Date Comment Rating
09/12/2019 44.325 out of 45
09/12/2019 44.325 out of 45
09/12/2019 64.75 out of 70
09/05/2019 Totally love the work, full rated because it's beyond expectations, BUT the timing was a bit late, I would totally recommend this proffessor and I would totally ask for a paperwork again, BUT do it 2 weeks before your due date, do not be tight with the dates. 

08/26/2019 thank you. timely, but a few typos
08/20/2019 Great paper and very helpful professor! A+ papers every time! THANK YOU!
08/19/2019 Great paper and finished early!  Thank you
08/18/2019 Wrote an excellent paper and was easy to work with.
08/09/2019 Amazing Job. GO tit back to me in a quick time. Hit the nail right on the head.
08/02/2019 Excellent work , really fast and very comunicative  all the time 
08/02/2019 98/100 on final paper!!
08/02/2019 Best Professor!! Very knowledgeable and able to help me no matter what topic my assignments are on!!
07/31/2019 14 out of 20!
07/30/2019 Always a pleasure working with this professor! Thank you for another 100/100 paper!!
07/30/2019 I gave a very small time from of 3 days for a book review and he completed the project before schedule and did a great job on it. Would highly recommend him.
07/30/2019 This is the only professor I request becuase the work is always A+ quality!! 
07/30/2019 Best prof on this site! A+ on my paper I am so happy with the outcome!!!
07/24/2019 Flawless paper!! This professor is the best!
07/23/2019 Great work! Aced the assignment!!
07/22/2019 Great work
07/19/2019 AWESOME
07/14/2019 This professor has saved me so many times and always goes above and beyond to deliver!!! A+++
07/14/2019 Patient care plan from case sceniario was out of this world!!! Was very well written and connected the diagnosis, pathophysiology of diagnosis, medications, surgical history, social history, and developmental stage so smoothly! And topped the paper all off with great patient discharge teaching and referrals! My teacher was very impressed!! A+
07/12/2019 excellent paper delivered on time.

07/12/2019 Nothing but A++ grades and positive feedback and praise from teachers since I have been working with this professor!!! Such a life saver!!! 
07/09/2019 Hands down best prof!! 
07/09/2019 Got such amazing feedback from my teacher after having this professor help me with my assignment !! Forever greatful! 
07/05/2019 My A+++  go-to professor always! 
07/04/2019 great work
07/04/2019 96.75/100 A
07/02/2019 Favorite professor!!! A+ yet again!
06/25/2019 Another A+ assignment!! Great paper!
06/22/2019 Great Discussion Post!
06/22/2019 97/100
06/22/2019 A+
06/18/2019 Decent writer, however he/she is not like the other professor i've used. The other one's would usually go above and beyond with the paper (higher word count, add sources, etc.)
Nontheless I did recieve a good grade witht this professor.
06/13/2019 Excellent Case Study!
06/12/2019 In the past year, this professor has helped me with countless assignments, and each assignment has recieved an A grade! The consistency and hard work you will get by having this professor help you with your assignments is worth everything, and the grades you will recieve will prove it! Best professor on this site, hands down!! 
06/12/2019 You did an awesome job on the assignment.  I received an A+ on the paper!!!
06/10/2019 Thank you!
06/10/2019 A+ Always Great!
06/10/2019 Nice!
06/10/2019 42 out of 45 
06/10/2019 95/100 Awesome!
06/09/2019 Well written paper received on time!!! 
06/05/2019 Wrote the perfect paper just in time! a little short but good writing 
05/31/2019 Absolutely amazing. This prof helped me with an admissions essay. I felt like they took the ideas out of my brain and made them make sense and then added things that really put it over the top! I could not be more grateful. I highly recommend this prod. They were extremely easy to be in contact with and listened to the ideas I had and incorporated them seamlessly into an amazing paper. 
05/29/2019 Did not read the directions to the assignment and then asked for more money to fix the project that was done incorrectly.  Horrible experience.
05/28/2019 Another outstanding project completed! This professor is the greatest and always consistent with delivering amazing quality work! 
05/27/2019 Went above and beyond. 
05/27/2019 Gave this professor are well thought out structure for the paper and details. Finished in a timely manner which was the only positive as I received a "C" and having an overall grade lowered. 
05/23/2019 Professor unintentionally plagiarized and caused my grade to therefore suffer
05/22/2019 Great job!
05/22/2019 The assignment completly met my expectations and matched all of the criteria that I had posted. This professor is an exemplary writer and highly recommended.
05/21/2019 Have been time and time again so thankful and so pleased by the consistent hard work this professor has put into each of my assignments!! A's have been received on every one of them! 
05/21/2019 Got an 80% better then I would have done, but was hoping for an atleast 90%+. 
05/21/2019 Great paper but no Scientific references as the prompt asked for.
05/20/2019 10/10 followed exactly what I requested
05/19/2019 The work done was great and on time.
05/16/2019 great work! definitely answered the question requested with all required information.
05/16/2019 Provided it very early and received 48/50 points on the assignment. Excellent work, will 100% be looking for this professor next time. 
05/15/2019 Last minute but great paper considering the time frame!
05/15/2019 Great work, would highly recommend.
05/15/2019 Great personal statement.  I was a little late on getting some needed details to the prof, but the paper was still done on time.  
05/14/2019 The professor was very attentive and responded to my requests very quickly. My paper was delivered ahead of my reqested time. I had a few adjustments and they were taken care of almost immediately. All in all, I received 100% (A) on my essay, super stoked. Thank you very much! 
05/14/2019 I got the paper on time which is more than I can say for other professors but the paper didn't actually talk about African American religions. This was my final paper and the only reason why my professor gave me a B is because he thought that maybe he wasn't clear with what he wanted. To be completely fair, my teacher was clear with his instructions which I copied and pasted word for word into the project description. This professor said that he was going to interview people and all of this other stuff for my research paper that he never did. More importantly, the project was suppose to focus on African American religions and only a small section of the paper and one of the sources was even about African Americans. The paper this professor wrote focused on adolescents in general. I did not pay over $200 for a paper on childhood development. Personally, I believe that if you don't have the information to write a 10 page paper on a topic than letting your student know that is the best route. Having to come up with a different topic so that you can write a decent paper is better than putting words into a paragraph of information that doesn't pertain to the topic that you're paid to write about. I wish I could say that I have had better experiences, but i cant. This is a constant thing with a lot of the professors I have worked with and it has negatively effected any further use of this site. 
05/13/2019 great!!
05/13/2019 Fantastic! He is the best professor on this website, i don't know how he does it!? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone looking to recieve an A+ assignment!
05/12/2019 Professor's work is pretty good! 7 Stars because he/she didn't complete it for the requested due date. Luckily, I requested it earlier just in case and also did not fulfill the entire page requirement. (last page was only a half page) 
05/12/2019 did not even receive a passing grade on the work

