Date Comment Rating
05/23/2021 Thank you very much
05/22/2021 Awesome job!
05/17/2021 Completed my project in great time of need highly recommend. 
05/16/2021 Excellent and efficient work
05/13/2021 good work
05/03/2021 Essay was a but wordy and there were some sentances that went nowhere, but the content was good thank you. 8/10
05/02/2021 Thank you for the quick, complete, and original essay!
05/01/2021 They completed the essay in a very quick amount of time and it met all the criteria very well
04/29/2021 My paper was comleted a bit over the word count, which was nice, although some of the sentences hardly appeared to be english. Most of the paper was fine, I just had to rearrage some sentences in order for the paper to make sense. 
04/27/2021 My only negative comment is I wish she would respond to her messages. Paper was complete with minor errors.
04/26/2021 Excellent job!!!
04/22/2021 Was completed before due time. Followed prompt to a T.
04/21/2021 The paper was fine, but it was submitted 5.5 hours late. There's no point in bidding on a project if you don't think you'll get it done on time. I ended up just doing my project myself because I needed to submit it on time. I always ask the professor to send me the paper at least 5 hours before I actually have to submit it, but I didn't end up getting it at all until right after I submitted my own work.
04/19/2021 Jenny did an amazing job writing my paper for me. Highly recommend! 
04/18/2021 Got a zero on the assignment because the hired professor wrote an essay and not a rough outlone as the project instructions and title clearly stated.

The professor provided a rough paper as requested. The client submitted the paper accordingly.
04/18/2021 For the most part I was satisfied with my paper. There were a few things that were missed but maybe it was my instructions that weren't clear. 
04/17/2021 Great work, timely and efficient. 10/10 would recommend. 
04/13/2021 Great work!
04/12/2021 Once again Jenny provided me with an excellect discussion entry. 
04/11/2021 Jenny did an outstanding job exceeding expectations. The essay is well written, and flows perfect. I ended up feeling unwell from my covid vaccine and this was a life savor. Thanks!
04/11/2021 Multiple grammatical errors, nonsensical order and I will likely have to rewrite 90% of the paper. I do not believe English is the primary language of this professor and her writing is terrible 
04/09/2021 Thank you so much, the paper was fantastic and jsut what I needed. 
04/07/2021 Did not adhere to guidelines for assignment. Poorly put together. Had to make major changes. Should have just done it myself.
04/07/2021 First submission was on a theorist I didn't ask for, so entirely missed the point. The Prof IMMEDIATELY recognized that and moved to correct the problem. 

Second submission they wrote on a very esoteric subject and did a pretty admirable job with excellent grammar and apa formating, however being out of 'speciality' I had to add/modify and delete sections, in order to submit it with confidence.

Overall a well executed paper that didn't use the authoritative sources I asked the prof to use and so fundamentally needed editing. 

