Date Comment Rating
01/21/2020 Wrote exactly what I asked for! Worth every penny and I strongly recommend this professor. 
01/16/2020 good
01/07/2020 Great paper, great communication. Paper completed in a very short time frame of about 4 hours and even turned in a few mins before my specified deadline.
12/23/2019 Detailed work and completed early
12/22/2019 very good would use again 
12/20/2019 A couple of quick revisions needed but I received 100% on the final product. Great job! 
12/19/2019 Thorough job.  Complete and on time.  
12/19/2019 Not the best work.  I found several grammar/spelling and APA formatting mistakes.  
12/19/2019 just give the rate as high as this essay
12/18/2019 Very good! just had to edit it a bit to make it sound more like my self, as to be expectedl; but other than that really good essay.
12/18/2019 Politicsman always comes through in the clutch. Delivers on time and with high quiality
12/18/2019 Quality product
12/18/2019 Great work. Always an A
12/18/2019 Great looking presentation. Delivered four days early, and they hasd only worked on the assignment for 2 days. I look forward to working with this professor again in the future.
12/17/2019 Exceeded my expectations.  
12/15/2019 Had the project done early and very well! Had to make minor changes but overall very pleased!
12/14/2019 Succeeded where another professor failed on a subject that is not easy to grasp nor BS.
12/14/2019 Best professor on this site hands down!!
12/13/2019 Thank you. Great work as always.
12/13/2019 Smoked it!
12/13/2019 Awesome!!!
12/13/2019 Crushed it. Minimal typos, only needed a little bit of editing and tone adjustment afterwards. Very satisfied. 
12/12/2019 great timing awesome paper
12/12/2019 provided me with my work before the deadline. A+ in my book
12/11/2019 Done in a timely fashion and directly to the point of what was needed! Definitely will use again.
12/11/2019 Problems with essay and citations.
12/10/2019 great job, fantastic work.
12/10/2019 10 Stars, easy
12/09/2019 Did very well! Will try to update with my grade
12/09/2019 Great job!
12/09/2019 Well written and put together given the time constraint.
12/08/2019 I got a 90% on this. The paper was delivered on time with a 3 day lead time. Overall I am very satisfied.
12/08/2019 terrific job
12/08/2019 on time and on point.
12/05/2019 Timely. Excellent and detailed work. 
12/04/2019 This is the feedback I received for my paper with a grade of zero:

