Date Comment Rating
08/15/2021 some gramatical errors but after some pushing, ultimately got the paper on time.
08/01/2021 Thank you so much 
07/25/2021 Great work! 
06/16/2021 Great job!
05/24/2021 The solution did not adhere to the guidleines at all. What they did write was nearly incoherant - it was very poorly written. Entire paragraphs appeared twice in the solution - word for word - in an attempt to hit the word count.

The website did refund me - so that is good - but save yourself the trouble and do not even consider using this person.  
05/21/2021 This prof handed in the project on time and revised it upon my request. However, the paper lacks depth overall. I would not go to this professor again.
05/20/2021 Perfect A! Thank you 
05/19/2021 Ty
05/16/2021 Got the paper in before the deadline. Clean and neat paper, very happy with the Professor! Saved me time to get other projects done. -Graduating Senior
05/14/2021 It was bad. The work was late, the writer didn't follow the guidelines, the style of writing is simple a joke. The writer had no clue what they were writing about, the concepts were so childish. They did not include any quotes. Safe your time and money and do it yourself. I had to redo everything and submit it late, thanks for messing up my grade. 
05/12/2021 amazing work, on time
05/12/2021 Amazing work
04/30/2021 Great work 
04/27/2021 Good and on time. This was an easy task and the person delievered thank you
04/24/2021 Excellent! As always!
04/21/2021 ok
04/21/2021 Project was on time. Great communication and service. Recommend.
04/21/2021 i
04/17/2021 All that I needed! Great work!
04/12/2021 Professor was very responsive and was able to take my thoughts and put them into words.  Will take some tweaking but ultimately I am very happy with the results.  Delivered before deadline as well.  
04/10/2021 This was my first time ever using unemployed professor and i was thoroughly impressed with the work that was provided. 100% confidence with this profosser and communicated well with the progress that was made. With any adjustments i needed, this professor responded promptly and ensure that you were satisfied with you work. 

i highly recommend this profosser for anyone who needs great work done last minute. 

Thank you for your help. 
04/10/2021 This paper was written poorly. There are sentence structure issues, and no structure within the paragraphs. 
04/09/2021 Bad essay! Prof sent it 6 hours after the deadline! 
04/08/2021 Perfect as always! In addition, this professor revised my work as I asked. Thank you! 
04/08/2021 I really trust this professor, because I know that every time I will receive a great work. Thank you!
03/30/2021 Exellent as always! I can trust this professor! Thank you!
03/21/2021 Thank you!!!!! Very Good Job.
03/19/2021 Good. 
03/15/2021 I have worked with the person on a couple of assignments and I have been very pleased.
03/12/2021 Excellent work ! Handed in before deadline, thank you!
03/10/2021 The best! Very professional and communicates when need.
03/06/2021 Ty so much 
03/05/2021 Great work.
02/15/2021 Disappointed. Sent me the paper 10 mins after deadline was due in which I couldn't read over what was written. Had to briefly look over it which made me submit my paper half an hour late which meant I lost marks. After reading the paper I found loads of spelling mistakes stupid mistakes that could've have been rectified had the professor proof read the paper. Half the paper didn't make sense I got 28% out of 100%!! Also declared that I was a final year student and the paper needed to be a very high level. Took so much money of me and ended up failing with a very very poor papet. Asked the professor to rewrite my paper so I can submit it as a re sit and I have had no response so professor is deliberately ignoring me. Very poor wouldn't trust this professor again. So so disappointed 

