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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
09/25/2022 Great paper, thanks!!!
09/25/2022 The project is finished with rapid turnaround time. All aspects of the project are completed with accuracy and meet the requirements layed out. Best professor to use for this subject matter A++++++++++++
09/24/2022 Excellent work! thanks for the fast service! highly recommend.
09/23/2022 Damn, (mic drop). Excellent work. FAST, excellent quality. Will use again. Thank you
09/23/2022 Highly recommend this professor for all nursing reated work!
09/23/2022 Thanks for the great work!
09/21/2022 A good well structured written essay. Very professional.
09/20/2022 A great professor who is beyond knowledgeable! smiley
09/20/2022  Always early!
09/19/2022 Thanks for the fast resolution to this project! you provided exactly what I requested.
09/18/2022 Completed early and accurate
09/18/2022 Solution was completed in less than 72hrs. This professor is incredible and I will use them again!
09/17/2022 Very happy with my paper! Thanks for doing a great job! 

09/14/2022 Thanks for finishing the project so fast! you are a real life saver!
09/14/2022 Great work, thank you!
09/13/2022 Completed and excellent 
09/13/2022 TImely and an expert in the field of health care matters! 
09/13/2022 Good 
09/13/2022 Thanks for the excellent service!! 
09/12/2022 Great work
09/10/2022 My go-to professor, always reliable. 
09/09/2022 thumbs up.
09/09/2022 Merci
09/09/2022 Good.
09/09/2022 This professor rocks!!
09/09/2022 Great Job! Delivered in ahead of time which left room for revisement.This professor really goes above and beyond! Really worked to make the paper perfect and added materials when i asked. 

Happy to work with you! Highly recommend!
09/09/2022 Thank you for the fast service! You delivered just what I asked for! I am very happy with the resolution.
09/08/2022 Always amazing work!  Had to get through a bullshit english requirement for a technical program, couldnt have done it without this dude.  5 stars
09/08/2022 This Professor always delivers superior work!!!!
09/08/2022 Completed on time and Completed Awesome Work
09/08/2022 Awesome work & Completed On Time and Quick Turn Around 
09/07/2022 Great
09/06/2022 provided what I asked for! saved me time!
09/06/2022 great work and easy to collaborate with on projects.
09/05/2022 Great job and a quick delivery. Will use again. 
09/04/2022 Exceeds expectations 
09/04/2022 Brilliant! 
09/04/2022 saved time so that I can focus on bigger projects! thanks for the great work!
09/04/2022 delivered what I has requested! fast service! 
09/04/2022 thanks for the fast service!
09/04/2022 Amazing work. My resume was fined tuned and perfected before the deadline. My cover letter was second to none and written better than any I have seen in the past from my colleagues. 
09/02/2022 Very happy with the grade I received from this assignment!
09/01/2022 smiley
09/01/2022 Finished early with short notice. Excellent work!!!!!
09/01/2022 Phenomenal on my paper and done super early
08/30/2022 This professor gets it right everytime. The work is exactly as expected. The turn around time is always earlier than expected.
08/29/2022 On time and well written.
08/29/2022 Fast, timely, best writing for the subject matter.A+++++++++
08/29/2022 thank you prof!
08/28/2022 submits ahead of time
08/28/2022 Thank you! Great work!
08/28/2022 Thank you so much!
08/26/2022 On time 

