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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
09/27/2023 OUTSTANDING
09/26/2023 OUTSTANDING!!!!!!
09/26/2023 OUTSTANDING
09/25/2023 OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!
09/22/2023 Short time turnaround tasker. Did an exceptionally well job
09/20/2023 Great Work!!
09/14/2023 Outstanding
09/09/2023 The work was great and comunícate well.
09/07/2023 Fasttttttttttttt
09/05/2023 Outstanding!!!!!!!
08/31/2023 Awesome Work!! 
08/30/2023 A+++++++++
08/29/2023 Great
08/22/2023 This professor is great! Fast turn around. 
08/22/2023 Continue to get great results provided early!
08/17/2023 Always provides Great Material and early! Will always choose this professor!!!!
08/16/2023 This professor produces only top notch assignments! I recommend!! A++++++++++
08/12/2023 One of the Best Professors on this site Outstanding work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
08/12/2023 OutStanding job!!!!!!!!
08/05/2023 Great job and early turnaround!
08/04/2023 Out Standing Work!!!!!!!!
08/02/2023 Great results provided early! My top professor to work with!
08/01/2023 Outstanding job!!!!!!!!
08/01/2023 Outstanding Job. If you want amazing work done you need to use this professor.
07/31/2023 Thank you! It sounds very close to something I would have written myself. Really saved me a lot of headache and stress.

Thanks again!
07/29/2023 Outstanding work!!!!!!!!!
07/28/2023 A++++++++++++++
07/28/2023 Attention to detail (instructions) is great!! A++++++
07/26/2023 Great
07/25/2023 My top Professsor to work with! Great products consistently delivered early!
07/19/2023 Always a top performer! Delivered early again!
07/13/2023 On time
07/11/2023 Thank you 
07/11/2023 Awesome! And provided early!
07/09/2023 Fast and efficient.
07/07/2023 Great paper and submitted before the deadline. 
07/05/2023 Thank you! Everything was well written and completed earlier then expected. Appreciate your help!
06/30/2023 Very happy with the result. Thank you very much!
06/12/2023 Thank you!
06/02/2023 Got a C on the assignment.  Thanks for the help though.
Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks for fixing my requests. You're a lifesaver! Also, I wanted to let you know that I got an A on my project and I couldn't be happier. I really appreciate all your hard work and dedication to making sure everything was good. Thanks again, you're the best!
05/25/2023 Awesome Job!
05/23/2023 Thank you
05/01/2023 great work!
04/28/2023 good
04/24/2023 Great, as always
04/23/2023 On time and well written, only a couple minor edits needed. The plagiarism report only showed one match, and it was in the works cited page. Overall, highly satisfied and would recommend and use this writer again. Thank you!
04/16/2023 Great
04/16/2023 Great
04/12/2023 I do not recommend this professor. RUSHED AND UNDERPERFORMED!  Did not meet word count, plagarism report returned back as 60%. Spacing  was incorrect. The paper was amazing if a middle school student was turning it in, not Master's level. 
04/12/2023 Great service provided early.
04/06/2023 Completed with timely manner and had no grammatical errors.
04/03/2023 I would not recommend this professor for nursing papers. their knowledge seemed to be limited in this area. provided paper without referrences which delayed submission.
03/22/2023 live saver.
03/14/2023 Thanks prof
03/07/2023 Did a really great job, was timely and asked questions when necessary.
03/07/2023 Fast, freindly, good paper, and overall good to work with! 
03/03/2023 I recommend using Professor stebinstructor. They were easy to work with and completed the project well before the deadline. The paper was without plagiarism and only needed minor revisions before submission.

02/24/2023 Very happy with the timeliness and quality of the essay!
02/23/2023 I highly recommend this professor. His work is amazing for starters, but he is also VERY responsive. He communicated with me throughout the project, asking questions if needed and providing updates as well. He deserves all the stars and more!
02/21/2023 Fast, excellent work.  Couldn't be any more pleased, 10/10 would use again and recommend
02/15/2023 Good substance and good quality. Glad I tried them out. Will use moving forward.
02/14/2023 On time and done well. 
02/11/2023 Great paper! thanks for following the instructions given!
02/09/2023 Very happy with the resolution to this paper
02/05/2023 The best smiley
02/05/2023 Life saver :) !!
02/03/2023 Prof did a great job and delivered FAST results! Also provided more sources than the required. 10/10 recommend!
02/02/2023 Great work!
01/27/2023 Great paper! this professor is quick to reply to questions and has no problems making corrections! 
01/23/2023 Great work!
01/17/2023 Excellent work!
