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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
04/15/2024 Exact what I needed thank you! 
03/26/2024 10/10 thanks for the help! 
03/22/2024 I wanted to add more sections on my resume but feared it wouldnt fit into one page. this professor managed to do that so my skills shine even more. professor was also an easy communicator. 
01/22/2024 Did not use requested APA formatt -Tables and headings had to be adapted to APA style. OTher than that ok.
12/13/2023 well written, delivered what I asked for.
12/08/2023 Looks good
12/04/2023 Awesome work! 
10/22/2023 great work
09/30/2023 Great work
09/24/2023 Great work at short notice. Thank you! 
09/13/2023 This prof did an excellent job on a hard project that didn't pay as much as it should have.
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08/16/2023 a true business partner. solid and recommended
08/06/2023 great work, goes above and beyond 
08/06/2023 great customer service , excellent writer 
08/05/2023 Outstanding Job!!!!!!
07/24/2023 quality work 
07/24/2023 attention to detial is amazing 
07/24/2023 Great service
07/11/2023 Quick turnover, great and i mean GREAT communication. Follows details to the T. 
07/10/2023 qucik turn out with a great product 
06/30/2023 Professor, you did it again!!! Love the work and attention to detail that you always bring to the table <3
06/26/2023 Professor was professional and timely, and did an amazing job on my assignment!
06/25/2023 great service
06/25/2023 great communication. goes above and beyond
06/24/2023 The prefossor has delivered exaclty what i asked. Thank you!
06/21/2023 Accurate and timely work. Extremely detailed. 
06/12/2023 Good communication and quality work
06/12/2023 Quaility work in a timely manner.
06/04/2023 She took her time to read the rubric and delivered before the stipulated time. 
05/31/2023 the best, very fast and good
05/24/2023 Above and beyond, wrote an absolutely amazing essay. Finished way ahead of the deadline too, highly reccommend!!
05/21/2023 I have used this professor more than once, excellent work always and very responsive to questions and clarifications!
05/21/2023 This was a short fuse project and he went above and beyond to not just meet my deadline, but have the paper to me prior to the deadline. Was also available for any questions while creating the project and gave updates regularly.
04/16/2023 Great
04/11/2023 Super Fast and Amazing Work!
04/09/2023 Answers in timely fashion. Does what needs to be done and if not is willing to revise.
04/08/2023 fast, great structured paper! Thank you for saving me some time!
03/27/2023 10/10 ... delivered a great assignment !
checked all the conditions of the paper while giving a personal touch to it ... straight A!
03/27/2023 It could not have been better! 
all the conditions were met ... respected the assignment conditions but didn't lack any creativity ! A
03/26/2023 Completeled on time 
03/02/2023 smiley 10/10 would recommend 
03/01/2023 Excellent. Fast delivery. I will work with you henceforth
02/28/2023 Constant communication...made the necessary changes i needed for the final draft.
02/22/2023 Completed project in a timely manner.
02/22/2023 Easy to work with and completed the work early!
02/17/2023 Did a great job and met the deadline. Was also nice enough to answer some additional question from me about their work even though the questions weren't exactly about the content of the assignment. 
02/12/2023 SO GOOD
02/10/2023 Great work on a new project. The revisions well attended to and in sync. Top drawer
02/10/2023 Great understanding and delivery. Very helpful clarifying the request and working to make a superb submission. Highly recommended
02/08/2023 Quick response! Works with you! Extremely efficient! Produces great work! Highly satisfied! 
01/21/2023 The paper was done on time if not earlier and I got an A+!! It was a great paper I appreciate the work they did! 
01/02/2023 DO NOT TRY IT
12/21/2022 outstanding
12/13/2022 very fast and excellent work!
12/07/2022 Great
12/07/2022 Thank you Wil for completing the assignment on time and providing a quality written paper
12/06/2022 Delivered quality paper on time and per my instructions.
12/05/2022 Great work! this writer had three days to compleate the essay and finnished in less than 24 hours. Not perfect as the analysis was bit lax; However overal fantastic job! saved me SO much time diring finals week.
12/05/2022 Thank you so much. This paper looks awesome!
12/03/2022 Well done and well ahead of schedule. Thanks proyes
12/03/2022 very prompt and professional
12/03/2022 Amazing work for highest levels of academia! Extremely accomodating. He has adressed all my feedback way before the deadline. Fast and responsive. Do not torture yourself and pick him.
12/01/2022 Looks like a great paper. Well organised, well thoughtout arguments, and clear conclusions. Will be using this proffessor again.
11/18/2022 good and fast

