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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
04/24/2024 He did a great job on completing my project.
04/03/2024 Punctual and early work completed
03/24/2024 Did an excellent job writing within the time frame given, and getting the essay in early. Found the article needed to reference on his own when my file did not send through in my original posting. Communicated throughout the process as well with me. Thanks!
02/07/2024 Did a good job in with a very short deadline
02/02/2024 good job thank you
11/28/2023 Excellent and timely delivery. And was open to make the necessary changes as requested. Great experience.
11/18/2023 All directions provided. Initial submission of the project landed me a 70%. I provided feedback, directly from the professor, for the changes that needed to be made. Submitted that and came up not even half a percent. I provided again, professor direct, feedback - with screenshots - and came up to a 72% on final submission/grading. Disappointing to say the least. 

You agreed that all work was correct and it was clear from the Summations which matched precisely was in the instructions file. You indicated that the system was looking for a function not in the excel file. System design was the issue but not the work...we both agreed on that.
11/04/2023 great paper got full credit 
10/31/2023 Very good! Very timely efficient! I really appreciate your help! They're very friendly and involved in the proccess, it made me feel at ease whenever i consult them to check how the project was going. 
10/15/2023 Despite some difficulties with getting information in regards to the assignment. The professor handled it very well and I am happy with the results. Highly recommend.
10/04/2023 Finished work on time and worked extremely fast to get my work done. 100% recommend. 
06/22/2023 Great Work! Professor S always delivers high quality material!
06/01/2023 Essay and Power-Point presentation looked amazing all of the instructions we're followed. I would work with this professor again.
05/30/2023 As usual, great work! Covered all of the requirements according to the scoring guide, well written, and personalized where needed. Thank you again!!
04/30/2023 The assignment was completed in a timely fashion and was very well done. I am definitely happy with the process and outcome.
04/22/2023 Very well written and professional 
04/21/2023 Solid work! Highly Recommend!
Thank you!
04/21/2023 Highly Recommend
04/21/2023 Always solid. Thank you so very much!
Highly recommend!
04/21/2023 Done on time & professional 
04/18/2023 Statistics is foriegn to me. I posted my assignment with ample amount of time to be completed and professor had it done before due date even with last minute updates. What a delight! Thank you! yes
04/15/2023 My project was dealt with very quick! Worth while investment.
04/14/2023 very well written
04/14/2023 excellent work
04/10/2023 great quality work! 
04/01/2023 Thank you
03/22/2023 Solid work as usual Thank you
03/05/2023 Fast!!!! And well written. 
03/05/2023 Prof. Sigmund was great! He was very responsive and adhered to the deadline.
03/05/2023 Prof. Sigmund was great! He was very responsive and adhered to the deadline.
03/03/2023 Loved the work!
03/03/2023 Excellent work
02/24/2023 Profsigmund delivered an outstanding and well-written product on a very short deadline. 10 out of 10 can highly recommend.

I was unable to write my own assignment due to an acute famility illness situation. I desperately posted a bid for my assignment two days before deadline, and Profsigmund was extremely fast to respond to the bid. He fininshed the product within our agreed deadline, which was extremely short - 15 pages (Master's level) in 1,5 days. I am truly impressed by this, and I am very satisfied with Profsigmund's final product. The product was well-written, structured according to the required guidelines, and it required no re-writing or corrections. The product was good-to-go in the first take, and the product was original and plagiarism-free.

