Date Comment Rating
01/17/2019 On time and very professional. 
01/13/2019 Great work! Quick results! 
01/08/2019 Excellent work! I know it was a random request, but Jenny executed it tp perfection. Thank you!
01/06/2019 The essay was well written. A complete 4 page essay that is well written. 100 percent would recommened
12/21/2018 ‘This was really short notice, Jenny did a great job and  it was on time, I’m sure I’m going to get a great grade! 
12/15/2018 Great professor, even though I messed up a file and she wasn’t able to view it, she still deliver the paper in a VERY timely manner. Good work Jenny!
12/12/2018 Good enough. Although there are no page numbers for the citations, it will get me a passing grade in the class. It is understandable if you did not have a copy of the book, but should have been possible to find at least one quote per question. Nonetheless, thanks!

Great working with you too.
12/11/2018 Jenny was a great professor. I emailed her asking about the timeframe and she responded promptly. In 24 hours she knocked out a 2 page paper for me. 10 stars!!

Thank you!
12/10/2018 Exceeded my expectations.

06/17/2018 Loved working with this professor.

Me too, thanks!
05/31/2018 Done prefectly, couldn't be more happy with the finished product
05/19/2018 Jenny did an excellent job. When my paper wasn’t what my teacher needed she redid the assignment with no problem. 
05/09/2018 Excellent Work
05/08/2018 It was a bit late but thorough. Thank you for your help Jenny!
05/06/2018 I highly recommend Jenny!
There was a mishap on my part where I wasent aware of time differences so do keep that in mind for your due dates!

Jenny is very skilled in knowing how to structure her work and getting down all the details needed.

05/06/2018 Thanks
05/04/2018 thank you! She was able to complete my assignment in two days and I received a 95
05/03/2018 Extremely well developed paper. Very helpful and answered any questions I had for her. Would recommend to anyone. 
Jenny was absolutely wonderful!

She completed the assignment exactly what it needed to be.
05/02/2018 Excellent work even in short notice. 
05/02/2018 Writing sucks. Would work if i was in high school. Will have to do major editing on this weak ass writing to make it acceptable. if you are in college hopefully you can find someone better than this. I didnt give much time for it but its obvious the books were skimmed through very minimully with no citations from the end of the book. $50 paper at best, if you are an American student do not use this writer.
05/01/2018 got a 15 out of 20
05/01/2018 Great job, Professor! 
05/01/2018 Jenny is a lifesaver! 
05/01/2018 Paid for 6 pages, barely got 5. 
04/30/2018 Jenny is a miracle worker! Easy to contact too, if you want need to talk about progress and deadlines. 
04/30/2018 Fast work.  Excellent job. 
04/29/2018 Paper was sent before due time and it came out perfect! Thank you!!!!!
04/29/2018 Poor quality for price and time frame given.
04/28/2018 Wonderful paper and was extremely flexible to work with. Highly recommend.  
04/27/2018 Jenny provided a clear line of thought that flowed smoothly. Turnitin gave the paper a 0% plagerism! I highly reccomend her!
04/26/2018 Thank you for your time and effort. 
04/26/2018 Wasn't the specified length and the writing was mediocre at best. She delivered promptly but incomplete.
04/26/2018 Very good 
04/26/2018 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
04/25/2018 Great essay and on time. No bs which is a nice because I was seriously crunching with all my finals. 
04/25/2018 I love my paper, the level of detail and thought is incredibly impressive. Thank you so much!!
04/25/2018 Followed instructions, the writing was sufficient and when I wasn't satisfied the first time due to miscommunication, she fixed it right away. 

04/24/2018 Good professor and submitted the work before the deadline. 
04/24/2018 My favorite one!
04/23/2018 10 our of 10. 
04/23/2018 Professor Jenny, was provided ample time to write this paper and the date recieved was more than enough days to write the paper I ordered. She didn't not submit my paper work until it was well pass the day and time due, and didn't seem to care that this paper was late. I am very unhappy with the paper and the time it took to complete it. Resulting in a low grade given.

Very unhappy customer!
04/22/2018 Great work
04/21/2018 The work was timely, but the format from the instructions was not followed and there were a few grammatical errors that I found, but overall, very helpful!
04/21/2018 Great work! Smooth writing and synthesis. Would love to contract again. 
04/21/2018 Great job, thank you.
04/20/2018 Awesome!!!
04/18/2018 Amazing job
Jenny is a life saver. She answered all my questions promptly, followed the guidelines presented and delivered a great paper. Thank you :)
04/17/2018 !
04/16/2018 Amazing paper!
04/16/2018 This paper totally exceeded my expectations! The writing style is beautiful and she exceeded the word requirement (in a good way). She perfectly responded to the prompt, illustrating many details that I could not have come up with on my own. Thank you so much!!
04/16/2018 The paper was on time but I received a B- due to the source being incorrect and the argument being unclear. The professor constantly asked what the reference was and for an explanation of the ideas. 
04/15/2018 Although the paper was beautifully written the paper was given to me almost three hours after the deadline and I was at risk of not being able to hand the paper in. 
04/14/2018 Thank you great job! 
04/14/2018 Thank you great job! 
04/13/2018 Great!
04/12/2018 Just what I needed! 
Thank you so much
04/12/2018 Professor finished the project after the due date and earned me a 40% because she didn’t follow the instructions. 
04/12/2018 Great Job
04/10/2018 it was great and the quality of the work was fantastic. i ended up giving her a volley of questions and she very calmly worked with me
04/09/2018 Jenny is a very good professor and wrote very well. However, this website is very misleading in terms of receiving what you pay for. They base the payment off of the fact that they assume 1 page double spaced is 225 words when its actually more like 330 words per page and so I had to frantically pay for more length in order to meet my deadline.
04/09/2018 Awesome paper! Can't wait for the grade!
04/08/2018 10./10
04/07/2018 awesome.
04/05/2018 Jenny was great at replying, friendly, and reasonable on price.
04/05/2018 Not satisfied with the final product and succumbed to deadlines to polish what I thought was a done deal. There were several repitions and rephrasing of sentences to add filler to the original page count, along with vague ideas that felt rather unneeded. I asked for a critical analysis on a specific theme, to unpack details that needed explication, instead was handed a line by line summary from Sparknotes. I'm aware of the concept of paying someone to do your work, but this wasn't out of laziness; it was an honest submission to see someone smarter than yourself churn out a superior paper.

