Date Comment Rating
09/13/2019 Overall satisfied.
09/12/2019 A+++ service. deliver fast with great price! Highly recommend
09/12/2019 Great job!! Quick turn around and no edits required. 10/10 Will send projects your way again. - Business Major 
09/11/2019 Very satisfied with my experience from start to finish! All of my requirements were met, quick response time and delivers quality product. My paper was finished before the deadline so that I had enough time to review it and if I needed anything changed he would revise it. This professor offers unlimited and FREE REVISIONS!! I'll definitely be using his servises again.
09/10/2019 Amazing service. An error on my end and they fixed it within Days! Amazing job
09/10/2019 Excellent, go back to me weeks before deadline.
09/08/2019 Oustanding work. Receieved 100.
09/07/2019 Delivered a great product and well before due date.
09/07/2019 Perfect! Exactly to the rubric and was defintely worth choosing this professor. 
09/07/2019 Perfect and exactly to the requirements! 
09/03/2019 Great work, great communication throughout the entire project. got it to me early just in case for fixes. Will use again!
09/02/2019 Quick and excellent
09/02/2019 Absolutely great work; this was the first time I used this professor, but it definetely won't be the last. Thanks so much.
09/02/2019 Excellent service, fast and superb quality.
09/02/2019 fabulous job as per usual! thank you!
09/01/2019 Quick, efficient, and very communicative regarding revisions!
08/29/2019 Submitted the assignment ahead of schedule and followed through on writing a revision. However, the essay was of poor quality and not worth even turning in. Not concise. Written like they're sitting in front of a thesaurus and using words that make no sense in context.
08/28/2019 :)
08/28/2019 one of my most favorite professors! Work is always done on time if not early, and is extremely well written. Thank you!
08/28/2019 great work. ahead of schedule
08/27/2019 Quick turnaround, but riddled with gramatical and sentence structure errors.
08/26/2019  excellent paper and completed in a timely fashion.

Thank you
08/25/2019 Very fast
08/25/2019 Great
08/24/2019 Great work as usual
08/24/2019 Outstanding! Thanks for keeping the weekend stress free!
Did not follow instructions; difficult to work with; poorly written document that needed to be re-done several times

It is clear that you sent the professor the correct instructions after he was done with your first instructions which were wrong and for the wrong project
08/22/2019 Great work, before due time!
08/21/2019 Excellent work, finished the project a day early.
08/21/2019 Exactly what I needed. A previous writer had provided a very unsatisfactory paper. THIS IS THE PROFESSOR to use!!!!!!
08/21/2019 Perfect annotated bibliography done on time and with a quick deadline. Second time using this professor and will continue to do so in the future! Thanks!
08/20/2019 I've used this professor many times, and they are always very thorough with the assignment. I appreciate the high quality work they produce. Thanks again!
08/20/2019 Excellent work, finished the project days before I had requested. Offered to revise for free as many times as I wanted. 
08/20/2019 I love this Professor!  Good quality and very timely.
08/20/2019 The paper was exactly as instructed and was delivered way before deadline. I made sure I read every comment and evaluated all bids before choosing this professor, and I was not disappointed! Would absolutley choose for another paper in the future. Thanks!
08/20/2019 Excellent
08/19/2019 not all superheroes wear capes

08/19/2019 Great paper.  
08/18/2019 Did such a great job. I definitely recommend 
08/17/2019 Good and exceptional work. Very quick, timely, and responsive. very good professor!!
08/16/2019 great thorough work.
08/15/2019 Finished the project early and was very thorough! Would highly recommend!
08/15/2019 Exceeded all my expectations!!
08/15/2019 Quality and followed instructions. Thank You!

08/15/2019 Well written and timely. I would definitely use again!
08/13/2019 Thanks!
08/13/2019 Thanks!
08/13/2019 Thanks!
08/13/2019 Perfect Job!
08/11/2019 amazing quality and he followed all the instructions.
08/11/2019 Good job.
08/09/2019 Wow. A great paper - and submitted well ahead of the deadline.

I'm actually astounded how quickly this Prof managed to not only write the plagarism free paper but read and understand the very long instructions and the chapters that I sent over that were required to be referenced for said paper.

