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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
11/06/2018 Great job, very thorough.
10/21/2018 Great Job
10/04/2018 I enjoyed working with this professor. He is very professional and very attentive to what was needed.
09/26/2018 Super quick and great writing!
Received 100/100 on a business consumers paper. I would definitely recommend!
09/26/2018 Gr8
09/25/2018 Had them do an edit on some work that needed revisions from a previous written paper, (not by this prof). The edits made were excellent, on time and passed easily.
THANK YOU! Will definitely use again.
09/18/2018 Paper was spot on and passed with no edits or anything else.  Great working with this professor!
09/14/2018 Completed my project before the deadline.
09/11/2018 Most of the essay was plagiarized. Wasn’t to happy about that. I couldn’t even turn in the essay and didn’t have time to finish another before the deadline. 
09/05/2018 Paper looked great and passed without any edits!
08/28/2018 I was provided a good paper, got a small markdown, but nothing major.
08/27/2018 Great professor and great quality of work!
08/27/2018 10/10
08/27/2018 Great
08/17/2018 It was my first time using this site and was quite skeptical, to begin with. 

I realized I put the wrong date in, and the professor finished for me 4 days before expected with no trouble. 

The work that was completed was much better than I expected! References all done correctly, with appendices as discussed. 

Would highly recommend this Prof!.