Thank you a million, Profsigmund. You made it possible for me to be there for my family, and that I would not have to postpone my studies with a year to re-take this exam assignment. This is probably, and hopefully, the last time, I will need someone to write my assignment for me, but should it be the case, I would choose Profsigmund again.
02/17/2023 Professor delivered project before the deadline early upon my special request and did a fantastic job! I highly recommend! 
02/17/2023 On time and did a great job!
02/16/2023 Great
02/13/2023 Proffesor did an Amazing job and got me an A+
02/13/2023 Always A+ work!
02/06/2023 Another A. Yay!
02/06/2023 No complaints i received an A. 
02/05/2023 Excellent product delivered with an extremely short notice. 10/10 would recommend for future work.
02/04/2023 WORST PROFESSOR ON THIS SITE. Don't waste your time choosing this person to type your paper. I asked for 2 sources and they flooded my paper with 7, multiple grammatical errors, and extra spacing in random places that does not demonstrate APA guidelines. 
01/09/2023 He truly delivered, on time and quality work. Saved me a huge headache, 10/10 recommend and will use again.. 
01/09/2023 Thank you so much! 
01/02/2023 Good
12/22/2022 Amazing work as always! Thank you!
12/22/2022 Amazing work as always! Thank you!
12/22/2022 Amazing work as always! Thank you!
12/18/2022 He is amazing !!
12/18/2022 THANK YOU SO Much YOU ARE AMAZING !!!!
12/17/2022 Thank you!
12/14/2022 awesome paper thank you so much 
12/13/2022 I want to thank you for an excellent paper and always getting done before the time frame. 
12/13/2022 .
12/11/2022 perfect paper thank you so much
12/11/2022 Awesome! 
12/07/2022 Excellent job thank you paper was spot on
12/04/2022 paper was done in timely manner professor fixed what was needed with no issue would give 10 stars but i lost 5 points on the source section other than that paper was an A.
12/03/2022 Thank you!
12/03/2022 Thank you
12/03/2022 Thank you 
12/03/2022 Thank you!
12/02/2022 I got my essay before it was due and it's great!
11/29/2022 I don't think english is his first language, the sentences were not very coherent, I had tor rewrite most of them.
Did submit earlier than I had asked so that's good 
11/28/2022 Extremely helpful and knowledgable. Thank you!
11/28/2022 Thank you!
11/26/2022 Amazing work!
11/23/2022 Did it in a timely manner and delivered high quality writing. Followed exact instructions, used proper grammar, and delivered a high quality paper.
11/21/2022 Awesome! Very helpful!
11/19/2022 excellent work, thank you its perfect
11/16/2022 Great
11/10/2022 Quality work in a timely manner. Will use again!
11/09/2022 Great work as always!
11/08/2022 Excellent paper and done way before time frame and great communication. thank you so much
11/08/2022 An expert in Supply Chain. Awesome work!
11/05/2022 The writing was understandable, but there was some issues with grammar or organization.