04/07/2021 Paper was better than I expected.  Received it sooner than what I had requested. Perfect! 
04/03/2021 Best quality there is . 
04/02/2021 I truly love it, i never really understood this literature stuff , thank you so  much perfect paper
03/30/2021 Thank you beautifully wrote
03/30/2021 My project was delivered ahead of schedule and an excellent product! 10/10 thumbs up and would definitely use again. 
03/28/2021 I have submitted work to this professor several times and I am never let down by her papers. I highly recommend and will continue her service.
03/23/2021 I asked for 6 comments reacting to the text, but they instead wrote 5 comments just summarizing the text. I asked for the revision before the time it was due, and they replied "okay" and then never wrote the revision. They just said okay, kindly let me know. Okay will do. At the end, I had to submit just 5 short page summaries they wrote, because I didn't get the help I needed time.
03/20/2021 Thank you for the well written essay. this was my first time using this type of service and you have exceeded every expectation. thank you again and please bid on my further projects.
03/19/2021 Great Work
03/17/2021 Im always hoping Jenny bids on my work lol she is super fast and is a pro at all of this!!!!!!!!!
03/17/2021 Im always hoping Jenny bids on my work lol she is super fast and is a pro at all of this!!!!!!!!!
03/15/2021 Great job and timing was excellent!
03/14/2021 Top quality work. A1!!!!!!
03/14/2021 best work so far.
03/13/2021 Very dependable and flexible
03/13/2021 Goes above and beyond!
03/13/2021 Amazing Work!
03/13/2021 Superb and efficient!
03/11/2021 My professor stated The required sections of your paper are either briefly mentioned here without proper detail or missing. Writing also needs to be in APA 7th Ed and with the use of headings." She briefly went in detail about the topic and I recieved a 85. I am geniuenly unhappy with the lack of detail.
03/10/2021 Jenny was amazing! She was prompt and had my project done in record time! Everything was spot on! 
03/10/2021 Solid work!
03/06/2021 Excellent paper. Completed days before due date. High recommend. 
03/06/2021 nice job
03/05/2021 Great writing and research skills. Paper exceeded my expectations!
02/19/2021 Jenny is great - the essay couldn't be better! Thanks a ton!
02/18/2021 Paper turned out better than expected. 
02/10/2021 This paper is my first time using this website.
This professor did a 1,500-word research paper in the political science field. Work was completed by deadline and professor was responsive. The word count was good, formatting was well done, and flow of writing was solid. The professor neglected to include the main point of the paper, though, which was to speak on a specific theory from the textbook that was provided as the main source of research/info for the paper.
This was NOT detrimental to my paper, though, as it was still thorough in its research and grammatically superb. This professor also followed the required APA formatting very well and had to find and use 5 additional resources for the paper which were all very good. Overall, would consider using this professor again for the same subject.

02/09/2021 This paper was GREAT! Thank you so much. You followed the instructions perfectly. Every requirement was met. 
02/09/2021 Ty 
02/03/2021 Great Service
02/02/2021 Always quality work!! Much appreciated! Thank you!
01/31/2021 Awesome job as always! Met all requirements and timely
01/29/2021 I dont think it was an A paper. Emailed her a question after I read the project, never got a reply back....waste of $80. ended up doing the project myself
01/03/2021 Amazing! Excellent paper! Quick turn around!
12/24/2020 Excellent work! great paper all expectations met. 
12/22/2020 GREAT!
12/20/2020 I recieved a 72% on the paper. professor said it was lacking detail and did not fully anwser all the questions. 
12/20/2020 The work was done well and in a timely manor. The topic was american Literature and Jenny knocked it out of the park. I am very greatful for her hard work. 
12/18/2020 Extremely proficient in writing, knows their history!
12/16/2020 Very kind and willing to help. Provided a quick turnaround and complete essay that did not require editing. 
12/13/2020 The work was not very good, I emailed her about fixing it and making a list of muscle contractions and there wasnt a specific list of what muscles were being used.
Not a point in doing this, not very happy with the end result. I think anatomy is not her speciality.
However was very communcative during the process.
12/10/2020 Good communication throughout project and quickly made requested changes/add ons. Worked with me to get another related assignment completed also! 
12/07/2020 I mistakenly waited until it was too late to request edits and I certainly paid for it. The paper was largely incoherent and essentially required me to rewrite/rephrase it line by line.
12/03/2020 Finished on time, followed all the instructions, and wrote an amazing analysis. I can't recomend this professor enough!
12/03/2020 Finished on time, followed all the instructions, and wrote an amazing analysis. I can't recomend this professor enough!
12/02/2020 I got a C on my final essay. 
11/30/2020 She completed the assignmnet on time and thoroughly with excellent writing style and execution of all the rubric requirements. 