01/17/2023 Amazing work and did it before the due date with no need revisions 
01/12/2023 Happy with the resolution.
01/10/2023 excellent paper
01/09/2023 Extremely timely and great writer!
01/07/2023 very helpful and answered my millions of questions.
12/28/2022 Great
12/16/2022 Incredible paper and delivered early. Would definitely recommend. 
12/13/2022 Great & Strong Work!!
12/13/2022 Great work
12/13/2022 Always great work and always on time
12/12/2022 DO NOT USE THIS PROFESSOR!!!!!!
I submiutted an essay that did not follow the Rubric or Guidelines of an analysis I had due. It was supposed to be about a case on the Supreme Court docket, however I recieved an essay about a petition filed. Two completely different things. I received an F (A 45). My grade went from an A+ to an C-. 
12/12/2022 Well written and in a style close to mine, this was well done and done quickly! Thank you
12/12/2022 Good to work with and fast
12/12/2022 Great work as always
12/12/2022 Great work with fast delivery. 
12/10/2022 Did an amazing job. I have never used this before but have had so much going on and figured I would give it a try and I am extremely satisfied Thank You so much
12/08/2022 Finished before deadline and delivered good work. 
12/08/2022 The GOAT
12/07/2022 On time and good work
12/05/2022 good work
12/04/2022 Very solid work, on time with plenty to spare, should probably get me an A+ 
12/03/2022 Quick turnaround and delivered early. Was quick to respond to any questions I had. A+
12/01/2022 Professor really came through!! First time trying this and can't believe it worked. Great paper! Thank you
11/30/2022 I use sterbinstructor for everything always great work and on time
11/24/2022 This instructor not only meets deadlines, but will usually get completed work early. All work is done quite professionally and meets all requirements asked. I highly recommend this instructor for future use!!
11/21/2022 This professor was the real deal! I got a 100% on my research proposal AND it was submitted before the deadline! Highly recommend! yes
11/18/2022 Finished a project very fast and very well!!
11/17/2022 Professor was diligent and received paper within 5 days of due date 
11/16/2022 Absolutely Top Notch!
11/15/2022 perfect
11/14/2022 Second time using this professor, felt relived because his work is always on point!
11/14/2022 Was skeptical about trying one of these sites but this professor came through for me in a rather difficult time! 10/10, will be using again.
11/11/2022 Completed my assignment ahead of schedulesmiley
11/08/2022 Timely and well done, great in a bind 
11/06/2022 Nailed it!  This person gets it.  Really got into my space and wrote it from my perspective.
11/04/2022 Delivered the impossible.
10/31/2022 Great work with short notice! Thank you!
10/29/2022 Great work, as always
10/29/2022 Great work
10/29/2022 Always great work
10/29/2022 Great work
10/26/2022 Very efficient, and can pick apart a multi-step project if need be (PP Presentation, Term Paper, Proposal, ect)
10/25/2022 Excellent!!
10/18/2022 Outstanding Professor!
10/13/2022 Excellent work  Very well written essay with little to no mistakes. 10/10 would recommend!!!
10/10/2022 quick turn around. good work. completed 5 different essasy questions with great content
10/04/2022 Extremely efficient and helpful with deadlines!
09/24/2022 Amazing Professor and dedicated to his area of expertise!
09/24/2022 Very quick!!
09/20/2022 Great paper and fast response time!! Will use again in the future.
09/20/2022 Very helpful quick to respond to questions and very thorough work. Thanks!
09/18/2022 Always great work
09/18/2022 Great
09/18/2022 Perfect as always.
09/16/2022 produced what was asked! fast service! saved me a lot of time!
09/15/2022 Promised to have the project ready earlier than the deadline, but eventually it wasnt ready earlier
09/15/2022 the best 
09/12/2022 My paper wasnt due for 2 weeks, however, this professor finished the assignment in 2 days. Clearly stated thesis, and supported the argument throughout the assignment. Couldnt ask for better work.
09/08/2022 A good paper
09/07/2022 Got a 50/100 on my assignment. I had to go back and edit it. I just wasted $130. I could cry.
09/06/2022 Very honest and reliable!
08/30/2022 Fantastic and Timely! An intelligent professor who is amazing to work with!
08/28/2022 This professor is hands down the best on here! Exemplary work... THANK YOU!
08/26/2022 great paper and was done earlier than i expected.
08/23/2022 The best professor out there! Full of knowledge and quick results!
08/23/2022 Great
08/18/2022 A paper & early even!
08/16/2022 Fantastic and Reliable! Awesome Work!
08/09/2022 He was timely and professional, was very helpful and wrote an amazing paper. Definately use again
08/02/2022 Great work on paper!
