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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
04/25/2024 well written.
04/19/2024 Thank you!
04/16/2024 Great work! She's very responsive!
03/26/2024 Great paper 
03/26/2024 Great paper 
03/24/2024 Love her! Always gets my work done on time.
03/21/2024 Jenny, 
Thanks for the well written paper! appreciate it being delivered prior ahead of time.

03/03/2024 Got my assignment done in a timely manner! HUUUGE help! Thank you thank you thank you 
01/25/2024 Completed online quiz on time. Got an A. Would definitely use this professor again. 
01/21/2024 Was able to complete a complex and difficult paper in a very short time window. 
12/29/2023 Absolutely wonderful!
12/18/2023 Excellent work in a timely manner!
12/15/2023 Great work and submitted way before requested deadline. 
11/19/2023 Outstanding!!!
11/19/2023 Love her work and gets it done on time, as always.
11/15/2023 No, comment.
11/14/2023 Always a joy for Jenny to complete my assignments.
11/12/2023 Essay was timely and well done.
10/30/2023 did bare minimum and not answering question in detail or providing rationales
10/30/2023 Paper was done wonderfully and in a timely fashion.
10/17/2023 Swift and friendly, as always.
10/17/2023 Great work! Took the instructions and read them thoroughly. She followed the outlined guidance and expanded on them to make a well-rounded, easy-to-read essay. Cited more work than the minimum requirements and exceeded expectations. Would highly recommend! 

10/04/2023 Always fast and friendly. I love Jenny.
10/03/2023 All the expectations were met and done before the requested date/time. Would 110% use again 
09/23/2023 I highly recommend Jenny! Her work is top quality and she provides excellent communication!
09/23/2023 Very nice, swift and amazing work.
09/13/2023 Great work!
09/03/2023 Excellent work!
08/18/2023 very good
07/30/2023 Outstanding job!!!!!!!!
07/23/2023 Jenny provides quality work, with a fast turnaround. I am beyond satisfied, and highly recommend her services! 
07/07/2023 Very fast on a last minute request.
06/23/2023 This professor is top notch. The assignment looks great and it was delivered well before the deadline. Thank you for all of your hard work. I highly recommend. 
06/13/2023 Fast and a great job!

Glad you loved our services. You're welcomed again!
06/06/2023 Excellent work.  You delivered everything as expected and in quick time. Thanks for your help.

You're welcome. It's a pleasure working with you!
05/30/2023 Well-structured, academic sources, perfect references, a great job.I am delighted with it, thanks to these professionals.
05/30/2023 Very quick and easy. Met all the requirments for the paper
05/15/2023 Thank you
05/12/2023 well written, did not provided the required references but otherwise a good paper.
05/07/2023 excellent 
05/06/2023 great job!
05/05/2023 well written, thanks
05/04/2023 Great work, thank you!
05/01/2023 A+++ Excelent work. Can't wait to work with you again. 
04/29/2023 Thank you!
04/29/2023 very happy with the resolution of this project! provided the information that I needed. This professor followed the rubric that was provided which allowed my to received full marks on it! Thanks! 
04/25/2023 gave me a well written paper and was sent to me quickly
04/23/2023 Quality work and fast turnaround! Highly recommend! 

