Date Comment Rating
03/16/2019 Great work, great writer. I recommend him. 
03/15/2019 The paper was completed an hour and a half past the due date, causing my grade to already be lowered. It wasn't worth it
03/15/2019 Best professor on this site. Most will bid on anything and everything and just give you some mediocre paper but the geeky will put heart and soul into it. 
03/15/2019 As always a high quality paper. I use thegeeky for literally everything. 
super easy to work with. didnt quite get the assignment because of my amazingly vague description the first time, but was polite and accomodating throughout the whole rewrite process (rewrite was great). thanks!!
03/11/2019 I sent the wrong attachment for guidelines of the essay by accident, thus causing the professor to do the wrong essay. he had completed it 2 days after it was requested, then I realized I had sent the wrong one to do. We resolved the issue and he ended up doing ANOTHER essay for me in the correct format in an amazing time before it was due. Outstanding essay and outstanding service. Thank you again for being so forgiving and working with me! Will definitely use your services again in the future. 
03/11/2019 I was in a pinch and he came through big time!
03/10/2019 Exactly what I needed in an extremely short amount of time!! 
03/10/2019 Did everything as asked, perfect quality! Thank you so much.
03/08/2019 Everything and more
03/06/2019 Was submitted well-before deadline that i had posted. Content was fantastic and exactly what i was looking for. Could not recommend enough!
03/06/2019 I needed an essay idea and plan to present, done perfectly! I'm very happy
03/05/2019 Professor added a small paragraph I needed, even after the project was submitted. Was really nice. Thanks!
03/03/2019 Great
03/03/2019 As always, excellent job! You're my go-to. Another easy-A!
03/03/2019 You are my go-to professor! I've tried other professors and they dissapoint me every time. You're the best, thank you!
03/03/2019 solid
03/02/2019 Great job! I know that the "Great job" comment is overused but this professor seriously wrote an amazing essay. 10/10 very much reccomend him.
02/28/2019 Great job!
02/27/2019 Good work
02/24/2019 Excellent, as always!
02/24/2019 Awesome 
02/24/2019 Thank you for your work on the discussion board project! It was creative & great!
02/24/2019 Deleivered a great analysis paper and it was submitted to me early. Thank you!!
02/24/2019 .
02/24/2019 Great paper!!!! I really love this work of this professor. 10 stars!!!! i will be using this professor again!!!!! so worth it!!!!!!
02/23/2019 OUTSTANDING paper! Delivered early and written exceptionally.  Will be using this professor in the future!
02/23/2019 Really nice writing, well reaserched. Pick him. 
02/20/2019 While I specifically asked for someone with timely delivery, he was little bit late, which is fine as long as I can get the good quality paper I expected.

But I got a D on this :(

Gutted you didn't pass as we expected. This is the first feedback of its kind I have received and I'd be interested in getting the full details of your professor's feedback. Kindly PM me whenever you are able to.
02/19/2019 Thank you for your assistance.  I messed up not choosing this Professor to complete my paper the first time.  
02/18/2019 Done well and in time. 
02/17/2019 Another exceptional paper! I keep recieving great grades and tons of good feedback from my teachers. Thanks
02/16/2019 GETS THE JOB DONE!
02/14/2019 Easy to work with, fast, and produced an A+ paper!
02/12/2019 quick, efficient and is fairly priced. Would use again.
02/11/2019 Excellent!
02/10/2019 Professor Thegeeky was absolutely fantastic. He was punctual with due dates. Briliant paper, clear and concise. I will use Professor Thegeeky for my future assignment. Thank you so much


