Date Comment Rating
05/25/2020 great work
05/24/2020 The paper wasn't even 4 pages. You spaced everything out and added titles that weren't need just to take up space on the paper. I'M NOT HAPPY WITH THIS PAPER.
05/24/2020 Professor completed my assignment before deadline but I only got 87% :(
05/24/2020 My 12-page was retuened as a 16- page paper to account for title, table of content, and rerence pages. It was perfect. Great sentence structure and flow. The final product Included tables and all needed references. Assignment was delivered early. Very happy with the product.
05/24/2020 Very happy with the work that was done!
05/23/2020 10/10 Perfect essay for my English Final, definitely recommend!!
05/21/2020 Great Job!
05/21/2020 perfect every time
05/20/2020 Came though in the clutch with top work
05/20/2020 A+ Paper!!!
05/20/2020 /thanks!
05/20/2020 Very friendly! Finished my paper within the given stipulated time
05/20/2020 Content was ok. In his defence, the professor did offered free unlimited revisions before accepting payment, but the essay's english and sentence composition left me no other choice but to rate him 50%. Some of the senteces were very hard to understand and his/her dominance of the english language is clearly not a strong point. I had to basically rewrite whole sections to make the paragraphs flow. I'm sorry.
05/19/2020 Great service got what I needed on time would definitely use this professor again 
05/19/2020 delivers quality work and always before deadline. very reliable !!!
05/18/2020 Excellent!
05/18/2020 Less than 24 hour turn around for the solution.  Met the intent of the assignment and exceeded my expectations.  Would use again!
05/18/2020 Quality prof.  This is one of my go to for any project.
05/18/2020 Quality prof.  This is one of my go to for any project.
05/17/2020 Another 10 Star assignment
05/16/2020 Overall great paper. It actually sounded like something I would write. The paper meets the requirements.

After reading through it, I had to replace some words I would probably never use, like au contrare, canard, ergo, and inchoate.
There were many instances of double spacing after a period even though most of the paper was single spaced. 
I submitted my previous papers in Time New Roman 12 and had to convert this paper from Calibri 11.
05/16/2020 best guy
05/16/2020 WOW!  I had a tough engineering lab report and he did an unbelieveable job!
05/15/2020 So happy with my paper and done way before the deadline and included everything I needed. Thank You so much !
05/15/2020 Fantastic work and super fast! 
05/14/2020 Cannot thank this professor enough! Sadly I can't rate more than 10 stars!
05/14/2020 Fast and quality work! 
05/14/2020 Saves my ass everytime, Highly recommend.  
05/13/2020 Awesome work
05/13/2020 Amazingly donde with well susbtantial reasearch and reasoning
05/13/2020 I got a 75 on my paper and while the professor writing the paper covered parts of the prompt, he did not address some of the key issues stated in the paper instructions and grading rubric. He was very willing to work with me on changing a few parts and he did, but overall missed the point of the assignment. It was more of a book report on taxes versus being a reserach paper of major economic issues and possible ways to solve them.
05/13/2020 Amazing job!!! 100% original work, just waiting for my school to give me a grade but otherwise I am very impressed and will definitely use this again.
05/12/2020 Incredible work.  Remembers you and your preferences.  
05/11/2020 Very professional professor
05/11/2020 Great Paper! Definitely recommending this professor.
05/08/2020 Thourgh and well writen, deffinitly plan on using the same professor again in the furture.
05/08/2020 well writen and great flow.
05/08/2020 10 star easy
05/07/2020 Paper was somewhat inaccurate but good job otherwise.
05/07/2020 Groovy
05/07/2020 Thank you
05/07/2020 Quality paper completed early. Thank you!
05/07/2020 nice

05/06/2020 Great work-- i keep using this prof. and is exceeding my expectiations. 
05/06/2020 Great Experience! Professor asked questions prior to starting the project to make sure exactly what I needed. Finished project early and exceeded expectations
05/05/2020 Great article reveiw regarding customer service. Highly recommend.
05/05/2020 They delivered the paper before the deadline and followed my instructions exactly! Will defnitely work with this professor again!
05/05/2020 Got a hundred on my paper!  Great work.
05/05/2020 Work was exactly how I instructed, If not better. Will definitly be coming back.
05/05/2020 I was nervous to use this because it was my first time but my Irish literature essay came out great! I made a few minor changes that took me maybe 10 minutes! The essay was done a few hours early which I really appreciated! I will definitley use this professor again, I was very impressed!!
