Date Comment Rating
09/13/2019 Seemed like he did good initially when I looked over the final product in a rush. By the time I took it to be turned in I realized there were multiple grammar and spelling mistakes. Also he pretty much ignored the assignment prompt once he was halfway through it. Not what you expect when you pay $75 for a 3 page essay. 
09/12/2019 Paper completed ahead of schedule, very good base and information to complete a quality paper. 
09/10/2019 Excellent in All Aspects! Thank you!!
09/08/2019 GREAT WORK
09/06/2019 Great work. Delivered ahead of schedule
09/05/2019 Excellent paper in a timely manner. The professor did the edits too in a professional manner.
09/02/2019 Great work
09/01/2019 Came in the AM needing an essay written, it is now 8pm and I have my essay in my hands to turn in tonight. Thank you so much for the speedy and quality work! 
08/30/2019 Gets it done on time and very responsive! So would recomend to anyone pulled through with a last minute assigment in less then 36 hours.
08/28/2019 great work. Ahead of schedule
08/27/2019 Amazing!
08/25/2019 Great Job!!
08/25/2019 10/10! This is almost to good! Thanks man, now ill have a beer??
08/17/2019 Excellent work! It was well researched and well-written! Thank you!!!!!
08/17/2019 Went above and beyond my expectations for the paper. Was completed in a timely manner and gave me enough time to read it over and ask questions, if need be. 
08/17/2019 Excellent work! Great paper, and was completed way before the deadline. 
08/16/2019 Great job! Thank you for your help. 
08/15/2019 Great final product and delivered on time
08/11/2019 Above and beyond my expectations!
08/09/2019 Papers were 2 hours late
08/09/2019 The legends were true. unemployed proffesors got the job done. 10/10 sir. I am eternally grateful.
08/06/2019 Amazing
08/05/2019 What an amazing job and also in such short time. Thank you!
07/28/2019 Great writing - very thorough. Referencing great too.

I'm in the UK so I had to adjusted some words etc but that's nothing against this prof. 

Received on time and I had no complaints!

Thank you! :D
07/07/2019 Great job. Timely and gave me exactly what I needed.
07/07/2019 Great job. Timely and gave me exactly what I needed.
06/25/2019 Excellent and timely!
06/25/2019 Got an A! 
06/23/2019 Great work - thanks.
06/20/2019 Continuing praise.... highly recommend. Fast turn over and keeps work clean and timely as promised. 
06/20/2019 Highly recommend 
06/18/2019 The best ever
Outstanding work! Thanks Prof.
06/15/2019 Timely, prifessional and great work!
06/15/2019 Excellent work! Thank you.
06/13/2019 Made a 9/10, professor (Dr.) “ thoroughly enjoyed this paper”
many thanks! 
06/13/2019 This professor did a great job.  I received my work well before the dealine which is always nice. 
06/13/2019 This professor did a great job.  I received my work well before the dealine which is always nice. 
06/13/2019 I know he worked very hard but he had a hard time understanding my instructions and even though he was cooperative and asked good questions, he overlooked my instruction that even though the paper was due midnight, I wanted it at 11pm so I could look it over. So the paper was submitted a little late and I’ve yet to see the grade. 
06/11/2019 Nice!
06/11/2019 Assignment was completed on time, and a basic analysis of data presented was provided, but discussion and further analysis was incomplete.
Sentence phrasing seemed unusual for academic work, such as use of the word "reckons".
I had to make some revisions.
Responsive professor.
06/10/2019 Perfect! Delivered before time due!
06/08/2019 great work
06/07/2019 Great paper
06/06/2019 very good
06/05/2019 We had a miscommunication but thank you for redoing it on time. Best of all great communication which can always help a student feel at ease. I always look foward for professors that can communicate with time. 
06/04/2019 Paper was great and passed without issue!
06/04/2019 Incredible fat work. Will use again
06/01/2019 Satisfied with the professor's quality work and timely reply.
Good job! 
05/31/2019 Thank you very much! I had this professor doing multiple assignments for me and he’s absolutely the best. Professional, timely, and pleasant to work with!
05/30/2019 Excellent writing in a timely fashion! Thank you!!
05/27/2019 Great work - thank you.
05/26/2019 Thank you!
05/22/2019 Thanks!
05/21/2019 Great work!
05/21/2019 Excellent Summary and very timely delivery! Thank you!!
05/19/2019 paper received a 96%
05/18/2019 Did a great job with this project. 
05/14/2019 Great job on this project!!! 
Thank you so much! 
05/12/2019 Great job!
