Date Comment Rating
05/19/2019 Super quick and high quality! waiting on a grade now
05/19/2019 WIll undoubtedly get an A on this paper! He did an amazing job and sent the essay hours before the deadline.
05/18/2019 Consistently producing phenomenal work. Thanks
05/18/2019 Great Job! Quality work ahead of deadline. Would use again!
05/17/2019 Perfect work 
05/16/2019 Received 43/50 points. Great work, received early, would recommend to anyone looking for a dependable Professor.
05/16/2019 got a 98.... one of the best professors one here, if you got to pay a few more bucks, let me tell ya, it is worth it. A+++ for this professor as he got a A+ for me
05/16/2019 Awesome job! 
05/15/2019 Very accommodating!
05/14/2019 Quick bid. Completed hours before requred. Paper needed additional citation information, Prof was extremely quick to make corrections. Stellar originality report once submitted to plagerism checker. Great experience overall. 
05/14/2019 Great response paper.I was able to submit my work before time. 
05/13/2019 Excellent work delivered on time. Some minor typos/errors so make sure to proof read. Otherwise perfect. Thanks.
05/13/2019 Perfect writing style for what I needed. Paper was very educated without being too repetitive or technical. Citations were perfect and page count was met.
05/10/2019 Exactly what I needed. Thank you!
05/10/2019 The work provided was with some errors, but after thirty minutes of editing it’s still extremely good.
05/09/2019 Deal with confidence and ease.  My assignment had alot of intricate details and this professor knocked it out of the park.  Reccomend highly.  
05/08/2019 Awesome work! Thank you soo much!
05/07/2019 Got a C+ on my paper, too many borrowed info 
05/06/2019 Great paper! Very thorough and REALLY HELPFUL
05/02/2019 The WORST thing I have ever read. I seriously wonder how this professor ever even graduated. His sentences are NOT grammatically correct and don't even make sense. 

"The same qualities that had us at [name of firm] offer him a job following his internship are also the rationale behind my unqualified endorsement for his candidature for the NYU MA in Integrated Marketing Program." 

Behind my unqualified endorsement? That's really nice.

I would've said "behind my unequivocal endorsement." 

This writer tries to sound intelligent by throwing words that don't make sense.  I chose the more expensive bid because I thought I'd get better quality.
What a JOKE.

05/02/2019 I used this professor a few times because the first paper, which was a very simple one, was an A paper.  The remaining work has all been 75 and under.  
04/30/2019 Excellent results. Done in a quick fashion. Highly reccomended for anyone with English papers!!!!
04/30/2019 Well done.  Will use again.
04/30/2019 Great job.
04/30/2019 Met all of the project key points
04/30/2019 Well done.
04/30/2019 Totally worth every penny. The paper was very well written and I couldn't be happier with the results, the added bonus is that I didn't have to do anything. 
04/29/2019 On time and what I asked for!
04/29/2019 excellent and on time.
04/27/2019 Fantastic work! Followed all directions, and completed the project ahead of schedule. Will definitely use this professor again!
04/26/2019 Looking for someone to do extensive work on a short deadline? This is your person. Completed a 12 page college paper in less than 6 hours. Saved from an otherwise failed course.
04/26/2019 Thank you again !
04/26/2019 Awesome work, delivered in a timling manner and followed the exact instructions. Thank you!
04/25/2019 Got it done before the deadline, great work. 
04/25/2019 Received a Fantastic Grade
04/24/2019 Thank you !
04/24/2019 Turned in before dealine
04/23/2019 Very well written and completed on time. I would recommend stebinstructor to anyone.
04/23/2019 Overall a sub par paper, brought me an opinion paper. Missing a conclusion
04/20/2019 Excellent work. Greatly appreciate the help
04/17/2019 Helped make ammends by doing more work than originally stated.  Good work!
04/17/2019 Great work and fast
04/16/2019 Thank you for the great paper! You did everything i asked. easy to follow and orginized!!!