Thanks so much ????????????????
08/11/2018 Great work on short notice . Excellent comminucation.highly recommended 
08/09/2018 Thank you
08/06/2018 Excellent Job!
08/02/2018 Thank you
07/28/2018 Excellent work!
07/27/2018 Great Job!
07/26/2018 Thank you. 
07/25/2018 Some of the best work that I've ever had done for me; I will only use victoryprof in the future.
07/25/2018 A fantastic, huge, super helpful for me when I have been traveling for work, and in a bind.  I would recommend any day.
07/22/2018 He pulled this off in two hours. Great work
07/19/2018 Thank you.
07/14/2018 Good Job!
07/13/2018 Great job as always 
07/10/2018 Awesome!
07/05/2018 Thank you. 
07/03/2018 Asked for a 3rd year university subject.
Paid a premium price. Even offered a 50% tip for a passing paper (which you would expect anyhow).
Got a piece of shit.
Recieved 3%, yep thats right 3%.
Never again will I waste my money with this professor.
07/01/2018 Great Job, thank you. 
07/01/2018 Great Job...thank you. 
06/30/2018 Perfect as always, thank you!
06/27/2018 Great work. Delivered before deadline & passed on 1st submission. 
06/27/2018 Doesn’t deserve any stars but I have to give you at least one because of this dumb website. You owe me a refund.
06/27/2018 Awful service, paper did not come close to meeting requirements that I provided. Paper was given to me an hour later that I was expecting. Terrible customer service. Seller won’t give me a refund.
06/27/2018 My paper was a disaster. I’ll never order a paper from this website again. Received a 32/100 on my paper even though I gave this person all of the guidelines required to write the paper. Total waste of time and I can’t even get a refund.
06/27/2018 not even deserving of 1 star, this idiot ruined my grade for my entire class.
06/27/2018 Exactly what I asked for, thank you!
06/25/2018 Very good standard. Highly recommended. 
06/15/2018 thankyou!
06/14/2018 Great Paper. Did as instructed by professor for paper. Very good writing!!
06/12/2018 Asked for a college-level 10 page paper. Instead, I received a middle school level paper, got an F on it and Unemployed Professors is refusing to give me a refund for the paper. Never use this website if you’re already smarter than an unemployed Professor, even if you’re pressed for time. They will 110% screw you over and never give you your money back.
06/11/2018 A thousand times Thank You!
06/10/2018 Great work, exactly what I was looking for and submitted on time. Thank you so much!
06/04/2018 Exactly what the prompt asked for - even did additional research outside of the required readings to make a strong statement. I'm so happy with the end result, I hope my professor is as well! (I'll be sure to update)
Paper was on time and had zero grammatical or spelling errors. However, the quality was well below what was expected. This project received a 77/100 because of low scoring “Content/Subject Knowledge” and “Critical Thinking”. 
05/31/2018 amazing work by this professor. Highly recommend and would use their services again. Work was completed faster than the deadline given and was very well written. Thank you. 
05/28/2018 Great work, as always!!! Will use again and again!!
05/28/2018 Great work, as always!!!
05/28/2018 Great work, as always!!!
05/28/2018 Great
05/28/2018 Great
05/27/2018 Excellent & timely professor. Very happy with his/her work.
05/27/2018 Definitely making my life easier!!! Thank you a thousand times for the well written, on time papers.
05/27/2018 Great work 
05/27/2018 Quick turnaround and completed project based on all instructions. Highly recommend.
05/26/2018 Fantastic writing! Not only did I get perfect scores, but my instructor dropped 20% of the 40% late reduction for the outstanding writing. Otherwise I would've removed a star for being late, yet it was worth the wait.
05/26/2018 Really great paper! && was super nice! thanks :) 
05/25/2018 Amazing work all the time. Always get A's. I appreciate this professor. Thank you!
05/24/2018 The essay is not bad, but the question wasn't fully answered. Also, I spent a long time fixing referencing. He completes the work quickly so that he can fix up many mistakes, but I honestly found myself fixing them rather than giving them to him to fix. It got me a good mark, but not an outstanding mark.
05/23/2018 Excellent service.
05/21/2018 This is definitely your go to professor!!!! 
05/20/2018 Great work, will use again!!!!
05/19/2018 The work was done very well and was completed in a timely manner. Thank you so much. 
05/18/2018 Exeptionnal quality.
05/18/2018 Fantastic.  This has really helped me from over-thinking my own essays.  Timely, detailed, accurate, professional and academic essay supplied.  I thank you very much. 
05/15/2018 I know that many comments claim that it is their first time using this site and everything works out great, but for those who are unsure or hesistent still regardless; wipe those feeligns from your mind. I was truly apprehensive at first until I recieved my rough draft and read over it. The service you are paying for is truly worth it as the professor also finished early and gave me enough time to ask for revisions. So be confident in using this service as I will definitely returning to use it again.
05/15/2018 so many revisions needed, and so many spelling errors.  i ended up rewriting the night before, but at least they tried and tried again and again 
05/15/2018 Very good work!
05/12/2018 Timely, creative, and understanding. Great work all around. Such a huge help!
05/10/2018 Solid work!!! This is precisely what I was looking for!!
05/08/2018 First time using this service and wasn't sure what to expect.
He got the job done according to instructions. Is it an A+ paper? Absolutely not. But victoryprof has saved me hours and hours of time spent researching and writing. I'll only have to spend about 1 hour fixing grammar and adjusting a few course specific things. If you need X pages of writing on a topic, victoryprof can do that for you. 
Wow amazing professor!!!! Thanl you so much!
05/06/2018 Did you a very good job on the essay content/info.
BUT, Assignment was completed late (given 3 days to complete).
It was supposed to be 5 pages long with 5 sources - I recieved 3.5 pages with 1 source...
05/06/2018 great work!
05/03/2018 Finished in less than one day. Did a great job, just waiting for my grade to come back.
05/02/2018 Homeboy does good work.
05/02/2018 The paper was written and submitted to me for revisions before the deadline. The paper is of average quality, although repetitive and clearly rushed. It does not stand up to any rigorous examination requirements and even though the guidelines were clearly provided, would not earn an A or First in any sense of the word. Heavy edits will be needed, and the revised version he provided is a bit better, yet still lacking. He requested an extension to keep working on the paper, but the extension isn't possible. All in all, I wouldn't recommend this professor if you're looking for super high quality work, but if you're looking for something done quickly, he is your man. He is NOT WORTH THE PREMIUM HE ASKS ON PROJECTS, SO DO NOT PAY ABOVE MINIMUM PRICE FOR THE ESSAY! I expected higher quality work because of the premium, but that is not the case.

