Date Comment Rating
05/03/2021 Delivered Late with no communication. After i asked how it was going they said it was almost finished then came in half a day later.
Delivered almost an exact copy of a website and not what was asked for. Didnt meet the word count asked for in the project quote. Tons of misspellings and grammatical errors.
I would never use this service again.
04/27/2021 Wrote a great paper, but I did need it amended within a few hours. This professor was commicative and re-wrote the paper quickly! Thank you so much. I highly Recommend.
04/24/2021 Incredible. Thank you
04/12/2021 Great work . 
04/12/2021 Absolutely excellent paper! Very scholarly and impressive. I highly recommend this professor!
04/09/2021 Great job thank you
04/07/2021 This Professor did an amazing job on my research paper. It was completed more then 2 weeks before it was due. Highly recommend!
04/02/2021 Very good and well written paper! Also theprof put in a lot of effort in correcting it after due date. 
03/11/2021 Great paper! well researched and written!
02/23/2021 Amazing 
02/18/2021 The essay I received was very well written and he gave it to me in two days even though the deadline was two weeks from now. On top of his great essay writing skills and prompt delivery, he was very communicative and polite.
02/18/2021 Amazing! just amazing!
02/18/2021 Did great work given a short time period. Responds very fast and is attentive to any revisions. Probabbly the best professor ive had on here. other's dont respond fast enough or rush the job, but not theprof!
02/18/2021 Very agreeable and solid work!!
02/18/2021 Very agreeable and solid work!!
02/18/2021 Very agreeable and solid work!!
02/18/2021 Very agreeable and solid work!!
02/18/2021 Very agreeable and solid work!!
02/18/2021 This prof exceeded my expectation. He followed the structure of the project.

The references, citation and structure all done perfectly. 

02/18/2021 Excellent content every time. Barely ever  had to ask for edits 
02/18/2021 Great work, very responsive to requests and timelines.
02/18/2021 I will always choose this professor, hands down the best. The papers are always done on time or early. They follow the directions perfectly every time. I have never received below a 95. You will not regret choosing this professor.
02/18/2021 Great job!!!
02/18/2021 Great job!!!
02/18/2021 Great work!!!
02/18/2021 Great work!!!
02/18/2021 Great work!!!
02/18/2021 Great work!!!
02/18/2021 This professor wrote a great paper. I got 100 On it. Thank you!
02/18/2021 Owesome!! 
02/15/2021 Did not fully complete the assignment. Did not complete the assignment by due date and would not respond to my messages.
02/07/2021 Great work got it before needed to review and make changes if need, which I didnt got an A on my assignment saved me since I went into labor 
02/05/2021 Thank you 
01/26/2021 Wait can you say TheProf.  
11/22/2020 Next level, finished this essay in under 4 hours along with another one. Highly recommended. iif you have a tight dealine and want  high quality work, then this is the professor to hire.
11/22/2020 Very agreeable and solid work!!
11/22/2020 Very agreeable and solid work!!
11/22/2020 Very agreeable and solid work!!
11/22/2020 Excellent Analysis! Thank you! I hope to use you again!
11/22/2020 Best prof ever. Super helpful. Would use again
11/22/2020 Great job.
11/22/2020 Great job.
11/22/2020 Great job.
11/22/2020 Great job.
11/22/2020 Great job.
11/22/2020 This professor was amazing and everything was on point. The professor  completed the paper within a very short time. Thank you so much!
11/22/2020 Highly recommend.
11/22/2020 Highly recommend.
11/22/2020 Simply amazing! Highly recommend!
11/22/2020 Awesome!
11/17/2020 I got a 70 on my paper and professor said it was unorganized and jumping all over the place. 
10/19/2020 Paper was perfect and was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much I greatly appreciate it!!
10/19/2020 Got every answer correct. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10/19/2020 Got every answer correct. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10/19/2020 This Professor was amazing and went above and beyond what I asked for. I will 100% be using them again and highly suggest everyone else does as well.
10/19/2020 This Professor was amazing and went above and beyond what I asked for. I will 100% be using them again and highly suggest everyone else does as well.
10/19/2020 Exellent!
10/19/2020 Exellent!
10/19/2020 Exellent!
10/19/2020 Exellent!
10/19/2020 Exellent!
09/23/2020 I had to edit some parts or answer some questions that weren't answered. Some answers were vague not to the point. 
09/13/2020 Very helpful for my project. Thanks a lot!

