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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
02/04/2020 I love your work. Will send more projects to you.

Thank you so much!!!
02/04/2020 Amazing work!! Well structured and edited, I highly recommend prof lit
02/04/2020 Perfect professor. 
01/30/2020 Thanks and perfect
01/30/2020 cracked it into the required finer details. Will use again
01/30/2020 top notch. Highly recommend
01/28/2020 Impeccable writing skills. Highly recommend
01/28/2020 Very niiiice
11/21/2019 My 3rd project with her and got an A. Highly recommend
11/21/2019 Thank you so much
11/15/2019 Perfect.
11/13/2019 Solid, solid stuff. Would hire again.
11/13/2019 dont hire for any nursing paper. doesn't follow clear directions or rubrics or meet required dealines. 
10/30/2019 Beautifully done, with a very fast turnaround time. Thank you so much. 
10/26/2019 Excellent work in a timely manner!
09/24/2019 She will go an extra mile to suprise you. Very professional.

Thank you dear
09/24/2019 Excellent. Highly recommend
09/12/2019 10/10
09/12/2019 My all time hero in this website. 

Thank you lil'star
09/05/2019 Very impressive. Will use again
09/05/2019 Good work. 
Gave a natural science paper for comparing two processes. Well done and could even give a more than a 10 star. 
Thank you so much
08/15/2019 Perfect choice of words for my psychology paper. Highly recommend
08/15/2019 Excellent. She responds quite fast
08/15/2019 Well written and turned in fast
08/15/2019 Exceeded my expectations. Will use again
08/15/2019 The best.
08/15/2019 Unbelievable turnaround time and paper written as per the instructions.
Thank you so much
08/15/2019 Will use again
08/15/2019 Highly recommend
08/15/2019 Got an A. Thank you
08/15/2019 Perfect
07/23/2019 Got an A!
07/02/2019 Nicely laid out project  Will use again.
07/01/2019 Excellent A+ paper. 

Thank you
06/25/2019 Received my paper early before the due date I gave. Paper followed instructions. I am very happy.

thank you
06/24/2019 Great job. Will use again
06/17/2019 THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Looks amazing!! :) I will definitely be using you for many more assignments in the future! 
06/16/2019 Looks perfect. Thank you
06/15/2019 Received a terrible grade on this paper.  Not sited properly.  Gave a chance to redo and no communication at all.  Will not use again!!!
06/14/2019 Will use again!  Great work!
06/11/2019 Nice paper. Thank you
06/10/2019 Well structured and formatted. Instructions carefully followed. Deserves 10 stars
06/10/2019 The best, keep it up
06/06/2019 Exactly what I needed; A!!
06/06/2019 Very best in giving responses. Final paper looks impressive. 

Highly recommend
06/05/2019 Excited with the paper. Will use again
06/04/2019 Great job! Highly recommend
06/04/2019 Perfect. Thank you
06/01/2019 Excellent!!
05/30/2019 Thank you for your help. You are really humble and honest. I appreciate
05/30/2019 Thank you for your help. You are really humble and honest. I appreciate
05/30/2019 Amazing. Fast and precise with instructions.
05/29/2019 I am very impressed with the essay! I yet have to submit it but I feel good about it. Will update rating after submitting if there is a problem. But will definitely use professor again!
05/29/2019 Impressed. 96%
05/29/2019 My best professor. Will always keep using
05/28/2019 Excellent work and submitted on time.
05/25/2019 Excited with the paper I received. 
05/25/2019 Very responsive and professional
05/13/2019 Excellent paper and delivery paper on time.  thank you
Very impressed with the paper i was provided. Highly recommend
05/09/2019 Great work on short notice. My father passed away a couple weeks ago and I just wasn't able to give this assignment the necessary attention. Thanks.
05/08/2019 On time. Original writing. Professional. 
05/07/2019 Literatostar’s pricing was very reasonable. Literatostar not only met the required deadline with time to spare, she constructed a truly original piece with less than 10% similarity to other written works. I couldn’t be more pleased.
05/05/2019 exceeded expectations!
04/28/2019 Excellent work, delivered on time!
04/20/2019 We written, but there was no communication from this professor and the assingment was received 3 hours after the given deadline.
03/12/2019 Paper delivered on time and exceeded my expectations. Thank you. 

