Date Comment Rating
05/20/2019 thank you 
05/20/2019 Great job
05/19/2019 This Professor is Amazing and professional!!! Always on time with a great paper!!!
05/19/2019 Professional to say the least.  Exceeded my expectations and my solicited timeline.  Responded to all emails quickly.  Short, to the point and exceeded my page count. 24 hour turnaround!
05/18/2019 This is a great paper he/she listened and took into account all the notes i made for him/her. They gave more then enough resources and went over the word count that was needed. would definitely recommend!
05/17/2019 Did an OK job researching but there were NO arguments, so the entire essay just looks like scattered information they paraphrased from the internet. Had to use another proffor a rewrite. Replies quite fast though. 
05/16/2019 Great Work, Thank You!
05/16/2019 Thank you Thank you Thank you! Timely and well done paper!
05/16/2019 Hard to complain when everything you asked for is done properly and returned on time.
05/15/2019 Did an Excellent job on this last minute 5 page paper. Definitely recommend this professor.
05/15/2019 The paper needed a few edits and the instrcutions had to clarified a few times, over-all a positive experience. Thank you for the effort. 
05/15/2019 Great Work. Got more than requested.
05/14/2019 Excellent work. 
05/13/2019 Great essay, written with amazing detail. He covered everything in the criteria I specified, and even included a cover page. Amazing Job!
05/12/2019 One of the papers wasn't done exactly right, but to be fair, there weren't many guidelines to go off of. They were done before the deadline and both written very nicely. Thanks for your help!!

05/12/2019 Great work, delivered before due time!
05/11/2019 Amazing work, finished in a timely manor and was accurate with what I needed in the assignment. 100% reccomend this professor for all your assignments.
05/10/2019 excellent and on time

05/09/2019 I wanted to wait until after my grade to rate the professor. Outstanding! Got the assignment to me the day before specified deadline and it was ready to turn in. My assignment was in the accounting field and it scored a 97/100. 
05/08/2019 Completed work fast and did a great job.
05/07/2019 Thorough research, succinct language, and timely. 
05/06/2019 Thank you unemployeed professors!
05/05/2019 Perfect and delivered early.
05/03/2019 Got a 0 on my final paper 1. because it was a summary of an essay I sent him. 2. It had no citations from the book i sent him. 3. the spelling and grammar was absolutely awful.
05/03/2019 Above and beyond awesome.  Thank you!
05/02/2019 Good with the exception of some grammar. Would use again
05/02/2019 Thank you!
05/01/2019 Clearly described the subject matter and got the paper done in quick fashion. Definitely would reccomend!
05/01/2019 Killed it.
05/01/2019 Thank you!
05/01/2019 Wow just wow. You need your paper written this is the guy also known as the goat. If you have a chance to have your paper written by this person go ahead and just choose him there is no need to look at the other bidders. Should I have to do this again I'm picking this guy 10 out of 10 times. 
04/30/2019 Awesome well written essay that met all the requirements 
04/30/2019 Fair Price, On Time, Responsive, and cooperative on requests/inputs. Will definitely be requesting this writer in the future. The only reason this is not 10 Stars is the slight errors in paper and needing to be slightly refined but in doing so he was completely cooperative and ended with a result I was more than happy with.
04/30/2019 The best person for your work, got it done a day early and followed the guidelines I set out.
04/29/2019 Got a 71 and it was late
04/29/2019 No communication, literally copy pasted the problem question from the source i put up, could have done it myself and spared all the money since fixing this took more time than actually doing it.
04/28/2019 Simply superv. Would recommend this professor, hands down, and I am VERY peeky about the work I turn in. Keep up the good quality work, Professor!
04/27/2019 excllent and well written 
04/27/2019 Exceeded expectation with quality and delivering ahead of schedule.
04/27/2019 Amazing
04/26/2019 Excellent! Excellent!!!. Second time using this professor and i must say i am extremely happy with the service and the grades. I got A's on both papers. He is willing to fix errors, or do ove your paper. He does not disappoint.
04/26/2019 Great edits and well worth the money! 
04/25/2019 Very impressed with the quality of writing and subject-matter knowledge demonstrated. Completed the project early and was responsive to all of my questions/comments. Would highly recommend working with this professor!
