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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
09/17/2023 Outstanding!!!!!
09/17/2023 Outstanding!!!!!!
09/03/2023 Just plain awesome work!
08/28/2023 great work
08/06/2023 Fast turn around and very well written
06/09/2023 Fantastic. Clearly ready the instructions and provides excellent work at a high standard.
05/09/2023 The best professor for any political science writing! 
04/30/2023 Got me a 100 on my environmental essay! Highly recommend!
04/29/2023 Does great work quickly!
04/23/2023 Did a great job on my essay!
04/13/2023 Great work, timely delivery. 
03/16/2023 You did a great job.
03/14/2023 Great work! Got the paper early and did a round of edits quickly! Highly recommend
03/12/2023 Works hard to make sure the paper meets expectations. 
03/07/2023 Excellent writer, listens and tailors the paper appropriately. 
02/28/2023 Got the work done! Was helpful and followed all the instruction. Thanks!
02/20/2023 Average outcome. 
02/15/2023 Excellent job! Earlier than anticipated. Thank you! 
02/14/2023 Nicely done! Thank you so much!
02/11/2023 Excellent job! Completed quickly and no editing required.
02/04/2023 thank you. just passed!
02/03/2023 They were amazing and reliable on getting the work done before the deadline. Thanks!
01/30/2023 excellent job! Done in a timley manner!
01/13/2023 Fantastic work. My favorite professor to work with 
01/13/2023 Awesome professor 
12/31/2022 Extremely fast, good communication, and well done.
12/22/2022 Amazing work as always! Thank you!
12/21/2022 Wonderful job! Received an A! Was also given a draft for thoughts and feedback. Really enjoyed working with you, thank you!!!
12/20/2022 Delievered a quality product before the project due date! 
12/20/2022 Great work and detail!!
12/19/2022 Not exactly a report on the topic I asked for but defnitley got the job done and was very well organized, did not seem too well done.
12/05/2022 great work!
11/17/2022 Thanks man! Great paper overall and fit the criteria perfectly. If you'd like, i can send you the feedback i recieve from my professor.
One thing that I did notice was some reduncy of topics or facts covered regaurding APE, but I understand that there is not a whole lot of diverse information out there on this topic and I am pleased with the result! 