1. You did not follow the requirement for academic sources. NONE of your sources here are academic!

2. Make sure that you are analyzing the pros and cons of various policies, not just "defending" a specific policy.
3. Finally, there are a number of spelling and grammatical mistakes, make sure that you are checking before submitting.
4. There is a long list of particular errors and inconsistencies. Here are a few. You said "an election is an essential issue in any business". What business is based on elections and what does this have to do with this course, which is about GOVERNMENT. Then you say "cases of interference of elections have been synonymous in the USA", besides the grammatical errors, what are these synonymous with? What do you mean by "automation of the elections? Also, you said "in more than fifty states" - how many states are there, I did not know that there are "more than fifty".
12/03/2019 My college wouldn't even accept the assignment, it was so bad. He also asked for an extension, so he was late turning in an F (20%) paper. He said he would make revisions, I gave him time plus an extra day. He never even sent them, missed my deadline, and he has still not responded. All for a simple elementary lesson plan, that he did NOT READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR EVEN THOUGH I SENT HIM THE ORIGINAL RUBRIC. Hire literally anyone else before this guy. He took my money, gave me crap, promised to fix it, and then never responded at all.
12/02/2019 "Grammatical errors, sloppy unthought out work, and perfect if I was looking for a middle school written paper" - My English professor upon turning in this work 
12/02/2019 Well written and far exceeded my expectations. Excellent job!
12/02/2019 got a B, thanks tho
11/30/2019 Great work!
11/30/2019 Completed work sent early 
11/30/2019 Easy to work with
11/30/2019 Great work.  
11/29/2019 thank you so very much!
11/29/2019 Very impressed with the professor, met all requirements and in a short time frame 
11/29/2019 Excelllent work
11/27/2019 I prompted him to write 5 pages of content and he used one whole page as a title page.
11/26/2019 Easy to work with. Great work
11/26/2019 On time. Great Work. A+
11/26/2019 Exceptional work
11/25/2019 recieved great paper! thank you!
11/24/2019 Excellent work
11/24/2019 Professor provided knowledgable expertise on subject matter on a timley manner. 
11/24/2019 THE BEST!!!
11/24/2019 Thank you politics man, very cool! 
11/21/2019 A++ work. Always delivers on time. Always quality
11/21/2019 always on time and always quality!!
11/21/2019 always on time and always quality!!
11/21/2019 Thank you very much good work 
11/21/2019 Always delivers high quality work ! 
11/21/2019 A+++++++++++++
11/21/2019 This is one of my many projects that I was desperate for a quick and solid pass. Thankfully I made 60's on all three but unfortunately for both of us the professors lack luster effort in completing my projects has given a failing grade in 2 classes. DO NOT RECOMMENED !! Unless you want something thats lack luster. DO NOT CHOSE THIS PROFESSOR
11/17/2019 A+
11/17/2019 very happy and greatful!  thank you very much :)
well recommend 
11/16/2019 Excellent Work!
11/15/2019 Thank you !  Exceptional work as always. A++++
11/15/2019 Awesome!
11/07/2019 Crushed it per usual! 
11/07/2019 Crushed it per usual! 
10/31/2019 Told me with one hour left that he may not be able to get to it - he was tired and overworked.  I found someone new to do the project and told him to disregard - tried to cancel within 5 minutes of him telling me that he was tired and overworked and "wasn't sure" if he would get to it.  He responded "I have already started it" so it was too late to cancel. told me you were too tired and overworked so I found someone else to do the work.  I tried to cancel, but was unable - how much work had he possible done in 5 minutes?!?!   I ended up not using his work (which sucked because he was so tired and over worked) but still had to pay for it.  If you are ever unhappy with the service you get, you have to file a complaint within 48 hours, which i did, but to no avail.  Avoid this guy!!!!
10/27/2019 Fantastic. 
I used this as a testbed after I had already completed the assignment myself. I ran the product through Grammarly for plagarism and was pleasantly surprised that I didn't find anything come back. I plan on merging ideas from his into my final product. Will definetely be using this professor again in the future. 
10/25/2019 Great work as always ! 
10/25/2019 A++++++++++++++
10/23/2019 Not what I asked for. Essay was not about my task I wrote in the instructions and including the citation guidelines. Had over a week to complete it. Got a review of the essay the day of the timeline. Asked to receive the instructions. Changed and add some things but left the same conclusion. Didn’t add anything to it. Wasted 100 dollars on a made up subject. Instructions were clear and numbered. Also, pointed out what was mandatory and should be in the essay.
10/22/2019 THE BEST OF THE BEST!
10/20/2019 Amazing work. Thank you so much! 
10/19/2019 Thank you so much
10/19/2019 I only got a 60% for this paper, my teacher's comment was "I think perhaps writing in French and then translating to English confused your argumentation. You are definitely on the way towards a strong analysis, but it needs improvement in the grammar and phrasing to express more clarity"
I have to say that I am very disappointed, I expected to get a much better grade by paying this much in order to have the work of professional.
10/17/2019 Consistent A+ work 
10/17/2019 Consistent A+ work 
10/16/2019 Paper was on accounting ratios.  Overall was ok but there were some incorrect formulas and numbers which lowered my grade. Communication was good and the paper was done on time.  I would use this professor again but not for accounting 
10/15/2019 Paper was great! More then what was asked for! 
10/14/2019 Thank you so much, you are the best.
10/13/2019 Over all, this experience was as expected.
10/09/2019 Thorough work
10/09/2019 excellent work
10/09/2019 Quick turn. Great synopsis of information and drew logical conclusions. Format was spot on even though I forgot to add it to the original request. Would use again no question. 
10/07/2019 Politicsman wrote a very detailed and interesting paper in what felt like only a couple hours! Mad props for saving my semester.

