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05/25/2020 Awesome final report on a case study I needed help with last minute!! and completed much earlier than expected, thanks a million!
05/25/2020 This professor has helped me on countless assmignments and just blew me away by the amazing work on my cover letter for my resume that I'll be sending out for appllications in the coming weeks!!! In these crazy times we are living in now especially, a strong solid cover letter gives me such greater confidence now heading to my first job interviews! THANK YOU infinitely! and people, this is your answer right here for any and all important assignments or projects! This prof is the absolute best there is, trust me! (:
05/24/2020 Highly recommend!
05/24/2020 Fantastic work, I highly recommend this professor!
05/23/2020 Thank you so much very good discussion 
05/23/2020 Excellent work, as always. 
05/23/2020 Anazing work!
05/21/2020 Very quick in finishing project! Overall fast responses, and straight forward with answers to questions, got a B-, considering the fact that this professor did ony half and i di the other, its still a good grade!

hopefully i get to complete the entire paper next time, and we can ace that A!
05/19/2020 Super last minute, and this professor stll wrote me a very well articulated paper. Thank you!
05/18/2020 Reliable. Highly recommend! 
05/17/2020 Great work! 
05/17/2020 100/100
05/17/2020 Super quick and thorough! AMAZING!!!!
05/16/2020 This is the only professor I invite to my projects because the work produced is consistently oustanding. Thank you for another great essay!
05/15/2020 awesome work - got the job done under a tight deadline - highly recommend
05/14/2020 I will definitely be using this site again in the future if I need it, especially this professor if possible. I had four late assignments due with what I thought were impossible deadlines. They helped me more than I can explain here, but I would reccommend this professor if you are having trouble decided. They helped me with a Communications class case study, business paper, and two english essay. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
05/13/2020 I had a few last minute english essays and this professor did an awesome job meeting my time requirement! Also, this one was a research paper, which I am terrible at and she killed it! 
05/13/2020 Great paper! Had to do a little minor editing and fix the works cited. Received paper on time and fast!!!!
05/12/2020 Great paper.  Heafty amount of work was done so quickly.  Thanks so much.  I was really under the gun here.  The paper came out great.  
05/11/2020 This professor has done a geat job for me so far! I highly reccommend! 
05/11/2020 Excellent paper! Followed directions provided.  Will use again.
05/11/2020 So happy! First time using this site and this professor was so good at meeting my my guidelines! I have used her for every assingment since!
05/10/2020 excellent work and on time! Great use of references and apa format
05/10/2020 Professor responded to my questions in a timely manner, and was thouroughly satisfied with my paper. 
05/09/2020 Did an amazing job ! I was beyond pleased with the results. The selected person did a wonderful job for a very tough assignment that involved STATA and quantative analysis. Thank You!
05/09/2020 Great essay!! This prof is A+ every time I need help with last minute papers! Thank you!!!
05/09/2020 always can count on this prof for quality papers, no matter what the topic is!! and gets me an A every time! (:
05/09/2020 Fast, reliable and trusthworthy! I couldn't thank you enough for doing this
05/09/2020 Thank you so much! You did a great job!
05/07/2020 didn't follow prompt
05/06/2020 great communication thru the entire project. no taskseems impossible for this professor. 
05/05/2020 Paper: Final Paper for Sociology Class
Grade: 238.45 out of 250 (A)
Time: less than 5 hours
Cost: higher than normal due to short time to write the paper, but absolutely worth it.

The paper scored exemplary in 12/14 categories. One category recieved "proficient" and the other was marked "needs improvement" as my professor was looking for a bigger picture instead of the micro level content.