Thanks again, 

Have a wonderful thanksgiving holiday. 
10/20/2022 Did an edit on a very important midterm paper. Didn't quite follow the instructions that no citations were required, so when I removed all the in-text citations it actually took my page count from the required four down to five. Other than that. Is a good knowledgeable writer! 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
09/30/2022 Thank you
09/29/2022 Fantastic work
09/19/2022 Assignment failed the submission and now has to be re-worked. Probably a good professor for general projects but missed the mark here.
09/08/2022 Thank you agian for the wonderful work :)
08/13/2022 Absolute plagrized trash.  Over 40% of this was copied and pasted from other publications including 27% from just one other publication.   10/10 would not use this guy.    
07/07/2022 Reliable. The go-to professor!!
07/05/2022 fast. reliable. great work
05/28/2022 Got work done in time 
05/20/2022 Rock star efforts
05/18/2022 Very satisfied with the work
05/17/2022 90% thank you!
05/17/2022 Love working with you!
04/30/2022 Great
04/30/2022 Thank you for all your help :)
04/30/2022 Fantastic work as always.
04/21/2022 outstanding
04/17/2022 amazing!
04/16/2022 I ended up with 30 out of 45 points on the paper.
04/05/2022 Thank you!
03/23/2022 A
03/23/2022 A
03/21/2022 Hired this professor and specifically asked if he read all of the instructions and files that I attached before I accepted his offer, and he said that he did. While doing the project, he complained multiple times about how the project was a lot more work, which made me realize he never looked at the files I sent him until after I accepted his offer. He was slow to respond to my messages which was also very frustrating. Considering I paid $100 for this project, I expect better customer service from this professor.
03/19/2022 !!!!!!
03/19/2022 !!!!
03/17/2022 You did an awesome job yet again. Thank you!!
03/12/2022 Amazing Essay
03/12/2022 Solid Essay
03/11/2022 You did another awesome job with the paper. Thank you!!
03/10/2022 wonderful job, just what I needed, thank you so much for perfect paper.
03/09/2022 completed a great paper on short schedule
03/09/2022 perfect paper, thank you so much for the excellent work.
03/07/2022 did an excellent job! Thank you!
03/06/2022 Straight to the point, concise and way ahead of the due date.
03/06/2022 Good project in a short amount of time, but there where some small errors and discrepancies.
02/28/2022 Great paper. Met the minimal requirements. This may be my go to!
02/27/2022 Paper was short from the required page count, it was also obvious that the author had zero knowledge of the essay material. I spent more time re-writing the paper than I would have just writing it. I use this service to save time, was not the case this time around.
02/25/2022 Always excellent work!
02/25/2022 You did an awesome job as always. Thank you!!!
02/21/2022 Exactly as asked! Thank you!
02/20/2022 Very Efficient!!
02/18/2022 10/10! He finished my paper well before the due date. Would highly recommend.
02/18/2022 You did an awesome job writing the paper.
02/15/2022 As usual, outstanding work!
02/13/2022 This professor is by far the best, went back and did some extra work for me in no time. Can not recommend enough
02/12/2022 Excellently done
02/10/2022 awesome work!
02/02/2022 Great work as always!
01/31/2022 An amazing writer and delivered days before deadline.
01/31/2022 Awesome work!
01/31/2022 Above and beyond
01/28/2022 He exceeded my expectations
01/28/2022 awesome work, I got a great mark!
01/27/2022 You did an awesome job on the project. I received an A+ on the paper. Thank you!!
01/26/2022 Failed to provide plagiarism report after saying they could provide one before I accepted the bid. False advertisement. Would not work with this professor again.
01/26/2022 Did really well. Thanks.
01/25/2022 Awesome writer, Highly recommend. I will definitely be reaching out for more papers
01/20/2022 Got an A- on the paper! Quality material and I will be using for all of my future assignments for the course.
01/20/2022 Great work! will always use this professor.
01/17/2022 Excellent work and turn around!
01/17/2022 Nicely done
01/16/2022 Timeliness +++ incredibly friendly +++ responsive +++ I can't say anything negative! politicsman wrote an elegant paper for me that flowed quite seamlessly within what was such a short window of time! Would use him again! Thanks for saving my butt!
01/14/2022 Always does a great job!
01/13/2022 Managed to get my essay written at the last minute. Was very helpful and was glad to make some adjustments to my project.
12/22/2021 Project completed on time
12/13/2021 Great job on this paper with short  notice!
12/09/2021 Great Paper!
12/07/2021 Excellent work
12/05/2021 The best and most reliable!
12/04/2021 Amazing job!
12/03/2021 Well done job in a timely fashion, highly recommended
12/01/2021 Great paper!
12/01/2021 Paper is great!
12/01/2021 Excellent communication and service!
11/29/2021 Excellent work! 
11/29/2021 ?
11/28/2021 Professor did an outstanding job with a tricky project. Made a few revisions and did so graciously! 100% would use again
11/25/2021 good
11/23/2021 Completed the Paper exactly the way I intended:)
11/18/2021 This is the second time that I have worked with Politicsman and I have already assigned my third project to this professor.  Timely, responsive and very smart!!
11/16/2021 very good and reliable prof.
professional and communcative, everything u have searched for!
11/09/2021 Excellent job resulting in high grade would love to have him complete work again
11/09/2021 Nice with it
11/04/2021 100%
10/31/2021 Always great!
10/27/2021 Quick and Easy!! Great quality 
10/25/2021 Great Job
10/25/2021 Excellent work. 
10/23/2021 Amazing job! really worth it! 
10/22/2021 good job
10/22/2021 good job
10/22/2021 good job
10/22/2021 good job
10/22/2021 Usually does a great job, but I earned a D on this assignment. Very disappointed.
10/22/2021 Went above and beyond to figure out the issue I was having with my attachment. Definitely would recommend it.
10/15/2021 Always comes through. Deff recommended this prof!
10/14/2021 dude your awesome , thank you so mcuh 
10/10/2021 Great work Thank you!

