Date Comment Rating
06/20/2021 Excellent!! Highly recommend!!
06/20/2021 Great quality work. Completed before the deadline.
06/20/2021 Received high remarks! Recommend 
06/20/2021 Great work! Submitted solution before due date!!
06/20/2021 Received an A!
06/20/2021 Does great work!
06/20/2021 Had a problem with the solution, GarKGee took the time to re-do the assignment and give it back to me with enough time to review it. Because of the speedy work, I was able to submit my assignment on time! highly recommend! 
06/19/2021 His paper is good.
06/19/2021 Awesome job and super fast. 
06/19/2021 Fast and very good work!
06/18/2021 Amazing!!
06/18/2021 Ahead of time and we'll structured
06/18/2021 My paper was perfectly written and turned into me wayyyyy before the deadline, I am immensely grateful thank you so much! Will definitely be reaching out again if/when needed :)
06/18/2021 just what I requested!
06/18/2021 Utilize this professor!!!! You will see why when you get your papers back!!! Great work! 
06/18/2021 Provided a beautiful PowerPoint presentation in a very short amount of time! Will definitely use them again whenever I am in a time crunch 
06/18/2021 Amazing work as always and completed several days before requested!
06/17/2021 Fantastic!
06/17/2021 Great bids for great work!! Can't go wrong here!
06/17/2021 100 percent, all the way!! Always quick to bid and gets work back to me early. Would choose this professor first!
06/17/2021 I love that they get the work to me ahead of my needed schedule! One of my faves to use recently!
06/17/2021 Great work
06/17/2021 Ty 
06/16/2021 Great work as always
06/16/2021 This was for a powerpoint presentation in world georgraphy. Professor handled instructions well, provided stellar material, and was patient with my high-strung self. Have used before (in multiple subjects), will use again.
06/15/2021 Perfect as always. Provided well before deadline and finsihed product could not be better. Don't think twice, choose this professor for anything you need.
06/15/2021 Great work 
06/15/2021 Kills it every time!!! My go to for sure! Thanks for your great work, the grades are phenomenal!
06/14/2021 I definitely will choose this professor every time. Thank you so much. perfect job. 
06/14/2021 awesome work! received full marks on assignment! very pleased!
06/14/2021 I would recommend this proffessor for your homework needs!
06/13/2021 Great work! Excellently used provided materials. 
06/13/2021 Did deliver his work in time but it was filled with wrong statements and mistakes. To be fair he gave me the opportunity to comment so that it would be corrected but the quality of the work was so low that I just deemed it a lost cause
06/12/2021 Fantastic paper!! 
06/11/2021 This professor really helped me out in a bind. I started a project that I could not finish due to unforseen cirsumstances and the project was completed in 24 hours. It was a short paper and some of the content on the last page was vague, but I'm assuming it was to ensure the page count was not exceeded. Overall, would use again! Thank you! 
06/11/2021 Perfectly done as usual.
06/11/2021 Fantastic. Can't thank-you enough
06/11/2021 Great job as usual thanks professor. 
06/11/2021 Great job as usual thanks professor
06/11/2021 Great job as usual
06/11/2021 Good job as usual on my paper. Thanks professor
06/11/2021 I always use this professor and I did not get a good score on this particular paper which really sucks.. but I mean he has literally done so many of my  papers 
06/11/2021 I always do great when this professor does my work. I will use him again. I think that you need to make sure that you have all the information provided to complete the project like powerpoints and textbooks so your papers can be great.
06/11/2021 He did a good job as always. This professor is thorough and always does a great job. 
06/11/2021 I always use this prof for  all my assignments he did a great job 
06/10/2021 Awesome job, will continue to both use and recommend !
06/10/2021 Awesome! thus far i have done two projects with them and I am not dissapointed. 
06/10/2021 A+
06/10/2021 My go to!
06/10/2021 Top notch!
06/10/2021 Perfect!
06/10/2021 Wonderful professor. The solution is always submitted on or before the deadline without a thousand questions. The description is read and the instructions are followed.
06/10/2021 received a good review from my professor! 
06/10/2021 solid work!
06/10/2021 just what I needed!
06/09/2021 Excellent job and done well before the deadline in case revisions were needed.  No revisions were needed and it really saved me in this class.  Would recommend this Professor for sure!
06/09/2021 Easy to work with, got my paper done on time, and it was done very well. Only 2 MINOR errors.. one was a single word, and the other was forgetting to double space the essay but those are easy fixes. Would definitely hire again. 
06/09/2021 Very efficient! Was completed 2 days before requested due date
06/08/2021 Fast and reliable work with zero plagiarism 
06/08/2021 Detail and well written papers!
06/08/2021 Timely and excellent work!
06/08/2021 This was a huge help. Thank you. 
06/08/2021 This was very well done. Thank you.