05/11/2019 Love the work they have done for me. Attention to detail, checked in, timely!
05/11/2019 You got me a 95 on a term paper, you saved my ass, thank you so much 
05/10/2019 AMAZING AND GOT AN A! 
05/10/2019 Quick and effective! Matches exactly what I needed
05/10/2019 Gets things done quicky and efficently! Thanks! :)
05/09/2019 Did a very good job
05/09/2019  Excellent communication and flawless essay .
05/08/2019 He did awesome and he helped me out so much! 
05/08/2019 Accurately completed
05/07/2019 I paid $160.00 for a report that only just passed. I gave the professor plenty of time & information prior. The first report that came back was terrible, uncited and differed wildly from the specific brief I had given. The report had to be redone on a quick turnaround giving me about half an hour to edit and submit to my university. Not worth the money or stress for my lowest grade to date.
05/06/2019 Great work
05/06/2019 Thank you so much. 
05/06/2019 This professor was terrible. Not only did they turn in the project way after my deadline (and only after I reminded them that they missed the deadline), they also failed to answer several questions on the project. And the questions they did answer I couldn't even use because they were so inadequate and unsatisfactory.
05/05/2019 Amazing job!
05/04/2019 Project was completed exactly as needed, was finished in a timely manner, and made it easy to contact. 
05/04/2019 Fantastic job. Very quick and efficient. Will defintinely use this professor again.
05/04/2019 This was a great paper and my unemployed professor responded to any and all questions I had very quickly.
05/04/2019 Exactly what my paper asked for! I recieved an A in my class. I emailed inquiring about paper and i was responded to promptly. 
05/02/2019 This guy is cool. He happened to study the subject I needed to write about, so the information was solid and trust worthy. Suggestion: Make sure you really do read through the entire paper, some of his wording can be odd.
05/02/2019 Very fast turnaround! Thank you! Thank you! 
05/01/2019 good job
05/01/2019 Amazing work, quick responses, and even faster work well done.
04/27/2019 Not on time. Many times had to be fixed. It got to the point where I was tired of the back and fourth so I just edited the rest myself.
04/27/2019 This professor is worth 0 stars. I failed my assignment because of him. He did not deliver a good piece of work, incomplete. The work didn't even pass. He acted to know about the subject and therefore I gave him my work when in reality he had no idea of the subject. Absolutely PATHETIC! 
04/27/2019 Professor takes the time to make any changes needed. I would suggest just submiting your project a little earlier that way he has time to make any changes if needed. Overall he quickly responded to me and had a pretty decent level of writing skills. Would use him again in the future.
04/25/2019 Went above and beyond! best professor i had yet!
04/24/2019 great!
04/23/2019 Great Writter! completed my paper on time and fopllowed all the task criteria!
04/22/2019 The paper was very good, and on time
04/16/2019 Amazing work !!
04/15/2019 This guy is awesome!!! Second time using this professor for essays' and he has not disappointed yet! Awesome professor that generates orginal work timely and effectly, would highly recommend to anyone espically for students in crunch time! Great job Will.
04/15/2019 the paper was good quality however he did not apa cite anything and took words directly from the article. Also, in one area he put two of the same paragraphs, he edited it after I told him about it but it was frustrating because it was such a simple aspect of the paper. Also, he did not write in any section where i wrote a prompt for him...overall decent work
04/13/2019 This professor did an average job writing, but he definitely gave me my paper 3 hours late... So be careful and give yourself plenty of time to have him do it.
04/12/2019 Thank you so much! You are an absolute life saver!

Good communicator. But he accepted an accounting project which was clearly not a subject he is good at. As he had lots of mistaks in applying the needed ratios, also grammatical errors in writing.

04/09/2019 Great communication with the professor.  I had a question the essay, and the professor immediately addressed the problem.  The paper is well written and thoughtful.
04/08/2019 Amazing prof, saved me on my analytic philosophy exam! Highly recommended
04/07/2019 This professor increased the anxiety level. If i wanted to wait literaly until 2 mintues to midnight to submit the assignment i was promissed two days prior to the due date, then i wouldve done it myself. Im queen of procrastination but i didnt expect this to take greater than 5 days to complete from the time of bid acceptance to the moment i submitted it. There was quick response time from the time i sent a response to this professor but i was told the solution would be sent to me "within the next couples of hours" two nights in a row. After working 12-hour shifts the last thing i wanted to do was stay up another 4 hours waiting for the solution to finally be sent to me. I will say the assignment recieved a decent grade but the added stress was not worth the greys on top of my head and the grave amount of palpitations. Thanks anyway!
