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10/16/2021 THis prof was gret. He was super fast and finished my paper in less than 24 hours. A few grammar things here and there but nothing that can't be fixed in less than an hour. A little vague / repetitive but that was because my thesus wasn't spacific. I recommedn this guy, just make sure your are very spacific with exactly what you want. 

Also check to make sure he does footnotes correctly if you are using Chicago style. He did them but i needed to make a few edits. I reccomend this even though he would do them for you. I just didn't have the time to send back and fourth.
10/15/2021 thank you for delivering a great report!
10/15/2021 A+
10/15/2021 I've never been disappointed by Prof GarKGee. Multiple projects. All A's
10/15/2021 Always finish the project before deadline.
10/14/2021 this professor provided exactly what I had requested! very happy with product!
10/14/2021 Thank you!
10/14/2021 Fantastic job!
10/14/2021 Stellar work as usual, highly recommended!
10/13/2021 Great work, very professional.
10/13/2021 Thank you, very well written.
10/12/2021 Just amazing!
10/12/2021 Amazing paper and did it in a timely manner. Would definitley use this professor again!:)
10/11/2021 Exactly what I needed! Thanks!
10/11/2021 Awesome Job as always
10/11/2021 Great work
10/11/2021 Excellent
10/10/2021 Rushed but good enough...
10/09/2021 Not my first time using this professor.. SO fast!!!! Always efficent!
10/09/2021 100%
10/09/2021 Awesome
10/09/2021 Great work and was completed fast.
10/09/2021 very happy with results!
10/09/2021 This professor checked all the boxes that where required for this assignment! great work!
10/08/2021 Essay was poorly written and professor was not accommodating whatsoever

Not really .Kindly be honest and tell users that you needed an additional free file which I refused.
10/08/2021 Simply amazed
10/08/2021 Amazing
10/07/2021 References messed up but solid paper
10/07/2021 Just WOW
10/07/2021 Great
10/07/2021 Extremely fast!
10/07/2021 I highly recommend this professor! great work on the assignment that I requested!
10/07/2021 Fast communicator and timely delivery
10/07/2021 On time and qualtiy work
10/07/2021 perfect job
10/07/2021 Went above and beyond, great work.
10/06/2021 Great work
10/06/2021 Reliable as always!
10/06/2021 Great job 
10/06/2021 Very happy with the work and quick turn around time 

10/06/2021 Very happy with the work and quick turn around time 

10/06/2021 Great WORK! Early and answered everything on the outline provided. I will use them again and again for papers.
10/06/2021 This was completed very fast and excellent!
10/05/2021 Perfect paper. Always on time. Great work! thank you
10/05/2021 Perfect, Always on time. Great work thank you!!!
10/05/2021 Beautiful work!!
10/05/2021 Thank you 
10/04/2021 Thank you for the great work! saved me the time I needed to get other things done!
10/04/2021 great work! fast delivery! exactly what I asked for! Thanks!
10/04/2021 timely and accurate work
10/04/2021 The essay written was regurgated facts nothing was made personal there was no argument. it was more of an biography than essay. I failed and had to retake the year. 

