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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
01/28/2023 He is my go to Professor, always wait for him to place a bid :) 
01/28/2023 Thanks for the great paper! fast service and well written!
01/26/2023 Excellent work, I had to pull out a dictionary and learned a few new words. Will use again. Thank you
01/26/2023 This professor saved my behind!!!!! Last minute paper needed and he came and saved the day! 
01/26/2023 Great
01/25/2023 awesome!!!!!!!! Thank you
01/24/2023 Excellent and Effective!
01/24/2023 fast and well timed. Always brings great results
01/24/2023 Great work! very happy with the results! thanks for following the rubric. this is exactly what I requested!
01/18/2023 Great
01/16/2023 Quality exceeded my expectations. My assignment was completed in days, much earlier than the deadline. Very happy. 
01/16/2023 GarKGee does it again! always early with delivery and on point with the work. HIGHLY RECOMMEND 
01/16/2023 thank you
01/16/2023 Great work
01/12/2023 I received the coursework before it was due!
01/11/2023 Supplied paper before due date and well done. Thank you!!
01/09/2023 Thank you so much! 
01/08/2023 My assignment was done early an I recieved 100. Would highly recommend 
01/07/2023 THE BEST
01/06/2023 Phenominal
01/05/2023 perf!
01/02/2023 Fast, reliable work! Thanks for the great paper!
01/02/2023 very late and was not completed on rime

Stop lies. The deadline indicated is February .Next time set the correct deadline since I don't and I have never sent late assignments
12/27/2022 Thanks for the fast service! delivered exactly what I requested!
12/27/2022 great work! fast, reliable service! 
12/24/2022 Many Thanks.. 
12/22/2022 100% originality - 
I provided a previous paper that was connected to the one I requested, and the Prof was great in referencing that paper.
12/20/2022 Wow... I am SPEECHLESS. This man saved me not only my sanity, but my job (if I did not graduate on time). He assisted me in writing a portion of my masters capstone and I cannot thank him enough. The quality... perfection. And the timing? Almost 12 hours prior to my deadline! He is amazing. Whatever you do, choose this professor. Prompt communication from start to end, reassurance, and everything you need in between. 100000/10
12/20/2022 On time and well written for my draft of chapter 2 for my dissertation.
12/17/2022 Thanks for the fast service! excellent paper!
12/17/2022 Amaazing and even beat the deadline!!
12/15/2022 amazing!
12/15/2022 .
12/15/2022 .
12/15/2022 Very impressed with the fast, great quality paper!
12/15/2022 Amazing job and was delivered with urgency and quality.
12/14/2022 Thanks for the fast service! this professor delivered exactly what I asked for!
12/14/2022 Done way ahead of schedule
12/13/2022 na
12/12/2022 he accurate and so professional 
12/12/2022 Good work
12/11/2022 Delivered 2 days before my posted due date!! giving me pleanty of time to review. provided paper that met the criteria need for a good grade.
12/07/2022 Thank you once again! 
12/07/2022 A- on the paper. My trusted go to! Thank you!!
12/07/2022 Great service followed the rules. 
12/05/2022 Reliable, Fast, and Awesome!
12/03/2022 Thanks for the fast service! delivered what I asked for!
12/01/2022 great work
12/01/2022 great work
12/01/2022 great work
12/01/2022 great work
12/01/2022 great work
12/01/2022 great work with a couple minor adjustments

Once again, this professor has led me to believe he would complete a project and waited until the last minute to tell me he can't finish it until the morning after the deadline. Seriously, choose another professor if the assignment is important.



He agreed to finish the project but then told me at the last minute that he couldn't finish it by the deadline. As a result, I had to pay another professor to finish it. We agreed to leave the project open and use the funds for another project in the future. The professor told me three days before the deadline that he would finish it. He literally had me send a 90$ tip because I couldn't add the funds because the project he never finished was so long ago. THEN he tells me he won't be able to meet the deadline. I've worked with his professor so many times and referred many of my classmates to him. His demeanor and performance have shifted dramatically, and not in a positive way. I recommend collaborating with someone else. This professor is untrustworthy and manipulative.



