Date Comment Rating
11/13/2019 Very good work and almost had a perfect score... Thank you!
11/12/2019 Asked for five pages and only gave four and countd the bibliograpghy as a fifth but good essay 
11/12/2019 Great job! Using again for my history homework
11/11/2019 Reliable 
11/10/2019 professor always produces A papers for me. although, there is little communication via the inbox messages, the instructor always follows directions. the rubric is always followed, the verbiage is always college level, references are always in correct format. this professor doesn't try to rip you off like some other professors on here. sometimes the assignment is completed before the due date, which is nice since sometimes college professors only give mere days to complete an assignment. i've used this professor for almost 2 years now. this professor has completed papers for me on the subject of political science, sociology and environmental issues.
11/10/2019 Awesome work! 
11/10/2019 Reliable as always and outstanding work. Thank you
11/09/2019 The paper was delivered 2 weeks before the deadline.  The revisions were done in a timely manner. Thank you so much!!!
11/09/2019 A few gramatical errors but otherwise a great paper. I recommend this professor for your future assignments. 
11/08/2019 Thank you . You upadated as my professor wants . you are the best. 

11/07/2019 Excellent work... Thank you!
11/07/2019 Excellent work... Thank you!
11/07/2019 Well Done
11/07/2019 Saved my butt. 
11/06/2019 Faster than expected and high quality
11/06/2019 Great
11/06/2019 Appreciate it! It's perfect 
11/06/2019 The paper is very wel written, and was recieved before the deadline. Well done.
11/05/2019 Recieved 100% on paper. Great Communication and defenitly look foward to working with him again.
11/04/2019 this is a 10 star professor for sure. Project was delivered EARLY with absolutely no mistakes or need for editing. will definitely be a returning student to this professor in the future. 
11/04/2019 I've used the professor for quite a few projects and they have failed to let me down. There have been maybe 1 or 2 things i've gotten back where I've had to make a few minor adjustments. Even with that being said, I would 100% recommend this prof. 
11/04/2019 good job did it fast and it all nicely formatted and written 
11/03/2019 He did alright, there was just a lot I had to fix and I also had to find more quotes. Overall it was okay I guess, I'm just never using this cite to do my essays. 
11/03/2019 Outstanding job done in a very timely manner! will definitely recommend and use again!
11/03/2019 Nice work 
11/03/2019  Always on time
11/02/2019 Excellent work. 
10/29/2019 Great essay, easy to understand!
10/28/2019 Amazing! done before the deadline, needed absolutely no corrections! So Happy!
10/27/2019 Excellent Professor. Trying to figure out how to add a tip
10/27/2019 Great essay! 
10/26/2019 f^cking awesome.
10/25/2019 great work in a timemly matter
10/21/2019 Just completed the 7th paper with this professor, and let me tell you-- they do not dissapoint! Whether it's a quick 2 page review of a complicated book, or a 10 page history paper, each one was well-written and got great grades! This is for a tough MA program with high grading standards, and each assignment has received A's or B's! This is my go-to-professor for any project!
10/21/2019 This is definitely my professor of choice. Always meet the requirements, and always submit what's needed on time. 
10/11/2019 This mystery writer can handle any topic in government courses at least as well as any memeber of the Congress. Writing it out, I realize that's not quite the compliment it sounded like in my head, but they are extremely good regardless. 
10/11/2019 Solid as a rock political writer.
10/11/2019 Able to navigate the murky waters of political science with aplomb!
10/11/2019 Outta this world astronomy writer!
10/06/2019 I have been using ONLY professor for the past few months now and my gpa went up to a 3.0 so I am beyong satisfied. Always ontime if not early and awesome work! Thank you dude!
10/03/2019 Did more than what was asked for, very flexible would reccomend to anyone!
10/02/2019 Good work!
10/01/2019 Good work
09/27/2019 Thank you
09/26/2019 Best guy ever!
09/22/2019 Great work
09/20/2019 Good essay, quick turnaround.
09/19/2019 They are the best!
09/15/2019 Always on time and always A+ work! My favorite professor!
09/11/2019 A very solid scientific writer. I highly recommend them.
09/11/2019 amazing
09/06/2019 good work
09/06/2019 There was an initial breakdown in communication on the topic for the assignment at first, but this professor was great and turned around and corrected the paper that very same day. I greatly appreciate it and the excellent work they did! :)
09/05/2019 Thank you So Much!! 
09/03/2019 This is amazing! This professor writes at a very high level, yet it's not overly technical and is more my style. I really appreciate that. :) Thanks so much!
09/03/2019 Wow this was a really great post, and the turn around time is amazing. Thanks so  much!
08/31/2019 Great
08/31/2019 Great
08/31/2019 Great
08/30/2019 Excellent Research Paper
08/30/2019 Great writting 
08/30/2019 Did not use the textbook that was required, did not cite properly. Was accused of plagiarizing because of this and received a 0.
08/29/2019 Great work!
08/29/2019 Aced the paper! Well written!
08/27/2019 A solid literature writer!
08/25/2019 trash
08/21/2019 Fast and friendly! 
08/19/2019 Thank you!
08/19/2019 You had 5 assignments done in about 2 weeks, you are AMAZING thank you!
08/19/2019 Still waiting to get back my grade but after reading it over I am confident that I did well... Thank you for being such a life saver!
08/19/2019 You're the best thank you!
08/19/2019 This professor has recently done about 7 assignments for me in the past 2 weeks and I have reieved nothing but As and Bs. He is an amazing writer who follows directs througly. He is a pleasure to work with!
08/19/2019 I had to make a few edits, and it was obvious that English was not the first language. I also suspect more than one author wrote this paper. It was good, but did take me about half an hour to make corrections. 
08/15/2019 Thank you so much for killing it again! You always do an amazing job! A+
08/15/2019 Amazing as always! wish I would have known about this progessor sooner but I will for sure not use another professor!
08/15/2019 Personally my favorite professor! Always receive my projects on time if not before they are eve due. I have received nothing but good grades since using this professor!
08/14/2019 I have worked with this professor for a while and am always happy with the work. I am so very thankful. My go to!!!
08/14/2019 Solid scientific work from Stebinstructor!
08/14/2019 Completed a set of five assignments in quick succession! Very good work!
08/14/2019 easy to work with, good papers
08/14/2019 A+
08/14/2019 great work again
08/13/2019 They did not follow the instructions, without the instructions theres no plan, without a plan theres chaos.