On a positive note, drafts helped but I am NOT going to consider this again. Hey, future warning to those on the fence; my loss is your gain.

04/05/2018 Prof. completed project ahead of schedule. I got 100/100 for the grade...excellent work.
04/04/2018 What an excellent job done!!! Will certainly be working with Jenny again! no question about that
04/03/2018 Great experience! Was completed as instructed, good communication and was even shown a draft before the final was uploaded. Jenny was great and would use her again and recommend her!
04/03/2018 Great 
04/03/2018 Excellent and on time
04/01/2018 Was overall a great process, received it well before the deadline and it followed all instructions I outlined. Would use again!
03/31/2018 The professor was provided with, what I thought, was straight forward information for a paper to written with. When I received the first draft it had no sources or citations (I had asked for 3 sources) and the paper didn't really speak about what I wanted. It seemed to speak very generally about the subject matter, but didn't go into any sort of detail. When I asked for revisions, which I was told to let her know if I did, it was 3 days before I received a reply and a new paper. This new paper, however, was a paper that the professor had written for someone else that was the same subject. Didn't really apply. At that point, I decided to email the admin team to let them know. I then heard back from her the next day with some very minor corrections and the sources I had asked for.

I'm not sure if she isn't well versed in the nursing genre for papers, but I definitely won't be having her write another paper for me. In the end I just decided to take the final paper she gave me and will basically use that as a framework for what the paper needs to be.
03/30/2018 great
03/27/2018 Great quality and sends it early for revisions! However doesn't complete the legnth you request. If you need 7 pages typed ask for 8...
03/27/2018 exceeded my expectations!!! was here before the deadline and communicated with me very well!
03/27/2018 Was well written but under tne necessary page limit 
03/27/2018 Great job! I wanted two full pages and I got a little less, that is my only comment.
03/25/2018 very nice and respectful
03/25/2018 ????
03/25/2018 Great work aand excellent upon receiving feedback.
03/24/2018 The paper was ok but I needed to find another reference on my own since one was used that was older than me. Also she didnt respond to my request for a new reference until after my project was already due. 
03/23/2018 Professor Jenny did amazing work. All on time and just amazing! 
03/22/2018 Amazing and very diligent. Finished my paper before due time and was very involved by asking questions in order to perfect it. Highly recommend 
03/22/2018 Did what I needed and made my life a lot easier when it comes to how much work I needed to do. 
03/19/2018 Paper was well done and submitted early! 
03/18/2018 Great work!!!!!
03/18/2018 Great work!!!!!
03/18/2018 She was great to work with. Recommend her!!!
03/18/2018 First time using this site. She was very easy to work with, very understanding, and nice. Went above and beyond.
03/17/2018 Amazing paper met all qualifications and was delivered before requested time
03/16/2018 Easy to work with and got the job done.
03/13/2018 Great work and good communication! 
03/12/2018 Great, clear work! I had a 4 page essay to write and it was due the following the day, she didn't send the final copy at the designated time but worth the wait. My advice for any essay or assignment that's due is to make sure you ask for the assignment back a couple days before its actually due so you can review and discuss the project with prof. Would recommend.  
03/12/2018 Got an A, thanks.
03/11/2018 Excellent work by Jenny! Turned in before due date so I could make comments or make additional changes. Will be using her again in the future!
03/11/2018 Project was very thorough and well written! 
03/09/2018 Paper was great, but got to me nearly an hour late.
03/09/2018 Great job!
03/08/2018 Didnt expect much but was still dissapointed in the way it was written
03/08/2018 OMG this professor is truly a blessing! the writing is without a doubt top notch! and i've tried several professors on here! Professor is super responsive and I messed up on the time frame of an assignment and they worked with me and delivered A+++++++++++++++++ work! I left a tip but wish i could've left a bigger tip because starving student over here.
03/07/2018 Got it done without an issue. Even offers to accommodate after finishing.
03/06/2018 Prof. Jenny was great to work with and completed the project sooner than expected.
03/05/2018 This professor did a fantastic job on a rather detailed medical paper on very short notice.  From working with other professors on this site, I expected to have to make many changes, but that was not the case.  The paper was written very well and passed the safeassign originality report.  On top of this, Jenny always promptly and politely responded to any messages regarding the project.  I will definitely be requesting her services in the future!
03/04/2018 Great work, delivered with less than 1 day turnaround, edited as requested, overall perfect
03/03/2018 Jenny was a dream to work with, after I failed to communicate important details about my paper AFTER she sent it to me, she was very nice and understanding about it and corrected the paper for me in a short time frame. Will use her again!