11/28/2022 Though I had concerns about the paper I received, I got a perfect score on it after some minor rewoeding and grammar check. 
11/27/2022 Second time recieving work from this professor and his work continues to be exceptional. Thank you sooo much!!! 
11/26/2022 Completed a very well-written paper in less than 24 hours. Only had minor grammatical errors. Followed all instructions to a tee. Overall, amazing work.
11/26/2022 Great work. Thank you for completing this assignment in a timley manner. You are the best and I will definitely continue to work with you. Thank
11/21/2022 smiley
11/19/2022 yesyesyes
11/19/2022 Always great quality work from this prof. Thanks for all your help. Highly recommend them. 
11/13/2022 Outsanding outcome, highly recommend this professor.  Always exceeds my expectations!
11/12/2022 thanks for the great work!
11/11/2022 Thank you for a job well done!
11/08/2022 A fantastic writer and an expert in the field! Great work!
11/08/2022 Fast and efficient. My paper was completed way before the deadline and I didn't have to ask for anything to be redone. I will definitely use this professor again!
11/07/2022 Garkee gets at it like an unstoppable beast!! Booyah!!
11/07/2022 What that?  Oh...another kick arse paper from Garkee!
11/07/2022 Zip Zap Zoooom!!! Garkee drops another hot press in the room!
11/07/2022 HOT DIGGITY DOG!!! He rocks it again!  Cant go wrong with Garkee in your corner.
11/06/2022 Provided ample resources for end of course paper. It's not bad but it seems like a general overview versus anything specific to my topic due to miscommunication I guess. 
11/06/2022 This is the second time I have uses this professor and both times they have done an amazing job. From what I have experienced, plus reading the other professor's bios, this professor seems like they have the most experience with writing for nursing classes.
11/04/2022 Great quality work!!! The assignment was submitted way before the assignment due date and time.
11/04/2022 Great job!!!
11/02/2022 Very professional and helpful, also quick and communicative which was very nice 
10/30/2022 I would like to say that this professor is by far one of the BEST professors that I have dealth with on this site. He was selected for the project and finished it in a timely manner. Might I add that he finished it days before the assignment was due to be finalized with me. I asked for a minor change. He did not stop working until I was completely satisfied with the final draft of the project. I will definitely use this professor again if ever I should need to. 
10/29/2022 Good.
10/28/2022 Awesome job completing my paper and I even received it within a few days, so much faster than the deadline! 
10/26/2022 Project early, on time , and accurate. 
10/26/2022 Always sends perfectly completed work well
before the due date. Willing to address any issues found and has great communication skills! Will use again. 
10/25/2022 Great job!
10/25/2022 Amazing job!
10/25/2022 Superb!
10/25/2022 Super fast, amazing work
10/23/2022 Fast service! Delivered what I asked for! Thanks!
10/23/2022 Delivered in 24hrs, and responds swiftly
10/21/2022 Thanks for the fast service! great paper!
10/21/2022 excellent work! highly recommend!
10/21/2022 Thanks!
10/21/2022 I learn more from your help than anywhere else. Thanks!
10/21/2022 Amazing work 
10/21/2022 Great 
10/21/2022 You can always trust this professor, I was urgently needed my project and he delivered it before the deadline.
10/20/2022 Excellent work. Followed instructions precisely and was very prompt. Will definitely use again! 
10/19/2022  Completed on time.I requested him to edit a few things and he changed it according to my requirements.
overall great work.
thanks a lot.
10/18/2022 100%
10/18/2022 Great work, thank you!
10/18/2022 Great work!
10/18/2022 Thank you! 
10/18/2022 on time and accurate
10/18/2022 Perfection!
10/18/2022 Life saver. great work!
10/18/2022 Nice framework with powerpoint
10/18/2022 Great work and early
10/18/2022 Great work and on time
10/18/2022 early and A work
10/16/2022 Thanks for the fast service!
10/15/2022  !! laugh Plenty of time for me to study and read without stressing about this assignment. Thanks.
10/15/2022 As always, amazing work.
10/14/2022 Perfect score yet again. 
10/13/2022 Superb like alawys!
10/12/2022 Saved me a lot of time! thanks for the professional paper
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 