02/10/2019 Professor was great! I would highly recommend them! Very good with comminutcation which I really appreciated. The paper did come a few hours later but they communicated it with me and it was okay. It did not met the page requirement but I asked for a revision and they were very kind about it. They followed the paper guidlines and were very helpful with a revision! Thank you! 
02/10/2019 Great paper in a short time period. I really like the quality work you provide. You dont just bid on any old project you actually bid in the projects you know you will excel at. This shows on the quality of papers I have recieved from you. Thanks again and again for the great projects!
02/10/2019 Good Stuff 
02/08/2019 Not what I wanted at all. The paper had no flow and needed major revisions. Specifically, I wanted a interpretive problem essay and in return I received a paper about a specific theme of the work. Terrible
02/07/2019 10 stars!!!!!!!!!!!! I got an A+ and I recieved my essay a week early!!!!!! I will be requesting this person again :) 
02/05/2019 Thanks for the great paper 
02/04/2019 Great paper including 6 sources.  Also, great communication.  I had to make an adjustment to the requirement, and the professor was flexible and made the changes I needed.  Very grateful for the opportunity to work with this professor.  If you're thinking about using this resource, this professor is one of the best.  Thank you.
02/03/2019 On time and fantastic content, well written and I was able to amend and play with it as necessary.
02/02/2019 The papers he's written have been among the best of any I've received on this site. He doesn't add a bunch of filler words/fluff, and he actually addresses the prompt. Very, very impressed.
01/30/2019 Great job and good commuication, much appreciated!!
01/29/2019 Very well-written paper. Did miss my requested deadline only by a few hours but was great with communicating the entire process. Very happy overall.
01/29/2019 Great paper 
01/28/2019 great work
01/27/2019 Fast and quality work, great at communicating... Very trustworthy!
01/24/2019 Loved the paper. Really did a great job and would love to use this professor again in the future if the need arises. Thank you so much!
01/21/2019 Wrote a fantastic essay, on time, fully formatted to my picky professor's specifications. It was truly fantastic and I thank him for that.
01/20/2019 10/10 experience. Very responsive, organised and easy to cooperate with. Produced a great piece of work! Will keep on working with this professor! I highly recommended them!
01/19/2019 Amazing work 
01/15/2019 Amazing and diligent. Thanks again professor!
01/15/2019 Did an amazing job on a 15 page paper. Recieved an A. Thank you.
01/14/2019 Wrote the essay very well and in time too
01/10/2019 Really impressed with how my persuasive essay came out.
01/08/2019 Great work, was always available.
12/28/2018 Just the absolute kindest and best professor to work with! The application essays were top notch, every request I made for a change in the writing was accommodated! I can’t thank them enough. I highly recommend them for your application essays (even to graduate schools!). They put in extra work researching the program and utilized the resume I gave them to make the essay perfection. 
12/22/2018 Excellent work, I received a A- 
12/22/2018 Great job all around and very
12/21/2018 Awesome job ! time efficient and kept in contact the whole time to ensure all the detail requirments of the assignment were met. Really well written overall, will update when I get the grade. 

12/21/2018 Great work, on time!
12/20/2018 Paid a decently high price for late work.
12/19/2018 Great job and very well written! Great turn around time as well!
12/19/2018 Great job and very well written! Great turn around time as well!
12/19/2018 Seriously an amazing paper, It was even finished early! The paper met all the criteria and even went beyond!  I would definitely use this Professor again!
12/16/2018 My go-to professor for all of my research papers!
12/15/2018 Thank you for saving my grade from falling to a B. I got all A's this semester. The well-written paper was provided on such short notice. Life saver!!!
12/14/2018 absolutely amazing
12/13/2018 Life saver
12/10/2018 great job, went over and beyond!
12/10/2018 Really pleased with the overall experience. Good communication from start to finish. The work produced flowed well and was to a great standard. Haven't had the paper marked yet but I'm confident I will get a good mark. Would recommend this writer and will use again if I'm in a pinch, really saved me as had numerous hospital appointment and just could not squeeze in this essay. Work was early as well, four days before submission date. Couldn't fault anything.
12/10/2018 On time, extremely well written and followed directions perfectly. Thank you!
12/07/2018 provided great work. 
Great Work!  Will use again

12/04/2018 Better than expexcted...Thorough and exactly as requested...Would use again! Thanks!!!!
12/02/2018 Wonderful work!
12/02/2018 Always excellent work and a guaranteed A! Her work ethic is unmatchable. She is not only professional but polite and understanding.
12/02/2018 6 stars for the fact that the project was completed on time, with the appropriate number of pages and the correct amount of sources. The three titles of readings I specified to be used were correct. The prompt was correctly addressed, and the thesis was clearly stated. 

However, I can't give any more than this, as the writing was sloppy and almost was if generated by a computer or a middle school student. One of the reading sources was summarized incorrectly and correlated in a manner that didn't make sense. I had been planning to clean it up a little and make some of the wording closer to my own, but ended up rewriting most of it using the same thesis. Not worth $125, and I'm highly disappointed, considering that the rating on this professor was so high.   