Thegeeky did a great job communicating and was so helpful. I will be using them again in the future. 
05/05/2020 Great work! 
05/04/2020 Awesome job and way before deadline!  Thanks! 
05/04/2020 The paper was delivered ahead of time and answered the prompt sufficiently. The paper needed to be revised though, a few grammar/sentence structure mistakes were apparent. There were a few direct quotes from sparknotes' website which had to be edited and revised. Should have added the 18 dollar plagiarism report.
05/02/2020 The communication was awesome and this professor's work was more than satisfactory. 10/10!
05/02/2020 Excellent work!
05/01/2020 Great paper and received well before the deadline. I see an A in my future!
04/30/2020 Really takes the time out to give good quality papers ! highly recommend !
04/30/2020 Wonderful work. Prof was timely and open to communication and correcting any flaws. 10/10.
04/30/2020 Amazing work every single time and done in a timely manner as well.
04/30/2020 Couldn't have been happier with the final product!
04/28/2020 Amazing work! Even helped with edits and reccomendations after my paper was reviewed. 
04/27/2020 Always spectacular and always on time!!!
04/27/2020 Defenetly reccomend this professor! 
04/27/2020 Great work and delivered on such a short notice, saved the day and saved my grade!! Thank you! 
04/26/2020 Thank you!
04/26/2020 ????????????????
04/26/2020 The best professor
04/25/2020 Awesome great job!
04/22/2020 Fantastic! Will definitely use again! Always ontime and quality work! 
04/22/2020 Favorite professor of all time! 
04/20/2020 Quick and professional, 10/10 would reccomend (:
04/20/2020 Good paper, well written and researched
04/19/2020 I gave this professor 3 hours to write an essay and they delivered big time. I really don't know a better way one could prove themselves. Met all of my expectations and I couldn't be more satisfied. Would and probably will use again.

Thanks so much, and I was happy to help :)
04/19/2020 Great job!!

04/18/2020 Great work!
04/17/2020 Great Essay! 
04/16/2020 I was in a total bind and needed a paper turned around in a VERY short time crunch. Not only was the paper delivered- it was beautifuly done. Will definitely be using again! 
04/15/2020 super awesome got the grade i needed :)
04/15/2020 Finished well ahead of schedule, could not be more pleased. 
04/15/2020 Asked to extend the original deadline by a day which was find with me, but was late even after the extension. Had to do revisions because none of the reference qualified for what I asked for, gave them an extra 21 hours to complete the revisions, they were HOURS late handing it in to me; only to find out revisions weren't complete as references still did not meet qualifications. Had I submitted what was handed to me either time I would have failed.

It is unfortunate that you did not read through the instructions that allowed us to choose any of the five options given. You were fixated on one of the options you wanted, yet you did not communicate the same! I sent you an updated copy with your choice!!
04/13/2020 Received a 95/100 in my Speech Analysis assignment. Professor did a great job on the assignment. I incorrectly put the wrong date it was due but when I noticed the error and asked professor to submit the next day, the professor worked with me. Professor submitted the assignment on time and I am very grateful for that. Thank you!

