Date Comment Rating
05/19/2020 The professor was ok. Multiple grammar errors but had the base of the paper completed. I had to rewrite quite a bit. I would recommend straight forward papers.
05/19/2020 Great product! Hit all the points I had on my outline and in a timely matter. Actually, he deleivered 4 days early so I could review and if i needed anything fixed. I highly reccommend him for your next project!
05/12/2020 Great to work with. 
05/09/2020 Awesome Job!
05/08/2020 good but many unknown words
05/04/2020 ??????
04/25/2020 perfect! when i had edits they were made right away! 
04/23/2020 Great work! 10/10 for servie and quality of work!
04/23/2020 Amazing work as usual! Delivered before time despite of the deadline being extremely short!
04/18/2020 Excellent work, had some difficulties with footnotes but that was all on my end as the formating didn't go through until I transfered the work to a google doc. Keep that in mind if you are on a chromebook. 
04/18/2020 Paper looks good.  Did a thorough job on th research and made the paper flow very well.
04/13/2020 Great and proffessional! 
04/11/2020 great work everytime!
04/11/2020 Great results 
04/11/2020 Great job, quick work and fantastic communication
04/10/2020 Absolutely amazing work! Thank you! 
04/03/2020 Amazing work as usual. Accepted work on short notice annd still delivered quality work way before deadline and made amends ans returned within the agreed time frame. Great service!!
03/22/2020 He delivered a high quality paper well before the deadline. Although there were some minor issues, anyone using this site should expect to have to read over the product and make corrections. I would definitely use again. 
03/20/2020 Did an awsome job and finished early. 
03/10/2020 I have mixed feelings about leaving a less than perfect review, but I did receive a less than perfect paper.

Let's start with the positive: the paper was very complex and was completed within an absurdly condensed timeline, and for that I am incredibly grateful. It also contained citations from outside sources that I did not ask for and again, am very grateful for. It also demonstrated a clear understanding of the material with properly formated citations and very scholarly insight.

The issues: grammar and structure. Again, this was done under a very restricted timeline, but I had to do a lot of editing myself, including adding an entire conclusion and finding the specific areas and outside sources cited for a proper bibliography. I did not specify a bibliography in the instructions, and thus should be grateful for what I received, but a paper should have a thesis, a conclusion, and should work though the entirety of the souces, not just the beginning.

If purchasing a paper, make sure to leave room for at least a second draft and time to edit, but overall profpat was incredibly accomodating and produced a work that (again, with some extra work) I could turn in with pride. Despite the issues I listed--which again I would not be surprised if they were a one time thing due to the rushed circumstances--I am incredibly satisfied and would highly recommend!
03/09/2020 Amazinng work even on a short notice. helped in editing last minute and even did some additional work last minute. 10/10 overall. Best expirience so far with unemployed professors.
03/04/2020 Great writting
03/04/2020 Great paper
03/04/2020 He finished my essay super quick and It was what I wanted. He changed everything I asked to be improved and was super understanding. 
03/02/2020 top notch product & early delivery
03/02/2020 Claimed he was knowledgable in a certain history subject. NOPE! Got an F on my paper
03/01/2020 Great paper and turned in the assignment on time. Great communication with the professor at all times!!!
03/01/2020 great writing 
02/28/2020 Awesome work! thank you.
02/27/2020 Another great job. Thank you!
02/22/2020 well written paper
02/22/2020 well written paper
02/22/2020 well written paper
02/22/2020 well written paper
02/22/2020 very written paper
02/22/2020 I got a good grade. He did a good job. The paper was good. I had to go back to dumb it down a bit but other then that he did great. Thanks Again!
02/19/2020 Excellent writer. Was able to revise paper quickly. Highly Recommended.
02/19/2020 Im not overly happy, it's a 3,000 word essay with only 3 references. It's all over the place with it's structure and is a little confusing. I'll choose a different professor next time cause now i have to go and change the majority of what's been written 
02/15/2020 Great writer 
02/03/2020 Provided the paper early to assure good quality. Well written paper! Extremely helpful. 
01/31/2020 Did an awesome job. Sent the final project early for me to review. Highly recommended.
01/30/2020 This professor is amazing he's great with timing and all his papers are excellent!!!! 
01/19/2020 FAST, ACCURATE and exactly what I asked for!
01/17/2020 I was looking for an expert aid with my coursework and profpat did just that!
He was very helpful . with communicating and delivered the work prior to given timeline.