05/12/2020 I'll use this professor 10 times out of 10. Completed the project a week early and was exceptional work. Thank you so much!!!!!
04/15/2020 Thank you for not only completing an awesome paper but for completing it before the due date. 
04/10/2020 perfect
04/06/2020 Fantastic job, completed on time and got an A
04/06/2020 Fantastic job, completed on time and got an A
03/21/2020 she was very sweet and helpful 
03/19/2020 Finished my project in just a few hours! 
03/12/2020 He went beyond what I needed and I appreciate it.
03/11/2020 Wonderful just wonderful!! 
03/11/2020 Nicely done 
03/09/2020 Legend!
03/08/2020 Good job
03/08/2020 Flawless work, expecting an A.. you are the best!
03/08/2020 Exactly what i had asked for. I will definately need the prof in future projects 
03/08/2020 Amazing work
03/08/2020 Great work! thank you so so much 
03/08/2020 Reliable and was very helpful with questions. Thank you
03/08/2020 Brilliant work, thank you so much
03/06/2020 Delivered on time and the work was cohent. Highly recommended 
03/06/2020 Excellent work thank you.
03/06/2020 I read the essay and I cannot ask for more! All areas I expected have been covered. Got a good feeling I will get a good grade.
03/06/2020 Awesome job, thank you so much and I will recommend you anytime. 
03/06/2020 Absolutely amazing professor! My number ONE choice as always!
03/06/2020 The paper is plagiarism free and was delivered on time. Highly recommended!
03/03/2020 Well written and intresting to read. You are the best!!!
03/03/2020 Very detailed and coherent, absolutely amazing!!!
03/03/2020 10/10 work, highly recommended, will hire again
03/03/2020 Thank you so much! 
03/03/2020 Great work!
03/01/2020 Brilliant work and thank you so much, I highly recommend the prof. 
03/01/2020 Delivered  what I had asked for and on time. 
03/01/2020 Highly recommend the prof, thanks for your help
03/01/2020 Superb work, thanks 
02/23/2020 Nice paper
02/10/2020 The leeson plan turned out great!
02/09/2020 Great work. Thank you.
02/09/2020 Saved me!!! Thank you again.
02/06/2020 Nice one!!
02/05/2020 Thank you!!!
02/01/2020 The first draft of the paper was great, but due to him using outside resources, he had to rewrite it. In the instructions, it clearly states what resources that could be used and he used outside ones.  The essay was then redone past the deadline, which caused him to rush and for the paper to become very close to a wiki paper with minor changes to the extent that it's not an academic penalty.  Very disappointed 
01/28/2020 Great paper done in plenty of time!
01/23/2020 Fantastic results, second time used and couldn't be more satisfied!!! 10/10
01/18/2020 fast and really comprehensive work
01/16/2020 The essay was completed before the deadline and well enough written, which is great. Unfortunately I didn't check the originality score prior to submitting it, which once I did it came back with over 30%. Once I'd checked why it was so high I found that one section of the report was completely copy and pasted. I only wish I'd checked it prior to submission and I would have made sure it was rewritten. 
Overall, good writing, but check the similarity score before you finalise the project. 
01/15/2020 Awesome work!
12/24/2019 the project finished 4 days before the deadline.thank you, theprof!
appreciate the good referencing and the word count.
12/20/2019 Very responsive and great work! Honestly tho, don't use on big assignments or technical assignments that are going to be graded by someone who knows what they're doing. ALOT of fluff and average substance, ended with a B-. The professor did his best in the short time I gave him and I really appreciate his work, but if this grade means alot to you and you're looking for substance, either write it yourself or maybe find another professor. 
12/18/2019 Absolutely amazing work. You've saved me. Thank you thank you thank you. 
12/18/2019 The work was amazing and more then I was expecting 
12/17/2019 Amazing work in such a short amount of time!
12/16/2019 the best!! got my paper back in about 2 days a 5 page paper thank you!!!!
12/14/2019 I mean there were some citation errors but this was definetly better than writing the essay myself. Huge thanks.
12/08/2019 Thank you!!!!
12/07/2019 Very impressed and really appreciate you getting it done even earlier than asked. Exceeded my expectations!
12/07/2019 Wonderful! Delivered the paper before the due date. Quality worth while work
12/07/2019 I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this professor. Communication was good and the project was awesome. I must admit that the ONLY reason that I did not receive an A is because this particular project was one that I decided to get help with last minute so I was penalized strictly because of time range. Other than that I made a B+ and I look forward to working with this professor again one day. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this professor. 
12/06/2019 Completed in a timely manner. Very professional. Easy to communicate with. 
12/06/2019 Amazing work, I'm honestly happy with the work 
12/05/2019 Got a 72%
12/05/2019 Fantastic results, quick feedback throughout, would highly recommend 
12/05/2019 received an 88%
12/05/2019 received an 88%
12/05/2019 received an 88% 
12/04/2019 TheProf absolutely KILLED my project, thank you so much!
12/02/2019 Awesome work, always responded when I had questions and the essay is amazing. Definitely exceeded my expectations
11/30/2019 Project was done perfectly
11/29/2019 my lifesaver. would defintely use again. provided unlimited free revisions
11/26/2019 Very good job, would 10/10 recomend
11/24/2019 10/10 
11/22/2019 Awesome Work I rec'd an A
11/21/2019 Good work, a little over the word count, but saved me a ton of time. Would recommend
11/16/2019 The final job was exactly what I was looking for. The essay was perfect!
11/14/2019 Best prof ever. Super helpful. Would use again 
11/13/2019 AMAZING WORK!!!!
11/13/2019 Did great work given a short time period. Responds very fast and is attentive to any revisions. Probabbly the best professor ive had on here. other's dont respond fast enough or rush the job, but not theprof!
11/12/2019 Great job