Little though was given to the paper

Background and significance was explained but lacked clarity or quality
11/04/2022 Helped me with a lab report and it was thourough and on time. Good service. Would work with again. 
11/01/2022 Amazing and professional work. The assignment was also completed in less than 24 hours.
10/30/2022 Good job smiley
10/28/2022 Amazing Work.Finished before the deadline and provided in excellent draft for my report.Would love to work with you again !
10/26/2022 Completed it in about 12 hours under a tight schedule and delivered a quality product. Thank you!
10/24/2022 They were awesome! Also he organized the project headers for me, he is awesome!!
10/22/2022 I needed a essay do the next day less than 24 hours was finished ASAP gave him the instructions he kill it THANKK YOU
10/13/2022 Sigmund did the work well and was super helpful :-)
09/08/2022 Amazing paper. This was the first time I had used this service and honestly I was impressed. Bravo sir!
08/01/2022 Amazing work, always done on time no issues.
07/18/2022 Diamon-level work! Thank you! 
07/07/2022 Got an A in my Econ assignment! 
07/02/2022 Great work, very knowledgable.
05/14/2022 He works very dilligently and completed the essay in an impressive time. His background and knowledge of the subject was very impressive and would highly reccomend that all people go through this professor when it comes to humanities and social science projects.
05/13/2022 Decent work, needed too much help. I had to write many parts of the essay myself, but he did save me time. Would not recommend for advaced graduate essays.
05/06/2022 Excellent communicator and writer. 
05/04/2022 Completed a powerpoint presentation for me and honestly exceeded my expectations. Much appreciated.
05/03/2022 Got me a 67/70!
04/28/2022 Always a fantastic job and high quality work. This professor should be a platinum level professor! 
04/26/2022 I sent him a CV I had made previously and was hoping for some formatting/structural improvement from what I sent. I'm pretty sure the finished product was actually worse than what I originally turned in. Delivery was also late x2. Won't be using this service again.
04/23/2022 Perfect paper! Follows directions down to the last detail. Would definitely recommend!
04/23/2022 Excellent job, as always! Thank you!
04/19/2022 Exactly what I asked for.
04/19/2022 This guy is easily becoming one of my favorites on this site. He is very reliable!
04/13/2022 High quality work! Profsigmund never disappoints! 
04/10/2022 Thanks so much!
04/10/2022 Really amazing job! Followed directions perfectly and created a stellar presentation!
04/09/2022 Excellent final product. Followed instructions perfectly. Thanks so much!
04/08/2022 This professor knows his stuff when it comes to math and statistics! 
04/06/2022 This professor asked me to pay additional as he wantef to exceed the word count that I paid for (I was asking him to fill in an outline I provided with research). He then used the words I already had in the document in his word count as his own, used the bare minimum number of sources, and the majority of the points were 100% redundant/passive voice to make the sentences longer. I ended up doing most of the project myself.
03/30/2022 Did a great job on my paper!
03/28/2022 Awesome paper!
03/26/2022 Got 100% on my statistics assignment. Thank you!
03/25/2022 He does fantastic with discussion posts, as well! I love this professor! Great work always!
03/24/2022 Great! Thank you so much!
03/23/2022 Lots of repeat sentences. Inaccurate information in the paper. Did not follow assignment instructions.
03/22/2022 Was communicative and did great work! Highly reccommend.
03/21/2022 This professor is fantastic! He worked on three assignments and produced them quickly for me to review. His work was quality! I felt confident turning them in for my graduate program in recreation/business. I hope to use him again in the future!
03/16/2022 Profsigmund is the absolute best! Got a 100% score on my 9 slide presentation and everything was perfect on the first submission! No revisions whatsoever!
03/14/2022 The paper was perfect and i got a 100%! No grammar issues at all and I didn’t have to make any edits. Thank you!
03/12/2022 That was exactly what I wanted. I am so satisfied, and the best thing of all is that it was not plagiarized. I am really so happy. Thanks so much.
03/08/2022 Thank you !
03/08/2022 Excellent work! Was done on time with perfect quality!
03/07/2022 Did a great job on statistics paper/problem.
03/06/2022 Great Paper!
03/06/2022 Extremely thorough and a lifesaver during a crunched week. He was able to take the rubric and draft a quality paper that hit all the relevant points in a short amount of time.
03/02/2022 great work!
02/20/2022 very helpful !
02/20/2022 Definitely understood the assignment
02/16/2022 Awesome work
12/08/2021 paid thousands, barely a 51
11/22/2021 The professor seemed to know exactly what they were doing... very knowledgeable. However I got 42% on this assignment which is my lowest grade yet - hence the low rating. 
11/07/2021 63% result. 
11/04/2021 Plagerized the paper 
10/24/2021 Excellent job!
10/22/2021 Very much appreciated. A well put together economics paper. I recommend this professor for Economics work.
08/29/2021 A go to professor. Great research, exhaustive references, and smooth writing. Seriously cannot be better. 
07/06/2021 Good communication, good attitude, and delivers good papers. 
06/24/2021 Second time even better than first :)
06/05/2021 The one thing I most appreciated was the fact that the professor completely understood the nature of the project. He followed the instructions perfectly and he managed to deliver a great quality paper, respecting the timing! Absolutely recommend it!
05/01/2021 I wasn't sure how it would go to have a professor take a class and this professor exceeded my expectations! Thank you so much!!
04/24/2021 Absolutely the best. Seriously. 
04/13/2021 Good essay in short amount of time!
04/01/2021 Professor was available to communicate frequently, the project was completed ahead of schedule, and overall great work. Highly reccomend! 
03/29/2021 AMAZING paper, delivered early. Exceeded all expectations. 
03/08/2021 Did a great job on my paper also responded quickly to any questions I may have had
03/07/2021 Is there more starts that I can give?

