Date Comment Rating
05/20/2019 Amazing work in a very quick time!
05/19/2019 Professional, timely, and just what I asked for!
05/18/2019 She delivered in time. Would recommend
05/18/2019 Great job, on time and earned me an A
05/17/2019 Everything appears to be spot on and with 6 other classes to deal with, the help was much needed.
05/13/2019 Definitely recommend this professor ! Did splendid work ! Got an A+
05/10/2019 Thank you
05/09/2019 Great
05/09/2019 Perfect!
05/08/2019 Thank you
05/08/2019 Great work!! Very detailed and met all the requirements.
05/07/2019 Very thorough and delivered on time. 
05/07/2019 Essay was decent. not great. Some things Jenny wrote didn't make sense. Barrely got an A out of it, 90/100 points.
05/07/2019 Thank you for the essay! I was in a tight spot between an essay I didn't want to write, two research papers, and a presentation. You helped me out a lot! Really appreciate it!
05/06/2019 Great work
05/06/2019 Great work
05/04/2019 Gave quite an intricate and tedious healthcare research paper and she did fantastic. Highly recommend!
05/03/2019 Very satisfied! Jenny is timely, concise, and thorough. 10/10! 
Paper was not delivered to satisfaction to to myself or the instructor - revision has yet to be recived - over a week since requested.
Awesome job on portfolio outline.
05/02/2019 Did a great job! Just what I needed.
05/02/2019 Thank you!
05/02/2019 A quality paper with quality sources.
04/28/2019 I loved how thorough Jenny was with her writing and even with explaining what she was doing. What won me over was her explaining how she would tackle this project. Thank you! 
04/26/2019 On time and completed work very well written
04/26/2019 Timely and fab work!
04/26/2019 Excellent and completed beofre schedule!
04/26/2019 Jenny is awesome. I love this service.
04/22/2019 Project was posted on Tuesday and was asked to be done by Friday, recieved a message asking if it can be submitted on Saturday, since it was already Friday I accepted. Project does not follow directions, reference page had to be completely redone, would not use this professor again.
04/22/2019 Very quick with responding and checking in when she came to some issues. 
04/21/2019 Did not read the directions correctly the first time and had to redo the assignment. She completed the assignment correctly the second time and did a good job, but it was past the deadline that I had set. 
04/16/2019 Jenny is great! She gets the work completed in a timely manner and it is very thorough and precise.
I recevied an 85% on this paper. Jenny did an excellent job! I would highly recommend!
04/14/2019 Perfect! No Issues! No concerns! I will definitely keep coming back!
04/11/2019 Jenny was fabulous with my book review for my history class! 
She addressed every issue and concern and followed the directions to a T!!
I got an A on the paper with little to no issues with my professor. 
I also added on the plagarism additive and she managed to write my paper with only 2.6%!!!! 
Thank yo9u so much Jenny
04/11/2019 A grade paper
04/09/2019 Perfect paper; got an A
04/09/2019 Perfect paper; got an A
04/07/2019 Did a great job and got my assignment done in a timely fashion.
04/07/2019 great work! got a 100 on my paper! 
04/06/2019 Jenny did a great job and I got an A on the assignment. Thanks!!
04/05/2019 She is a life saver.
04/03/2019 Excellent!! Great job and great revision help.
03/31/2019 Good job!
03/31/2019 Great job!!!
03/31/2019 Perfect again! My favorite professor!
03/30/2019 Excellent research paper and got it to me days before my deadline. 
03/24/2019 Was written well and done on time for me to turn it in. teahcer said some of my best work. 
03/22/2019 Despite plenty of lead time the project was left till the last minute by Jenny, when it was completed there were various errors including being way outside the word count. Do not recommend 
03/22/2019 Jenny did a great job extracting information that pertained to my subject. However, it seemed like it was written by a robot with downright strange cadences and word choices. There was a lot of repition of the same information that was just re-worded that almost made it seem like filler. If you're like me and you give yourself a day and a half to spice up an essay from Jenny, and add your own flair to you know, make it feel like a human wrote it then its worth the money.
03/20/2019 The best... very prompt.
03/19/2019 Reliable!
03/18/2019 Got an 80. eh.
03/18/2019 I'm not sure if it was the style I didnt lke or if I didnt give clear enough instructions but the draft I recieved the night of the due date was filled with what I saw as errors. The timing left no way in my mind to return the paper and recieve what I expected in return. I went through the paper myself and had to correct alot of gramatical errors as well as structure changes. Most of it just seemed rushed togther and didnt make much sense. For what I recieved and the amount of work I had to do on my own the price was far to much and I will be hesitant to use unemployed professors in the future. Hopefully, this was just a rough first experience and we'll see what happens in the future but I was thoroughly underwhelmed.
03/18/2019 Perfect! I received Bonus points this paper!
03/17/2019 Very good paper.
03/17/2019 Paper was nearly 12 hours late and is being disputed about being able to be accepted for credit.  Gave this many stars because the paper was written well.   I had to enquire about the paper in order to receive it. 
03/14/2019 got me a 4 out of 3!! Extra Credit for an exceptional entry. Thanks
03/14/2019 Perfect grade on my essay. 
03/14/2019 Perfect grade on my essay.
03/14/2019 Perfectly went along with the prompt.
03/12/2019 Loved the work. Can't wait to work with you again!
03/12/2019 She's been nothing but amazing with all of my essays.
03/11/2019 Great work done!
VERY Timely :-)
03/10/2019 Fantastic work, this is my first time using Jenny, A++++
03/08/2019 It was very thorough and was able to complete in a timely manner. Highly recommended. 
03/08/2019 Jenny, did a great job. I had a really tight deadline and Jenny was able to complete it on time as well as complete a little extra. She was also very willing to make any corrections i needed. That took more time but none the less she completed it with the corrections. Thank you Jenny!
03/05/2019 Got what I needed but was scrambling at the last minute for a missing citation. Didn't answer my messages until after I had to turn the assignment in due to looming deadline.
03/04/2019 Jenny did in amazing job. She was fast and thorough!
03/04/2019 She so good and on-time!!
03/02/2019 First time using this site and I’m very impressed thank you jenny 
03/01/2019 Really nice work with a tax memo!
02/28/2019 Jenny was awesome. She worked with me on exactly what I needed for my paper! Will use her again! 
02/27/2019 Thank you
02/27/2019 All expectations were met and would definitely recommend or use again. 
02/25/2019 Great work at the last min. 
02/24/2019 subpar. she had to rewrite the paper because it was so wordy. references were cited incorrectly. sentences didn't make sense. Required length 5-6 pages, only did about 4. Had to add in my own references as I could not access many of hers. 
02/24/2019 Awesome paper, very prompt and on time!
02/24/2019 Great job! Thank you! 
02/23/2019 Thanks so much!!!
02/23/2019 Great Job! Completed on time. 
02/21/2019 Very Fast. Excellent. Just a few minor typos but fixable
02/20/2019 Literally a life saver, even for last minute assignments! Thank you very much. 
02/19/2019 great
02/18/2019 I was sick with pneumonia so i wasn't able to create my research essay for my college english 2 class. Luckily some meme pages on instagram advertised unemployed professors. i looked up some reviews and couldn't really find any negative comments so i gave the website a try. I posted my topic and within two hours i had Jenny's response with a full on reasoning of why i should pick her. She gave my paper a day in advance of my requested due date, with all of my specifications down to the very T. i found only one phrase that i would rephrase (out of a five page essay!). The essay was profoundly written, exceptional really. For anyone reading this wondering if Jenny is the right prof for you, all i can say is that she saved me in a pinch. Im dumbfounded by the work and your speedy typing, thank you so much jenny
02/18/2019 n/a
02/18/2019 The best
02/18/2019 Very timely.
02/18/2019 Fantastic work! Incredibly thorough and insightful. Thank you so much for your help on this project, you've really saved me though a very stressful bind. 
02/17/2019 Great work.
02/16/2019 The best
02/16/2019 Got a 95/100 on my paper. Definitely satisfied. Thanks a lot.
02/16/2019 Very Well Written Matrix, Still needed Referrences and format was not the same as shown in the example given. 
02/15/2019 My paper was done correctly,on time and was easy for me to undestand!
02/15/2019 Awesome job returned 2 days before requested deadline. Thanks again!
02/12/2019 Great Service
02/12/2019 Great paper. Great communication.
02/09/2019 A+
02/08/2019 Requested that professor help me prep for a work presentation and she told me (the day-of) that she could only do one part out of two, unless I paid her three times the initial amount she bid on (while initial project proposal was very clear in outlining that I had requested 2 things and I had asked her to communicate with me if she had any questions or concerns). I suppose she did not look at what was asked until it was too late. Anyway, I was disapointed at the communication and the minimalist prep that was delivered, but I also take some responsibility in that I should have done this prep myself. But hey, she still did send me something.
02/08/2019 This is the first time I've used Unemployed Professors (or any website) I was hesitant at first, but wow Jenny did an amazing job! 