08/23/2022 Fantastic work!! Super early submission! Straightforward and easy to deal with. Following the grading, Rubrik to a T.. By far my favourite Professor.
08/22/2022 Paper completed ahead of time, quick with revision. Excellent job. Will definitely use again!
08/22/2022 Well written, timely manner
08/21/2022 I use this professor every time. I have not used this professor twice, and the difference in quality is astounding- huge mistake not using GarKgee- the best professor on here, by far.
08/19/2022 I got my essay back in 2 days! 
08/18/2022 Wrote more than I asked and was perfect. Great as always
08/18/2022 Always amazing work!
08/17/2022 I got the essay back in 2-3 days! Amazing!!!
08/17/2022 I got the essay back in 2-3 days! Amazing!
08/17/2022 I received my essay within 2-3 days!! Amazing!
08/17/2022 He completed my paper well before deadline and produced a great product.
08/17/2022 Excellent work!
08/17/2022 Absolutley awesome, thank you for all your hard work. You have saved my butt more times than I can count! 
08/15/2022 I have used  the professor before and this is my second time. He does a great overall. Make sure to review any work before completion. I bought the plagirism and paid fee but never got my report. Hopefully paper won't have a high percentage on turn it in. Good luck everyone.
08/14/2022 Fast, accurate, just amazing. So pleased. Would use again smiley
08/12/2022 Excellent work and way ahead of time. Would 100% recommend to anyone
08/09/2022 completed one day prior to deadline
08/08/2022 Thank you.
08/08/2022 thank you. 
08/07/2022 I will definitely be using this prof again! Great quality of work and it was finished early! If anyone is looking for someone to write a quality nursing paper, this is your professor!
08/07/2022 Great work and proper citation!
08/06/2022 thank you for the great paper!
08/05/2022 Amazing and so fast will definitly be using you again!! Thank you!!
08/04/2022 Good.
08/03/2022 very pleased with this paper! thanks!
08/03/2022 Thank you for a great paper!
08/03/2022 Great!
08/03/2022 He did exactly what I needed. In a timely manner and with great quality
08/02/2022 thanks for another great paper!
08/01/2022 Provided exactly what I needed, recieved an A. yes

I have worked with this professor many times... always delivers high quality work. Thank you!


I'm so grateful to this prof and the commitment he put into making sure you got an A.

08/01/2022 Amazing work!

I have worked with A LOT of the profs on this site. This is the best one, for sure.

08/01/2022 Amazing!
07/31/2022 My go to person he is great!! No complaints ever with him!
07/30/2022 Thank you for the fast service! I am very pleased with the resolution!

Literally, the best professor on this site. I've used this site many times. I highly recommend choosing this professor.

07/30/2022 Outstanding work. Project completed way before deadline plenty of time to read and ask for edits if needed. Every bit of detailed contained in this work is perfect.
07/29/2022 Thanks
07/28/2022 Thank you for such fast service!
07/28/2022 Amazing work yet again! Followed instructions as explained and finished earlier than due time. Thank you so much!

07/28/2022 Perfect!
07/28/2022 Always provides excellent work, one of my goto professors!
07/27/2022 Good, although he partially wrote the citations and bibliographical references in the style I requested.
07/27/2022 Good, although he partially wrote the citations and bibliographical references in the style I requested.
07/27/2022 On time and well written.
07/27/2022 Always comes through in the clutch, great Professor
07/27/2022 Thank you.
07/26/2022 Thanks for the fast service!
07/26/2022 Excellent work! As always!
07/26/2022 Thank you 
07/24/2022 The project was finished earlier than expected and of the highest quality would definitely use this professor again.
07/24/2022 Amazing work and finished way before the deadline!
07/23/2022 great work! with fast service!
07/23/2022 Timely and communicative
07/21/2022 great work 
07/21/2022 Gave him about 20 hours to finish my 8 page paper. Did it in almost half the time. Highly recommend.
07/20/2022 Thanks!
07/20/2022 He wrote a great paper. 
07/20/2022 This is my first time using this website. Great quality work. Thank you so much!!
07/19/2022 Paper completed quickly and exactly as described!
07/19/2022 Fast turn around.  Excellent support and communication. 
07/19/2022 Thank you for getting this done fast!
07/19/2022 very happy with resolution of this project!
07/17/2022 Unbelievably quick and low turnitin %. 
07/16/2022 He is a lifesaver! Now I don't have to worry about writing my essay this weekend
07/15/2022 exactly what I had asked for!
07/15/2022 Thank you for another great result!
07/14/2022 Perfect! This is quality work and it was finished before the dead line. Thank You,I Iook forward to working with you again !
07/14/2022 Did an excellent job and finished a week before the deadline. Thanks!
07/13/2022 Assignment delivered on time, revised without any problems, Will definitelly be using this writer again. Thank you
07/12/2022 good quality work
07/10/2022 Never dissapoints.
07/09/2022 exactly what i had asked for! thanks!
07/09/2022 I always get excited when this professors bids on my project. I immediatelly choose him over anyone on this site. The work provided is always before the deadline and is quality work. 
07/07/2022 great work
got it on time