11/16/2022 He did a very punctual job for me, the only thing I had to do was go through and change some of the language and fix minor spelling errors. 
11/14/2022 Fantastic work, and done in a timely manner.
10/30/2022 excellent connection and additional works to build a strong case.
10/22/2022 Last minute project. Well researched.
10/19/2022 Ty
10/17/2022 Best of the Best !
10/12/2022 Overall a good paper, somewhat deviated from the guideline but answered cleanly.
10/12/2022 things developed and helpful communication allowed a more complete piece of work, thanks W
09/28/2022 Just amazing 
09/28/2022 Amazing 
06/28/2022 THE BEST
06/16/2022 THE BEST
04/14/2022 Mr. Williams got me through my final class before graduating and averaged an A- with all the work he did.  I am very grateful and encourage to reach out and send a message and have this professor work on all your work.  Thanks again man!  I really appreciate it!
04/09/2022 The professor finished on time but the quality of the writing was somewhat poor and not worth the cost (in my opinion). There were many grammatical errors and the flow of the writing was confusing here and there. It has taken me hours of proofreading, editing, and I'm still not done. I also found instances of repetitive word usage; for instance "due to" was used three times in two sentences that were back to back. I provided sources and a couple of pages of my own writing to provide ample context, but I should have just done it. Probably okay for a draft or but you'd get a C on a final draft. I don't think $350 is worth a C. Lesson learned!
04/05/2022 Great result on short notice!
04/05/2022 Speedy delivery, Awsome work !
04/05/2022 Excellent work and communication!
03/31/2022 Great job
03/24/2022 Awesome Paper! Thank you!!
03/19/2022 This professor is great. Easy to communicate with and literally is getting me through my last 2 courses before graduating. Highly recommended !!!
03/16/2022 Great work, professional, open to modifications and to communication, and very acceptable results in a healthcare paper. Thank you!
03/13/2022 Amazing fast and gets the job done on time thank you ????
02/28/2022 Delivered really great work
01/26/2022 Great work
01/26/2022 Great work
01/23/2022 great job and fast
12/21/2021 100% Assignment
12/18/2021 Amazing work every time!!
12/16/2021 Absolutely excellent, good communication, great paper.
12/12/2021 Great job! Revised it too 
12/09/2021 Perfect!!
12/08/2021 Great work, thank you.
12/07/2021 WilliamsM was awesome to work with and completed everything like he said he would. Also recieved an A.
12/04/2021 Great work, 10/10 recommend!!!!!!!
12/02/2021 Amazing work, replies to messages faster than any other professor. Makes revisions without hesitation and exceeded my expectations by far. If any one rates him lower than 100%, they most likely were impatient, or way to confusing for the professor.
11/29/2021 Always provides great work and great communication!
11/24/2021 On time work and great writing 
11/22/2021 Project was plagerized resulting in a warning from insturctor. I've used this platform several times. I suggest going with Garkee instead. 
11/20/2021 Professor went above and beyond with this project as well as completing it before the deadline with fast and friendly communication. Third time using this website and this is by far the best professor I've come across on the website. I highly recommend this professor to anyone looking to get work done.
11/19/2021 My assignment was done faster than requested which is a bonous, it was also very neatly organized. The professor was very response to any messages I had. They provided me with A+ work! 
11/09/2021 Very well written, nailed it on the spot after a couple of revisions
11/08/2021 Great work, thank you.
11/02/2021 100%
10/29/2021 great job on the resume, thank you
10/26/2021 Great work and delivered in a timely manner.
10/23/2021 Amazing PowerPoint presentation put together in a timely manner! Will definitely come back for any assurance in the future!
10/18/2021 Great very professional
10/17/2021 Did a great job!
10/15/2021 Great work as always 
10/14/2021 on time great professor
10/12/2021 Amazing and quick!! Thank you!
10/10/2021 Excellent work and ahead of schedule
10/06/2021 Thank you so much for completing my assignment at the last minute! 
10/03/2021 Thanks so much! Great work.  
09/27/2021 Everything was as expected, thanks a lot! 
09/25/2021 great work
09/24/2021 Really good quality and did as the promt required
No issues at all with my project, this professor has delivered a well written compliacted multi-step project on time with zero issues.

will be using again.

thank you.
09/12/2021 Amazing.
09/10/2021 Thanks for helping me and really awesome job on completing my precalculus work!
09/08/2021 Great Job, Fast turn round
09/07/2021 Got 22% !!! 
The instructions where not followed and the report was litteraly a joke !!! 
Be advised and be careful when selecting the offers....
09/03/2021 Great work, turned in on time. I would 10/10 recommend :)
08/22/2021 excellent! I posted my project with very little notice and this prof came in clutch 
07/07/2021 great
06/15/2021 Good quality work
06/15/2021 Good 
06/12/2021 Great work, very professional 
05/26/2021 I paid more than 300$ for the essay and got a very very low mark! Task wssn't done! Essay had a bad structure, no quotes and very weak arguments!
05/26/2021 On time, but the answers did not make a lot of sense

05/24/2021 Answers were not proper, late and poor critics. 
05/09/2021 Honestly the essay was amazing and college level. Read instructions carefully. Did outside reading in order to answer question properly. Extremely impressed.
04/29/2021 Great body of work.
Worth the money!!
04/29/2021 on time & well written!
04/29/2021 Great work. Was completed timely and with attention to detail. Good work.
04/29/2021 Great work. Was completed timely and with attention to detail. Good work.
04/25/2021 Regarding my financial derivatives project, I had an ok experience with the professor.