First, the paper was submitted on time. Second, you even had the guts to underpay despite agreeing that you will add funds after the project is completed. Third, you provided the names of te companies that would be used in the paper.
02/06/2021 Ty
02/06/2021 Ty
02/06/2021 Ty
01/23/2021 Recieved an A for this paper, thank you!
01/03/2021 The product was quality and delivered on time!
12/23/2020 great job 
12/21/2020 Great job
12/19/2020 His essay was amazing and did it all in time! I highly recommend him especially if it's your first time using this site. 
12/18/2020 Project was on time and well done! Thank you!!
12/16/2020 The paper was returned later than the proposed deadline.  I understand, this is a busy time.  The paper was ok.  I could have sent it back to the "Unemployed Professor" writer but I opted not to, that was my choice.  Ensure you have time to read and adjust some of the writing if you are using this writer.  Silly errors, like refering to the author's by their first name, multiple times. Some concepts for the paper were a little off as well.  For my paper I spent some time redoing it but maybe depending on the subject this "Unemployed Professor" might do very well for the paper you are looking to have assistance with for your class. 
12/16/2020 Got a good grade from a tough teacher. Thank you soooo much
12/16/2020 Crushed it!!!
12/16/2020 Thank you for the great job! 
12/15/2020 Great Doctoral level writing!
12/15/2020 Missed deadline. Got an F. Please don't count on this person.
12/13/2020 Timely and well written paper. I requested five pages, but only received barely four pages. It did meet the word count though, so just be aware that I don't think the calculation of word count vs. page numbers is accurate. Wouldn't hesitate to choose him again though! Thank you!
12/12/2020 great job 
12/10/2020 Sent my paper to me hours early and asked questions to clarify the assignment when nessecary. The paper was very well written and  they reply to messages about questions or concerns very promptly!
12/09/2020 Great work! Received before deadline! Thank you so much!
12/08/2020 Very timely! Would definately reccomend
12/08/2020 Absolutely amazing essay. Did exactly what I asked. Cut it a little close to the deadline but all in all a job well done!!
12/07/2020 The highest quality work completed professionally and consistently. Highly reccomend! 
12/07/2020 Remade my personal statement with a good vocabulary! Very quick with good quality 
12/07/2020 Solid work and fast turnaround. Would recommend again.
12/05/2020 Awesome work, earlier much earlier than due time!! Great professor to work with. 
12/04/2020 Really wonderfully done. 
12/04/2020 Wrote an amazing paper with really short notice. Use this professor!
12/04/2020 Timely and professional. Would recommend.
A well done project even on short notice
12/01/2020 Late but overall good. I wish they communicate more. 
12/01/2020 The best professor this service has to offer!
11/30/2020 Awesome two great papers! Really do RECOMMEND picking this professor!
11/30/2020 Excellent work, thank you so much. Highly recommend.
11/29/2020 Thank you so much
11/29/2020 Thank you so much
11/29/2020 Thank you so much 
11/28/2020 Great Job!! 
11/27/2020 Well done and on time! Definitely recommend. 
11/24/2020 This Professor will not disappoint! My go-to for any project, highly recommend. 
11/22/2020 Ahead of time and took it on last minute. PowerPoint looked fantastic. 
11/21/2020 Consistent and reliable, can't reccomend this professor enough!
11/20/2020 Well done, on time!
Did multiple of my case briefs all done on time and A+ papers
11/19/2020 I have worked with this professor in more than one ocassion, and always delivered paper in a timely manner as well written and structured. 
11/18/2020 Professor submitted a piece of crap to me disguised as an English literature essay and it read like it was written by someone who had just graduated primary school. Professor was also too lazy to read the primary text even though I offered him another option of choosing a set of short stories which were 10 pages long to analyse, but no he chose to overestimate himself and promised me an essay about a 300 page novel. Guess what? That asshole did not read the primary text, he also showed 0 effort in trying to mask his lack of understanding; worse of all he cited a fucking guidebook written for high schoolers as one of the primary sources for my undergraduate essay. This was a gigantic waste of my money and the worst thing I have ever spent my money on. May I ask you prof, how did you even graduate with a bachelor's degree? If you have a PhD you could've obviously done much better than whatever piece of shit you've given me, but you chose to fuck around and scam a poor undergraduate. I asked him to revise his work but it was so bad that I had to basically rewrite the essay and come up with a completely new outline and thesis statement by myself. There were glaring grammatical errors all across the paper and his analysis was an absolute joke filled with superfluous information that even Wikipedia can do better. I wish I could've printed the paper and ripped it in front of the professor's face. So, please I implore everyone thinking of hiring this scammer to save yourself from the heartbreak and hire someone else, unless your courses are pass/fail or you lack dignity and have 0 expectations for your coursework. This professor honestly gave me the worst paper I have ever read in my entire life and I will send anyone the paper if you ask for it so it will prevent you from ever hiring him. My email is [email protected] , feel free to drop me questions or request for the paper so I can expose him for the joke that he is. 
11/16/2020 I received it quick and before the cut time!! Amzing writting and no plagiarism whats so ever!!!
11/16/2020 Excellent work!

11/16/2020 Does everything correctly and follows the prompt to the dot. Highly recommended 
11/16/2020 Do not use this writer!!!!!! Instructions were to write about one city. They wrote about an entrie state and just called it a city..... Thanks for the fail. DO NOT pay them if they do not do their job.

Virginia Beach is a city in America. I guess that is quite obvious to any student reading this. Thank you
11/16/2020 very proffesional 
easy to communicate with!!