Tip for other students: set the finish date a few days before your assignment is due. 
11/29/2020 Great work!
11/22/2020 Well written, clear communication at all times.
11/21/2020 Thank you so much ! The requirements were met, and she did a great job!
11/20/2020 The paper was well written. However, the professor failed to use a source that I asked to include within the paper. Regardless, its a minor mistake which she probably forgot and I can include it myself.
11/20/2020 Very efficient.
11/18/2020 NAILED IT!!!!
11/17/2020 An amazing, clean job and she got it done in less than a week. 
11/16/2020 Thank you!
11/15/2020 Loved the work!
11/12/2020 Excellent work and very quick with it. A+
11/06/2020 This paper IS NOT what I asked for. I am not paying for this. I specifically asked for an X-ray image to be included and there ISNT EVEN AN X-RAY IMAGE !! I'm not laying Jenny sorry. This website was a mistake. I'll  just do it myself.
11/05/2020 Amazing! Delivered a speedy paper that was very well written. When I needed a couple of changes, they were made quickly and easily! Highly reccomend!!
11/04/2020 Always excellent work.
11/04/2020 Great work.
10/28/2020 looks great, thank you
10/23/2020 The paper ended up being a bit vague and off topic from what was provided.
10/18/2020 This professor came in my time of need. I was in a time crunch and needed my paper ASAP, due to having a different professor drop the ball after having 2 weeks to complete. Jenny came in and delivered an amazing paper. I was stressed but she was there when i needed her the most. I could not be more grateful for the paper she provided. Beautifully written and great topic! Thank you so so much!!!
10/13/2020 Jenny wrote a good quality research paper. Thank you.
10/10/2020 thank you for your hard work
10/10/2020 quick response of messages and really good essay. 
10/06/2020 Honestly, I found the work to be utterly subpar. When I read it, I thought a highschool freshman put it together since the style was rather primitive and the paper lacked proper analysis. While it is not uncommon for someone on this site to lack proper English skills or poetic talent, it is very cringy to see a conclusion paragraph begin with "in conclusion" what is this, middle school? 

Plus this writer should not have marketed herself as having a tremendous amount of experience writing about the healthcare field when they can't even properly write about the most basic components. Misrepresentation is the greatest crime here

The professor provided the solution based on the instructions provided.
10/06/2020 Best Service

10/02/2020 Did not follow instrustions and sumbbitted a project for a subject entirely different than what was asked. DO NOT Reccomend!!!!

The professor clarified. Two projects from the same client, hence mix-up of files.
09/30/2020 Late work, poor communication, and poor work. Her first draft was copied and pasted word for word what I told her the assignment was which didn't even make sense and then the second draft needed a lot of work for me to even be able to turn it in. 

The instruction given required additional words to already completed work!
09/30/2020 Very awesome work
09/29/2020 Completed in a timely manner. 100% grade. 

