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08/07/2020 Due to the quality of his work, this is the second time i have used this professor.
This assignment was completed before the due date, met the exact brief set out & was plagarisim free. Not only that, the essay is written to a high standard - very impressive.
Thank you so much!! 
08/06/2020 "Make sure that you are listing all of the in-text citations in the references page as your article was not listed". This was a comment from the professor who graded my paper
08/04/2020 Thank you, it was done so fast. I have not submitted it yet. I will let you know my grade as soon as I receive it. 
08/03/2020 This professor pulled out all the stops.  They completed by paper well ahead of the deadline and I had very few edits to make myself.  They are now my go-to when I'm in a pinch.
08/02/2020 Followed the instructions to a pin point accuracy and with perfect excution. 
07/30/2020 was exactly what i was looking for and was done fast
07/30/2020 Received an 85/100 on paper. 
07/30/2020 thank you so much for your speedy responses and for finishing the assignment with enough time for me to revise. Compared to many other profs on this site, this is a nice surprise
07/29/2020 This Professor went above and beyond to provide for my assignment. I got 100 on each of the six assignments they (quickly) completed for me and an A in the entire course thanks to them.
07/29/2020 I needed a paper done quick and with excellent quality, so I took a chance on this professor. Not only was the work amazing, they also got it back to me way ahead of time, comprehended the material and instructions well, and responded all my questions supportively! The authenticity in the work is displayed and speaks for itself!
07/27/2020 Great paper. Super flexible and patient when I was encountering issues with the website as well. Thanks!
07/26/2020 great work
07/24/2020 Excellent!
07/24/2020 Had my paper done in a few days with zero errors! thanks so much!!
07/24/2020 Great Writing
07/23/2020 Quick response, great essay with a picture for visual aid.  Awesome professor, will definitely use him again!!  thank you!!!
07/23/2020 Fast as promised. Impressive content!
07/21/2020 Thank YOU!
07/21/2020 This professor is a waste of money. Does not use complete sentces, does not included reference pages, and asks for more money
07/20/2020 Awsome
07/20/2020 very impressed! thank you so much
07/20/2020 This professor is very determined adn ambitious to produce the best work possible for the student. I highly appreciate the quick and great quality work he has produced for me. Many thanks, cheers!
07/19/2020 All good 
07/19/2020 Received a zero 
07/19/2020 Poor communication and paper was one day late. Paper content was average. 
07/18/2020 My go to, great professor, very reliable and stays intouch during the process. Have gotten a A on every paper and plan on trusting him with my final exam essay this week! thank you so much xx
07/18/2020 Very early turnaround time and covered everything that was asked! I shall update with the grade. Thanks!
07/16/2020 Finished the project before the due date and followed instructions, highly recommend going with this professor!
07/14/2020 SO fast! Well-written, exactly to specifications, great communicator. will definitely use this writer again.
07/14/2020 Stebinstructor is one of my go to professors for all my projects. Always delivers 
07/12/2020 Very professional and sophisticated essays!
07/12/2020 Great service!
07/12/2020 thank you!
07/11/2020 Awsome
07/11/2020 would use this professor again. amazing job.  great turn around time.  consider using this one!
07/11/2020 Great turn around time
07/10/2020 Pros:
  • Plaigarism report came back very clean (13%, most of which were just the citations)
  • Document was well written and according to the guidelines I gave.
  • Included a fancy-shmancy graph
  • Was completed within the deadline I specified.
  • Originally the professor promised to complete the project two days before the deadline I gave. This promise was not met, but since the quality of work is so high, full-stars were awarded. 
Would use this professor again and I highly recommend them.
07/09/2020 awesome work! lifesaver!!!
07/09/2020 Wonderful solution. Beyond my expectations of a timely return (was completed early) and wonderfully worded. 
07/08/2020 Nice Job
07/08/2020 Very good 
07/07/2020 Done on time, needed a little polishing, but 1% plagarized and it was a direct quote!
07/04/2020 Good grade- late to reply and submit though.
07/03/2020 a guaranteed A+
07/02/2020 Good communication. Did not ignore me when I asked if they could fix a few little things after solution was provided. Provided material before the deadline.
07/02/2020 Gave a short deadline and they were able to complete well before the due date. Thank you!
06/30/2020 Excellent work and delivered before the deadline. 
06/28/2020 on point
06/28/2020 I would always recommend this prof! You get coherent and thoughtful work delivered in a timely manner. Moreover, there's rarely if ever a need to edit anything. The paper are usually ready to turn in as soon as you get them.
06/28/2020 Dependable, accurate and outstanding. 
06/27/2020 I loved that my project was done even sooner than I needed it. Also, communicated with me to make sure everything was in tip top shape. 
06/27/2020 great paper thanks
06/27/2020 Does as says. Awesome, thanks!
06/26/2020 Havent gotten my grade back yet, but this prof is the real deal!!
06/25/2020 The professor submitted the research paper one day in advance from the deadline. I payed for 10 pages of text and only received 8 pages. Since my guidelines stated that the paper had to be between 8-10 pages I let it slide. But if a customer pays for 10 pages they should get 10 pages. There were multiple grammatical and syntax errors within the paper that I had to fix. If you are going to request a paper from any professor on this website I recommend that you give yourself a couple of days as buffer to edit and proof-read the paper after receiving it. Good job but not sure if it was worth $300 for 8 pages of text and 10 scholarly references in APA format. 
06/25/2020 went above and beyond! finished hours before I needed it!
06/25/2020 Professor had the essay done and sent to me before the due date! I was very impressed and I got a 93 on the english essay that was based on a book.
06/24/2020 Completed ahead of schedule, professional, and exceeded expectations
06/23/2020 the report is shorter than the criteria and the purchased pages - there aren't enough details included in the write up
06/22/2020 Thank you very much for your help and work!
06/22/2020 Quick work with no revisions needed. 100%
06/20/2020 Excellent job, thank you!
06/17/2020 A+ papers for every project.
06/16/2020 Delivered before the deadline giving me enough time to review everything no changes needed to be made!
06/16/2020 Put together so easily with all the information that was given. Thank you, made my life so much easier and one less thing to stress about.
06/15/2020 Did an amazing job on such short notice. I am so happy with this prof!!! Worth the $$$$
06/15/2020 5 stars.
Punctual, responsive and Great Editor 
06/12/2020 Excellent work and completed project ahead of schedule as promised. 
06/10/2020 Will not use this, is very poorly written I am very dissapointed with the quality of this!
06/09/2020 Nice work, completed before the deadline. 
06/09/2020 Excellent paper and super quick turn around. I appreciate your assistance. I haven't received my grade yet, but I am sure it will be a good one. THANK YOU!!
06/07/2020 Very understanding and made the necessary changes for me to meet the guidelines
06/07/2020 did a great job- went above and beyond, was close to the deadline but still got it to me in time 
06/07/2020 good