04/16/2019 Excellent work
04/14/2019 Great!
04/14/2019 Just what I needed! Thanks!
04/14/2019 Fantastic work. Finished well before the requested deadline and when requested to add a few things and make changes. Did so in a timely manner with no issues. Highly Recommend
04/14/2019 well designed
04/13/2019 Excellent 
04/12/2019 Quick and worry free! Followed the instruction! Thanks for the work!
04/12/2019 Got an A, thanks!

Got an A, thank you!

04/11/2019 Great Work
04/11/2019 did the paper last muinet for me because another professor had an emergency, the paper was done well and i should get a good grade for it. thank you for your help with the situation and i would reccomend you again.
04/08/2019 GOOD FR
04/08/2019  got a good grade on my paper and on time deliverd. thank tou 
04/08/2019 Did exactly what I asked for and so so so fast!! Got great grades on them. Thank you!!!
04/06/2019 great work!
04/06/2019 Amazing job. Really happy with the work, as it was very last minute. Thanks a lot
04/02/2019 Really came in clutch and even finished a day early!
04/01/2019 Quick turnaround time for my paper. Excellent work. Thank you. 
04/01/2019 Professor was useful & prompt. He finished the assignment the day of and before the end line timing.
03/31/2019 Received a great grade for the work they did. Would recommend to others who need a quick turnaround and a great paper. 
03/30/2019 Great, thank you
03/27/2019 Well done essay thank you for the help!!
03/27/2019 second time using this professor. highly satisfied. great A+ product and ahead of schedule. Will continue to use in the future. Thank you!
03/26/2019 Excellent. Thank you
03/25/2019 Needed it quick, got it quick. Very good
03/24/2019 Although the wording is a bit out of my vocabulary it is a very good essay! 10/10!
03/23/2019 I ended up getting 50.....
03/22/2019 great! would work with again. got an A+
03/20/2019 Essay was perfect, thank you!
03/20/2019 Nicely formated
03/19/2019 It was perfect, eerything I asked for.
03/19/2019 Well done
03/19/2019 Great solutions
03/17/2019 Minor infractions, but the paper was 100% graded and given HIGH remarks from my professor. He loved everything about it. Good job stebinstructor!
03/17/2019 Did an excellent job with excel, paper was a bit short but adequate.  Appreciate the effort however would have liked it a little more on the deadline time.  Did an excellent job and will use resources again if needed.
03/15/2019 Holy moly what an awesome piece of work!!! 10/10 would get the professor again!!
03/14/2019 This professor has written two of my papers and I have to say they are some of the best papers I've ever seen.
03/14/2019 Got me As on every paper.
03/14/2019 Got me As on every paper.
03/13/2019 Greta work  Very well written.
03/12/2019 I posted my paper proposal 2 days ago, got a bid for $125 and another for $75 from this prof, so glad I took it. I accepted the bid last night and I opened the website to find it completed. I read the paper and its great, I submitted it, will update my review when I recieve the grade. 
03/12/2019 Perfect
03/11/2019 Very pleased with the results. A little more communication on the general direction of the paper would have been nice but very satisfied overall. Thanks so much!!!
03/08/2019 good work
03/07/2019 Great job, completed before the deadline and did everything asked. Many thanks!! ????
03/06/2019 I got a C- on an essay
03/06/2019 I have recieved a poor grade on my paper and I have provided all the directions and still never completed the project correctly. 
03/06/2019 Very detailed analysis and great job finding a source to use. Got it to me 2 days early
03/05/2019 Not bad he was willing to rewrite some of the mistakes he made and that was appreciated.
03/03/2019 Did a great job and submitted the work before the deadline. Was a great paper for a subject outiside his expertice. I will update the review once its graded. 
03/02/2019 Great work, did exactly what I asked. Was able to summarize these articles for me so that I could better understand them.
Thank you!
02/28/2019 great writer, used him multiple times
02/27/2019 I got a 7/10 for this
02/27/2019 Got a 67 on my paper, he decided to not read the 3 pages of instructions I sent him. I recommend writing it yourself so you don’t get a terrible grade. 