Always a pleasure working with you. I truly appreciate your trust!
04/22/2023 Perfect & Will Be Back
04/17/2023 Awesome work!??
04/10/2023 Crazy Fast and Great Work!
03/29/2023 .
03/20/2023 thank you
03/19/2023 Quality work with fast turnaround. Very satisfied! 
03/08/2023 The grade i obtained reflected my money. The exper was amazing and the paper was brilliantly writen. 
03/08/2023 The discussion came out great. I scored 10/10
03/08/2023 Very good piece of work, that is interesting and very detailed. Thank you for being awesome
03/08/2023 The assignment was delivered on time and all the aspects were adequately covered
03/08/2023 Very satisfied with the final product
03/08/2023 Fast and well time. Thank you
03/06/2023 Very happy. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
03/06/2023 Great. Saved the day as always
03/06/2023 Always deliver as per the requirements. 10 stars
03/06/2023 Excellent and effective.
03/05/2023 Great work!!! THANK YOU
03/05/2023 Essay delivered on time and looks good however still awaiting grading for it and will update review based on grade.
03/05/2023 The professor did an amazing job
03/05/2023 Thank you
03/05/2023 Did a brilliant job.
03/03/2023 Great work. Thank you
03/03/2023 Excellent work. Everything was perfect and it was exactly what I paid for. I definettly recommend 
03/03/2023 Quick turn around. Thank you
03/01/2023 I mean it was supposed to be about belgium not egypt
02/17/2023 love the end product. will keep using these professors
02/16/2023 This professor completely scammed me! She sent me a half completed assignment A WHOLE DAY LATE! When I messaged her and asked her to complete the assignment she said she would and then once again submitted the same unfinished assignment to me another day later. Not only did she never complete the assignment but she GAVE ME AN UNFINISHED ASSIGNMENT TWO DAYS LATE!! Save your money and do not get scammed by this unethical professor. I was in tears!! 
02/15/2023 Nice work!
02/08/2023 Paper delivered was not completed how asked. Will be disputing. I was unable to use paper provided. 
02/02/2023 10/10 stars. Followed the prompts so well, and I've received 100% on projects she does. Recommended from first-hand experience!
01/29/2023 Excellent writing and organization. Work was done timely and to a distinguished level. Highly recommend. 
01/25/2023 excellent paper, thank you so much 
01/19/2023 Exceptional answers for my questions PLUS they were based on the sources that I provided. Highly recommended!
01/17/2023 Honestly good work but gave it in 4 hours later, good thing I had expected this and gave myself time to review it.
01/02/2023 Amazingg go work once again
01/02/2023 Thank you for your work and help
12/30/2022 always producing great work thank so much
12/30/2022 complex assignment but she knocked out the park.
12/30/2022 Love the paper no complaints from me
12/29/2022 Unfortunately the professor did not read my instructions and wrote an essay about the wrong text. I did not realise initially because she wrote about something similar. But even then, the essay was not very good. Now they won't answer my messages and I need to post it again, which is frustrating and expensive. Very disappointed. 
12/22/2022 Amazing work as always! Thank you!
12/21/2022 On time and excellent writing 
12/20/2022 Late and mediocre 
12/14/2022 Well executed essay thats engaging, well researched, and fully developed essay. Very happy with my purchase : )
12/12/2022 Did the job well done!
12/11/2022 Excellent! On time and passed! 
12/11/2022 Love it and on time
12/11/2022 It was perfect, really appreciate it!
12/09/2022 Thank you so much for following all instructions, I know i was looking for something very specific and you nailed it. Paper looks great, will definitely think of you in the future.
12/08/2022 Thank you for my paper and following instructions. Will look for you in the future.
12/08/2022 Excellent work!
12/04/2022 Thank you for the hard work and time invested on this project.
11/28/2022 Does a spectacular job and is very detailed.
11/22/2022 thank you so much. this is really good! 
11/22/2022 No stress for me and a great paper at the end! 
11/21/2022 The paper was completed on time, however there were some errors that I asked to be corrected. They were not corrected.
11/11/2022 Helped me out with a time sensitive assignment yes
10/25/2022 Really excellent work 
10/21/2022 -Good communication 
-Easy to talk to
-Followed all of the instructions
-The paper looks amazing 