Steb did the bare minimum, Its a discussion forum that's supposed to intriged more conversation as I was the moderator. I received 40% because it was relevant, didn't pose questions, etc...
08/13/2019 Amazing!!
08/13/2019 My favorite professor!! :)
08/12/2019 I have used this professor on a few assinments now and well I do recomend posting assinments in advance for this professor, their work is the absolute BEST!
08/09/2019 better than expected 
08/01/2019 10/10
07/31/2019 good work.
07/31/2019 Excellent professor and paid attention to detail 
07/30/2019 This was great, thanks so much! I really only needed 400-600 words but you provided more which worked out well to fully answer the questions posed. :)
07/29/2019 awsome Work
07/29/2019 got a b on my assignmnet but good work!
07/29/2019  great answer for my discusion 
07/29/2019  great work on my disscussion question.
07/29/2019 Got a 100 on my assignment !
07/27/2019 This prof knocked five astronomy projects to the moon and back in just five days!
07/26/2019 My work is always  on time and prefect!
07/25/2019 Alaways a pleasure to wrok with.
07/23/2019 Did a great job! 
07/22/2019 amazing work done !!! Thanks 
07/22/2019 Awsome work and also willing to review it. Thanks 
07/22/2019  Awsome work
07/22/2019 Great work and on time 
07/15/2019 Once again - very quick and wonderful work.  Followed instructions perfectly - Thank you!
07/14/2019 Really hit the nail on the head for the research paper I procrastinated to do. Would recommned to anyone.
07/14/2019 Excellent
07/13/2019 excellent
07/12/2019 Thank you!
07/12/2019 delivered on time and the correct material. always a great grade.
07/12/2019 Awesome, thank you!
07/12/2019 Perfect! I messed up with my request and when I informed them of my error it was quickly resolved in less than an hour before I had to turn the project in.  I was saved and couldn't be any happier with the results.
Very quick and nice work!!
07/10/2019 If this professor bids on your project, accept it. He met and exceeded all
of my expectations. He was able to write a paper that was exactly what I asked for and he delivered it early! Not only that he was able to provide me with an outline prior so I could see the direction of the paper. 
This was an English research paper combined with psychology. 
Very well written and articulated. 
07/08/2019 Professor submitted a awesome paper even when I had a less than 24hr deadline! Thank you again! 
07/07/2019 I posted this paper with a 12 hour deadline for 1000 words with 3 sources. GOT IT DONE TWO HOURS EARLY!!!! Dude is bomb.
07/05/2019 Great work!!!
07/02/2019 thank you!!!!!!
07/02/2019 Recieved a B! Thanks a bunch!!!!
07/01/2019 good work
06/30/2019 There a few mistakes in the initial paper but given the low bid, I opted to correct the mistakes myself. It was definitely worth it and I'd work with this professor again.
06/29/2019 Great work!!!!!
06/28/2019 Excellent paper.
06/27/2019 great job
06/26/2019 I received a B. The instructor is not one to easily hand out an A but the writing was well done. I am satisfied with the work and would recomend this professor! I will be using again when needed. 
06/25/2019 Great work, never disappoints!
06/25/2019 Never disappoints!
06/24/2019 provided the assignment on time, hit every detail on the rubric, fulfilled the page requirement and the works cited minimum. the professor was quiet during the "in progress" time which made me a little nervous (i'd recommend just communicating by sending a little text, "everything is good, no questions", etc). not sure my grade my professor takes a long time to grade and the window to rate a professor is short after project gets completed so just wanted to rate based on the actual work. will use again if anothe project arises. used for online medical sociology class.
06/23/2019 Resonded quick, and did well on my essay!!! Super happy!!
06/20/2019 Would not recommend.  This professor is very prompt but that is his only positive attribute.  He didn't even know the basic storyline of the story I was assigned to write about.  Very lazy and a waste of money.  I ended up writing my own essay the day it was due, so I don't know what it would have been graded, but if I was the professor, I would've given it a C at best.  Completely missed the point of the assignment.  
