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07/14/2019 Never any complaints!!! Love the work...Thank you Noddy! 
07/12/2019 This is the best professor ever used in this website
07/12/2019 Thank you very much
07/09/2019 Another 100 paper from this professor in record timing. 
07/09/2019 Thank you Noddy, you’re the best! 
07/09/2019 Exceptional work! 
07/09/2019 Exceptional work! 
07/09/2019 I can bet my life for this professor!!!! he is simply the best professor in this website. I highly recommend!!!!
07/09/2019 Noddy is absolutely remarkable!! My assignment was due in 5 days. I posted my assignment yesterday evening, and he delivered it this morning in both word. He is clearly a hard worker, and has a natural talent for perfect work. I definitely plan on becoming a return customer and contacting him in the near future to do more similar assignments for this course. Thanks so much!!! Highly recommend this prof. A+++++++
07/08/2019 At the end of the day, the paper I purchased earned a B. Had this professor not helped me, I probably would not have completed the project in time. There was some confusion on my side with the meaning of number of pages. Length is actually calculated in words, so just be cognizant of that. This professor did go above and beyond in giving me a few extra paragraphs covering two points that were not originally touched in the first document. However, and why I had to take some stars off, the writing level was closer to high school or college freshman. This paper was for a graduate level course and needed a lot of revision on my end. There were a lot of misplaced/misused words and I had to correct several citations. Overall, it was a really great rough draft and original work. It was not a project that could be considered ready for submission. At $25/page and such a highly rated professor, I was expecting a higher level of writing and was quite surprised at the rudeness which came across in communication discussing the work. 

I would consider working with this professor again due to receiving a decent rough draft and original work. Overall, while the finished project was a little disappointing, the professor delivered what I had asked for and before the deadline. 
07/08/2019 PERFECT NODDY!! I've had a few papers done on this site, and some of them came back OK, some great, and some excellent. This one topped them all. From the content, to the citations, to the fantastic writing, hands down the best I've seen from someone on this site. I'd say I'd use again, but, I graduated! HA! 100% A+ work.
07/08/2019 Easily the best Professor on this site. Thorough, and follows up well. He really wants every assignment to be the best thing he has ever written.
07/08/2019 This professor produces Great work always
07/05/2019 I have just received my grade! It did very well! thank you very much for the effort and understanding !
Noddy put changes when asked and was very easy to communicate with.
I highly recommend him.
07/05/2019 The Essay was delivered way before it was due, we were able to communicate throughout the project, very professional and spot on with my essay.  The finished product was well worth the bid I accepted and I will be requesting him again if I need help in the future.
07/05/2019 I have zero complaints. I got full points on my paper, over exceeded my expectation and had my paper completed ahead of schedule.  Worked with me with corrections and still met the deadline.  Thank you!
quick af
07/03/2019 Just amazing! Highly recommend it! Very communicative, delivered the assignment before deadline, content and writing skills are just perfect. Thank you so much!!!
07/03/2019 This was my first paper on this site and I was sketched out at first and did feel the price was steeeep. After getting my paper (on time), I was actually amazed at how well written and accurate it was. Will only be using this site for papers in the future.
07/03/2019 Working with Professor Noddy has been a pleasure and still continues to be. He is by far the best professor I have encountered here, and has never disappointed on any one assignment. His work is nothing but extraordinary!
07/03/2019 Just copy and pasted an essay they found online. Professor easily caught it and waiting more disciplinary actions now.
07/02/2019 Suffiecient work.
07/01/2019 Great product in a short turnaround time. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a great professor here. Fantastic job as always, highly recommend this professor for any project. Never had a problem in any past assignments given to them.
07/01/2019 I would highly recommend this professor!! He delivered the paper as requested with all the details as I originally specified!! I received an A on my paper & got to enjoy my summer!  Look forward to working with you again in the future!  Thanks a million!!
07/01/2019 Amazig work. Followed the prompt and writing was superb. Definitely recommend!
06/30/2019 The paper was perfect, this professor added more than the requested amount of resources and she submitted it early! Thank you!
06/25/2019 Excellent work every time!
06/25/2019 Timely and a good communicator. Exactly what I was looking for!