Awesome! I look forward to working with you again!
09/29/2020 Project was done accurately and way ahead of schedule! Perfect! 
09/28/2020 Jenny did an outstanding job on on my history paper in a short time frame and even made adjustments to the paper when I requested after reading the paper she sent me. Wonderful experience. Would deffinitly use her again!
09/27/2020 turned in. before time thanks
09/24/2020 Great work and essay! Really appreiciate it! Thanks so much. 
09/24/2020 Excellent work.
09/24/2020 Excellent work.
09/24/2020 I got a 56%.......... My professor said I did understand the material...........
09/22/2020 Project was done in a timely manner and amazingly well done! 
Thank you! 
09/14/2020 Beautifully written paper, very impressed. Completed the task with in a days notice. :-) 
09/14/2020 great work thank you
09/13/2020 Very quick and thoughtful response.
09/01/2020 thanks
08/25/2020 Well deserved and well written. One of the best 
08/25/2020 Best Prof and got it back to me in a very good amount of time! Was detailed and worked with my professors wishes even tho they were being difficult. Jenny made me believe in this service again. Thank you for coming to my side.
08/21/2020 This professor was great! On time and exactly as the assignment required!
08/20/2020 WOW! I really threw one at Jenny this time when I let a deadline creep up on me and needed an assignment within 3 hours! Not only did she make my deadline, I turned in without making edits and received 4.25/5. She saved me. I always invite her to bid on my projects and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND
08/20/2020 Awesome work!
08/15/2020 The assignment was completed with no enthusiasm and not worth the price charged. This professor does not follow directions nor does she clarify information before starting the assignment. My grade has suffered a whole letter. Be aware.
08/13/2020 My last two assignments were late from this professor and directions were not followed. My assignments suffered greatly and brought my grade down a whole letter. I urge Jenny to be much more thorough and provide as much detail as possible in the future and to be on time. I was inviting this professor to have first dibs at my assignments but not anymore. Services provided not worth the money. I expect excellence for what I pay and what is promised. 
08/12/2020 Good work!
08/12/2020 Jenny was able to finish my complicated essay before my requested date. She was super helpful. 
08/09/2020 My work was handed into me on a timely manner and Jenny was able to do everything I asked her to.
08/09/2020 Really did not follow the directions or use the correct source I provided. The paper was completed quickly which was great, because I had to almost completely rewrite it. 
08/09/2020 Really quick turn around which was great- but did not follow directions
08/07/2020 Quick turn around and a fabulous job! Jenny is the by far the best and well appreciated. Will use her again. 
08/06/2020 Great paper and quick turnaround
08/03/2020 Did an amazing job, I will be requesting her help in the furture! 
08/03/2020 Excellent Service
08/02/2020 Great work and finished a day early!
07/30/2020 Could have adhered to the instructions better. Very awkward writing style, example repeating "such as". I spent about 6 hours just revising on my own and adding stronger references. 
07/28/2020 I was at first nervous being my first time on this site. But Jenny made me feel at ease! Jenny worked her MAGIC right away and delivered what i come to believe a Perfect paper! I read it and it was beautiful. I highly reccomend her services!!!! She is fast and amazing! 
07/28/2020 wonderful content and beautifully crafted essay. fast too!
07/26/2020 Outstanding!
07/24/2020 Seriously suprised with the fast turn around! I am so happy with the work, and even recieved my final copy days before the due date.
07/24/2020 Needed something within an hour and Jenny delivered. Will def use her services again. 
07/24/2020 Awsome
07/22/2020 Got an A
07/22/2020 Awsome
07/20/2020 on time and good work. i messed up and posted the wrong assignment. I only realized after she finished that i had her do the wrong essay and she still went ahead and did the correct one for me without any question or problem. i highly recomend JENNNY. 
07/20/2020 She definetly exceeded the standard on my research paper. I would love to see more of her work in the future! Thank you!
07/19/2020 Thank you
07/17/2020 This professor did a great job on this assignment and the graphs were fantastic as well.
07/17/2020 Awsome
07/17/2020 On time and followed the instructions described when I submitted the assignment.  Thank you.
07/17/2020 Great content, great work. Thanks for the quick turnaround - even faster than requested. 
07/15/2020 Got the job done but with a bit of redudant sentences and words, something I call "fillers". The topic was Urban Planning, so I give some slack since its not your typcial subject and interpreation is very subjective. Pros: Responsive, revised as promised Cons: use of fillers and redundant terms. 
07/14/2020 Great work
07/13/2020 Hey, great paper. One concern. Part of the guidelines were to add two graphics into the paper. Can you do that?
07/13/2020 Fairly good paper. Worked well with extremely stiff time constraints. Only negative is the paper was supposed to be two pages minimum and it was 1 and 3/4 which will get me points docked. Considering the amount of time. Very good professor.
07/12/2020 Did an amazing job on my research paper!
07/10/2020 Great service, great short narrative essay!  Very quick and professional.  Would definitely use Jenny again!  thank you. 
07/09/2020 Another stelar job!
07/09/2020 life saver. understood instructions and submitted before the deadline.
07/09/2020 Professor wrote a detailed paper and followed the topic accordingly. There were a few plagerism issues when ran through Cheg, but nothing alarming. Overall it was a detailed product that needed minimal editing. Thank You!
07/09/2020 Amazing job!! A+ paper
07/08/2020 Well written essay!
07/06/2020 Great job!

