Date Comment Rating
09/26/2021 Requested a book review instead was provided with short summary that had grammatic and spelling errors. 
09/25/2021 Very detailed and informative paper! Citations were placed properly as well. Haven't gotten a grade but this deserves a A+
09/23/2021 Always great! Thank you
09/23/2021 Very good!
09/21/2021 100% Like alway, my go-to writer for any task
09/21/2021 Great product
09/19/2021 Excellent! I got an A! Excellent work again! Thank you so much
09/18/2021 Prompt timing , followed it correctly. Received a B
09/18/2021 Got a B due to no graphics on the powerpoint. So I guess the content was good enough. Also professor had this assingment done way before the due date. Excellent work. I would use them again
09/17/2021 This was the second paper this prof has written for me. Stellar service, great paper, and it was completed way before deadline giving me ample time to review for edits if necessary. 
09/17/2021 Thanks man, great paper.
09/16/2021 Highly recommend and will use again! Finished within couple of hours! 
09/16/2021 Fast turn around. Great work. One of my go to writers. Thank you. 
09/15/2021 GOT AN A ! 
09/14/2021 This person is not worth it. Choose someone else
09/09/2021 Project completed on time.
09/09/2021 Good work.
09/09/2021 Great work with a lengthy multiple step project. Always enjoy working with you. Thank you. 
09/08/2021 Great work 
09/08/2021 Incredible work.  Timely & A grade.  Thank you! 
09/07/2021 Excellent with communication. Got an A!
09/07/2021 Got it sooner than expected and got an A!
09/01/2021 very happy with the work provided!
08/31/2021 the fastest solution i have ever recived, a very good job.
08/29/2021 Great job!!
08/27/2021 Great work and quick. 
08/26/2021 KILLED IT.
08/25/2021 Always does an amazing job. 
08/18/2021 Great job !! received project way before it was due
08/18/2021 Awesome, good communication and followed my outline perfectly. SO happy!
08/16/2021 Fantastic work! The instructor followed all instructions and even finished way before my deadline. Giving me ample time to review my work in case any edits were needed.
08/15/2021 This Professor is Awesome! First Time Quality! SUPER fast delivery! 
08/15/2021 Done ahead 
08/14/2021 Always dependable definitely a fav
08/10/2021 WOW! Really great job! Better than I thought it was gonna be. Im not gonna lie, I read some bad reviews and was a little leary, But this professopr did a great great job!
08/09/2021 Easy and fast! Good solid work
08/09/2021 Presentation was messy, there were many typos, information was not thorough, communication not great. Would not recommend.
08/06/2021 Thank you!
08/06/2021 Quick
08/05/2021 Excellent!
08/04/2021 Quick
08/03/2021 Struggled a little to make a thesis statement in the introduction and since that was stated properly was not able to prove some statements.
08/03/2021 The paper was ok at best. It was submitted a couple of hours after the deadline, which was alright with me because I was worried it would take days. The writing style in the paper did not flow at all, and at times made no sense at all. For a college level paper this did not meet the minimum marks. I have had to edit and change alot of it in order to be comfortable with the final outcome. This professor was quick with the work, and it showed.
08/02/2021 Thank you amazing work
08/01/2021 Excellent work! Thank you. Got an A
08/01/2021 Nice work
08/01/2021 Great
08/01/2021 Awesome work!!!
08/01/2021 Great Job!!!
07/30/2021 Always the best
07/29/2021 Exceptional work. been lucky enough to have the services twice from this professor and everything has been great, finished well in advance, more than i needed in a good way and excelent communication. 
07/26/2021 Very good
07/23/2021 This professor is my absolute go to!!! 
07/23/2021 Always provides top quality work.
07/21/2021 Great job!
07/20/2021 Received A- due to APA format and mechanical errors.
07/19/2021 Finished early. Great job. 
07/18/2021 LITERALLY always delivers top notch stuff (if you provide them with all the elements of the assignment)!! Thank you! 
07/17/2021 Very well written. Thank you!
07/17/2021 Great work! Thank you!
07/15/2021 I was pleasewith your work
07/15/2021 Excellent work as always!