04/06/2019 Very well done paper! Thank you!!!
04/05/2019 Wrote me a solid philosophical examination with thoroughly cited sources!
04/05/2019 essay was okay, I got a 68% on it and had to rewrite some of it so it didnt look plagiarized. all the professor did was take one of the articles I provided and literally copy/paste most of it into the essay. they could have at least use proper quotations so it didnt look like it was plagiarized. paraphrasing wouldve helped too, but that didnt happen. 
04/05/2019 Delivered my paper in a timely fashion and with excellent marks too!
04/04/2019 Did an excellent job for the time I gave for the paper!
04/03/2019 Well written and turned in way on time. Thank you! 
04/02/2019 Absolutely one of the worst experiences I have had on this site. I understand that they did my work, but c'mon atleast put some effort in. My paper was riddled with grammatical errors and just non-sense. Unfortunately I can not redo my paper now and as a result my grade has dropped 2 letter grades. Wasted my money and wasted my time. 
04/01/2019 Great work!
03/31/2019 Very prompt! This was a very last minute request-I'm talking less than five hours (I know, I know-poor lack of planning on my part). However, I got my paper BEFORE my requested deadline, and I am very happy. 
03/31/2019 Thanks!
03/31/2019 Great Job! It's greatly written... thank you!
03/31/2019 Amazing
03/31/2019 Effective and punctual!
03/30/2019 Very quick and quality writing
03/28/2019 I gave him 2 day to complete a 5 page speech and he completed. AMAZING
03/26/2019 a few hours late but a good paper
03/25/2019 Very helpful with the little amount of time I provided to him! Responds in a timely fashion manner and in the near future I will be using again if needed to be.Thanks Will!
03/25/2019 delivered earlier than deadline and did a great job
03/24/2019 First time on this site, had a paper due over spring break for a non major related class that I didn't wanna worry about while on vacation in Colorado. The essay was well written and the MLA formatting was perfect and the content fulfiled my professor's requirements! 10/10 would recommend! 
03/24/2019 Nice job - thanks!
03/24/2019 Excellent 
03/23/2019 Can't complain, I asked you for an amount of words and you obviously were limited by the complexity of the assignment to exceed this amount. Good job, I've read it and it is obviously well done. Again, thank you for carefully reading the guidelines and thoroughly following them through the making and completion of this assignment.
03/23/2019 He was so kind and swift, met the parameters of my assignment perfectly. It was very easy to edit and rephrase into my own words. I would definitely recommend him!
03/22/2019 Great work! done in a timely manner with very short time to do the paper.
03/22/2019 Nice job - thanks!
03/20/2019 Pleased with the work that was done, and they communicated in a timely manner when I had asked something, Would use their work in the future.  Thanks!
03/19/2019 Great essay thanks !
03/17/2019 Nice job - thanks!
03/14/2019 Lots of grammatical errors and sentence continuations. It's taking me some time to skim through the essay, eliminate repetitve words, and make sure the essay flows correctly.
03/14/2019 William did a great job when I needed help the most!
03/14/2019 Excellent paper. very professional 
03/13/2019 5 page paper under 24 hours. CLUTCH AF!!! 
03/12/2019 Caters to your criteria and great with communication! 
03/11/2019 Great work thank you!
03/07/2019 William is great with communication. This is my second time hiring him for an assignment. He made changes when I asked and was a me to deliver exactly what I wanted. William, thank you again!!! 
03/05/2019 Great essay, but he did not follow the prompt for exact quotes needed!
03/05/2019 Excellent project
03/04/2019 Definitely grateful that I got to avoid typing 7 pages worth of research. Unfortunately, editing 7 pages worth of research still sits in my lap. While carefully reading the essay, it seems as though many words are excessive. For example, adding lots of "therefore"s, "and"s, and overall filler sentences. His writing is very broad for such a defined research essay. If this essay REALLY counts, I'd say just write it yourself. But this is what is hopefully my last english class and I quite frankly could care less. Definitely wasn't $175 worth of writing, more like $130. But if you make it so the essay is due a couple days before you actually have to turn it in, you will have enough time to edit and get a good grade. :)
03/04/2019 this foo saved my ass straight out aint no way ima be staying up late and researching about philosophy when I'm an econ major fuck that but he really did a fantastic job I was sketchy when i went to go deposit my money into my debit crad but was calmed down at the notion that the money was held in escrow so fucking mega W i got assurance he was going to do. Deadass it looked like he was the teacher
02/28/2019 Excellent work. Will definitely use again. 
02/27/2019 Great job! Thank you so much! 