06/08/2021 Barely read my provided rough draft and created an unusable unsalvageable document that doesn't even make sense. What a waste of time and money.
06/08/2021 Ty
06/08/2021 finished way before deadline. followed assignment directions completely. thank you! 
06/07/2021 Although the essay fit the length requirement, you failed to follow the directions and include concrete evidence with page citations from the readings. I appreciate your work, but it was mostly broad paraphrasing and fluff without any concrete evidence. 
06/07/2021 Professor was good. Would have liked more udpates  from him throughout the process, though. I was sort of held in the dark until he sent it to me a few hours before the deadline. Overall good job though.
06/07/2021 wonderful!
06/07/2021 wonderful!
06/07/2021 great job like always ty so much
06/05/2021 Wonderful, finsihed before the deadline. Totally using them again!!!!
06/04/2021 Project was written on time and followed instructions. 
06/04/2021 Outstanding work! This prof is amazing and I'm very impressed by his/her work. 
06/03/2021 Great job, Submited before the deadline.
06/03/2021 Great work, creative and even written too good, I had to dumb it down a little
06/02/2021 Thank you!
06/02/2021 good work
06/01/2021 Great work and returned promptly for assessment, would recomend/use Proffessor again!
06/01/2021 easy was made on time. love it!
06/01/2021 A+
05/31/2021 I was a tad skeptical at first, but due to my time constraints I really needed some help getting a paper done. This prof was tasked with a 5page research paper on the 28th, was given till the 6th to finish it, but managed to do it within less than 24 hours. I was very nervous when I saw the short amount of time spent on it, but my expectations were exceeded. This was a very well put together paper, and while this prof does use a larger vocabulary, it honestly fits in very well with my typical writing style. The 5 citations I needed were from reputable sources and fit with my topic, he went a tad over the 5page minimum as well (which was great), and the plagarism checker was only at 9% (and this is only due to specific names being used, or the citations, no actual plagarism was found). While I have to go back and tweak it a little to sound more like me, I personally feel that this was executed very well. Will definitely be using this prof again.
05/31/2021 Finished the project way before the due date. Followed instructions and my requests perfectly. Really great job!
05/30/2021 ty
05/30/2021 Got an A! Thanks for another great paper!
05/30/2021 A+
05/30/2021 Simply the best!!
05/30/2021 You rock!!!! You are my go to!!!
05/30/2021 Amazing work and completed 3 days early!
05/29/2021 great work!
05/29/2021 Great work!
05/29/2021 Great work!
05/29/2021 Completed ahead of schedule and very well done! 
05/29/2021 Finished the project early and followed the specifications perfectly. Will definitely use this professor again and recommend to all.
05/28/2021 Did not disappoint!
05/28/2021 great work! gave me pleanty of time to reveiw before deadline.
05/28/2021 great work! I recommend this professor for all your scholarly needs!
05/28/2021 awesome
05/28/2021 100
05/27/2021 Excellent job. perfect paper.
05/27/2021 Love it! Thank you and early without needed edits on my part
05/27/2021 A+
05/26/2021 Everything was AWESOME!
05/26/2021 Everything was AWESOME!
05/26/2021 Everything was AWESOME!
05/26/2021 Everything was AWESOME!
05/26/2021 Everything was AWESOME!
05/26/2021 Everything was AWESOME!
05/26/2021 Everything was AWESOME!
05/26/2021 Handed in on time but did not follow the given instructions and used a lot of difficult words that I had to adjust myself. 
05/26/2021 Thank you!
05/26/2021 awesome
05/24/2021 I got a 100/100 on my sociology final paper so that speaks for itself. No plagiarism detected. All prompts answered thoroughly. Overall great job, no complaints at all. Thank you!
05/24/2021 Completed way before due date.  On topic and completely followed the guidelines.
05/23/2021 prof should seriously read assignment instructions to see if he is qualified to take on the task, before just blindly bidding on anything. poor quality work
05/23/2021 Very versatile with a plethora of knowledge.
05/23/2021 The best!
05/23/2021 A+
05/23/2021 Excellent!
05/23/2021 great powerpoint presentation
05/23/2021 very well done. A+
05/23/2021 very well done
05/23/2021 top notch work
05/23/2021 Quick delivery. Great product
05/22/2021 Well written and nothing short but incredible paper!
05/22/2021 Detail & impressive papers!
05/22/2021 Outstanding work!!!
05/21/2021 I got a 100 percent on this assignment. Thanks 
05/21/2021 Good as usual. I like using this guy he is thorough and always gets good scores on my work
05/20/2021 Submitted work that was copied from course hero  and when asked to being the deadline back 12 hours he asked for double the projects worth
05/20/2021 Quick! Be specific with your paper requirements btw
05/19/2021 Ty so much 
05/19/2021 Always completed ahead of time.