01/06/2020 Nothing was too much trouble or hassle for this professor! Work was completed in a timely fashion and any amendments which were needed, were done without hesitation. 
12/16/2019 Great Work! I am hoping to get an A on this!
12/13/2019 killed it, in a very good way
12/10/2019 awesome job On short notice he wroye a 5 page paper got it to me early and I got a A on it. Money well spent will forsure use him again.
12/10/2019 The essay was alright, could have been better
12/07/2019 Awesome paper! answered the prompt exactly how it was suppossed to be. I highly recommend using him for your paper!! 
12/06/2019 Great paper! Excellent at responding and revising quickly! 10/10 reccomend!
12/02/2019 Please use this professor. He was timely and did exactly what I asked even after I did not give him the best instructions. He fixed the parts that I needed fixed and it was perfect. Totally worth it. 
12/02/2019 Recieved work in time. Despite short notice. Made all required changes when i asked bbefore subbmission. 10/10 recommend.
12/02/2019 Fantastic work! thank you so much !
11/30/2019 Excellent work, on time, and worked well throughout the process to make sure it is done correctly.  
11/30/2019 Amazing work done in time even after a short notice! Highly recommend.
11/25/2019 Speedy and accurate, no weird foreign grammar misspellings. The real deal.
11/20/2019 I am submitting a new paper for EBP please pickup assaignment very content with your work.
11/16/2019 Reliable! 
11/14/2019 Great turn around.
11/10/2019 Fast and exactley what I asked for!
11/09/2019 Great paper! First time using this professor and it won't be the last. Thank you! 
11/09/2019 Done early and exceeded expectations and word count. Competitive pricing. I definitely recommend. 
11/07/2019 Thank you
11/06/2019 Considering I gave the professor less than 24 hours to complete this assignment they did amazingly. The work is of a high quality and plagiarism free. 