Will 100% use again!!!!
08/08/2019 Very helpful and responsive 
08/07/2019 Really impressed with the quality of work! Replied almost immediately and was asked questions to ensure that he understood! 
08/06/2019 Got my essay back to me with tons of time before the deadline for editing! 
08/06/2019 What an amazing report. Done very fast!
08/05/2019 Got an A+ great work
08/05/2019 I requested a Statement of Purposing for Teaching Credentials. The complete project was just okay. The writing  and content was okay. I needed a fix some grammar and I needed to add a lot of my own details. It was nice to have the bones done and I am thankful for that. Overall, the paper was fine. Thank you for saving me time. 
08/05/2019 She was excellent and extremely professional. I could not be happier with the services she provided!
08/04/2019 thank you for this!
08/04/2019 amazing writer and very timely!
08/02/2019 Great work and in a timely manner!
08/01/2019 Did my paper in a timely manner and exceeded my expectations! 
07/31/2019 Very fast and completed more pages than i requested!
07/31/2019 Good job.
07/30/2019 Did exactly what I asked for and way ahead of the deadline!
07/30/2019 It was a good experience. Thank you
07/30/2019 Even with an error in the instructions on my part the professor delivered ahead of time and help fix my mistake.
07/29/2019 awsome!!
07/29/2019 prefect !!
07/29/2019  Top grade on my asiignments !
07/29/2019  Got a 100 on my assignment!
07/29/2019 awsome!
07/29/2019 always on time with my work!

07/29/2019 great work!!
07/28/2019 Thank you!!
07/28/2019 Legit Professor. I have used many times. Always an A
07/28/2019 Perfect. thanks
07/26/2019 Was on time for the first submission but the submission was completely unrelated to the prompt and what was submitted was only half of what the prompt asked for. He did, however, resubmit the correct work but that was irrelevant because the due date was already passed and I received a 0.

It is clear that you clarified your instructions too late after the professor had already finished the project. It is also clear that the professor revised your work for free even the mistake was on your side.
07/26/2019 On time or before with the assignment!
07/26/2019  always on time with my work! Thanks 
07/26/2019 Awsome work 
07/26/2019 Again thank you for helping me! I have a lot on my plate and you saved me
07/26/2019 So fast! Thank you so much
07/24/2019 One of the best quality papers I have ever read. This professor maintains a two way conversation to ensure you get the paper you need. 
07/23/2019 Finished well before the deadline and did a good job. 
07/22/2019 Great job as always
07/22/2019 Excellent work! Completed my assignment prior to the due date, and exceeded the minum page requirement! 
07/22/2019 awsome workand before my deadline 
07/22/2019  Awsome work and before the deadline.
07/22/2019 Great work, thanks so much!
07/22/2019 Was done within 72 hours of project posting, and entirely professional. Will be coming back to use this professor again!
07/21/2019 Good to go, as always. 
07/21/2019 Excellent work - thank you.
07/20/2019 Did a great job! Had all parts finished way before the due date.
07/18/2019 awesome job!
07/17/2019 Awesome Job
07/15/2019 Great work.  Very nice and easy to work with.  Completed assignment early with plenty of time for revisions, however none were needed.  
07/13/2019 Got an A. Will use professor. Just be specific in yours needs and review it!
07/13/2019 Legit
07/12/2019 My essay was done within less than 24 hours! Everything was done as I asked, even more. I expected 7 pages, and they gave me 9. Beside a few spelling erorrs, which I fixed in less than 2 minutes, the whole essay was great! Definitely will be using this professor again!
07/10/2019 Very happy with the solution, and exceedingly fast service too.
07/10/2019 A few minor hiccups in the begininng but everything was sorted out and solution was receved well ahead of deadline. 
07/09/2019 Absolutely fu**ing killed it! Paper finished even 2 days before the deadline asked. 200% use this Prof!
07/04/2019 needed a business paper on quality management and they were very responsive and asked questions prior to make sure they understood the project, received a 95 on the paper and it was done a prior to the requested completion date. 
07/02/2019 Great work!!! Always A+ Paperwork!!!
07/01/2019 Bravo! He is extremely efficient and his writing meets my requirements
06/30/2019 Completed my requested project ahead of schedule and covered all components needed. I'm extremly satisfied.
06/27/2019 Very good job.  After some editing and refinement, I believe I got a great essay!!!
06/27/2019 great job
06/27/2019 Thanks for a job well done!
06/26/2019 Great work, thank you!
06/26/2019 This is exactly what I needed! Thank you!
06/25/2019 Thank you! 
06/24/2019 excellent and super fast!!!
06/22/2019 Thanks for a bomb essay!!!!
06/21/2019 This professor always brings back Aplus paperwork!!!!
06/19/2019 This Professor’s work was Amazing!!!  Grade A paper every time...
06/19/2019 Amazing
06/18/2019 A+
06/17/2019 good job
06/16/2019 Professors work was above aproach.Was done ahead of schedule to give me plenty of time to proof read and look over. will update once grade is recived and im sure it will be a A
06/15/2019 Outstanding, well organized writer!
06/14/2019 turn around time was great, thanks so much for the thorough write up!
06/12/2019 Thank you so much. I have an other essay coming up base on leadership. Much easier than this one, hope we can work together again sir. 
06/12/2019 Great work. I am very happy. AND it was comepleted way before the deadline which was great so I didnt have anxiety about it all day. 
06/10/2019 Needed this paper done two months from now, this professor finished it in 5 days.
06/10/2019 Good paper!
06/10/2019 Barely needed any adjusting. 
100% received. 