06/25/2019 hands down the best! thank you for your amazing work that has been making my life so much easier!
06/25/2019 Professor did a great job- no edits needed to be made- followed all directions and submitted work on time. Will be requesting their work again in the future!
06/24/2019 How many times can I're the best! 
06/24/2019 Always makes me smile because the work is great!
06/22/2019 Definitely the best professor I have worked with
06/22/2019 Got a 100/100 on my paper, was very easy to work with an accommodating. Above and beyond.
06/22/2019 Got it done on time and followed the prompt. Rarely had to make any changes at all. If you need an English paper written he's a solid option.
06/21/2019 great in the clutch! only a few corrections after running through Grammarly. So thankful! 
06/18/2019 Always delivered good work! 
06/17/2019 I love this Professor's work.
06/16/2019 Excellent work.
06/12/2019 I am very haoppy with the paper I recived. All instructios were followed and it was done in time. I am sure i will recceive an A. The best professor here,. thank you veryu much.
06/12/2019 The best professor here,. thank you veryu much
06/10/2019 Fantastic!
06/10/2019 Fantastic!
06/10/2019 Overall great experience and a great essay! Even went out of his way and got me a source which i was missing for my assignment. Hopefully an A paper!
06/10/2019 Fantastic. I needed an extra pair of eyes on my application materials. This professor, having sat on an admissions board, offered the insight and notes needed to make sure I put my best foot forward.
06/10/2019 I highly recommend! This professor returns papers on time, responds quickly, and most importantly, writes great papers. Thank you!
06/08/2019 Above and beyond my expectations. Very timely. This was my first experience with this site, and I'm hooked.
06/06/2019 grabbed a 90% on the paper. saved my ass!
06/05/2019 Noddy has completed more than twenty projects (Grad school coursework) for me in the last eight months, and each project's grade has been an A. His writing is impeccable. Highly recommend NODDY
06/05/2019 Have been time and time again so thankful and so pleased by the consistent hard work this professor has put into each of my assignments!! A's have been received on every one of them!
06/05/2019 Really happy with my final paper! I only had a one-day timeframe to get the paper written due to being in a different time zone and the professor nailed it! Has saved my A on a few occasions now, definitely recommend if you are on the fence about choosing a prof or unsure on legitimacy/capability of getting the job done, they won’t let you down.
06/02/2019 Got it done on time and followed the prompt. Rarely had to make any changes at all. If you need an English paper written he's a solid option.
06/02/2019 WIll undoubtedly get an A on this paper! He did an amazing job and sent the essay hours before the deadline.
06/02/2019 assignment was delivered to be before the expected due date. All my assignments have exceeded my expectations even my course professor was impressed with my assignment ! thank you so much for all your hard work in helping me succeed! 
06/01/2019 I would suggest following the assignment as indicated.
05/31/2019 This is a great paper he/she listened and took into account all the notes i made for him/her. They gave more then enough resources and went over the word count that was needed. would definitely recommend!
05/31/2019 She did an amazing job with my paper! He is very responsive and most of all he makes sure that you are 100% happy with the work along the way and is on time. 10/10 would recommend & would work with him again.
05/31/2019 Great work, understood my instructions very well. He communicated through inbox with me the entire time. Very profeesional, I look forward in working with him again. 
Thank you much!
05/29/2019 My paper was turned into me even before the time i put as a deadline and did everything i asked for. Did a great job overall, highly recommend!
05/29/2019 This Professor is Amazing and professional!!! Always on time with a great paper!!!
05/29/2019 Got it done on time and followed the prompt. Rarely had to make any changes at all. If you need an English paper written he's a solid option.
05/29/2019 Professor Noddy went above and beyond for my project and was very cooperative!!! Great writing and researching skills!!! Would definitely use again.
05/23/2019 I got a 94 on this paper. Very well done. 
05/23/2019 Thank you very much, Professional to say the least.  Exceeded my expectations and my solicited timeline.  Responded to all emails quickly.  Short, to the point and exceeded my page count. 24 hour turnaround!
05/23/2019 The assignment was delivered to be before the expected due date . all my assignments have exceeded my expectations for my course professor was impressed with my assignment ! thank you so much for all your hard work in helping me succeed! 