Splendid!! I am glad i could help :)
04/10/2020 ????????????????
04/07/2020 Perfect, as always.
04/07/2020 Did not follow directions, page count was two full pages short, and did not cite primary sources. Writer is probably better with lower level courses. I would recommend a different writing service. I won't be using unemployed professors again. 
04/06/2020 amazing prof!!
04/05/2020 Exellent prof. Communicated well and provided revisions when asked. Great work!
04/03/2020 Amazing job!
03/30/2020 Recieved an 80% on the paper
03/29/2020 Well done paper. Forgot a couple parts but he was kind enough to revise when I asked him to. Done timely as well.
03/20/2020 Great Work! A+++++
03/07/2020 Timely and quality product
03/06/2020 Great work!
03/05/2020 Nice job and thank you!
03/04/2020 44 out of 45
03/04/2020 40 out of 45
03/04/2020 43 out of 45
03/01/2020 Boom! Mic drop!
03/01/2020 Perfect! Super speedy quality work 
03/01/2020 Epic, got me out of a hole!!
02/29/2020 Great work! Thank you!
02/29/2020 Exellent quality work!
02/25/2020 Great Essay!
02/23/2020 Thank you. Great essay 
02/23/2020 Finished quickly and before my deadline. I know it was last minute, so thank you very much for working with me. Highly recommend this professor. 
02/13/2020 Exactly what I asked for.
02/11/2020 great work. highly recommend 
01/29/2020 61/70
01/29/2020 43 out of 45
01/29/2020 A very bad experience, the final score is less than 50 and the report lacks professional analysis.
01/06/2020 You must NOT have read the guidelines/rubric I uploaded because I have to redo it. You were supposed to relate this to an actual organizational change and all you did was analyze the reading. That was NOT the assignment... 
12/13/2019 Happy with the work they provided me with, they used my outline as a guide very appropriately and delievered the final project within the time frame set.   Thanks!
12/12/2019 Great!
12/10/2019 Amazing work!!! Did everything needed!  thank you 
12/09/2019 good work ahead of schedule
12/06/2019 Great job following the specifics of the prompt and used very professional language and wrote a paper that flows well and is of Acdemic excellence.
12/06/2019 Very good
12/05/2019 Amazing work!!!
12/05/2019 Excelent work!! Did my assignment on time. Got an A
12/04/2019 Great Paper! 
12/03/2019 Outstanding paper!! The quality and knowledge on the topic was delivered to a level of such expertise!  Looking forward to working with this professor again on future assignments! (:
12/03/2019 Paper was high-quality and completed several days before the posted due date!!! My go-to professor!! A+ was given for this assignment AND got great feedback from teacher (: win win! 
11/30/2019 AWESOME!!!!!! 
11/25/2019 This professor is the best!!! The finished report got an A+ !!  And on top of that, I will be able to include it in my portfolio at the end of my program becuase it was executed so well !! (:
11/24/2019 Simply amazing and prompt.
11/21/2019 First off the project was not even half complete and sent to me 2 hours before the deadline. I got a 20/50. They even put in some areas "describe this here" or "add this" as if to tell me to finish it. Than what did I pay for? Second the slides were ineligible I mean were talking white background with highlight yellow writing, even my professor said they could not read it and marked me down points just for that. I asked for 5 sources and they came up with 1. Seriously I wish i could attach the project it was laughable.
11/20/2019 The paper they wrote was pretty good to my eyes; however, to my teacher, it wasn't, and I got a 60%. I gave them all the info I got, and they somehow managed to stay on topic but enough off-topic that my teacher pulled me aside to ask if I understood the project.  For this reason, I'm giving them a 6/10
11/17/2019 Exactly what I asked for! Did a phemonemal job! 
11/16/2019 Great Prof! Delivered eariler than expected would 10 out of 10 recomend to a friend.
11/16/2019 He was good but I was expecting to get an A+ but instead I got a B which is 75%.
11/16/2019 I'm not satisfied with his work. I need to find another organization to polish my documents.
11/10/2019 Much of it was not on the topic and reiterating the story.
11/07/2019 Thank you, it really hellp me a lot
11/05/2019 Essay had some obvious spelling and grammar errors, incomplete sentences and run-on sentences
11/03/2019 Amazing work!!!
10/31/2019 great!
10/28/2019 69 out of 70
10/28/2019 44.325 out of 45
10/27/2019 awesome
10/23/2019 85.80 out of 100
10/23/2019 68.95 out of 70
10/23/2019 43.605 out of 45
10/23/2019 42.795 out of 45
10/22/2019 My go-to professor now for nearly two years!!! Consistently delivers the highest quality work compared to the various other professors I have tried in the past (:
10/22/2019 No matter the topic, this professor has nailed every single one of my assignments to get me that A+  soooo thankful for the hard work and effort this professor delivers time and time again!! 
10/18/2019 He molded sand into a beautiful castle. 
10/17/2019 great stuff. completed early. no hassle! 
10/15/2019 my project had four questions to be answered, and he/she only answered three of them. I had specific guidelines for how many pages to do for each portion. This was followed for the first question and ignored for the rest. The first question was a summary of an article, and the writing in it seemed overall just not great quality. The rest was good, though. He/she also followed the overall word count instead of pages, which didn't make sense given my project description. All issues were fixed once I messaged him/her. Have not received a grade back yet.
10/14/2019 43 out of 45
10/14/2019 Good work
10/13/2019 My paper was really good, almost too good lol and done on such short notice. Thanks
10/10/2019 For a class final, the essay written by this professor received a 100% from a professor who graded stringently. He commented that he couldn't remember ever giving a 100% for the assignment in his entire carreer. Thank you!
10/10/2019 Great!!!
10/09/2019 Did all the work to my precise specifications. Excellently written (maybe too excellent? But that's not a complaint, lol) and completed promptly. I double checked the work to see if the citations were used well, and they really were. Above and beyond.
10/08/2019 Assignment got a 58/100. I did have to correct a lot of gramatical errors and the use to double words e.i "that that was the main issue found". The content was lacking depth and the referencing was incomplete. I Was hoping for a higher level assignment.
10/05/2019 AMAZING, even when i messed up and put the wrong date in, this professor showed the utmost professionalism and stil assisted me without asking for anything in return, Def can trust this professor with your work and ill be sure to click on him next time i need some assistance. 
10/05/2019 Finished the work ahead of schedule and turned out a great product!
10/04/2019 thank you so much!
10/01/2019 68.95 out of 70
09/30/2019 44 out of 45
09/28/2019 Great job
09/25/2019 Outstanding work!! Favorite professor, and my go-to for all projects and assignments!! 
09/23/2019 65.80 out of 70
09/23/2019 40 out of 45
09/12/2019 44.325 out of 45
09/12/2019 44.325 out of 45
09/12/2019 64.75 out of 70
09/05/2019 Totally love the work, full rated because it's beyond expectations, BUT the timing was a bit late, I would totally recommend this proffessor and I would totally ask for a paperwork again, BUT do it 2 weeks before your due date, do not be tight with the dates. 