Its good that you sent the feedback from your professor because it totally vindicates me. It is incumbent upon you to ensure that you send out ALL the instructions for your project. Giving piecemeal details of a task results in such undesirable outcomes. I get to bear the brunt of your mistakes with a 1-star rating but hopefully this is a learning point for you also.
05/12/2019 Great work and very timely
05/10/2019 On time, and great quality! Thank you!
05/10/2019 Great vocab. Great writer. Always make sure to communicate each part of the required essay - this will help with almost any professor.
05/10/2019 prompt and proffesional papers delivered every time.  I have used this prof multiple times and have always been very happy with the result!
05/10/2019 TheGeeky earned these 10 stars.
Great Communication! Solution was submitted before the deadline. Knew all of the advanced key terms as well as thought processes without needing my course material.
TheGeeky proof read prior the submission, extermely clean formatting, & did a thorough A report.
05/09/2019 Great work - thanks!
05/08/2019 AMAZING PAPER. Used exactly the sources I wanted, all formatted correctly and exactly the amount of pages requested. 200% would use this prof again. 
05/08/2019 Completed essay on time 
05/08/2019 This professor did an awesome job on my essay. He followed the instructions provided and got me an A. I will definily use this professor again.  I will recomend him if you are looking for a good A on your essay. 
05/07/2019 Amazing paper! :)
05/06/2019 Did a great job. Was performed a little later than agreed upon, but was what I expected and more. Will use again. 
05/06/2019 Thank you so so much!!!! Completely saved my life. I was burnt out on typing papers, and this person saved my life and wrote my final paper for me. My professor grades hard in our essays but judging the way I read the essay from thegeeky, there is no reason I shouldn't get an A! I recieved my paper on time, and this is my first time working with unemployed professors, but I will continue using them! They do not disappoint!!
05/06/2019 Thank you
05/05/2019 Exceeded expectations. Thank you!
05/05/2019 Really good professor.
05/05/2019 Thank you!
05/04/2019 Excellent work, as always.
05/04/2019 Job well done!
05/04/2019 Amazing turned my paper in earlier than asked and recieved a good grade
05/04/2019 Followed instructions very well and wrote a very good paper with little to no mistakes. Would definitely use again. 
05/02/2019 Wonderful! Thank you so much.
05/02/2019 Fast, and some serious quality work
05/02/2019 Extremely flexible and responsive. The paper was great and fulfilled all the requirements.
05/01/2019 Excellent work
05/01/2019 Well done paper. There were some minor spacing concerns for APA format and there wasn't an abstract written, but overall it was well done.
05/01/2019 I havent received my grade yet, but the paper was excellent. Usually I have to change 25% of the paper before submission, however this essay was nearly perfect. Im expecting an A, thank you.
04/30/2019 thanks my guy
04/30/2019 Fine paper, got it done early so I could review it and was open to questions. Excellent work, will keep this professor in my mind if I need to use this site again.
04/30/2019 Great paper, thanks
04/30/2019 Admissions essay wizard 
04/30/2019 Solution was on time.
Got a 94 on a 12 page analysis.