11/15/2020 Excellent and on time, as always! 
11/14/2020 Well done! My assignment was short answers about an article and geeky followed all the instructions just right. I'm pleased it was delivered on time and that I didn't have to do this myself because I forsought too much else going on in my personal life this week I knew I'd need to get something off my plate and geeky came through...such a relief!
11/12/2020 NOT WORTH IT 
Dont waste ur time not only will u not get a good quality paper but it will probably be late. mine was 4 hours late then they where rude about it. they asked for my notes at 6:30 am i respoded at 7:45 stating that the paper didnt need my notes just do it with out and i could add that in later. my assinment was due at 5 pm i heard nothing till 9pm didnt get the paper till 9:10 and then they where rude when i expressed i wasnt happy with what they had done and that 2 points in the paper where what looked like copy and past from study note websotes about the book. 

It is quite unfortunate that the student faulted me for not having a scanner, when he could easily send me the notes as a picture. Nonetheless, he claimed plagiarism where all the quotes were properly cited with a page number and author's last name as per MLA requirements. He did not understand basic MLA citation rules. I am perturbed that the student claimed plagiarism when there was none. However, we live to see another day! Besides, I worked on the paper without the notes, and sent it back to him in under 10 minutes as soon as I saw his reply!
11/12/2020 Thank you. 
11/12/2020 Would give zero stars if I could. No communication. Was told "sending in 4 hours" 11 hours later I had to ask for him to upload it with zero time to edit. Also only addressed half of the topic I paid for. Then when confronted he asked "want me to add it?" UHM WOULDVE BEEN NICE TO ADD IT THE FIRST TIME AROUND SINCE THATS WHAT I PAID FOR. Awful awful awful experience. And the customer service sucks even more. They back their "professors" basically stealing our money even when they didn't complete what they were supposed to. Submitting fraud to my bank since what I paid for wasn't received! Will never use this site again. THE WORST! 
11/10/2020 This is the only professor I invite to work on every project because of their thoroughness and quality of work. I've worked with a handful of professors on this website and I continue to use this website because of this professor's work.
11/08/2020 On time, I needed to make some corrections. Not completely in APA format. But, I didn't have to do it. 
11/08/2020 As a first time user, this experience definitely hooked me.  Perfectly written paper, no errors. 
11/06/2020 A+ and submitted on time!
11/03/2020 Thanks!
10/28/2020 Excellent work!! Will continue to use. 
10/21/2020 Great job!
10/19/2020 Very good job well done!
10/13/2020 great
10/08/2020 I don't remember if I rated this professor or not but he/she did an excellent job. I won a $2500 USD scholarship because of the essay he/she wrote. Offered revisions quickly
10/06/2020 Paper deliver on time and exactly as needed. Perfect!
10/02/2020 Went above and beyond I needed one source and he gave me three! The paper was very well written and he stuck to my exact directions.
09/13/2020 Followed the prompt exactly and seemed really caring of doing his best.
09/13/2020 Succint and expeditious work! I would recommend. 
09/10/2020 very nice!
09/06/2020 Quick return, read directions and responded to my emails very quickly.
09/01/2020 Pretty good essay to start with. However it sounds crude and not finely polished. Besides going over the word limit specified, there are various mispellings that are pretty obvious. The essay seems like it was written in a haste over 1-2 hours before the deadline.

But I'm happy with the result. It's not perfect, but a good place to start editting and revising.
08/26/2020 organized content. received document on time. thanks!
08/23/2020 Wrote an amazing paper by the due date I provided which was a couple days before the paper needed to be turned in... unfortunately the professor didn't read that the paper needed to be on a specific topic I was provided by the course professor and wrote a bangin' paper on transculturalism - legit the only reason I took one star off.  TheGeeky made up for it and busted out a fantastic paper quickly on the needed concept and I can't wait to see what grade I get on it. I probably will work with TheGeeky again if I need help.  
08/21/2020 Thank you great job like always 
08/18/2020 If you need a professor that goes beyond the requirement to help the student, you have come to the right place. Everything was done on time and when I needed more help the response was very quick.