06/07/2020 Assignment completed on time and well done! Professor communicated well also. Thank you!
06/06/2020 Great communication, things were timely and well done - will be sure to use again!
06/04/2020 Quick and responsive.
06/03/2020 Got an 88% very happy
06/03/2020 Really amazing! Thank you so much! I'm thrilled with the paper. 
06/02/2020 Great paper for my article critique. Way ahead of the deadline! Very content!
05/31/2020 on time great paper
05/30/2020 Great work!  Thank you!
05/30/2020 Great work! I have used this professor a few times and have received about 90% on everything. Always on time. 
05/30/2020 Couldn't have done a better project! Thank you, thank you!
05/28/2020 Followed my desired structure perfectly and stuck to the word limit.  Finished a 1300 assignment in less than 24hrs 
05/28/2020 Paper was well written and sourced appropriately.  However, communication was non-existant until 1am on the day the project was due.  It is true that the paper was completed and delivered nearly 8 hours ahead of time, but with a two week lead time, asking questions about the direction of the paper, sources, and format on the day it was due lead me to believe that the professor waited until the last minute to do the work.  

I am happy with the product I recieved.  The reduction in stars is a result of being contacted at 1am on the day the project was due to ask details that should have been cleared up long before the day the projec was supposed to be completed.

I would likely use Unemployeed Professors again.
05/28/2020 My analysis covered all of the instructions and was very detailed. The paper was completed before my due date which was even better. I really appreciate the hard work put into my project. Highly reccomend.
05/27/2020 Delivered early with great content, followed instructions perfectly!
05/25/2020 This professor followed my instructions perfectly and provided excellent work on extremely short notice. I am extremely pleased with the quality of the writing, as the professor completed the assignment in just a few hours. I will definitely be back! Thank you!
05/25/2020 I love it!!!! While reading it iI was lost for words/ It flowed so evenly and covered every aspect. And it was done way before the due date. Thank you very much!
05/24/2020 Very prompt work in a short deadline.
05/24/2020 Wasn't what I expected. Had to make many chnages. 
05/21/2020 Done in a timely fashion
05/21/2020 Great job, finished project quickly.
05/20/2020 Amazing essay in a short amount of time, made my life way easier.
05/19/2020 timely and nice
05/18/2020 great paper! Grade: A+
05/18/2020 Awesome thank you so much
05/17/2020 excellent
05/17/2020 timely and great work, thank you!
05/17/2020 he is really perfect. Have no need for words
05/14/2020 Great Jane Austen paper! 10/10 would recomend!
05/14/2020 Great work!  Thank you!
05/14/2020 Wrote an awesome Hamlet essay which helped me pass my Literature corse and delivered the paper before the deadline. 10/10 would recomend!
05/14/2020 Timely & another great assignment it was a book report he read the chapter n did the report crazy he listed me just as I was he's a great professor if your debating to pick him or not just know he is my first go to and never disappoints 
05/13/2020 Amazing work!
05/13/2020 Once again, thank you. 
05/13/2020 Amazing work, I'm really greatful for your expediant and thorough writing skills. 
05/12/2020 Excellent writing skills. Gives plenty of time to look over assignment and tweak it to your liking. Highly reccomend!
05/12/2020 I use this professor for EVERYTHING!!!!
05/11/2020 Great professor.. He meet my deadline and follow my instructor's intructions. THank you
05/11/2020 ??
05/10/2020 A's only, that's all i have to say. 
05/10/2020 Great work! I did have to make adjustment with the due date that was not relfected on my original post. However the professor was very accomadating and accepted the change in due date. Awesome work!
05/09/2020 The paper was absolutely great! My professor was so impressed she emailed me saying how "poised, thoughful, profound" 
05/08/2020 thank you!
05/08/2020 excellent work
05/08/2020 big project, great results