Thankyou for rating and reviewing most of the projects i have done for you. I will continue to deliver the best . Thankyou
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/11/2022 Thank you for the quick turnaround and thorough report! 
10/11/2022 Thanks GarKGee! you delivered exactly what I asked for!
10/10/2022 Always finished well in advance of deadline. Work is always top quality. Will continue to use this professor and highly reccomend them to anyone who asked
10/10/2022 Well Done on Everything 
10/09/2022 Awesome work with no errors. Submitted hours in advance of assignemnt due date and time.
10/08/2022 Now I see why this professor is rated one of the top professors. laugh
Excellent work!
10/08/2022 Amazing work, as always! Thank you thank you :) 
10/07/2022 Well done, well thought out. Thank you again.
10/07/2022 Excellent work again, thank you!
10/07/2022 Great 
10/07/2022 Sper quick work, like always. Thanks again!
10/07/2022 Thanks for the top quality paper! very happy with the resolution!
10/06/2022 Excellent work! 
10/06/2022 Outstanding work and very fair with customer service. Will definitely only be using this professor for the rest of my papers!
10/06/2022 Great work and finished before my needed time! 

10/06/2022 The order was completed the day after it was received, and after looking at it a little, it seemed to meet the requirements and was very efficient.
10/05/2022 delivered what i asked for! thanks for saving me a lot of time!
10/04/2022 Awesome Work!
10/04/2022 Excellent Work!
10/04/2022 Great work and quick turnaround!
10/03/2022 awsome job thank you
10/02/2022 Delivered a great product ahead of the scheduled time. 
10/01/2022 BOOM! Another badass paper droped by the guru himself! Why oh why did I not do this years ago!  I actually have time now to wash my clothes...and wowzers!  Turns out my brown pants were actually blue! 
10/01/2022 Amazing work! For the time frame it went above and beyond my expectations. WIll definitely use again in the future!
10/01/2022 Very happy with the resolution! Thank you
09/30/2022 Thank you again, excellent quality and fast service. Can be counted on.
09/30/2022 Excellent work, fast service, always good quality. Thank you
09/30/2022 Once again, way before my deadline, and outstanding.  I'll just keep coming back paper after paper.  Garkgee is a paper writting beast!!
09/29/2022 delivered what I asked for! thanks for saving me time.
09/29/2022 Love the work and delivery time! My go to professor!
09/29/2022 Early and great work
09/29/2022 just great work and always on time
09/29/2022 Life save and great work
09/29/2022 On time and grade A work
09/29/2022 Did a great job! Thank you!
09/28/2022 Perfect. Thank you!
09/28/2022 awsome!!!
09/28/2022 My professor perfectly exucted the topic for my essay, i love it.
09/27/2022 Awesome!  kicked me back a fine piece of work before my due date.  Submitted my paper, and even before I have received feedback I have the ball rolling on my next one.  Good stuff for sure, thanks a million!
09/27/2022 Very happy with the nursing resolution you provided! thanks for the fast return!
09/27/2022 Happy with the results
09/26/2022 great credibility 
09/26/2022 Great work! I am very happy with this resolution!
09/25/2022 Great work, very detailed, and satisfying. Completed work in a very timely manner. I will definetly be using this professor again.
09/25/2022 Great paper, thanks!!!
09/25/2022 The project is finished with rapid turnaround time. All aspects of the project are completed with accuracy and meet the requirements layed out. Best professor to use for this subject matter A++++++++++++
09/24/2022 Excellent work! thanks for the fast service! highly recommend.
09/23/2022 Damn, (mic drop). Excellent work. FAST, excellent quality. Will use again. Thank you
09/23/2022 Highly recommend this professor for all nursing reated work!
09/23/2022 Thanks for the great work!
09/21/2022 A good well structured written essay. Very professional.
09/20/2022 A great professor who is beyond knowledgeable! smiley
09/20/2022  Always early!
09/19/2022 Thanks for the fast resolution to this project! you provided exactly what I requested.
09/18/2022 Completed early and accurate
09/18/2022 Solution was completed in less than 72hrs. This professor is incredible and I will use them again!
09/17/2022 Very happy with my paper! Thanks for doing a great job! 

09/14/2022 Thanks for finishing the project so fast! you are a real life saver!
09/14/2022 Great work, thank you!
09/13/2022 Completed and excellent 
09/13/2022 TImely and an expert in the field of health care matters! 
09/13/2022 Good 
09/13/2022 Thanks for the excellent service!! 

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