04/30/2019 10/10 
04/29/2019 great work :)
04/29/2019 Accurate and answered the the specified questions well. 
04/28/2019 If i could give a million stars, I WOULD! Thegeeky provided an AMAZING paper for my healthcare ethics class, and finished before the deadline. I received a 100 on this paper, and it counted as my final for the class, giving me a 95 overall for the class! He covered all the bases in the strict guidelines for this assignment with flying colors. Quoting from the feedback of the professor "Your final essay in ethics is very well done!! It is well developed!  Your arguements are excellent!  And, your final conclusion is right on!  Way to go!"
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Will use again!! 
04/27/2019 Excellent paper. Will request for future work.
04/27/2019 Got an essay done in mere hours. Very convenient! 
04/26/2019 Second paper that i have had completed by this professor. Once again, outstanding work, exactly what i asked for.
04/25/2019 Gave very detailed instructions and ended up with sub par work had to re write the whole thing.
04/23/2019 Thank you!
04/22/2019 Done very well and in a timely manner. I got a good grade on my paper. 
04/22/2019 Easy to contact and discuss solution. 
04/22/2019 great paper, thank you
04/22/2019 Reasonable price and finished alot earlier than I expected
04/21/2019 Great overall paper.  Went above and beyond delivering a high caliber paper on time and free of monumental errors.

04/21/2019 Very good paper.
04/19/2019 Paper was late. 
04/18/2019 Very well written paper with a very short turn around time from posting to completion.
04/18/2019 Hit all the points as asked! Will use again
04/18/2019 Very helpful!! Did an outstanding job!
04/18/2019 Thank you so much! Sorry I was so stressed out
04/17/2019 Thanks!
04/17/2019 I have been using this service for almost 3 years now and I have never come accross a better professor!!! Outstanding work and highly reccommend, sad I didn't come across this professor sooner! 
04/16/2019 No regrets choosing this prof. to help me with my project. The project was done on time and had 0% of plagerism. 10/10 would recommend this prof.
04/16/2019 Super fast a did a great job. Got a 100%
04/16/2019 No problems at all, ask a question and it gets answered quickly, ask for a tweak in the text and it gets done immediately. Very good  
04/16/2019 Got it done in time, but way too many errors; grammar and spelling. 
04/16/2019 I was a little worried because this was a high level science paper, i changed a few words around but he did a excelent job in a timely matter. thanks!
04/14/2019 Perfect Score on my final paper. Will DEFINITELY be choosing this professor again.
04/14/2019 On point and on time. 
04/13/2019 Good writing but had a lot of grammatical errors, and seemed a bit rushed. 
04/12/2019 Amazing
04/12/2019 There were some grammatical errors in the paper and the links for the sources were missing parts so I had to google to find them. Overall, a good paper after some edits. 
04/12/2019 Great work! Finished before deadline 
04/11/2019 TheGeeke did a superb job. They met all the requirements and had no problem revising the paper due to a slight error. I would definitley consider using them again.
04/11/2019 Misread the instructions at first but did a pretty good job on the assignment with my very specific instructions. Would recommend for students in a crunch. Ask questions and utilize the inbox otherwise you won't really know about the progress of the progress (if you care enough). Would use this individual again.
04/10/2019 Great work, and done in plenty of time! Thank you :)
04/10/2019 Great job, finished two days earlier than required
04/10/2019 Responsiveness, quality work, turned in on time, there is a reason this guy has such a high rating.  Great experience overall.  Thank you!
04/09/2019 Great content
04/09/2019 Amazing work on my paper.  Truly a life saver.  Very responsive and prompt with his work.  10/10 would recommend.  Thank you!!!!
04/09/2019 Perfect, enough said. 
04/08/2019 Excellent work 
This assignment was for two case briefs. I recieved the assignment after the due date. One was great, thorough and well formatted; recieved 100. The other was just ok and received a 70.
04/06/2019 Another great paper. This professor always delivers outstanding work and it literally blows the competition away. 
04/06/2019 Excellent and on time.
04/06/2019 Excellent and on time.
04/05/2019 I was incredibly disappointed in the fact that for $70, I barely received much revisions at all on my personal statement essay for an academic fellowship. This is an essay that could change my life, and this professor barely put in time or effort to actually change it. I provided everything from samples of winning essays, to a specific rubric, to all of the advice and feedback the committee at my school provided, and he only added about three sentences and changed maybe one word. If you're paying someone to actually care and work with you to create a more effective personal statement essay, this is not the place to do it.
04/05/2019 Great job, this is the 4th time this professor did a project for me and he made me happy every time I have nothing to complain about, if you need a quality paper on time he is your guy, 
04/04/2019 Didn’t meet the minimum page requirement and the writing quality was that of a middle school student. Waste of my time and money. Thanks for getting me an F on this paper. 
04/02/2019 Thanks! Great Quality!!
03/31/2019 Paper done before time limit, professional. 
03/31/2019 Did a wonderful job and comleted when I asked. Will be sure to use this professor again!
03/31/2019 Professor always delivers papers on time with quality work
03/30/2019 Awesome job, we had a error but got it fixed right away (same day) 
03/29/2019 Another great paper with such a quick turnaround time. 
03/29/2019 Great paper, deliverd early!
03/29/2019 good work.
03/28/2019 Project was done on time and well written. Easy to communicate with! 
03/28/2019 I'm gonna be honest guys, the paper was a one page narrative paper for some scholarship money and holy f*** is this an amazing paper. 

