Date Comment Rating
01/17/2021 Great stuff, delivered it also very quick, far before deadline
01/15/2021 the essay was good, but didn't demonstrate the deep understanding. It was based on personal moral attitude with adding some research, but not on theories. 
01/13/2021 great work 
01/10/2021 Very professional and quick turnaround. Even responded with revisions with no questions and quickly.
01/09/2021 thank you so much !
01/08/2021 Fantastic. Can not thank you enough
01/06/2021 fast service and quality paper. Great work
01/04/2021 Fantastic
01/01/2021 great
12/30/2020 Did everything I needed.
12/20/2020 I am rather dissapoined with the low grade I recived on my most recent Project. I will refrain from going into further detail, but the grade given was less than 70%.
12/17/2020 Deep analysis and great insight!
12/17/2020 Quality work on a quick dealine.
12/16/2020 Amazing work! On time. 
12/16/2020 On time. Clean work!!
12/16/2020 Nice work! The best!!
12/16/2020 Amazing!! 
12/16/2020 Good job!
12/16/2020 Great work 
12/15/2020 Delivers outstanding work. 
12/15/2020 Very nice and good.
12/15/2020 Great work accomplished by the deadline, couldn't recommend more highly. 
12/13/2020 Worth every penny ! 
12/13/2020 Had an little issue with the due date, luckily I asked for it 2 days earlier than I needed it. I was able to submit it on time and received an A. Essay was well written and it included everything I asked for.
12/13/2020 Essay was completed in a timely fashion. Essay was well written and I received an A. I was very happy with the process start to finish. 
Hands down....The best professor ever!!!
12/11/2020 To good to be true. You're the best!
12/11/2020 On time and written well.
12/11/2020 Communication was great. Turned it in with time. I even messaged the professor on something that was missing in the criteria and it was fixed right away. I'll definitely be using going forward.
12/11/2020 As a first time customer I was a little skeptical about the legitimacy of this site. Let's just say all of my doubts were completely laid to rest. This professor is a complete badass. Total fucking legend. I'll be passing the class thanks to you. Be well!
12/11/2020 Amazing work!!
12/10/2020 Quality paper (A) that was provided in record time! Will definitely use this professor again and highly recommend him!
12/10/2020 Great paper. Was completed hours early which was nice. Got a grade of 88%. Thanks again!
12/08/2020 Great work! Finished on time and did an excellent job. Thank you!
12/08/2020 He was excellent with time management and ended up finishing the paper sooner than expected. His writing was concise and detailed, I was very ahppy with the results 
12/07/2020 Fabulous!  Has done many projects for me and received an A on every one of them!  All were related to music. If you are taking a music class, this is the professor to chose if you want an A!!
12/07/2020 Great
12/07/2020 good.
12/07/2020 Great!
12/07/2020 Professionally written and submitted on time! Thanks! 
12/06/2020 Good paper, didn't finish it though. 
12/06/2020 Good paper, didn't finish it though. 
12/05/2020 Was quoted a certain date by the writer, who was unable to provide updated expectations without prompt. Paper provided seemed to be hastily written, with many technical erros that had to be adjusted, along with being provided in the wrong format.

Paper was still provided by what was deadline I originally provided before my professor adjusted it, and delivered it late to the newly updated.

Pros and cons, but overall the deadline mishandling and miscommunication shadow the accolades. Hopefully a one-off, and you all have a much smoother experience!
12/04/2020 Honeslty always the best work and done earlier than the time needed. 10/10 recommend.
Got an A on my last assignment.
12/04/2020 My paper was well written, and earlier than I needed it. I am very happy with my results. Thanks!
12/04/2020 The paper was late and missed the minimum page count required. 
12/03/2020 Was very great to work with. Research paper done on time and written to perfection! Thank you so much!
12/03/2020 One of my favorite professors to use. Always excellent work done on time!
12/02/2020 Everything was wonderful 
12/01/2020 Very satisfied with his work!! He finished my essay before the dateline and did as I requested. I will be using him for any future works. Thank you so much.
12/01/2020 Amazing proffesor
12/01/2020 It was good
11/29/2020 Did a great job, wasn't able to finish by the time I first specified but was able to do some awesome work in the end. Considering though the length of the paper it's completely understandable and would recommend.
11/28/2020 Timely and well done
11/27/2020 Great job
11/24/2020 Good but many errors
11/24/2020 Overall, well done and thought out, Sounds well put as well. 

Thank you! 
11/24/2020 on time and good quality
11/23/2020 Amazing work!