07/15/2021 everything was perfect
07/13/2021 500$ down the drain, nothing made seance looks like she was drunk while writing this:"This is seen as the psychological level when one tries to our best the other or trying to prove a point".....the fuck is that even supposed to mean? I asked for a conclusion to be written,,,well that was also completely cryptic:"it is the responsibility of the de facto leader or the adults "....explain this to me, I don't get it?, there were a shit load of spelling mistakes but I must say the one thing she nailed was the referencing, everything was in there and even more, id say ask her to do that but nothing more!
07/13/2021 Great work!
07/12/2021 excellent work. timely and responsive to needs and questions. thanks!
07/12/2021 Thanks! Honest review, it was such great work. Having to juggling life and school with work is difficult. thanks for making it a little easier for me (:
07/11/2021 Prof was fast and efficient. Encountered one small problem but was corrected within 24 hours, well in advance of the due date. Received a 97% on the assignment. 
07/11/2021 Great work completed in a SUPER tight time frame. Will use again. 
07/10/2021 Great work and completed well ahead of time
07/06/2021 Great work! Highly dependable and highly recommend!
07/05/2021 meh
07/04/2021 This is absolutely superb and you did an amazing job thank you so much!  Will most definately be back!
07/01/2021 This professor did an amazing job. I got an A.
06/28/2021 Absolutley Satisfied!!! Jumped right on my paper and finished ahead of time and more than the minimum that was asked. Thank you So much!
06/27/2021 Very clear and clean work . thank you !
06/26/2021 Amazing work as always
06/25/2021 Amazing and received early as always. 
06/24/2021 Best professor on here!
06/24/2021 great job, done ahead of schedule!
06/24/2021 Amazing as always. Great paper and early delivery
06/23/2021 Seriously, alwasy amazing! 

06/22/2021 Awesome paper! I highly recommend using this professor.
06/22/2021 Superb paper and completed early. 
06/21/2021 My professor did an amzaing job!!! Honestly I did not want to even look at this paper. I am currently working on my MBA in Healthcare Management I hold a BSN, and am a full time regsitered nurse. I have written thousands of leadership style papers. It is the last thing I wanted to do. Having this service to be able to weed out the busy work for me was a blessing. I cannot thank the professor I chose enough. He happened to specialize in creative writting so it was a perfect fit. He was knowledgeable, and put thought into this paper that I for sure would not have. I requested completion in 3 days, it was back earlier than I anticipated. 
There was one correction that needed to be made, he handled it flawlessly. I am so pleased with the service!!!  I felt bad for dumping what I thought was a crap assignment on someone for cash. Holy heck did it take alot of stress off of me. I will absolutely use this professor and service again!!!! HE ROCKED IT!
06/21/2021 Good work
06/21/2021 I can't believe how fast this project was done. Fantastic! 
06/20/2021 Good Essay
06/20/2021 Been using this professor multiple times and does not disapoint! 
06/17/2021 Great Job
06/16/2021 Best Prof on here 
06/16/2021 Received the paper early, and it exceeded my expectations. It was very well organized and researched. 
06/15/2021 Everthing was ready before the due date and was writen very well with quotes and explantions. would recommend.
06/15/2021 Did an okay job writing my book review. The paper was adequate for what I needed but it was very shallow and did not contain much depth on the main topic.
06/13/2021 Completed in a timely manner and with references

06/11/2021 Very good college level history paper. I had to use specific sources from the course in the paper which he/she did perfectly! I had to make a couple grammr adjustments but besides that flawless. Followed all the criteria. You will not be disappointed with this writer! 
06/08/2021 good essay
06/07/2021 A+ work
06/02/2021 Great to work with! 
06/02/2021 Always on point! Thank you for your excellent work every time. 
06/02/2021 It was delivered as promised. A++
05/31/2021 Completed as promised!
05/30/2021 an amazing writer that took all information and needs into account when writing the essay. Would highly use again for any of my future projects. Finished before the deadline and was polite and easy to talk to!
05/28/2021 highly recomended, amazing work and on time. I will pick this professore again when i have another hard assignment 
05/24/2021 Excellent job!  Completed before due date, analytical, and perfectly on topic!
05/23/2021 Did was asked about but not on the sources provided. Will give credit since they went out of their way to look for their own sources that would still be valid in my essay. ALWAYS remind them what the essay will be about. 