12/01/2018 Prompt turn around! Great work!!
11/28/2018 absolutely no qualms with my paper. 11/10 would recommend 
11/28/2018 Loved this guy. I’m definitely coming back.
11/28/2018 awesome essay, thank you!
11/28/2018 Just what I was looking for! Also, delivered paper a day early. Would definitely recommend this professor. 
11/28/2018 Awesome work! Quick turnaround. 
11/27/2018 Excellent remarks and got an A, even when it was submitted late!
11/27/2018 great paper!
11/27/2018 Fantastic essay, excellent work!
11/26/2018 Good work. No abstract was provided however there was sufficient information given for me to be able to quickly construct one before the assignment was due to be turned in.
11/26/2018 Exceeded expectations!! Very pleased with the work and will be using him again if needed.
11/25/2018 Missed the deadline but I luckily set it to the day before it was due. Made numerous tweaks upon my request and overall did a great job. Lost one star because of missing the deadline though.  
11/24/2018 Great! Thank you!
11/23/2018 I highly reccomend this professor for your writing needs.  A few weeks ago, this professor did a research paper for me so when it was time for another paper, I specifically wanted to work with this professor again because I knew I would be getting quality work.
11/22/2018 Awesome
11/20/2018 Amazing job. Great on responses and even better on the paper.  Got a 99/100!! Amazing.
11/20/2018 Great paper! 
11/18/2018 Has worked on one prior assignment and was so helpful and went above and beyond, asked if had capacity to help with this assignment. Again so helpful and completed in a matter of hours as I was dealing with a medical emergency. 
11/18/2018 Super helpful, responsive, and went above and beyond to be available in case of questions. First experience and went outstanding!
11/18/2018 very professional, great product. definitely worth the money
11/17/2018 Great work. Very quick turnaround. Highly recommend.!
11/17/2018 Very excellent paper. Well done.
11/17/2018 Well versed and well done
11/16/2018 Thank you for being so consistent with the production of quality work
11/15/2018 Very well written!! Thank you!
11/15/2018 Very good work and provides it on time. thanks
11/15/2018 Good job
11/13/2018 fantastic paper! Thank you!
11/13/2018 Excellent work in time limited I will definitely use this professor again
11/13/2018 The quality of the paper surpassed my expectations. There are a few discrepancies with the paper formatting but that is easily fixable. For $50 for a one page paper, I was expecting it to be perfect though. 
11/13/2018 I want to thank this professor for providing an on-time document. if you're looking for a Professor that follows the instructions given and will give you precisely what you have requested look no further.
11/11/2018 This was my first experience using this service and I am blown away by the quality of work this professor produced for me.  I am impressed and hopeful I can employ this specific writer again in the future.  Thank you!
11/11/2018 Great!
11/11/2018 Good!
11/11/2018 Excellent work. 
11/10/2018 I really appreciate you putting in the effort to understand the material, rather than just reword books and online sources. Thank you.
11/09/2018 Great work, listened to all the details I needed and elaborated on them.  Plus was finished hours before in time for revisions which I didn't need.  Would definetly use again.
11/07/2018 Really awesome ????
11/06/2018 Great and fast work
11/06/2018 amazing quality, excellent grasp of subject. highly recommend!
11/04/2018 This paper was written perfectly with many arguable points provided with fact proven evidence. I would use this professor again in a heartbeat because his writing, as well as his conversation about the paper was perfect.
Quick turn around and a solid paper!!
11/01/2018 Went above and beyond instructions with time to spare.
10/31/2018 Excellent,professional and prompt service. Would definitely recommend.
10/30/2018 Total life saver!
10/30/2018 Amazing job and writing style, and super great with communication
10/30/2018 :)
10/30/2018 The work of this professor is very fast and finishes ahead of time!
Professor delivered a paper exactly as the guidelines stated.
and the questions provided were insightful.
10/29/2018 Worked efficiently and delivered me the quality work I desired on time!
10/29/2018 The essay was neat, organized. I recommend this professor for you!
10/29/2018 fantastic. finished 10 days early and very good assignment
10/29/2018 Helped me out in a serious time crunch with excellent work. Thanks again !
10/28/2018 This professor completed three online discussion posts for me. All were done following the directions I included. I would definitely reccomend.
10/28/2018 great work, and fast
10/28/2018 Very well written and quickly accomodating for slight tweaks! 
10/25/2018 Very quick and professional. Proffesor also offered to help if anything else was needed!