11/23/2020 I am impressed! This Professor really blew my mind off. He even submitted a few hours before the agreed deadline and saved my ass a lot. The work is top-notch and I highly recommend ya'll to check him/her out! I look forward to working with this professor again. Very satisfied so I'm giving a 10/10 :)
11/22/2020 All i can say is superb seriously, you will never be disapointed. Thank you 
11/22/2020 9.5/10 Paper was completed on time but slightly shy of the 2k word count requested.. Other than than it's great and very well written. Thank you!!
11/22/2020 Directions were not followed and did not respond to email messages well.  Also did not use all sources given and added sources that were not talked about.  Not worth the money spent.
11/22/2020 Great job!
11/21/2020 Very impressive job! Even did very extensive revisions after asking...Brilliant!
11/21/2020 Not quick on responding , paper was deducted points for being late but overall good work. 
11/19/2020 decent - i gave a really short time limit (like 4 hours) and the project was really complex. they did the best they could 
11/19/2020 Very good work! I am highly impressed.
11/19/2020 Superstar extrodinare. Gets it done!!! 
11/19/2020 Next level, finished this essay in under 24 hours along with another one. Highly recommended, my 2nd time using this professor and would use again if needed.
11/19/2020 I am giving 9/10 because the professor was one day late with the date he orginally said the paper would be completed. Over all, great job! Thank you!
11/18/2020 2nd paper and still perfection!!!!
11/17/2020 Excellent experience, wrote an article for my nursing program and it was perfect to say the least. I will be reaching out to you again for future assignments.
11/15/2020 great job
11/14/2020 Lifesaver
11/13/2020 Well executed, done well before the due time
11/13/2020 Very good work tytytyty
11/09/2020 Always Stellar work and super fast. Will most definitely comeback everytime I need something written.
11/07/2020 Always get good grades with his essays
11/06/2020 Excellent - as always!!
11/05/2020 Awesome work and on time.
11/03/2020 On time ! Great stuff ! 
11/03/2020 I have used this professor two times within the last month and I have received 100 out of 100 both times. He knows his music!!
11/03/2020 Awesome!!!!
11/03/2020 Wow, I was blown away by the detail put into the essay. I had to to a midterm about how I wanted to become a financial analyst and how that combines with personality test taken in class, and the final product was amazing. Will definitely be returning to the same professor for the next big project.
11/02/2020 This professor was absolutley great as far as communication down to finishing the assingment in a timley manor will use this professor again
11/01/2020 Essay came out very sound. Very legit writer. 
10/30/2020 Awesome job and wel written essay!
10/30/2020 This professor was an amazing help. He helped me complete my project in a timely manner and was even requesting my resources to help him complete the project. I would highly recremend him to anyone looking to get a good grade on a paper or to someone who just doesnt have the time. 10/10 for sure 
10/30/2020 Almost perfect a few spelling and gramatical errors but they were easy enough to fix. Other then that everything was flawless clear and consice ideas. Thanks much. 
10/29/2020 Solid work. Had to make a few adjustments/additions to the paper that were related to the course, but great work for not taking the class. 9 page senior level political science reasearch paper completed within 36 hours. Very pleased
10/28/2020          The blueprint I submitted was an assignment involving a 1500+ worded argumentive analysis essay that required atleast 5 sources in MLA format. It was done in less than 24 hours and the quality was more than satisfactory. 
10/28/2020 great work
10/28/2020 Another A+. Thank you so much!
10/28/2020 Professor took the time to request more information and detail to ensure a great critique!
10/27/2020 Did a great job.  Got 100 out of 100!  here are professors comments:  You give a nice look at the material. Jazz has elements of all of these classifications for music, having the discussion is important before we begin looking at its history. I'm glad you're interested in these aspects of jazz history.
10/27/2020 always a pleasure working with you! could not recommend enough
10/26/2020 100% would recommend this professor! Best one ive had so far. Followed the outline to the TEE and actually spent time looking at the resources provided. Once again, I would 100% recommend this professor!
10/26/2020 I can just say im speechless , thank you yet again you have dilivered a great paper. i will recommend 1000% thank you.
10/25/2020 He quick at answering my messages. I have not gotten my grade yet but I needed to edit some things on my paper and he was super cooperative and understanding. 
10/25/2020 met most of the criteria although lacked connecting the topic to Psychology
10/23/2020 Followed the instructions and got my paper to me early.
10/23/2020 I was notifed last minute about a peer review I had to particpate in for the next day. I asked if stepinstructor could send me a few parapgrahs ahead of the deadline I had set for the essay and they delivered the morning of! (with only a couple hours notice) Amazing quality of work as proven by the A I received on a previous essay stepinstructor also did :) 
10/22/2020 Quickly returned and addressed all topics requested! Thank you!