11/11/2019 Just what I needed!
11/05/2019 great.
11/03/2019 The prof's writing style is impeccable. A well though out essay, referencing is all good. I expect at least a 95. Highly recommended 
11/03/2019 Super quality work, no doubt that theprof does his research and must say writing is coherent. Many thanks and will hire again
11/03/2019 Brilliant job, thank you so much!  
Theprof has done it once again!!!     
Great work! Highly recommend working with! 
11/03/2019 Theprof is fantastic. Tell him what you want, in as much detail as possible, and he will deliver. It's that simple. 
11/03/2019 Geart work and on time! Thanks 
11/03/2019 The paper was exactly what was needed for my class. The professor was quick and provided a well written paper with citations. I would definitely use him
Excellent job!! Will most definately be coming back again
06/10/2019 Thank you!
06/03/2019 Fourth paper with this profesor. Will continue to submit projects to them. Very satisfied. Always get it well ahead of due date. 
06/03/2019 Have used this professor multiple times and will continue to submit projects to them. Very satisfied. Always get it well ahead of due date. 
05/13/2019 Got the lowest grade in the class on the paper, wrote about two films that didnt tie together. Got it done in time and was long enough just didnt follow the prompt. 
I would reccomend if you arent looking for a super high grade and just need someone to get it done. 
The prof wrote exactly what was requested and used the textbook required.  I was very impressed with the content of the essay.   I will definitely use again.  I highly recommend his work.
05/12/2019 Amazing paper and quick turn. Would use again!
05/12/2019 Great work and ahead of schedule. Would recommend!
05/12/2019 Thank you so much Theprof!
05/08/2019 Quality paper delivered well before the deadline. Adhered to all instructions. 
05/08/2019 Efficient, excellent writing style, succint language. 
05/08/2019 Very helpful and very timely in the manner to finish the project. Also stayed in contact throughout the project. 
05/08/2019 Six hours before assignment was due, they asked what to write about when details were clearly stated before. Then had the audacity to say that I got back to them late, when I responded three hours later that it was in the notes I sent to them. Rushed for time, didn’t receive a good grade on the assignment. 
05/08/2019 Great work but I asked for some edits and didn't get them in time for submission. Also said a character died when they did not die. Was super embarassed by my Professor when I got my grade back.
05/06/2019 This paper is completely incorrect and written from the wrong perspective.

Can this be amended as it is useless as written? 

Dear customer, this is a rare occurrence since around 96% of my students receive As in their assignments. Moreover, it is wrong to give a negative review instead of asking for a revision. You provided the rubric after I had completed the paper, so it is hard to blame me on this. With your permission, I will revise the paper and deliver a quality paper now that you have provided the rubric.
05/05/2019 A true stud.  Got my paper in plenty of time, and killed the topic. A+
05/05/2019 Good work, delivered on time!
05/05/2019 Completed essay on time with everything I needed.
05/04/2019 Did what I asked for
05/02/2019 excellent
05/02/2019 follows the instructions and is very good at writing. 
04/29/2019 Great work in timely manner
04/29/2019 Done early and well
04/27/2019 Well done
04/27/2019 Finally! Solid paper using the source I asked and exactly what I wanted. Thanks theprof!
04/15/2019 Amazing! Exceeded all expectations. 
04/13/2019 After a few misunderstandings, things were clarify. Yet, he still submitted the project before the date I requested and the paper was great. Than you very much!
04/10/2019 Thank you so much!!!!!!
04/09/2019 Amazing! just amazing!
04/08/2019 Barely got a C on the paper. Spent a lot of time revising and editing the paper as there were tons of errors, and false facts stated within the paper. Over all sources and formatting were fine. 
04/07/2019 FIREE PAPER
04/07/2019 Did a great job on my world literature essay! Sent me a proof and made revisions with no issues and very fast.   

The professor turned in the assignment in a timely manner and talked about all the topics that I asked of them. The professor also responded to my messages quickly with updates that I forgot to include in the assignment. Great Job! 

04/03/2019 THANK YOU
04/01/2019 great job

03/31/2019 Excellent work, adhered to the directions for the assignment, delivered the completed assignment early. Well worth it! Will use again!
03/27/2019 Very timely and professional. Paper was well structured, written, and exceeded the minimum length by a little bit!
03/27/2019 Completed, before the due date, exellent paper thank you very much I appreciate it .
03/27/2019 Absolutely amazing! Did everything I asked for. Couldn’t be happier 
03/27/2019 Fast and great quality. COuldnt have asked for more.
03/26/2019 Quite good!
03/25/2019 Good Paper, could have been the full length but overall good quality.
03/25/2019 Concise word usage and a relatable use of language on a tough subject.
03/25/2019 Superb and verbose coverage of the subject.
03/24/2019 Completed the assignment two days early. Fit the qualifications given perfectly. Will use again. :)
03/24/2019 Nice job - thanks!
03/22/2019 Very happy with the result! He answered my questions and finished the paper a day before the deadline :)