Date Comment Rating
10/15/2021 Great work as always 
10/14/2021 on time great professor
10/12/2021 Amazing and quick!! Thank you!
10/10/2021 Excellent work and ahead of schedule
10/06/2021 Thank you so much for completing my assignment at the last minute! 
10/03/2021 Thanks so much! Great work.  
09/27/2021 Everything was as expected, thanks a lot! 
09/25/2021 great work
09/24/2021 Really good quality and did as the promt required
No issues at all with my project, this professor has delivered a well written compliacted multi-step project on time with zero issues.

will be using again.

thank you.
09/12/2021 Amazing.
09/10/2021 Thanks for helping me and really awesome job on completing my precalculus work!
09/08/2021 Great Job, Fast turn round
09/07/2021 Got 22% !!! 
The instructions where not followed and the report was litteraly a joke !!! 
Be advised and be careful when selecting the offers....
09/03/2021 Great work, turned in on time. I would 10/10 recommend :)
08/22/2021 excellent! I posted my project with very little notice and this prof came in clutch 
07/07/2021 great
06/15/2021 Good quality work
06/15/2021 Good 
06/12/2021 Great work, very professional 
05/26/2021 I paid more than 300$ for the essay and got a very very low mark! Task wssn't done! Essay had a bad structure, no quotes and very weak arguments!
05/26/2021 On time, but the answers did not make a lot of sense

05/24/2021 Answers were not proper, late and poor critics. 
05/09/2021 Honestly the essay was amazing and college level. Read instructions carefully. Did outside reading in order to answer question properly. Extremely impressed.
04/29/2021 Great body of work.
Worth the money!!
04/29/2021 on time & well written!
04/29/2021 Great work. Was completed timely and with attention to detail. Good work.
04/29/2021 Great work. Was completed timely and with attention to detail. Good work.
04/25/2021 Regarding my financial derivatives project, I had an ok experience with the professor.

1) He submitted the project a couple hours late.
2) At first he just solved 2 out of 3 questions of the project. 
3) The first question was pretty much a copy paste from the first google link associated to the tittle, so I had to heavilya djust it. 

04/25/2021 Very happy with my paper and will look forward to not just reccommending this professor but working with them again!
04/21/2021 iu
04/15/2021 Phenomenal
04/14/2021 The paper was written poorly. Simple grammar or sentence structure was poor the farther you read into the paper. Ended up rewriting or rewording most of it. Was not worth the money I paid for the work to be done. 
04/12/2021 Really worked with me to delivery an execellent solution
04/09/2021 fast simple and great on the paper thank you 
04/07/2021 Excellent job again, thanks so much :)
04/05/2021 Have used twice now, thank you for the great work! Very consistent.
04/05/2021 Thank you so much for your attentiveness!! Followed instructions, unlike some other professors.
04/04/2021 Scam!!!!  Watch out for this one!! 
04/04/2021 Worse of the worse!! Scam alert!!!! 
04/01/2021 Another quick and painless process. 
03/27/2021 Amazing job!!
03/20/2021 The text definitely wasn't 5 pages long, and the narrative was rather awkwardly entangled with theoretical speculation. Stylistically the text also didn't adhere to given literary period. At the end of the day, it isn't usable for the purposes I intended to use it for. 
03/20/2021 Many of these professors will bid on your work but not accept it. He/she not only put the bid in, but accepted the assignment within minutes. He/she also completed the work accurately and on time. 
03/14/2021 Excellent job!
03/12/2021 ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING WORK. Thank you kindly!
03/12/2021 Thanks for your patience and hard work, let's see how it goes.
03/12/2021 Timely and exactly what i was looking for. Hope to work together more in the future.
03/09/2021 Did a great job with what he added to my work, although it is slightly off compared to the instructions, but helped me a great deal, thanks :)
03/04/2021 Did some crazy hard math for an essay and was perfect!!! Amazing!!
03/01/2021 Great Paper!
02/24/2021 did not follow assignment instructions 
02/10/2021 Great job and finished 6 hours earlier than promised 
01/05/2021 Good report, just needed some touching up. 
12/18/2020 Would have given full rating, but project was late, and was not the desired presentation slides. small minor things, but just my expierence. 
12/18/2020 Great job
12/18/2020 Great job
12/18/2020 Gretat job
12/16/2020 the best ever
12/14/2020 No comment 
12/13/2020 This guy didnt write my paper.... it doesnt even make any sense and i had to completely change it. Waste of money, use a different guy no cap!
12/11/2020 Awesome work!
12/09/2020 Great professer , I recieved 80% in my uni assignment. Thank youuuu
12/09/2020 Despite a few minor spelling errors, his essay was good. 
12/07/2020 Great work. very helpful and good communication
11/30/2020 This is my third time working with this professor. I have never been disappointed. Always delivers quality work and definitely communicates with you well to ensure that you will be satisfied. This most recent project I got 185/200 points ONLY because it was a very late submission because I procrastinated on it all semester. 
11/30/2020 Fantastic 
11/28/2020 10/10 for completing 2 in one night. Thanks!!
11/28/2020 This professor completed 2 papers in one night for me, on short notice. Thanks!!
11/22/2020 I really like the solution provided. I would definetly consider his help in any upcoming work.
11/21/2020 Well, this proffesor sent me my solution last minute and of course i was not able to submit it
11/19/2020 Had plagerism rate of 52% and the paper was missing signs/symptoms. Good thing the instructor doesn't grade too harshly. 
11/19/2020 Waste of time, money and effort.  This person did not follow instructions and without my re-work I would have failed the assignment, which BTW only received a PASS :(