Highly recommend
03/12/2019 The best
11/17/2018 Was done in a timely manner and exceeded my expecations. Hit every point that was needed and then some. Will definitely use again.
11/09/2018 I was very happy with he service and essay provided! I got a A! Will definetely use again!
11/07/2018 Good content. Terrible grammar. However, he was not provided with a substantial lead time. 
11/05/2018 Very very good. You my best
11/04/2018 AWESOME
11/02/2018 My all time best professor in this service. Highly recommended
10/03/2018 Everything I needed. Totally exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend
10/03/2018 My best. Thank you always
09/26/2018 Always meets the deadline and her papers look great!! Thank you prof lit
09/23/2018 good paper, quick service. thank you for your help!
09/19/2018 This professor is good in projects with short deadlines. I was amazed by her quick turnaround!!! Will use again. 
09/19/2018 wrote my paper about "economic global environment"  and appreciate her hardwork and expertise in the topic. I am impressed. 

Thank you always
09/19/2018 Perfectly written and earned me 97/100. I highly recommend
07/04/2018 Well done professor. Will use you again.
07/03/2018 Great Job! Thank you!
06/25/2018 Amazing work. Met all the requirements. 100% recomended
06/25/2018 Did an amazing job! Even wrote an extra half page!
06/25/2018 4 page term paper in just a couple days. Thank you so much. Just submitted so I don't have a grade yet but I'd expect at least a B. Perfect formatting and content. 
06/25/2018 Thank you for the good job. I received an A and I am over-excited. Will recommend you to my friends
06/21/2018 What an amazing professor. My project was completed within a record time and in excellent quality. She followed all the instructions and the references I gave were used. I will user her again.
05/02/2018 Perfect. Thank you!
04/24/2018 Fast and accurate!
04/09/2018 Perfect...earned me an A. 
04/04/2018 Cooperative and easy work with. My project met all the requirements. I am sure it will go through and earn me an A. Highly recommend her
04/02/2018 Doesn't provide updates, but overall good paper.
03/26/2018 Awesome work with a quick turnaround time. Thanks so much!
03/26/2018 Very nice. :)
03/21/2018 Perfect job. Highly recommend. 
03/14/2018 Brililliant job!!
03/14/2018 It was a paper...Worth $125? Maybe, but only because I needed it within 24hrs. That’s a pretty quick turnaround time for research, so that part wasn’t bad. The grammatical errors and repetitiveness were just atrocious. I spent two hours editing, and after deleting multiple repetitive words and sentences my paper ended up a whole page short of the requirement. I highly doubt this writer has the credentials listed. I’m a junior in college, and there is no way my professor would have believed that this work was mine. Sub-par, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers. 
03/08/2018 Excellently done and really quick turnaround. highly recommend
03/05/2018 Well done and completed early. Thank you literatostar
02/21/2018 Quick and perfect. Thank you prof. lit
02/21/2018 Good job!!
02/10/2018 The BEST. Strongly recommend
02/10/2018 Good!
01/31/2018 Did my project quite fast and accurate well. She also communicates very well and responds fast whenever you have an issue. Highly recommend
01/31/2018 Magnificent....absolutely fantastic paper. 
01/31/2018 First time using this service and I will definately use it again. This professor is very professional, articulate and responds to your messages promptly. Paper delivered exceeded my expectations. I am totally happy and satisfied. 

Thank you
01/30/2018 Scored an A. Will use you again for my upcoming papers. 
01/28/2018 One time and A+
01/25/2018 Yes, literatostar exceeded my expectation. I am happy with the paper I received. I will use her again. 
01/25/2018 Paper looks great. Thank you prof lit.
01/24/2018 Hi lit, thank you for the paper. Having some business courses this semester. Will inform you when to place them. 

01/24/2018 Am happy...scored an A. :)

Will definately use again
01/24/2018 Well done. That was quick!!!
01/24/2018 Excellent work. On time and met all the requirements. Highly recommend
01/21/2018 BEST BEST BEST professor. The paper met all the requirements and was delivered before the due date. I had enough time to go through it and confirmed my instructions were followed. 

I will definitely use again.
01/10/2018 Scored an A and passed the course. The analysis was done VERY WELL. I highly recommend
01/07/2018 Excellent...I am using you again for another course. Will let you know
01/07/2018 Thank you lit..Scored an A+++ for this paper.
12/07/2017 I was referred to this service by a friend and this is the first using this service. I MUST the experience is amazing!!! The professionalism and the committment from this professor is exceptional. The paper I received not only had met all the instructions as given, but turnaround was just ridiculous. I had to go through paper over and over again to confirm it is real!!

Thank you literato. Hats off :) :) :)
12/07/2017 Excellent paper delivered within the timelines given. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND
12/03/2017 Holy shit!!! SUPERB...............

