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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
06/28/2018 Fullfilled my expectations, always in a timely manner.  Open to communication about what is needed and if theres more to be done.
01/12/2018 This is a perfect professor that completes everything beyond imagination. She can be trusted with urgent work.
01/12/2018 You are a true 10-start professor
You have earned my full rating and recommendation.
01/11/2018 Thank you, perfect proff.
01/11/2018 Ashport is the Best profesor I've come across to work with.
Very willing to help, and addresses any questions in the prompt, which is all I can really ask for with a good commitment.

Her writing skills are beyond imagination and all his work completed to a perfect quality.
I will definitely use Asport for all my papers in this course.
01/10/2018 Produced an awesome paper with very short notice and still provided a solution before the time I requested.
This is the only professor I can use here
Highly recommend. Thanks so much!
01/09/2018 Very fast, clear and concise. Highly recommended.
01/09/2018 Thank you very much professor Ashport, you are the best content writer.
That was amazing fast and of a good quality.
01/08/2018 I can confidently recommend professor Ashport, having worked with him in a number of occasions.
01/06/2018 Thank you very much. I got an A.
01/05/2018 This professor was amazing! She did a great job on this tough assignment and deserves the full rating.
She responded as quickly as possible and I am very happy with the result I received.
01/05/2018 Thank you very much AShport, you are the best professor in this website.
01/05/2018 Perfect professor
01/04/2018 The professor gave a detailed response to my project.
The paper had a high command in grammar, syntax and sentence structure.
I scored an A.

I highly recommend and I will definitely use again.
01/04/2018 Thank you very much
This is the best professor around.
01/03/2018 This professor is of great assistance easpecially on urgent orders.
Both long and short. I will definitely use him again.

If you want A and A+++ papers, please look no farther.
01/03/2018 Perfect. Thank you very much for your great assistance.
01/02/2018 Great work done by Professor.
Already have him  writing another paper for me!
I was definitely skeptical at first when using this site but it's totally worth it.
Highly recommended!
01/02/2018 Great paper, easy to work with, really knows his stuff and has a expert vocabulary.
Would reccomend.
12/29/2017 Great guy, great writier, great everything.
I haven't seen someone communicate so instantaneously in my life.
Well worth the money and easily one of the best on this site.
Will not hesitate to ask him for anymore help.
12/29/2017 Ashport  has been my go to this semester and I've gotten an A on every paper so far. Good communication and has gone above and beyond to ensure quality content.
Every paper was delivered in time.
There are always no grammatical errors.
This is the best professor.
12/28/2017 I highly recommend staying away from this professor. The paper he gave me was very poorly written. The were many grammatical and syntax errors to begin with. My teacher told me that she could not accept the paper the way it was written so I had to completely re-write it. After my teacher told me this, I did some research on the citations that were used in the original paper. First off this professor was citing sentences that had nothing to do with the actual articles. It was as if he wrote the paper and inserted random quotes to fulfill the requirements. It turns out this professor used a paper that was online and paraphrased it. The format of the paper he wrote was the exact same as the one online and so were all the concepts he was using. Nothing was original, just paraphrased. After I confronted him about it he said that it was not plagiarism because when he turned it in on it did not show up as plagiarism, however paraphrasing is plagiarism. I asked him for a refund but it was not granted. Like I said, do not use this professor. Even though his reviews look good, it is not worth the headache. You will save a lot of time and money by using someone else. 
12/22/2017 95/100 on a 17 page final research paper! This was my first time using this site and professor, and while not the cheapest she had the best reviews and did excellent work. I had to ask for additional graphs, and she added them in without a problem. Best experience I could have hoped for! I'll definitely use again!
12/21/2017 Good shit
12/20/2017 This professsor deserves more than 10 star-rating.
He delivered an urgent order at an unimaginable speed to a perfect standard.

I highly recommend.
12/20/2017 Thank you
12/19/2017 I have been working with Professor Ashport for sometime now.
He has never disappointed me. He's the kindest and most skilful writer you can ever find on this website.
12/19/2017 perfect, I got an A
12/18/2017 Perfect Professor. I will be bak for professior asport for next course in January
12/17/2017 An absolute disgrace of a paper. Disgustingly written and a full refund was requested and granted. Would recommend to no one and steer clear of this professor at all costs.
12/14/2017 Ashport is a Great writer and very passionate!
She continued to go the extra mile and said they wanted to get it "just right".
very much appreciated, and would definitely use again!
A life saver!
12/14/2017 The best professor
12/13/2017 I highly recommend. I will use professor ashport again and again.
12/12/2017 Amazing, super fast!
12/12/2017 Completed the paper before the deadline which is awesome!
12/12/2017 I got my paper in less than 24 hours!! The paper was beyond the word count needed and stayed on topic! Very good!!
12/12/2017 Extremely quick, provided drafts well before deadline and was quick to fix and answer questions. Great experience overall, thank you!
12/12/2017 Ashport is the most helpful professor I have had on this site. Very receptive and willing to take time to make revisions. Overall, great! Have just chosen as professor for 3 projects and very excited to see his work. Would 10/10 recommend!
12/11/2017 I am sure this professor is better than my lecturer. His mastery and skill is amazing.
12/11/2017 the paper was technical and urgent, but everything came out beyond my expectations. Kudos Proff!
12/11/2017 The professor follows insructions to every detail.
12/10/2017 My paper was back to me way before the due date and I got an A! great job!
12/10/2017 GOOD GOOD
12/10/2017 ASHPORT  does a great job communicating with you during your paper process. If you are vocal and communicate what you want this professor, he will get it done with excellence. I highly recommend anyone to select this professor.
12/10/2017 Decent paper - would like to have seen more citations throughout the text, but hey - for 50 bucks, not a bad paper at all.
12/08/2017 Did an amazing job in such a short amount of time! 
12/07/2017 Got 100% on the paper. Seriously did not believe that this could ever be done especially considering this service was too good to be true. Definitely will use this professor and service again!!!
12/07/2017 I strongly recommend this professor.
12/06/2017 This is is a more than 10-star professor.
12/06/2017 Completed an urgent paper within a short time.
12/05/2017 Paper was very well writtedn, but a bit too wordy. 