04/25/2019 The professor completed my assignment in a timely manner and even exceeded the page requirements that I requested. There were a good amount of simple grammatical errors present in the paper, but with one good sit through and read, it was no problem changing them as the larger chunks of info for spot on!
04/25/2019 Ecellent work and super quick to respond and deliver!
04/24/2019 Did not follow guidelines (Pretty much got a D...I assume it was for putting my name on it) - I asked for time to go over it with the professor because it felt it was off and I needed to make sure how to verbalize it so that he could see how the guidlines werent followed. because of a delay in the comunication the company removed the funds and pays the writer. I've used them several times and never had an issue. The amount of money was large and this really left a bad taste in my mouth. Be cautious about responding as funds will be removed - keep communication open till you are atisfied with the work. 
04/24/2019 Did not follow guidelines (Pretty much got a D...I assume it was for putting my name on it) - I asked for time to go over it with the professor because it felt it was off and I needed to make sure how to verbalize it so that he could see how the guidlines werent followed. because of a delay in the comunication the company removed the funds and pays the writer. I've used them several times and never had an issue. The amount of money was large and this really left a bad taste in my mouth. Be cautious about responding as funds will be removed - keep communication open till you are atisfied with the work. 
04/24/2019 Very helpful! you will be very satisfied with his service! 
04/24/2019 i appreciate it! Very well done, and ill definitely ask for you in the future
04/23/2019 Great work. Very satisfied and worth every penny. Done extremely fast. Thank you!
04/23/2019 Very good and quick turn
04/22/2019 I'm very impressed by the quality. The writing is great but, the depth of information is what sealed the deal. I was wary of having someone with a non-chemistry background write an advance chem term paper but in reading it I would never have guess the writer hadn't spent years studying chemistry. 
04/22/2019 submitted a brilliant piece of work turned in way before the deadline. I'm difficult to impress but this professor exceeded my expectations. Thanks
04/20/2019 My only complaint is that you failed to have communication with me, but other than that I really appreciate the work.
04/20/2019 Amazing and fast.
04/19/2019 Great Work, really impressed.
Many thanks for writing a paper on criminology topic.
04/19/2019 Amazing job, took what I had started and flushed out the remainder of the paper for me.  Overall readsm similar to how I would write and met the requirments needed.  Would use again!
04/19/2019 Did a very good job
04/19/2019 The professor did an amazing job! They hit all the topics I asked them to, and exceeded my expectations. I had to fix some grammer, as well as remove the exsessive "the"'s in the paper, but other than that is was perfect. Normally because of this I would give 9/10, but because of the following I gave them 10/10:

This paper enabled me to extend the paper the professor wrote, and take their 8 pages and turn it into 11! Without this professor, I would have still been in a rut. Thanks again!!
04/17/2019 Got a high B.
04/17/2019 Excellent Work.
I am really lucky to have him/her placed a bid on my project.
Would totally recommend his/her work.
Did everything I asked for, that too soo professionally.
04/17/2019 Wrote the paper very quickly which was appreciated. Unfortunately, it only got an 83; I was definitely hoping for a higher grade :/
04/16/2019 Very good service, would reccomend to anyone who needs a good paper done fast. 
04/16/2019 Received a 15/15 for my project!
it was very well written and followed each and every guideline. 
04/16/2019 always does a great job.  A's every time.
04/16/2019 always does a great job.  A's every time.
04/16/2019 always does a great job.  A's every time.
04/16/2019 always does a great job.  A's every time.
04/16/2019 always does a great job.  A's every time.
04/16/2019 always does a great job.  A's every time.
04/16/2019 always does a great job.  A's every time.
04/16/2019 always does a great job.  A's every time.
04/15/2019 Excellent. I would definitely reccommend.
04/14/2019 Really well written paper!
04/13/2019 Excellent 
04/13/2019 Very well written! When I turned it in to my teacher, he suggested that I change some things within the paper at first. This professor was excellent to work with and made every change that was required for me to make an "A" on my paper!
04/13/2019 always on time 
04/12/2019 Very quality and fast work. 
04/12/2019 The paper is well written and all instructions that were given were met. I am very satisfied with it and give the writer 10/10.
04/12/2019 Completed the project exactly as a I asked, will definitely use this professor again.  Great work!
04/12/2019 Great, Easy, Early and just what I needed. Thank you and take care
A+, I would use this professor again.  Great work.