02/25/2019 I asked for an essay and a prewrite but only got the essay. Overall though the Essay was really great. Just a little disappointed that I didnt get the prewrite.
02/22/2019 Great job editing my piece. Thanks!
02/21/2019 Fast and effective!  Thank you for the awesome work
02/21/2019 Excellent work with a speedy turn around! 
02/21/2019 FAST!!!!! great essay!!!! will work with this prof. again!!!!!
02/21/2019 very well written.
02/20/2019 Very helpful, knowledgeable!!!!!! I had some trouble with my research questions but this professor really helped me!!!!! I will be requesting this professor again for future projects!!!! Thank you!!!!!
02/19/2019 Fantasic work! 
02/18/2019 Completed an assignment in less than 24 hours. Very well written, but would've liked it to be a bit longer. 
02/17/2019 Good work - thanks!
02/15/2019 He completed my 8 page paper in 8 hours notice and I received an A. It was a little expensive but that's what I get for procrastinating and then waking up the morning of with completly blank thoughts and zero want to do it myself. This was the first time I have ever done this but I don't regret it at all! He saved my ass!
02/14/2019 first timer using this site and professor, great work, will be requesting in future. 
02/13/2019 Very well done essay with a quick turn around.
02/13/2019 Outstanding work!
02/07/2019 was shorter than I needed it to be....
02/04/2019 great!
02/03/2019 Possesses a transcendent, god-like ability to write on theological subjects.
02/02/2019 One star is me being modest. Please do not bid on anything I post in the future.
02/01/2019 Super nice prof. Initially my instructions were unclear and he re wrote the whole thing for me within less than 24 hours. Responded to messages timely and was very polite. 
01/28/2019 He did an amazing job on my presentation I will definitely ask him again for many other projects
01/28/2019 Excellent work. Get him (her? Idk 2019 is a weird time). And stop bitching about grammar in reviews when you should edit the paper anyway to at least sound like you. Don't be stupid.
01/26/2019 Really helpful, followed every deadline, willing to cooperate. All in all, great professor and I am really glad I chose him! 
01/25/2019 Thank you!
01/23/2019 Had the project done before the deadline given and was very thorough in the essay. 
01/23/2019 Exactly what i needed. 
01/22/2019 Addressed the question and met all requirements. Great job and finished before the requested date! 
01/17/2019 Great paper, written very well. Written exactly how I wanted. Overall great professor and paper.
01/14/2019 Got an excellent grade on a 10 page paper that I needed last minute. Writer went above the 10 page requirement and wrote 12 pages and the assignment was delivered ahead of schedule.
01/14/2019 Great work and done quickly. 
01/14/2019 This professor was prompt and done an excellent job!
01/11/2019 excellent work, fast turnaround and quick to respond to questions
01/01/2019 Excellent work, very effecient, great essay
12/31/2018 The project was done within my timeframe and was exactly what I had asked for. 
12/24/2018 I have no reason to lie: I was skeptical at first, because this professor's PhD and background was very different from the subject matter of my paper. But the end result was great. This guy knows how to write a paper, he's obviosuly very smart. And he delivered. Thank you.
12/21/2018 Quick and reliable. Same day delivery
12/17/2018 Outstanding essay despite my short notice. 
12/17/2018 Excellent essay. Very easy to work with and caters to your needs. i have done two projects with him so far and both have been great! Always sends you a draft if requested. Happy student :D
Definitely will be working with him again very soon.
12/17/2018 Great communication, work is always to a high standard. If you need anything changing it will be done as soon s possible. He works very efficiently around what suits you.
12/12/2018 Dude got me a 56. 
12/11/2018 Excellent paper! Delivered on time even though I asked last minute. Highly recommend.
12/09/2018 Great work in a very reasonable amount of time. 100% recommend.
12/06/2018 Delivered an excellent paper! 
12/06/2018 Yas. Yas. Yas. 
