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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
06/25/2022 Amazing writing and very detailed.
06/25/2022 Another great paper! This one was completed on super short timeline and I still recieved a B+. Thank you! 
06/25/2022 excellent
06/25/2022 great job
06/24/2022 Great work done quickly!
06/24/2022 Extremely satisfied with the content and delivery was ahead of schedule. Can't thank you enough.
06/23/2022 very satisfied with the resuld provided!
06/23/2022 saved me from having to do this work! got an A!
06/23/2022 Very happy with work done!
06/22/2022 delivered so early and great work with revisions even!! thank you!!
06/21/2022 hes cool
06/20/2022 Great work, finished before deadline. amazing!
06/20/2022 Amazing job
06/19/2022 If I could marry Garkgee, I would. The work is always complete BEFORE due and always perfect. I always recieve a near perfect grade. I ONLY request Garkgee formy papers. You wont regret it!!
06/18/2022 Outstanding
06/17/2022 Thank you. 
06/16/2022 Prof didnt read instructions and got me a 50
06/15/2022 Thank you so much! 
06/14/2022 did a great job! followed the instructions and got my assisgment done before the requested date! 
06/13/2022 This professor always goes above and beyond. I made a mistake when putting information into my project about what it was supposed to be and had time to redo the work and submit me what I needed in time. Will always recommend this professor to anyone. 
06/12/2022 Amazing work and very responsive to questions and concerns! Thank you! 
06/11/2022 Awesome as usual! one of my favorite professors.
06/11/2022 On time and well written. 
06/11/2022 Fast and excellent work.
06/11/2022 Great work, each requirement was met and completed in one day, thank you!
06/10/2022 Good work
06/10/2022 Provided the assignment much earlier than I intially posted on the project! Thank you Garkee! 
06/10/2022 Great paper!
06/09/2022 Great
06/09/2022 Great job and quick turn around. Thank you.
06/09/2022 Came in earlier than expected and was very articulated! 10/10
06/09/2022 Incredibly efficent, very pleased
06/07/2022 Always getting work back early with plenty of time for revisions but I haven't needed one yet so... Great work
06/06/2022 A++ work always on time
06/04/2022 Completed before the deadline with no issues. 
06/04/2022  This is the second assigment that I have trusted with this professor and once again blew away the deadline by three weeks! I will be using this professor for every paper from here on out. 
06/04/2022 Great job as always! Also, always on time or super early! Just great job 
06/04/2022 Project was delivered in timely manner. 
06/03/2022 Quick and painless every time. Pick this one!
06/03/2022 Quick and painless like every other time. Pick this one!
06/03/2022 Had some issues on my end submitting documents. Did a great job communicating and completing project on time!! Highly Recommended. 
06/02/2022 nver disappointed with the work of GarKGee!
06/02/2022 Great Job. Even got it back to me early. Great communication throughout. 
06/02/2022 ?? 
06/01/2022 Thank you. 
05/31/2022 A++ work Always on time
05/31/2022 A++ always on time
05/28/2022 Always a great turn around time with high quality work!
05/27/2022 Thank you. 
05/26/2022 Always great! I highly recommend. He even helped me with a revision request from my professor.
05/25/2022 Overall, pretty good. Did not follow my instructions 100% and was not in complete mla format. Keep in mind you will have to go back and slightly edit to make essay your own. I would use this professor again. 
05/25/2022 Quick turn around time for a high quality, grade A paper!
05/24/2022 THIS PROFESSOR IS LIFE!!!!!!!! SIMPLY AMAZING! Did a tough critique paper in no time and when needed a revision did that within minutes! USE THIS PROFESSOR!!!! 
05/24/2022 Thank you. 
05/24/2022 Great ???? 
05/23/2022 Got a week before the deadline. Made very minor changes to fit my style, HOWEVER, the time and headache saved was well worth the cost and tip. Use this professor to save your mental health and time.
05/23/2022 A++ work always on time
05/23/2022 A++ work always on time
05/23/2022 A++ work always on time
05/23/2022 A plus!
05/20/2022 High quality on my law paper
05/20/2022 GREAT
05/20/2022 Awesome job!

05/19/2022 FInished before the deadline! Great paper. 
05/19/2022 Great delivery time.
05/19/2022 Great Job! Thank you so much
05/19/2022 Great Work
05/18/2022 10/10 would recommend. 
05/18/2022 Great paper thank you so much!
05/18/2022 Thank you. 
05/17/2022 Delivered on time and with a great quality. I highly reccomend this proffesor. 