05/07/2020 althought came very close to the dead line provided a sollid essay 
05/06/2020 Great work and had my paper finished before my listed deadline.
05/05/2020 Professor was very attentive to my specific requests and always reachable for edits or any other needs. Very professional. 
05/05/2020 He is great and he listens to you and has patience 
05/05/2020 Hey, 
I had a psychology essay completed by this professor and it was absolutely amazing. I received a %100. I got my assignment a day before the due date as well. Excellent Job!
05/05/2020 Did the work as asked aswell as was able to write an extensive report in a very short time ! also great at comunicating with me 
05/05/2020 Another great semester thanks to the help of this prof!!I'm in a graduate program and the quality of work they provide is top notch! I would not have been able to make it through the program without their help! If you have a project that requires a lot of reading--as we do every week-- then thisprof will be very helpful!! They read the book/articles quickly and synthisize the main argunetns so nicely. I seriously wouod not be on my second year of this program wth their assistance!!
05/04/2020 Satisfied with the project and time frame completed. Though was unable to meet advertised offer.

05/04/2020 Excellent work. Fast turn around time than expected.
05/04/2020 one of my fav professors to use.Always good work. highly recommend using this professor
05/03/2020 GREAT JOB!  THANK YOU!
05/03/2020 THANK YOU!
05/03/2020 on time great quality
05/03/2020 This essay was amazing. I didn't have to edit anything other than a few typos. It was great. Was delivered in less than 24hours. Thank you so much!!
05/01/2020 Excellent Job and done in a timely manner wished I had used this earlier on in the semester.

This writer deserves a star out of the universe because the work is definitely amazing! Wow! Just when I thought your work couldn't get any better!

04/30/2020 Wow. Followed instructions, provided a well-written paper that flowed very well and was the right tone and length. Thanks. 
04/29/2020 Did great work. Would've paid double for that kinda quality
04/28/2020 Good work, but quite difficult to communicate with, actually very difficult to communicate with which made the experience excruciating until they finally gave the project.
04/28/2020 Thank you they look great!
04/27/2020 Honestly, this is the best essay i have ever seen. Thank you so much!!!
04/26/2020 Great work
04/26/2020 Both papers were great got A's on both. Thanks again! 
04/26/2020 Awesome professor, delivers fast and A+ work! Thanks will definitely use again. 
04/26/2020 I got an 80 on my paper. All instructions and example coursework were attached for the assignment. 
04/25/2020 Extremely happy with the results!  Thank you!
04/25/2020 Very professional and on point with the requirements!  Thank you!
04/25/2020 Great response to the assignment and using the in-cite requirements!  Thank you!
04/23/2020 does great work fast 
04/23/2020 Very quick turnaround. Great and quick communication. 10/10
04/23/2020 This writer is amazing!!! 
04/22/2020 I received a 100/100 on the presentation I submitted. Professor worked with me when I asked for additional material in the presentation. I definitely recommend the professor for help.
04/22/2020 Paper was sent well before due date and met all reqirements
04/22/2020 Perfect. I gave a short timeline and I got exactly what I needed. Thank you. 
04/21/2020 Fast job and great content
04/21/2020 Very professional delivered paper within a timely manner meeting all the correct criteria 
04/19/2020 Highly recommended finishes always on time
04/19/2020 As always excellent work
04/19/2020 Excellent work, as usual! This prof helps me synthesize these complex arguentns into a 2 page essay (and provides points for the seminar's discussions) every week for the last 2 years! I'm in a graduate program, and this professor provides great work that satisfies my tough professors! Honestly, the only reason I'm passong these classes is becuase of their help! (I would be way over my head, otherwise.) When you select Stebinstructor for your assignemtns, there's no need to worry-- you'll get fantastic work each time!
04/19/2020 Great job!!