I am super impressed 10/10 
02/07/2019 She did exactly as advertised.  Solid paper! 
02/07/2019 Excellent job!! Went above and beyond with only 3% similarity index!! So happy!
02/02/2019 Excellent work, on time, good communication, and professional. Highly recommend Jenny
02/02/2019 She did exactly what I needed, and delivered it on time. Will use her again for sure!
02/01/2019 The Best!
01/30/2019 Got a 20/20 on the marketing discussion post she wrote for me - 10/10 would use again
01/30/2019 good work
01/29/2019 Good enough.
01/29/2019 Great work - highly recommand this professor 
01/28/2019 Jenny is a great professor, she did exactly what I asked of her as keeping her word to project deadlines. I’d definitely recommend her to everyone 
01/27/2019 got 46% on my hamlet essay
01/24/2019 She did exacty what I ask of her still awaiting my grade!
01/24/2019 Jenny is one if the best professors.
01/23/2019 Jenny did a wonderful job, in a timely matter. 
01/22/2019 Exceeded expectations
01/22/2019 Thank you so much!!! Great topic and thoroughly impressive job. Requested minor revisions and got back same day!!
01/22/2019 Was a short notice project, said it would be done on time and it was done on time. Even helped with another project.
01/21/2019 All of my points for the paper were addressed and it was completed within one day!
01/21/2019 Excellent job! I absolutely loved the essay, she has written for my exam. I was extremely skeptical of this website and putting my trust into them, but she has definitely washed away any of that stress. I will definitely use her again!! So worth the money, and the Canadian conversion lol.