Good job, will def send projects to this U.P. again.
06/10/2019 excellent and on time 
06/10/2019 execllent
06/08/2019 good and quick turnaround
06/08/2019 completed a short notice project and saved me. thank you. will use professor again. 
06/07/2019 Awesome work and communicated well.
06/05/2019 Got an A on my essay. Thank you for handing me my paper on time and most of all following my papers requirements. 
06/02/2019 This professor is usually great, but the last 2 paper's were a 77% and 84%, very unlike this professor, but it happened. My professor who graded it said it was a very confusing paper and didn't make much sense, sloppy.
06/01/2019 Thank you so much for keeping your end of the bargain: delivery before time, following all instructions, not being repetitive and confused. 

05/31/2019 Gave back paper early, offered free revisions!
05/30/2019 Excellent!
Awesome job, this course has been challenging overall and your assistance has help me improve tremendously!
05/29/2019 always kills it.  Usually returns the projects ahead of the due date.
05/28/2019 Amazing work
05/28/2019 I have received an A on every paper (9) this professor has done for me in a timely manner. 
05/27/2019 Terrible paper. Never get your work done from here. I got a D because it was so botched up.
05/27/2019 thanks for the revision 
05/22/2019 Thanks!
05/22/2019 ?Really happy with my final paper! I only had a one day timeframe to get the paper written due to being in a different time zone and the professor nailed it! Has saved my A*& on a few occasions now, definitely recommend if you are on the fence about choosing a prof or unsure on legitimacy/capability of getting the job done, they wont let you down.
05/21/2019 Thanks!
05/21/2019 Good communication and excellent work!
05/20/2019 thank you 
05/20/2019 Great job
05/19/2019 This Professor is Amazing and professional!!! Always on time with a great paper!!!
05/19/2019 Professional to say the least.  Exceeded my expectations and my solicited timeline.  Responded to all emails quickly.  Short, to the point and exceeded my page count. 24 hour turnaround!
05/18/2019 This is a great paper he/she listened and took into account all the notes i made for him/her. They gave more then enough resources and went over the word count that was needed. would definitely recommend!
05/17/2019 Did an OK job researching but there were NO arguments, so the entire essay just looks like scattered information they paraphrased from the internet. Had to use another proffor a rewrite. Replies quite fast though. 
05/16/2019 Great Work, Thank You!
05/16/2019 Thank you Thank you Thank you! Timely and well done paper!
05/16/2019 Hard to complain when everything you asked for is done properly and returned on time.
05/15/2019 Did an Excellent job on this last minute 5 page paper. Definitely recommend this professor.
05/15/2019 The paper needed a few edits and the instrcutions had to clarified a few times, over-all a positive experience. Thank you for the effort. 
05/15/2019 Great Work. Got more than requested.
05/14/2019 Excellent work. 
05/13/2019 Great essay, written with amazing detail. He covered everything in the criteria I specified, and even included a cover page. Amazing Job!
05/12/2019 One of the papers wasn't done exactly right, but to be fair, there weren't many guidelines to go off of. They were done before the deadline and both written very nicely. Thanks for your help!!