I cannot thank you enough, Politicsman ??
10/07/2019 Quality work, submitted early.  
10/07/2019 good work
10/06/2019 Covered all aspects of work and finished fast. 
10/06/2019 Top quality work. The "go-to" professor when I have an important assignment due.
10/04/2019 thank you so much!
10/04/2019 great communication, covers all requirements  A+ 
10/01/2019 Fast. Quality. A+
10/01/2019 Top Professor. Always great quality work
09/30/2019 great work
09/26/2019 Covered all requirements, great communication throughout the process 
09/26/2019 Overall good work.
09/25/2019  Gets the paper done in a short amount of time and make sure the paper has great content.
09/24/2019 If you are in first, second or third year post-secondary looking for a good essay, this prof is absolutely perfect for you. He discussed my subject matter, made several revisions based off things I wanted (more length, wider variety of source citations) and even submitted a few hours early after I asked if I could move up the deadline.

Unfortunately, the project I needed completed was a Master's level research paper, not a second year undergrad essay. I think if I had more time to request more revisions, this prof could have been capable of re-crafting the paper into proper format, but unfortunately I needed to turn in what I had. While I could reasonably ask for smaller revisions, its much harder to request that the entire format and structure of the paper be revised a few hours before its supposed to be turned in. I have no doubt I'm going to get a terrible grade, but Im hoping my actual professor won't completely fail me.

If you are looking for an ESSAY, this professor is great. If you're looking for a RESEARCH PAPER, I would recommend only choosing this professor if you have plenty of time to work with him through revisions and perhaps explaining what is structurally different between an essay and a research paper. Students beware, I have ran into similar problems with other 'profs' that submit essays instead of research papers.

This prof is reliable, forthcoming, hard working, excellent at communicating and genuinely appears to care about your work. I really liked him and definitely recommend him for undergrad essays.
09/24/2019 Always delivers the best work on time!
09/22/2019 An incredible paper; exactly what I expected and then some. Real easy to work with and will use all of you input and guidance to ensure your satisfaction.
09/20/2019 Early delivery. High quality work
09/20/2019 Fast. Quality. Recommended. A++
09/19/2019 Continously delivers great work. A+
09/19/2019 great work!
09/18/2019 Great work!
09/18/2019 Great work!
09/14/2019 Second paper he’s written for me! Amazing work!
09/14/2019 GREAT WORK
09/13/2019 THE BEST!
09/10/2019 Quality delivery. A+
09/09/2019 Deserves 11 stars
09/09/2019 great job! happy with the result. 
09/07/2019 Consistantly delivers great products. A+++
09/06/2019 Always provides great work. Delivers on time. The go-to professor.
09/04/2019 Met all objectives and open to late additions on my part. Very responsive & exceptional work.
08/29/2019 Professor provided a great product while keeping me updated every step of the way. 
08/28/2019 A+ work
08/28/2019 always amazing work!
08/28/2019 The job was great, exceeded my request. The only reason I can't give it 10/10 is because I asked for the source of every word (as I have to add it, word per word) but some of the terms weren't in the book given as a source so I had to make it up. 
Other than that, it's perfect. 
Thank you
08/27/2019 Excellent work! He responded quickly and was very friendly and professional!!! This guy is awesome!!!!
08/26/2019 good job
08/21/2019 Amazing work every time!! A++
08/16/2019 The job got done!
08/16/2019 Great work, fast delivery
08/15/2019 Always incredible. Outstanding work
08/15/2019 I got B and that essay wasn’t hard because was with out any sources but the writing wasn’t proved 
08/09/2019 Amazing Job. Got it back to me way before the timeline and it was perfect. If it is political science-related, this is the one you want. 
08/07/2019 Completed excellent quality work earlier than deadline. 
08/06/2019 I was just like you.. browsing through professors hoping I don't get one who will treat this like an easy buck for those in need of help. The paper was superb and even though I needed it two days earlier than requested Geeky obliged my request without question. 10/10 will be picking this professor for any future emergencys. For sure earned this review after my third time with two different professors. 
08/04/2019 Awesome job!