05/05/2020 Consistently one of the best professors!
05/04/2020 The worst money I've ever spent. Barely passed the assignment, which was provided in full detail over a week before. I am extremely disappointed as it brought my grade down in the class. Many mistakes and repetitive sentences that didn't make any sense.
05/04/2020 Overall, professor did an outstanding job. He was able to finish the project a day early. I noticed the references had minor errors, so I had to fix them. After receiving feedback from my instructor, he was willing to make any changes necessary. Fortunatley, I passed and very pleased with the professor! Thank you so much!!! 
05/04/2020 I was disappointed with this particular experience.  The product, even after revision, was sloppy and incomplete.  This was despite almost explicit guidance from a template provided, which included examples in some cases (and provided the formatting required for the assignment which was riddled with issues also).  I appreciated the early completion to allow for my review because it needed it.  I returned revision requests, which were not completely fulfilled, as well as a reminder to include one of the reference materials that I had attached to the project submission initially.  For example, a table was included in the assignment which had some cells already filled as a guide for the remaining data to be provided.  The contributor filled some cells with incoherent data that made no sense in this application.  I pointed this out in my request for revision and it was only feebly and partially corrected before returning the revised version.  Although they claimed to offer “unlimited revisions”, if you don’t do what I ask, what good is that?  Enough time wasted here complaining, time to revamp this project so it’s ready for submitting.
05/04/2020 I had no WIFI due to COVID19 and could not properly research a paper under a set deadline... so I found this on my phone. For anyone questioning this unemployed professors, GarlKGee delivered my paper a day and a half early with a 2 day notice. After the 1st draft I asked for a few revisions which GarlKGee timely returned the same day. I am awaiting the grade still, but with the proper prompt and communication, this professor seems to be on top of things. 
05/03/2020 did the work in a timley manner 
05/02/2020 He/She wrote the paper within a day and submitted it before the deadline. I only had to make mininmal changes just to make the language sound more like myself. Got a 95 on the paper. 
05/01/2020 Great words. On Time. Thanks again!!
05/01/2020 Very professional, he finished the project couple of hours before deadline gave me enough to time to review. 
05/01/2020 Honestly dumbfounding how well written and put together this essay was. The time limit I provided was absurdly low, to the point I expected to be turned away. This professor was able to not only meet the deadline, but turn it in nearly a day early. 
04/30/2020 This is exactly what I was hoping for- a well written, not overly acedemic essay. It was on time with no issues. Thank you!!
04/30/2020 GREAT
04/29/2020 Thank you so much. GREAT
04/29/2020 Excellent work my professor was very impressed!
04/28/2020 Great work on a short deadline.  
04/28/2020 The work that was done was amazing and done in a timely matter. Thank you!
04/28/2020 Before Deadline. Life saver. Thank you!
04/27/2020 Overall not a bad assignment. Simple things like font style and style were not followed but thats an easy fix. Had to spend a few hours editing (the professor did offer but it was just easier to do it myself than explain) to change some of the information that was contradictory as well as aim the assignment more towards what the actual task required. However it was still an indepth and very strong base to get the assignment across the line. 
04/27/2020 Well thought out and thorough work. I would highly recommend. 
04/27/2020 Delivered project on time. 
04/27/2020 Awesome everytime
04/27/2020 Solid work everytime!
04/27/2020 Paper was completed early before due date and was exactly what was aksed. 
04/26/2020 top quality professor. great work and delivers on time or early
solid paper. A+
04/26/2020 A++
04/26/2020 A++, quick delivery
04/26/2020 will definitely use again 
04/26/2020 Two projects witht his professor and got A's!! Thanks for the great work!     
04/25/2020 It was so good!!
04/25/2020 My go-to professor. Very versitile and gets the job done flawlessly everytime!
04/25/2020 Great work!
04/25/2020 Completed on time before deadline. Well written and included everything I asked for. Top-tier professor!!
04/25/2020 Great prof.
04/24/2020 Great professor! Returned my messages almost instantly and finished the project 3 days early. Highly recommend this professor.
04/24/2020 Solution provided quickly and per specifications
04/24/2020 This professor did an amazing job on my research paper about Euthanasia. Instructions were followed and I got the paper more than a day in advance so that I would be able to review it. 
04/24/2020 Really help me out during a time crunch!