thank you so much for saving me!
10/20/2019 10/10 would recommend this professor. Great work and got a 97 on my paper! 
10/19/2019 WOW!!!! Saved my Bacon with a professor that HATED me!!!Recommend 100%. Super fast flexable and answers all your concerns quickly.
10/18/2019 The work was not professional. The level of college instead of PhD. Grammar mistakes. Not in time.
10/17/2019 Awesome paper, even recieved a day early for final tweeking 
10/17/2019 Fantastic paper in a very short amount of time
10/13/2019 awesome
10/13/2019 Great work and was avaible for revisions. Highly recommend.
10/12/2019 Did what I needed done! Thanks a lot! 
10/11/2019 I received full credit for the essays everytime!!
10/03/2019 Got the job done quickly and it was well written.
09/27/2019 This professor is amazing!! 
09/23/2019 This professor was amazing!!! really understanding and alwyas answers right away!!
09/17/2019 awesome job. great trurnaround and easy to contact.
I've used ProfPat twice and it was great! Highly recommend.
09/15/2019 Had a few things that I needed fixed and he reviewed them, fixed them and got the paper back to me before the deadline! I got an A the last time so I am hoping for an A with this one! Thank you profpat!
09/07/2019 Research project was completed early. Paper was done exactly as instructed, overall was amazing!
09/06/2019 Great job. thank you
09/06/2019  Replied promptly to all inquiries, essay covered required info.  
09/03/2019 I sent him an example essay for him to write to look at, but when i got my essay it as copied nearly word for word. This professor is a scam artist and anybody that uses him, good luck.
09/02/2019 Thanks.
09/01/2019 Did exactly what was asked within in a short timeframe! thank you so much! Highly recommend, will use again.
09/01/2019 Did a good job for the time frame give. 
08/29/2019 Thank you again!!
08/28/2019 Thanks a lot for the nice work, I had a healthcare case study and it was delivered ahead of time.
08/28/2019 Thanks a lot for the nice work, I had a healthcare case study and it was delivered ahead of time.
08/28/2019 A+ work
08/26/2019 Great job, got the assignment done early and did exactially what was expected. would reccomend and use again. 
08/25/2019 2 great papers!
08/24/2019 Did not perform to expectations that have come from working with other professors. 
08/23/2019 He is so good I have to say
08/22/2019 Wrote a very nice paper with an easy language. Got perfect grade. Thank you! 
08/18/2019 Perfect!! Thank you
08/14/2019 Thank you!
08/14/2019 Thank you
07/30/2019 Provided Research Paper in a timely manner
07/29/2019 Profpat helped complete a very difficult  project another professer could not do. Extremely grateful .Work was ready before deadline . He also has timely and excellent communication.
07/28/2019 Amazing
07/28/2019 Done promptly and of specified length. Review was fine for an author without a healthcare background and enough for me to use as a starting point. Conclusion could have been shorter with more content in review but was good overall. Responsive professor.
07/26/2019 Went fishing... Came back and had an outstanding paper! thanks! highly recommended 
07/21/2019 The final solution was great! I asked for some revisions to have it be APA format and it was still turned in days before I needed it to be. 
07/15/2019 Excellent professor, if you're looking for a writer that will provide you with an excellent paper that you have requested, one that will listen to all your needs and concerns when he comes to the request made and instructions to be followed, don't hesitate every part of the word efficient, in every category this professor will go over above and beyond to make sure your satisfied.
07/09/2019 Got a 71/100. Paid $250 for four page double spaced (others professors were charging $100). Thought the extra price gouging of $150 would reflect in the quality of the paper but it didn’t at all. Don’t recommend unless desperate and charges regular rate without price gouge.
06/30/2019 The professer is very prompt with excellent communiction. The project was completed early. The quality of work is excellent.Thanks much
06/26/2019 The paper was excellent . What more can I say
06/19/2019 I recevied "Needs Improvement" grades on each section of the Rubric.  Feedback states "superficial analysis" and "needs more critical analysis".
06/19/2019 I got an F on the assignment - every section of the rubric was graded with "Needs Improvement".  The feedback states several times that the points were shallow/lacked depth and research.  I had high hopes for this as the "Professor" asked for the textbook and additional information to complete the assignment.
06/07/2019 Prof Pat wrote a fantastic paper and even completed it a few days early so I had time to go over it. 10/10
05/24/2019 Extremely happy, very responsive and well-written. Thanks Prof. Pat. 
05/23/2019 A great and unique piece of work. Awesome! 
05/22/2019 Perfect paper
05/20/2019 Good writer
05/20/2019 Great Job
05/19/2019 Great work! Highly recomnded!
05/19/2019 Great work! Highly recomnded!
05/18/2019 Great Job and very quick to complete the task.
05/17/2019 Excellent, deliver early and recieved 94/100, will use again in near future. 
05/16/2019 I loved that you got it to me early so that i can read over it and I just thank you so much for this I don't know what I would've done. You did an amazing job thank you.
05/15/2019 Last minute but great paper considering the time frame!
05/13/2019 Liked the story, there was a lot of tell & not show and that was probably my biggest disappointments but I’ll just fix it up 
05/12/2019 Thank you for submitting my paper before time. Everything was more than what i expected
05/12/2019 Dude does stellar work. Came to him super last minute and he absolutely exceeded my expectations. Will definitely use again in the future.
05/10/2019 Delivered earlier than requested, and the body of work was fantastic. Will use profpat again!!
05/08/2019 B level work. Got it in time though. 
05/07/2019 awesome job , really killed it 
05/07/2019 I was able to get my essay done on a moments notice and submited ontime with some time to spare. Everything checks out good with the paper. Thanks
05/06/2019 Well structured paper with clear communication! Would use again!
05/03/2019 Top Notch work and even got it done early!! Thank You!!
05/03/2019 Wow! This is the paper paper I have ever recieved from this site or any other one. He gave me a full 7 page paper (what I requested) plus a well laid out title and refrences page. The format, added examples, and organization of this paper was excellent. I will definitly use him again! 
05/03/2019 Did an amazing job on an extreamly short deadline. THANK YOU!!!
05/02/2019 Amazing!
05/02/2019 excellent