1) He submitted the project a couple hours late.
2) At first he just solved 2 out of 3 questions of the project. 
3) The first question was pretty much a copy paste from the first google link associated to the tittle, so I had to heavilya djust it. 

04/25/2021 Very happy with my paper and will look forward to not just reccommending this professor but working with them again!
04/21/2021 iu
04/15/2021 Phenomenal
04/14/2021 The paper was written poorly. Simple grammar or sentence structure was poor the farther you read into the paper. Ended up rewriting or rewording most of it. Was not worth the money I paid for the work to be done. 
04/12/2021 Really worked with me to delivery an execellent solution
04/09/2021 fast simple and great on the paper thank you 
04/07/2021 Excellent job again, thanks so much :)
04/05/2021 Have used twice now, thank you for the great work! Very consistent.
04/05/2021 Thank you so much for your attentiveness!! Followed instructions, unlike some other professors.
04/04/2021 Scam!!!!  Watch out for this one!! 
04/04/2021 Worse of the worse!! Scam alert!!!! 
04/01/2021 Another quick and painless process. 
03/27/2021 Amazing job!!
03/20/2021 The text definitely wasn't 5 pages long, and the narrative was rather awkwardly entangled with theoretical speculation. Stylistically the text also didn't adhere to given literary period. At the end of the day, it isn't usable for the purposes I intended to use it for. 
03/20/2021 Many of these professors will bid on your work but not accept it. He/she not only put the bid in, but accepted the assignment within minutes. He/she also completed the work accurately and on time. 
03/14/2021 Excellent job!
03/12/2021 ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING WORK. Thank you kindly!
03/12/2021 Thanks for your patience and hard work, let's see how it goes.
03/12/2021 Timely and exactly what i was looking for. Hope to work together more in the future.
03/09/2021 Did a great job with what he added to my work, although it is slightly off compared to the instructions, but helped me a great deal, thanks :)
03/04/2021 Did some crazy hard math for an essay and was perfect!!! Amazing!!
03/01/2021 Great Paper!
02/24/2021 did not follow assignment instructions 
02/10/2021 Great job and finished 6 hours earlier than promised 
01/05/2021 Good report, just needed some touching up. 
12/18/2020 Would have given full rating, but project was late, and was not the desired presentation slides. small minor things, but just my expierence. 
12/18/2020 Great job
12/18/2020 Great job
12/18/2020 Gretat job
12/16/2020 the best ever
12/14/2020 No comment 
12/13/2020 This guy didnt write my paper.... it doesnt even make any sense and i had to completely change it. Waste of money, use a different guy no cap!
12/11/2020 Awesome work!
12/09/2020 Great professer , I recieved 80% in my uni assignment. Thank youuuu
12/09/2020 Despite a few minor spelling errors, his essay was good. 
12/07/2020 Great work. very helpful and good communication
11/30/2020 This is my third time working with this professor. I have never been disappointed. Always delivers quality work and definitely communicates with you well to ensure that you will be satisfied. This most recent project I got 185/200 points ONLY because it was a very late submission because I procrastinated on it all semester. 
11/30/2020 Fantastic 
11/28/2020 10/10 for completing 2 in one night. Thanks!!
11/28/2020 This professor completed 2 papers in one night for me, on short notice. Thanks!!
11/22/2020 I really like the solution provided. I would definetly consider his help in any upcoming work.
11/21/2020 Well, this proffesor sent me my solution last minute and of course i was not able to submit it
11/19/2020 Had plagerism rate of 52% and the paper was missing signs/symptoms. Good thing the instructor doesn't grade too harshly. 
11/19/2020 Waste of time, money and effort.  This person did not follow instructions and without my re-work I would have failed the assignment, which BTW only received a PASS :(

In addition, when I attempted to find a resolution because of the misalignment of work - messages sent were not responded to, very unprofessional and dissappointing.
11/15/2020 Assignment was completed at a timely manner and delivered exactly what I needed. 
11/14/2020 Was a little late but great essay
11/13/2020 Great Work Delivered exatly what I needed and not a second to spare!
10/23/2020 Paper was really good
10/15/2020 Had difficulties with sending the right pdf and uploading on time, but worked with the professor to meet my deadline.
10/13/2020 I did not receive the work by the given deadline, and therefore could not use what I had paid for. 
10/13/2020 Got it little bit late but it was great work!!
09/20/2020 Another successful paper!!
09/17/2020 Awesome work!!!!
09/14/2020 Amazing work! Great Quality and delivered early.
08/22/2020 Everything turned out to be great! :) Thanks so much!
08/14/2020 The 'proffessor' was not only incompetent, but my essay was completely plagirized from a published journal article. Literally entire paragraphs were copy pasted.
I highly suggest not to allow this 'proffessor' to work on any of your projects, regardless of his low rate. this man is a fraud.
08/09/2020 Received a 76 on the assignment. It was submitted on time and it was professionally formated. 
07/20/2020 I had some corrections that needed to be made and the prof handled it quickly and professionally. Would def use him again. 

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