Thank you so much again, Jenny. I will definitely come back to you with my future projects - most like my University supplements, lol. 
01/20/2019 Very timely 
01/20/2019 The best
01/20/2019 I love Jenny
01/20/2019 Very timely.
01/20/2019 Definitely recommend! Well worth the money! Quality of work superseded what I was expecting!
01/17/2019 On time and very professional. 
01/13/2019 Great work! Quick results! 
01/08/2019 Excellent work! I know it was a random request, but Jenny executed it tp perfection. Thank you!
01/06/2019 The essay was well written. A complete 4 page essay that is well written. 100 percent would recommened
12/21/2018 ‘This was really short notice, Jenny did a great job and  it was on time, I’m sure I’m going to get a great grade! 
12/15/2018 Great professor, even though I messed up a file and she wasn’t able to view it, she still deliver the paper in a VERY timely manner. Good work Jenny!
12/12/2018 Good enough. Although there are no page numbers for the citations, it will get me a passing grade in the class. It is understandable if you did not have a copy of the book, but should have been possible to find at least one quote per question. Nonetheless, thanks!

Great working with you too.
12/11/2018 Jenny was a great professor. I emailed her asking about the timeframe and she responded promptly. In 24 hours she knocked out a 2 page paper for me. 10 stars!!

Thank you!
12/10/2018 Exceeded my expectations.

06/17/2018 Loved working with this professor.