05/02/2019 Communicative and good writing skills.
05/02/2019 Awesome paper! Great communication!
04/30/2019 Awesome
04/30/2019 Wow!!! This was faster than expected!!! Really saved my butt in this class lmaooooo!!!! So very grateful for this prof. Not only was it early but the whole essay quality is top notch (he's very well versed, impressed and also not really cause it's his job to be the GOAT!!!!) and definitely did a million times better than I ever could. Thanks 3000x!!!!!! I LW have tears In my eye this guy really help save a struggling student. No matter the grade, at least theirs true effort and if anything it's a huge boost to getting where you want to be. Thank u so much!!!
04/25/2019 Did a great job and was very fast. Chose a very dope topic that i liked !
04/25/2019 AWESOME SAUCE!! This papaer was the epitomy of greatness.  Quick turn around on the paper and with that being said A+ on the paper, so im pretty happy. Thanks!!!
04/25/2019 great job thank you !
04/24/2019 Very well written with more than enough surces. 
04/22/2019 Did my book report in 3 days!!! Thank You!!!
04/18/2019 good job
04/13/2019 Good work and accomodated to all requests!
04/11/2019 Very communicative, and fast! I got my essay hours before I needed it, even with a short notice! Definitely recommend 
04/01/2019 Great and fast work, received an A on the essay. Highly recomended!
03/20/2019 Expectations exceeded, great work, quality and timing. Always open to suggestions. 
03/18/2019 great quality of work and was finished before the deadline, I would highly recommend this professor. 
03/17/2019 Would highly reccomend working with this professor! Wonderful quality paper and it was finsihed a week early! 
03/15/2019 Thank you , very good paper,  finish very early than I expected.
I will definitely use him again in future. 
03/14/2019 Excellent job!
03/13/2019 The Essay was really good! Thank you
03/12/2019 Amazing work even on an extremely short notice. Delivered before time and very cooperative. Will accomodate to almost any request to help with your work! 10/10.
03/09/2019 Provided excellet work, with the required sources!!
03/04/2019 Ahead of deadline and as needed!
03/03/2019 Excellent paper and was delivered before my deadline. Will definitely use again!
03/02/2019 great job will use again
02/28/2019 Amazing work, highly recomended!
02/24/2019 Excellent written paper!! It was written earlier than the deadline, and meets all requirments. 
02/22/2019 Good
02/21/2019 Great paper! Was done with everything I asked for and actually submitted before the deadline I asked so that I could read through it one final time. Recommend 10/10
02/20/2019 So good! Even finished early! I will use him again for sure! 
02/19/2019 Job well done at a Quick pace
02/17/2019 My essay was done beautifully, exactly like I wanted it. And also done way before I needed it to be! 
02/17/2019 Good work - thanks!
02/17/2019 Good work - thanks!
02/13/2019 Exactly what I asked for with my paper. Only reason im not giving full stars is because of the page count. He stopped in the middle of the last page. Other than that great work! 
02/13/2019 Finished almost 24 hours before the order deadline, and exceeded my expectations on the assignment. Highly recommend Prof Pat's services. 
02/13/2019 Life saver! Got me an A on one the hardest teachers I've ever had. Adhered to the strict rubric and produced an excellent paper in a very timely manner. Quick on responses and had great adaptability to a topic change. Excellent work!
02/12/2019 He got the essay in on time and did a solid job, would recommend using him if you have an english paper that needs to be written
02/11/2019 Amazing!!!
02/11/2019 Gave me quality work and exceeded my expectations
02/11/2019 Amazing 
02/08/2019 Did a great job and did everythign that I asked for. Got it down way earlier than I expected. I will definitely be using them in the future.  
02/03/2019 Timely, good use of grammar, and up to date sources, would defintiely use again 
01/31/2019 Awesome! And timely!
01/28/2019 Not what I asked for
01/25/2019 Amazing, great communication and done on time (early actually) and is very well written. Will be using him again for future assignements.Thank you once again!!!
01/25/2019 I requested this paper on very short notice and the results exceeded my expectations. The paper met all the requirements and was turned in several hours early. Overall the voice behind the paper is analytical and professional I couldn't be happier thank you so much!
01/22/2019 It Blows my mind how great of a writer some people can be, The work provided to me simply exceeds all expectations. 
01/22/2019 Amazing, all I can say is lifesaver !
had my work ready early.
did it expertly
exceeded expectations
would use again in a minute
01/14/2019 Amazing work with high quality of writing. Delivered on time even on time despite being assignned on short notice. Responded to all emails at all times. 10/10 for service!
01/08/2019 The paper finished earlier; therefore, I have time to read it. Thank you, professor! 
12/31/2018 Extremely well written paper. I would highly recommend using this professor. Got the paper done early to assure that he could fix anything if there were any mistakes. Great job and thank you again. 
12/23/2018 I didn't need this essay for three weeks and he got it done in 4 days!! Great essay!! Would definitely reccomend will use again!
12/20/2018 Great paper on such short notice. Would use again.
12/18/2018 Very personable and responds quickly to any questions or concerns. I enjoyed working with ProfPat and hope to use him again in the future!
12/17/2018 Amazing paper! Thank you!
12/16/2018 He saved me! He also had the project done ahead of time in case I wanted to make any changes. I highly recommend this professor!
12/14/2018 Clear, concise and on time!
12/14/2018 I am so thankful that he was able to save me by doing my asignment. He did a wonderful job of reading the literature and reflecting on it. He is working on anothet one of my assignments now and I can wait to see the outcome.
12/09/2018 Was very communicative throughout the project and delivered it before the deadline. Some spelling and grammar errors, but very well done other than that. Would use again!
12/08/2018 great, timely, professional and very well written. would recommend and use again. 

Thanks for giving me the chance to serve you. Looking forward to working with you again soon!
12/05/2018 Highly Recommended!!

Thanks!looking forward to working with you again soon:)