10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
09/29/2022 Jenny wrote me an amazing paper for my Philosophy class, very well worded and better than I could've done! I will definitely be seeking her expertise in the near future! 
09/25/2022 Great work thanks!
09/25/2022 Very Happy with results.
09/21/2022 Amazing timing. thank you 
09/13/2022 Thank you for a great paper!
09/12/2022 Amazing work! 
09/07/2022 Great Work
09/01/2022 Very well done report!
08/23/2022 I am extremely pleased with the end product and would definitely recommend this Professor. 
07/28/2022 Looked great!
07/28/2022 AMAZING!!!!!!!
07/26/2022 There was an issue with the information I provided and this professor ensured to reach out and was able to work with what I provided in order to deliver a great paper that I received an A on.  Very happy with the results and would look forward to working with this professor again.  Highly recommend!
07/26/2022 If you expect words a page that's what you'll get. If you expect them to fit your rubric go with someone else. 
07/18/2022 does not follow directions and had to request she upload assignment after it was late. 
07/14/2022 They were great, and early with my project!
07/14/2022 Always on time and willing to answer any questions!
07/01/2022 Excellent services from Jenny!!  
06/14/2022 Not very engaging 
06/13/2022 Was delivered on time but unfortunately failed the class. 
06/13/2022 LATE. 
06/12/2022 met the writing criteria and delivered on time. I hope to get an A.
06/11/2022 Assignment done exactly as instructions said. Thank you so much!