05/23/2019 Specifically requested Noddy because of his work on a prior assignment and his familiarity with the topic that the assignment was on. Exceeded my expectations once again in writing style, content and timeliness. Would recommend 10/10 and will absolutely go to him again when I am in need of high level writing for an assignment. Thanks again
05/22/2019 While the overall paper project was pretty good, requested minor edits (granted it took me almost 3 weeks to get feedback) and was met with silence and no follow up.
05/18/2019 He is amazing. I love his work! Best professor on here!
05/15/2019 Got an A on my paper! I have used him twice, and both times I received great feedback from my professors!
05/15/2019 Extremely well written paper and very timely. He is very detailed and assured all of the areas of the rubics were covered. Thank you very much for your help.
05/15/2019 The work was done in time and a little earlier in the day than expected! assignment was properly written and in perfect format.  thank you so much!
05/15/2019 Requested NODDY because of his work on a prior assignment and his familiarity with the topic that the assignement was on. Exceeded my expectations once again in writing style, content and timeliness. Would recommend 10/10 and will absolutely go to him again when I am in need of high level writing for an assignment. Thanks again
05/12/2019 Good work - thanks
05/09/2019 This professor did an awesome job on my essay. He followed the instructions provided and got me an A. I will definitely use this professor again.  I will recommend him if you are looking for a good A on your essay.
05/09/2019 He did a great job for an almost impossible professor, was constantly within reach, and always met the deadline I needed I would only recommend using him for you work.
05/09/2019 Have not received a grade yet but I read the paper and I think it was done perfectly! It followed the assignment requirements and was exactly what I needed!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
05/08/2019 Many grammatical errors, and the content did not make a whole lot of sense. I would suggest finding a different professor.
05/07/2019 This professor is amazing. I read the essay, and I cannot stop imagine how this essay will make me look smart.
05/07/2019 Looking for someone to do extensive work on a short deadline? This is your person. Completed a college paper in less than 6 hours. Saved from an otherwise failed course.
05/07/2019 The project I received was exactly what I asked for and the professor was easy to work with. I would definitely recommend using this professor for any future project. Great job and thank you!
05/04/2019 Probably the best paper I've received from this website. The paper wasn't filled with fillers and excessive citations, it received a turnitin similarity of only 6% (4% of which were citations), only a few gramatical errors that I fixed myself. I'm hoping for an A. Excellent work, thanks!
05/04/2019 Always delivers excellent work! 
05/03/2019 Amazing job, highly recommend and will be using again!
05/01/2019 Noddy did an amazing job 
05/01/2019 Amazing! 
04/30/2019 The work was decent and it was turned in to me before the deadline, but I still had to spend a couple hours making revisions and proofreading. Nonetheless, he or she used proper sources and followed the directions of the assignment, which was not a very easy one.
04/28/2019 Submitted way before deadline. Thank you 
04/27/2019 My paper was turned into me even before the time I put as a deadline and did everything I asked for. Did a great job overall, highly recommend this professor!
04/27/2019  Noddy always follows directions, is thorough, writes professionally, and goes above and beyond anything that is asked of them. I admire and respect this professor and their work more than words can say.
04/27/2019 Great Professor to work with, still waiting to get my final grade on my paper but it was very well written. Will be using again in the future!
04/25/2019 this was my first experience using this website. I was in a rush to get a paper done because I waited till the last minute to start the paper. well after my project was accepted, I noticed I had put in the wrong due date. The due date was well over a week past the real due date of paper. This professor made sure I had the paper done on time and did an amazing job on the paper!! WOULD  RECOMMEND WITH 100% CONFIDENCE!!
04/25/2019 My paper was turned into me even before the time i put as a deadline and did everything I asked for. Did a great job overall, highly recommend!
04/25/2019 I have used this Professor for multiple project and it has been a great experience every time. Timely, accurate and ALWAYS a great paper.
04/24/2019 I was honestly so skeptical about using this service, but Noddy exceeded all expectations. Thank you!! he even went back and changed some things for me that i had asked and his level of writing is amazing.  I wish i had discovered this sooner!