05/17/2022 Another A. Thank you!
05/17/2022 A on paper 
05/17/2022 Great Paper 
05/17/2022 Great paper 
05/17/2022 Great paper 
05/17/2022 A on the paper 
05/14/2022 Wow... absolutely speechless, I was a little worried using this for my first time but after reading the assignment I will gladly be using this professor again !! 
05/14/2022 this professor thoes great work, they are fast and reliable. 
05/13/2022 I have used Gary a few times and although he does write great papers, some spell check needs to happen and I got 100 on the first paper he wrote for me an 85 on the second. 
05/13/2022 GEAT
05/13/2022 GREAT
05/12/2022 Great work ! 
05/11/2022 Thank you 
05/11/2022 Awesome work! very happy with the resolution of this assignment! great PowerPoint Presentation! exactly what I asked for!
05/11/2022 On time and well written. The references were not in alphabetical order.
05/11/2022 Amazing work once again
05/10/2022 Had the assignment finished before the due date that was given to them which allowed me ample time to look over their work. Assignment was well written and was what I was looking for. I would use this professor again in the future.
05/10/2022 Great Job!
05/09/2022 A+ work, always on time
05/09/2022 A+ work, always on time
05/09/2022 Responds very fast, great work on my group paper, finished early so I had time to review and even finished on short notice. 10/10!
05/08/2022 excellent
05/06/2022 A++ work always on time
05/06/2022 A++ work always on time
05/06/2022 A++ work, always on time
05/06/2022 Great work! as usual
05/06/2022 I am not satisfied with the work that was given to me.
05/06/2022 A+
05/06/2022 Perfect paper, A
05/05/2022 great work! very happy with resolution!
05/05/2022 Incredible work, will definitely use this service and if possible, this professor again in the future.
05/05/2022 Great job!
05/05/2022 Great job!
05/05/2022 Great job
05/05/2022 Awesome job
05/05/2022 Great job
05/05/2022 Great work
05/05/2022 10/10 recommend GarKGee! Always finishes the paper on time and never disappoints!
05/05/2022 He did exactly what I asked and had it to me in time to make any revisions before I turned it in. Just as promised. This was my first time using this site and I was nervous but I am super happy 
05/05/2022 Thank you!
05/03/2022 PROF always sending assignments back early to allow for editing. Really could not recommned a better PROF on here. 10/10 work.
05/03/2022 This PROF always goes above and beyond what is asked for. Always sending quality work early, or on time with great communication. 
05/02/2022 The paper you gave me has nothing to do with the prompt I gave you. 
05/02/2022 Awesome work!
05/02/2022 Awesome work! 
04/30/2022 Amazing job! Very timely production of work! Thank you immensley!
04/30/2022 very parient with me and on time 
04/30/2022 Great job
04/30/2022 Went above and beyond to make sure my essay was great.
04/30/2022 just what I asked for! very happy
04/30/2022 I would definitely recommend!
04/30/2022 excellent!
04/29/2022 My paper had to go through 4 iterations before it was acceptable, even that required heavy editing for grammar, factual accuracy, and formatting. To the professors credit they resonded quickly to all requests for re-writes and submitted the first version 2 weeks early, however, if the first version had not been 2 weeks early I would have had to write the entire paper from scratch it was so far off the given topic. I will not be using this professor again
04/29/2022 Honestly was skeptical at first and wasnt sure if the website was a scam so I posted a short piece of work that I really needed a bit of guidance on (about 300 words) and thought fuck it lets just give it a try I didn't have any high hopes tbh and that may be the reason I was so impressed. I was impressed as I actually recieved a good quality piece of work, that from what I've checked so far doesnt seem to be plagiarised which is what I was expecting.

The work i recieved does need some major tweaks if it was going to be submitted but overall the service gets a thumbs up from me I just wouldn't expect the service to fully do the work for you and more use it as a guide/help.
04/28/2022 Let me just start by saying I got a 98% on the paper which im very happy with - however that was after LOTS of editing on my part. Many in-text citations were missing, and when checking the articles used one was in a completely different language (turkish) with no option to translate to english. I reached out to this professor about the missing citations and his response was that paraphrasing did not need citations, and sent me the same paper, with the same information, but with different sources. These new sources were incorrectly cited in the reference list. The feed back I received from my class professor was "many missing citations" but again, at the end of the day I did receive a 98%. Personally, I was just upset that I paid a lot of money ($240) for a paper that required so much editing on my part. 
04/28/2022 Great job!