Thank you
12/03/2017 Did a great job on my paper. I gave a long project with 4 days to deliver. Lit delivered it within 2 days. The paper met all the requirements and the page count. She even went further and included the title page and the reference page well formatted in APA. I trully appreciate her effort and the time she took to deliver this in great quality. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER AND WILL ALWAYS USE HER AGAIN for all my research and essay projects. 
11/29/2017 Great work. 

Always humbled. Thank you too!!
11/29/2017 This was an absolute mess of an experience. First off, when I accepted her offer, I sent her a message to open up the line of communication so she can ask any questions that may better help write my personal statement. I heard no response until she turned in the assignment. When I read the assignment she literally, I kid you not COPIED WORD FOR WORD what I wrote in the description of the project. The one requirement that I stated was that it must be 350 words max.. which she exceeded. Upon stating my unhappiness that she literally copied word for word what I had written she states that was the clarification she needed, even though I literally wrote her a message saying please ask any questions you may have. So I sent another message with MORE clarification for a revision and she returned the revised version worse than the first one. She completely missed the prompt even though I literally told her the overall concept in detail, and exceeded the 350 words max. Still unhappy I gave, even more, detail for a second revision and just completely missed the entire mark on this assignment. No concept of following directions and guidelines. Extremely unhappy. All I can say is do yourself a favor and save your money. This is not the person to go to for your personal statement. Just terrible. If you're looking for an awesome professor for your assignments, specifically your personal statement go to ProfCrisis. 
11/28/2017 Very happy with results.
11/27/2017 Professor delivered a great paper in a short time frame given!! Followed instructions perfectly. Will definitely hire professor again!!
11/27/2017 Well done. The project was delivered to the best standard I expected. Will use again. 

Thank you
11/21/2017 Turnaround time was over the moon. Paper looks great, well structured with sub-headings.

No grammatical errors. I highly recommend
11/21/2017 Was easy to work with. Took my instructions seriously and delivered what I expected. 

Thank you so much!!
11/21/2017 Holy cow!!! what a paper!! 

11/17/2017 Thank you!!!
11/17/2017 Got my results today and had scored an A. I am very happy with prof. literatostar. Posting more projects for her
11/14/2017 Instructions followed

Deadline observed

Well written and structured as per the requirements. 

Thank you!!
11/13/2017 The solution was pretty good, just a little repetitive. I was pleased with the way the prof read the instructions and went about the project though.
11/11/2017 Using this professor for the third time since I started using UP and she never ceases to amaze me. Simply knows and understands an array of subjects and topics that can cover almost anything. Her projects are always completed in a timely manner. Always follows the letter of what the rules are for the paper.

I would be using her to handle my projects. 
11/11/2017 literatorstar has been handling my projects and am happy with her work ethics. She is responsible and very professional. I highly recommend her. 
11/09/2017 Excellent work
11/09/2017 did an excellent job in a short period of time...really very helpful and through on this project....
11/09/2017 The professor finished the paper earlier than expected. I requested a few edits and some additional information, and the professor provided a quick and satisfactory solution.
Understood what I was asking for and delivered an outstanding paper!
Very responsive to my messages.
Would use again.
11/08/2017 She was great! I asked for essay to be completed within 48 hours of accepting bid and she had it completed within the first 24 hours. I provided the specific insructions and she followed them. It was a very well written paper...definitely use her again.
Exactly what i was looking for, and completed ahead of schedule. Many thanks!
11/08/2017 PERFECT. Just what I wanted. Thank you for your papers
11/08/2017 Deserves 10/10 for following instructions and quick turnaround time. Thank you for the good work. Will always use
10/31/2017 Did such a great job on my paper and had it done in a very timely manner. Would definitely use again. 
10/28/2017 Excellent paper. Well writen and page count achieved. Highly recommend
10/25/2017 Thumbs up. :) 
10/25/2017 Generally the best paper I have ever received from this website. Content is solid and subject very well explained. I will definately be using this professor again. 
10/24/2017 Happy with this one also. Thank you so much
10/24/2017 Great work. Fast delivery as well. I will definately use her again
10/24/2017 Gave a natural science paper for comparing two processes. Well done and could even give a more than a 10 star. 
Thank you so much
10/24/2017 I am just happy with the paper. All instructions followed and page count met. I highly recommend
10/23/2017 Given the short deadline, the professor managed to pull the unexpected. Delivered the paper within a short time and in excellent quality

Instructions well followed and no grammartical errors. I will always be using again in future. 
10/23/2017 Unbelievable turnaround time and paper written as per the instructions.

Thank you so much

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