08/12/2020 very well done, was a litte late on getting it to me, but worth the wait
08/09/2020 The presentation looks great. You can see all the work and effort put into the project. Highly reccomend this professor. Thank you for your work! 
08/05/2020 10
08/02/2020 Good communication. Got it on time. 45/50 on grade.
07/28/2020 The prof did a good job and was receptive to revision.
07/28/2020 great work
07/27/2020 Very helpful and created a strong paper.
07/26/2020 It was an amazing experience. The paper was spot on and the delivery time was quick. It will be hard for me to switch to other professors to write my papers. Thank you professor for all your help.
07/22/2020 amazing work!
07/21/2020 This prof is a waste of time! Don't even bother. Submitted my project late and did not follow any of the directions I gave them. Don't waste your money on this one. 
07/20/2020 Very well written paper on a unique topic! 
07/18/2020 Great job!
07/15/2020 Peferct! I was iffy about this site but Thank you so much!
07/09/2020 Great job!
07/08/2020 Completed the project with very limited time. 
07/08/2020 I did not realize my paper was worth 2 grades, and I got 2 90s!!! I added my little razzle dazzle and submited. Thanks prof that paper was super solid. The content was really good, descriptive, and concise, this help absolutely took me out of this emergency I had. Thanks again!!!!!
07/06/2020 Recieved an 80 on the paper. The assigment was a question answer assignment. My professor was a bit confused by the writting.The bolded below is the feedback I was provided for question A. I did recieve the assigment by the deadline and the rest of the questions conisided with work. 

a.    According to Khomeini, who are the enemies of the Iranian people? What does he mean by his references to “the interests of the East and the West”?
Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini believed that the enemies of Iranian people are people whose direction is separate from Islam. People who add the word ‘democratic’ to the republic. Enemies were also considered as individuals who use the word ‘republic.’ Khomeini also attacked the teaching of Dr. Ali Shariati, the hero of young Muslim intellectuals, for his writings on Islamic fundamentalism (Khomeini, 1980). He claimed that individuals must be sure they are for Islam and the Koran, also if they want Islam without clergy or spirituality.??????? Confusing answer. The Iranians were unique in the Islamic world for advocating an Islamic Republic, that is a government without a King, like the Shahs. 
Main enemies were US, USSR and Israel
b.    What are the main points of his program for domestic reform?
c.     What is his special message for students, intellectuals, and religious scholars?
d.    What is his position on free speech and mass communications?
07/06/2020 Thank you. 
06/30/2020 I have used this professor twice. Absolutely OUTSTANDING papers. They kept me updated, and even provided drafts. Excellent person to hire. 12/10 would recommend. 
06/29/2020 I asked for edits to an existing document along with additional pages. The assignment was a bit complex but this professor delivered by being very thorough and removing unnecessary information. I’m very satisfied with the results and I look forward to seeing the grade! 
06/28/2020 I submited my request for a paper and needed it within a few hours and the professor got it back to me on time and it excellent!
06/28/2020 Followed instructions and submitted ahead of time. 
06/16/2020 I am extremely satisfied with the project. Accurate, technical and very professional! Moreover, the Professor has accomplished it in a very short time frame. Thank you very much! Highly recommended to other students. 
06/14/2020 Paper was supposed to be 3 pages and he only gace me 2.25 typed
06/14/2020 First draft of assignment was short on the minumum number of pages and there was some confusion on the topic of the paper. However, the professor was quick to respond to my message and had a great final paper within hours. I was still had time to review thoroghly before submitting my paper. Will use this professor again! 
06/10/2020 amazing!
06/08/2020 Great job! 
06/07/2020 Excellent paper. Well written and delivered with plenty of time. 
06/07/2020 Finished my essay in a timely manner. Very organized as well. 
05/30/2020 Great final results on a paper I will now be able to include in my nursing portfolio because it was so well-written!! So happy this professor bid on my assignment, it truly couldn't have been done better (:
05/30/2020 Highly reccomend this professor. They are reliable, their work is never late (and often early), and they are dedicated to total satisfaction of each project. 
05/30/2020 Great work. Spot on with everything!!!!
05/25/2020 Awesome final report on a case study I needed help with last minute!! and completed much earlier than expected, thanks a million!
05/25/2020 This professor has helped me on countless assmignments and just blew me away by the amazing work on my cover letter for my resume that I'll be sending out for appllications in the coming weeks!!! In these crazy times we are living in now especially, a strong solid cover letter gives me such greater confidence now heading to my first job interviews! THANK YOU infinitely! and people, this is your answer right here for any and all important assignments or projects! This prof is the absolute best there is, trust me! (:
05/24/2020 Highly recommend!
05/24/2020 Fantastic work, I highly recommend this professor!
05/23/2020 Thank you so much very good discussion 
05/23/2020 Excellent work, as always. 
05/23/2020 Anazing work!
05/21/2020 Very quick in finishing project! Overall fast responses, and straight forward with answers to questions, got a B-, considering the fact that this professor did ony half and i di the other, its still a good grade!