12/04/2018 Honestly, this essay was below average and I had to spend a lot of time editing myself. I'm sure this professor can write great essays but only on particular topics. 
12/02/2018 Did what I asked, and when I did not repsond to my messages fast enough to explain some questions he had, he still completed the project and it was correct without my guidance. 
12/02/2018 Great work done in a short time. I really appreciate the work done. Now I don’t have to worry about this class. Thanks once again
12/02/2018 Great work done in a short time. I really appreciate the work done. Now I don’t have to worry about this class. Thanks once again
11/30/2018 Was easy to work with but unfortuantly I had to redo most of what I had asked for-even though a full paper had been submitted to the professor.  I needed a power point presentation with a figure/chart.  I did get a neatly done presenation but wording was changed from the paper (which would have been fine had it not changed what the meaning was) and no figure and maybe not the most professional background choice on the PP.  I was without a functioning computer so having the professor get me the PP as a templete and in a time crunch was helpful but expensive since I redid a lot of it.  Maybe had there been more time-I could have asked them to do revisions but without a computer and decent internet-it is what it is.  I would try this professor again...with more time and communication options.
11/29/2018 It got done in the time I asked for, and came out even better than I expected on the short time I expected. Especially for my first time ever using the site, cause I was high key sketched out starting the process. 12 page essay with more sources than I needed, and even used the thesis I asked him to use perfectly. 
Stebinstructor always provides an essay with the necessary information included in a timely manner.
11/28/2018 Okay paper, however didn't effectively answer the prompt of the essay!
11/28/2018 Paper was decent, went over the required space but it was helpful to complete the project and get a pretty good mark in such a short period of time. 
11/28/2018 Good Job !!! One of the best on this website
11/28/2018 Holy moly this dude came through clutch. I posted this assignment super late, fortunately, he bid on it and completed it just in time! Thank you so much! This was my first time using unemployed professors and i just want to say, its definitely not my last :)))
11/27/2018 Very good work but didn't use sme of the sources I provided.
11/26/2018 Paper was aight 6/10
11/25/2018 Great! Thank you!
11/25/2018 Had a six page essay due the next day; completed it without any issues. Had to ask for a re-bid because the bid expired, paid extra but was worth it.
11/24/2018 Timely delivery of an excellent essay. Well structured and supported ideas. Perfect grammar and formatting. Followed the prompt with detailed analysis and good flow. I was dreading this final paper due for a very hard to please professor. This writer was a definite grade saver!
11/21/2018 I am impressed with how quickly the papers get done. I trust sebtheinstructor with my papers and have used their service twice now. Happy client!
11/18/2018 My paper was incredibly well-written and promptly completed! 
11/16/2018 Awesome!
11/15/2018 Outstanding use of sources and outstanding timeliness. Appreciate the open dialogue. 
11/13/2018 This is my second time using stubinstructor and they're wonderful. A word I don't use often, they understood the assignment to a T, I would definitely recommened. My only comment for those interested would be too make sure that you give a detailed explaination of what you want so theres no errorst!! 
11/13/2018 Well before the posted deadline and extremely diligent work!
11/13/2018 Did a great job on my paper and got it back sooner than the due date!
11/12/2018 Timely and responsive. Paper was well written. Only complaint is that I specifically asked for a revision to address examples of each element the paper needed to address, the response was that he would elaborate on this but then instead just highlighted 3 of the for instances to show the examples were there but never elaborated on the fourth. Not to my surprose this is where I lost the majority of points when the paper was submitted. It was still however an A paper so I would recommend this professor but be more persistent in requesting needed revisions prior to releasing payment.
11/11/2018 This was a large, complex project (over 20 pages)! Professor Stebinstructor completed in on time and with no issues. Very easy to work with, and understood the assignment without having any problems.
11/11/2018 Can’t say thank you enough! Professor Stebinstructor saves the day yet again! Received full credit for this assignment. No edits needed.