05/22/2021 Did it in less than 24 hours! Completely worth it!
05/21/2021 Highly recommended. 
05/21/2021 Always good work. Thank you. 
05/21/2021 Essay was fine but really just not college level. Promptly fixed mistake when pointed out to her, but kind of unacceptable to not have read that part of the prompt to begin with as it wasn't exactly an afterthought. Specific instructions given on how to write thesis and intro and these went largely ignored as the writer simply wrote a 3 sentence intro with minimal effort or attention. Theme was super underdeveloped, and I really just can't use any of this material or turn this in. She seems nice though!! Just kind of a waste of money as a college student, may however be sufficient for high school level writing. 
05/21/2021 Always does amazing work, no matter what subject!
05/19/2021 Highly recommended, issues fixes immeaditely without any questions being asked, highly recommended. 
05/18/2021 Excellent job on the professor's part. Very well written essays delivered in a timely manner, even earlier than expected! Would certainly use this professor again.
05/17/2021 I had a last minute essay and it was finished to a high standard well ahead of the requested time. 
05/14/2021 Did not follow assignment prompt at all. 
05/14/2021 Received earlier than expected, and the essay itself is spot on what I asked for. 10/10
05/13/2021 Unparalleled professionalism and speed. I learn more from reading these papers over than from my class lmao
05/13/2021 The paper was provided on time. There were a lot of spelling errors and really the paper didn't make too much sense. I had to rewrite a lot of it and I could have saved myself the $$. Lesson learned. 
05/13/2021 Great job! Pulled through and gave an A+ paper in less than 24 hrs! Thanks, definitely recommend 
05/13/2021 Excelente job!! He had it done before expected! Definitely recommend him for future work.
05/13/2021 Great job
05/13/2021 Solid for poli sci papers
05/11/2021 Excellent work, completed before the deadline. 
05/11/2021 Well done. Would recommend.
05/11/2021 Well done
05/10/2021 Smashed it! I would 1000% recommend this professor! 
05/09/2021 He did a really amazing job and was very good at communicating throughout the process :-) 
05/07/2021 Saved me in my moment of need! So convenient and professional!!
05/07/2021 Even when the assignment is hard, they go above and beyond. I always choose Stebinstuctor! From the easy projects to the hard ones, they always delivery A+ material.
05/07/2021 Good paper solid
05/06/2021 great professor. 
05/04/2021 Super knowledgable and punctual! 
05/04/2021 Super detailed and always on time! 
05/04/2021 killed it! Thanks prof!

05/04/2021 Very well done paper. I would use this professor again
05/04/2021 This professor was amazing!! He had my paper completed within 24 hours and did a great job with it too!
Would definitely recommend :)
05/03/2021 Super helpful and did it extremly quick! 
05/03/2021 This professor is spot on... and I mean SPOT ON. All assignments are completed with attention to detail and promptly submitted. Highly recommend over other professors.. you will not be disappointed.

very commutative as well.. a master of the craft, you will see.
05/02/2021 great writing thank you
04/30/2021 Fulfilled my requirements on the prompt, but in no way is this paper fit to submit without revisions and rewrites. Sources are from illegitimate locations and citations are incorrect or incomplete. Choppy writing that doesn't flow well and seems to be check off my list of requirements rather than writing a cohesive paper. Purposely spaced too much in some areas to hit the page requirement and used some old tricks to make the paper look fuller. At the end of the day, I have a starting point to work from, but I wish that a Platinum level would be better than a Gold level, but not really worth the price differenc if I am going to have to rewrite a lot of the paper. Disappointed but what do you expect when you pay to play for a paper. Will continue to look for the golden goose, but it is not this professor.
04/29/2021 i got a 72.5% so 7 stars 
I got a 70% so 7 stars
04/29/2021 Great paper and I received it on time!
04/29/2021 Completed my project very well done and very early!! Would use again! 
04/28/2021 Even with really difficult assignment they always exceed expectations!! I don't know what I'd do without Stebinstrucor
04/28/2021 Finished ahead of schedule, great write-up and I have no doubt it will get me an A+. Highly recommend and if needed will definitly use this professor again!