Me too, thanks!
05/31/2018 Done prefectly, couldn't be more happy with the finished product
05/19/2018 Jenny did an excellent job. When my paper wasn’t what my teacher needed she redid the assignment with no problem. 
05/09/2018 Excellent Work
05/08/2018 It was a bit late but thorough. Thank you for your help Jenny!
05/06/2018 I highly recommend Jenny!
There was a mishap on my part where I wasent aware of time differences so do keep that in mind for your due dates!

Jenny is very skilled in knowing how to structure her work and getting down all the details needed.

05/06/2018 Thanks
05/04/2018 thank you! She was able to complete my assignment in two days and I received a 95
05/03/2018 Extremely well developed paper. Very helpful and answered any questions I had for her. Would recommend to anyone. 
Jenny was absolutely wonderful!

She completed the assignment exactly what it needed to be.
05/02/2018 Excellent work even in short notice. 
05/02/2018 Writing sucks. Would work if i was in high school. Will have to do major editing on this weak ass writing to make it acceptable. if you are in college hopefully you can find someone better than this. I didnt give much time for it but its obvious the books were skimmed through very minimully with no citations from the end of the book. $50 paper at best, if you are an American student do not use this writer.
05/01/2018 got a 15 out of 20
05/01/2018 Great job, Professor! 
05/01/2018 Jenny is a lifesaver! 
05/01/2018 Paid for 6 pages, barely got 5. 
04/30/2018 Jenny is a miracle worker! Easy to contact too, if you want need to talk about progress and deadlines. 
04/30/2018 Fast work.  Excellent job. 
04/29/2018 Paper was sent before due time and it came out perfect! Thank you!!!!!
04/29/2018 Poor quality for price and time frame given.
04/28/2018 Wonderful paper and was extremely flexible to work with. Highly recommend.  
04/27/2018 Jenny provided a clear line of thought that flowed smoothly. Turnitin gave the paper a 0% plagerism! I highly reccomend her!
04/26/2018 Thank you for your time and effort. 
04/26/2018 Wasn't the specified length and the writing was mediocre at best. She delivered promptly but incomplete.
04/26/2018 Very good 
04/26/2018 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
04/25/2018 Great essay and on time. No bs which is a nice because I was seriously crunching with all my finals. 
04/25/2018 I love my paper, the level of detail and thought is incredibly impressive. Thank you so much!!
04/25/2018 Followed instructions, the writing was sufficient and when I wasn't satisfied the first time due to miscommunication, she fixed it right away. 

04/24/2018 Good professor and submitted the work before the deadline. 
04/24/2018 My favorite one!
04/23/2018 10 our of 10. 
04/23/2018 Professor Jenny, was provided ample time to write this paper and the date recieved was more than enough days to write the paper I ordered. She didn't not submit my paper work until it was well pass the day and time due, and didn't seem to care that this paper was late. I am very unhappy with the paper and the time it took to complete it. Resulting in a low grade given.

Very unhappy customer!
04/22/2018 Great work
04/21/2018 The work was timely, but the format from the instructions was not followed and there were a few grammatical errors that I found, but overall, very helpful!
04/21/2018 Great work! Smooth writing and synthesis. Would love to contract again. 
04/21/2018 Great job, thank you.
04/20/2018 Awesome!!!
04/18/2018 Amazing job
Jenny is a life saver. She answered all my questions promptly, followed the guidelines presented and delivered a great paper. Thank you :)
04/17/2018 !
04/16/2018 Amazing paper!
04/16/2018 This paper totally exceeded my expectations! The writing style is beautiful and she exceeded the word requirement (in a good way). She perfectly responded to the prompt, illustrating many details that I could not have come up with on my own. Thank you so much!!
04/16/2018 The paper was on time but I received a B- due to the source being incorrect and the argument being unclear. The professor constantly asked what the reference was and for an explanation of the ideas. 
04/15/2018 Although the paper was beautifully written the paper was given to me almost three hours after the deadline and I was at risk of not being able to hand the paper in. 
04/14/2018 Thank you great job! 
04/14/2018 Thank you great job! 
04/13/2018 Great!
04/12/2018 Just what I needed! 
Thank you so much
04/12/2018 Professor finished the project after the due date and earned me a 40% because she didn’t follow the instructions. 
04/12/2018 Great Job