Kindly don't lie just because I refused to do some additional free work for you. Its good to be honest sir.
10/04/2021 Great!. Completed the assignment well before the deadline. Very good communication
10/03/2021 As always, before the deadline and awesome work 
10/03/2021 Great work and well before the deadline 
10/02/2021 wonderfully done and ahead of schedule. 100% reccomned.
10/02/2021 This professor did a great job everything was done well, and perfect. I highly recommend him for your tasks.
10/02/2021 very happy with work received!
10/02/2021 First time partnering with this professor and I could not be more impressed with their work. The project exceeded every requirement and cut straight to the point. Thank you so much, and until next time!
10/01/2021 Very happy with finished product! delivered way ahead of deadline!
10/01/2021 Very fast!
10/01/2021 Thank you!
09/30/2021 Can't go wrong choosing this professor- I have used multiple times, hightly recommend
09/30/2021 The delivery was fast, precise, and what I requested. I really recommend this professor for your nursing needs! Has saved me a lot of time and effort!
09/30/2021 Good work. 
09/30/2021 Thoroughl and attentive. 
09/29/2021 quick and professional 
09/29/2021 Professor turned in project on time.
09/29/2021 Good work.
09/29/2021 Great work!
09/28/2021 assignment completed as requested! quality work!
09/28/2021 awesome work! FAST service! 
09/28/2021 very happy with final work! I would recommed this professor for all you homework needs!
09/28/2021 GarKGee is the best. You are foolish to not go GarkGee. Enough said. 
09/28/2021 Followed mostly all directions. Great work.
09/28/2021 This report was very basic but there was a lot of usable material. The conclusions read like they were straight out of a text book and did not match the descriptions of the employee situation in the assignment. It required substantial revision.    
09/27/2021 Amazing job! No issues here!
09/27/2021 good job
09/26/2021 Was great working with this professor! Thank you.
09/26/2021 Fast and efficient had the essay done before deadline. Great work overall, highly recommeded. 
09/26/2021 Impeccable English
09/25/2021 always reliable and finishes projects with time to spare
09/24/2021 This professor is lightening FAST.  Good content.  Appropriate prose and stance.  Definitely platinum for a reason. You ARE APPRECIATED!
09/24/2021 .
09/23/2021 Awesome
09/23/2021 Finished early, super happy!
09/23/2021 Finished way before deadline and also provided revision. Couldn't ask for more

09/22/2021 Way too fast and the results were amazing!
09/22/2021 Awesome Job and way before the deadline.
09/22/2021 Quick turnaround and always uses up to date sources. 
09/22/2021 Professional level work. Solution posted well before due date. Will be using again.
09/22/2021 Very professional and easy to communicate with. I highly recommend.
09/21/2021 Wow took 2 days for 7 pages!
09/21/2021 Solid work
09/21/2021 Perfect, amazing work.
09/21/2021 Super fast!
09/20/2021 Fast and great writing!
09/20/2021 This professor was super fast in completing and making an adjustment. The paper was great! 
09/20/2021 Great job, I got a 97 on my paper.
09/20/2021 Good work, however when I turned it in it had a higher similiarity rating than expected and one of the quotations used wasn't from the articles provided. Still received an 8/10 on the assignment but was expecting an A, a little disappointed but the professor is incredibly easy to reach and very accomodating with changes if asked for them. 
09/19/2021 This professor was good at providing me the assingment at a timely manner, however, i would be cautious if you attach a file to them. They might not read all of it throughly. For an exmaple, I wrote down what was expected in the descriptiion on the webstie and on the file. However, the check list on the file, i forgot to change the correct City/State the assignment is based off from. The description on the website and on the file had the correct city/state. The title of the assingment even had the correct city/state, but they didnt do it based on it! They told me they would need to start all over and that I would have to pay the same amount again. They also said they were able to still get it done before the deadline. I agreed because I felt responsible even though in three places it had the correct information that they didnt even provide. (They also put in a completely different State in the running head and the title page that was completely irrelevant to the assignment. Sadly, I never recieved the new draft I needed. Its okay though because I was still able to use the orginal draft before and just edit it myself. In conclusion, this professor was really good at providing the necessary information that I needed, just be sure to carefully look over your files and that everything matches up because they will not contact you to clarify and they will just go based on what they think. If this were a bigger assigment I would have been more upset, but they did a goodjob for what they did. JUST BE CAREFUL 
09/19/2021 Gave me exactly what i needed and before the deadline ! 
09/18/2021 This professor is out of this world with his organization and grammar use. A1. Thanks so much! 
09/18/2021 Almost perfect! got a 99/100! And i got this way before the due date! Awesome work!
09/17/2021 Received project way before due date. Excellent work.
09/17/2021 Fast and well written. Thank you!
09/16/2021 Great work and quick!
09/16/2021 Thank you!
09/16/2021 Well done. Perfect paper. Exceeded expectations. Thank you!
09/15/2021 Great job thank you. 
09/14/2021 A+
09/14/2021 Got the paper a day early so I can review! Great work!
09/14/2021 Wicked quick!
09/14/2021 Couple of errors but quick turnaround
09/14/2021 So quick!
09/13/2021 Always does a great job never disappoints and completes earlier than deadline giving me enough time to review!
09/13/2021 always delivers great work! would deffinately recommend! 
09/13/2021 very happy with the work!
09/13/2021 Quality content and usually ahead of schedule!
09/12/2021 Always Delivers
09/12/2021 Always ahead of time
09/11/2021 Awesome work
09/10/2021 Great work as usual!
09/10/2021 Forgot reference page.
09/10/2021 Did an amazing job
09/10/2021 Great paper. Always on time. Professional 
09/09/2021 Paper is perfect and he did it in a very timely manner. Definitely recommend!!
09/09/2021 Thank you. 
09/08/2021 Completes projects well before the due date, A++  If you want great result use this professor!!
09/08/2021 This Professor is Outstanding!!! HIghly recommend.
09/07/2021 Professor completed work on time and exceeded all expectations. 
09/07/2021 Got it sooner than expected had some minor APA citation issues, but still got an A1 Thank you!
09/07/2021 Awesome!
09/07/2021 A++++++
09/07/2021 Quick and fast job
09/07/2021 great work! finished ahead of schedule!
09/05/2021 Awesome 
09/05/2021 Very nice work!
09/04/2021 Another great job!
09/04/2021 She finished in a timely manner. I recieved an 89 on the paper.
09/03/2021 Reliable!
09/03/2021 Thank you for bidding,  less than 1 day for a  well written 7 page paper. 
09/03/2021 Excellent work and completed before the requested date.
09/02/2021 Very happy with the work! completed assignment 3 days ahead of due date! that really helped a lot!
09/02/2021 Awesome work
09/01/2021 I was very happy with the work submitted! received an A!
09/01/2021 Delivers quality work!
09/01/2021 Impecable. Incredible. The only person I will work with now. 
09/01/2021 Exceptional work and completed very fast. 
09/01/2021 quick and easy!
08/31/2021 Awesome as always
08/31/2021 Great work!
08/30/2021 Awesome!
08/29/2021 Ty always great 
08/29/2021 Great work, delivers even before the deadline. 
08/28/2021 Very fast to respond. Good relatable materials. Able to give direct advice
08/28/2021 perfect timing 
08/27/2021 Delivered before due date. Amazing service
08/27/2021 Timeliness 
08/26/2021 Great as always!
08/24/2021 Rude and disrespctful!