07/05/2020 The professor was quick and the paper was written beautifully.
07/05/2020 Jenny did excellent work on my assignment. She was very efficient and replied quickly to any concerns I had. 
07/05/2020 Quick and effecient work. Got the paper back in under 48 hours!
07/04/2020 go tthe job done but did not follow the rubric or instructions - failed grade for paper. 
07/03/2020 Excellent work.  Super fast response and assignment submittal, way before deadline.  I will use you in the future.
07/02/2020 Did a great job with really short notice.
07/01/2020 Always produces great work, would definitely use this professor again.
07/01/2020 Always produces great work, would definitely use this professor again.
06/30/2020 ????????????????????????????
06/30/2020 Did a great job! Will use her again for future products!
06/29/2020 Great Job thank youu
06/28/2020 Excellent writer saving my ass
06/26/2020 Submitted on time.
06/25/2020 Could not have asked for more. Met expectations and deadline with flying stars!! Thank you so much for time and experise!
06/24/2020 Smashed it, Jenny is a real superstar.  I had other professors bid, but they were slow to respond and/or accept the bid.  Jenny stepped up like an all-star and smashed the ball out of the park, not only did she write a stunning paper, she did it in under 24 hours.  I was stressin that it would be last minute, but she proved otherwise, now I have plenty of time to tidy it up.  Thank you Jenny, I will 100% use you again if the occaision arrises.  She should be Platinum. 
06/24/2020 This project was finished super fast.  I am impressed with the writting.  Thank you
06/23/2020 I've worked with other professors but byfar she is the best one!
06/22/2020 Great Professor to work with. Projects are completed with excellent quality and on time.
06/19/2020 Quick and very helpful
06/16/2020 Jenny did a great job left an exceptional mark on the presentation she created for me 
06/15/2020 Very good
06/14/2020 Professor was easy to work with when corrections were needed gave me a good finished product. 
06/14/2020 Jenny always does great work, you won't be disappointed!
06/12/2020 Met all guidelines promptly and communicated throughout
06/10/2020 One of the quickest return of project AND the most well written projects I've recieved! 
06/10/2020 the best
06/07/2020 Jenny did an amazing job with notice. Would definitely use her again in the future
06/07/2020 Professor did an amazing job. The individual finished the project within the short time frame available.
05/29/2020 Paper had nothing to do with 21st century learning even though I sent the instructions and rubric.
05/28/2020 On time and good paper
05/27/2020 Few spelling errors that I had to fix but overall great work!!!!!!  Thank you.
05/23/2020 100/100
05/20/2020 Jenny was very professional & she met the requirements that I expected & delivered on time! Highly recommend 
05/20/2020 .
05/20/2020 Loved it! Quick and easy! 
05/15/2020 Excellent work
05/12/2020 After using the professor the first time for this research paper it scored an 85 B+ so i rated 10 stars. The second time i used this professor. My professor didn't like it one. It was repetitive and after reading the paper i had no chance to go back and re-write the paper or it would have been late. Future reference follow the instructions. I submitted everything that was needed. Needless to she gave harsh feedback and said only due to the pandemic she was being lenient and gave it a 75. So i will be lenient as well. 
05/12/2020 My professor liked the paper so i will give 10 stars.
05/12/2020 Awesome job on the essay. There were a few gramatical errors but nothing a 10 minute check will fix. Totally saved my ass when life was complicated. 10/10 I would definitly recommend Jen to anyone
05/09/2020 great job and excelent attention to instructions
05/08/2020 Done on time, nice citations and thoruough research. 
05/06/2020 Excatly what I needed
05/04/2020 Jen was amazing. youd be making a mistake if you didnt choose her to help you!
05/03/2020 Very well-written essay, with great attention to details! Thank you!