04/22/2019 excellent paper
04/20/2019 This guy is awesome!!! SEVERALLY USED this professor for essays' and he has not disappointed yet! Awesome professor that generates original work timely and effectIVELYly, would highly recommend to anyone especially for students in crunch time! Great job Will.
04/20/2019 NODDY completed my paper in an extremely timely manner! Very high quality work! Great job!
04/20/2019 Did exactly what I asked for! Got it done hours before the deadline and responded when I messaged them! I don’t know what the bad reviews requested but they did exactly what was asked for!
04/19/2019 The professor UNUIQUE AND EXEPTIONAL PAPERS and hE IS ALWAYS MY favorite in the WEBSITE! Quick turnaround time and necessary changes were made when I asked.
04/19/2019 The paper is well written and all instructions that were given were met. I am very satisfied with it and give the writer 10/10.
04/18/2019 Amazing writer! I had tried a couple of others and this one is BY FAR the best one. I did not have to spend hours tweaking this proffesor's work like I have others.
04/18/2019 This professor... seriously is awesome. I had a short deadline project and it was done flawlessly. Can’t thank him enough. I really appreciate it. Would highly recommend.
04/18/2019 Thank you very much, I highly recommend this professor!!
04/17/2019 Smart person,  did the job in few minutes with my deadline being imminent.. I couldn't submit the document  because I failed to provide her with sufficient help/advise on how to write it.  And she had just a few hours to understand the topic and the essay title.  Fortunately I got an extension and I'm sure she will improve upon what she wrote. She offered to correct the work after done payment and I really appreciated that. I feel you can work with this person if you clarify what you want and what needs to be read. Good ghost-writer but you may need to proofread things yourself. Fair enough. I can definitely do that if the concepts in the essay are good. For me and my needs  10/10
04/17/2019 Poorly written, asked for updates along the way and got nothing in response. Paid for 5 full pages and recieved 4, when I asked for one more page he used the word count of title page and reference page to say he completed almost the full word count and was still under, refused to write more. Terrible. 
04/16/2019 Good job, everything was fine except that you should proof read your own work next time. Keep in mind there are plenty of words besides 'alleged' that carry that same meaning. Other than that, great work. Thank you!
04/15/2019 Great quality work! Very attentive to the specific details necessary for the assignment which means the proper time and dedication was given. Worth every penny!
04/15/2019 Outstanding job. This professor went above and beyond my expectations! Met all the criteria that was asked and more. Highly recommend!
04/14/2019 Thank you for another awesome solution for my mind-numbing nursing course!
04/14/2019 I requested this professor from past experience to do this assignment. Solution was complete days before the due date and received an A on the submission. Thank you again!
04/11/2019 Good Paper
04/11/2019 One of few professors who doesn't offer a bid if he doesn't think he will excel on the subject. Worked with him for many papers, regardless of length, always delivers in time. This time I asked for a short entry that was due in 6 hours and he delivered flawless piece well in time. And it was a great quality. If he offers you a bid, take it.
04/11/2019 Great job, this is the 4th time this professor did a project for me and he made me happy every time I have nothing to complain about, if you need a quality paper on time he is your guy,
04/11/2019 Amazing work, completed before the deadline and to the highest standard I received an A.
04/10/2019 Did way ahead of time! Was very nice and did a great job with the paper 
04/10/2019 Never fails to deliver exemplary projects in a timely manner while being flexible with project requirements.  Even goes above and beyond with the amount of detail put into the projects.
04/10/2019 Perfect perfect! thank you
04/10/2019 Amazing writer! I had tried a couple of others and this one is BY FAR the best one. I did not have to spend hours tweaking this proffesor's work like I have others.
04/10/2019 GREAT paper. I was blown away. I provided a outline with ideas that I thought I wanted to be included, this professor exceeded those points and made the paper so much better than what it would have been if I had written it. There wasn't much time given to write this paper, but this professor did an amazing job and turned it in well ahead of when I needed it. Hopefully my professor buys that it's actually my paper and I get a passing grade...we'll see!