10/22/2020 Great stuff!
10/20/2020 Forgot to do some parts to my assignment and the plagerism report was not the greatest either 
10/20/2020 Completed assignment early!
10/19/2020 Great quality writing and was super easy to communicate with! 
10/19/2020 Met the deadline and communicated the way through. Delivered another solid paper. 
10/18/2020 Always a pleasure!
10/17/2020 My number 1 professor!
10/17/2020 The paper is decently written but is filled with grammatical errors. The quotes on the paper don't even have have quotation marks so I will have to go back to my source, re-read it to find the actual quote and change on the paper. There also aren't any quotes of the novel so I will have to re-write the whole thing. I would say the paper is at a D+ as it sits so I would say these websites are for people trying to save time and are in a community college. These aren't A papers at a top tier university. 
10/17/2020 Excellent! 
10/16/2020 Very well put together paper
Exceeded expectations
Custom images and research
10/15/2020 What a legened! Delivered a huge project early and written perfectly
10/13/2020 Great once again!!!
10/13/2020 did an awesome job on my paper, completed in a short amount of time and even after being paid I had asked for a works cited page and they completed this for me! Have used this professor for a handful of different assignments and haven't been disapointed yet!
10/10/2020 Pulled through for me! Great writing

10/10/2020 ..
10/10/2020 Very well done project and on time! I have not received a grade yet but I'm sure it will not disappoint. Will use this professor again! 
10/07/2020 Stupendous!
10/06/2020 Exceeded expectations! Delivered 2 days before promised.  
10/06/2020 Good work and he makes changes accordingly.
10/05/2020 Awesome work have been using professor for awhile now and always delivers on time and makes corrections and delivers a passing grade. Will continue to use 
10/04/2020 Great paper! Thank you. It was delivered way before due date. I will definitely will be looking for you again in the future! 
10/04/2020 So I was very skeptical about using this site. I worried about plagerism, the verbage used, and overall quality of the work. 
I am very shocked and pleased to say that this professor did an excellent job on my paper. (It hasn't been graded yet tho) It was exactly what I needed, exactly what my professor asked for, zero grammatical or spelling errors and the references were legit. My professor asked for 2 references and this man delivered 3! Thank you! Thank you and Thank you!!
Also, I entered my paper into a Plagerism Detector website and it came back 100% original. Will use this professor again for any help I need in the future!
10/04/2020 Great work, Way on time before I needed to turn in and also did what was needed. Moneys worth!!! Best Prof
10/01/2020 Did such a great job! Thank you so much!!
09/30/2020 Submitted a last minute and it was completed in recored time. Happy to do revisions, and does them very quickly. 100% would work with again. 
09/30/2020 On time and friendly to work with even with last minute changes. 
09/29/2020 got 2 great essays with strong reasoning and precise wording; tasks were completed and revised well before due date, 10/10
09/29/2020 Grammarly rated the essay very well with no plagarism, 97/100. Was skeptical at first with how swift the essay was made but after reading it and checking it through grammarly everything was legit and well done!
09/29/2020 great work

The best!

09/24/2020 Hands down best Professor you can ask for, got it done a few days before the due date and paper was amazing and well written thank you so much i serioulsy recommend. 
09/23/2020 Always makes me smile once I received my completed assignment.
The best professor!
09/23/2020 amazing work, would highly recommend this professor. 
09/21/2020 Provided a well written short essay and followed the guidlines I had set perfectly. Will return for future projects.
09/19/2020 This Professor is amazing. I can't recommend enough. There might be some spelling mistake errors but that is something you can fix when you read through. Other than that, the professors writing style is great and the paper goes in flow and logic. Thank  you so much Professor for helping me out. You are awesome. 
09/19/2020 Great work!!
09/19/2020 This Professor handled several projects and I highly reccomend.
09/19/2020 This Professor handled several projects and I highly reccomend.
09/19/2020 This Professor handled several projects and I highly reccomend.
09/19/2020 This Professor handled several projects and I highly reccomend.
09/17/2020 Did a great job completed assignment early
09/16/2020 Again, recieved the project way before the dead line. Excellent work and lots of information that required outside reseach. Fantastic
09/16/2020 Did a great job, and got me my project back in record time. You can tell they went out of their way to do extra research. Hope to use them again
09/16/2020 Was exactly what I needed. My instructor just asked for a little more in the conclusion but I still got an A
09/15/2020 I received an A+ on this project. Professor submitted the project several days in advance of my timeline. Highly recommeneded. 