11/11/2018 A+ work! No edits needed. Delivered on-time! Easy to work with, excellent service!
11/11/2018 Goes above and beyond! Delivers exceptional work, every time! My “go-to” unemployed professor!
11/06/2018 This guy is a beast! He did wonderful work and in no time at all!
11/04/2018 This professor did an amazing job. Wrote a very detailed and indepth paper in a very short amount of time. I highly reccomend this person.
11/04/2018 got a poor grade on the assignemnt said that he read the assignment well the teacher marked the assignment down significant points because this professor didnt use enough sources 
11/01/2018 5/10 because while the paper was done on time and well written, it was NOT what the prompt asked for and the professor clearly didn't do any of the neccessary research other than sparknotes and wikepedia. I received a C on the paper and after revisions (roughly 80% of the paper) I then recieved an A. 
10/30/2018 Amazing work!
10/29/2018 Did the damn thing!
10/28/2018 Very Well done. Really fast service
10/28/2018 Great work
10/28/2018 I was very descriptive With the requirements  for my assignment and the first draft did not address them. I will say that the second document with revisions was increasingly better. However, overall it provided an adequate framework but contained many grammatical errors. It also was redundant. I was happy to have the draft and i had to personalize it a great deal. If hiring this writer leave time for revisions.  Anytime you hire an outside writer, you should personalize it anyway. Having a framework cuts down on a lot of time and effort. Lastly this writer was an excellent communicator and was timely which was important to me. I would hire this prof again. 
10/26/2018 TRASH 
10/24/2018 Produced the paper in less than a day! Crazy fast. Thanks!
10/16/2018 Great understanding of the assignment with an insightful narrative.
10/15/2018 Great paper done in a short amount of time! responded quickly and made correction quickly also. Hopefully you can help me again in a few weeks!
10/15/2018 The turnaround was quick which was nice, but I had to essentially rewrite the entire paper. I think he read the first paragraph of a spark notes chapter summary, as his grasp of the content was severely lacking. One question was whether or not Aristotle admonished or distanced himself from other theorists, and he arbitrarily made up that he didn't like Cicero, a Roman who wasn't even born yet in that time.
10/14/2018 This writer has delivered good papers in the past and I wash he/she was more consistent with work quality. He/She has the talent to deliver good papers always but doesn't. My most recent paper was not done well even after a revision.
10/14/2018 Quick and easy to deal with. Very well written essay. Thank you.
10/12/2018 nicely done
10/10/2018 Not bad, not great. Got it done in a thorough and competent manner; however, marred with errors, repetitive content, and a lot of filler (repeating questions, double spaces between words, did not meet the word count.) 
10/05/2018 Nicely written
10/03/2018 He did really well! I just had to make some corrections like spelling and grammer(not much though) very few. He did quote a book I never read before lol so I just read a little summer on it before comin into class the next day lol, but he did very well!!!
10/03/2018 He great and efficient! Fast to reply as well!
09/28/2018 Perfect! 
09/24/2018 Very fast turn-around time.... but not very great work. Excessive use of Determiners, poor readability and flow, and very repetitive. It seems as though the writer was putting in repeating sentences rephrased in order to fulfill a word count minimum. A lot of the sentences and paragraphs did not follow a theme, nor had any correlation to the article that was supplied. With the amount of time I've spent editing and rewriting, I could have just done it myself.
09/24/2018 great
09/23/2018 Extremely well done, and within a tight timeline, this project was outstanding! This professor has a great analytcal mind, and a clear voice-- one you will be happy to present (or fuse with) your own! I cannot stress enough how lifesaving this work was for my survuval in HIstory 501!! I will defintely use their services again!!! 
09/23/2018 Well-written, clear and concise (and submitted to me before the deadlin) even the tough-minded professor who graded my work agreed! I cannot thank this professor enough for the help! This is the second project I’ve received from them, and it’s extremely well done!!
09/21/2018 great job
09/16/2018 Wow. The essay was so well-written. I really appreciate you professor. One less thing I have to worry about.