04/18/2020 Great paper! Exceeded the due date! WOW! Very impressed!
04/17/2020 Always a great paper. Ask questions when needed and has saved my life plenty of times 
04/17/2020 The Professor submitted the paper before the due date. They reached out to keep me informed about the progression of the paper. The paper was well written. The topic was slightly altered from what was submitted to Unemployed Professors but that might have yielded a better paper. Sometimes Professor knows best! 
04/15/2020 Great work. Creatively written paper, i am very satisfied.
04/15/2020 The best professor on this site! Amazing work as always!
04/14/2020 Great work, and always does great work. this person gets papers done the fastest and does them with the highest quality. 
04/13/2020 Typed a paper that was too good! never thought I would have that issue! He then took the time to dumb it down! This paper is one of my last college papers! thank you! 
04/11/2020 Great quality work, flexible to help with revisions!
04/10/2020 Great paper that saved me a lot of time. 
04/09/2020 Exceeded my expectations
04/08/2020 COMPLETED DAYS BEFORE MY DUE DATE! Professor wrote a great paper for me and followed all my directions, couldn't be happier!
04/07/2020 Great work!! Thank you
04/07/2020 I have utilized this particular professer several times and he always delivers excellent work ahead of deadlines.  I needed several ammendments done during this last class and it was all taken care of perfectly.
04/04/2020 Minor spelling errors which required me to proofread, but overall a good paper that saved me hours.
04/03/2020 Thumbs up!!!
04/02/2020 Completed 24 hours ahead of time which was great!!! Thank you so much. 
04/01/2020 Fast!
03/31/2020 Good work. Had to slightly restructure the document but overall good. 
03/29/2020 Well done and timely! Thanks!
03/28/2020 super quick work! awesome job! got an A
03/26/2020 I got 50% this was NOT worth the price at all  I am soooo annoyed I wasted my money on this 
03/26/2020 Professor finished my essay in 2 days, which was way faster than I had expected. It was thoughtful and concise. They wrote it about a subject that I couldn't have written it about, but after reading the essay even the subject made sense to myself. I would definitely use again and couldn't be happier with how the essay turned out. Amazing job.
03/26/2020 got to me really fast.
03/25/2020 Did paper ahead of time
03/25/2020 Horrible below average paper, terrible analysis of the book. I'm gonna have to rewrite most, if not all, of it. Many syntax and grammatical errors. 
03/22/2020 Awesome experience! Professor kept in contact with me throughout the entire process and my paper was done with much time to spare. I would highly recommend this professor! thank you so much!
03/21/2020 Great work! thank you 
03/11/2020 i loved it 
03/06/2020 great work

03/03/2020 Recieved full credit!
03/02/2020 Absolute legend! Finished in a timely and orderly fashion. Replied quickly and really got me out of a pickle. Highly recommend  
03/01/2020 This professor makes me look so good every week! In my grad program we have to read a monograph and write a brief review every week. I can barely keep up with the pace, so I get my brief review from this prof. Not only do I get great grades on the papers, but I'm able to use these deas in the discussions, which also helps my participation grade!
02/27/2020 The professor had a day to do this assignment, and managed to get it back to me well before the deadline, so that was nice. I could definitely tell that the paper was rushed though, because it was VERY confusing to read, I took time to correct a LOT of grammatical errors as well as capitalization errors. Ended up receiving a C+ on the assignment. Probably won’t use the site or professor again - but did get me out of a touch spot.
02/26/2020 Paper was absolutely amazing. I tested it and it wasnt plagarized. 
I was hesistant to think this would work, but it did. 
Thank you
02/25/2020 You did an awesome job once again.  I received an A+ on my paper.  Thank you!!!
02/24/2020 amazing paper!
02/24/2020 Always on time and good quality work.  Will repeat for sure.