04/12/2019 This guy is a genious! He finished a college group assignment in less than 24 hours with superb quality. Highly reccomend this guy.
04/11/2019 I'm a actually pretty bloody impressed - 1000 words of research finished 2 days early and very well-written 
04/11/2019 Very quick and professional! Thank you so much!
04/10/2019 Excellent work exceeding the graduate level. Had the assignment completed before the due date and even worked with me in the changes of requirements for the paper
04/10/2019 Got my paper in before the deadline and was very well written
04/09/2019 Did edits on my paper, great job! Thanks!!
04/08/2019 Fast work very professional 
04/08/2019 super professional, super fast work with quick response time.
04/08/2019 Thank you so much!
04/07/2019 Thank you Professor
04/05/2019 Done great and timely!
04/04/2019 10/10 perfect
04/04/2019 Followed instructions as asked and complied with my requests the whole way, would definitely recommend 
04/04/2019 The project was done very quickly and the instructions were followed exactly. However, I had to go through the assignment and correct many grammar errors that I did not expect would be an issue if this writer had the qualifications that he claimed to have. Overall I am ok with the work, however, I would hope that next time I would see better quality writing for the price. 
04/04/2019 Project was completed early, and revisions were made in a timely fashion. Excellent and quick responses from the Professor too! Thank you very much. 
04/03/2019 Way ahead of schedule! Thank you!!
04/03/2019 Great essay, done with time to spare. Thanks a lot! A+
04/03/2019 Thank you!
04/02/2019 Better than expected. I’m pleased
04/01/2019 well done paper, a little wordy but well written, and completed in a very quickly.
03/31/2019 Professor completely failed to accomplish the assignment to the specifications asked.  What was produced was the most elementary school writing i have ever read and not even close to grad school standard
03/30/2019 I recieved a perfect score on this paper, the professor was beyond impressed with the writing technique and was amazed how everything he was looking for in the paper was there.
03/30/2019 Helped me out when I was in a bind... even got it to me before the due date. 
03/29/2019 Best professor! 
03/29/2019 thanks!
03/29/2019 The Professor who wrote my paper was excellent, not only did he place a bid shortly after my post, but they also did a wonderful job with the paper.  
03/29/2019 I got my report faster than anticipated and the quality was better than I expected. Thanks a ton!
03/29/2019 Would 100% use this prof again, highly recommend!!
03/29/2019 Exactly what I asked for, followed the marking guide perfectly. Recieved an outstanding grade!
03/29/2019 Thank You! Very Fast!
03/29/2019 Great work and completes on time.
03/29/2019 Follows instructions well.
03/28/2019 Amazing prof!
03/28/2019 Originally finished the paper on time. Did not completely follow all the intial instructions, however, was willing to make corrections in a timely fashion. Now, I happy with my paper. Thanks!
03/27/2019 Incredible! I was very sketched out reading lots of reviews online, but I was in a pinch and went for it. Great paper. Literally might have to dumb it down so it looks more like my writing. Thanks so much!
03/26/2019 Well-done. I am thrilled about the work provided. I will be providing my own spice into the essay but nonetheless the professor exceeded my expectations. 
03/26/2019 Amazing and timely work!
03/26/2019 Did great on the paper 
03/26/2019 Did all work in a timely manner before requested completion date. 
03/25/2019 Excellent job! Additonally, it was completed before deadline!
03/24/2019 He did a great job and even went over the word count. 
03/24/2019 Great work - thanks!
03/22/2019 good guy, finished before my timeline. Much appreciated work
03/22/2019 got it done fast AF
03/18/2019 Great work! Delivered in a timely manner! 
03/18/2019 Received a failing grade on the paper. I asked for 5 pages and he only submitted 4. Grammar was terrible.
03/16/2019 My professor delivered the assignment right on time and followed all specifications that I requested. My topic was very technical and I feared that he would not grasp the advanced concepts, which also required industrial applications, but the paper reads beautifully and is actually longer than I requested! There are just a few grammatical errors but those are easy to correct and he even provided a free edit to update figures for the paper. Thank you!
03/16/2019 decent work may need you down the road for the 10 pager
03/16/2019 great work!!!
great paper thank you so so much
03/15/2019 This is my first time using UP and GarkGee was quick in action and made everything look very polished.  You will be seeing me more often.  Thank you!!!