02/27/2019 great essay in a short time frame
02/27/2019 Fantastic!
02/26/2019 Very reasonable prices, excellent work, cares about the client and uploads paper in time. I will use him whatever chance I get in the future. 
02/22/2019 Delivered as promised!  Thank you!
02/21/2019 Professor exceeded timeliness expectations with quality work!
02/19/2019 prompt and got what I needed
02/18/2019 Fingers crossed on the resultd
02/18/2019 Done well and in time. 
02/18/2019 great article critique ! answered all my questions very quickly , project done on time, very thorough report and made me feel confident that  i would get a good grade ! will def be using again. thank you !!
02/17/2019 Good work - thanks!
02/17/2019 Professional, punctual, and always great at responding to any all questions. Has written two papers for me so far, and have passed with flying colors on both.
02/15/2019 Thank you so much!!
02/15/2019 Did complete my paper on time, but I had to go back and correct much of it. There were numerous grammatical and spelling errors throughout the paper. He also completely left out a section that was required for the paper. Overall, I should've written the paper myself, because this was a "job done" rather than a "job well done".
02/15/2019 Essay was exactly as described and followed all the requirements! Very happy with the result, thank you very much! 
02/15/2019 awesome job
02/14/2019 Awesome paper and delivered right on time!
02/13/2019  Fantastic job !
02/13/2019 Life saver! Got me an A on one the hardest teachers I've ever had. Adhered to the strict rubric and produced an excellent paper in a very timely manner. Quick on responses and had great adaptability to a topic change.
02/12/2019 Really good job. Could’ve used 1 or 2 more citations from the text but other than that, really good job. 
02/10/2019 Highly satisfied with the work I recieved! :) My assignment was very well done thanks to this prof!
02/10/2019 Overall not bad, he got the assignment done quickly and followed directions. The grammar was a little choppy at times which required some fixing of my own, but other than that he's a solid choice for your essay
02/10/2019 You might think that the cheapest bid will not be the best. For this Professor, that would be an incorrect assumption. GREAT work, on time, exceeded my expectations.
02/07/2019 Got the essay to me early and followed the directions given
02/05/2019 Amazing and timely! 
02/04/2019 great work and amazing turnaround time - some minor spelling/grammar to correct but nothing serious. also some content flagged for plagarism (a mix of improperly cited and not cited at all), but again nothing serious! will use again. thanks!!!
02/04/2019 I had 8 hours till a 600 word eassay was due, this professor took it on and had it done before I needed to turn it in, and the paper was great!! Definitely recommend!!
02/03/2019 Great
02/03/2019 Great!!
02/03/2019 Awesome Professor!!
02/03/2019 Strong essays all the time. Never have to write back for corrections. 
02/03/2019 DElivered exactly what was requested.  Really good quality.
02/01/2019 Great
01/30/2019 Was a little late on the hand-in but was good on the communication so I didn´t mind - 10/10 would use again.
01/28/2019 Excellent work. Get him (her? Idk 2019 is a weird time). And stop bitching about grammar in reviews when you should edit the paper anyway to at least sound like you. Don't be stupid.
01/25/2019 Pretty lousy, had to rework most of the assignment.
01/25/2019 I provided this professor with a fairly nebulous set of instructions for an art assignment and they provided almost perfectly what I needed. Also, they have supermodel good looks. Maybe.
01/23/2019 Awesome job, in a timely matter. 
01/14/2019 Not the best writing, certainly not to a masters level. I found that the referencing was inconsistent meaning I had to fix up alot of mistakes. Overall, this paper required me to put another 2 days into trying to fix up what was written so that it flowed and made sense. Yes the Prof saved me from having to research and write, but certainly not to the standard that I have come to expect from UnEmp Profs.
01/14/2019 Got my paper within 3 days of my ask. This prof replied to all my messages and was able to work with what I asked. I will definitely be using him for my next assignment :)
01/06/2019 Thank you it’s great and you saved me from failing:)
01/05/2019 He was really helpful with the assessment 
12/30/2018 I will request you for further help thanks for everything
12/30/2018 got me the grade I was looking for and completed everything early
12/24/2018 Timely with no errors. Great work. 
12/24/2018 Thank you very much. Assignment was timely and there were no gramatical errors. The price was fair and I appreciate the help.
12/19/2018 Great paper!
12/17/2018 Great thank you!
12/15/2018 Best professor i have experienced thus far!!!! Highly highly reccomend!!!!!!!!! 
12/14/2018 Went above and beyond with my esssay awesome work
12/13/2018 had to make some edits. got it in on time and content was great.
12/13/2018 Very good