08/04/2019 A+!!!!! Thanks for an amazing paper! Will use again!!!
08/03/2019 amazung writing skills and on time
07/31/2019 PERFECT! Thank you so much! 
07/29/2019 Wonderful as always! 
07/25/2019 Great paper, exactly what I asked for.
07/22/2019 Excellent work! done before the deadline and very thorough! thanks again :)
07/22/2019 great work
07/18/2019 Awesome work
07/16/2019 Always delivers the best work, and super fast! THE BEST!!
07/16/2019 Provides excellent service every time!
07/13/2019 Great work and done on time!
07/13/2019 Decent job.
07/12/2019 Got it in on time and did great work. Completed everything I needed. 
07/11/2019 Thank you!
07/11/2019 Exactly what I needed! 
07/10/2019 Did an excellent job, on time before deadline, and loved that they communicated with me through out the process! LIFE SAVER!
07/10/2019 Great paper turned in timely, and more than the minimum required!
07/10/2019 Timely and great essay! Wrote more than the minimum required!
07/07/2019 Responsive to messages. Polite. On time. 
07/07/2019 Excellent work! Timely and effective paper.
07/07/2019 Fast and helpful. Thank you!
07/06/2019 Did an awesome job. Gave him the timeframe and he had it done with plenty of time to review and submit. Followed the specific instructions. Would use again!
07/04/2019 Great work - thanks
07/03/2019 I was a bti skeptical of this site but wow did they pull through. This professor whipped out a decent essay on a very specific topic and addressed everything I requested. Missing one star as I did recieve the project close to the last minute. Overall very happy. Thank you!

07/02/2019 Did not follow the instructions even after asking revisons - asked to remove first person references and only corrected one paragraph.  Very reduntant and dull filler writing - a good chunk of the essay was filler in the form of hollow enthusiasm despite the instructions attatched specifically not to do this. I would not reccommnend.

It is unfortunate that you could go ahead and leave me such a rating when the only areas I used the first person were in response to, "What features of this website will be most helpful to you as a student and as a citizen?" How was I supposed to address that using the third person. These were your own instructions, and all I did was follow them.
07/01/2019 excellent essay!!!
07/01/2019 Essay was given with full instructions, yet the instruions werent followed.
06/30/2019 In fairness to the professor it was difficult topic but, I had to do some serious editing that took awhile. 
06/29/2019 Thanks!
06/28/2019 Awesome!! I got a 98 on my paper. 
06/26/2019 A - paper is still an A. Considering I have received Bs from the instructor on opnion based papers an A -  is a work of art!!!! Thank you
06/26/2019 Good job.
06/26/2019 Prof Politics man is clearly one of the best professors here. 
In just a short span of time he has done something quite the imposible for me. 
I am definitely impressed with his writing skills and the best of best options.
Am yet to submit my project, but am sure I will get better marks rather than the one I would have submitted for. 
Prof! You are direct choice next time! 
06/24/2019 Great work, exceded expectations.
06/23/2019 Great work.
06/22/2019 took directions perfectly from my prof's instructions. great work. thank you. waiting to see grade now
06/20/2019 Exactly what I asked for!
06/20/2019 Great work - thanks

06/19/2019 Thank you! got 83% ... and very ontime!
06/18/2019 Had a simple 2 pages paper needed to be done just answering four questions from a required text. The paper was completed in the alloted time which was about 8 hours. Great job! $60
06/18/2019 Great job!
06/17/2019 awesome work thanks so much
06/16/2019 On time and great product! 
06/12/2019 You did an awesome job.  I received an A+ on the paper.  
06/10/2019 Great job and on time. 
06/07/2019 The paper was missing a bit of information from the required directions, however, I did not notice it was missing either. The professor grading it did, and pointed it out...BUT I still got an A so no harm no foul. I would recommend using this professor, as the work was on time and great. 
06/06/2019 Excellent job! Received an A
06/05/2019 Very well done paper! Done on time and written very well!
06/04/2019 Got 100%! Very nicely written and on time! THANK YOU!!
06/03/2019 Awesome job!
05/29/2019 Used twice. Provided good paper and quick turn. Would use again. 
05/29/2019 timely and good paper! Would recommend
05/26/2019 Nailed it, thank you!
05/24/2019 Perfect! Thank you.
05/23/2019 Very happy with solution. I had so much more time to study for my finals!
05/20/2019 I would def recommend!
05/16/2019 The essay was delivered five hours before the agreed time and the teacher has followed all the instructions I gave him. There are some spelling mistakes but the rest is fine. Thank you very much.
05/14/2019 excellent
05/14/2019 Great essay did a really good job
05/13/2019 With barely any time on deadline this was completed to perfection. Fantastic work I’ll be recommending this to everyone.