09/14/2020 Really good work and done on time! A few minor grammatical errors, but nothing too bad + I only gave them a few hours to complete the assignment and didn't really have time to ask for revisions so I'm not complaining. 
09/12/2020 Very good job and one on time.  Missed one minor detail on the instruction but overall satisfied. 
09/10/2020 Awessome!  Thank you so much!!!!  Great communication and well written paper!
09/10/2020 Excellent work on my Biomedical ethics essay. He followed the instructions i sent him and finished the project 10 days early. will use him again for all of my future essays
09/09/2020 Excellent work 
09/09/2020 Good job great paper. 
09/08/2020 To good to be true!
09/08/2020 my paper turned out great and I reached out for help at the very last minute and this prof. helped me in short notice and got me the paper back with time to spare. thank you so much I will definitely be back !!
09/08/2020 I'm over here about to pass oui cause this PROfessor just HOOKED ME UP. I needed this research paper in 2 weeks but got it in 3 days! First time using this service and will definitely be a return customer. Referring friends 100%!
Thanks again!
09/07/2020 LIFE SAVER!
09/07/2020 .
09/07/2020 Very good job on the paper! VERY fast! I asked for 2 specific citations to be used in-text and they were included perfectly. After it was done, I asked for one thing to be changed and they kindly fixed it for me. I will hopefully be able to use this professor for my next paper!
09/07/2020 Solid work
09/06/2020 The worked summed everythu up perfectly and was delivered on time , will use the professor again. :) 
09/05/2020 Always gets me an A, always gets project in timely manner! Thank you! My go to!
09/02/2020 Very fast service, captured the essence of the paper without adding too many complicating personal details
08/31/2020 great work!!
08/31/2020 Great professor to work with and provided great results! Responded in timeley manner, and went above and beyond to meet requirements. Thanks again, will definitely use for future assignments. 
08/30/2020 Excellent work and incredibly knowledgable.
08/28/2020 Fantastic!
08/28/2020 Amazing job as always!
08/28/2020 I've had so many dissapointing professors on here... This one is, not one of them. Worked together multiple times and its always well written and on time or even early. I always try to use this professor whenever possible. 
08/26/2020 Very good!
08/26/2020 Wonderful!!
08/26/2020 Thanks! Always gets good grades 
08/24/2020 great job
08/21/2020 Great job once again! Have used multiple times and never has let me down. Thanks!
08/20/2020 Great work!
08/19/2020 Did a great job! Followed the intstructions clearly and finished the project well before the already short timeframe. Thanks so much!
08/19/2020 Quick work
08/17/2020 Great work! One revision required, but it was quickly and accurately corrected and resubmitted before the deadline. I would recommend this professor.
08/16/2020 super fast great paper!! thank you
08/15/2020 great work
08/13/2020 Followed the instructions and got the paper done before the deadline. Great Job!
08/10/2020 Thank you! looks great!
08/10/2020 Got me out of a tight spot but will not use again. English was bad and some facts were wrong. Spent 2 hours sanitizing the paper and felt it was B and average at best. not worth the $338 i spent unfortunately. Pros were that the professor (i suspect its a company/group of people churning out essays) was communicative and fast in responses and i got the assignment way before the deadline. 
08/09/2020 Recieved a 100%.  Great Job! 
08/09/2020 Amazing! Even under a tight deadline! Highy reccomend.
08/08/2020 Very responsive 
08/07/2020 Due to the quality of his work, this is the second time i have used this professor.
This assignment was completed before the due date, met the exact brief set out & was plagarisim free. Not only that, the essay is written to a high standard - very impressive.
Thank you so much!! 
08/06/2020 "Make sure that you are listing all of the in-text citations in the references page as your article was not listed". This was a comment from the professor who graded my paper
08/04/2020 Thank you, it was done so fast. I have not submitted it yet. I will let you know my grade as soon as I receive it. 
08/03/2020 This professor pulled out all the stops.  They completed by paper well ahead of the deadline and I had very few edits to make myself.  They are now my go-to when I'm in a pinch.
08/02/2020 Followed the instructions to a pin point accuracy and with perfect excution. 
07/30/2020 was exactly what i was looking for and was done fast
07/30/2020 Received an 85/100 on paper. 
07/30/2020 thank you so much for your speedy responses and for finishing the assignment with enough time for me to revise. Compared to many other profs on this site, this is a nice surprise
07/29/2020 This Professor went above and beyond to provide for my assignment. I got 100 on each of the six assignments they (quickly) completed for me and an A in the entire course thanks to them.