06/10/2022 good work
05/31/2022 did a great job on a short assigment that was needed from human development
05/12/2022 good work
05/12/2022 I was tagged for Plarigism 
05/08/2022 This was a much better paper becase I gave the professor free range to write and it turned out great. Unfortunatley, none of my sources were used and I will get a failing grade. I'm still giving a 9 out of 10 becasue I believe it is the websites fault, and not the professors, for not being able to upload a Google doc which had my sources. I sent them via e-mail however, communication isn't the greatest. 
05/08/2022 The paper was well written and delivered on-time. It did not incorporate as much of my original paper as I would have preferred so that is why I'm giving a 7 out of 10 as a rating. Personally, I would have preferred a personal phone call with the professor to ensure they knew what I wanted before they just completed something completely different. I wanted this to be my story and they turned it into theirs. Unfortunatley, my grade will suffer as the sources needed to be previously approved. I submitted 8 pages of content and five sources and non of my own work was used and only 1 of the sources was used, so, I will get a failing grade however, that's what I get for paying someone else to do my work. Also, the web-site does not let you upload Google Docs which is very disappointing. I will probably not use this site again. 
05/08/2022 The paper was well written and delivered on-time. It did not incorporate as much of my original paper as I would have preferred so that is why I'm giving a 7 out of 10 as a rating. Personally, I would have preferred a personal phone call with the professor to ensure they knew what I wanted before they just completed something completely different. I wanted this to be my story and they turned it into theirs. Unfortunatley, my grade will suffer as the sources needed to be previously approved. I submitted 8 pages of content and five sources and non of my own work was used and only 1 of the sources was used, so, I will get a failing grade however, that's what I get for paying someone else to do my work. Also, the web-site does not let you upload Google Docs which is very disappointing. I will probably not use this site again. 
04/26/2022 Wrote an amazing analysis paper and finished way before deadline. A 10/10 job.
04/25/2022 Lifesaver
04/24/2022 Very knowledgeable about the topics and had the project to me way before the deadline!!
04/22/2022 Amazing work for such a short time table, could not be happier as far as the outcome of this project
04/21/2022 I will NEVER use this again. My deadline wasn't met. I didn't receive anything. Abs I lost $150. I clearly presented the assignment and the deadline that I needed the paper. I lost $150.
04/20/2022 Definitely met my expectations 
04/19/2022 Perfect score on the powerpoint! On time, no lateness
04/19/2022 Great?? Highly reccommend
04/18/2022 Great work and met deadline. Definitely exceeded my expectations.
04/15/2022 Good job!
04/08/2022 really awesome
04/08/2022 Jenny, you rock! Thanks for doing such a great job on my paper and even finishing it early.
04/05/2022 Thank you!
04/05/2022 Thank you!
04/01/2022 Thank you Jenny!
03/25/2022 thanks!
03/24/2022 Thank you!! Your are on time.
03/19/2022 Made a good job, just make sure to put an earlier due date, because this professor is going to give your work at the exact time that you want it.
03/13/2022 Great results and on time
03/12/2022 Good job!!
03/04/2022 very good
02/25/2022 Thank you Jenny. Received my work a few hours after submitting proposal. 10/10
02/12/2022 Jenny was very helpful and did the job so well
02/10/2022 The grade I received was above my expectations and was very pleased with the results at the end. She was very professional, and followed the basic outlines of the essay assignment. I gave her the essay last minute, and still provided me with the assignment before the due date. Thank you
02/10/2022 The quality of their work is really good, in terms of meeting all assignment requirements, and having professional grammar and vocabulary. I don’t remember getting a bad mark from the assignments or papers that have been completed by Jenny, and I recommend you to order any assignments from her that you find challenging and difficult to do.
02/10/2022 Awesome as always. Jenny never fails to deliver her tasks on time. THANK YOU
02/09/2022 I highly recommend this professor!
02/09/2022 I scored an A
02/09/2022 Great. Thank you
02/09/2022 Perfect work
02/09/2022 Percet Work
02/04/2022 Thank you Jenny. I received 100%.
02/04/2022 Thanks for the response. Deliver on time I appreciate it good job expert. Thanks
02/04/2022 I checked with my professor he told me work is done is very good and I scored 98/100
02/04/2022 Thank you.
02/04/2022 Thanks for the response expert. Delivered on time I appreciate it good job for the work.
02/04/2022 I haven't turned it in yet, but it looks amazing, really good information and the work is clear and concise, saving my time I appreciate it so much
02/04/2022 Thank was happy with my result and work was well structured.I will be definitely be recommending you guys to my friends. THANKYOU VERYY MUCH
02/04/2022 Very impressed with the quick turnaround and quality of work by expert. Really appreciate all the following up and checking work
02/04/2022 Excellent paper. Quick turnaround
02/03/2022 Highly recommend
02/03/2022 Thank you
02/03/2022 Great work
02/03/2022 Great work
02/03/2022 Thank you
01/31/2022 The job was done perfectly by the professor
01/19/2022 Very professional . All works hard to get the papers done before due dates
12/24/2021 Impressive!
11/29/2021 Writing was very good, but I received it later than I had asked for
11/02/2021 GREAT WORK
10/17/2021 Did a great job!
10/04/2021 Jenny made an excellent re-write in 24 hours, very well reserached an appropirate. Impressed:)
09/30/2021 Very timely and supportive. Met basic needs and requests.
08/29/2021 Unforntately I am not happy with the report done by Jenny. I'm not sure if English is her second language or not, but there were huge discrepancies throughout the work and at times things were made up completely, which leads me to think that the she perhaps didnt understand the task at hand. Ive had to go through and remeove and reqrite large portions of copy and am not very satisfied overll :(
08/16/2021 Awesome!
08/16/2021 First time using Jenny and I wasn't disappointed! She did a great job, Thank you!!
08/12/2021 Amazing job! I got A for my paper.
07/24/2021 Great work!
07/22/2021 Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!
07/14/2021 Good job
07/13/2021 Amazing!!
07/12/2021 The paper was turned in on time (before the deadline set by me). After reading it multiple times, it became evident that the writer did not know English as their primary language. This was reflected in the paper's content, grammar, syntax, punctuation and readability. Some sentences didn't make sense, some were repetitive, some read weird. I re-submitted the paper back to the writer for edits with specific comments within the Word document. The "edited" document I received back was not much better so I decided to pay the writer for their service and just edit the entire thing myself to save time. Lesson Learned: if you are using this website do it with ample time for edits (which more likely you will end up doing yourself). This paper will serve as a good "base" for me to write my actual paper. All in all, not bad for $350 and one week. Another lesson learned: the writers on this website follow a word count and not a page count. So be extra careful to choose the amount of words that you think will fill the required pages double-space. Also, for some reason, they count the title and reference pages as part of the word count. Cheers to Suzan Nyangaresi! 

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