The prof earned and deserved to the last penny of work. Easy to work good to cooperate, easy going, keeps the promisess, kind and erudite.
03/05/2021 Great Professor. He promised me he would have this paper done on time. He delivered his promise. I gave him a short amount of time to complete a 10 page essay and he did an awesome job. He kept the communication open from beginning to end. 
02/25/2021 perfect
02/07/2021 This professor responed quickly, asked thorough questions, and wrote more pages than neccessary. I recieved a really good grade and only had to make minimal changes. Thanks a ton! I chose this professor because their initial response wasn't cookie cutter like all the other ones. This was reassuring, because I knew that they at least actually read my prompt. 
Thanks again!
01/29/2021 Was willing to complete project before the deadline and did not seem to cut any corners. Amazing work, very punctual of responses and lives up to his word. 10/10 work.
12/16/2020 Great Prof 
12/13/2020 Amazing work
12/03/2020 Excellent work
11/20/2020 Did a great job worth it 100%
11/16/2020 Amazing Work!
11/15/2020 Fantastic work, I couldn't have asked for better!
11/08/2020 Great job. Forgot a header footer but that is okay. Other than that, great paper and feedback plus punctual! Will definitely use again.
11/07/2020 FANTSAITC
10/13/2020 Clearly did not understand the matter at hand, I will not pass this assessment.
09/18/2020 Very detailed and went far beyond expectations. I reccomend them, and would trust them again with my work
08/18/2020 Happy as always with profpat, he goes above and beyond to understand and deliver exactly what is needed. And again, I received an A on this project.
08/18/2020 Recieved an A on my final project. The best professor on this site. Thanky ou profpat.
08/14/2020 Did an excellent job on my complex paper and had excellent communication. Not to mention all of the help that has been done after the paper was submitted such as the revisions suggested my professor. I highly recommend profpat, you won’t be disappointed! 
08/09/2020 This porfessor took on this complex project, and not only did he do a great job with it, but he completed it way before the deadline. Thank you ProfPat.
08/09/2020 I recevied a perfect score. This professor delivered as he promised. ProfPat is my go to professor!
08/07/2020 Yet again, I received an A. I am lucky to have found ProfPat.
08/02/2020 Paper was exactly what I was looking for. Zero plagiarism. Perfect grammar and spelling. Will definitely use again. Thanks so much!
08/02/2020 The real deal right here!
07/24/2020 Amazing! Completed my paper in 24 hours and received a 90 on it. Thanks so much!
07/18/2020 This professor does excellent work! I've used Profpat for multiple assignments. 
07/18/2020 Great work!
07/16/2020 Fantastic job! Well written, great references!
06/29/2020 On time and made one required change promptly with no fuss! Would recommend!
06/22/2020 Great work, very professional and deliver always before the deadlines! Highly recommended 
06/16/2020 Received maximum points on my assignment. This professor has what it takes to deliver quality work!
06/11/2020 very well written, used my language and got it done in plenty of time
06/06/2020 Delivered a perfect paper and before the due date. My go to professor from now on. Thank You ProfPat!
06/05/2020 QUALITY WORK! Fast turn around. GREAT COMMUNICATION. So very pleased with this professor and this website! Satisfied customer all around! A+++++++++
05/27/2020 Worked closely with me to ensure report was to my expectations. I recommend.
05/19/2020 The professor was ok. Multiple grammar errors but had the base of the paper completed. I had to rewrite quite a bit. I would recommend straight forward papers.
05/19/2020 Great product! Hit all the points I had on my outline and in a timely matter. Actually, he deleivered 4 days early so I could review and if i needed anything fixed. I highly reccommend him for your next project!
05/12/2020 Great to work with. 
05/09/2020 Awesome Job!
05/08/2020 good but many unknown words
05/04/2020 ??????
04/25/2020 perfect! when i had edits they were made right away! 
04/23/2020 Great work! 10/10 for servie and quality of work!
04/23/2020 Amazing work as usual! Delivered before time despite of the deadline being extremely short!
04/18/2020 Excellent work, had some difficulties with footnotes but that was all on my end as the formating didn't go through until I transfered the work to a google doc. Keep that in mind if you are on a chromebook. 
04/18/2020 Paper looks good.  Did a thorough job on th research and made the paper flow very well.
04/13/2020 Great and proffessional! 
04/11/2020 great work everytime!
04/11/2020 Great results 
04/11/2020 Great job, quick work and fantastic communication
04/10/2020 Absolutely amazing work! Thank you! 
04/03/2020 Amazing work as usual. Accepted work on short notice annd still delivered quality work way before deadline and made amends ans returned within the agreed time frame. Great service!!
03/22/2020 He delivered a high quality paper well before the deadline. Although there were some minor issues, anyone using this site should expect to have to read over the product and make corrections. I would definitely use again. 
03/20/2020 Did an awsome job and finished early. 
03/10/2020 I have mixed feelings about leaving a less than perfect review, but I did receive a less than perfect paper.

Let's start with the positive: the paper was very complex and was completed within an absurdly condensed timeline, and for that I am incredibly grateful. It also contained citations from outside sources that I did not ask for and again, am very grateful for. It also demonstrated a clear understanding of the material with properly formated citations and very scholarly insight.

The issues: grammar and structure. Again, this was done under a very restricted timeline, but I had to do a lot of editing myself, including adding an entire conclusion and finding the specific areas and outside sources cited for a proper bibliography. I did not specify a bibliography in the instructions, and thus should be grateful for what I received, but a paper should have a thesis, a conclusion, and should work though the entirety of the souces, not just the beginning.

If purchasing a paper, make sure to leave room for at least a second draft and time to edit, but overall profpat was incredibly accomodating and produced a work that (again, with some extra work) I could turn in with pride. Despite the issues I listed--which again I would not be surprised if they were a one time thing due to the rushed circumstances--I am incredibly satisfied and would highly recommend!

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