04/27/2021 I would give them 11 stars if I could, I am so grateful they helped me with this last minute project. 110% recommend you choose this guy for your work, but I want to keep them for myself!
04/27/2021 Best quality writing I have seen on Unemployed Professors.They always finish early and make any changes I need. Thank you! :)
04/27/2021 I was so surprised, it's my first time using this website and I chose this Professor and honestly I am going to submit all my work through them going forward, I got an A thanks to their writing!!!
04/27/2021 Phenomal work, it was punctual and had everything I asked for the instructions, above and beyond. 
04/27/2021 Great work
04/26/2021 Havent had the essay graded yet but, it was done in good time, and looks great and college level. Will edit once graded.
04/23/2021 I got a "C" on my essay done by this professor. While his work was very helpful and greatly appreciated, it was certainly not worth the $150 price tag to get this low of a grade on this project. If i decide to use this service again, I will be going with a different professor. 
04/23/2021 Always a great choice! Pays attention to the details and delivers good products. 
04/22/2021 Quality work
04/22/2021 Extremely nice and accomadating.  Willing to help with small things such as a rough draft to send in before the final project.
04/21/2021 Very good service the essay was done in record time. It was all original content and fitted very well into the context. Truly the best.
04/21/2021 Every single time they do such an amazing job, I got an A+!!
04/21/2021 Stebinstructor is my favorite Professor on here!!
04/21/2021 Excellent project submission. Received 100%. Highly recommend. 
04/19/2021 Got a pity D and was told the paper did not meet the requirements of the prompt at all. Don't recommend for psycholinguistics
04/19/2021 Gets the work done fast
04/18/2021 Great turn around and the essay was good quality. 
04/15/2021 Fast and thourough. Beyond expectation. Thank you. 
04/15/2021 The writing was done well, great prof for long papers.
04/15/2021 Great work!
04/14/2021 This professor is LEGEND! They always produce A+ quality work no matter the subject! They always finish early too! 
04/14/2021 great work 
04/12/2021  I was initially super nervous about what quality paper I would receive so I hired multiple writers. Stebinstructor's by FAR exceeds all of them and I can't put into words just how happy I am with this paper. YOU absolutely killed it.  
04/12/2021 Didn't think this webiste was legit but it really is. Although quite expenisve the professor did the work as instructed. Ended up only getting a 20/50 because I might of not given clear instructions 
04/12/2021 Perfectly completed the task in hand with more than enough time to spare. 
04/11/2021 Always on point!
04/10/2021 Amazing paper, oroginal and always put that little bit of information I wanted added to it. 
04/09/2021 he was great
04/09/2021 Great work done on a an engineering reserach paper! would use again!
04/08/2021 fast and effective
04/08/2021 He does a really good job, with a few adjustments of my own, I get an A- everytime he writes my papers!!
04/07/2021 Completes on time. Great work. 
04/06/2021 Listened to my revisions and was willing to help all along the way. Do recommend!
04/06/2021 Use him for every essay I possibly be can really good at what he does.
04/06/2021 Great work, laid back. will use again. 
04/05/2021 Very fast and well done
04/05/2021 Project was plagiarism
04/04/2021 Amazing Paper! Highly recommend and will definitely use again. 
04/02/2021 Stellar communication! They checked in with me at every step to ensure the project would be a success!

Easy to work with and always the professional, stebinstructor delivers great work consistently (A- or better) so you can't go wrong with them!

Thank you! 10/10
04/01/2021 Amazing job thanks so much!
04/01/2021 Completed on time, excellent quality!
04/01/2021 Deliver ealry and the paper was great!
03/31/2021 I had to reword a lot of sentences due to poor sentence structure. But the paper was done on time and it gave me a good base to make some changes and add things. I definitely recommend going through the paper and editing it prior to submitting. 
03/30/2021 Thank you
03/30/2021 Best writing service i've used hands D
03/28/2021 10 stars
03/26/2021 Great work
03/26/2021 High quality work : )
03/26/2021 Delivered and follows instructions well! 
03/25/2021 Always solid. 
03/24/2021 Good enough if you just want to pass, not good enough if you want to get a good mark. Had to make a lot of changes and edits.
03/24/2021 A+