08/02/2022 very happy with this resolution
07/22/2022 A+++ 
07/06/2022 Incredibly quick turn around. Will make some minor tweaks, but overall a life saver and stress killer. Thanks so much
07/05/2022 Great work and I received the essay within a day!
07/03/2022 damn great job! and early
07/03/2022 Another perfect job done early
07/03/2022 This professor is top notch! What a great job!
06/28/2022 The work was done with a VERY VERY Short deadline!! Great Job
06/27/2022 Minimal syntax/spelling errors, solid thesis using evidence from the material I provided. Excellent prof, 10/10
06/22/2022 Fantastic.
06/21/2022 10/10! Paper came well before the due date, looks amazing! Would definitely work with this Professor again!
06/21/2022 Great quality and delivered on time. Couldn't be happier with the service.
06/21/2022 Amazing. This professor was not only professional and on point with the assignment, but he also delievered the assignment ahead of time.
06/21/2022 Great paper!
06/19/2022 Top notch work. Very well done. My prof was professional and delivered ahead of schedule. I am very pleased with the result.
06/17/2022 Thank you so much!! smiley
06/03/2022 Excellent work in such a short timeframe! 
05/30/2022 Excellent as usual!
05/24/2022 He got the paper done early, however just a brief investigation of the sources revealed he plagerized nearly the entire paper. I am still giving him 2 stars because at least I have sufficient content to edit and turn in but I am very disappointed... not worth $300.... at all.
05/23/2022 Amazing work on my essay will be using him again! Finished a day before the due date! 
05/20/2022 the best 
05/19/2022 Great work. 
05/17/2022 Outstanding work on this management paper.  I have used this professor many times and always with high quality work.  I highly recommend.
05/17/2022 Delivered on time and with a great quality. I highly reccomend this proffesor. 
05/17/2022 Delivered on time and with a great quality. I highly reccomend this proffesor. 
05/14/2022 Extremely knowledgeable and helpful on topics presented to him
05/12/2022 Excellent business management paper!  I received high marks and the project was completed two days early.  I highly recommend this professor.  A+++
05/12/2022 Accpeted and wrote essay withing 48hr. Really appreciate the quick turn around.
05/11/2022 Always does a great job. He's done last-minute projects for me, and when I give more notice, he delivers early!! 10/10 recommend
05/08/2022  If you'd like to save yourself from getting a paper that has nothing to do with your topic then this prof is for you. there are sooo many other professors on this site that will get your paper done correctly. I wouldn't even waste my time with this one!
05/06/2022 Fantastic management paper!  Followed instructions exactly and I received an outstanding response from my professor.  I have used this professor many times and highly recommend! 
05/06/2022 Very difficult to get into contact with. Told me it would be completed on the 12th of April, was not completed completed until about 5 minutes to the closing day and time. Professor did not follow the extremely detailed instructions I sent. Received a grade of "F" and when I informed, did not respond. DO NOT USE
05/04/2022 Amazing!!!!!!!!!
05/01/2022 Did the work but make sure you give it a once over afterwards and make sure to give details about the assignment. 
04/30/2022 .
04/30/2022 solid af
04/29/2022 The assignment didn't meet any of the requirements. Which kind of stinks because this Professor had overwhelmingly good reviews. 
04/29/2022 Great quality paper!!
04/29/2022 Excellent paper and before my deadline!
04/27/2022 I have used this professor multiple times, especially on big projects that were nearly impossible for me to complete without any help/guidance. This professor works in a timely manner, produces amazing work and has my complete trust. 
04/27/2022 Everything was exactly how I needed it.
04/27/2022 Everything was exactly how I needed it.
04/27/2022 Great work. 
04/27/2022 Literally never disappoints.
04/27/2022 Excellent as always!
04/27/2022 Great paper, the professor went above and beyond in this paper, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
04/26/2022 AAAAAA++++++
04/24/2022 Delivered as promise, a day early!
04/24/2022 Amazing as always.
04/24/2022 Completed early, and satisfactory
04/23/2022 The paper turned out great, everything I asked for was included, happy with the work. 
04/19/2022 Wonderful job! Had the required text for my assignment and utilized it well throughout the assignment. Very prompt and submitted prior to deadline.
04/18/2022 Did a great job and followed assignment instructions. 
04/18/2022 Good quality for how fast I needed it with all of the write elements included. Did need a once over but overall very happy
04/16/2022 Got paper done quickly with short notice appreciate it very much 
04/13/2022 Great work!
04/12/2022 Wouldn't even try any other instructor.  

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