Good luck with your essays my dudes. 
05/01/2018 It was my first time using this site and prof and I was a bit apprehensive as many are I am sure.
My work was delivered on time and it was very well written and covered all the necessary points.
Don't hesitate, this is absolutely worth it!  This prof is excellent.
04/30/2018 Wonderful job! I recieved my paper before the deadline and I was able read it and asked if mor could be written, and it was done with no questions asked! 
04/30/2018 Wonderful Job! I recieved my paper before the deadline.
04/30/2018 Wonderful Job! I recieved my paper before the deadline
04/30/2018 Wonderful Job! I recieved my paper before the deadline
04/30/2018 Wonderful Job! I recieved my paper before the deadline
04/30/2018 Wonderful Job! I recieved my paper before the deadline
04/30/2018 Wonderful Job! I recieved my paper before the deadline
04/30/2018 Wonderful Job! I recieved my paper before the deadline
04/30/2018 Wonderful Job! I recieved my paper before the deadline
04/30/2018 Wonderful Job! I recieved my paper before the deadline
04/30/2018 A great help!
04/28/2018 thesis wasnt clearly stated and ideas were all over the place and spelling and grammar , he spelled the main charectors name wrong 3 times all different variations.
04/28/2018 Good work
04/28/2018 Great work and very fast. Thank You!
04/27/2018 Great Job, You were on time, didn't ask any personal questions, left the parts open and obvious where I needed to fill in my personal information!
04/26/2018 use this professor.
04/26/2018 Very great person, easy to work with and communicates very fast
04/24/2018 Great job, followed the directions very well
04/20/2018 Good Job!
04/19/2018 Did what was requested in the specified time period. The paper turned out to be really good too.
04/18/2018 Awesome paper! My go to prof for all assignments!
04/17/2018 Amazing guy and a life saver. Bless!
04/17/2018 Thank you!!!!!!!
04/17/2018 One of the best out here 
04/16/2018 This professor came through when I blindly selected them over professors I had used in the past! 
04/14/2018 Awesome Job! Super fast communication. I needed a couple changes and it was able to be fixed instantly. I would recommend to all. Thank you AGAIN!!
04/12/2018 Very well written paper. Followed instructions exactly as laid out. Made revisions quickly and with no hassle. Would definitely use again. 
04/11/2018 Great work! Thanks for going back and finding other reference we needed. 
04/10/2018 Thank you
04/10/2018 Has completed multiple assignments of mine over the course of the semester and all have been outstanding!!
04/10/2018 Got a 100/100 on this assignment!!! Thank you victoryprof! 
04/10/2018 Completed early. Well done and exactly as specified.
04/10/2018 Did all the intructions and finished assignment on time. Didn't mind doing chnages after being criticized. Very nice prof and hopefully we'll get a good mark
04/08/2018 Always delivers on time with great work. Used VP before and he/she always is around to help when im in a major time crunch !
04/08/2018 Excellent work!
04/08/2018 Excellent work!
04/07/2018 He has been helping me out
04/06/2018 Awesome work! 
04/06/2018 Provided great work in a timely manner! Will definitely use again! 
04/06/2018 Sent the final copy to me before the deadline met all expectations and when my professor asked for revisons he was happy to help although the deadline had already past. 
greatly appreciated 
04/06/2018 Great communication, great work.
04/04/2018 11/10 If you want an excellent/incredibly well written with no grammatical mistakes then pick victoryprof. On time and well done. Thank you. You are a lifesaver.
04/02/2018 He did amazing at such a short notice! 10 out of 10 would use again!
04/02/2018 Great job like always 
04/01/2018 Absolutely lovely to work with
04/01/2018 Well written and researched.
03/31/2018 Finished the paper before the deadline and edited immediately after my few remarks. Perfect. 
03/25/2018 Amazing, absolutely perfect and on time. Thanks so much.
03/25/2018 Got an A+ on assignment, highly recommend!! 
03/24/2018 Brilliant!!!
03/24/2018 Received my grade today and the results were awesome.

Thank you Proff.
03/24/2018 Thank you.