04/09/2019 Wrote two pages instead of three and the two pages he wrote were not good. Use someone else 
04/08/2019 Never fails to deliver exemplary projects in a timely manner while being flexible with project requirements.  Even goes above and beyond with the amount of detail put into the projects. Always exceeds expectations, fast communication, work always completed ahead of time!
04/08/2019  perfect
04/08/2019 He did exactly the format I asked for and kept in touch with me throughout the project, even finishing early. No worries, no stress, the citation, and language are perfect.
04/08/2019  got a low grade on my paper and gave me bad refrence.
04/07/2019 You will NEVER  go wrong with NODDY! I have never gotten less than an A and professors love the papers! Noddy always follows the instructions of the assignment and never fails! Thank you Noddy!!!!!
Last minute assignment completed on time, excellent work. Highly recommend this writer. 
Excellent paper. Looks like an A. Highly recommended!  
04/03/2019 All things considered pretty good paper, it was a difficult and very specific concept. Only issue was page length missed the bar, I asked for 5 and was given 4. Again, the substance minus a few small errors was pretty solid.
04/03/2019 Awesome job & completed so fast!! Highly recommend!
04/03/2019 I was nervous to use Unemployed Professors for the first time on such a major project, but with a full time job and classes, I desperately needed relief. Thorough and responsive, Professor Noddy took the burden and stress from my shoulders so I could enjoy the course. Thank you Noddy
04/03/2019 Delivered work on time and quality is above expectations.  Communicated very well with me and gave me updates on the progress of the paper.  This prof is highly recommended.  I will definitely request this prof's work in the future.
04/03/2019 thank you
04/03/2019 thank you
03/30/2019 My paper was turned into me even before the time i put as a deadline and did everything i asked for. Did a great job overall, highly recommend!
03/30/2019   Great paper. My project was kind of last minute but this professor came through! Followed the guidelines and requirements I provided!
03/30/2019 I get a 60% !!!
I do way better by my self!!!
my English essay has not intro, not thesis, not conclusion. The points are not clear and it’s write in a weird way that the professor didn’t even understand some words. I can’t believe I trough my money away. 

03/29/2019 Awesome work! Done ahead of schedule!
03/29/2019 Excellent detailed work on project, great communication with this writer as well.  Received A++. I Highly recommend. Thank you so much for your help. 
03/29/2019 TO BE HONEST, I will never be able to find the words to express NODDY’S talent and ability. I will never use another professor. I've tried several. By far, in all aspects, from writing ability to communication, to following directions, to citation, to originality, this professor is perfect. I've had to self-correct every paper I've received but with the exception of NODDY’S . Thank you for your help.
03/27/2019 Noddy did such a great job & got my paper done way before the deadline!! Highly recommend!
03/25/2019 I am so glad to have found Noddy on here, he is the one and only professor I will use. Exceptional work as always and delivered a day early. Have used him for essays before and will again! 
03/24/2019 This work exceeded my expectations and the turnaround time was less than 48 hours. Thank you!
03/23/2019 Got an A on my assignment. Thank you Noddy!
03/23/2019 Best work ever. Thanks!
03/22/2019 You're my favorite professor! 
03/22/2019 Thank you

Did great work and ahead of schedule! Listened to my requirements and wants. Couldn't be happier!
03/22/2019 Great paper. My project was kind of last minute but this professor came through! Followed the guidelines and requirements I provided!
03/21/2019 Was a harder assignment for sure, but yea just wasted money and Received 20%. Was late 1 hour on delivery too.
03/21/2019 Marvelous work! 
03/20/2019 Very happy student here! Noddy's work was exceptional and followed the critera closely. He also provided the solution in a timely manner. Thank you again, will definitely use Noddy again. 
03/20/2019 Amazing!!! The quality of the work was impeccable!
03/20/2019 Amazing as always. Timely and professional. I needed something fixed with one of the porjects and they glady helped me. SO easy to work with! 10/10 would recommend. Take it from my mistakes, alway pick this professor
03/19/2019 Great as always!
03/18/2019 Amazing work! Was able to complete it in a timely manner, will definetly be using these services again! So happy with the work that Noddy was able to help with! 10 out of 10! 
03/18/2019 Worked expediently and responded quickly
03/18/2019 Great paper. My project was kind of last minute but this professor came through! Followed the guidelines and requirements I provided!