03/14/2019 exceeded my expectations, Thank you
03/14/2019 Great job and done before the due date given.
Thank you!
03/14/2019 This professor has written 7 total assignments for me. Everything from bibliography and outline to reseach papers. I have gotten an A on the ones graded so far. I will always request this professor for all my assignments. 
03/13/2019 Completed in a very timely manner! Well researched and written.
03/13/2019 Good, quick work. Would def use this Professor again.
03/12/2019 Great work!! 
03/12/2019 Got an A! :) 
03/12/2019 great timing and profesional but i got a 76 on the paper
03/09/2019 Completed in a very timely manner and with impeccible accuracy. Would highly reccomend.
03/07/2019 Amazing job thank you so much! Very fast and great 
03/07/2019 First draft was rushed and subpar, but he agreed to rewrite from scratch and exceeded my expectations. Definitely would use again, and highly recommend!
03/07/2019 Once again amazing work, use this professor for any topic and he will deliver. 
This professor did an amazing job on the project that he worked on for me. Was very happy with his work.
03/06/2019 Great work - thanks!
03/06/2019 Great work - thanks!
03/06/2019 Perfect essay plan! exactly what i asked for
03/05/2019 Good paper as always.
03/05/2019 Amazing job! I put the wrong due date (2 weeks after it was due and I needed it in a couple of days) and he still gave me quality work, very fast. Definitely my preferred professor!
03/05/2019 This professor is legit.  The paper addressed the requirements exactly and had substance. If you’re doing a political science paper, definitely pick this professor.  Thanks for your help!
03/05/2019 This professor is great. Turned in the essay with plenty of time to spare and answered any questions I had afterwords.
03/05/2019 Followed the instructions well and returned work before the due date. Great work and writing!!
03/04/2019 Great work thank you!
03/03/2019 Very happy with the finished product. My rubric was followed, the organization of the document was as I requested, and the document was returned at the time promised. Minor edits needed, mainly to add a personal touch. Great work!!
03/03/2019 Great person, Wrote essay before deadline, which gave me time to look through it and it was well done, Would pick again in the future for essays. 
03/01/2019 Thank you it was great
03/01/2019 Beast
02/28/2019 Quick and well written
good stuff
02/28/2019 Incredible wrok!
02/28/2019 Amazing!
02/28/2019 Absolutely incredible work!
02/28/2019 Amazing work and more than helpful! Highly recommend!
02/27/2019 always a good job done before the due date.
02/26/2019 Great and timely
02/25/2019 Good work
02/22/2019 Well written and informative. 
02/19/2019 Thank you so much.
02/19/2019 Fantastic. Did exactly what was needed and very quickly. Will definitely use again. 
02/18/2019 Overall, ok. Provided paperback sooner than expected. Had to correct many grammatical issues outlined within the instructions. 
02/18/2019 Amazing work. Very quick. Will be using this professor again!
02/18/2019 great paper and very timely!
02/17/2019 Good work - thanks!
02/17/2019 Good work - thanks!
02/17/2019 Good work - thanks!
02/16/2019 Thank you for the awesome work and the speedy response!!! 
02/16/2019 great
02/16/2019 Quick responses. All of my request were met and then exceeded. Great Work! 
02/14/2019 good work
02/14/2019 Perfection. I have no complaints
02/14/2019 Fantastic work
02/14/2019 Paper was very good but needed some grammatical corrections.
02/14/2019 Much respect for this writer. Great commnuication skills was quick to make changes that I requested. Highly recommend is a fast writer!
02/13/2019 Looks awesome!
02/12/2019 really kind professor

02/12/2019 Thorough, completed all aspects of the project, and made it clear and concise. Done on time, and the best prof on this site. SO HAPPY, THANK YOU
02/11/2019 Excellent work and was delivered on time!!
02/11/2019 really good, and quick. 
02/10/2019 assignment came out perfect, just what I asked for and before the due date! 
02/10/2019 Got at 98.66%. First time ever using the site and I was a bit skeptical but it was DEFINITELY money well spent. Thanks!! 
02/10/2019 Amazing work, essay was very informative and turn around was before required time!
02/09/2019 Amazing quality and fast service!
02/09/2019 The paper got a B.... I had to correct alot of obvious mispellings....