In addition, when I attempted to find a resolution because of the misalignment of work - messages sent were not responded to, very unprofessional and dissappointing.
11/15/2020 Assignment was completed at a timely manner and delivered exactly what I needed. 
11/14/2020 Was a little late but great essay
11/13/2020 Great Work Delivered exatly what I needed and not a second to spare!
10/23/2020 Paper was really good
10/15/2020 Had difficulties with sending the right pdf and uploading on time, but worked with the professor to meet my deadline.
10/13/2020 I did not receive the work by the given deadline, and therefore could not use what I had paid for. 
10/13/2020 Got it little bit late but it was great work!!
09/20/2020 Another successful paper!!
09/17/2020 Awesome work!!!!
09/14/2020 Amazing work! Great Quality and delivered early.
08/22/2020 Everything turned out to be great! :) Thanks so much!
08/14/2020 The 'proffessor' was not only incompetent, but my essay was completely plagirized from a published journal article. Literally entire paragraphs were copy pasted.
I highly suggest not to allow this 'proffessor' to work on any of your projects, regardless of his low rate. this man is a fraud.
08/09/2020 Received a 76 on the assignment. It was submitted on time and it was professionally formated. 
07/20/2020 I had some corrections that needed to be made and the prof handled it quickly and professionally. Would def use him again. 
07/13/2020 WilliamsM did it again! This is the third time receiving the professor's help with assignments and I'm more than pleased with the work. WilliamsM has the capacity to complete any assignments at a timely manner. 100+ rating! 
07/13/2020 The assignment was completed hours before the deadline and it was well done. I was satisfied with the last assignment the professor worked on, and I still am. I will definitely keep coming back due to high quality work. 
07/09/2020 Got an A on the paper so all in all satistied. Finished the paper in a timely manner too.
07/08/2020 A little confusion initially, but the assignment was completed on time. Would use again.
07/08/2020 90 minutes late, did not follow very simple instructions for a project that was quite simple (discussion board response to 3 questions less than 400 words total), did not source their work. Will not use Professor again.
07/06/2020 This professor did a great job on the assignment! Assignment was completed at a timely manner. 
07/03/2020 I am very unhappy with the work of this prof. 
Not only did they disappoint in terms of ongoing communication and updates, they also produced a bad paper on which I did not get a passing grade. The paper in question is on the topic of Arendt and her relationship to marxism. I used this service as I did not have time to write the paper myself. I spent over $200 to not pass.  Needless to say I am beyond upset and would ha ve been better off writing the damn thing myself overnight. The paper was so bad that I got this email from the professior afterwards: 

There are some serious shortcomings with your paper. Here are some of them: 1) full paragraphs are lifted directly from the text without quotation marks, in other words, full paragraphs are nothing but the words of Arendt without quotation marks; 2) most if not the only substance of your paper comes from secondary research, again, from the work of others; as you know I explicitly stated both verbally and in written form that you should not do this; 3) the few, the very few times, when you write something on your own, it does not make much sense, and is obviously false and left undefended, e.g. "arendt does not make a clear distinction between labour, action and work" whereas her whole book is based precisely on that distinction, in fact on the elaboration of the distinction.