Not really .The customer wanted the professor to offer some free work and he refused.
08/24/2021 always helps with revisions 
08/24/2021 great work and very quick
08/23/2021 Great quality work!
08/23/2021 Good job
08/22/2021 Although the project was quickly delivered and passed the plagiarism test, it did not follow the request to have only accredited sources. Several points were taken away for having a blog as one of the sources. I reached out to the professor but no resolution was provided. 
08/22/2021 Amazing essay that was completed days ahead of requested time! Highly recommend!
08/21/2021 Completed with 3 days to review!
08/21/2021 WOW
08/21/2021 Life saver
08/21/2021 Nailed it
08/21/2021 DA BEST!
08/20/2021 Had a hard time speaking with the professor directly. Proffessor had to make multiple edits, I wasnt sure if they understood the assignment, Formatting was wrong, even after i sent over a sample term paper. The final edit was okay. 
08/20/2021 Fantastic work
08/20/2021 Highly recommend!! Quick and guaranteed to be more than you are asking for!!!
08/20/2021 Very fast, thanks!
08/19/2021 Awesome work!
08/19/2021 You wont go wrong selecting this profesor to do your projects!
08/19/2021 Good work! saved me alot of time!
08/19/2021 Exactly what I asked for!
08/19/2021 Thanks for all your help!
08/19/2021 I recommend this professor for all your Nursing project needs!
08/19/2021 Really happy with the work done!
08/19/2021 Complete life saver!
08/19/2021 Really happy with the results!
08/19/2021 This professor has never failed me!
08/19/2021 This is the one for all your nursing needs!
08/19/2021 I totally recommend this professor!
08/19/2021 Always does great work! highly recommend!
08/19/2021 Thank you! Always great work 
08/19/2021 Great Work
08/18/2021 Quick as always!
08/18/2021 Great work and done early