hopefully i get to complete the entire paper next time, and we can ace that A!
05/19/2020 Super last minute, and this professor stll wrote me a very well articulated paper. Thank you!
05/18/2020 Reliable. Highly recommend! 
05/17/2020 Great work! 
05/17/2020 100/100
05/17/2020 Super quick and thorough! AMAZING!!!!
05/16/2020 This is the only professor I invite to my projects because the work produced is consistently oustanding. Thank you for another great essay!
05/15/2020 awesome work - got the job done under a tight deadline - highly recommend
05/14/2020 I will definitely be using this site again in the future if I need it, especially this professor if possible. I had four late assignments due with what I thought were impossible deadlines. They helped me more than I can explain here, but I would reccommend this professor if you are having trouble decided. They helped me with a Communications class case study, business paper, and two english essay. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
05/13/2020 I had a few last minute english essays and this professor did an awesome job meeting my time requirement! Also, this one was a research paper, which I am terrible at and she killed it! 
05/13/2020 Great paper! Had to do a little minor editing and fix the works cited. Received paper on time and fast!!!!
05/12/2020 Great paper.  Heafty amount of work was done so quickly.  Thanks so much.  I was really under the gun here.  The paper came out great.  
05/11/2020 This professor has done a geat job for me so far! I highly reccommend! 
05/11/2020 Excellent paper! Followed directions provided.  Will use again.
05/11/2020 So happy! First time using this site and this professor was so good at meeting my my guidelines! I have used her for every assingment since!
05/10/2020 excellent work and on time! Great use of references and apa format
05/10/2020 Professor responded to my questions in a timely manner, and was thouroughly satisfied with my paper. 
05/09/2020 Did an amazing job ! I was beyond pleased with the results. The selected person did a wonderful job for a very tough assignment that involved STATA and quantative analysis. Thank You!
05/09/2020 Great essay!! This prof is A+ every time I need help with last minute papers! Thank you!!!
05/09/2020 always can count on this prof for quality papers, no matter what the topic is!! and gets me an A every time! (:
05/09/2020 Fast, reliable and trusthworthy! I couldn't thank you enough for doing this
05/09/2020 Thank you so much! You did a great job!
05/07/2020 didn't follow prompt
05/06/2020 great communication thru the entire project. no taskseems impossible for this professor. 
05/05/2020 Paper: Final Paper for Sociology Class
Grade: 238.45 out of 250 (A)
Time: less than 5 hours
Cost: higher than normal due to short time to write the paper, but absolutely worth it.

The paper scored exemplary in 12/14 categories. One category recieved "proficient" and the other was marked "needs improvement" as my professor was looking for a bigger picture instead of the micro level content.

Thegeeky did a great job communicating and was so helpful. I will be using them again in the future. 
05/05/2020 Great work! 
05/04/2020 Awesome job and way before deadline!  Thanks! 
05/04/2020 The paper was delivered ahead of time and answered the prompt sufficiently. The paper needed to be revised though, a few grammar/sentence structure mistakes were apparent. There were a few direct quotes from sparknotes' website which had to be edited and revised. Should have added the 18 dollar plagiarism report.
05/02/2020 The communication was awesome and this professor's work was more than satisfactory. 10/10!
05/02/2020 Excellent work!
05/01/2020 Great paper and received well before the deadline. I see an A in my future!
04/30/2020 Really takes the time out to give good quality papers ! highly recommend !
04/30/2020 Wonderful work. Prof was timely and open to communication and correcting any flaws. 10/10.
04/30/2020 Amazing work every single time and done in a timely manner as well.
04/30/2020 Couldn't have been happier with the final product!
04/28/2020 Amazing work! Even helped with edits and reccomendations after my paper was reviewed. 
04/27/2020 Always spectacular and always on time!!!
04/27/2020 Defenetly reccomend this professor! 
04/27/2020 Great work and delivered on such a short notice, saved the day and saved my grade!! Thank you! 
04/26/2020 Thank you!
04/26/2020 ????????????????
04/26/2020 The best professor
04/25/2020 Awesome great job!
04/22/2020 Fantastic! Will definitely use again! Always ontime and quality work! 
04/22/2020 Favorite professor of all time! 
04/20/2020 Quick and professional, 10/10 would reccomend (:
04/20/2020 Good paper, well written and researched
04/19/2020 I gave this professor 3 hours to write an essay and they delivered big time. I really don't know a better way one could prove themselves. Met all of my expectations and I couldn't be more satisfied. Would and probably will use again.

Thanks so much, and I was happy to help :)
04/19/2020 Great job!!

04/18/2020 Great work!