07/01/2020 Hit all my main points and fulfilled the assignment in good time! Thank you very much!
06/28/2020 I am actually shook how good his essay was. It was made with so much effort und detail that I would chose him again!
06/20/2020 Can't thank you enough for this! 
06/19/2020 Great job!
06/18/2020 Great essay!
06/09/2020 The paper was perfect. Finding this writer was a sigh of relief and when I received the paper, it was another huge relief to know it was quality work. I proivded him with a paragraph that I wrote and he was even able to mimic my style of writing. I would use him all over again if I needed to. Highly, highly recommend this professor. 
06/08/2020 Very responsive and worked well with all of my questions! Also wrote a great paper
06/08/2020 Paper was good.
06/04/2020 Awesome, thank you.
06/03/2020 Great.
05/29/2020 FANTASTIC JOB! This proffesor did an excellent job with my initial paper and when I needed revisions, it was done at a fast pace and did great! Will reccommend to anyone!
05/25/2020 FANTASTIC
05/24/2020 great work in limitted time!
05/17/2020 Great work! 
05/15/2020 97% on the paper. Professional and on time. Extremely pleased with result. Would recommend in a heart beat.
05/07/2020 Would use this professor again. Very well written. A+
05/04/2020 Good job.
05/04/2020 A little bit of miscimmunication between us in the beginning but once sorted was more than happy to rectify the misunderstanding and the project was finished to a really high standard. Very happy with the work and the prof!
05/04/2020 Delivered the paper ahead of time. The paper required a bit of revision and review, but after checking on easybib plagiarism it was 100% unique. I just needed to slightly revise the paper and it is exactly what I asked for with the provided prompt and communication. 
05/03/2020 Beautifully written paper within less than 24 hours. Thank you 
05/03/2020 Professor WilliamsM does phenomenal work!  Everything was perfectly written, following the posted guidelines without any complications. I will definitely use this professor again!
04/28/2020 Before deadline. Life saver. Thank you!
outstanding work
04/26/2020 great powerpoint presentation and before the time it was requested
04/26/2020 The paper was wonderful. Well written, Better than what i could have done. There could have been better communication, but overall the paper was flawless.
04/24/2020 Second paper that I have had done by this professor and it looks awesome.
No plagarism, more pages than requested, and turned in on due date.
04/24/2020 love this prof
04/19/2020 Corrected the mistakes of another professor. I didnt give the original instructions the first time. Worked past the deadline after I lost internet for two days and didnt respond. This Professors did a great job and worked above what I expected.
04/17/2020 Completed the project on time and very nicely done!
04/16/2020 Project was completed way before the deadline, and the content was great. 
Asking to use their service again.
04/02/2020 Gave paper early than I asked and gave a great quality paper.
04/02/2020 completed project a day in advance
03/30/2020 Exceeded my expectations. Thanks.
03/25/2020 Literaally gave the proff 0 time to complete because i bit off more than i could chew. Completed it very thoroughly, 10/10
03/23/2020 TOP CHOICE
03/21/2020 the best ever
03/20/2020 Got an 80/100 on the assignment so rating is 8/10
03/19/2020 excellent work 
03/16/2020 good work
03/14/2020 Amazing work!
03/09/2020 thnx prof! saved my life!
03/09/2020 Amazing work!
03/09/2020 Great work! 
03/09/2020 Great work! 
02/17/2020 above and beyond my expectations
02/13/2020 This professor has been my go to for the last couple papers. Have recived wonderful grades on everyone!
01/24/2020 77,5%/100 not impressive!
01/20/2020 My paper turned out perfect and i got an A!
01/18/2020 Outstanding work. Followed all directions and exceeded my expectations. The solution was provided to me months before the deadline I set which really exceeded my expectations!
12/31/2019 Didn't even complete my work initially and gave it late.
12/30/2019 did not correctly do the job