06/20/2019 Another great assignment and and 4 days early!
06/18/2019 Great essay.
06/17/2019 The paper that was written was concise, logical, and exactly followed the parameters that were set by myself and by the paper prompt. One of the best papers I have read. The assignment was also completed within 4 hours of me placing the prompt on the UP website. Would give more stars if I could. 11/10 would highly recommend.
06/15/2019 Nice work.
06/15/2019 Very Fast and compleated exactley what I asked for.
06/08/2019 received a head of schedule. great work. fourth time using this professor. would recommend.
06/02/2019 8/10 ||  Room for inprovement., nobody's perfect. ||  Done on a timely manner. 
05/31/2019 lots of worng things
05/31/2019 A+ essay. Thank you
05/29/2019 Used twice, great work! would recommend. 
05/28/2019 Exactly what I was looking for!
05/26/2019 Great work - thanks
05/25/2019 Great work 
05/25/2019 Great Job 
05/25/2019 Amazing 
05/24/2019 Timely and a good communicator.
05/23/2019 really well written! 
05/23/2019 really well written!!
05/23/2019 Great work. I asked for a redo/edit and it was done in a timely fashion! Thank you.
05/22/2019 Such a disappointment and horrible experience with this guy. I don't even know how he has any credentials. I tried so hard to give him the benefit of the doubt with every time I had to point out his mistakes, and ask him what he was even talking about in the essays so that I can work on it myself and make it sound legible. If I could post our messages back and forth and his edits that he would send back to me, you would not waste your money with this guy. HORRIBLE spelling and grammar, and worst of all, it was blatently obvious that he was just throwing in words to reach the word count. I got a C grade and that was with me fixing so many of his errors. Horrible waste of money and added stress.
05/21/2019 Excellent Work in a very timely fasion! Thank You!
05/21/2019 Excellent Work in a very timely fasion! Thank You!
05/21/2019 Quailty work and had my paper back to me earlier than requested. Thanks!
05/21/2019 Really helped me in a VERY short span of time. Content was good, and very communicative even though they only had 5 hours. 
05/19/2019 Super quick and high quality! waiting on a grade now
05/19/2019 WIll undoubtedly get an A on this paper! He did an amazing job and sent the essay hours before the deadline.
05/18/2019 Consistently producing phenomenal work. Thanks
05/18/2019 Great Job! Quality work ahead of deadline. Would use again!
05/17/2019 Perfect work 
05/16/2019 Received 43/50 points. Great work, received early, would recommend to anyone looking for a dependable Professor.
05/16/2019 got a 98.... one of the best professors one here, if you got to pay a few more bucks, let me tell ya, it is worth it. A+++ for this professor as he got a A+ for me
05/16/2019 Awesome job! 
05/15/2019 Very accommodating!
05/14/2019 Quick bid. Completed hours before requred. Paper needed additional citation information, Prof was extremely quick to make corrections. Stellar originality report once submitted to plagerism checker. Great experience overall. 
05/14/2019 Great response paper.I was able to submit my work before time. 
05/13/2019 Excellent work delivered on time. Some minor typos/errors so make sure to proof read. Otherwise perfect. Thanks.
05/13/2019 Perfect writing style for what I needed. Paper was very educated without being too repetitive or technical. Citations were perfect and page count was met.
05/10/2019 Exactly what I needed. Thank you!
05/10/2019 The work provided was with some errors, but after thirty minutes of editing it’s still extremely good.
05/09/2019 Deal with confidence and ease.  My assignment had alot of intricate details and this professor knocked it out of the park.  Reccomend highly.  
05/08/2019 Awesome work! Thank you soo much!
05/07/2019 Got a C+ on my paper, too many borrowed info 
05/06/2019 Great paper! Very thorough and REALLY HELPFUL
05/02/2019 The WORST thing I have ever read. I seriously wonder how this professor ever even graduated. His sentences are NOT grammatically correct and don't even make sense. 