Chose this guy if you want a quality paper.
03/26/2019 good, genuine work, would highly recommend this professor to all
03/25/2019 Used a great format really professional and I got an A 
03/24/2019 Got me an A but make sure the price is agreed upon and the number of pages is clear before proceeding (partially my fault). 
03/24/2019 You are a life saver, I will contact you for the other project real soon, I promise,   thank you so much
03/21/2019 Everything was perfect. I had too many other assignments to focus on and this professor got it done 2 days earlier than the date I asked for. Great paper. Very professionally done. May make it sound more like me but absolutely only good things to say! Thanks prof !
03/19/2019 Received a great quality paper a day before it was due! Thanks!
03/16/2019 Great work, great writer. I recommend him. 
03/15/2019 The paper was completed an hour and a half past the due date, causing my grade to already be lowered. It wasn't worth it
03/15/2019 Best professor on this site. Most will bid on anything and everything and just give you some mediocre paper but the geeky will put heart and soul into it. 
03/15/2019 As always a high quality paper. I use thegeeky for literally everything. 
super easy to work with. didnt quite get the assignment because of my amazingly vague description the first time, but was polite and accomodating throughout the whole rewrite process (rewrite was great). thanks!!
03/11/2019 I sent the wrong attachment for guidelines of the essay by accident, thus causing the professor to do the wrong essay. he had completed it 2 days after it was requested, then I realized I had sent the wrong one to do. We resolved the issue and he ended up doing ANOTHER essay for me in the correct format in an amazing time before it was due. Outstanding essay and outstanding service. Thank you again for being so forgiving and working with me! Will definitely use your services again in the future. 
03/11/2019 I was in a pinch and he came through big time!
03/10/2019 Exactly what I needed in an extremely short amount of time!! 
03/10/2019 Did everything as asked, perfect quality! Thank you so much.
03/08/2019 Everything and more
03/06/2019 Was submitted well-before deadline that i had posted. Content was fantastic and exactly what i was looking for. Could not recommend enough!
03/06/2019 I needed an essay idea and plan to present, done perfectly! I'm very happy
03/05/2019 Professor added a small paragraph I needed, even after the project was submitted. Was really nice. Thanks!
03/03/2019 Great
03/03/2019 As always, excellent job! You're my go-to. Another easy-A!
03/03/2019 You are my go-to professor! I've tried other professors and they dissapoint me every time. You're the best, thank you!
03/03/2019 solid
03/02/2019 Great job! I know that the "Great job" comment is overused but this professor seriously wrote an amazing essay. 10/10 very much reccomend him.
02/28/2019 Great job!
02/27/2019 Good work
02/24/2019 Excellent, as always!
02/24/2019 Awesome 
02/24/2019 Thank you for your work on the discussion board project! It was creative & great!
02/24/2019 Deleivered a great analysis paper and it was submitted to me early. Thank you!!
02/24/2019 .
02/24/2019 Great paper!!!! I really love this work of this professor. 10 stars!!!! i will be using this professor again!!!!! so worth it!!!!!!
02/23/2019 OUTSTANDING paper! Delivered early and written exceptionally.  Will be using this professor in the future!
02/23/2019 Really nice writing, well reaserched. Pick him. 
02/20/2019 While I specifically asked for someone with timely delivery, he was little bit late, which is fine as long as I can get the good quality paper I expected.

But I got a D on this :(

Gutted you didn't pass as we expected. This is the first feedback of its kind I have received and I'd be interested in getting the full details of your professor's feedback. Kindly PM me whenever you are able to.
02/19/2019 Thank you for your assistance.  I messed up not choosing this Professor to complete my paper the first time.