10/07/2021 Seriously the best! I have used Politicman over and over again and I have yet to be disapointed! An absoulte lifesaver with how busy I am!
10/06/2021 wrote a pretty intense piece, seemed like a lot of personal opinion was interjected
10/05/2021 He was fast and really helpful, also receptive and never complained about my corrections. Thankswill def use him again
10/05/2021 Did a great job
10/04/2021 Was coompleted quickly and quality was high. Mark was 22/30 so pleased with the result 
10/04/2021 AMAZING
09/29/2021 Did exactly what was asked, great job.
09/28/2021 Great writing.
09/28/2021 Great paper!
09/25/2021 A+ paper provided. Will use the professor again.
09/22/2021 Thank you so much, its absolutely perfect :)
09/21/2021 Thank You!
09/16/2021 Simply Awesome! 
09/12/2021 The only one i trust with my work. Outstanding communication and on time. I have used mutiple times and will continue to use. 
09/09/2021 Awesome Professor. Followed the instructions provided. Paper was well above my expectations.  Highly recommended!
09/08/2021 My professor gave me an 105.50/150 on the paper so I wasn't pleased with the paper.
09/06/2021 Great
09/05/2021 NICE JOB
09/03/2021 like always fantastical work thank you so much
09/02/2021 Good thank you!

08/22/2021 Content was good but the paper was clearly not written by a native english speaker. Required extensive grammatical revisions.
08/19/2021 always a pleasure
08/12/2021 Good job.  I received an 63 out of a 75 on the paper.  
08/12/2021 As always, politicsman does the most high quality work and delivers on time
08/08/2021 Great job!!!
08/08/2021 Pleasure to work with.  An adjustment was needed and it wasn't a problem, fixed expeditiously.  Definitely recommended!
08/08/2021 Pick this professor!
08/08/2021 Well done & it was nice that he was responsive to concerns I had.
08/07/2021 great work 
08/04/2021 great work 
08/03/2021 I have used him multiple times now and he has always delivered high quality work and is on time. I have 0 complaints.
07/31/2021 On time and very communicative. 
07/27/2021 Very well done
07/26/2021 finished early
07/19/2021 I was in need of a short research paper with a relatively quick turnaround. This professor produced a quality piece and I am very satisfied!
07/19/2021 Finished project early - I only needed to proofread and fix gramatical errors. Great experience. 
07/16/2021 great paper, early deliver. will use again.
07/12/2021 Awesome!
07/09/2021 Great paper, communicated was open so felt very taken care of. 
06/30/2021 As always this professor does a phenomenal job and is on time with the work. 10/10 recommend and will absolutly be using again. 
06/28/2021 The Professor delivered work before deadline. No rewrites necessary. Execellent job. It is always a pleasure to work with this  professor. I highly recommend.
06/25/2021 Delivered before the due date and was well written. Thank you!!
06/24/2021 Great work. Thank you
06/24/2021 Love!
06/23/2021 Received early and got great marks! Thanks!! 
06/21/2021 I was skeptical of this website. This my second time using this service. Thus far I have not been disappointed. This professor came in clutch. Met all the required requirements for assignment. And delivered it super fast. Will definitely keep this writer in mind. 
06/20/2021 Fast and accurate 
06/19/2021 Great work, really clear and consise, exactly what i was wanting.
06/16/2021 Great job!
06/15/2021 Professor always delivers on time. I like the work you do. Thank you. 
06/13/2021 This professor always works to a really high standard, and i can tell he puts a lot of effort into the finished product.
Thanks :) Great essay as usual!
06/12/2021 Would highly recommend. Completed the project ahead of schedule
06/11/2021 You did an awesome job with the paper.  I received an A+.  Thank you!!!
06/10/2021 Late with work so my essay was worthless, well written tho
06/10/2021 Absolutely brilliant job.  Thanks so much for all the hard work on this.  You are fantastic.  This project was done exactly according to the instructions and was done so well.  Thanks so much.  I highly recommend. 
06/10/2021 Totally worked with my schedule even when i got the dates wrong, he made sure my paper was in on time. Highly recommend! 
06/10/2021 Worked on 2 reports and they both were great. 10/10
06/10/2021 Exactly what I asked for. 100% 
06/09/2021 the work was submitted early but was unusable. i didnt feel like dealing with a rewrite so just ended up doing the work last minute myself. wasted money.
06/07/2021 I received 72% so the professor does also.  He was nice enough to do a re-write when my teacher returned the first one wanting no quotes only original writing.
06/06/2021 This professor has completed 2 projects for me now and I was not disappointed with either. The work followed the guidelines, was very well written, and was completed before the deadline!
06/04/2021 Great job!
06/03/2021 Does the best work, thank you so so much!!!
06/03/2021 Excellent service and the submission was completed hours prior to my due date.
06/03/2021 He nice with it

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