05/12/2019 Great work, delivered before due time!
05/11/2019 Amazing work, finished in a timely manor and was accurate with what I needed in the assignment. 100% reccomend this professor for all your assignments.
05/10/2019 excellent and on time

05/09/2019 I wanted to wait until after my grade to rate the professor. Outstanding! Got the assignment to me the day before specified deadline and it was ready to turn in. My assignment was in the accounting field and it scored a 97/100. 
05/08/2019 Completed work fast and did a great job.
05/07/2019 Thorough research, succinct language, and timely. 
05/06/2019 Thank you unemployeed professors!
05/05/2019 Perfect and delivered early.
05/03/2019 Got a 0 on my final paper 1. because it was a summary of an essay I sent him. 2. It had no citations from the book i sent him. 3. the spelling and grammar was absolutely awful.
05/03/2019 Above and beyond awesome.  Thank you!
05/02/2019 Good with the exception of some grammar. Would use again
05/02/2019 Thank you!
05/01/2019 Clearly described the subject matter and got the paper done in quick fashion. Definitely would reccomend!
05/01/2019 Killed it.
05/01/2019 Thank you!
05/01/2019 Wow just wow. You need your paper written this is the guy also known as the goat. If you have a chance to have your paper written by this person go ahead and just choose him there is no need to look at the other bidders. Should I have to do this again I'm picking this guy 10 out of 10 times. 
04/30/2019 Awesome well written essay that met all the requirements 
04/30/2019 Fair Price, On Time, Responsive, and cooperative on requests/inputs. Will definitely be requesting this writer in the future. The only reason this is not 10 Stars is the slight errors in paper and needing to be slightly refined but in doing so he was completely cooperative and ended with a result I was more than happy with.
04/30/2019 The best person for your work, got it done a day early and followed the guidelines I set out.
04/29/2019 Got a 71 and it was late
04/29/2019 No communication, literally copy pasted the problem question from the source i put up, could have done it myself and spared all the money since fixing this took more time than actually doing it.
04/28/2019 Simply superv. Would recommend this professor, hands down, and I am VERY peeky about the work I turn in. Keep up the good quality work, Professor!
04/27/2019 excllent and well written 
04/27/2019 Exceeded expectation with quality and delivering ahead of schedule.
04/27/2019 Amazing
04/26/2019 Excellent! Excellent!!!. Second time using this professor and i must say i am extremely happy with the service and the grades. I got A's on both papers. He is willing to fix errors, or do ove your paper. He does not disappoint.
04/26/2019 Great edits and well worth the money! 
04/25/2019 Very impressed with the quality of writing and subject-matter knowledge demonstrated. Completed the project early and was responsive to all of my questions/comments. Would highly recommend working with this professor!
04/25/2019 The professor completed my assignment in a timely manner and even exceeded the page requirements that I requested. There were a good amount of simple grammatical errors present in the paper, but with one good sit through and read, it was no problem changing them as the larger chunks of info for spot on!
04/25/2019 Ecellent work and super quick to respond and deliver!
04/24/2019 Did not follow guidelines (Pretty much got a D...I assume it was for putting my name on it) - I asked for time to go over it with the professor because it felt it was off and I needed to make sure how to verbalize it so that he could see how the guidlines werent followed. because of a delay in the comunication the company removed the funds and pays the writer. I've used them several times and never had an issue. The amount of money was large and this really left a bad taste in my mouth. Be cautious about responding as funds will be removed - keep communication open till you are atisfied with the work. 
04/24/2019 Did not follow guidelines (Pretty much got a D...I assume it was for putting my name on it) - I asked for time to go over it with the professor because it felt it was off and I needed to make sure how to verbalize it so that he could see how the guidlines werent followed. because of a delay in the comunication the company removed the funds and pays the writer. I've used them several times and never had an issue. The amount of money was large and this really left a bad taste in my mouth. Be cautious about responding as funds will be removed - keep communication open till you are atisfied with the work.