
02/08/2018 Very well designed.  Very timely and accurate.  Will use again!
02/08/2018 The paper was well thought out.  Kathy delivered it in a timely manner.  Will select her again.
02/07/2018 Kathy completed my assignment very efficiently and the end product was great. The only problem was that her wording was so much more educated than I use!
Definitely am going to use again! 
02/07/2018 Kathy did an AMAZING job on my paper!!!
02/07/2018 thx for the good work, appreciate it
02/07/2018 Really good job on particular topic. She met page requirement and provided good topic sentences and sources. Would use again and recommend to anyone else needing a paper written !
02/06/2018 Solid work! Will use her again whenever she is avail.
02/03/2018 Shes very good at what she does.
02/03/2018 She did an excellent job 
02/02/2018 Amazing work, especially for a last minute paper!
01/31/2018 Video Critique handed in way before deadline and answered all questions succinctly and thoroughly, while giving myself enough room to edit before assignment deadline. 
01/31/2018 Thank you! 
01/30/2018 Consistent quality as usual. My go to professor!
01/30/2018 Great choice in professors. Received a 100% on this assignment.
01/28/2018 Such an awesome job! Kathy was very thorough and is clearly an expert in the field.
01/28/2018 Paper was well done and did not sound to wordy or advanced.  instructions were followed and the writer also provided some real life applications etc as requested.
01/24/2018 Really good, completed the work early and sent me the documents, offered additional help if the work wasn' what I wanted, needed, expected or up to standard. But as expected they were all fantastic. Will use Kathy again 100%. 

01/23/2018 excellent writer,  scored 95% for my paper.
01/22/2018 thank you!
01/20/2018 Kathy is great and have chosen her for my second assignment and she has done a great job again!
01/18/2018 Kathy was very helpful, however she did not send me the final paper in time and I had to edit and redo most of the paper. it was pretty expensive for the work that she did do. to be fair i only gave her 30 hours to complete the paper but it was very hepful. make sure she knows what to do before you let her write, you have to be specific or she will write sentences that dont make complete sense to complette the paper length requirement. Kathy is a good choice is your specif. 
01/17/2018 solid essay
01/17/2018 Did exactly what was asked and delivered on time. 
01/13/2018 "Kathy" was fantastic. submitted me my assignment before the deadline. APA Format was on point. 

01/11/2018 A+
01/11/2018 Kathy has done an amazing job with my Micro and Macro econ papers.... Extremely concise and was available for questions every day! I have received A's on all my submissions because of Kathy!  I highly recommend Kathy for any econ related topics.
01/07/2018 I honestly don't know where to start, Kathy was able to deliver a very focused essay in a short amount of time.
Kathy followed the instructions to the tea and makes sure you are satisfied with the work and genuinely does care about your opinion.

I highly reccommend kathy! you won't regret it!
01/05/2018 Excellent work on my assignment.
01/05/2018 Such a nice lady. Great job on my assignment.
01/05/2018 Perfect, thank you very much !!!!!!!
12/30/2017 Fantastic work 
12/29/2017 Kathy is great.
12/22/2017 !00 % Perfect, thanks a lot !!!!!!!
12/18/2017 This service is fantastic! The paper was substantial in content, addressed the major questions from the outline, and provided a college level vocabulary that I just don't possess, it seems. Thank you Kathy! You saved my grade!!
12/16/2017 She was amazing to work with and even did it way before the deadline would recommend for sure!!
12/15/2017 Great work and done on time
12/13/2017 Very good experience. Professor available through the entire process and even after payment was transferred. Thank you.
12/13/2017 Very good paper. The professor was available through the whole process and even after payment was transfered. 
12/10/2017 It needed to be more specific. The paper didn't specifically answer the questions I presented. It didn't outline steps for client to be prepared for the crisis I presented. I had to go in and add great detail. 

?Overall, the general information was good.
12/09/2017 The paper was excellent, I will recommend you to all my friends.
12/09/2017 Thanks Kathy you did a graet job.
12/09/2017 Kathy is a great writer and is clearly very intelligent. Make sure you give her the most detailed directions as possible and she will follow them to a T.
12/09/2017 did a a great job communicating and getting the work done on time. thank you 
12/08/2017 Excellent work very prompt at answering questions and concerns made the whole process much easier.
12/07/2017 Kathy did a very thorough job on my paper! She was great at communicating and working with me to get me a rough draft within a few hours. I was nervous about what I was going to get with this site but I am very impressed! Thank you!!!!
12/07/2017 The paperI received was good. Received a 90. A few things I tweaked in the grammar area but otherwise nice job!!. This writer communicates well and was pretty puntctual given I sought for help close to the time it was due. Thanks again. And my apology for the delayed feedback. ( I was waitung for my grade) BTW you guys this was my frist time using this writer. 
12/04/2017 This professor was engaging throughout the whole process and had my paper ready before the due date.
12/04/2017 Kathy's work was excellent with zero complaints. She followed the exact guidelines and completed the task in perfect timing. Definitely choose Kathy, She's the BEST!
12/02/2017 Kathy is awesome! 
11/28/2017 This professor paid a great deal of attention to the detail and produced a well written paper and the project completion.
11/27/2017 Great paper. 
11/27/2017 She provided a draft before deadline and met all my concerns. I? realized I? requested the page number without realizing that the page number also accounts for a cover page but when I? brought that to her attention she didn’t give me a hard time or even renegotiate the price. I? really appreciate her quick work, I?t looks really good and I’ll update my review after receiving a grade for the assignment!
11/26/2017 Great essay in a short time. Did exactly what I asked for! Great experience
11/25/2017 Kathy was extremely professional and reasonably priced. She was able to write an awesome personal statement in a relatively short amount of time. Would definitely recommend her! Shes also incredibly sweet and willing to go out of her way to make any necessary edits! 
11/25/2017 Kathy did a great job, allowing me to get f*cked up this weekend. U saved me Kathy!
11/24/2017 Great professor! Very poilte and excellent work.  
11/20/2017 First time working with this professor , she delivered on time and project is well done
11/20/2017 Great
11/20/2017 Kathy did a great job on my English research paper. She got me a draft before the deadline and continued to make edits for me that I wanted even after the deadline had passed. Quality work!
11/20/2017 Pretty great work done in a bit of a pinch, this professor will defintely do the job right.
11/17/2017 Great writer, I did not make use of her offer to have multiple drafts however. If you are make your due date/time right before the time you need to turn it in, be careful! I gave a 30 minute gap between when it was due and when I had class, I was sweating because I got the final solution 10 minutes before class. But, all is well and I expect a good grade on the paper. Very good with communication and customer service, definetely would reccomend to write your paper! 
11/15/2017 100% Perfect and a Big A !!!! Thank you very much !!!!!!
11/14/2017 I got an D on this paper. I gave her a lot of information and instructions, but she wrote completely different paper.
I'm not satisfied
11/14/2017 Really well done, and completed quickly!
11/13/2017 Kathy wrote a great essay for me and turned it in in a timely manner. The content of the essay was spot on. Will use her again.
11/13/2017 My essay was turned in a whole day before the due date and was very professional. The professor seemed very knowlegable about the topic. I highly reccommend Kathy to write your papers
11/13/2017 early, great help. i recommend her !!
11/13/2017 Amazing, Professional... very content with my paper ... hope to deal with her in the future
11/09/2017 100% Perfect Thank you so much !!!!!!!
11/08/2017 Kathy is amazing! The content was exactly what was needed and her style is cohesive. She did a very nice job and I will definitely use her her again!!
11/07/2017 just amazing!