"The same qualities that had us at [name of firm] offer him a job following his internship are also the rationale behind my unqualified endorsement for his candidature for the NYU MA in Integrated Marketing Program." 

Behind my unqualified endorsement? That's really nice.

I would've said "behind my unequivocal endorsement." 

This writer tries to sound intelligent by throwing words that don't make sense.  I chose the more expensive bid because I thought I'd get better quality.
What a JOKE.

05/02/2019 I used this professor a few times because the first paper, which was a very simple one, was an A paper.  The remaining work has all been 75 and under.  
04/30/2019 Excellent results. Done in a quick fashion. Highly reccomended for anyone with English papers!!!!
04/30/2019 Well done.  Will use again.
04/30/2019 Great job.
04/30/2019 Met all of the project key points
04/30/2019 Well done.
04/30/2019 Totally worth every penny. The paper was very well written and I couldn't be happier with the results, the added bonus is that I didn't have to do anything. 
04/29/2019 On time and what I asked for!
04/29/2019 excellent and on time.
04/27/2019 Fantastic work! Followed all directions, and completed the project ahead of schedule. Will definitely use this professor again!
04/26/2019 Looking for someone to do extensive work on a short deadline? This is your person. Completed a 12 page college paper in less than 6 hours. Saved from an otherwise failed course.
04/26/2019 Thank you again !
04/26/2019 Awesome work, delivered in a timling manner and followed the exact instructions. Thank you!
04/25/2019 Got it done before the deadline, great work. 
04/25/2019 Received a Fantastic Grade
04/24/2019 Thank you !