04/24/2020 Wonderfully prepared paper. Done ahead of deadline as always. Couldn't ask for anyone better than this professor. 
04/24/2020 I continue to select this professor anytime I post a project. I know that I am going to get a quality paper that is always on time. Thanks again GarKGee!
04/24/2020 I received an 85% on this midterm paper mostly because of run-on sentences and missing commas. I would definetely use this professor again and just proof-read a little better.
04/23/2020 Got my paper a day early which made me feel really at ease. This was my first time using this service so I was nervous but wow I am blown away. Overall amazing job, exactly what was asked of the professor. Definitely recommend!
04/23/2020 This professor is the best!
04/23/2020 i have used this proffesor on numerous ocasions and have never been disapointed. work is always on point and on time and at times the work is even done early way before the due date. his communication is great and always gets back to you in a timely fasion. i HIGHLY reccomend A++++++++++++ 100%
04/23/2020 Thank you professor you've been really helpful!
04/23/2020 Great product. Asked for a revision and it was completed in less than an hour. 
04/23/2020 Finished my paper before my deadline, completed all aspects of the requirement, and got me 100%! Will be using his services again!
04/22/2020 Great work especially since I needed help so last minute! delivered way ahead of time and included more than i asked! Thank you so very much!
04/22/2020 Got the assignment done quickly with short notice so that I had time to read it over and turn it in on time. 
04/22/2020 On time, professional, helpful to my research. thanks!
04/22/2020 Great work, and received it early!
04/22/2020 Great job, thank you!
04/21/2020 Great Job!
04/21/2020 Did a nice job of writing and included everything I asked for. 
04/21/2020 great work and sent in such a timely manner with a lot of review time! Very professional. I will continue to keep using this prof. 
04/21/2020 ty
04/20/2020 Amazing and insightful work
04/19/2020 He was punctual 
04/18/2020 Amazing job!!
04/18/2020 Project was completed early with time to spare. A+ work!
04/18/2020 great job as always! a day early too!
04/17/2020 Great work!
04/17/2020 Fantastic Job as usual!!
04/17/2020 Thank you so much, awesome!
04/17/2020 Is there a way to give better than a PERFECT rating?
04/17/2020 Amazing work, cannot say enought good things.
04/16/2020 Another excellent job well done. Amazing support even after project is complete.
04/16/2020 Perfection!!!!!!!
04/16/2020 Completed my assignment very fast and before it was due and even wrote a little more than was needed.
04/16/2020 I recommend this proff. Finished before the deadline and I got A on my assignment 
04/15/2020 Fast and proficient. Will use again.
04/13/2020 Finished the assignment in a record time, very responsive and the work was fabulous.
04/13/2020 Great job!
04/13/2020 This professor did a good job over all, and im happy with the results! Also completed the assignment well before the deadline.
04/13/2020 THANK YOU SO MUCH!
04/11/2020 Excellent work as always!!! 
04/11/2020 Great work on my paper!!!! Thank you so much! 
04/11/2020 Followed all directions. A+
04/11/2020 I use this prof all the time & papers are usually VERY well written. The last one I received seemed a bit rushed when he still had multiple days to finish it. Had to correct many errors but overall it was a decent paper!
04/10/2020 Very efficient, very professional. Finished early and asked if I needed any revisions which was super helpful.
The Feminist part of the essay was not strong but the quality of rest of the work was perfect.
04/09/2020 Great work
04/08/2020 Great work!
04/08/2020 he was very timely
04/08/2020 Always on time. HIghly reccomend this professor!
04/07/2020 Work was presented ahead of deadline, giving time for any adjustments that needed to be made. However, it was perfect from the start. Professional, knowledgable, and an articulate writer. 
04/07/2020 Finished a few days before the deadline so that I can do any revisons if needed. Completed the project and followed instructions great! I just had to switch a few words around so that the essay sounded like me. However, i do think this prof mixed up the references for my paper and another paper so i'm glad i checked on that before handing it in. Otherwise did a great job! thank you!
04/07/2020 Followed provided instructions. I checked the work with a plagerism checker and the paper was 100% original. Essay was professionally written, will use this unemployed professor again in the furture!
04/07/2020 Didnt follow instructions what to ever. Uses large words to make it look like he completed the project but dont be fooled.
04/07/2020 Always ontime even if given a little amount of time.
04/06/2020 Minor mistakes, overall task completed.