07/07/2022 Very Fast 
Got It turned in on Time 
LOve using this professor 
extremely Awesome
07/07/2022 great work. Go-to professor
07/05/2022 highly recommend this professor for all your nursing project needs!
07/05/2022 Thank you.
07/05/2022 fast. reliable. great work
07/05/2022 fast. reliable. great work
07/05/2022 fast. reliable. great work
07/05/2022 fast. reliable. great work
07/04/2022 Thank you . 
07/04/2022 Thank you. 
07/03/2022 good job
07/02/2022 great!
07/01/2022 Thank you for helping with my revision! 
06/30/2022 This professor always does great work! I am never dissapointed in the result I get!
06/30/2022 Well formatted
06/30/2022 Great work! Had to do a little editing, but not much. Your time and effort are appreciated. Thanks!
06/29/2022 Good work
06/29/2022 OUTSTANDING!
06/29/2022 Great Job!
06/28/2022 delivered what I had asked for! great work!
06/28/2022 Thank you. 
06/27/2022 On time, great writing. Followed instructions.
06/27/2022 Probably one of my fave professors. Thanks!
06/27/2022 So good. Thanks!
06/27/2022 Great work as always
06/25/2022 Amazing writing and very detailed.
06/25/2022 Another great paper! This one was completed on super short timeline and I still recieved a B+. Thank you! 
06/25/2022 excellent
06/25/2022 great job
06/24/2022 Great work done quickly!
06/24/2022 Extremely satisfied with the content and delivery was ahead of schedule. Can't thank you enough.
06/23/2022 very satisfied with the resuld provided!
06/23/2022 saved me from having to do this work! got an A!
06/23/2022 Very happy with work done!
06/22/2022 delivered so early and great work with revisions even!! thank you!!
06/21/2022 hes cool
06/20/2022 Great work, finished before deadline. amazing!
06/20/2022 Amazing job
06/19/2022 If I could marry Garkgee, I would. The work is always complete BEFORE due and always perfect. I always recieve a near perfect grade. I ONLY request Garkgee formy papers. You wont regret it!!
06/18/2022 Outstanding
06/17/2022 Thank you. 
06/16/2022 Prof didnt read instructions and got me a 50
06/15/2022 Thank you so much! 
06/14/2022 did a great job! followed the instructions and got my assisgment done before the requested date! 
06/13/2022 This professor always goes above and beyond. I made a mistake when putting information into my project about what it was supposed to be and had time to redo the work and submit me what I needed in time. Will always recommend this professor to anyone. 
06/12/2022 Amazing work and very responsive to questions and concerns! Thank you! 
06/11/2022 Awesome as usual! one of my favorite professors.
06/11/2022 On time and well written. 
06/11/2022 Fast and excellent work.
06/11/2022 Great work, each requirement was met and completed in one day, thank you!
06/10/2022 Good work
06/10/2022 Provided the assignment much earlier than I intially posted on the project! Thank you Garkee! 
06/10/2022 Great paper!
06/09/2022 Great
06/09/2022 Great job and quick turn around. Thank you.
06/09/2022 Came in earlier than expected and was very articulated! 10/10
06/09/2022 Incredibly efficent, very pleased
06/07/2022 Always getting work back early with plenty of time for revisions but I haven't needed one yet so... Great work
06/06/2022 A++ work always on time
06/04/2022 Completed before the deadline with no issues. 
06/04/2022  This is the second assigment that I have trusted with this professor and once again blew away the deadline by three weeks! I will be using this professor for every paper from here on out. 
06/04/2022 Great job as always! Also, always on time or super early! Just great job 
06/04/2022 Project was delivered in timely manner. 
06/03/2022 Quick and painless every time. Pick this one!
06/03/2022 Quick and painless like every other time. Pick this one!
06/03/2022 Had some issues on my end submitting documents. Did a great job communicating and completing project on time!! Highly Recommended. 
06/02/2022 nver disappointed with the work of GarKGee!
06/02/2022 Great Job. Even got it back to me early. Great communication throughout. 
06/02/2022 ?? 

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