03/18/2019 Noddy is amazing, kept within my prescribed formatting, was able to access obscure source materials, and returned my project before my due date. 10/10 
03/16/2019 Excellent Paper. Will Use again. Got paper to me way before I needed it and was very detail oriented. 
03/15/2019 very professional. Excellent paper and concise. 
03/12/2019 This prof did my work in a competent, professional, and timely manner.
I would use them again, if needed. Thanks NODDY!!
03/12/2019 The content was super solid. Exactly what I needed for my project. The MLA format on it was fantastic.
Definitely would work with again!
Super understanding guy 10/10 best first experience with unemployed professors.
03/09/2019 The best professor ever heare. After being messed up by a number of 'professors' on this website. This professor assisted me regain confidence here. the work was very insightful and jhas a perfcet flow. I highly recommend.
03/07/2019 Perfect, thank you!
03/06/2019 Pros:  Lightening fast turn around a week ahead of schedule.  Gave me plenty of time to edit.  Great communication.  Cons:  Triplicate sentences word-for-word throughout the paper.  Did not use open source web links that a typical college student would find on google as instructed; instead used obscure journals and a closed-source institutional login-only page that any professor would find suspicious at first glance.  Following said links lands square on a login page that obviously does not return on a google search of the assigned topic.  Most professors would find such a source highly questionable.  However, I suggested to use web references instead of books or journals, but I did not explicitly state to, so the fault is half mine.  Would I recommend this professor?  Yes, if your professor doesn't scrutinize your references.  I would highly recommend this professor if you need the job done FAST. 
03/06/2019 I absolutely love this professor's work! 
03/05/2019 This man is a real life saver. Thanks to him I'm going to pass my class. :)
03/04/2019 Thank you even with a variety of tasks, Noddy has come to my aid; His work is elegant and inspires thought.
Excellent work as always, and I look forward to seeing more!
03/01/2019 Noddy is an Absolute joy to work with! Timely and professional. Really got me out of a jam and did an excellent job! Wouldn't have managed to stay sane without your help!
03/01/2019 I have received an extraordinary paper from this Professor!!!! Completed well before the deadline. I am very satisfied with the work provided and highly recommend this person to work on your assignments. The work is 10/10 and very detailed. Highly recommend
03/01/2019 Did a good job. Got what I needed.
02/28/2019 Thank you very much. The work was perfect, completed in time.
02/27/2019 AMAZING!!! 
02/25/2019 18.5 out of 20. I didn't understnd the assignemnt to begin with so I was more than impressed with this score. 
02/25/2019 Absolute best professor on this site; could not have gotten through my classes without this professor. Thank you for always giving me amazing and quality work.
02/25/2019 Professional, punctual, and always great at responding to any all questions. Has written several papers for me so far, and have passed with flying colors on both.
02/21/2019 Professor NODDY is a Highly skilled, clear communicator, transparent, offers drafts, excellent analyses, and a wonderful person that executes the task faithfully.
I've relied on his services more than once and can safely say he/she does a remarkable job.
02/21/2019 perfect work
02/20/2019 Great work
02/19/2019  Very good work  consiistently delivered
02/19/2019 The best ever....
02/17/2019 Thank you very much. I ma extremely satisfied with all the work that you did for me.
I received all As above 95%
02/17/2019 Thank you very much
02/15/2019 YOu are indeed my savior, you will definitely complete all my projects.
02/15/2019 Professor Noddy completed all my projects in time and I received straight As, I highly recommend and would definitely use again.
02/12/2019 First professor to bid on one of my aerodynamic class assignments and he knocked it out the park.
02/12/2019 Professor Noddy exceeded all of my expectations. I would Definitely recommend using him/her for your next assignment. Noddy delivered the essay way before the deadline and addressed my concerns very quickly and went above and beyond to fix it. I am forever grateful for his/her help.
02/08/2019 This is the best professor ever, thanks alot for the quality a
02/07/2019 Thank you, recieved an A
02/06/2019 Outstanding! Thank you!
02/06/2019 I am amazed at how well this was written along with how quickly it was finished. Would definitely choose this prof again! Thank you so much!!! :)