04/05/2020 Great tutor, always willing to help and adding my input to the paper. Always ask to review the paper, if you're satisfy he would revised it until the student is satisfy.
04/05/2020 Got all needed points. Thank you! 
04/04/2020 Really good work!
04/02/2020 Great job! and got a day early too!
04/02/2020 Did good work
04/02/2020 Great work and communication!
04/01/2020 Paper was completed well before it was due!
04/01/2020 Great work!
04/01/2020 Great job as always, finished early 
04/01/2020 I appreciate your quick and professional work! 
03/31/2020 Surprisingly fast but still high quality - good choice
03/31/2020 A+ paper! 
03/31/2020 Directions were not followed. Report was written and structured correctly. 
03/30/2020 Got my paper done in time and offered free revisions
03/30/2020 Great work 
03/29/2020 proffesor did a great job on the paper. 
03/28/2020 Turned back to me 2 days early! Passed first attempt with no revisions necessary!  Definately reccomend and will use againin the future!! excellet! A+ A+ A+
03/28/2020 Great job!
03/28/2020 Great Communication. Highly recommend!
03/27/2020 I have used this prof a few times, each time he has followed my detailed instructions and produced well written papers that were well before the deadline. A+++
03/27/2020 GarKGee did an amazing job writing my paper! Admittedly, I completely forgot i even had a paper due until the day before but GarKGee still got it done on time and got me an A. I would highly recommend!!
03/27/2020 GarKGee did an amazing job writing my paper! Admittedly, I completely forgot i even had a paper due until the day before but GarKGee still got it done on time and got me an A. I would highly recommend!!
03/25/2020 Garkee continues to be consistent with my work. He was able to do an outline followed by a reaserch paper. Is in touch throughout the process to ensure that he is follwong the rubic requirements for a perfect score!
03/24/2020 Professor wrote exacly what I needed even before due time. Great!
03/24/2020 Great work and on time!
03/24/2020 If I wasn't in such a time crunch i would have re-written this..I had to make a lot of corrections and add a lot of content but I still had a the paper completed before the posted due date. Thank you!
03/23/2020 Did a great job, thank you. 
03/23/2020 Excenlent job! I had a tight deadline and he was able to exceed my need and expectations.  Thank you
03/22/2020 great job! got an 87% of my paper 
03/21/2020 I got my assignment before the deadline and he followed the assignment guideline.
03/21/2020 Wow! First time to get help from him, but defentily not the last! Amazing job
03/20/2020 Excellent! Thank you!
03/20/2020 Great work! 
03/19/2020 Truly Amazing work. Thank you!
03/19/2020 finished assignment earlier and did a great job! 
03/19/2020 Thank you!
03/18/2020 Thank you!
03/18/2020 Did a great job and turned in the assigment early 
03/18/2020 Good work got an A! WIll use this Professor again in the future!! Communication was spot on! and he got me my work well before the due date!!!!

03/18/2020 Turned it in SUPER EARLY! Great paper (: 
03/17/2020 Thanks alot <3
03/17/2020 Perfectly done 
03/17/2020 Received A- great work!
03/16/2020 Garkee is consitent with his work everytime. He was able to do an outline and then my research paper using all the refencecs from the univesity library. Highly reccomend professional and quick turn around. 
03/16/2020 Paper was great, he was fast to complete, I had not noticed it was finished so soon because the notification went to my spam folder. He completed it 3-4 days in advance to give me time to review and ask for any revisions if necessary. 
03/15/2020 For someone so highly rated the product felt liek it contained a lot of filler rather than actual content. While I was able to use it as a framework, I ultimatly had to rework much of it myself in order to submit it.
03/14/2020 WOW!  This professor went above and beyond expectionations. Thank you for the awesome paper!
03/14/2020 Finished in a very timely manner and got it done before the deadline. Good sources and works cited.
03/14/2020 Was very professional and was willing to accomodate all of my requests for me paper. 10/10 would recommend to anyone. 
03/13/2020 Great work, wonderful comunication, and received essays earlier than the deadline!
03/11/2020 Timely and efficient response.  Paper was amazing.
03/11/2020 Great communcation. Worked with me on the idea for the topic of the paper since the instructions from my actual professor were so vague. Thanks so much! 
03/11/2020 Fantastic paper & even finished it days ahead of due date!! Thank you so much!
03/10/2020 Perfect!
03/09/2020 Good work
03/09/2020 Good work