08/26/2019 thank you. timely, but a few typos
08/20/2019 Great paper and very helpful professor! A+ papers every time! THANK YOU!
08/19/2019 Great paper and finished early!  Thank you
08/18/2019 Wrote an excellent paper and was easy to work with.
08/09/2019 Amazing Job. GO tit back to me in a quick time. Hit the nail right on the head.
08/02/2019 Excellent work , really fast and very comunicative  all the time 
08/02/2019 98/100 on final paper!!
08/02/2019 Best Professor!! Very knowledgeable and able to help me no matter what topic my assignments are on!!
07/31/2019 14 out of 20!
07/30/2019 Always a pleasure working with this professor! Thank you for another 100/100 paper!!
07/30/2019 I gave a very small time from of 3 days for a book review and he completed the project before schedule and did a great job on it. Would highly recommend him.
07/30/2019 This is the only professor I request becuase the work is always A+ quality!! 
07/30/2019 Best prof on this site! A+ on my paper I am so happy with the outcome!!!
07/24/2019 Flawless paper!! This professor is the best!
07/23/2019 Great work! Aced the assignment!!
07/22/2019 Great work
07/19/2019 AWESOME
07/14/2019 This professor has saved me so many times and always goes above and beyond to deliver!!! A+++
07/14/2019 Patient care plan from case sceniario was out of this world!!! Was very well written and connected the diagnosis, pathophysiology of diagnosis, medications, surgical history, social history, and developmental stage so smoothly! And topped the paper all off with great patient discharge teaching and referrals! My teacher was very impressed!! A+
07/12/2019 excellent paper delivered on time.

07/12/2019 Nothing but A++ grades and positive feedback and praise from teachers since I have been working with this professor!!! Such a life saver!!! 
07/09/2019 Hands down best prof!! 
07/09/2019 Got such amazing feedback from my teacher after having this professor help me with my assignment !! Forever greatful! 
07/05/2019 My A+++  go-to professor always! 
07/04/2019 great work
07/04/2019 96.75/100 A
07/02/2019 Favorite professor!!! A+ yet again!
06/25/2019 Another A+ assignment!! Great paper!
06/22/2019 Great Discussion Post!
06/22/2019 97/100
06/22/2019 A+
06/18/2019 Decent writer, however he/she is not like the other professor i've used. The other one's would usually go above and beyond with the paper (higher word count, add sources, etc.)
Nontheless I did recieve a good grade witht this professor.
06/13/2019 Excellent Case Study!
06/12/2019 In the past year, this professor has helped me with countless assignments, and each assignment has recieved an A grade! The consistency and hard work you will get by having this professor help you with your assignments is worth everything, and the grades you will recieve will prove it! Best professor on this site, hands down!! 
06/12/2019 You did an awesome job on the assignment.  I received an A+ on the paper!!!
06/10/2019 Thank you!
06/10/2019 A+ Always Great!
06/10/2019 Nice!
06/10/2019 42 out of 45 
06/10/2019 95/100 Awesome!
06/09/2019 Well written paper received on time!!! 
06/05/2019 Wrote the perfect paper just in time! a little short but good writing 
05/31/2019 Absolutely amazing. This prof helped me with an admissions essay. I felt like they took the ideas out of my brain and made them make sense and then added things that really put it over the top! I could not be more grateful. I highly recommend this prod. They were extremely easy to be in contact with and listened to the ideas I had and incorporated them seamlessly into an amazing paper. 
05/29/2019 Did not read the directions to the assignment and then asked for more money to fix the project that was done incorrectly.  Horrible experience.
05/28/2019 Another outstanding project completed! This professor is the greatest and always consistent with delivering amazing quality work! 
05/27/2019 Went above and beyond.