04/28/2022 Thank you for all your help
04/28/2022 very good 
04/28/2022 nice
04/27/2022 Great job, got an A
04/27/2022 On time and well written
04/26/2022 Thank you, great job
04/26/2022 Thank you!
04/25/2022 Homerun effort and outcome!!!! 10/10 would recommend!
04/25/2022 great 
04/24/2022 Phenomenal work and ahead of deadline!
04/23/2022 Exactly what I asked for and before the deadline.:) 
04/23/2022 Very well done and efficient paper! Also, finished two days before the deadline! Thank you so much!
04/23/2022 Time after time this professor exceeds expectations! Projects are thorough and delivered on time. Most are delivered earlier than the given deadline. Accomodating, responsive and always willing to go above and beyond. The professor actually reviews the project before just blindly submitting a bid. Professor ensures 100% understanding before taking on a project and asks for clarity, if needed. Straight forward, honest professor who I would trust with any project. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
04/23/2022 I submited a paper request on Friday and quickley got bids. I picked GarKGee because he was the top rated writer (but you can also search writers by field of expertise) and he finished it in less than 24 hours! Very easy to work with, good work. Now my weekend is stress free! Thank you!
04/22/2022 The best there is! Fantastic presentation. Delivered on time. In proper format. Thank you
04/21/2022 very happy with assignment resolution!
04/21/2022 Thank you.
04/21/2022 The professor wrote a great paper and did it in a very short amount of time. Would recommend and will use again!
04/20/2022 Meet my expectations 
04/20/2022 Good job finished ahead of schedule!
04/20/2022 Very good work! Professor was able to get my project to me 24hrs in advance of my deadline.
04/20/2022 finished before due date and followed all guidelines thank you
04/20/2022 Always reliable and never disappoints
04/20/2022 The work required came in a timely, well orchastrated manner. 
04/20/2022 Great work! delivered exactly what I asked for!
04/19/2022 Superb! Perfect score! Always on time
04/19/2022 Excellent work! Always on time! You can sit and relax! 
04/19/2022 Great job
04/19/2022 Great work!!!
04/18/2022 Got an A on my project about supply chain management
04/18/2022 Thank you!
04/18/2022 Thank you!
04/17/2022 Exactly what I asked for. Thank you.
04/16/2022 I have used this professor many times and never recieved less than a 90% on any assignment!
04/15/2022 Great job.
04/15/2022 Excellent work! Done before the due date. Cannot thank you enough. Will be back in the future! yes
04/15/2022 Early and perfect every time.
04/14/2022 Great job as usual
04/14/2022 Amazing job!
04/14/2022 Perfect on the first submission
04/14/2022 Thank you. 
04/13/2022 great job 

04/13/2022 Excellent Job! Perfect score.
04/13/2022 He stayed in contact with me through out my paper. My teacher writes a lot of extra things that confuse me and he helped me read the requirements and make sense of it. I had no issues and my paper turned out AMAZING! Worth every penny spent. It wasn't an easy assignment either well for me it wasn't however he finished it in less than a week and completed all the requirements. I had the paper 5 days before it was due. 
04/13/2022 Thank you!
04/12/2022 Great communication, high quality work. 
04/12/2022 always perfect 
04/12/2022 On time and meet all requirements. Recieved  an A
04/11/2022 Doesn't follow instructions. Unreliable.
04/11/2022 A++ work always on time
04/10/2022 Thank you!  Great Job & thanks for getting it to me fast!!!
04/09/2022 This essay was perfect and included everything I asked for and more! Thank you so much!
04/09/2022 Got me a 100
04/09/2022 Thank you. 
04/08/2022 He was amazing! I gave a 3 week deadline and he completed the paper within 2 days. The paper was writtened beautifully! 10/10 would recommend. 
04/08/2022 Great Essay and quick turn around.
04/08/2022 Delivers papers on a timely manner with exceptional quality 
04/07/2022 Didn't read instructions
04/07/2022 great
04/07/2022 Quick and quality work as always!
04/07/2022 Excellent
04/07/2022 Basic PowerPoint presentation; basic review of literature; low quality data presented from non-government sources. 
04/06/2022 Great job!
04/06/2022 Awesome work
04/06/2022 Amazing will use again.
04/06/2022 Always great work and timely! 
04/06/2022 Thank you. 
04/06/2022 Paper was a solid A+, done way ahead of time
04/06/2022 Great work
04/06/2022 Awesome work, would recommend 12/10
04/06/2022 Super fast
04/06/2022 Super Hepful 

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