12/14/2019 So disappointed with this professor. The first paper returned was not even on my topic. The paper that was sent back on my actual topic left out important required details from the rubic (which I shared initially). When he finally got the topic and all the required information correct I ran it though the plagarism check and it flag as a 38% which is 11% over what is allowed (also noted clearly in the rubric). I let him know and he said he would rewrite it. The fourth paper now and it is still flagging at 32% and does not flow at all. This was a complete waste of time. Do not believe this professor's bio, he is not A+ quality. Very disappointed. 
12/10/2019 Amazing work!!! I couldn't have asked for any better!!!
12/09/2019 The paper was late, but it was well worth the wait
12/09/2019 I am quite disappointed with the paper. Not only was it delivered over 24 hours after the deadline, it has an incredible amount of grammar and spelling mistakes. 
However, he is quite responsive to messages. I never had to wait longer than an hour for an answer to a question. 
If you have a deadline far off into the future, I would give this guy a try, the paper is well written and well argumented despite the lack of proofreading. 
12/09/2019 Unfortunately not very good at all. This unemployed professor said they knew what they were doing and when I got my paper I had to make a lot of adjustments and even after making pages of adjustments I still ended up with a fee on the project. I even saw a course hero assignment that this professor completely copied and even wrote the wrong names and information down because you copy and paste it the course hero project. this unemployed professor said they knew what they were doing and when I got my paper I had to make a lot of adjustments and even after making pages of adjustments I still ended up with a fee on the project. I even saw a course hero assignment that this professor completely copied and even wrote the wrong names and information down because you copy and paste it the course hero project I could’ve done the same thing and NOT paid $300 for it.  Very unimpressed .
12/07/2019 I actually personally reached out to this professor to complete a LAST MINUTE project for me. Communication was good the entire time. I was even promised that the project would be delivered WAAAY earlier than the posted time and it was. Got off work this morning, submitted my project. Made a great score. Would have made an "A range" score or better but I was not awarded full points for this project because of my own procrastination and downfalls this semester. I repeat that is the ONLY reason. But I HIGHLY recommend this professor, 
12/07/2019 Great Work!
12/06/2019 The project was done perfectly.  Was able to get it done on time and was very responsive to messages.  Will definitely select this professor again for future assignments.  Highly recommend!
12/06/2019 Great work! 
12/06/2019 Delivered on time and created an exceptional paper. Knew a lot about my subject and how to write it into a properly formed paper concerning this subject.
12/04/2019 Amazing work, great voice. The peice he wrote is inciteful and flows very beautifully. He finished 4 hours ahead of schedule and bidded within 2 mins of me posting my request. He also answered emails inredibly fast and was very plesent to talk to. Would highly recommend. 
12/03/2019 Absolutely disapointed. the professor not only submitted the essay past the due time and didnt even complete half the prompt.
12/02/2019 The project was correctly done for the most part the only thing I could add is that there is quite a bit of knowledge shared that isn't cited for.
11/30/2019 Timely work completed even over the Thanksgiving holiday. Highly recommend, would use again!
11/29/2019 Outstanding job on a difficult topic. A few lines short but overall great paper. Thanks for the help would recomend and use again.
11/29/2019 Essay is brilliant, very responsive, professional I really appreciate this! Even with a short deadline and last minute changes he handled my essay perfectly. Thank you sooo much ! 
11/29/2019 Excelllent work
11/29/2019 Excelllent work
11/25/2019 Great work
11/22/2019 Excellent and delivers the projects on time!
11/21/2019 Professional work
11/17/2019 He'll make you late everytime. Don't waste your money. 
11/06/2019 Got a 92.5% I feel like I would have got 100% if the professor liked me! Thank you so much! 
11/04/2019 Excellent Work!
11/04/2019 Excellent Work!
11/04/2019 1hr late, but prompt on revisions and communications thereafter. Quality of work even after 2 revisions: subpar. Not secondary level. Lots of repition and shallow vocabulary. Edited the rest myself.
11/03/2019 Amazing 
11/01/2019 Bomb ass professor. Wrote me a really good paper. And got it to me on time and before the I asked for it. Highly recomend this dude. He does some great work and is very professional 
11/01/2019 I highly recommend this professor, I got an A on my financial budget and only had very vague info to provide. Thank you for your help!
10/29/2019 Nice
10/28/2019 Dude, that was legit! This guy hammered out a 7 page paper in like 5 hours. Highly recommended.
10/27/2019 Excellent Work! I enjoy working with this professor!
10/21/2019 Great work
10/21/2019 Excellent Professor! The projects are always done ahead of time with excellent points, punctuation, grammer and spelling. Thnak you very much!
10/20/2019 Excellemt writing in a professional and timely fashion!
10/20/2019 Best of the best!
10/15/2019 Wiliamsz was very good and ultimately gave me a great product. I was super nervous that they would let me down as this was the first time using Unemployed Professors however they came through with the goods for this advanced corporate finance assignment. The only bit of feedback I would give them would be to stay a bit more up to date with correspondence to the student during the progress of the project, but other than that, amazing!!! thank you
10/15/2019 Great work! 
10/05/2019 Excellent PowerPoint Presentation Skills. Timely and professional.
09/29/2019 Always on time, professional and excellent writing. Thank you very much!
09/29/2019 This professor gives you great work with little time of notice!
09/25/2019 Decent 
09/20/2019 Fantastic work in a very timely manner. I highly recommend this professor for any projects you may have in the future!
09/19/2019 Professor showed good work and project finished before the deadline that I had requested.  
09/18/2019 Excellent professor! I'm extremely happy with his work!
09/18/2019 The assignment was very well done, the professor followed instructions perfectly and delivered the assignment super fast
09/13/2019 Seemed like he did good initially when I looked over the final product in a rush. By the time I took it to be turned in I realized there were multiple grammar and spelling mistakes. Also he pretty much ignored the assignment prompt once he was halfway through it. Not what you expect when you pay $75 for a 3 page essay. 
09/12/2019 Paper completed ahead of schedule, very good base and information to complete a quality paper. 
09/10/2019 Excellent in All Aspects! Thank you!!