Dear client Thank you for the tip and the awesome rating. Is it possible to update it to 10?
03/22/2018 Great timely and well executed 
03/20/2018 Recommended! Efficient. 
03/18/2018 So helpful in meeting all my last minute needs and specific requests and provided flawless work every stap of the way!
03/17/2018 Good to go.
03/17/2018 great proffesor
03/17/2018 He asked questions about the paper, which sets him apart from other professors on this site. Very skilled at what he does, i'd recommend him.
03/16/2018 great
03/10/2018 Great job like always. 
03/10/2018 Awesome
03/10/2018 Clutch
02/26/2018 I highly recommend Vic. The paper was submitted very early. It was full length. It was in proper format with all required citations. The paper was free of grammatical errors. Anything good that comes with a good paper was there.
Totally satisfied

02/20/2018 Paper was on time, but I recieved a "D" grade on it. 

02/16/2018 More than what I expected. 
Detailed as per the instructions, very professional
This was my 3rd project with VictoryProf and all are As.
Thank you. Will use again

02/16/2018 worked very well with me and was efficient 
02/15/2018 Completed it very early way ahead of the dealine and met all of the requirements needed. Eloquently brought the qualitative facts and concepts in the book work with challenging and sensible arguments.
Fantastic Job

02/13/2018 This professor was always in communication and responded quickly. The paper was also done way before the time Iasked for it. 

Will be using him again for furture papers. 

I reccomend him 100%
01/05/2018 Perfect, thank you very much !!!!!!!
12/20/2017 The paper provided was excellent, satisfies all the provided instructions, and was completed before my deadline.
I will definitely use the professor’s services again.

Again, thank you.

12/20/2017 The paper was beyond my expectations. The depth of arguments provided went beyond my expectations. The professor did not even mind the limitations on page provision constraint and went above and beyond to ensure that everything was covered. My paper as on human beings’ predisposition to violence.

Below is an excerpt:

“Violent behaviors are related to a complexity of social and environmental circumstances (Gottschalk & Ellis, 2008). However, heritable factors have widely been implicated in violent behaviors. Firstly, scientists have linked allelic variations found in the X-linked monoamine oxidase A (MAO-A) as an explanation for different individuals’ predisposition to violence.”

I believe this is money well spent.


Thank you for everything.


this was legitimately, without exaggeration (i kid you not) the worst thing i have ever read in my entire life. The grammar was soo poor it was entirely insensible. The incoherence of the paper aside, many, MANY of the facts included in this research paper were entirely fabricated. English is probably not this persons first language. There is not one single shot this person is a professor, and honestly based on my paper i cannot imagine they've graduated high school. If you're considering using this professor.. do yourself a favor, bite the bullet and write the paper yourself.

just so you dont accidently think i am kidding, let me include some quotes. 

First of all, they actually wrote "Franklin Benjamin", instead of Benjamin Franklin

"Richardson Dilworth, Joseph Clark, and Edmund Bacon started hosting shows on the national television in 1956 that proved transformational to the music industry of Philadelphia and entire America (Shore, 1985). The shows brought rock and roll biggest stars to West Philadelphia in dancing the American Bandstand while accompanying children at the 46th Street. The facet was the first significant contribution of Philadelphia to the mainstream pop music in the mid-1950s."

(allow me to point out that NONE of those three people have ever had television shows)

I Could Not Make This Shit Up If I Wanted To


12/11/2017 Thank you so much for helping me! I passed my class because of all the work you did.

12/11/2017 Saved me from getting a failing grade with three days left of the semester. Thank you 
12/11/2017 I was going to fail this course. I got 90's on both of my two projects that were almost 4 weeks late in less than two days. Thank you so much. 
12/11/2017 Seriously saved me BIG TIME.

I can not thank you enough !
12/09/2017 Went above and beyond my expectations

12/07/2017 Completed the project before deadline and didn't even need to correct anything! Received an A with no hint of plaigarism. Will recommend to anyone and work with again. 11/10
12/06/2017 Did a phenomenal job with my paper with very short notice.
12/06/2017 Great job! did everything and beyond 

Produced an awesome paper with very short notice and still provided a solution before the time I requested. Highly recommend. Thanks so much!

Make your homework go away!