Thank you for your effort!
12/05/2017 This professor single-handedly pulled me hrough my course with massive success. No amount of appreciation can express my gratiude to you. I will be back next semester for my next course for you. Thank you alot.
12/05/2017 Thank you very much
12/04/2017 Great job, waiting on the grade I get. 
12/04/2017 A++ delivery
12/04/2017 Not at all what I was looking for.  Simple assignment but did not follow instructions at all.
12/04/2017 I like thhe writing skills exhibied by his p[rofessor. Very fast and accurate, a good communcator in between.
12/04/2017 The paper exceeded my expectations.
12/04/2017 Perfect, perefect perefect... will always use and recommend you. Please remind me next time to give a hefty tip.
12/03/2017 got an 85/100 on my final paper.
12/03/2017 ?I'm happy because my work filled my expectations as well as proffesional was very fast(quick). I recommended it very effective.Thanks !!!!
11/30/2017 Finished before deadline. Great work.
11/30/2017 Did a really great job! 
11/28/2017 Thank you.
11/28/2017 A staright A on this paper I scored

Thanks for doing an outstanding job, as ever 

My best professor on this website.
Thumbs up.!!!!
11/27/2017 Professor Ashport is Friendly, responsive and quality oriented
11/27/2017 A++++. Will use again and again.
11/24/2017 I was a little skeptical on how my essay will turn out as it was last minute and quite an intensive topic. I have had bad experiences with certain professors on this site, but Ashport made it all up, he's amazing, on time and really cares about the student! Couldn't be happier! Highly Recommend!!!
11/24/2017 Fantastic detail in the paper. Well organized. Very easy to work with, accommodating and flexible. I will definitely use him again and again. Bottom line is that this professor delivers on what you say you will deliver, and then some. Thanks. A loyal customer.
11/21/2017 Perfect!!!
11/21/2017 Widely exhibited the rare combination of speed and quality with my urgent orders. Strongly recommend.  CHEERS.
11/21/2017 The best pofessor around, will be back with more assignments and will definitely use him.
11/20/2017 No issues. Quality content.
11/17/2017 Have not turned in the essay yet but the professor did an amazing job!
11/15/2017 Got an A on my final paper and a praise from my professor. Considering I only gave her 24 hours to complete the project and she got back with me within 12 hours with a completed essay. I know who I will be looking for next time I need help
11/14/2017 Great turnaround. I got an A on the far the best Porfessor on the site....thanks alot
11/14/2017 Great deliverly
11/13/2017 The best  professor.  I have worked with him on all my projects and the material has been spot on.  While communicating withhim he has always replied in a timely manner and has always answered any questions i may have had.  I had always given him as much information as I had so that my paper was spot on!
11/13/2017 Awesome job in helping take an idea from a nothing  to a clear, concise, polished  essay. I really could not have done it without you! Thanks Again!
11/12/2017 This professor is amazing, I have not yet submitted my assignment but s/he will make sure s/he meets all your requirements to the best of her ability. S/he makes sure to deliver a paper that satisfied me the most and was very patient with me throughout the whole process. I'm excited to submit my paper and find out what I get, and then I will ensure she is aware of the mark. Thank you so much so this amazing writer!
11/12/2017 My professor gave me an A. I will use ASHPORT again and again
11/11/2017 I just can't say enough about this professor!  Kind, professional, ALWAYS ON TIME, insightful, in short...ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT!  I have been able to use this professor all my projects/papers and have always made an A+.  Don't waste your time or money with anyone else - choose this professor right away! 
11/11/2017 The professor is superb, the work was completed to a high quality and within ghe given deadline
11/10/2017 The Essay that I received from this professor was pretty grotesque.  It was mainly his/her opinion on the certain subject.  The essay somewhat had terrible grammer and sentences that didnt have good flow.  The essay was garbage.  I had to delete half of it and start over so now I will have to deal with this for the next three hours.
11/08/2017 The work was done quickly and thoroughly. The content was exactly what I needed and it was submitted ahead of the deadline. Couldn't have asked for better.
11/07/2017 Delivered on time. Paper was of good quality.
11/07/2017 Amazing to work with, wrote it exactly how I would but obviously much better, got a great grade. Thanks!!!!
11/07/2017 Great communication, very timely with responses, and outstanding work. Highly recommended!
11/06/2017 It is clear the professor read all instructions and delivered a masterpiece...I will always use ashport
11/06/2017 Perfect!!!
11/05/2017 I will definitely use this propfessor again and again on urgent and technical orders!!!
11/05/2017 I scored an A. The best professor around
11/02/2017 Did a great job on my psychology paper, despite short notice. As always, read through your solution before turning it in as "meat" was spelled "meet." But that is not a problem as it is easily fixable. Again, did a great job and is a good choice if you need someone to write your paper(s)! 
11/01/2017 The paper is beyond superb and was delivered within the urgent deadline. This was a sure cobination of speed and quality. This professor did not dissapoint and will definetely use again.

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