05/19/2021 Perfect as usual.
05/18/2021 Love it
05/18/2021 Ty
05/18/2021 above and beyond what I expected

05/18/2021 Excellent work and done early

05/17/2021 Professor was very accommodating and tried to problem solve with me. Well written and on time.
05/17/2021 Ty ty ty ty 
05/15/2021 This professor was quick and completed all that was asked within the time frame would highly recommend. No issues with plagirism or improper citation.
05/14/2021 always great work, always before the deadline!!! would absolutely recommend
05/14/2021 Another great paper!!!!!!
05/14/2021 Work was completed on time and well written. All directios were executed.
05/14/2021 Well written
05/14/2021 Gets it done 
05/14/2021 Always on time with everything
05/13/2021 FIRST TIME AND LAST TIME I WILL USE THIS SERVICE. Please save your time and money and just take your chances writing your own paper. No matter how bad it is, it will be better than what they come up with.
05/12/2021 Horrible. They lied about knowing the book, and didn't even use the right title in the essay. A big regret. 
05/12/2021 great quick work with no plagiarism
05/12/2021 Met all the requirements, did excellent work, and even finished it before set deadline! Would use this professor again.
05/11/2021 3rd assignment from him i belive and he finished in literally 12 hours notice if that, well before days deadline. Great original work. My goto guy!!
05/11/2021 Finished early and the Econ research paper was perfect.
05/10/2021 amazing!! and he did it a week before the due date
05/09/2021 Perfect score on paper!
05/09/2021 He is great when it comes to references and knowing how to apply the subject to the essay. 
05/09/2021 highly recmommend i have used multipule people to write papers on here and by far the fastest response time to getting the paper done!
05/09/2021 Wrote two Poli Sci papers for me. B+ 
05/09/2021 Great work
05/07/2021 Followed the guidelines! Always finished work with pleanty of time for me to review it!
05/07/2021 Great work!
05/07/2021 efficient as always!
05/07/2021 This professor changed my view completely about unemployedprofessors.com. Hands down the best paper I have ever recevied!
05/07/2021 Great project, submitted way before the dealine!! Would defintely recommend!
05/07/2021 Always a good job and I  use this professor for all my assignments because he is trustworthy and gets things done and helps me edit my papers and he goes back to revise. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I will continue to use this professor.
05/07/2021 Always a good job
05/07/2021 Overall  pretty good. 
05/07/2021 Good job and good grade on the assignment as well
05/07/2021 Did an amazing job like always. I will always us the professor for my papers
05/06/2021 awesome work every time will use again project was done 2 days early 
05/06/2021 One of my favorite professors to hire. Can be difficult at times but overall great outcomes.
05/06/2021 Fantastic service and communication. Received 100. Highly recommend!
05/06/2021 Had to do a lot of revising. The citations were not main sources. Too many big words that were un needed. On time though.
05/05/2021 Horrible paper. Grammar was poor. Not at a college level. The professor used first names only when refering to people. Seriosly one of the most confusing things ive ever read. Biggest waste of money. I cant turn this in.

But he got it done before the deadline.
05/05/2021 Great work in a timely fashio. Thank you so much.
05/05/2021 Fast and professional!! 
05/05/2021 Amazing as usual, will use again. 
05/04/2021 Looks great as always, gave him a pretty good notice before the project and completed everything that I needed done to an elite level.
05/03/2021 All requirements for my paper were met and delievered on time. I got an perfect A on the assignment.  
05/03/2021 Got a perfect A on my CIS course paper. This professor is highly recommended. 
05/03/2021 Outstanding work, no complaints. I will use again and again. I very pleased with this professor!! 
05/03/2021 VERY GOOD PROFESSOR!!!!!!
05/02/2021 great
05/02/2021 I am very impressed, well written , don't think it was he/hers area but still came across very well . will use again. 
05/02/2021 Finished before deadline
05/01/2021 excellent 
04/30/2021 Quick!!! 
04/29/2021 Ty
04/29/2021 Extremly well-put together paper! The perofessor was opened about making adjustments and sent the work much earlier than it was due! Professional work!
04/29/2021 Great work
04/29/2021 Ty
04/28/2021 Brilliant, and well written work!!!
04/28/2021 I paid $275 USD for a 2000 word Economics essay and I ended up I failing the assignment with a 44%. I know that the professors on this website cannot garantee a grade but this is the lowest grade I have ever recieved in my entire life. I should have never used this website even if I was very sick; it serves me right. I even tried editing the paper but there was too much that was wrong with it.

For obvious reasons, I would not reccomend this professior for Economics essays. I cannot comment on other subjects.
04/28/2021 thank you. 
04/27/2021 on time delivery of assignment. well written! went above and beyond expectation.
04/26/2021 finished it extremely quick and A+ paper.